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Oh you guys, it's loud today. Good day to you. Welcome back! Glad you guys are here. It's a ridiculously busy here.

busy day. Words here at the shop: I'm trying to work on customers cars. the building's getting worked on. They're pulling the tile out of the section over there.

Anyway, back to the task at hand. We have a third. F-150 Uh, I forgot what year it was. Uh, we're doing something a little bit different today.

Uh, we are going to re-gear this. Uh, up to 456 gears. Uh, my guy has some Yukon lockers or uh, limited slips. I use those terms interchangeably.

Uh, incorrectly. obviously. Uh, but there are some. uh, there's some Yukon gear sets in some boxes and we're gonna go ahead and get this thing up in the air.

We're going to pull the differentials apart. We're going to change out the gear sets, We're going to replace the bearings, We're going to change the seals. We're basically rebuilding both front and rear axles. That being said, there's a lot to do so.

Uh, let's get this thing into the building. let's get started on it. So let us round the corner of death. We're going to the left.

This thing's going to be here for a couple days, but I still need to work straight ahead. so we're going over there a little loud and uh, we'll get this party started as soon as I can get this on the rack. Clearing the corner of death looking good. We're gonna make it and safe now seeing as how this is a very, very, very long and labor-intensive job.

I'm gonna skip around a lot. Uh, first thing I'm gonna do is set this rash right here. Loud noises. We're going to set the rack, get it up in the air, pull the wheels off of it, and uh, we'll start getting everything disassembled.

sorry down. Okie Dokes We're down here at the rear diff. There's no tour of this one. we're getting right into it.

Let's pull the cover off that's tight and we're gonna have to up the game here on the tools section. All right, let's try the 3 8. That quarter inch wasn't cutting it More Steam I'm gonna flip these. uh this.

ABS line right here. It's an electrical connector. Leave that one in so it doesn't fall down there. we go.

All right, we're going in. We're gonna go ahead and loud noise. We're gonna break this loose right here. Excited we use Open.

Get in there we go. Foreign. Okay, I'm gonna let this drain for a while and we're gonna go around to the front side here and disconnect the drive shaft so we can turn the pinion and continue disassembly. Okay, these are 12 point.

uh Point bolts here. We're going to attack these with some 12-point wobbly Driveline Sockets Nice and easy. The wobble really helps also. good for uh, hub bearings.

especially 12 pointed hub bearings. Bolt Gravity good, that's four. Let's get this thing loose a couple. Love Taps here.

Foreign Freedom All right. I Think that's a 10 mil. Probably not. Nope.

How about a 3 8? instead? it's gonna be three eighths if I can't correct that guy loose. There we go. and now that it's loose, it becomes a 10 mil. Foreign.
We'll knock our pin out this big guy right here. Pull that out and into the bucket. now. Watch inside right here very quickly.

No sleep. I'll push the axles in and we can extract the seat clips. There's one numerals. Okay, let's get these clips out of here now.

I Can extract the axles. Yeah, they push through. Come on. X That's a big guy.

that's a big axle. good. That almost didn't sound like what I was trying to say. Let's go.

Uh, fetch the other side real quick here. I Told you we were going to move along very fast through this particular uh project. Here, it's gonna be a lot of work I got that right there so it stays safe all right. So we got four more bolts.

one two three, and four on both of these caps and that should allow me to start to remove this unit. However, there's uh, something here I Did not notice and it appears to have some kind of electric I Don't know if that's a speed sensor or a temp sensor. There's something going into this connector right here and some kind of a sensor. There's a wire on the inside running into this differential, so I'm not sure what that's about, but it's coming out of there.

Let's see: I'm not exactly certain how this comes out because I run out of wire very quickly. Let me pull this cap out of here and see if I can't get some extra space. Maybe that'll help. Foreign stinks.

You're working here. Oh I'm sorry. All right, let's see what the deal is. There's a connector inside of this connector, so there's two connectors right here.

so I just need to disconnect this one. and uh, unit should come out of there. I've never experienced this particular connector before. Hmm, we made a snap.

