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It's not a comeback, it's a do-more 2017 Chevrolet Silverado High Country 56 247 miles from the clock. Uh, we did a set of front and rear brake pads on this particular. Silverado Uh, you guys remember that left front caliper I Mentioned it did not have a good time compressing. Still waiting on that uh on that lube. These are kind of tight. You gonna go? or do we need to put a caliper on this? Well, it has a slight uh pull on initial braking to the right and then it balances out which tells me that that caliper is hanging up. So uh, we went ahead and uh, got from the Chevrolet dealership a set of front calipers and some hoses to match. So we're going to swap out those calipers and hoses on this thing and that will complete our brake service. So let us move forward on to round two: Silverado Fight And since we have an escape on that rack, we're going to use the little rack today. I Have not used this one yet. Let's see how this fits. It's gonna be kind of a tight squeeze up front with that wall. Be in there. I Think we're good right about here. All right parking Seattle Moving on out, okay, wheels are off. Let's take a look at everybody here. Kind of a tight squeeze. Yeah that one's running a little hot. Thank you I Can feel the difference. Okay, let's go ahead and get these off and changed out. Okey doke. So we're looking at what we got here. We got two new hoses left side and right side. two new calipers from GM and we're gonna plop these old calipers off. this one's sticking and as per uh protocol, I'm doing hoses uh with the new calipers. so let's go ahead and get started. First things first: I'm going to remove this uh ABS wire connector from this bracket if this bracket is going to stay with the hose. same thing with this bracket right over here. place that aside, pull the bolt out and now we can get the caliper detached again. I Just threw a bolt across the floor. not smart, a little warm, still come out hot and then our new one comes right on in. I Don't need to grease these again because I already did yesterday. There we go. Let's give it some kicks tight, tight, and I'll go ahead and set the hose up and then we'll detach it up here on the frame there it is and make a quick swap over. That way we don't spill a bunch of fluid all right now. according to the old hose, this one kind of sweeps upwards. So I'm gonna use that as my indicator on which hose we need. That one sweeps down. So this is the passenger side and this one sweeps up. so this is our driver's side. Let's go ahead and get this thing threaded on and secured. Is that a 10 or an 11 mil? I Think that's 11. Yes, it is confirmed 11 millimeters and there's already a Crush Washer on both sides of this banjo bolt. Torque kicks achieved. I Don't know why it's called a banjo bolt, but it does have an interesting feature where it's Hollow in the center and then right around in this area somewhere. there's another hole going through it. that way fluid can pass through the bolts and then enter the manifold and then enter the hose assembly. Pretty clever. now. All right, moving in a little closer. Let's go ahead and break this nut free from the hose and the bracket. Unpick these. There we go. Is that going to work? or is it twisting? The twisting? The line. That's not good. We talked about this yesterday on those uh, those rear wheel cylinders on that Ford behind me. Yeah, that line twisting. Okay, that changes things a little bit because I won't be able to turn that. Let's try some lubricant in some linear impact. see if that can, uh, break it free. Maybe it will. Maybe it won't and I'm gonna bet it's not gonna work now. So what we're gonna do is, we're going to fold this line back off. Okay, now, I'm going to be in a position where I can unscrew the line itself. but that's what we got to do. Okay, drain pans coming in down below. It will arrest our mess. again. let's clamp off this line here. so we don't get a bunch of spillage and what we can do is just unscrew this whole bracket. Bear with me here guys. Bear with me. Get out of the way hot, stay out of the way. see how we're doing this? I'm unscrewing the line with a hose from the line rather than removing the uh, the nut up here. that is stuck. It's not very efficient. Not the way I like to do this, but that's how we have to do this. Shouldn't have said anything yesterday on that escape. This is a this is tragic foreshadowing. There's only two kinds of stories, comedies, and tragedies. this one becoming a tragedy. especially since I keep hitting you guys. Well, there we go. We're loose. now. We come on in with the hose. the new one. Thread that in, we've managed to get the uh, get it apart and reconnect it without breaking the metal line. that is Rusted because New York There we go. Okay, let's get this bolt in and bolt our bracket back to the frame. Uh, what are you doing right? Missing the hole? That's what I'm doing. Yeah, there we go. big and then we'll go ahead and snug this up wrong side. Perfect. Okay, now we're uh, back on track again. Let's go ahead and hold the uh, the caliper back on 11 Again, Clicks. We'll pull the clamp. let this thing, uh, gravity bleed for a little while. The clamp. is there to prevent spillage and to keep the caliper from filling up with brake fluid while I work. I'm gonna go up top and refill the reservoir. now. foreign. Go ahead and set this bracket up. You go right there. Of course our ABS line has to go back. That's secure. Good. Okay, we're getting some flow here. Let's go ahead and close that off. and uh. let's move over to the passenger side and see if we have better luck with that. The hose on that side. moving on over. Okay, let's get. uh. let's get the steering turned the other direction. Let's see what this, uh, this side's gonna do for us here. Give it a quick spray. 13 13. there it is. it's gonna work. We're gonna do this the hard way. twice and it's gonna twist. Okay, well. looks like we're doing it the hard way. twice. That's fine. I Can accept this. It is my fate. No worries though, it'll be okay. We can do this to stay there out of my way. It's not going to, but I can try. Let's go ahead and clamp off this uh, this old line right here just to reduce the spillage potential. There we go. Clamp connect. Okay, same procedure. Pull the line off the caliper. let that dangle right there. one bracket. Oh I forgot the bolt for the other bracket. Silly. Ray I should just be able to, don't you do that? Am I going the right way? What? Am I doing wiggle? Yeah, it goes that way. It's just not being. uh, cooperative. There more torque you. It's so oily that's fine. As long as I don't get frame wax under my fingernails I'll be good I I Dislike: GM Frame wax. It's my enemy. Again, We're gonna have to do a quick swap because this is going to start draining brake fluid very quickly. There it is. Foreign fluid, gravity, smooth, Good. good, Good. Please stop in the right position that's close. Okay, okay, that's what we're looking for and our bracket bolt coming in next. Can you guys see hope? So Yeah, you can see that's good. Let's get our bolt in and we'll put some finalized torque on that. uh on that line up there. Clicks. There we go good. Put our bracket in place. It's getting warm in here today I'm in the corner. there's not much. uh. air circulation. I should put my swamp cooler over here. Kicks Okay, let's back up some. Pull the caliper off and then slap the new one on it. Flung stuff on me. Yeah. I've been flung I've been brake fluid flown. Okay. new caliper coming in. Clicks Those clicks. Pull the plug and banjo bolt time back to the 11. Crush Washers are crushed. There we go. Okay I didn't have the finger strength for this wing nut there and let's open it up and let it ride. Be back in a second. This does present a good opportunity to clean all this stuff off while I'm waiting. So let's uh, let's get all this all the fluid washed out of here. Just a wee little bit of a brake clean. Nothing crazy today. Okay, while that's feeling full of fluid, let's let this down and I will top off the master cylinder. come down. Am I going to be the test dummy I'll I'll do your test on me. That's fine. I'll do it popping as you could. Okay. Brake Fluid: 30.
