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I Heard of an experiment where they uh, it was like a mid 2000s or 2010s. Uh, it's like a social media post where they drew a picture of a like a 747 aircraft on a conveyor belt and they said if the conveyor belt moves at the speed that the jet would have to be at to take off and the Jet turned its engines on in order to not go backwards, could the airplane fly and the internet was all up in arms saying that the airplane would fly because it was going fast enough and uh, the other half the internet said it can't fly because it has no AirSpeed opening Z Hood yeah hello everybody, good day to you! Welcome back! This is a 2005 Nissan Frontier 4 liter V6 customer States replace catalytic converters and uh and I have some in box right here. They came with the truck uh that came with it also I think those might be the rears but uh, it appears that they would like all four converters replaced I Do not know why I did not diagnose this now. normally I would never do such things.

However, this is another shop so I'm not gonna not gonna worry about the fighter details. Looks like they have 131 583 miles on the clock that is starting as the engine foreign. Okay, looks like the service engine soon indicator is illuminated. Okay, let us not waste any time.

Time is of the essence. As always, let's get this thing in the shop. A little bit of a misfire thing going on there. We're running rough.

I Hope that's not why they want the converters replaced because that would be a an exercise in futility. Let's just you know what. I'm I'm just gonna make sure that we're on the right track here. Hang on a second.

I Don't know if we need converters or not. bust out the scan tool, see what the codes at least tell us, and then we can make a judgment call from there. What do you guys say? I think that'll work? So uh, the outside air temperature during this polar vortex that we're all experiencing even in Florida uh had our temperatures down to a fridge at 37 degrees this morning I believe it was in the 30s like the low 30s overnight and my alternator did that not wanting to charge thing. it's it's probably a faulty year old unit.

Quality 2020 is quality. You know? what do we got here? Nissan Is that what I said sure Nissan loading data Come on man. Auto ID Yeah. Waiting and waiting.

Come on Ultra Magic ID Get you loaded. It's not gonna do it I need to do this. Uh, manually cancel. Okay man.

I Recall this thing having been faster when I bought it. What is this? And oh it already it. Id'd the car. Okay, uh.

let's go into engine. give me some trouble. Codes please. Codes only.

Yeah, maybe one of these converters is clogged up and that's why we have a misfire. Maybe fuel trims are all wee be wobbly everywhere. Maybe it's got dead O2 Sensors: Who knows. Oh Cylinder 2 misfire, Catalyst efficiency low bank one and Bank two? Well, I see why they wanted to put uh, converters in it? Data: Let's just see what fuel trims are saying.
The fuel trims aren't like flip-flop 180 per bank or something like that or doing anything kind of crazy. I'll go ahead and throw these converters in engine data. One: Sure, All right. Looks like both the Upstream O2s they're switching voltage see right here right here.

They're moving around. They're doing what they should be I'm assuming that those are in good shape. Yeah, let's go ahead and just, uh, do what our customer wants. We'll get this thing up in the air and then pull those converters off.

Let's do that. That's what we're here for. I'm not here to diagnose that's already been done. Let's just move this forward a little bit more.

Right about? Yeah, that looks good. Parking is the auto powering down, so check this out right here. This battery has been sitting on this charger uh, like over over the holiday weekend and I put it on here and it had the red flash indicating it was a failed battery unit and I just left it there this morning. I come in and I power up the power strip and it started taking a charge.

Check that out! So I I don't know I don't know why it just all of a sudden decided it was going to work again. but I'm taking this opportunity to get my all my old batteries on the Chargers Maybe they're super cold and they feel like working today. Uh, maybe there's a glitch in the battery shutting down programming that's in the Pcbs and these things. It's allowing them to charge because the cold? Who knows.

But my batteries are coming up. so I'm gonna get them all charged if you're not familiar with what I'm talking about. I've noticed on more than one occasion where if you let uh, let one of these batteries run down a little too low, it will not accept a charge when you put it back on the charger. uh, my Milwaukee's are doing that and uh, the Snap-on batteries are doing that I have not experienced that with my rigid batteries which I find odd because everybody bashes me for running Rigid Tools like they're garbage and and they're kind of not.

And the thing about the Rigid Tools is if one of them crafts out, they're so inexpensive. I Just replaced the thing and the call today. you know I'm I think I'm a little way too far forward. I'm gonna I'm gonna bring this truck back about a foot.

