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Hello everybody, Good day to you! Welcome back! Uh, it's actually evening I'm trying to make a video here I'm headed back to the shop I I wasn't there today I Had some uh appointments and things of that nature to deal with um at lawyers and registrations and Banks and and the dentist too. That was fun but I am going to head over there and uh, try to get some more work done on my lights and uh, probably some cleaning, more cleaning and a little bit of organizing. I've got a lot of uh stuff to unbox still put back together and now the stress is going to pile on because I just learned that there's another hurricane coming to Florida and well I'm gonna say it's optional stress because I think I'm gonna choose to just ignore this one until the last possible minute because I got other stuff to do and hurricane parties are not really on my agenda I've already done that this year so I guess we're gonna see um I hope I can get my insurance to kick in before before the hurricane comes or I'm gonna have to move out of the shop one more time and I don't want to do that oh break check. So anyway, let's head back over there and uh and go see what uh, what we can find to do today. um I think I'm gonna start taking some cars in this week. uh I've already got some some folks that are they're ready to get uh, ready to get rock and rolling on this one. And I haven't touched a wrench in like three weeks. so I need to get after it before I forget what I'm doing All right. Well, we're here I need to change my pants because I'm wearing nice pants and I don't wanna nice pants dirty uh cut I don't even know why I said that. Anyway, yeah, we're here I opened up I'm I Guess my goal here is to tidy up a little bit more. Um, we're gonna unbox a few things and put those together I need to hang some more lights in here because it still feels like a dungeon. Maybe roll out the carpet a little bit. This has been cleaned and mopped, but we're gonna need to do that I need to put my chair together? Yeah. I've got a few things going on in here that need to get done and well I don't want to stay too late because I've got to come back tomorrow. Um, a viewer from up in uh Winter Haven is going to come out and help me load my air compressor because this building does not have shop air and I will need some air I don't know where I should put it though. What do you guys think over here? maybe? um, it would be easier to put it over there because that's where the power supply is. but I like this area for not an air compressor. So I don't know if I want to put it in that corner yet or not but uh, I'll figure it out or even that corner that's a good Corner because there's not much usable space over there. What do you guys think? Let me know down in the comment section uh, below. so uh, after my wardrobe adjustment I uh, got on the horn with a insurance people I'm trying to get the policy written for this joint and I can't get a new policy written because there's that silly hurricane thing out in the Atlantic right now and none of the companies will write new policies while there's a named storm out there. I think it's Nicole or something? Yeah, I think the I don't know, that's what I read Anyway, yeah, there's a there's another one of those wind storms with rain out there that we have to deal with pretty soon. but uh, as for now, I choose to ignore it and not engage that and uh, this is gonna go. um, right now. maybe I think right here is pretty good. Yeah, yeah, that wall is pretty good I like that one. yeah. so I had to go out and fetch the phone. Um I'm all over the place around here I I Stopped doing lighting and I came in here and set up uh, some blinds because I figured that would be a fantastic security measure to start with because if you can see in then that may give one desire to come in. But since you can't see and I deny the opportunity to find things to Feast the eyeballs on. so I figured that would be a good place to start. Um, oh I changed this power block out that way we don't have that dangly bit kind of hanging out. I think I'm gonna get a new air conditioner because this thing is not really the the greatest. It's okay at night time, but during the day. um, it isn't really cool off in here. Plus this is really fugly and I don't like it and there's probably mold around here somewhere. maybe not. But anyway, I'm taking this AC out and I'm gonna put a new one in. but that's going to be tomorrow's project or maybe later on in the weeks project because I've got I got all kinds of stuff to do and that's really not ranking too high on the on the list at the moment. But my chair is I think I'll do my chair next because what's a desk without a chair right? So here here this goes over here. Let me unpack that thing next and