In this video I bring you along as I swap out the transmission on a customers 2007 GMC Sierra 1500 Classic 4x4. I am installing a @Jasper Engines & Transmissions reman unit. So come along for this multi part series.
Part II:
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Hey there viewers! Welcome back to the South Main Auto Channel guys for 2007 Chevrolet It's the 1500. it's the classic. It needs a transmission. I've already completed step one which is unhook the battery because I imagine it's gonna be in here for a while. plus I Wanted to leave it in neutral here so we can rolling over getting the drive chance unhooked. Now this car has been a fluid film for about the past five years, so it's gonna be a little dingy under here. Foreign foreign, foreign, foreign, foreign, foreign, foreign side. here. you've got to take out this oxygen sensor to get to the manifold bolt or the bolt that holds the pipe on. so let's see if we can't crack it. Loose Here Usually you can crack on loose. If the pipe's cold, you can typically spin them out by hand. We'll find out it just cracked. it just cracked loose. Yep, almost there we go. Spin this one out. Then you can get to all three of these studs. Foreign, foreign, foreign, foreign, foreign, foreign cable popped off. So weird working on a truck. it's not completely riding out. It's weird man ing back back. Foreign foreign, foreign, foreign, foreign, foreign, foreign, foreign foreign. Thank you and they don't mess. Thank you. Gonna be a multi-part series, folks. Uh, no way around it. I Get a little busy at the shop I Get sidetracked doing other things. so I'm just fitting this one in between other jobs. I'll do the best I can to not make it super long and boring and stupid. but we were able to get the transfer case out over there. We got both drive shafts laying on the ground of course the Carolina converters cross member and then, uh, you guys seen the video. We drained the transfer case, we drained transmission so we could send that core back without all the fluid in it. Throw all the bolts in the pan, put that on and that's it. Uh, tomorrow? Uh, if time allows, we'll work on getting the transmission rest way out. We're gonna have to unhook the torque converter, pull the starter, uh, what else? take the training lines off and then you know all the bell housing bolts and that should be I would I would like to have in the next video I have the transmission out, have the new one setting up in there and then you know we just got to throw all that crap back on and good to go. So why don't you guys get all good to go? in? that comment section questions the concerns. the NC the Facebook stick around for part two, three, possibly just my viewers. If I can do it, you can do it. Thanks for watching Foreign.

99 thoughts on “Chevy/gmc – 4l60e transmission replacement – part i”
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  2. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Andrew Tetley says:

    Hi Eric, I don’t know the term “train line’s” being in 🇬🇧, could you please show me particularly what you mean by this?? Thanks for everything you do!!!

  3. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars John Nance says:

    Eric, How about a rear main seal while you are in this deep??

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    The comment of the fluid film made me take a more critical look at the underbelly of this guy, and boy howdy it really is a night and day difference compared to some of the previous cars that've rolled through your shop that were falling apart with rust.

  11. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars David Esman says:

    why dont they put drain plugs in trans pans?

  12. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars mag1vl says:

    Hello Eric from Australia 🙃
    I have the 4L60E in my 3.8lt V6 powered Holden VY Commodore with rear 2 wheel peel😁 These trans do get around.
    Also proof that the fluid film does work – you don't see rusty sheep do ya😅

  13. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars wyldbladze says:

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    This could be a ad for Fluid Film! Wow. That saved this guy thousands of dollars. I have a 2002 Chevy pickup, but I live far from salted roads. I paid it off in 2005, and I haven't had a car payment since. If I somehow end up in salt country (against my will), I'll be getting my truck sprayed with fluid film before I even contact the power company to get service started!

  20. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars itsalltaken says:

    Fluid Film actually works great. The video wasn't boring man.

  21. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Garth Clark says:

    Good time to also inspect the transfer case for oil pump case damage and/or install an oil pump case saver (if it applies to this T/C).
    It's always a good time working on no rust vehicles. Depending on the transmission source, its a good idea to install a Trans-Go correction kit which corrects factory known flaws. Good transmission BTW…similar to the 700R4.

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    I bought my 97 Suburban with 120k miles from my in-laws for $300 a few years ago because…the transmission failed. Had an up-rated transmission built for it and installed, now I use it for occasional towing and hauling, but mostly just as a back-up vehicle. Given the amount of backlash in the grossly undersized rear differential (and the resulting horrible clunk that it makes when going from decel to accel) I’m sure that’s the next item up in the game of “Which drivetrain component from a car that GM fitted to a full-size truck will fail?”

    It’s weird being able to see actual metal on your channel. I’m used to everything be being rust.

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    Eric what's your take on electric tools ?? American cars should have tranny drain plugs , less mess

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    Fluid Film coated truck looks like my totally untreated 300,000-mile 2000 Excursion underside here in the South. Transmission still fine also. 😉

  32. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Brent Owen says:

    Free tip Tuesday, if you "suck" out the trans fluid before you remove the pan-less fluid leaks, and the pan will be lighter…it's my step 1 as the batt cables get removed and whatever else up top…

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