Now what do we do? Pull it till it breaks. This is gonna work. Maybe I unclipped it the wrong way. Let's try that way.

There we go. look at that Easy peasy. I think I'm gonna have to save this and at least to you know, plug the hole I'm not sure what this does. it might just be a speed sensor.

Okay, two more caps for two more bolts. Uh, pry bar. We need pry bar. Yeah, that thing's I think it's in there good.

It's got a pretty hefty preload. Oh wow, come out, that's a serious preload. Foreign. Moving on a little bit, we're bouncing all over the place.

I'm gonna go ahead and pull these uh bearings out of the rear axle and they're also going to pluck the seals out with it. I'm going to use a slide hammer and a little puller device. Watch this that goes in Sprouts on WE hammer it out in Theory Come out foreign. thank you.

that's one out. We're gonna run around to the other side and do the same procedure. move it along at Night speed. foreign the bearing race, but uh, it's still in there.

Keep plugging away at it. I'm running out of bearing to pull off of. this is. uh, it's flying apart.
We're not good. foreign man. that was brutal. No worries, everything survived.

We're good. All righty new bearings coming in. These are Timken bearings I Think these are actually axle-saver bearings, but from what I understand that's all that was available. The difference being is there's a seal integrated into the bearing and it's kind of offset in a little bit.

Theory being is if the axle has got a bunch of wear on it where the seal rides, it moves the seal locations so that way the axle does not leak. Not necessary. But like I said, I was the only thing available. so that's what we're what we're using.

Just tap it in around we go. Okay, this thing's driven in and it's flush with the axle tube. I Just ran the other side in because I figured that one was going to sink in a little further. It did not though they both stopped flush right here.

So I'm assuming that based on that design of that bearing, that's where they go because I cannot get them to go in any further. I Tried Looks good to me. so that's bearing and seal. It's called an axle saber bearing.

Okay, up in front of the rear differential. We need to get this yoke out of here, but it's going to be press fit onto the pinion. So I'm gonna just yank it off with the puller right here. This is the ball joint puller, but it'll work just fine for this specific application.

Tighten that guy up and give it some impacting. here. Here it comes foreign. I Had to dodge that one.

You can dodge a wrench. you can dodge a ball. escalation. loud noise is incoming air hammer this thing out.

Got it. Pinion gravity. Okay, we need to get that front bearing out. Knock the races out Drive New Races in and then we'll uh, we can clean all this up and get ready for reassembly there while we're here.

I'll just see if I can't drive that. uh, front pinion race and bearing out right now splattering and put that there. reduce splatter. Great all right.

I Plug the front seal out I Seem to lose this race. Next, the bearing is also out. that seal was hanging it up. Got it? I'm gonna go around the other side and drive this, uh, this race out right here.

Next then we can put the new ones in. You gonna come out? Got it all right? Front side: Shiny. very nice. real good looking nice I like it.

Okie dokie Uh, it's been about an hour and I've spent quite a bit of time over there on the Press uh taking this pinion bearing on and off and on and off because I had to shim it properly. You see there's a little shim down in there. It was never, uh, measuring out to be what I wanted it to be or where it's supposed to be. but now it is.

So uh, we can go ahead and get this thing stuck back up into its home here or into its new home rather and we'll go around the front side and uh, get that front pinion bearing to crush the sleeve. words and the seal installed. Now just we all understand this situation is very similar to the project Jeep differential rebuild situation where there's a lot of stuff going into this and not all of it is uh, being recorded and photo documented for your enjoyment. So I'm just going over like the the keep points here.
you're basically getting the cliff notes. that's how this is working out. I mean basically I'm not in a position to make you guys like a 20 something hour video. so you get the shortened version.

Getting this pinion bearing on the pinion is going to be fun. It doesn't seem to want to slide on, it's gonna have to give it the Press treatment. Okay, the crush sleeve is already in place, it's down on the shaft, you heard it jingling and this outer bearing is a pretty tight squeeze here. Um, what I need to do is I realize there's no seal in there yet I'll put that in later.