then I'll assemble my my Roadie chair. It's a really good chair too. I have the same one at home I like it some assembly required. This is like total assembly required. Right now it's going to be decided to build it seems. I I forgot when I had to assemble my previous chair what was involved Over here it's a good thing I already threw away the instructions otherwise I'd never get this thing done. Yeah, that's what is that. The swivel base? Sure. Yeah, that's my uh I know that's the the angle. Uh, what do you call it drawing a blank? It's what allows me to recline the back of the chair. There we go. Verbs: I respected it. It's verbages. Uh oh. I Just took a dig at the subjective use of the English language. Canceled Canceled right away I Canceled It's over stay, you know I really didn't think this video through I'm shooting this on my cell phone because I did not bring uh, bring my GoPros with me and uh, had I planned on kind of making a video. Maybe I would have, um maybe I would have thought that out a little bit better. Oh well, you guys know me in my non-planned plan of not having a plan. There we go. Let's see these go on the bottom of this little starfish looking guy. see who needs directions, shapes and colors. Oh, we're gonna get some clicks out of this. Sure are I know what we're gonna do. Put that right there. Are you gonna click? No, no, these are soft clicks. Okay, is it gonna work? Yes, it works. These came equipped with the blue thread lock. How courteous of them. Let's see front front. Yep, Yeah, Nobody needs instructions. Come here. And of course there's always the singular extra one. This is cute. There's like boxes and boxes of tools like right over there around the corner and I'm over here using the the factory supplied. Allen Torx head bit thing. Love it. That's what we call ironic I Don't no no no no. I'm done I Give up I'm gonna have to do this the right way. I Just I Can't I just can't hang on. Let's see I choose this one. battery battery. Oh I don't have batteries? um retro I guess I do unless these are dead because I was camping with them. Yeah, they're dead. Uh, they're gonna work for now. no worries. Hmm. locked out. not that key this one. I guess and what we need here is going to be instead of 12. sure, feels like a 12. it smells like a 12. It must be a 12. All right, come on. Oh, time for the actual clicks. Yeah, much more better. We're trying this again. Long range. We're just gonna just drop it in. Okay, here we go. I cheated, but it's in. um, there we go. Foreign click to spec. Everyone's getting heavier now. All right. Uh, let's flip this over and that goes in there and then we're good. The real office chair. Now let's see if it works. I Guess uh. sure does. Down up. Hang on. Hang on hang on. We're doing the saw around. Hang on up. yeah and now some Down sweet. All right now. I Can roll around Universe Get out of here box. Oh wait. this is what I get for not reading instructions. No worries, we'll fix that bottom chair. Separate yourself and this is going to be a two-handed operation. You guys, you guys just get here. Let's see if this is gonna work. We've got this I should not have said in it Brewing Hammer Let's go fish a hammer. We need a hammer for this. Where's my hammer drawer? There's one. It's not critically important, but couldn't hurt there. Now this thing goes on that side. Um, okay, more. Hammer Here you guys stay. That'll teach me to not read the instructions. foreign. You can plug it back in. The thing is a conical shaped and the weight of the occupant will seed it in its little base thing. I think that's how that works? Okie dokes. Uh I Kind of just realized that an hour's gone by. That was loud. Uh, no update for you guys. Um I put this Parts washer together. It's it's from the Harbor Freight store. It should work for now. I unboxed a floor jack I do have another one. Where is it? It's right here somewhere, but it's kind of tiny and it's a few years old and I've already lost it. Oh there it is. there's another one. Yeah! so I figured the Harbor Freight one would suffice because my previous Harbor Freight one has uh lasted a while and it has served me well and it still works adequately, but that one's kind of small. so I got a bigger one for here at the shop and I I just realized that I've been here for a while without much hydration. So okay, that was. that was weird I thought I heard someone whistle at me. it might have been over the speaker I wonder if I got like a like a Twitter notification or something I bet that's what it was because it sounded like that or whatever. Twitter bird I can't make the sound Anyway, hydration uh, that is necessary. Uh, let's see that one. Yes. Just realized I brought the inappropriate pliers I need uh I need these ones can I do this one-handed What do you guys