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Here, I've got an idea. Two blocks of wood and a hammer there. Now it's a part. Ooh, there's our case housing.

Here's all the internal working action here. What's this problem? Yeah, there's metal chunks in this. It's a Thrust bearing. Let's see, that's our little swash plate.

That's what gets the Pistons to rock up and down. Yeah, that works. Turn the shaft. Splash Plate moves up and down runs each individual piston and then they are valved from this little back plate.

Over here, there's the valves. one-way valves. air can flow through. They can't go back the other way and down.

inside. Look at that. There's chunks of metal in there. but this thing was disintegrating.

That's all the noise. We heard. little pieces. There's one, there's another piece, another piece.

Oh yeah, they're everywhere. Okay, hello viewers. Good day to you. Welcome back! Uh, forgive me.

I'm a little bit winded. we're exhausted. I I Just pushed a PT Cruiser out of its parking hole and then behind that we had a Subaru which we pushed out uphill and over here into the Stalls so we can pull the motor. I'm going to try to fix that.

uh, that broken bolt with the engine out of it. Um, and if not, then I'll still have to go back with the original plan of getting a replacement engine if you recall from a video long ago. we snapped off a bolt down in the front of the Block in the water pump and I cannot get the thing out. but I really don't have a lot of space here, so we're gonna try to pull this unit out of here and then make an attempt to extract that bolt.

But that's not what this video is about. I'm just kind of giving a little bit of an update on that Rubisu over there. We uh, we're returning over here to the O2 Firebird with the 3.8 I've got some AC parts that were delivered and we're going to go ahead and proceed with the uh installation of said parts and we're gonna get this system charged and we're going to make sure that it cools and does not produce loud, clanky, racketing, compressor destroying noises. If you do not know what I'm talking about, that means that you missed yesterday's video where we dissected an autopsied an exploded AC compressing unit.

This is the unit that came out the car. It did have a core charge on it. Folks in the comments were asking but the core was 10 bucks. so I figured uh, the ten dollars was well worth the lesson learned for how this compressor is manufactured and constructed.

Anyway, if you want to see that video or if you missed that video or would like to refresh yourself or you only saw half of it, just go down to the link in this video's description or wait until the end and you'll see a link at the end screen or check the pinned comment in the comment section and those links will take you back in time to the part. One of our. Firebird All that being said, let's get back to it. I Want to get this thing reassembled and running it today? All right.

So I think I want to start by reinstalling the compressor I Went in there with some compressed air and blew out all the leaves and contaminants in the radiator. I said compressor I meant condenser I Want to get the condenser installed? So let's get. let's get to the uh, come here little plug pal. That's how you know it's good so we have pressure.
This is a good, sealed, known awesome unit and I was able to, uh locate a replacement that was cool. Pop these guys out! I think I need to transfer that stud over here into the new unit and then we'll be ready to slip this thing down into its brackets. You're gonna need an E-torch here to pull that stud out, unpick it. should go transfer this thing right on over to the new one, screw it in and then we can drop this thing down into its home there.

Let's see here there we go. All right, Condenser is moving in. We just need to set this thing down in front of the radiator, onto the little tabs that are on either side of the unit, slip it in, and then we can get this radiator back in the upright position and reconnect it to the support. All right, let's check our slots against the tabs here.

we can see that one's lined up in the tab, the one at the bottom. Let's check these other two, that one's good and the bottom one I Barely can see it. That one also is falling into position here. So let's just seat this thing all the way.

I Think that's good. And then we need to get this plastic piece attached to those little push pins down there. So let's move this radiator back in its position. It's got two pegs with two grommets in it that hold the bottom of the radiator into the bottom of the core support.

So we'll get those lined up, hinge the thing forward, and then get the plastic back on. Let's see here there we go. Supports in: let's hinge it forward and I've got to reach down and push this plastic bit in the position here. It's going to be kind of tough.

Let's use a let's use the pry bar tool here to push those pins in. They're lined up. give it a push. Very good.

That side's in and the other side. Let's see here. Move you guys over. I Know you guys can't see what I'm doing down here.

I'm trying. Yeah, there we go. Okay now. I Need to get that top panel to hold this radiator back so it does not all fall apart and become unconnected again.

To go, let's get this guy up here. It's also the air filter housing one component multiple purposes that in there we go. Nice. Okay bolts coming in.

Let's get this thing fastened and get that one in there. this one on this side there. now it's all secure and stabilized. Wrong Socket I'm good at that.

Wow. Wrong socket twice. I can't read why won't why won't Or they're not an order in the tray. There we go.

Two of them or good here. There's some dirt stuff on here. Let me blow that off real quick. All right.

