In a previous video we repaired the "service suspension system" light on this '14 Tahoe so now we have to fix a few other issues with it. The front right ball joints are loose and need to be replaced. Upper control arm, cam bolts and pressing in a new lower should take care of it.
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But here we are. folks working on this 2014. Chevrolet Tahoe Uh one. We previously did some rear suspension video on put new air compressor and stuff in it that seemed to go good.

Uh, we got to do the ball joints on this side. Looks like it has a new wheel bearing. shiny. Anyways, we're gonna peel the wheel off.

Wow. and then we have to do the upper control arm and the lower ball joint if that's a plan. Anyways, so we've got to get all this stuff off. I See Uh, we have the little suspension arm that hooks on here so we have to be careful with it.

It goes onto this bracket with the brake hose so we need to be a little cautious there. Um, we just did a video on this little guy I Don't know if you have to take the strut out of these to get the bolts out. Quite possibly these bolts have a tendency to break around here. they seize up and they snap off.

I did get new bolts I Got new control arms and a new lower ball joint I Believe that the strut does need to come out I Don't think this bolt back there will come out I Don't believe this one will though. Let's see, we'll get stuff this stuff cracked loose and start taking things apart here and figure stuff out. Let's just hose everything with some Panther feet first or some liquid courage that's full full saturate everything. Yep, get it all.

but we're going to be unhooking everything 19 millimeters. We're going to peel the caliper separate from the bracket, which typically I don't do, but in this case I'm going to. You'll see why in a moment. I'm just going to set it up here.

We are going to go ahead and get this racket off and grab this in 18 for that. I don't know I don't know what? I don't know how profound. Oh I was gonna say I don't know if this gun's gonna have enough juice in it. Apparently it does.

so that's good. A little bracket here, right to the side. switch, dog and dog eats. We'll go back to the 3 8 10 mil and we're just going to snap this bolt off right here.

She'll probably break clean off or come clean out because we put some Panther pee on it. Okay, that has our bracket for our leveler action here in the front My Hope And my dream is is to hang the caliper here to the side and just leave this little mess alone. You start messing with this. it's going to break 100 guaranteed.

Um, 50 of the time every time. So let's go get a holder upper for our caliper and we'll get that held up out of the way prior to doing that though. Let's take and just pop this abs connector about here. Let's unplug it because we're gonna need to.

Uh, this dude straight up can't even finish the sentence today because I'm trying to think I had a couple steps here. Tell you what I'm talking about. We're gonna take the wheel bearing off so we're gonna need this hanging free. We just don't like to backtrack too much.

If we can avoid it, put the hooky in here. Hook that right up there. Too much fella. Is that too much for you? Let's get this a spin around.
this has been around town. how's that now? Oh now she's loosey-goosey and we can still get in here. that Bolt with a little bit of luck, we won't break this thing off. We could probably try to unthread it all.

I know if you ever start fiddling with this crap, everything breaks. Welcome to the Rust Belt there T30 I think it is. Yeah T30 we need a little extension. Nope.

I came right off nicely. Huh? when we did this little job oh 36. I'll grab Thor Oh Mr door. So we put freaking never sees all over everything.

ah he never sees. Well we forgot to Spritz this stuff down so we'll give this stuff a little Spritz There we'll find some sockets we'll bust off the tie rod. Um, we're probably gonna use the wrench on the inside. Looks like 18.

probably on the upper 21 or so on the lower here. What we got in here. What we have here, we got a 22. so we need a 24 and a 21 and an 18.

that was 21 mil. Well come on Thor Be nice. Sometimes you want to play nice there. That worked.

So we're gonna go 24. let's slow down smoking. I had a little toasty there. Let's stick those back up there in the arm.

We'll grab this in 18. we'll see if we can't crack this loose. but I got the right size. We did.

Oh, you're not even that tight. switch over to the ratchety wrench. These Nylocks can be a huge pain to take off because they'll get down to like the last couple threads and it just jams up all the stuff in front of it. Oh, this one's not too bad.

that's why Thor was struggling with that lower one. Okay, what you want to do is keep that on there a couple threads. I'm gonna give this thing a little massage. bringing out the dog.

special edition: Super big, super nasty. There's one. there's two that'll do donkey. Not okay.

All right. they're all broke free. Quit yelling. That's how it goes here.

Okay, let me get a let me get something that ain't going back on there dude. you just whacked it with big nasty scared to pudding on me. we're gonna slide it off the ah, it's freaking Grease uh what was I going to say? We're gonna slide it off so and then take the whole knuckle off and knucklehead? Okie dokie. these are the chunky now.

what are you gonna do? fella? maybe? I'm thinking this light is so bright it's annoying there. Darkness I Wonder if we just loosen up the bottom of the strut if we can slide her out enough to get the upper off? But let's have a little look-see at this lower? I Gotta do something about this. Never sees. Probably should just unbolt this axle and get it right out of my face.