Okay, that's all set again. Moving on up. Green Subscribe button. Foreign.

Let's give it the check to see if it's going to fall off. Shake That's a negative. Good to go. Okay, Hoppening as you Hood real quick.

Let's just take the gander under the bonnet. Let's see what we got here. Yep. Four liter V6 Kind of.

Yeah, it's been tinkered on a time or two. Okay, let's see here. Oh, that's a new one. Yeah, the hood prop Rod is broken off.

Stick that in there. Just want to see how hard these converters are going to be to remove. It's like the O2s are in the way. Three bolt flanges, zip tie mod.
Oh, AC leak That speaks for itself. Ah, the heater core appears to have developed a leak. At some point it has been bypassed. Okay, interesting.

Um, all right. That's that's all we got so far. Yep, Okay, let's flip this thing up and get this thing apart. I Think that's the best course of action.

We're wasting time. This is a non-diag job and I'm diaging it anyway. Moving on up. almost all the way up.

That'll do. Let's go see what her nether regions are going to, uh, bestow upon us when we got here. What do we have? We have a leaky oil filter or they just changed it and didn't give it any spray sealant. Hey, it's got a newish engine.

Look at that. Those look like Jasper colors. Okay, all right. so there's one converter there.

Those are our Upstream converters. And then we've got looks like these other converters right here. Bolts, bolts bolts bolts. Everything's bolted on.

This is good. No clamps. Okay, all right, let's let's hit these uh Fasteners with a little bit of spray and then we'll go ahead and start pulling this thing apart. Let's see what we got some.

BG Inforce: This is good stuff I like it. good for uh, removing corroded Fasteners launched Pop Fun don't stop and not sponsored. That's just what I'm using because it's what I bought told me so you know it's good. Let's see next one foam so you know it's doing something right there.

We go get the ones up top too. All right, that should be good. Okie Dokes I've gone through and performed the unboxing procedure we can see here. We've got four converting units.

two of them both together. Nice looking honeycomb inside. They gave us hardware and gaskets for both units, hardware and gaskets. This is good.

Okay, let's uh, let's worry about getting those O2 sensors removed from the old units. Then we'll unbolt them, drop them out of there, and uh, see how this works out. Okey-doke So my micrometer has indicated to me that these are 17 millimeter size sockets nuts. So let's try a 17 size pocket.

Let's see if I can't get them to come off of there loud noises. Oh that's easy. Nice. Must have been the penetrating Lube definitely was due to the lube and now that one crap in my face.

No. somehow went past my glasses and got in my eye. What is this? Blink rapid blinks. all right.

Time to wash the eye out. Be right back. Stay here. All right.

I'm back I Got the the shards of corroded steel out of my eyeball. That was fun. Yeah, it went right past my glasses, landed right in my eye I Heard I mean it didn't hurt. it was just really irritating.

Anyway, that one's off. Let's uh, switch directions here and uh, get this other unit there we go. Same ammo. we'll pull the nuts off.

washer gravity. Okay, now let's just move on forward. Take this apart, probably in sections I Think Actually, we're going to get that O2 sensor first. we're going to get all those out I don't want to forget them and break them now.
It's a little hard to get a wrench onto that because there's this, uh, this big old cross member right here. and I think I think I can manage? Yeah. unclick. Perfect.

There we go. Okay, we'll just, uh, set that guy aside. We're not changing the sensors, we're just changing out the uh, the converters. You know? While I'm here, we'll grab this other side right over Yonder too.

right there. Yep, no I don't think I lubricated that sensor. Let's see if it's gonna have any difference here on kicks. Yeah, that one came out too.

The lube may have been effective. Words: those threads felt kind of kind of rough and not a compliant uh-huh probably. uh, Is that my kid screaming? Probably. They're in the office no school today, so it's come to work with.

Dad Day Come off of there please. thank you. His threads are kind of crusty I probably build up on the inside section of them. Yeah, all right.

no worries. Okay, two sensors, two flanges removed. Let's move forward and uh, get the next flange. Okay, so these Fasteners are looks like they're 14s.

It also looks like this job gets ow that hurt. my battery fell out. yeah I look fell out of the tool and hit me in the knee. Yeah, that actually did kind of hurt.