Is that gonna go? Oh man, Uh oh please. go on. Foreign enough. so I can thread the bolt onto that pinion.

What I'm doing is using the flange and the pinion bolt to, uh, press that inner bearing over the pinion. Yeah, we're close now. Almost okay. A couple threads have become started.

So now what I can do is just run this bolt down nut and it's going to draw those two bearings together by pressing this flange over the pinion. and that's going to bring that those bearings up against their races and then once I apply torque to it, it's going to crush the Crush Washer That's how we're going to set preload. preload is the tightness between the bearings. Okay, now this next part is very important.

I'm not setting preload. all I'm doing is running down that bearing until it contacts and starts to crush the Crush Washer That's all we're doing here. See, it's pulling the pinion in. See that? Uh oh um.

We fast forwarded again and the pinions back out. We have, uh, running to a snag. This is a nasty one. Check this out over here.

So here's our our old pinion bearing. Here is the new one you're doing text message that's uh that came with the Yukon kit. Now we can see there's a difference in the the thickness of these and the taper and roller style which um I Figured that was inconsequential at first. Now you see that bearing fits in there just perfectly.

That's the race that it's supposed to supposed to match up to. So that's that's the one. Like I said that came with the kit including the race. Uh, trouble is, when I tried to run this thing down, it does not begin to press over the pinion.

That's the old one and here's the new one. It runs dead smack into it and it will not go on. So I am breaking out the micrometer right there the Mitutoyo calipers and we're going to measure this and just see if uh, if there's a difference here or not. Yeah, as hard as I tried I could not get this thing to press over the the top of that new pinion gear.
So let's measure this out real quick. The micrometers we got 14, 35, 1.434 inches. Okay, now look at this right here. Here's the here's the new one: 1.401 That's more than thirty thousands too small.

And here's our new from Yukon pinion gear. We're going to measure the outer diameter of this guy and we're at 14. you guys see that: 14.51 5244. Let's call it 1439.

Okay, it's a 14 39 so we need at least 1440 to make this thing. press over 14 39 and going back to our new bearing 1403.. This is Not Going To Fit On this. All the parts in this kit were correct and accurate with the exception of of this front pinion bearings on I'm dead in the water.

There's a there's almost nothing more I can do. um, until I can get one of these guys. So we're going to call Uconn and see if you can't get one overnighted. It's A This is a problem because I had three days to do this truck and it might take me three days just to get parts for this truck.

Stress: Okay, it's the next day. I've got a plan here. Uh, what we're gonna do is I'm gonna order another Factory bearing and we're gonna install the factory style race in place this replacement bearing and race in the differential. and then we'll see if this stuff is all going to fit together because the factory bearing will fit on opinion.

It will Not fit. Uh, it'll fit in the old pinion. It'll fit on new pinion, but not the new bearings that won't fit at all. Okay, so I've got that ordered already I'm gonna go and knock out that new race that I drove in yesterday and then prep everything again for.

uh, for the new new race. All right. Well, since I'm at a standstill with what's going on back there, I'm gonna come up here and start disassembling. Okay, it's gonna be the same story as yesterday.

We're gonna pull the brakes off. Uh, I think the bearings have to come out. I actually have new bearings here for this. so while they're out, we'll replace them with the new ones.

This has to come apart and I'll hang this caliper. No, it won't because it's stuck caliper compressing tool. stick that in there and give it a tug and comes right off. So I'll hang this over here.

it's not working. now. it is there we go. So I'll hang this over here.

We'll pull the rest of the stuff apart. Foreign? yes it is. Oh, flashlight down batteries and it's good. Now we're in the Darkness All right.

these appear to be vacuum actuated. Hubs see that vacuum line right there. So I'm going to detach that and we'll start unbolting this unit. Ride driver, let's get under it and pop that guy up.