Be able to stick it over here. make sure we're not pushing on that hose, destructing anything of course. I Wait, never see that that's bulb in it. Let's just cover this up so we don't look like the Tin Man here in about 20 minutes.

Okay, there's that. Let's see about this ball joint. Pressing it in and out. Let me get you in a better spot.
Change my gloves because they're completely gray. Let's see what we can do. So how's about this? How about we snap these bolts off? Sometimes these things break off, but we put coil on them so they just spin right out. They don't usually seize up into threads, it's in the arm, particularly on the aluminum ones.

And then these things just they go like that. make that same sound because I'm thinking to do the lower we got to get our ball joint pressed up. here. might be easier with the upper control arm out of the way, so we might attempt to, uh, do that little ordeal.

Let's get that broke loose and see if we're not taking this out all the way She's never had a wheel alignment before, so it still has the factory plastic inserts in here. I Didn't say the guy hasn't paid for a wheel alignment before, but it's at least never been adjusted anyways. 21. Oh, it's like that guy comes in with a Chevy truck eating the front tires right off it.

Of course they've had, you know, multiple wheel alignments done and they always have the plastic inserts in it. Thank you! We're going to get a different tool before somebody gets hurt. We did spray coil on it so it should come right off I'm thinking she's just gonna snap off as usual. back this way with it crunchy roll over.

It's great. Let's give her some more. We'll reduce that side, you know how? I know it's not gonna break because I Bought brand new ones I Got to it now, but it might be stuck in the bushing too. Oh, that's nice.

Let's try this site over here. Foreign out over here. There's that one. This one is a lot easier.

I'm playing a fire buddy swivel on an impact same level as your teeth. She won't get you. Um, um oh yeah, she's seized right up in the bushings a little bit. Let me try a little something there.

I Don't know if we can get all the way up in there with the dog Maybe Come up here behind the plastic. Oh, it's like a blast. Shield I gotta get a little different Arrangement Here you know it's about to go down. Our protection, ear protection and a big nasty.

Ah, can't get out of the street. don't have to when you bring out the dog I Got my glasses all up. It's only added like a second because I eat cakes and I had some cake for dessert for lunch. Got me all sweated up.

Okay, let's get that other one out of there. Don't do real good with a regular Hammer buddy. let's just try giving it a little. what's up in here? Wow, that'll make you feel like real.

All right I thought I was hitting it. Let me get a punch. see if I can't hit it out the rest of the way and then we'll see if we can get this one where we need to. but I think it's going to hit the spring? I'm pretty sure that one won't come out.

see if we can take this one the rest of the way. almost I Thought this one was gonna clear. Oh, let's see if we can pop this strut forward a little bit. The thing is, you know we don't need a lot.
That might be enough right there. Let's just try that before we go yanker out. Oh, that might be just enough. I mean we're barely in there just a little tiny bit.

I'm just going to give them a little tap. Okay, that was it, old son. that's that one this side. I Still don't know.

we might still be wasting our time here. Let me rotate that one around. get the cam to stay where we want it loose in there and it is just sticking it back through that bushing. I Got to get that cam to snap on there.

so the inner cam I'll show you. you know it just sits on the bolt and we need to get that to loosen up to. you know to come in So we're not trying to get this whole mess out, we're just trying to get the bolt out. You know what? I'm saying you will if you're doing one.

I Just feel like I've been here before I wish I could give you guys the optimal angle see but I can't because I need to get up in here unfortunately. Thank you come on man, let's separate. You don't love that bolt. Leave it there.

We go there. We go there, you go. Okay, come on. see after the Bolt's so Rusty that it just kind of getting my sucker to get up there.

Fellas just gave me the elbow. Thank you. Yeah, we didn't have to pull strut out. If you live down south, just take the three nuts off the strut and pop it right out.

Camaro For some reason it's just a bunch of old cars pulling. Camaro at 39 Ford The guy went leaf springs in like stepping back in time 80s Camaro Needs some pinion bearings? Come on there now! We got room to get to the lower ball tonight. Got a receiver cut. We'll go on the bottom of that I Think that'll work.

We're going to use our Astro Tools ball joint kit will give her some sort of lubrication on the forcing screw. Let's see if we can't just push it down through. there. looks like it's knurled onto or pinned over on the top, so we probably have to push pass the pins we have here.