Ah, it appears that the tabs are broken off. Okay, this is not one of the Milwaukee's This is the aftermarket replacement. Anyways, as I was saying, it appears this is getting harder as we move forward because space is becoming less and less and less my knee hurts. I'm gonna put a new battery in All right.

Continuing on. All right. this is kind of warm. It's actually really warm hot.

Okay, there's one unit. it's the other one out. One down, three to go. Felt like this extension was kind of killing the power of this thing.

Yeah, that sounds and felt like extension. Yeah, usually it's better than that. Okay, all right, that's two units disconnected and removed and look at here. I Found out why those uh converter codes were going off.

because there is no converter. Somebody has, uh, emptied these units out. Look at that. there's uh, there's nothing in there.

That's why it uh, is throwing an efficiency code and this one that's got something in there, but it appears to be broken. Is that? Yeah, that's a piece of whatever that core was inside? Yep, again, they've been emptied out. Okay, mystery solved. Okey-dokes So the flange on the front of this converter.

it's got two bolts coming in from that side and then one going in from this side which is, uh, that top and we can barely see there. So I think I'm gonna get the uh, this side bolt first and then we'll switch to the other side. Bolt I may have to do is just, uh, do these manually. So I've got an extension with a wobbly and a big ratchet here.
the extension's torquing. there we go. Come on there it is. that was violent and I think I I hope I didn't snap that stud off or I'm in trouble.

No, no, we're good. We're good, the sun's ready. I'm not interested in snapping off studs in the manifolds today. it's cold and I didn't have uh I didn't fill my torches with gas yet so I'll be Sol if I need fire.

All right, let's move around to the front side of this and uh, get those two remaining bolts out of there so this one will be easy. That one right there? not so much. There's really not much space to to work with in there. I think I can get a wrench into it and I may have the swing right here to to break it Loose What I'll do is I'll use a straight wrench first.

foreign 's a different size. Okay now I see that's 15. well being 15, that tells me someone's removed that before. Maybe I can do this.

Hang on guys. I'll figure this out. Yeah, All right. that turn sweet.

Okay, oh good. that whole stud's turning. That's it's all right by me. All right, some ratcheting wrenches will make light work of this.

Get our Angley dangled right here. There we go. a little bit of Ratchet action and uh, look at that pain in the butt Fastener out and then we'll just uh ZIP this one off with a power tool and we're good to go. Sound good because to me the other side, there's a motor mount that way on the other side where we'll cross that bridge when we get there.

I don't want to think about that other side yet. where's my lubricant? I'm short on uh, on the lube. There we go. Couldn't hurt, Actually, it could.

It could drip on my leg. There's nothing worse than lubricated pants on a cold day. Yeah, I should make out of bumper stickers lubricated pants on a cold day. Maybe that's why people have been calling me mentally ill in my comment section I say things like that and I think it's funny.

Meanwhile, others think I need therapy I mean don't we all? this is 2022, We all need therapy I Remember in the early 2000s there was this phenomenon of uh, like people with cheat with kids you know, seven, six, seven, eight years old and they were carting them around town and their baby strollers like children that are well capable of walking that didn't come out right. You know what I meant they're extremely capable of walking and yet they were protected in their baby basket until like third or fourth grade. there's one and we introduce Twitter after that I think that just finished off Society I Heard of an experiment where they uh, it was like a mid-2000s or 2010s. Uh, it's like a social media post where they drew a picture of a like a 747 aircraft on a conveyor belt and they said if the conveyor belt moves at the speed that the jet would have to be at to take off and the Jet turned its engines on in order to not go backwards, could the airplane fly and the internet was all up in arms saying that the airplane would fly because it was going fast enough and uh, the other half the internet said it can't fly because it has no AirSpeed and I believe that debate has uh, remained uh, unsolved to this day.
I mean I know the answer I know it's I know you need air speed to fly. but the point was to illustrate just uh, how quickly we degenerate when giving a platform to argue on. which is probably why half the planet thinks the Earth is flat now and that we all live inside of a dome. Come on.

Bolt Um, I'm running out of patience with this thing. Patience eliminated. Rusted Fastener Eliminated. Got it all right.

reaching up there for that O2 connector. Keep that thing undone because I did not. uh, remove the Upstream O2 from this converter. Weird goofy angles.

