In this video I bring you along on the second part of a transmission swap out on a customers 2007 GMC Sierra 1500 Classic 4x4. I am installing a @Jasper Engines & Transmissions reman unit. So come along for this multi part series.
Part III:
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They were back on this. Chevrolet Uh, it's been here I think sitting on the lift by a week, we haven't touched it. but I think the guy's coming back from his vacation so we probably ought to get it done. plus the time I left, we need to take the starter out. From the looks of it, looks like where we left off. we'll take the starter. We've got this little plastic guard here. there's one on the other side. You know we've got to Borrowed over and unhook the torque converter training lines. one connector on the transmission and then I think that's it on both the Bauhausen Yankton dipstick and boom Bob Your uncle, it should be about 13 mil. foreign I Don't think we need to unhook the starter. pretty sure I unhooked the battery. Probably just gonna push it back I Was thinking what the hell is going on here Yeah, we just had to move the camera there. push the starter back. Now we're going to take the little Shield off here. Oh, that wouldn't even take that one off. There's one just like this on the other side. I'm going to peel off there real quick and it looks like the adapter there for the oil cooler lines looks like that sucker's leaking pretty good. Now it's a matter of just going around and getting all the torque converter bolts out and I take an eight millimeter hex right in the middle there and there are 15 on the outside I crack them loose with a 15 then I use a stubby eight mil here to get about slide easier when I can give it the two-handed handy and I hang on to the camera so that's what I'll be doing I think there's three bolts Maybe I gotta put the camera down so I can hang on to this little fella and your lock tight so the uh, there's a son of a B to get out. Okay, and that's what little guys look like once you get them out and you can turn the crank. or I just come back to it. Probably bar when you guys aren't in my way and we just push it over. there we go. there's the last one. it should be okey-dokey The bell housing is not loose. The torque converter, however, is, so we're going to loosen up this bolt right here which holds the dipstick. huh? I'm gonna loosen it I mean take it off all the way. That whole transmission dip stick in which now should be loose, but it's probably pinched against the body. Maybe not. Nope, it's not. Let me move. you see if I can wiggle that out, let's get a hold of you. There we go. There's the dipstick. Should have pulled the dipstick itself out, but I didn't because I'm a Ding dong. Let me see if I can get that far enough to get out of our way. It's got a lock on it so I can't just push it up. No sir. So we'll leave that there. Do we start thinking I should have pulled the stick itself out, but I didn't That's okay. Well, right here, let's take the little plastic caps off our transmission lines. We can undo them and then pretty much we just need to unbolt it or let her hit the floor. So we'll unhook that, unhook that these are Jiffy tight connectors. So let me go get a tool. So this is the tool for the Jiffy tight connectors. Uh, opens up, pull me, open it up. Boom. stick it around the line, turn it till it unlatches the latch, unlatches the e-clip rather. sometimes you can just feel it, feel it, you can feel me, and then you just wiggle, pull, get pissed off, and then it comes right on hooked. Just like that. Oh, there's one. Oh my god. Get the other one. Cut them in on this pin. Shield A few times at all, get you going? Boom. There's two, so both of them are unhooked. Undo it the old-fashioned way. So there's that. Both the training lines are unhooked. There is a vent tube up on top of the transmission here. When we let the trainee down a little bit, I'll have to give it the classic reach round and unhook that. But other than that, we're ready to rock and roll. So let me let the truck down a little. So I'm getting ready to pull the long extension 15 mil. I've already gone up there. I unhooked that neck tube I told you guys about. There's a bracket up top the very peak of the transmission that holds the vent hose. takes a 13 mil and then to the left of that there's a bracket for your fuel line. Both of them are real pita to get at. I got them off and then I just reach up there with the hook and pull them off. It's a lot easier to get them off than it is to put them back on when we go back together, but you got to put them back so you're not a dirt bag. So now I'm just going to finish taking those bell housing bolts out and we should be able to drop it at that point. And there should be one nut on top of the transmission that I can't find I have two of them here and there's a third one that I dropped up there. but I figured we'll get it when the training comes out. This is the very top one here. That's it, baby. That should be all of them. She's probably a little stuck I don't know if the transmission's ever been out of this, so let's see, sometimes just jostling it will break it off. The owls not in this case. We'll go give it a wiggle. Usually you'll