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That's the part that makes you go opening the hood. Oh look at that thing 2015 Lancer Evolution It's a low rider Evolution They're always lowered low guy here starting the engine ring ring. All right we've got on this. Lancer I Don't even know the engine size 36 741 miles customer stage: They ran over something uh, driving on the highway.

Couple other things that like looked at service airbag system required that's not good. Airbag warning light also not good. That's for safety. Let's do a quick code scan on this and see what that airbag light's about.

We'll lift it up and then check out some other stuff. Uh, we will go on a test drive if need be. automatic. Lancer Oh, it's a dual clutch.

or at least it feels like a dual clutch. Yeah, twin clutch. Check it out. Twin clutch SST Squeeze this guy in without hitting the wall I Know how you guys love that wall over there ring ring.

Heard something about an AC noise too. Let's fire up the AC what that thing does. So far so good. Popping easy Hood did not mean to make that right.

All right. scan tool powering on. Let's see what that airbag thing's about. Uh 2015 Mitsubishi Lancer Evo 2-liter four-cylinder turbine powered.

It's good. until it do do a let's just do a full code scan I Don't know this car yet. Be right back when this thing is done. All right.

while this thing is doing this, let's go. uh did I pull that yet? Pop it easy Hood Let's check out our engine compartment. Here's some rattle action going on with this thing. All right.

Yeah, yeah. a lot of shiny Parts too initiate illumination Turbo We got here. compressor making noise I Hear a clickety clack. Let's shut the compressor down and see if it continues to make noise.

Power off that didn't work all the way off. There we go. All right. That clickety-clack noise has been reduced.

This deadly that does lead me to believe that the compressor is the cause of said noise. Okay, we'll note that later on. I'm gonna turn that AC back on. I Don't recall hearing the fans running.

Let's check those. Do we have fans? Yeah. fans are running and yeah, compressor is making noise. Okay, see that.

Body repair. It's interesting. I believe this vehicle has been in a collision and I see some more welds way way back there. See that rust? Somebody fixed something right here too.

Check that out. That's uh, some kind of welded together body repair. Yeah, this thing has been in a collision before. Okay, okay so I'm going through the Dtc's that I found in the airbag system and I've got five of them here.

Got a u0154 octane classification module time? We've got a B1 C2 Delta right side airbag Squid open squib open B1c3 Bravo Drivers pre-tensioner Short: B1b52 Driver seat belt sensor circuit open uh what's that last one? B1 B56 Passenger seat belt sensor circuit open engine installing but it just stalled now it went idle down Okay Um yeah. I think the airbags have gone off in this at some point I Bet this is a salvage title car. Uh, the AC has a code u0154 and timeout so there's a fan communication problem here. PCM has a P0171 system running lean.
uh, more can timeouts. Uh, tire pressures are low. probably have no sensors. There's all kinds of stuff going on with this car.

Okay, let's get out of here. We have seen enough. All right. So the rest of this stuff.

We're looking for: an exhaust leak. uh. tires rubbing. Check the fluids, check the drive shafts, check the the fog lights.

Check the headlights. Uh, that's going to be tough to do because I don't think these are adjustable and um, this thing's been in a collision. So if this, uh, this core support here is not aligned properly, then the headlights are not going to be aligned properly because I don't see that there's an adjustment provision built into these lights. Why is this thing doing that? Okay.

Got the rack set up. Get this thing up in the air and take a look at her another region Moving On Up Up The Evolutionary ladder I Guess we can just start with the tip to see what's up with this exhaust leak. I Don't think it has one. No, yeah, there's no exhaust leak.

There's a zip tie. That compressor is definitely the culprit with that noise. Yeah, it shuts off. comes back on the noise, comes back in.

Oh, what else we got going on here with this thing? Tires rubbing. Something about tires rubbing. Let's see. Yep, tires are rubbing.

they're almost rubbing on the intercoolers. See how these bolts are new? Yep. I Believe it's been, uh, collided with an object. is that? PT Cruiser The uh compressor kicks on, engine idle runs up, it starts to get a little bit rough, and uh, that.

it makes a bunch of extra noise. Let's check out our shaft here. We're looking for excessive play in this drive shaft. That's a negative.