So what I'll do is I'll just transfer this to the new one before I put it in there. we go All right. That's one side done and the other side halfway done. Let's get this front unit out right here and we should be uh, ready to rock.

I'm putting the new ones back in. Okay, let's see. let's see about this one right here. That one I think I can get uh through the fender well and then the top one I can get from the back side.

So let's uh, let's crack this guy loose. Do you hear me? Well, there's one crack. um there. come on, don't you slip Felt that it's not acceptable I Believe that was a turn, right? Yeah, yeah, we're turning.

Easy peasy, look at that. Oh, that's just gonna spin right off. Love Florida Even our rust is not really rust. Oh, not gravity.

Okay, let's get out of here and go over to the wheel well and see if we can't get that next firstener. Now that may be a little hard to do because there's a like a bracket and a brake light in the way. But since these guys are all flexible I think I could maneuver around this I think it's gonna work. It's not.

Yeah, it's working. You see that wrench? Flex I was actually bending the wrench? There we go. Oh yeah, it's backing, not by hand. It's not okay.

We're getting somewhere now. it's coming off. We don't need that there, got it. And then there's that one last one on the top.

Maybe I can reach that through. uh, through this wheel. Well, as well, that wheel well as well. It's funny.

foreign challenge. There's like rust chunks preventing a good fitment here. Or that's a 15 millimeter. It's probably a 15.

Yeah. Butternut Factory Let's up this to a 15 second fit. Oh yeah. like a glove.

Foreign? Yep, it's coming out Victory is near ow. I'll just punch the Nissan foreign. I'll come out to see what I'm doing Okay I probably should have just gotten that one with the extension from the back. Oh well, we're in the middle of the sunk cost fallacy now.

I Can't give up on what? I've started. We're just going to see this one through. You're gonna come off or what? Please got it? Okay, that's all the Fasteners everybody's removed Let's uh, let's go back down below. We'll pull this unit out and then we'll prep the new stuff to go back in.
Okay, nice and easy. Yeah, there's there's nothing in there we can see through it. Not good. It's not EPA compliant.

Not at all Oh compliant. I Don't like that word you must come by. sounds like some RoboCop stuff. Doesn't it? Do what we say.

Comply. All right. New Converter Old converter. They appear to be similar in uh, dimensions and size.

So uh. next up. I'm going to transfer this O2 sensor over to this converter and then, uh, we'll go ahead and get these guys installed. We'll do them in sections I'm not going to assemble them girl and then put them in.

We'll put this one in, then we'll put the rear converter in and we'll move back over to the other side. Repeat set procedure. Yeah, this one's kind of stuck too. Threads are gritty out foreign turn out of these units and there's nothing in there to return.

Inverter Click Okay, We got ourselves a bag of nuts and uh, looks like a gasket in there. so let's bust into this. It's this thing this bag contains Hardware that will be required for install. Do not throw away, got it not? I Return I Had to go.

Hey I'm fixing cars. what are you doing? I Had to go and uh, find a trip breaker. We put a space heater in the office and it's overheating things. it's gonna work out.

We've got the gasket on. it's a crush gasket. This is our cable. We'll set that aside on the frame rail foreign 's over the stud that's on top and reach in and get, uh, get these bolts started here.

Sorry if I'm blocking your your view, your new bolt does not thread. What is this? Did they powder coat the threads or something silly happens all the time. Uh, I got it. it's kind of started.

Yeah, okay, okay, let's get that next bolt up there installed so we're gonna go back. Uh, into the fender. Well moving around here and while we're here, I'll I'll reuse that stud that's already in place and we'll uh, put one of the older bolts back on it or the nuts. Rather, there we go.

Um, let's see if I can maneuver this in here. You guys can't see anything. sorry. yeah.

I got the washer on and I've got the I chose the 15 millimeter size nuts as opposed to the the 14s. There we go, That one's on here. I Have an idea. we'll use the little mini ratcheting Crow's foot deals and we'll run that nut down.

It's gonna be a little faster than the big cumbersome ratchet or a big cumbersome ratcheting wrench. I'm just taking up the threads right now and then it should bottom out soon and start to walk that converter up into position since the top bolt is the hardest to get to I Want to get that one tight first and then as I do the bottom bolts, it'll draw everything in to secure the unit flush with the manifold. That's the thought process anyway, and hurry up. I can see that converter drawing in closer.
thread that in a little bit better. That one wasn't exactly uh in all the way when we started wiggle it some. All right here. Let's get this one.