probably add it for about 10-15 minutes and then find the boat you forgot. So I hope we don't do that. If we do we got to edit that out. Let's see. come on baby. Stuck at a dolphin on this side and now we're free like Willy We should be able to come back and go down and then try to get all the wires and hoses out of the way here. Hey hey, they're kind of straightened up. It'll help when you go back in if they have your transmission jacks up about how you need it. Yes sir! I Don't see my other nut what the flip? Foreign to you I knew it was there. All right, let's get this thing out of the way. So here's the bracket I was talking about right here. that that's holds the fuel line so you have to get this one off and then there's this one here that goes way at the top. You gotta get that little fella. and then of course the one that was over here for the dipstick. so that's that. Put a cylinder head on this thing a couple years ago I think she's had an oil pressure switch but uh to answer your question. No, we're not going to rebuild the engine because we're this far so don't ask. What we will do however is clean up the bell housing. We're gonna make sure all the goose off it here and clean off all the rust here. We're going to clean off our dowel pins and put a little never sneeze on them. these usually don't seize up, but we don't want them to have seizures, so we're just going to quickly clean that and that's it. Then we're going to move on and put the fellow's transmission back in. Slide this thing right up out of the way so we come in. We can slip this back together. Probably should go up under the hood and unlatch it. Or we can come down like this. Unlatch it, Pull it up a little bit there, take it right back up where you belong. Now let's just pull it out. Pull out, fella. Pull out all right. I'm going to be on the wrong side of everything now. There we go. now. we're on the right side of everything, so that goes like that. So now that'll make life a little easier there. We need to blow out the cooler lines here. Get all the junk out of them. now. this transmission was not full of metal, so that's great. Otherwise, we'd have to put a radiator in it so we don't have to do that. but we will blow out them lines. get things cleaned up there. I'm just gonna stick this big hose over here down into a bucket. We got a can of your classic I don't know if you guys can see it Lube Guard cooler clean, transmission cooler, line flush for use in all transmissions automatic CVT DCT and manual all right. And it contains no water and it has your new patented pending two in one fitting I Think we're good now I Found an old piece of air hose laying on about my cart that'll fit over there and I've just put a clamp on this end here so let's see. Oh yeah, she's coming up now. Thank you because I'm a big safety guy. We're gonna err on the side of caution. We're gonna go two ways with the No Mercy reversy two cans cooler flush which usually what I do on these things if if they haven't blown apart like I say if this thing gutted itself and you know there's a million part numbers laying in the bottom of the pan, then you put a new radiator in, but this one didn't appear to have any metal in the transmission. Whoa fella. Ah, almost got a creamy facial there. Holy smokes, my dad's gonna tighten this thing up a little bit. They're new and improved pending. Uh, two in one holder here. it's not super water tight. Okay, here we go. Now we're cooking and I'll just let this whole can run through and drip down here into the buckets coming out. Pretty clean and foamy right now. so I'm pretty confident that we're doing a good job. not much of it's really coming out the hose to be honest with you. and then once this is done drizzling this whole can, then we'll just blow through the blow now. So make sure this Junk's out of there and put the training in it. Call it a day. Well, it's probably not good breeding that stuff. Let me tell you I was gonna put a transmission in but then I got high I Think that's pretty well it folks. everything's cleaned up here. Set that there bell housing's all ready to go. You gotta make sure when we put the train in we don't pinch this fella. We'll try to kind of stick them up out of the way there. Other than that, we should be good. Everything's clean. hope to clean everybody's happy, pull out the training lines. We're gonna get a lot of grief over that, so make sure you keep an eye in the comment section about that. Other than that, let's go. let's go get the new transmission. We have our new transmission here from Jasper engine Transmissions out of Indiana uh right here in the Americas uh, not a sponsor of course. I did transfer the Prindle switch I put the bracket on here for the transmission shift cable. The bolt here that holds the wiring harness in, popped the transferred the tail shaft for the extension housing here and that was it. Other than that, everything else came in it. well you know, pins already on and everything's ready to go. There was a couple brackets here that hold the torque converter in and then they have a safety bracket down here. it says do not remove under the penalty of law so that's it. Not a lot to swap around. Had a customer here so I was chatting with them when