I Think these are vacuum lock and unlocked. They use a pulse and a diaphragm in here, so you get one pulse to lock and one pulse to unlock. I Believe that's how they function. Okay, so it's probably in the way a little bit.

so I'm just going to zip this backing plate plate off since it's bolted in three bolts. Okay, let's pull this little cap off because we have to disconnect the axle from the uh, the bearing. We haven't even got started yet. I've got to get all this apart and pull the differential out like it has to actually come out.
I can't get uh access to the cover in there because the steering gear is in the way. So we've got to either remove the steering gear uh, or the diff. and I think I'm just gonna remove the death. Probably both because I don't know if I can fit that little uh differential in this space right here.

So we'll see. we got one nut here on the CV axle. Pull that guy off. Yeah, axle's free.

This is good. Okay, just to make this easier, I'm going to pull the tie rods out on both those guys right here. Loud noises. Okay, it looks like some 18s.

these are tight. Yeah, we're gonna need a Slimline tool to fit in that one. the big impact isn't gonna fit and unclick. Foreign side over here girl.

there we go. I bet you uh. Northern guys have never seen this before. watch This Not That this Okay, we need some ball joint pullers next and I have one set this guy up on here.

I'm gonna go ahead and pull the spindles out I'm bouncing around a lot like I said. but I am going to go ahead and pull the spindles because I need to pull the axles and I don't think I can get the axles out with the spindles here. So I'm just going to go ahead and pull them off since they're already stripped. I've got two ball joints to break free and that's that.

So like I said, I'm just gonna remove them. make it easier. It might be easier than working around it a lot. Thank you.

Okay, it's free and another one at the top here. They're gonna work. Sure is behind it. Yep, going in.

Thank you. That was violent. Whatever. we got it though.

Slide this guy out. See. that's why you put your nuts on after you get your nuts off so things don't hit you in the face. Okay, real quick.

Repeat: Uh, on the driver's side and then we'll start to pull these axles and then drop the differential out. Foreign looks, easiest on the passenger side. So let's go. Gravity.

Let's run this out. Come out all the way please. There we go. Good.

Oh I See this o-ring goes over here. You stay right there. Okay, we have fast forwarded again. I I've got the new replacement pinion bearing here and I'm trying to get the Crush Washer crushed and seated.

I've got a huge gigantic breaker bar on my very good ratchet uh, that's on the night and I've got a a bearing puller. It's an astro bearing puller. It's basically just really good bolts and I've got those run through and kind of hanging out of the housing. so I can actually apply torque to uh to that nut.

the nut that's in there words uh, reason I need so much torque is I have to crush the crush sleeve once we get this thing crushed and it brings the bearings into contact with the races. Then we can set preload and once preload is set, that's that and it. Uh, it stays there. That's uh, that's the finalized action.
So I'm in the midst right now of cranking that down. I've got just a little bit more to go and we'll have contact and then I can take this apparatus off of here. Uh, bus stop a little torque wrench and then set my pinion preload. So here let's get let's get a few more turns out of this.

very sketchy. loud noises. Oh yeah, there's still play in it. so I'm gonna go a little bit more.

Okay, let's pull these guys out the rest of the way. That one's a little bent so a few pliers. Okay, I'm gonna pull this yolk off one more time and then we can drive the uh, the seal in place. the Seal's not installed yet I like to install those after.

I Set everything up is my thing. One more time with this puller and we'll pop the Yoke back out and drive the ceiling. Okay, all right guys, here comes the moment. We've got the the Prelude preload.

Prelude We have the preload setup on the pinion. uh I've got that oh very, very heavy thing lifted. Oh heavy. stupid heavy differential coming in.

Get this guy in his home and hopefully I don't have to do too much shimming to get this uh set up properly because I don't want to pull this thing in and out a hundred times. Got new bearings pressed on? Here's the races and I need to uh, maneuver the spacers in and then we can get this uh, this thing shimmed up. Stay a little bit farther in there, please. everybody.

start lining up. Doing what you need to do is I need you to do what you need to do. Sure, there's one shim. These are the factory spacers that I've got smaller shims where I can move this left or right uh as need be and to keep this from falling out, I'm just going to go ahead and stick one of the caps in and thread it that way.

