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So we're driving to work today and uh, the wife unit was following me and she calls me and she's like hey, I think I need a battery and I go. What do you mean you need a battery and I don't think she needs a battery because her battery is like like a year old starting as the engine and uh, she's telling me that her her battery light is on so she thinks she needs a battery and I'm like oh, what is even the little red one in the dash and she says yeah and I go, how long has it been on and she says yesterday morning and I'm like whoa, turn off everything except the engine air conditioner. Don't use the turn the lights off, don't use radio, don't even charge your phone. none of that stuff I mean we're like we're 20 30 minutes away from from the shop when when I get this call.

So I'm very concerned that, uh, there may not be enough electrons in the storage containment unit to get the thing here. Um, it's now the end of the day because I was desperately trying to finish what I had started earlier. Oh, this thing is super broke. It won't even reverse what is happening to this car.

It has no reverse. Oh or oh, you know what, it's all out of battery. That's why it's like shifting super hard. There's like there's almost no power left.

Hang on I need to charge this real quick. I think I'll throw this on a charger. It won't even go in reverse charger to the rescue. Where is, uh, the battery in this thing? Oh, it's over here.

And then we had enough power to make the thing go into gear. That's kind of scares me I've never seen one do that before. okay and ground ground. I can't get to it powering on stodging Z engine I don't even care, just just give it just full send.

Oh I know there's power now. I've installed an auxiliary alternating unit now that we have reverse. Hey, didn't Slam in the gear in the gear and okay, it backs up. So no way your Honda loses reverse gear when the battery's dead.

How about that? Okay, a couple minutes of this nonsense and uh, you should have enough. There should be enough power in here to get us into the building. at least right? Hope so, backing up the auto, let's get out of here. So anyway, um I forgot what I was even talking about.

So yeah, yeah, so she tells me it's uh, the White's been on for like a day or so and and I'm nearly, uh, nearly in like this panic in my head because I know if the car breaks down on the road while we're coming to work then I need to leave her here or leave the van here and then go to work and then get the tow truck. which means I have to unload the car that's on the tow truck to go back to where the van broke down to pick the van up to bring it back to the shop again to fix the car. and fortunately we didn't have to do all that. But it is like I was saying end of day and I would have been leaving an hour ago but I had something I had to finish.

the mess from it is still all over the floor and now I have something else that I have to finish because if we don't have the functioning van then uh well. I'm out of business because I need this van I had to let Lauren drive the truck too pick up the kids and that was she never drove my truck before fired down. Anyway, let's get to it. I've ordered a Nader I've also ordered a valve cover gasket uh set.
um, the front one is leaking oil everywhere and that's probably what killed the Nader I Just saw the leak not long ago a couple days back. any maybe a week or so. Anyway, I've got a valve cover, gasket set and a new Nader So uh, let's go ahead and just get started and get this thing dug out of here. It's not going to be fun the the Nader is.

well, it's down there and kind of back and I I don't remember how I'm supposed to get this out I Really don't All right we're gonna. We're getting right into it. Nader's down there I'm gonna go ahead and pop this cover. I think I need to discharge the AC because I'm supposed to sneak past this AC line I'm gonna pull this off just to get it out of the way.

and uh, let's see how this goes because I think the book says I'm supposed to discharge the AC and remove the compressor from the bottom and then on both the uh, the Nader and then bring that out through the bottom where the compressor used to be. That's a lot of work and and I don't have all night. So I'm gonna try to cheat this and do this a different way. It might work and it might not, but we're gonna find out, aren't we? Oh, I'm reset.

Come here. All right. Let's get that guy out. there's that battery.

Let's throw that on a charger while it's here and we'll do do 10 amps because I can't do two amps. we'll do 10 amps for. uh, Well, until I'm done here. How's that? Okay, let's get uh.

let's get this cover thing out of here. Yeah, it's not much of a help, but yeah, we'll see. Okay, next up, we'll get an AC machine in here and uh, and that valve's leaking. We'll get an AC machine in here and discharge this just in case I need to disconnect this line.

it'll already be discharged and kind of ready to roll. And if not, then I get to see if the charge level is accurate. So it's a win-win There we go and machine powering on I'll have that thing recover while we continue to work over here. Okay, so uh, let's see where do I start? Let's pull this power steering reservoir out of here.

Yeah, that's gonna have to go away. And this little guy right here. What's that for there? Reservoir I'm gonna have to pull that out too because I need to bring this alternator over into the space where these two Uh components are located. so I need to remove them.