7, 8 socket or 22 mil. Whatever you have I don't like. Oh I just want to make sure that we're I think we might have been pushing against the actual ball joint. Yes sir, we need to get a little bigger cup on the bottom.

I'll try this had it's got a big old flange on that ball joint. I Thought we might have been pushing that I don't know if this is going to tend to stay straight enough. We'll find out, right? Ah, let's see if I should get a blast Shield here. Well let's just give a little push first.

That scared me helps when you're not pushing against the ball joint, right? I didn't even blow up in our faces. So there's the OG ball joint. Oh I should have showed you how she was loose before we pulled the Canoco off there. It's nice and clean on the inside.

That's how we like them. We're gonna be using the TTX Extreme. I'm at the Train Tough Extreme. They're made by mevel Tech As I mentioned in a previous video, the Metal Tech blue boot stuff is absolute garbage.
I'm done selling it. It's done selling Napa chassis parts because they're absolute freaking rubbish. And they're embarrassing. They embarrassing.

you, put a nappy chassis part on a customer's car, send them down the road with a nap and know-how and then them suckers come back Three months later it's been an oil change. You're like, oh hey, you know them ball joints and tie rod ends and everything we just put on? Well, they're all bad. you are. So I'm sick of looking like an idiot.

Foreign. so we are going. It has a hole in the boot right there. the little vent we're going to mount that inboard which is lined up with this TTX logo there so we're just going to push her up straight in.

Let me get the combination of things we need to push this in. These things are fantastic though as we're a bad mouth. and Metal Tech they they pull out all stops when it comes to the TTX line. Great stuff.

I've got the right combination of things thinking oh, shaft's been on. What about the uh, the little plunger there once you hit the floor at Mach 90? Well, either that or only had a ton of pressure on it, it's got a little to her. Now that's all right. the ball fell out of it and everything.

Let's give this a little push, push push push. that's all the way. foreign. So I just use a little shallow receiver cup right there.

I Used a uh insulation adapter for a TTX ball joint from another kit in which I saved and then put that adapter on this adapter. So they usually come with an installation tool. um, like these. So when we put in a TTX ball joints, we save all these little adapters so you never know if you're gonna need them unless you got doubles.

What's up little girl? Is this okay? Poor Sparkies. Some labor and oil change? Yes ma'am but you're doing a good job today. Okay, okay I appreciate you myself. Thank you.

thanks for appreciating me! We need to find our package. As I was saying, these usually come with an insulation tool. This one didn't unless somebody took it out of the box. No, because this is the only two things here.

So yeah, I don't know. They come with really cool castle nuts and really neat. Cotter Keys little rubber boot over the grease fitting. What? That's fun! even though it is knurled and pressed in.

We need to put the snap ring on it so make sure she's up all the way. Let's go get a pair of snapping pliers I'll make darn cute and she's in the groove. Yeah, Groovy baby! thank you. So now that's in.

got the hole on the boot facing in there to vent. That just keeps it from blasting grease out of that hole and hitting the brake rotor. There's no reason I face them in. I Don't know if you're supposed to or not some TTX ball joints, depending on the application will actually have a mark on if they are.
You know if they only swivel one way, so to speak. They usually have some literature with it, so just before you just go shoving it in, make sure you know what you're doing or read the literature. Um, I'm not gonna put the grease fitting in right now because we have to leave the CV axle down low I Think to get that knuckle in into the spines here and I don't want it to hinder or whack and snap this off once we get this in on the knuckle kind of get her up there, we'll reach in and put this baby in. but before we do that, we'll make sure that it's threaded correctly and it is.

so we should have no problem starting that by hand. Okay, okay. good. it's 7897 ball joint kit.

Fantastic little kit. Good to do just about everything. We're going to give a little Spritz in the middle of these bushings too. So this is the TTX upper arm.

Yeah, it looks like it is foreign. Maybe we're not. We are overnight. Oh man, we're so close to this bushing we just got to give it a little.

We're so close fella. let me get a plastic. Hammer I Like getting things a plastic. cameras just makes you feel better.

This crack right here has been in a little bit. We're just open it up a little. Need something take up the space there? This is sketch. There We go there.

Well, you might be able to slip right in. this side might be bending a little bit too. There we go There we go. Nice and gentle, nice and gentle.

Recommend. What we had was we've got our brand new bolts here with brand new cams. However they go, they'll go one way or another. Like so.

Okay, let me arrange these. make sure everybody's the same. Everybody gets the same. We're gonna come on in if we can.

The inner cam can't really see what I want to see. We wanted to go all the way in. all right, all the way in the slot. Maybe I can just tap it right where it's at.

