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It's alive. Hello everybody. Good day to you! Welcome back! Glad you're here. Uh, we're still in the shop. I'm uh, of course we're still in the shop. That's what we do here. but um. I'm trying to get this compressor set up. uh I have decided it is going to live right where it's at that way. I'm not taking up floor space inside, it's covered. Um, it's dated. It's not going to get stolen. plus it's a thousand pounds and someone steals this thing then I mean they work for us so it's whatever. Uh anyway. I I ran some wire to uh to get this thing fired up and we're about to pull through, pull the trigger, literally to uh to get this thing to run I Have not run this compressor in months. It's been hanging out in my con Xbox for a while. so uh, what? I've done I'm not going to show you too much because you guys are just going to re-out I've uh, I've run that wire through the wall. There's a 240 circuit right here coming down. runs over the garage door down into this panel. right here for the breaker. Uh, that is running that 240 circuit. It's a 20 amp breaker and I'm going to need to change that out with a 38. This thing requires a 30 amp service, but nothing all right. Well, Oh yeah, yeah, that's right. It's got a, uh, it's got a switch over here. so here we go. Let's fire it up see if she's gonna run. It's pretty quiet too for what it is. Let's see if we're making air. Yes, we are all right, we're getting somewhere now guys. we gotta air. Much improvement over my little pancake compressor, which is cool because I would like to bring this thing back home and put it back in the trailer where it belongs. It's just a little 110 compressor from the Home Depot but that won't run my air tools. That's enough to air up some tires and that's about it. But now we have 55 gallons of 120. PSI Yes, ultimately I think I am going to uh run an entire dedicated circuit for that because like I said, I did piggyback off of an existing circuit that was running 20 amps and uh and I know the wire is a little undersized and the breaker is a little undersized, but that's going to require me to go get some more conduit and then run an entire other line. uh, back out and over and then through. I do need to put a pass through in the wall right here if I just I ran the wire through the wall and then secured it with one of these clamps right here. I Know it's not code, but it's going to work because right now I'm just trying to hearing functioning and I can fine tune it all later on so that's where we're at so far. All right, that thing's kind of loud and I don't need air right now. so powering down All right. My darling life unit has been decorating today. I Got all my uh, my metal signs and license plates back up. There's a couple more coming in. Yeah, that's appropriate hearing protection area. that's true. Got my rat pink clock I I Gave that to my son but we liked it for a while and then decided that it was scary and he didn't not want that anymore. So it's it's here now. I got those two. all this stuff used to be in my barn. my green personal building that uh I sold I didn't tell you guys that did I yeah a lot of you were wondering about that and I kind of owe you an explanation. Um I sold the building. that's right. I I sold the materials so a crew guys came out, they disassembled the entire building, put on a trailer and they drove away with it. Which is cool because I sold it for almost what I paid for the building and the land so I kind of did not I didn't lose out but I got the land and the real issue with that was is um, it was built without a permit and about four inches slab was in a a non-buildable Zone and I had to have some surveys done and if the county found out that I had a building where it wasn't supposed to be I could have gotten some trouble but now there's no building there so there's nothing to worry about. so yeah, that's that's kind of a that's a long story short on what happened to that personal shop. I had other reasons for for taking it apart and getting rid of it, one of which was the slab down below. It was a four inch slab and it wasn't high pressure concrete, but I had to have a six inch slab in order to properly mount a lift or anything like that. So it was. The thing was going to be a money pit uphill battle to make it suitable for what I wanted. So I uh like I said I sold the thing, tore it down, got rid of it, and now I have the land which is added on to my my current land and through. uh I feel that I came out. um I came out ahead because I have more ground, more dirt and uh and I almost got it for nearly 3.99 So I guess that kind of works out anyway. I'm rambling on a tangent. so let's go ahead and put this thing. uh, this cover back on so we're safe here. Let's put some more light on the subject. There we go. Surface of the Sun action. Now you can see my horrible electrical panel. Foreign. don't drill a hole through your finger, please. I'm just saying you've got a habit for uh, workplace injuries and uh I don't want you to get hurt I know you're resilient. You're a resilient preacher. Yeah, that's Life Unit. She's uh, continuing to install decor I've been collecting