Uh, get this little guy torqued a little bit here. After that, we'll plug in that O2 sensor and then we're done on this top section of this converter. This is awkward and cumbersome I Don't want to spend any more time up here than I Don't have to kick Now let's see if I can manage to get this connector connected from a position where I can't see it? Nah, you know what? I'm doing that from up top I can't I'm not even gonna I'm not even gonna stress myself out trying to do that connector. Nope, Let's try to use the electric ratchet to run down those other two Fasteners up there it seems I can squeeze this guy in.

Yeah, you see how it drew the flange in that just compressed that little uh donut gasket that was in there and deformed it thus creating a seal. Can I reach that one? Not a chance. Green, How about through here? Can I reach? Yep. Shoot a couple turns with this 17 right here and that should be good and tight.

Oh foolishness. I went the wrong way. Did you guys see that? I don't function in the cold. Doesn't matter how much coffee I had and cold, it's cold.

Clicks. We'll get that bottom. Fastener One more time too. I'm gonna adjust the angle of our dangly bit up there a little bit.

That's good. Okay, one installed. three to go. Let's grab this next one here.

We'll get the next front converter and I know I said I was gonna do the rip converter next but I looked over and saw the front one tool. gravity kind of staring at me. so I want to do the the other front one next I changed my mind I do that often. Okay, we have one more.

Crush gasket. one hole. That's that's a bung. This is the it's filling the hole.

It's a it's a bung hole. Um, let's go packing now. let's get this guy installed next. All right.

new converting unit coming in. gasket's still there O2 sensors on it. Fling this over here so I don't get it stuck. Slide that over the stud that's still in the manifold and we'll run in one of the bolts here.

Come on now. All right, that one's going in. uh, another ball. Where's that other one? Got one more here.

This one goes in the top. please. Thread: Come on, Thank you. Let's torque this top one first.

Oh, hang on here. we're not reaching very well. Yeah, you cannot see there. Let's uh, swing around back to the back side here.

We'll get that that. Top Nut On there we go. there's our washer. Gotta be careful those pea Shields right here.

those are kind of sharp. you can get, uh, you can get an extremity, dug into it pretty quick and hurt yourself. And you know there's nothing like getting some crusty, rusted lubricated injuries on a cold day. Now what? I Wanted to do? Get back on there.
wobbly bit, stay very nice. Torque this one down. We'll go back and grab this other two. Oh camera Gravity I got you guys.

Don't worry, all right, time for some final torque here. A little bit on that one. Okay, that just drew in tight clicks and a little bit more in that little guy up top here. All right.

good to go and again. I'll get this sensor connector uh from the top side I Can't reach both connectors from down here. So moving back again, we have the classic orange high temp silicone sealant on an exhaust. that's awesome.

You never know what you're gonna find. Get rid of that and this looks like uh, what they call that like exhaust cement or sealant or something. Yeah, who knows. It could be caulk for a window.

so new new pipe is coming in. it gets another donut gasket. I'm gonna run this guy back forward. it's going to meet the uh, the converter that we just installed.

This is the secondary converter, the post converting converter because one's not good enough. So let's install four for pollution filters. Do you know our country has some of the worst quality fuels on the planet? That's what? I uh, that's what I read yeah I Know that like for example, if I put junk gas in my lawnmower it? uh, it smokes like a freight train runs terrible. It uses fuel much quicker than a good tank of fuel would use that it would with a good tank of fuel.

There we go and I just can't help but wonder if we could reduce our uh, our emissions issues if we did something like uh, up the quality of our fuel because whoa, gravity isn't it. That's bolt gravity because by my experience, poor fuel causes you to have to use more of it and it pollutes more because it makes smoke and all kinds of other stuff. So I'm wondering if we just maybe got better fuel. We wouldn't have to be so crazy with these emissions products.

but you know I mean just a thought I'm no I'm gonna like chemical engineer or EPA agent or anything. so it's that's I'm kind of out of my wheelhouse on this one. but uh, just a just a fleeting thought. Perhaps we could reduce emissions if we just, uh, utilized a higher tier of fuel and then we wouldn't have to bolt all this uh, extra stuff on our cars.