Let's reach in here with scooter. We don't get. We just got to barely get past the spring. If we can, we'll get to a point where you're like he should have took the 20 minutes to take the strut out.

Well, we're not there yet so we're just gonna keep going foreign. Oh I Think we're binding up on our cam. That's what the problem is. You stink pot there.

Get the cam back. push, push, push. There we go. That's awesome.

not that big a deal. and then we'll line that up on the pin. so there's there's these little pins here that stick out. You got to be careful.

You bring your Chevrolet in for alignment. Guy starts freaking reefing on those things. Snaps all the pins off. You can fix it, but if the guy works for you, slap him first.

My guy Josh he knows. don't go, don't just go reef at Dude. All right I Just want to Spritz that bolt down a little bit. Yeah, you go reefing on them.

you shear the ears off. The whole thing turns into a big chewbacco. So just slow down a little bit. Okay, there's that one.
We'll get this nut back on there. Come on fella, there's that one. We're gonna give her another little Spritz in the hole again. we'll take this liner up.

Oops. So we're bound up on that cam again. So we gotta keep that cam back. What the heck? What the world? Oh, this letter is gonna be easier.

It's like right there I Just can't get enough. I'll find it there now. we got some Unk All right man up on the pin and that's it folks. That's really all there is to it.

and Memphis outer cam. mine like. so find another nut and that's it. Tada.

look at our surprise and then what we should do to be smart I Wonder if we should bolt that back down? Nah, probably not yet. We'll leave all this loose. We'll get our Knuckle Up In Here We'll put our shock back down where it needs to be. It needs to be right there.

We'll get the bolts for it. You guys still see. Okay Come A Little Closer baby. Foreign.

A little push. Oh there it is. Oh denying that one. They lined right up.

nice. Let's take our 3 8 look at that. These it's right here. still has a socket on it that we need.

All right. Perfect start to suspecting everything. Took a lot of time to never sees it and they missed this whole section. We're up a little up there for him, so good luck.

Okay I'll go put this thing far away. But First you want to take our ball joint? I'm gonna tip her out. we're gonna line up our spines in the ball joint. I'm going to kind of do everything all at the same time.

if we can put nut on your ball joint. uh, let me just get a couple threads on there and that's it. Really easy and this one over. Let's do that.

Okay, that's gas enough for that one. Slip that one in. Grab this little fella and get this baby stationary before something bad happens. We avoided bad stuff.

So far good. Ness There's that one. everything's looking good I mean real good I Think this little fella back around. background up here.

Plug it up as they say down south, get it wiggled in there. That one clicked in there I Think we're doing a really good job folks. Couldn't do it without you. Take that back on there a little bit of luckily.

remember, tighten everything up. Is that tie rod off he needs up? Yeah, we've got a little first that lined up now I think so I Just had to help old Joshua Lima he's got a car over there. We'll call it a car. Let's War the uh one front tire to the inside shoulder I Clean off it and it's pretty dang close to being on.

Good for alignment, but the person who drives it is pretty hefty. We'll say full figured. So I had my guy Josh sit in it and then I showed them what happened to the alignment went way off the chart. So the car is flexible enough that you put a few to 300 pounds in the driver's front seat and your alignment's not even in the ballpark.
So this vehicle will have to be lined up with lots and lots of weight in the front end running past the driver's side. But it's just what you got to do sometimes folks. it'll surprise you too. Sometimes you get a car on the lift and uh, you know, alignment looks like man, that's that's super close.

and then you go size up the customer, the primary driver, and then compensate with that much weight in the front of it. You'll be really surprised how much more of that, uh, that will move all right. So there's that. We'll leave that one in.

Let's tighten up our lower one. It doesn't take much either, but uh yeah, you get a three four hundred pounder driving one. I Can, uh, really? throw the alignment way off? see where's our hole on that? Especially if it's a real flimsy, you know, lightweight vehicle. Uh -huh There we go.

yo. You get a little Chevy Sonic or something like that. They can be really difficult, but don't worry. there we go.

So there our ball joints are in. They feel nice. no, uh, not going to give us any memory. steer, they're not overly tight.

Ah, so that's good. Let's see about getting that grease fitting in there. now. They always want to end pointing right at the knuckle of course.

Yep, as soon as it gets tight and I can't push it past it, it's pointing literally right at the knuckle Son of a mother I Wonder about this I wonder if we take this out and we exchange it with the upper grease fitting, see if it's any different. So we'll take this one out. Hey, it's that guy. We'll take the top one out that we just put in.

We'll see if that changes. Maybe to where the thread starts on. it is a little different. Maybe it's not theorize about it all day or we can just do it.