I can walk away without fear of dropping this unit because that would be bad. That'd be incredibly bad because it'll break the gears if it falls and then we have a problem. Big problem. I'll get in there.

thank you Foreign I was wrong. This thing has been in and out about three or four times now. Keep in mind, like I said, I'm skipping around a lot because this is a many, many hour job, not a not a one-hour job. Well, battery died.

so I forgot what I was talking about. but um I think I was talking about uh, hours on the job versus hours on video. And yeah, we're many, many hours on the job and not many on the video. You know what I'm doing next is putting some paint on these gears.

I'm gonna run these gears over the pinion and we're gonna make sure that uh, it's got good contact and on the heel and on the toe of these gears we don't want uh, we don't want the pinion riding on the edge or bottoming out or riding up here down here. So we've got to double check with the paint to make sure that it's got a good contact. So the pinion preload is set up. my uh, my spacing I believe is correct and we're going to check that right now.
that's the left and right spacing of the differential. and now we're just going to double check everything. So we're gonna run this past gears. I'm reaching over and turning the pinion.

This is going to be our forward side first and then we'll do the coast side next. I'm keeping some friction on this so we get a good contact with the gears opinion's gonna pick up some paint and then transfer it onto another gear on the ring gear here and it'll give us a visual identifier of what kind of a pattern we're making here. So I don't know if you guys can see, but it looks like the contact patch is going from here to here. That's a little bit off center, but it's still in.

Spec it hasn't made it to the edge of the gear. So I think that? uh I think that's gonna work out. Let me just check the coast side. we'll go the other way around and then we'll check the marks that it makes on the coasting side.

Yep, here's our pattern right here. Look at that Real good contact. It didn't pick much up on the coasting side. that's our uh, it's our Drive side.

Okay, let's get rid of our gear paint. We don't need that mixing with our oil. supposed to be a nurse, but I like I like to watch it away to buy yellow paint. Yep, loud noises.

Okay, moving on. let's put some Grease in the wheel bearings and then we can slide our axes in just a little bit in there just so these don't run dry for the first couple miles. See the oil from the differential has to migrate down the tube and then get to these bearings. So I just like to throw a little bit of grease on them that way they're lubricated.

I can't Axel coming in, there's the diff pick up. find the splines, push it in now. I can dig out that C-clip There's the other one right there and I've got one. X I Already did the other side when you weren't looking, but there's one one axle with a C-clip in there and I got a C-clip the second one here.

Let's see if I can't get this in there. See, that's that's the way it goes. Slide that guy in it Clips onto the axle and then slide it back out and that clip will slide into a recess. You see that that's what holds the axles into the the axles into the housing.

Okay, now to prevent these axles from sliding back in, you've got this little puck right here and that's going to go in between them a little bit. Nope, just space this one out a little further there. Now it will fit so that keeps the axle separated and then this little guy goes in and that's going to retain the puck. and then this guy goes in to retain the retainer.

See, that's a little bit there. it goes. Snap. Okay, back over to the right rear.

let's throw the brakes back together and then we can put the cover on and uh, refill this rear diff. We're uh, we're almost done with this half of the car. Oh one row tour. It's cross drilled and started for high performance.
Bracket and pads still loaded from disassembly and that guy right there and pull the bolt back out like I said. I already did the other side. time saving measures and whatnot. Foreign.

one tight and two here. Caliper again perfect. Come on, get in there. So uh.

One thing I've come to learn about this truck is if a piece comes off, when a new piece goes back on, it's it's got to be an upgraded piece. It's just like the theme of this particular truck. So uh, having said that, we're uh, we're installing this. uh Ford Performance Differential cover.