Just thought. all right, moving back some, let's go ahead and uh, get this rear O2 installed. Watch this. I'll uh, spin it a little bit backwards, twist up that wire, then when I thread it, it will untwist the wire and it'll be straight.

That's how I get away with uh, changing that without uh, twisting it up or disconnecting it. Clever. No, that's last but not least, on the rear flange over here, we've got two more bolts to go I don't have this MLS steel gasket, the one with the red silicone all over it. but I can reuse the one that's already here.

so that's what I'm gonna do. That's the cool thing about multi-layer steel unless it blew out all the way. we can reuse this. Yeah, we're uh, we're slightly misaligned here.
so I'm just going to kind of pry bar this converter over until those the bolt meets the hole here. Yep, got it. Thread it. some rust.

Oh it's almost all the way through. They totally powder coated these threads. It's got to be there. Whatever those other bolts I lost one.

Oh, it's in my pocket. It's a good place to not lose it. Put our silicone gasket back and pry this one more time. Maybe Gotta get the bottom in and it's not.

Uh, not being compliant. That's ironic. Come on. I Feel it.

That's it. Yeah, it goes in almost all the way. No turning back. now.

send it. Yeah, those, uh, those bolts do not appreciate this flange. It's either a very crappy flange or uh, not the right size bolt or at least the right pitch. But they they did.

They went in, so we're we're good with that. All right guys. that's three down, one to go. We're in the home stretch.

new gaskets on this one. Let's get her fed up into position here. Get everybody made it up. both together.

Uh, we have. Let's see. get that one threaded. I tried to I test ran this bolt in before we came over here and it goes in, but it's still a little gritty.

It's gritty just like the other side was. but I don't think it's uh, a pitch problem I just think there's like powder cut powder coat. words inside of the threads pose they're just really rough. Must be a manufacturing kind of thing.

All right, there's one. Let's get that other one started now. I Can see this is gonna smell so bad when we start it and it heats up. There's all this paint and powder coat, stickers and tape.

There's all kinds of stuff here and when it all heats up, it's gonna burn off and make a bunch of smoke and stuff like that. Oh, that's a dead battery. Yep, no worries, got auxiliary electrons. We'll finish it off with the the wrench.

you see it kind of. Booger those threads up, but not really. it. just it's got to be a different pitch.

Hey yeah. I think the pitch wasn't right. Maybe one's metric and one standard. which is silly because these are the bolts that came with it.

Oh well. 2022 strikes again. There we go. Okay, that's tight.

All right. looking left, a little bit we can, uh see our sensor. We'll get this guy installed real quick. Like twist it up, line it up, thread it up.

untwist. yeah, it's it's power code. It's gotta be the powder coat. Perhaps they have low powder coating standards in the country of origin? Well, considering that nothing in this car plays nice, I'll just force this like I didn't did all the rest of it.

Oh, there we go. Got past that powder coating error. That blob of whatever that was in there, clicks and bangs and loud noises wouldn't be so bad if this car wasn't in the way. This would be easy to do.
Yeah, probably could have, uh, unplugged it and did it on the ground. but but I didn't So so here we are doing it the clicky way. There we go. Good to go.

All right one and we're all set. except for that misfire. I Am going to look into that misfire. Remember that P0302 code I am gonna look into that I Think that they thought that this and this and these other two were going to fix the misfire and that's that's.

just not the case. I Called him and told them all right. let's maneuver in our little red multi-layer steel gasket here. Get these last two Fasteners fastened.

then. uh. then we'll go back up top and see what's up with that misfire. I'm gonna bet that it's a coil.

I think it's probably a coil. Oh pry bar, everything. please. maybe if I pry bar foreign ER that way, will that work.

No, it's so close too here. I Know we'll get the gasket and the bolt lined up that didn't work. Watch this. We'll just wiggle it until it goes.

Yeah, there it goes. I Got it. Threads caught? Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes. Okay, that's one that one's in all the way.

Let's Line the gasket up and we'll get. uh, let's get number two in place. And of course, I'm not gonna forget this little ground wire strap thing that's hanging out here. I Don't know why the exhaust needs to be grounded, but whatever.

I'll put it back. foreign. Please line up. ow fail.