It's probably easier than removing the compressor says I and there's a bracket down there that I think I'll have to remove I'll get that later. Okay, now down here, at the bottom of this coolant bottle, there's a bracket that holds the toilet bottle and I believe that thing has to go away also. So I'm gonna go in uh, long range Style with electric ratchet and see if I can't Buzz that thing out of it out of its home I might have to do it with a wrench, but uh, I'll try this electric guy first. see what happens? Come on.
I was running out of space for the ratchet to fit. Man, you guys can't see anything I'm doing in there I'm sorry it's getting dark in there and there's a hose in the way. As soon as that machine's done, I can disconnect it and give us some more space and whatnot. Anyway, here's the bracket that I fast.

It was bolted to the, uh, the frame of the car. Okay, let's try to sneak this power steering reservoir out from behind this. AC hose. that's kind of kind of in the way a bunch and I can't do it I need to disconnect the hose.

Okay, well, you know this is probably going to turn into a mess as soon as I get this thing moved. So I'm just going to go ahead and evacuate all the fluid out of it. this little suctioning device here. we're gonna pull all that out that way.

If it does start to spill, we don't. uh, it'll spill all over the floor suctioning. Round two: Thank you here. Let's lose this hose.

Where do I want to disconnect it from here or here? I Choose I choose this one. Perhaps I can mitigate spillage like that. It's gonna dump everywhere. Yep, Oh well.

you said it can dump a whole bunch Foreign. There we go. We'll turn that, see that, turn the hose and now nothing can run out of it. Whatever.

I am okay. this thing. uh. well.

I'm just gonna disconnect this Reservoir all the way. I Probably don't have to, but it's a rather large, dangly bit and I don't want to look at it. There we go. Okay now I want to get this coolant overflow bottle out of here? So what I'll do is disconnect the hose from this thing also which is now lubricated with power steering.

I must take great care to not break the plastic nipple on this if I break it. Uh, I'll be up a creek. a deep one. Hmm, maybe I can pry it off.

There we go. Yep, she's gonna come right out of there. There it goes. and let the coolant ride.

spillage blue spillage. that's gonna wash off all the power steering fluid. There we go. Oh yeah, okay.

Down Yonder on the alternator itself. looks like there's a bracket for the wiring harness. Then there's the power wire and a connector off to the right of that. So we need to get all those things disconnected.

I'll start here with the harness there going in long range with this one on. clicks. Okay, now let's get in here and pull that cover off. What is that? A 12 millimeter looks like it and trying to pull the cover off of the connector so I can get my flanges on that.

I don't know where the release button is I know it's got one, but where there it is I see it. it's pointed at me. There we go. Okay, so we need a 12 on a wobble.

Looks like come on, you can reach. Hey and it was the right size. How about that? unpicks? Seriously? Okay, let's try it with a Uh with a ratchet. I got a ratchet on here this time.
Unclick? What is that? you see that thing Flex Didn't expect that to happen at all. so the other day I couldn't find my magnet on the stick my flexi one and I said something about it and somebody sent me an entire like case of magnets on a stick. So now I'm I'm well equipped with the magnets until I lose them all. There you go.

Pull this guy out of the way. It's not going to go very far. Yeah, that's about all we get. So anyway, right below this wiring harness right there, there's a bracket and that bracket bolts to the Nader and It Bolts to the side of the engine and then below that there is another uh.

there's another bolt that bolts the bottom of the alternator to the engine and we need to get both of those bolts and the bracket out of the way. and then we can slide this Nader out. at some point I've got to pull the belt off too. I'm getting around to that.

Okay, so the AC machine has finished recovering. I'm just going to go ahead and disconnect this hose. I can probably work around it, but it's in the way and I don't want it here. so let's go ahead and just pull this guy out right now.

Save that for later. Come here. Okay, and so now we can see what we're looking at I Need to get to this tensioner and untenching it so we may remove the belt I Think that's a looks like a 13, maybe a 15? I don't know it'll be a 14. Yep, sure enough.

Okay, let's try the 14 here. Got it? Lost it? Oh Wrong way. Silly me. loosen loosey-goosey see that how it acts on the tensioner and then the belt becomes loose.

All right. Pull the belt off the Nader I'm gonna I'm not gonna remove it entirely unless it just fell off. which I think it did. We'll get back on that pulley please I don't want you to fall away.

Okay, we'll leave that right there. Hopefully it doesn't fall off while I'm removing this. uh, this unit here I can see the 14. actually I'm gonna have to move this I was completely wrong and everything I just said I need to move this.