think this gonna work? Oh that makes me nervous I know what you're saying? Just put down the phone and just open it like a normal human being. Well, I'm not normal and I like to challenge myself. see I'm I'm very dominant on my right hand. so I like to do things left-handed to train the brain and the left side extremities to perform tasks. which is why I do that. In case you guys didn't know. Thirsty. Oh yeah, that hits the spot. Right on there it is. there's that bird sound. It is the phone. Okay, anyway uh, now is the moment I've been waiting for I got the door up and I want to see if that lift will pick up this truck? So uh, let's uh, let's nose this thing in and see if this thing's gonna fit. I Really hope it does because if I can't put my own truck on my own lift, it's going to, uh, upset me somewhat. Sure. Um I need keys? What am I doing? Keys are inside. Let's go fetch the keys. Let's get out of here All right. let's try this again. see if this is gonna work starting the engine 2007 Chevrolet Silvery Radio 66 Duramax It has approximately 216 566 miles on the clock Customer: States Visual inspection of the lift just for fun. This might be a little difficult because I got to make that turn. so I'm going to scooch over and kick it out wide a little bit. See uh, see how I can get this thing in here? There's still a bunch of goodies kind of hanging out on this side, but I think I got the turning radius? Yeah, there's some obstructions over there those need to go away because I'm gonna need all that space we'll see. Is it gonna fit? Totally gonna fit. It has to fit. otherwise. I'm moving out. Yeah, it's gonna fit. We got this all right. There's the door. Swing it hard. left. Whoa. I'm about to hit the wall. Hang on I Gotta learn how to do this. Doing it wrong. Yeah, look at that. it's too long. Straighten it out some over to the left I'm gonna make it. Oh that's a tight sweet. Nope. Nope. Nope. You can figure this out guys. This truck is going on this lift. I Have decreed that here. It takes me all night. Well, hang on. Hang on I Don't want to scratch my Fender Yeah, that's good. We're gonna make it. We're totally gonna make it wrong. directions here to lift on the right? Sure did. it's working. Oh look at that. This thing fits perfect too. Look at all that space. This is a super wide rack. Uh-huh Power down. Hey. it works. Totally works. What do you guys think fits? Look at that? Yeah, now we're in business and there's still a lot of room over here to work. You know there's there's space to maneuver. So this is good. The setup works. Yeah, if I can fit this thing in here I can fit all kinds of stuff in here? Yep. and I've got room for another car or even another truck right in this space. Oh Oh, this place looks good with a truck inside of it. Yeah here. Uh, let's just skip with some or stick with protocol. Actually popping into wood. we haven't had one of those in a while. There we go. Six Six Duramax big V8 The washer fluid's low but I don't have any. See how this is gonna work here? All right, that's good right there. No, it's not a little farther forward there? we go. Cool Spacers for number three. Where's this one? Go all the way back on the leaf spring hanger. Hmm I don't know. sure. one more spacer. Plenty there we go. I Had to do a redo in the position of the truck and move it back a little bit. It wasn't fitting but I think I got it now. So let's do this. Moving on. up. Lift. Clean. click. Oh, it's working. Get out of out of here. Sweet yeah while we're here, I'm going to inspect the Uh rear axle because I keep hearing like some popping twanging noise coming out of the rear suspension when it's got a load on it. and I want to see if something's broken? Might have a broken spring? who knows. but I do know that that's off the ground. There's that bird again that's off the ground, so that's a good enough for me. Cool. Let's get one more. Shake Sideway shakes. Yep, so far so good. Moving the rest of the way up green subscribe button. Foreign. look at how much these frames will Flex you see the spacing here versus the spacing here. Frame flexes since it doesn't have that weight on it. Totally normal, but yeah, something something I can point out I don't think I've ever had this truck uh on a two post lift before in the history of the channel. So if this is the first time, I'm kind of nervous, it's it's a it's a little unnerving when it's when it's your vehicle the first time on a lift. but uh I'll be okay. The figure it's gonna come down I'd rather have it, uh, be my stuff instead of someone's up someone else's because I would really not like to buy someone's vehicle if it falls off of my rack. What? What is that? Oh, there's just some ball joint schmoo coming out. Okay, no worries, that was from when I started my front end rebuild