Drive shaft is good. Let's check the back hot carriers a little little. Bibby floppy. See what that looks like? It's hard.

Yeah, it doesn't look torn. I Think that's okay. that U-joint's good. A fluid.

Services He asked about fluid. We've got a drain and a another drain. Two drains. Oh, there's our fill right there up there.

That's a cool differential. Check that out. It's got coolant lines, a little pump. Yeah.

I Believe that's for coolant. Correct me if I'm wrong. Mitsubishi Guys so the tires have seen better days. This is the right rear.

That's uh, one. 30 seconds zero. I'm calling that a zero right front. We're gonna call that.

uh, let's give that one an eight. That one's pretty good. Left front that's got great tread. And let's check out the left rear.

zero. 30 seconds again on the left rear. odd wear pattern. Look at this.

See that? uh, a bit of rubber hanging out right there? That's weird. I bet this thing has got an alignment issue due to the uh stance of the suspension that's been lowered quite a bit. I Think like three inches. Yeah, look at that.
Okay, it's got good brakes though. Those are legit Brembos multi-piece rotors. nice and shiny. Okay, so real quick while I have this loner machine here.

I'm gonna throw the high side uh line on this. I Just want to see what the pressures are coming up to. There's a leak right there. Found a leak.

it went as soon as I Remove that cap and I can see some dye in there. See what we get a compressor on? Look at that. 400 pounds to the Moon What is this blowing up? AC System Week 400 PSI that's another one. Two of these in two days.

What's going on here? Okay, we have fans running. We've got fans running both of them. You know what? I'm I'm just gonna recover this down and we're gonna see how much is in here I Gotta do it. Somebody might have just tossed a bunch of cans of refrigerant in this thing and said have a nice day power down.

Yeah, my fear is since uh I don't know the history on this, that somebody had recharged it after doing some kind of service and uh, they ended up just filling it full of cans and filling it full of cans. Charge Complete! Yeah. I know exit it's from the last car. Okay, machine is recovering the refrigerant.

I'm gonna go order some valves for this real quick because these are the larger valves I don't think I have any, so let me get those ordered and then, uh, by the time we're done with that, this should be done and then we're good to go. Okay, the tank has completed it or the machine has completed its evacuation. We've recovered 0.99 pounds. so one pound of refrigerant? I'm sure that's very close to spec.

I'll check it later, but uh, at one pound refrigerant we should not have seen 400. PSI Uh, that tells me there is some kind of restriction in the system somewhere. We saw both fans were running so there is something going on with the system itself. Further diagnostic will be required for that.

I'm gonna have to pull this system apart and see what's going on inside of it and I really don't know based on the fact that I'm aware it's been in a collision. Perhaps one of these lines is bent or kinked, or the condenser smashed behind the center cooler. Tough to tell while the machine was doing that. I Took a moment to, uh, inspect these fog lights not working I Was going to check the bulbs and I found out that they're just not plugged in And not only are they not plugged in there's no wire to plug them in with so that checks that one off the list.

Okay, we are. We're disconnecting this one scan tool powering down. We're going to go ahead and back this one out for a a later date and we're running out of time for the day. And I don't have parts and there's a lot to unpack here so we're gonna address all that stuff later.

So uh, that being said, I'm gonna close this video out right now and of course I'll do that by thanking each and every one of you for watching this video. As always I Hope you enjoyed this video If you did enjoy this video or you enjoyed this Lancer and you like looking at it, you can feel free to let me know about that by tap that like button down below starting Z Mitsubishi Um, what have I done? If you do not like this video, just let me know about that in the comments section also down below and uh I'll try to use your feedback to do a better job next time. So again starting as the engine and as always, thank you for watching and most importantly, do not forget to have yourselves a great day! See you guys later.

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