Tuck that aside because the 14 that I need is right down there. See that down there shoe we got? We have a 12 12 here and It Bolts onto this alternator somewhere. All right, we're going in. We'll get these uh, bracket bolts out of here first.

There's a 12 and a 13 right behind it. can't reach that big one at the bottom I Think it's a 14. I can't reach that here. We'll try it with some long range tooling action that should, uh, that should put me right where I want to be.

Should get on there please. There we go. Got it on six? Yeah, now we're getting somewhere I can't just unthread that. Yeah buddy.

look at that. it's coming right up. Well, you can't look at it because you can't see what I'm doing down here. It's like the abyss.
the Honda Abyss Now I took two bolts out I thought there was another one somewhere, but I can't seem to find it. so I'm just gonna pry on this thing a little bit see if it moves. Yep, yeah, it's gonna fall right out. Okay, shoot.

I'm just gonna get a hold of it and wiggle it some. Let's see if I can't get to come out of that lower Mount or wiggling. Okay, it's free There we go. look at that and I still have a uh, an AC line kind of in the way.

I'm just gonna bend that some they're flexible. Okay, we'll pull this guy off to the left. Come on you more bending of the line? Yeah, there we go. Here it comes.

That's a Nader record time. all right over to the bench. Let's make sure that this unit is the uh, the appropriate unit, but the new one is the appropriate appropriate one rather. and I see why I couldn't figure out where that bolt was is because it's not a bolt, it's a uh, it's a hex or a torch.

Okay, I knew that came off. Anyway, here's our new Nader and a an unplanned unboxing special. Ooh shiny shiny knitting unit. Come here.

How are we looking Real good? Nope, we're upside down. So far so good. Plugs are the same, connector is the same, mounting location is the same I just need to transfer this bracket over to this Nader and toss this thing back in. Um, it does appear that uh, oil saturation was probable cause of death.

I mean it's got a hundred? So oh, I didn't tell you guys what the mileage was. You have to wait till the end. Um, it's got I think 170 000 so I I can't entirely blame it on this oil bit business because it's not really swimming in it. it's just kind of got a little bit of saturation up.

well. Regardless, actually, I can feel a failure right there. Feel a lot of slippage in this pulley, like everything's bouncing back and forth inside where this one is not doing that. Yep, either way, let's go ahead and get this thing apart the rest of the way and then we'll install this new unit.

see if this is gonna work. gonna work. I'm gonna have to initiate the manual unclicks. Okay, that's that's in there.

All right. That's fine. We'll escalate to a 3 8 drive more torque so that one goes right here and I'll leave it Loose that way I can move it around and get the holes lined up. All right.

back to the van. Let's get out of here. Come on Nader Coming with me. Okay, we're gonna do this.

the uh, not exactly the opposite. uh, that we removed it. We'll set this guy down in its home and I'll start with that big Mount at the bottom. Oh good.

It's not super tight sometimes. those are super duper tight and you have to back off the little sliding bushing in order to get it to fit into into position. I may have lucked out with this one. Where's my Bolt There it is, right? Okay trying again.

I've recovered the Uh. the bolt that was taken by gravity, lined up and up. and yeah, just like that, thread it in some so it stays aligned and then I can get the top bolts in for just the one rather the singular top bolt. Foreign.
Let's run that thing in and let me just put some final torque on that lower Bolt and pickages. and then we gotta get. we have to get that other little bolt right here under the bracket. one more.

I can't even see that one. but I could feel it Here we go. This isn't going to get any kind of crazy torque or anything like that, just enough to secure that Fastener There we go. Okay, now the fun part.

Let's get our belt back on and I forgot how it went and I think I messed it up. Maybe maybe not. no other way. Okay, belts on and I can already see down the bottom.

it's not on the AC compressor. Now it is. Uh, how else are we looking? Crankshaft crank looks good. Uh.

power steering is off one rib. Let's redo that one. See it Right over here there. You can't see it.

There's stuff in the way. Yeah, right right there. it's off a rib right there. Hang on.

We'll get that squared away right now. Get on there. No, please get on there. now.

Do what? I say get, get, get all right? Got it? Okay, belt's on. uh, wire connectors and then we'll put these reservoirs and stuff back in. Okay. reaching back behind our Nader here.

I'm trying to get that plug lined up I I can barely see the thing I know you guys can't see it I apologize doing with the doing what I can with what I got to work with Click. Oh yeah, by the way. I'm not gonna do these valve covers today. There's not a chance that's gonna happen.