a few weeks ago. Hope that's not torn. You guys see that right there. That's not. uh, not cool. Let me get some towels. I'm not interested in a torn ball joint boot. Yeah, sure enough. yeah, that thing's torn. Why right there? How did that happen? But just chaps my uh, myself? I mean I guess it's fine. Whatever. that bothers me. Quality Control: Yeah, this one. that one's doing the same thing on the other side. Hang on here. Tall gravity. Look at that one. That one did the same thing. looks like they were rubbing on the uh on this on the steering knuckle. Okay, whatever. just can't have nice things. Nope. Anyway, what I wanted to look at was my rear suspension because like I said, it's making that clicking noise and I don't know what it is I wonder if this all up here? One of those insulator pads is missing out of this spring right here? That might be it. You can see the the rust patina on this. It's from the pieces of the Springs moving living against each other. Yep, there's there's our noise right there. See that? That's it. That's the Noise Okay found it. That was easy. I had to get it off the ground. This one's doing the same thing I wonder if that's gotta rub to it somewhere too. Let me see. I can't tell right here. All right. Well, nothing major. I'll probably just live with that noise. Yeah, see how this has that little insulator right there? I was actually talking to uh Ford boss me about this. uh, the noise this thing was making and he said check for those uh little insulators and see if they've worn away or come out. Rich You were right. Good job buddy. Shut up bird. It's that tweeting bird thing. Cool. No leaks, no axle seal leaks. This is good. Brakes are looking good back here. The rotors have a bit of a vibe to them. Tail shaft looks good. Hmm. got a rear seal leak starting. Oh not bad for 200 000. I Guess I'll live with it. What's this? More drippages? Yeah! I Think the next project on this truck is going to be to get these lowers lower control arms changed and I want to do my my tie rods, my center link, my pitman arm, idler arm and I've got a new steering gear. yeah somebody asked me I was reading in the comments earlier who made the steering gear and I happened to have it right here and it is a TSC branded gear. Let's go ahead and open it and take a look see it started with I was just going to do tie rods and then it turned into well if I'm going to put these HD tie rods on it I made I need a knife I figure if I was gonna put the tie rods on it I might as well put a upgraded center link on it and since I decided to do the center link and the tie rods I figured might as well do the either arm and pitman arm and I figured since I'm doing all that I might as well put a steering gear in it. Stop it Bird Yeah word on the Internet is Elon Musk is having a field day with Kathy Griffin right now because I guess she made a fake account pretending to be Elon Musk and then he suspended her from Twitter It's kind of entertaining to watch the Millionaires and billionaires fight over a 20 check mark or whatever. Premiere box I tried to be nice and now I choose violence There should have just done that to begin with. Home here. let's get this hunk of Steel out that's heavy. Oh man, look at that thing. that's a beast. I didn't realize it was a larger case I Just think they did a higher than normal quality rebuild. but this thing is massive. Okay attention. You need to buy our pitman arm in order for this to fit your truck. I know it has a 50 larger sector shaft, which is good. That thing is massive. Cool. Yep, that's uh. that's a future project for later. Stay right there for now. There's no ring in there. I'll just save this for later. Cool. All right guys. that's going to, uh, conclude my inspection uh of said clicking noise on my truck and uh, that will also conclude my future Shameless self-promotion of the front end work I'm gonna do on my truck later on. uh like I said this week or next week. probably next week because I've already got some customers coming in that need a few things which is going to be awesome. Thanks Rob I'll see you soon buddy. So uh, that being said, I'm gonna go ahead and let this thing down. Whoa frog Gravity! That's always scary when you move a big truck from its, uh, resting position. So anyway, guys like I said I'm letting you go. uh as always like to thank you for watching this video. Hope you enjoyed this video. If you did enjoy this video, please feel free to let me know about that by tapping that like button down below. And if you did not enjoy this video, then go watch something else. So again And as always thank you for watching and most importantly do not forget to have yourselves a great day! See you guys later! End of new shop transmission.

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