Let's just see, it doesn't spin in as easily by hand as the other one did. It's not going in hard. it's just too hard to spin by hand. Are you coming up on the end yet? Oh, we are.

Look at that I feel it getting tight Anyways, basically it can point anywheres except directly at the knuckle and I would be okay with it. We can get her just to Face Forward here just a bit more. That would be super awesome. All right.

I Think that's as hard as I want to push it? You know what? I say that Now we're going to go a little bit more. Look at that. Boom. It's perfect.

It's exactly where we need it. We take the grease gun now. Valvoline Full synthetic. Before you ask, that's what we're running.

Still give her a couple pumps. Look at that. She fits right in there ever so nicely so we can stick the little rubber cover back on it. I Don't know why.

Hey there goes that guy again. I Don't know why we put a little cover on it, but we do. It looks good so let's put the top one back in. look at that.

So hopefully you learned a valuable lesson here folks. I Don't know how much value you had in where did Little Wrench go? There it is. We used players before, but hopefully you'll learn. Like if it doesn't line up.
try a different grease fitting perhaps one that you already have? Look at that, a few pumps rubber cap. just like that. Figuring out where we're at with our tightening sequence here. Just don't want to leave everything loose.

Everything anything I guess is what the word I was looking for. You don't want to leave anything loose Eric up there, they sure did. We're gonna come back and torque wrench All of this we're just doing the preliminary sticking together I Might not show all that on camera, but you gotta trust me. Trust me.

he says always on foreign. Yes sir, it looks like we gotta have a seven, eight or a 22. I Think well as of 21. I just wanted to get them.

Like they said, you get different wrench foreign. It really doesn't matter because my guy Josh is just going to loosen them back up anyways. but we'll uh, we'll set her down and get it close. not close to the alignment.

just keep the bushing from getting all wadded up in there if you notice like when we unhooked it. Oh, this front control I really wanted to just spring up and that's because the bushings still had some torque on them. Okay, whatever way you think the ratchet wrench goes, flip it over all right. So this is how you make your camera.

capture the Smith I Don't think you guys watch that video we did on that old Mustang that one you had to do with shims which essentially do the same thing as what these eccentric cams do. You know? So as we move both of them, in or out changes the camber and if we move what you know, in and out opposite, it changes the cast manual. So so that's that. Get this all moving free for our guy.

Josh The other side though. I Don't have a prayer, but we're running low. We'll just set them out in the middle and let's finish putting the brakes together. torque the axle and then we'll tighten those.

We're gonna put a little of that on there. We'll put this on here. All right. Looks good.

Stick to back on here. It's pads are nice and freeze still about half. We're out roughly just under half, but pretty close. That's what we used.

It's like this sock will fit foreign still with me. anybody watching at this point. torque setting one 33 foot pounds or so their mouths. But we're going to come back like I say torque it all.

So now that we have some weight on it, let's see my guy. Josh is going to have all this loose again anyways, so we'll just snug them up here. Did you find a different option on the tires? Yeah. I did some of those uh, some BF goodriches that I have pulled up there I think I don't know if they're on my screen or not.

Is that him on the phone? Yeah. Oh okay. I'll talk to him. Yeah, All right.
so we got those snugged. let's raise it back up. Foreign. not by much so 11 pounds I think I Did folks.

everything tight. upper ball joint, lower ball joint. got our wiring harness back in. those are tight.

that's tight. calipers tight. I think all we have to do is give a little shot of goo in the outer tie rod end. Give that a couple little pumps there so our tire down.

we'll send this one over to Josh folks I think we're d-u-n done and I think we're going to leave this one of that folks. I'm not so certain that this video is going to fit together very well. I've been pulled off this job. about a half a dozen tickets already I'm hoping that it will all fit together when I go home and put it together.

Some of us wait for Josh to get the Rack open. We'll send it over to him. We'll get this thing lined up. Uh, the best that we can.

If that site over there doesn't come loose, well, we'll give the customer a choice. We'll you know, get the cross camera, cross-cast your set as good as it can. It looks like the tires are wearing pretty decent on it, so hopefully that side's really close. But if not and we can't get them loose, it may entail replacing the upper control arm on that side depending on if we can.

you know air, hammer the bolts loose, and the scent and the other thing I Don't want to go over there and start making a mountain out of a mole hill until we know how it's sitting. If it's sitting dead on? Perfect. If not, well, we'll do what we got to do. And I want you guys to do what you got to do? Right down in that comment section, we're gonna be the questions.

The comments give me all the concerns you have and uh, just from our viewers. If I can do it, you can do it. Thanks for watching.

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