Goodbye Sand Good. All right. Moving in a little closer here, let's go ahead and get our compressor down in its position. We'll just nuzzle that right on into its bracket there.
I've already got the uh, the rear bracket transferred onto the new compressor by that guy. Right on. in. Easier kind of said than done.

The things awkwardly heavy and I have to reach down and get it in there. Oh Cable in the way. hang on here. Come here.

cable. oh man. I can't reach there. we go.

That's in. Kinda let me redo my footing here right about like that? I Think Yep. All right. let's get some of the Fasteners in.

we'll run them down and I've got to go out back behind this compressor and get uh, that back bracket installed. We go. Is that the right bolt? That one seemed kind of long? I hope it was I think it was I Guess we'll find out in a minute, won't we? And of course the one down there on the bottom. Let's get that guy started all right.

Okay, let's thread these down some almost all the way. I Needed to be able to move some so I can get that 15 mil in the back. That was too far. That's exactly what I did not want to do.

There we go and that one on the bottom I Already found it. Okay, now you need to grab this one here. That's that 15 bracket bolt that goes way down in the back kind of behind the manifold. There we go.

I Know you guys can't really see in there. it's it's in the depths. Okay, got it threaded. That one has started.

so now switch this out with a 15 and get that back one tight and then we'll torque these front ones socket switch coming in. let's get way down in there. See it in there. It sits way down there, a little tighter, a little bit more torque.

There we go. Good. Okay, let's torque these front Bolts real quick. That was good.

Ah, that one hit you guys with us. I'll get ratchet next. Beautiful. And you know what, while we're here, let's just plug it in, plug it in, plug it in all right.

Next up, we're gonna get the manifold rooted around the compressor and then bolt it on. Uh, forgive me. This is a kind of a long Parts assembly here and if uh I smack you guys in the face with the hose I didn't do it on purpose, but it's it's. like right next to, uh, next to you guys face.

So something we got to deal with here. Yeah, it's all in the way. Gotta slip this manifold, these Ac lines behind the Uh compressor and under the exhaust manifold here. Hang on.

Come on now. get in there. I'm almost. It almost pulled off the uh, the gaskets, squeezing that thing back there.

see I can't see where the holes are. You gotta feel it all right? I think I got him? Yeah, yeah there it is okay and I need my Bolt Oh, this is hard to do. This thing wants to move everywhere preaching in there and Everywhere I Go I'm in the way of your view. This is not okay here.

I know I'll get the bolt in the manifold block and then I'll try to, uh, try to line it up. That might work I Think lost it again I lost my orientations got it? There's my orientation. Oh, this is hard. Okay.
the Bolt's threading and it's starting to line up here. Come on now. keep going. Okay, I've got a couple threads in it.

Let me get my little ratcheting wrench and we'll tighten that guy down. All right. going back in there ratcheting miniature wrench. I'm just going to reach around and get a hold of that bolt and work that in until it's tight and then we'll go in with a longer wrench and apply final torque.

It's just so I can get some speed out of this and work in the limited space that's back there. I Could probably do this from the bottom, maybe a little easier, but this is how I took it out, so that's just how I'm gonna put it back together. Okay, those threads have bottomed out. almost.

Let me apply a little bit more torque and I'm leaning on you guys's heads. Ah, there we go. All right, that's kind of tightish. Let me recover my tool I'm trying to do that without dropping it.

contorting. Oh, come on, come off of there. There you go? Got it? Okay, let's put actual torque on, uh, on that fastener. Let's get this guy lined up here I don't need much.

just uh, 20 pounds or so. One more push? Yeah, Click There we go. Got it. and I don't want to forget that spark plug wire.

Then we'll have a misfire and that's not okay. Plug that guy in. Okay, we're done in this section right here. Okay, so I moved down and I'm on one of the hoses going to the bottom of the condenser.

You can see it's a very far reach down there and I'm like laying on the radiator support trying to finger thread that. Fastener uh on the condenser. Um, I can't show you guys what's going on down there because there's there's really nothing to see because my hand is buried under a cooling package. but I've got.

yeah, it's on there. okay. I got the line on there now I just need to put a little bit of torque on that nut. It's just the right one.

13. That's the 15. Okay, that's the wrong one. Let's try the 13.

Oh yeah, that was. that was pretty deep. Let me go grab a uh, another tool here. All right.

Going back in with the Long Reach swivel headed extension with the 13 on it trying to reach that uh, that nut? That's way back there I can't even put my fingers on it. Barely like it can I can reach it with my finger tip and that is all. Let's get that thing. I need to get this socket on the nut.

Oh and I lost I can't find the nut. Okay I've got the tool on that nut down there now. I just need to get my electric ratchet on the extension and I think it fell off. Ah yeah, it did Okay trying again.