It's a massively huge I mean it's it's thick. This is a very thick cast piece of metal, no sealant. It's got a very nice gasket that comes with it. So uh, let's get this guy on and we'll start to secure the Fasteners here.

Easier said than done because I'm trying to line up this gasket and the bolts and hand hold the weight of it. This is fatiguing, which is mildly. get in there please. you're gonna go or what? And it said what? Okay, two bolts in all right.

come on you. Trying to get the holes in the guests to line up with the holes in the cover and then the same time with the holes in the differential. A little tricky Tricky Tricky Tricky Uh, one up here, another one up up, ready. That one's down.

A couple more to go down here on the bottom side and we can start to consider applying some torque here and I think this one went up top I'll get that later and this one I'll get that later and this one. Oops, Yeah, redo. but which ones do I need I need? Yeah, you're out of here all right. I see where where I failed this one, this one, and that one? Let's pull these guys back out and get the uh, the proper person you're installed.

Click that one next and that one right there. Come here there. it is all right guys. Uh, we're reaching the end of day two here.

Uh, the rear end is done I've got to put some oil in it which I have to order so it is not. uh, not here just yet. Once that differential Lube arrives I can refill this and then I'll put the rear tires back on and this side back here is good to go. We've got both Brakes in bearings are replaced.

It's got seals, pinion bearings, pinion seal. the carrier bearing should change. It's got a new differential that's the uh. the limited slip.

I Plug this little connector back in the other side of it is no longer used so it's basically open circuit, but now it looks like uh, it has not been manipulated. I'm halfway through disassembly on the front side. but I think I'm going to save that for part two. or maybe part three.

I don't even know where I'm at with this video I'm So back and forth on this car that I I've lost a bit of organization. Uh, so that being said, I'm gonna go ahead and close this one out right now and I'm gonna get back to work on this front side. So as always like thank you guys for watching this video. Hope to see you on the next edition of this bird! F-150 Hope you like this video as always, if you like this video, please do me a favor and tap that like button down below.
That's what lets me. and YouTube know that I've done a good job here and if YouTube thinks that I've done a good job, it's far more likely to recommend my content to other potential viewers. It's good for me, it's also good for them. So again and as always, thank you guys for watching and most importantly, do not forget to have yourselves a great day! See you guys later in deferred end of day in the video.

Thanks for watching over now.

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    I don't understand why folks in the biz wouldn't have a collection threaded studs to hang/align pans and covers during re-installation.

  21. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars HouseCallAutoRepair says:

    Big hose is vacuum supply, small side is vent.they default to engaged, and vacuum pulls them out.

  22. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Corbett Knowles says:

    That Ford version of rear abs if u don't put that back in u going get a code and abs light

  23. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Chief119 says:

    Is that just brakleen you are spraying all the time?

  24. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Douglas Brown says:

    NICE, I put 456 in my old truck with Auburn Lockers. Drove so much better with larger tires!

  25. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars James Kennedy says:


  26. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Tim B says:

    The SloMo Guys are going to get jealous.

  27. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Tripp says:

    Some low gears to handle those big tires.. Should be a full floating axle instead..

  28. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars John me says:

    I must admit that I am quite disappointed in Yukon about this. Somebody fornicated the canine on this one.

  29. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Mikey Laudonio says:

    I used my m12 1/4 for little shit for about a week and it fried it

  30. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars George P says:

    Am missing the phone

  31. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Papa Smurf🍄Ron says:

    I liked it…. I liked it a lot!! 😃

  32. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars john rodriguez says:

    You are going to need a case spreader to do the aluminum front housing, you won't be able to just pop the carrier out and without the case spreader you will be loosing carrier bearings because you don't have the proper preload

  33. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Rockaho says:

    I use Prussian Blue for checking the meshing of the gears. It is much thinner than the paint you were using and it sticks to everything but is easy to wipe off. Tool makers use it for checking for clearances. (be careful with it. It will get on one finger then be all over your face 3 minutes later. LOL.