I I was only gonna do it if I had to take, had to take them off or if it was going to be very easy and neither of neither of those is applicable at this current point in time. And since it's like 6 30 or something really 7 30. I'm not going to beat the clock I started at 609. Well, since it's 7 30 or something, I'm not doing those valve covers today.

It's just not gonna happen. Not interested. and I don't care if it ruins this other alternator I don't have all night. That's just the way it is I mean it won't but still, that's just the way it is.

A little bolt in where's my uh, another screw gun at? but are you screw gun s and I also need to get the 12 mil that bolts the power cable to the alternator. Forgetting that will destroy some cable because what will happen is it will Arc between the cable and the output output terminal. words on the alternator and uh, it'll just melt the uh the connector connector I Cannot speak tonight. What's wrong with me past my beer 30.

That's what the deal is I'm suffering. Withdraw not really. I'm It's not like that. It's a joke I forgot.

You got to be careful with jokes. Jokes are taken uh, quite seriously, sometimes on the interwebs. anyway. I'm gonna bring that Fastener up to torque manually clicks.
There we go. Yeah, not a chance. I'm gonna run that down full Chute with a with an impact it'll break the output terminal on the alternator. It'll break it a lot.

Hmm, come on rubber guy. can't get the rubber thing on I really don't need it. So inconvenient there. Finally it slipped in.

Okay uh. connector terminal that bolt two regular bolts. Let's go get the reservoirs installed next. let's back up and move over a little bit.

We'll go over here to this side. I'll get that far away down there bracket first just because it's well, it's far away down there since all this uh stuff's out of the way I can reach it. It's like a dungeon in this engine compartment not optimized for viewing. Clips it was like a neutral drop clip.

if it worked. Okay, that's the hose for the Overflow on the radiator. So next I need to get the cooled overflow bottle. or should I get the oh I think the bottle for the reservoir I'll do the bottle.

That's what I need Oh it's leaking. It's still leaking. Hang on I can't get it. get in there too much Lube there.

got it. Next up, power steering reservoir that clips into with the bracket right here behind that thing you can't see and then I need see. We got one hose here and we're leaking again. So let's get that plugged in and I hid the other one I stashed it so it wouldn't be in my way.

What'd I do with it? Uh I think it's back here? Yeah, it is. Oh no. I've assembled myself into a corner. There it is.

There's a little bugger and that goes under and up and then plugged in. Yeah, as per my normal protocol, I'm going to line up the witness marks on these clamps just because I like to do that and there's other reasons, but I think it's uh, cheap if you don't Okay, We fetch the AC hose out from the cooling fans because that's where I stashed that thing and it's stuck. Seriously? Yeah, let's get this thing plugged in and then I can start the machine up again and start pulling this into a vacuum. and I'll bend my hose back from the position that I bent it in to get this alternator out.

Oh, this is a kind of risky because you can break those hoses doing that. but I did it anyway. Okay, one nut. change that valve later I don't have time for that today.

it's getting late. you getting vacuuming now. okay I need to refill power steering fluid boring things I'll bring it all the way up to to the point where I'm out of fluid all right. which is, you can't see it, but it's right around here.

it's at the it's at the full Mark it's close enough to it. All right. Let's back it up here and we can reconnect our battery, reconnect the battery. and uh, well, while that thing's vacuuming, let's go inside and start the engine and uh, make sure this thing is charging like it's supposed to be doing this stuff right here.

So temporarily, let's power this off. Oh wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait I've completely forgot completely. It's got crap off of here. fingerprints and power steering fluid and all kinds of stuff.
Cool it. Rat poop. It's always rat food. Okay, restarting.

it's the engine. Uh, nothing. What happened here. Is it dead? What is it? I was charging it.

What's going on? What? This problem? That was weird. Maybe it didn't charge enough while I was going on this thing that was weird I don't know. Let's try it again. It's not doing anything.

Oh I'm stupid I don't have a key. No. I don't have a key in here man. I'm dumb.

All right. Where's hello? We're thinking it's not. they're I broke it or something. I don't have the key.

Where's the key? There's the key. Why? It's not funny. It's late. It's not even funny starting the engine.

Yeah, there we go Now the charging system lights off. so I Win! Let's go check it with the volt meter and just see what kind of voltage it's producing in my frantic effort to diagnose whatever I had done I fired that thing back up too. She's still laughing at me. Stop laughing at me.

It's not funny. All right. I Forgot to start the vacuum too. Oh I'm all in pieces today.