I was, uh, swapping some stuff over. This is just held on with an O-ring and six bolts. Not a big deal and then my boy Josh helped me pick this one up here. So I think we're ready to go back in so let's get after it. I Don't really know what to do with you guys as far as putting it in. so I'm going to sit you down there out of the way. you sit back and let pop Pop do this. I Don't really have any advice to get it up there. We got to get it lined up. Perfect. My advice is to be is, don't be a ding dong. Don't draw the thing in with the bolts. You know you got to get it up there. Square it up with the engine, take a few minutes to get it right, get it everything lined up perfect. You have to line up your dowel pins and then you have to wiggle it in until it's flush. But you know, under no circumstance should you draw it in with the bolts. That's when stuff gets broken. So I guess that's my only advice. Don't be a ding dong. That's my advice. so we'll try to do this in fast motion. Foreign. Foreign. Oh Chevy I Want to be a Chevy When I Grow Up song I Just met there it is boys so she just slid in all the way. It's not a problem. What? Oops. This side's a little bit off the doll. Still give her a little push push push push there. We are pretty dang close to being perfectly flush. We need to lift up the back of the transmission a little bit so the top of the bell housing kits. We'll lean, wiggle. even though that's not doing anything. Have a look again. everything looks nice. We're about an eighth inch away from being perfect. Make sure there's nothing stuck in that bell housing. Make sure none of the brackets are stuck or anything like that. My guy that still fits hoses still fit. Everything looks good. Make sure it's flush like that. not like that like that. Stick some bolts in it and put all the rest of the bolts in and you're done. I'm almost feeling guilty about this job. So typically a Chevrolet transmission in one of these older trucks you bring it in at Ace You're done by lunchtime. Bring in the next one. We've certainly had the old milk machine on this one, Huh? Trying to show you guys what's up. So now I'm just going around putting in all the bell housing bolts using the long extension here. Reaching up this little tiny side, just spin them in by your fingers. Astro Lights Uh, I Would love to know how many times it hits the floor before they finally die. And actually I've never had one hit before. they actually died from hitting the floor. It's usually if they hit the floor in a bucket of antifreeze that'll do them in. We need to move some of these hoses and some junk out of our way. We'll get on the bell housing bolts and then we've got to go up through and get all the brackets and all that crap back where it belongs. But all of the bell housing bolts are all studs. you know, studs on the bolt on the end of the bolt, so you don't have to worry about which hole they go in. There you go. We'll come back through and snug them up this very gingerly tightening then, and two of the bell housing bolts are just plain old, plain old. These guys. here. they go on the bottom. We'll still use our four foot long extension, stay right back in. They go down here in the oil pan. That's what. these little guys go. one there. and then there's one to the left of that one. There's that one. and then there's one over here on the last minute. All the rest of them are the double-headed stutters. There's that one. and I'll finish putting these in. You guys don't need to see all that that you can see. Anyway, it's brought. the rest of the bellhousing bolts are your classic double dongers folks. Uh, so we can look up here. We see we have our transmission bracket back on so we're the transmission tube comes down. goes in a training there. New Grommet of course slid that in, clicked in both of the transmission lines there as you can see. put both of the plastic covers back on those. Come around here, we have the transmission plugged back in right there. and then if we look up way up at the tippy top I Know we have trust issues I Want you guys to rest assured that I did put the bracket back on that vent hose up there and of course we put a vent back onto the transmission. Let's see I don't know if you guys can see I don't even know where it is I'm just holding you up there. rest assured that is back on and then we come down. Bring It Around Town Transmission shift cable plugged in the Prindle and then you can see up there that we reinstalled the bracket for the fuel so that's all put back on. All the other bell housing bolts are tight. Now we just need to take off their little safety ordeal they put on there and go around and retort the transmission bolts and then I had to order this this mobile one Dextron approved LV fluid. they said they would void my warranty if I didn't so I have that and then I also installed this harness bracket here on the side of transmission and I think that's about it. I think we're going to call it quits for the day. That's getting awful quiet around here. Everybody left me and I think I'm gonna go home and eat some dinner and say the heck with this and we'll finish it up tomorrow. Uh, we're really milking this one folks..

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