  34. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Wallace says:

    omggg. this is an incredible amount of difficult work! U r da Man…!!!

  35. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars jeremy clark says:

    Lots of hard work there brother! Nicely done!

  36. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars TheApatheticGuy says:

    "Now that it's loose it BECOMES a ten mil…"

    lol love it

  37. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars August Inter-nation (Augy) says:

    I really liked the slow-mo camera work Ray…well done!

  38. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars John Gibson says:

    Ray pulls the hub, and I, being a poor ol Idahoan mechanic just hear Marvin Marshan (Where is the KABOOM?)

  39. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars RepoDraghon says:

    You should try using dry ice or liquid nitrogen to make the pinion smaller and then the bearing should fit over it nice and easy… Or at least that's what I've seen on other videos, don't take my word for it I'm not a mechanic…

  40. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars 9mm Mike says:

    Timken – Great bearings, horrible company to work for.

  41. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars RadioReprised says:

    you should invest in a Case spreader…..

  42. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars SuperPropwash says:

    Big axle for sure. THAT is why most folks own Fords. You may want to trade that Chevy in for one. You will find your back will like Fords too as they have better, smoother suspension & seats that gives a more comfortable drive. I have a bad back and when I had to ride with my brother-in-law in his Chevy my back would hurt like hell. I do not have that problem with Fords. Give one a try. I know you should get a good price for the Chevy to buy a nice Ford. I would not recommend any of the newer ones with those silly aluminum bodies. They have issues with these trucks when they get crumpled.

  43. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars NK Bobcat says:

    My wife's 2010 Cadillac CTS, her baby, needs a bunch of work. I'm in Palm Beach County, but I wish I was a lot closer. You would be the man.

  44. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Justin LaNoue says:

    Why would someone swap an e-locker rear diff? I'm confused…

  45. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars TheWADodd says:

    Ray, how is it working on your own? Miss the coworkers? Should have done it sooner?? Would it work without YouTube?

  46. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Philippe P. says:

    High speed feeehrd!

  47. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars 2litre says:

    What's the music you put on ? I like it.

  48. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Battle Angel says:

    I'm not a mechanic in any way. I admit I can do stuff. And have done things like change out headlamps.

    So Wednesday night I noticed I lost a headlamp. No biggie. Ordered new headlamps. New bulbs arrived just before my lunch break. Thought I'd swap out both bulbs in about 10 minutes, then grab lunch.

    Enter Murphy… And the I've got this…

    I spend the better of 45 minutes removing my low beam lights from my 2011 Honda Insight. Right side, then left side. Left side was a fun one. Had to remove my windshield washer fill tube. Managed to twist it out of the way. Broke the clip. TWICE. Managed to remove the housing for my high beam and DTRL and get the bulb out. Thinking that was my low beam lamp. Moved on to the driver side. Dropped the cover for the high beam lamp and DTRL into Fuhgetahboutit Land. Proceeded to put low beam lamp into high beam lamp home. Then dropped the low beam lamp into Fuhgetahboutit Land.

    Then I checked the back of the bulbs to find out they were VASTLY different. I was replacing the right bulbs in the wrong location. So I changed out the faulty low beam bulb. And managed to completely bugger over my DTRL and high beam lights.

    On the plus side I found this beautiful restored passenger side headlight assembly complete with bulbs and the part I sent to Goneforever Land.

    It arrives Monday.

  49. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Busted Knuckle 03 says:

    I could spend a couple hours beating a wheel bearing out here in Michigan even a one year old bearing still takes a beating. They never come out by hand ever!!! So jealous!

  50. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars William Nichols says:

    Stabbing a phillips in the top center hole makes putting heavy covers on much easier. Trust me, I'm a little guy.

  51. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Michael Evans says:

    Ray, I've been watching you for awhile your content is educational entertaining and an enjoyment to watch. I commend you taking the step you took opening your own shop. I also love that you have a very supportive "wife unit" keep up the great work and thank you