Bolts Negative: You guys hold the negative I'll hold the uh, the positive and what do we get? 13 20, 13, 40, 1360 Yeah, it's coming up 1380. All right, that's nice. All right guys. We have had a successful charging unit.

transplantation, transplantation, transplant transplant. What's the word? yeah? Transplant? I Thought I was trying to make a better word than what it was. You've had a successful transplant of Vanadium unit. I'm gonna go ahead and throw these uh, plastic covers and trim pieces and whatnot back on and get the little air intake thing, reinstalling all the clips back in.

We'll go hose this thing down, engine cover, back on, and this, uh, the van is good to go to deliver the children to and from where they need to be. So with that being said, I'm gonna go ahead and close this video right now. As always like thank you for watching this video. Hope you enjoyed this video I didn't enjoy making it for you because I'm stressed out I'm recording right now because it's like the middle of the night and I had to fix the van.

Uh, I'll be all right though, no worries, but that should not subtract away from your experience. So all that being said again and as always, thank you for watching and most importantly, do not forget to have yourselves a great day! See you guys later. See you guys later you can't ah she uh she's trying to wait. See you guys Bye in the transmission.

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    The wife unit gets to have her fun too. Laughing at Ray. Glad Honda got rid of the hydraulic belt tentioner on 2005 to 2010 3.5.

  27. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Alexander Cahoulan says:

    the belt had to come off anyway. Dear lord sir that is a crime. I always ask myself, "what would Eric O do?" He would not do that. This I can tell you. lol

  28. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Steve Gabbert says:

    Ok, you win, but we'll have to deduct a couple of points for not having the keys. 😉

  29. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars News Now Riverside Sgt Rock says:

    You are not kidding us we know that BEER:30 is a real thing. Hamms, Schlitz, and Busch. (keep all that elephant Pi$$, like Coors and Bud light)

  30. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Trudope is a Moron says:

    Wrench engine light was on still… lol

  31. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Steve G says:

    I see a second DirtyMax in your future….that's what happens when the Wife Unit gets to drive yours.

  32. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars David says:

    Do you have to take the ac line off to get out the automated . I only ask because of everything else can be done with tool that most people have. Thanks again for sharing this video with us.

  33. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Richard M says:

    I just had to replace my friend's alternator for the 2nd time in a month on a Honda pilot 3.5 because of vtec solenoid seal. You can get a seal set on eBay. I couldn't get both the upper and lower seals locally without buying the entire solenoid.

  34. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars B Moore says:

    I thought you were supposed to have a fully charged battery before using a newly installed alternator ? I've installed 2 new alternators on different vehicles that even came with the printed warning about this, too.

  35. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Daniel McGee says:

    I'm still wondering what the mileage is and for some reason brakleen didn't scare me this time👍😝👍

  36. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Bob Garske says:

    Sorry about the speako . Just the right Amount of time I needed to eat dinner. Now I get to go put the left front end of my four-by-four back together and it's 30° out. Oh boy!

  37. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Bob Garske says:

    Awesome 30 minutes in and out I mean Elgin in

  38. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Sandmansa says:

    When I had to replace the alternator in my 07 Honda Pilot, I took an almost identical path of extraction. Only I didn't drain the a/c because I was stuck on the side of the road. Well, junkyard parking lot actually.

  39. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Gromitdog1 says:

    So to recap you didn't have to discharge the AC to replace the alternator?

  40. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Michael Pressman says:

    I saw a little Dana Scully the investigator My wife if it starts& running it's fine if it makes noise turn up the radio have a good night

  41. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Russ' Rockin O-RR says:

    I like your X-files theme music playing whenever your child is in the scene. lol

  42. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars myz06rocks says:

    Helping tip. No such thing as a 13 on a Japanese anything.

  43. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Runn__Jake says:

    Hondas seem to have a habit of no battery=nothing works properly.
    Brother in law's '13 CR-V died one night and now throws up camshaft sensor codes for no reason. He didn't replace the battery like I told him to so that helps but yeah.

  44. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Russ' Rockin O-RR says:

    I have had two vehicle alternators go out on me while driving. Once on my Company Van and once in my wife's car. As soon as I recognized the electrical accessories slowing down and dimming, I pulled over in to the breakdown lane before they totally quit. Both incidents, I was traveling on the Freeway in a major Metropolitan Area.

  45. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Professor Fartsalot says:

    @Rainman Ray's Repairs my dad and I have a 97 Honda, and we were going up a huge hill. It suddenly started shutting down and running really bad. Barely got it up the hill as we could barely keep it in first gear. Alternator was fried lol.