Uh oh. The youngins are upset. probably fighting over a chair. foreign or something that we have multiple of the identical item of like a cup.

All right. Okay, that's our final flan kicks. Good to go. Let's let this thing down.

plug in the Upstream O2s restocking the engine, then we'll go and diagnose that misfire. Okay, we got this thing down on the ground I I Propped the hood up a little bit more so I can reach the connectors back there. I got, uh, both of the Upstream O2s connected. Let's go ahead and get this thing restarted and uh, let's see.

we can't do about uh, figuring out that misfire business. What the what? is this? What is this? Hang on. let me light. There we go.

Oh I Get it. I Got it. We got a, uh, a little probe here. It's Pierce probing one of the wires for the fan.

What's that about? Hang on. Oh sweet. It's a test. League Okay, and this looks like it's a out of a Power Probe kit.

Hang on. This doesn't need to be here. Check it out. It's got a little needle that comes out and that little needle will pierce the wire.

Hang on. It's in there. It pierces the wire and then you can tap into a circuit with just this little device here. Yeah, Power Probe Mine.

This is mine. Now those are the rules. If you leave it under the hood, someone else finds it, pay on it. So what do you guys think about that is that acceptable to keep lost and found tools? I think it is uh Moment of Truth starting the engine out here.
so I don't hear any leaks, let's head inside and check out our scan tool. Those misfires. We we need to lose that cylinder to misfire. Oh I feel it right now here.

Let's go let's get into. Data I Don't know if this Nissan's gonna give me live misfire data or not. It might. but no, uh, in all seriousness, with that ad those little probes over there I think those are the fellas next door because he, uh, he's been doing some work on this car.

So I'm gonna go see if that's his before I decide to steal it. but if it's not his or nobody else's it's mine. Those are the rules. Tools left under hood belong to the finder unless it's from your store like your shop.

If that's your buddy's tools or the guy next to you you don't have. don't ever take tools that you know who owns them. That's not okay. but if they're if they're located in the wild, that's fair game.

Yeah I don't think I've got misfire counts I may have to do this the uh, the manual analog way and that will be uh, unplugging ignition coils. Now the P0302 says that's cylinder number two. That's the problem that is this coil right here. Let's disconnect it, see what it does? All right, it is firing.

Let's just go ahead and pull it out. Come out of there, you're starting to see all the smoke coming up from the coating and the grease and whatever else that was on that exhaust. Okay, let's see what we've got here. See how the coil is? uh, firing? but it's firing through the booth? There's even a burn mark right there with the Sparkles escaping.

See that it's supposed to be firing the bottom of it because that's where the spark plug meets the coil. But that insulator is damaged. Oh, it's gonna blow. That's not good.

All right. So we've established this coil right here. Definitely failing because it is leaking spark to its boot. But when I have this thing removed I still think I can hear some quicking somewhere else and I'm suspecting that maybe even that other coil right there.

or perhaps, uh, perhaps the one in the back on this bank is also leaking. So let's uh, let's pull each one of these out. see who's also firing through it since and survey says sure is. look at that one.

How inspiring to its insulator. Two failed coil boots deck this last one here. Now it has one new coil back on. uh, on the rear of the other side cylinder head.

Check this guy. Yeah. firing through the boot? Look at that. I'm gonna recommend we replace the uh, the five remaining coils that have not been changed yet.

Alrighty, well we figured out what the deal is with the misfires. Uh, but that uh is going to require additional authorization. So I'm just gonna go ahead click these things back together for right now. I'm gonna let everybody know what we found with the the shaking business and uh, we may uh, we may do additional work to this truck.
We may not again. the task was to just, uh, throw those converters in there. So uh, that being said for right now, I'm gonna go ahead and close this video out because we are all done here. Uh, as always, look thank you for watching this video.

Hope you enjoyed this video. Power Down! If you did enjoy this video, please feel free to let me know about that by tap that like button down below. If uh, you do not enjoy this video, then let me know about that in the comment section also down below. Constructively be nice.

So again and as always, thank you for watching and most importantly, do not forget to have yourselves a great day! See you guys later! End of: Datsun.

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  10. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Double AA Trucking says:

    Why would you second guess the customer if they know what’s wrong that right their not experienced mechanic like you

    Keep up the great work

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