let's top this master off a little bit, which it's still kind of full, but we'll top it off and then glue these out and we're good to go. Clean sealed container right about. Oh, that's yeah, that's full. definitely full, and uh, we've got some flow here. We're flowing it. Yeah, you can see It's kind of hard to see because brake fluid is clear, but you can see I like to give these a little tap as their gravity bleeding just in case there's any bubbles that are stuck to the interior bore surface of the piston and give them a tap and they'll break loose and then they can flow with the fluid and make their way out. May not be the proper protocol, but it's just my way here. Let's close this one off and we'll bleed the other side real quick and then uh, we'll pressure bleed these all right. Moving back up, foreign, throw these tires on that way we can let this down and open the door and get these re-bled a little bit better with some pressure. the uh, the gravity bleed should be good enough, but I always like to pressure bleed them afterwards because then I can feel it NASCAR click coming down all the way down. there we go. Okay, uh, we're back on the road I Skipped ahead a little bit. oh yellow light I skipped ahead a little bit I was on the phone with Mike from the Jm3 oil filter Booth uh out at SEMA Uh, some of you guys saw some of those videos. a lot of you guys didn't but if you if you want to take a look, just go back through my catalog. I've got a few videos on it. uh and I think there's one or two on the second? Channel Um, if you're not familiar with the second, Channel just look in this video's description down below and it'll be the first link at the top and that'll take you over to my other channel which contains some uh, some off-duty action and a little bit of bonus content. and that will conclude my Shameless self-promotion Uh, anyway, we are back on the road. Wheels are on. Uh, everything's bled, feeling pretty good. Let's go ahead and check it for that. uh that first pull to the right when you break and uh, let's see if uh, let's see if we have resolved that uh that problem? I'm pretty sure we have. but let's go ahead and break right now and find out. Watch the steering wheel and brake event and nice even stopping. good. That's what we were looking for. yeah it was. It had a hang up in that left front caliper and it was causing uh upon initial breaking the right caliper to grab first which was dragging this off to the right. I Probably should have test driven this before we got started, but uh I figured this this car was fresh enough in the process where you guys will remember from the first video and again if you missed the first video, it's going to be the second link down in this video's description underneath of my second Channel link and then you can go back in time and watch the version 1.0 of this. uh, this brake job like I said. uh, not a comeback. it's a do-more That's how we're gonna look at it and oh, let's get this. U-turn I'm not gonna do it. Nope. I'll wait. Not gonna happen here. We'll just make a left right here and flip around it. What is this? A farmer's market? I Don't know. we're gonna go in here and turn around. That's what we're gonna do. Oh I probably shouldn't have come in here. there's some there's an event going on. Not a good place for a test drive. What is this? Either that or it's just a very very busy grocery store. What's this called Mixon's Grove Side Market Never been there. It may just be a really popular store. I should go and check this out later see if they have fresh produce. Anyway guys I'm I'm starting my rambling procedure again now so I'm gonna go ahead and uh, thank you guys for watching this video As always I hope you enjoyed this video. If you did enjoy this video, you know the drill. Let me know about that. Bye tap that like button down below. If you do not enjoy this video you can join the rest of the trolls in the comment section down below and you can tell me how bad I am at my job. So I I don't care it's it's going to be fun for me. So again and as always, thank you for watching and most importantly, do not forget to have yourselves! Greenlight A great day See you guys later! End of Chevrolet Transmission 2.0 Yeah. Go ahead and start it. Uh, wheel all the way to the right. We're just gonna crack these one more time bro. Hey, give me some brake pedal, push it down, hit it up, push it down again and no air. All right. good. Okay wheel All the way to the left please. Same procedure. Hit the brakes. You got any air in this one and oh yeah, there's some. That's why I Always do this a second time. Pump It Up Pump it again and hold it. Yeah, no air. We're good to go. All right. Let me rinse this off. we're out of here. One more spray down. Good bye Brake Food to the right. Good to go.

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