it for a while and unfortunately I had to pack it all away when the building came down. Okay, put that in there. Yeah, that isn't tighten down. That's cute junk. Yeah, okay. OSHA it's fine. Oh, don't worry, we're not open yet so I can do this. Got a warrant? I'm uh, slightly annoyed with myself I uh I had a whole packet of these fittings right here and I brought them here somewhere and then I put them away and now I don't have them. So I'm just gonna have to sort of improvise a little bit to get this hose connected I can already see it. I'm gonna do all this work to get this apart to make it fit and then as soon as I'm done I'll find those fittings that I lost and then I'll have to do it over again. but that's my life. Unclick this this one set up kind of as an extension cord since I don't have my fittings. Also have to make this the uh, the primary I'll just hardwire it right in. Yeah! I got this adapter here that's going to fit into the compressor. It's just gonna thread. Yeah, okay, good, you know. same thing with my Teflon tape. I have like 10 rolls of it and I have no idea where it's at. Oh, this is gonna take me some time to get organized. I'll say that for don't make me do this without Teflon tape because I will look at that I couldn't have tried that if uh or done that again. if I try, look at that. It flew right out at me. Okay, cool getting somewhere. Thank you Universe you're awesome! So I think the appropriate thing to do would be to screw this into the compressor first and then I'll thread that into this little adapter right here. and uh yes, I do plan on upsizing this a little bit at least in the fitting side because this is a huge restriction on the system flow, but it will work for uh for right now. Is this the right way? No, no, we're backwards. There we go: I don't want air leaks I despise air leaks and I know this is not a sealant, it's a lubricant. but it's better than nothing. Oh yeah, that's pretty good. I did it wrong. Oh I did it wrong again. What? What am I thinking Why did I do that every time every time when it comes to the tape? Let's uh, let's do it one more time. Why? Because I love my job so much I do it twice rear. Okay, so if I go this way, that's the way because then the trailing Edge is down. Downstream so to speak I don't know if that's the right word. You guys know what I mean I know what I mean I think that's what's important right now. All right tape installed. Let's go get this thing on the compressor and then we'll screw this into this and then then we'll have air Hooray! I think I'm gonna need I need some tools for this one. We're gonna go with the frustrated pliers and uh, nipex my Nipex flyer people work 2z compressor here. Let's figure this out you guys. I'll hang you guys right here there we go and I'm gonna pull that one out right there off of the valve. About's gonna say these, uh, those two adapters are going to leave then I've not needed air yet but when you need it, you need it. like for uh, impact guns and whatnot. Sometimes the electrics just won't cut it. Let's do this without breaking things. unclick. Yeah, there we go. Nice See this one has Teflon tape and some of that green sealant stuff I do have some of the green stuff but it's also not here. Thank you. Is that right? Yes, it is beautimous. I like it. begin tightening now Yeah I Got this compressor many many months ago. it was a repo The Tool Guy repoed it from a shop. The guy bought it, made like one payment on it and I never made a payment again. it got repoed and then uh I got a hold of it hours later. All right about Nick that'll do it All right Let's go get the hose and hook that up next. Uh oh I Just realized uh, it's a little late in the day. it's actually not that late. but I have a an appointment at the bank in like 20 minutes. So I'm I'm over schedule I need to get out of here. That's what I'm trying to say I'm late, gotta go powering down I need to get out of here I'll be back in a little while to finish that. but for right now I'm out. Yes, none of this is on switches yet, but it will be sorry. No, All right. more lights done. Door come on door. We gotta go. We're late. I don't like to be late for the bank. Uh, that didn't go as planned, did it? Hmm. there. my wood stopped me. It's actually not technically wood. it's well, it is wood. So SP but I don't that doesn't count. All right. I'll be back in a little while to finish that compressor. You guys wait here and starting Z engine. Well, we're off. I'll be right back guys. All right guys, we're almost there. I'm gonna stop recording now because I don't need the stalkers knowing where my bank is um, security purposes and whatnot. I think while I'm down here I'm gonna head into one of the parts stores and uh and finish up that uh, that account that I failed at so miserably yesterday. Um, by the way, thank you to everybody who has reached out via email to help me out with those accounts. I've already got uh one set up with uh Napa uh. Talked to a couple at a store manager for another part store that one of them was the failure store but we're gonna have a training I think they're all going to go under some training this week so that's kind of cool. I like that I've changed a few things here and there anyway. so I'm gonna head into the bank, go get this account thing done, then I'm gonna go to the parts store and uh and then get another account set up and then I'm gonna go back and finish that air compressor. So I'll see you guys when we get back to the shop. Don't go anywhere. enjoy this commercial. All right guys. Uh, I'm done at the bank that that kind of took a while I think I was here two and a half hours yeah starting the engine. so I'm headed back to the shop I uh I should have a a Jeep coming in on the hook. Uh, a tow truck in layman's terms I should have a Jeep coming in. Uh, customer states that the exhaust manifold turns red hot while driving and uh, has lack of power installing and some misfiring action. So I'm I'm hoping that shows up today. It should be here in about 35-40 minutes. Oh, you saw my bank? hang on and now you can't see. Anyway, it should be here in about 35 or 40 minutes. So I'm gonna like I said head back and we'll see what we can't do about taking delivery of uh of this. Jeep Wrangler and uh, then we go from there. So uh, let's go find out. Okey dokes, We're back and uh, looks like I've had a visitor. What do we got here? Oh The Parts House man the power of the internet I'll tell you guys what I I registered some grapes about uh folks not setting up accounts and and then they show up. That's pretty cool. thanks Parts House I'll be talking to you guys later and illumination to the surface of the Sun Love it here. We'll just leave this right here for the wife unit. She's got work to do when she gets back. See where was? I I was uh doing the air compressor right? That's what I was doing I found them I found the package of adapters that I needed because I need this one I need the female side with the nail and stack test I needed this one to attach to the compressor. then I can just attach the hoses to that that way I don't have to leave my hose outside all night because not something I want to do? Come here. Yep, that's what I want. Okay, let's go get this thing screwed in. even comes with some sealant. That's cool. Oh but first first I need to check and make sure it fits with uh, my existing ends I Hate to put a new email end on and they don't fit Anything that would bother me that bother me greatly. Survey says: yep, it fits the long shank ones. How about the short? Shank Yes, Oh good. So we we're in business now. everybody. That one doesn't fit but this one does okay. Cool beans. let's get this thing on and then I can uh connect my hose. Okay, it looks like we need a 19. Yes, all right let's do it. Okay, back in our business end here: I'm just gonna thread this guy on. Yes. I I know I needed a a uh what? you call it a water separator I have one but I don't have the appropriate fittings to make it fit but I'll do that later. This will work for now. Everything's gonna work for now. it's all temporary and charge it Nice. No leakage. Cool. Okay, time for the test run. I've got the got my hose here. Let's go ahead and charge this thing and see how it does a tight speed. It fixed that too and powering on All right. We got air. Oh you know what else we got? We have a setback. Um I just got a call and AAA has not picked up our Jeep so that's not going to be here. Mosquito, It's not going to be here. this evening or this afternoon. so um, hopefully it will arrive tomorrow. Um I need an air tool to test my Airline I mean I know it works but gotta test it. Got to verify. Just always have to verify Huh? Well that's a disappointment. I Wanted to see that Jeep today. Oh well. I can wait I have I have patience. Um oh we need more air. Yeah firing on. Yeah, that was a tragedy. The camera all right now. let's see what we got. Ah beautiful. We have air. I like it. Sweet improvements one day at a time. Alrighty, it's enough fun for one day. I'm gonna go ahead and power this thing down and uh I'm headed home I'm hungry. it's dinner time. had a long day. So with that being said, as always, thank you for watching this video. Uh sorry, we didn't get to Tinker with our Jeeps today. um definitely tomorrow if it is, if it shows up. and if not, I have a Honda coming in and some other stuff for uh, later this week. so we're getting there, we're working. we're getting back to the car thing pretty soon. So again and as always before I start rambling. Thank you guys for watching and most importantly, don't forget to have yourselves a great day! See you guys later! Any transmission? on to the next project of the day. Food and paperwork Goodbye lights, goodbye shop goodbye audience. See you guys later! Oh one more thing. Uh, you guys kept asking why I have lights underneath of my toolboxes and it's really simple because it's awesome. That's why no other reason I felt like it. It's like the Fast and Furious version of a toolbox.

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    That was many moons ago, these days they're probably using Sharkbite like you use for pex.
    Rated for 120psi continuous, maximum burst rating 1400psi. Safe between -40°/+200° F. You can get a 100' roll of SAE SJ44 for $50 from Amazon.
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