Yeah, it's one of those situations where I need to put the tool on the Fastener and then put the other tool on the first tool so I can reach the Fastener. Meanwhile, there's like a hood latch stabbing into my ribs. One of those situations. There we go.
That hose I can see it. That guy's on All right. A little bit more torque on that 13 and we're good. Oh buddy, it's hot in here I need to come out All right.

Break time. All right here. Let's uh, go ahead and get idler pulley installed back on its bracket right here. We'll get that guy bolted in.

We'll throw the belt on and get some of the hard lines reinstalled. Next there we go a little tighter. I Say there we go. Perfect.

All right. Let's get our belt fed down into its home, see or dropping. or I'll just drop it down there. That works too.

Yeah, so I'm gonna start with the crank I don't remember the way this goes, but I'm pretty sure I can figure it out. We'll start with the crank, water pump smooth so we'll go around that and over to the power steering. it's falling off I've only got one hand because I'm leaning over again. the other arm is supporting my weight.

We're gonna come up and over the Nader down around the compressor. There we go around that idler and then tensioner. How'd this work on the tensioner? Let's find out: I Think it goes back that way. let's see, since the tensioner tensions that way.

that tells me that the belt has to go over like right there I think is that it? I might have to pull the diagram I Actually really did forget. let's try this first. Hang on. we'll put it that way and then I'll untension it or the other way please I Think this is it.

it is. Now there we go. Yeah, we got it. Awesome.

Beautimous. Okay, let me retrieve my wrench here. We'll do a quick Groove check. Looks like the AC grooves are good.

Smooth, smooth power steering, crank and the Nader okay belt on that's good to go. Awesome. All right, we're in the home stretch. Let's get this hard line in.

that one's gonna go from the evaporator down here to the top of the condenser. Slip that guy in falter on right there. it's good. Two bolts and then we can get, uh, we can get the receiver dryer installed.

Pull this guy into a vacuum. there's one of them I need to find the bolt that goes there. Okay, bolt coming in. Get that thing started.

And yes, I have new seals and gaskets on all these components here. We've got the 13. There we go, and let's plug in our high side switch, get that guy connected right there. and now let's go ahead and unbox the receiver dryer and get that thing bolted in.

Get this guy opened up. I Hope it's the right one. Parts for these older cars can be kind of difficult to obtain and this receiver dryer is sort of specific. It has a built-in hose.

Come here. Hose. There we go. Yep, that's got the low side service valve on it.

And then there's the hose. Yeah, not always something that folks are going to have lying around and some more gaskets. Those can go back in my box. I Already put new ones on it.
Well, not on this. I put them on that and on that over there. Well, you know what I meant. You know what I meant I Hope you did.

Anyway, let's get this. Uh, let's get this thing set up right here. Ah, the hose is plugged in. We've got the 13 mil bolt and then this hose is going to plug in right there.

One more bolt. So this receiver dryer has a metal band and that's what secures it. Let's tighten down that bolt that's on it. tighten that fan down that's going to mount that thing in place and then simultaneously we'll get that bolt in for the line.

There we go. Okay, see I do have two hands, foreign 's in place. Let's go ahead and fire up the AC machine and vacuum this system down. All right.

let's fire the machine up, powering on. We'll get our hoses on there and while this thing is warming up, I can get that air intake and everything reinstalled. Let's get this guy plugged in, becoming plugged. There you go.

I changed the valve in that earlier. by the way, it's yesterday after I flushed it all out. This one has a new valve in it so I don't need to replace that one. Hey, get on there.

it popped off. We don't want that. Get in there. There we go.

Okay, put this guy into a vacuum. Begin vacuuming. please. let's get my goodies out of here.

Spray for the air filter that in. Nice new filter. Coming back in there we go and then air box plug-in right here. A couple snaps, big snap click.

gotta line up that boot I Need to I Need to loosen that clampton too. Do Not save service Record: Vacuuming screwdriver. Pull that guy out so this thing's slid out without having to remove that clamp. It's like a kind of soft material is not that, uh, robust feeling, feels squishy like neoprene.

Maybe tighten that down and Ah that's not working. It wasn't slipped on all the way. It's angles of this thing are weird. I Think this is like a like an aftermarket or a replacement boot.

Yeah, it doesn't feel like it's original. This was kind of pointed down some and the bottom was pulling out. No worries. I Got it.

Screw this guy in some so we can get that temp sensor plugged in. Should be in good shape here. Let's just get this intake temp sensor plugged in with some clickage and tight. Tight.

Clipped on Tight Tight Tight tight tight Good. good tools. Let's get that out of here all right. As soon as the thing's done vacuuming, you can install the charge uh 1.5 pounds.

If memory serves, then we can fire this system back up and uh, watch it make cold air I Hope fingers crossed I Think it's gonna work. It's a brand new system. Of course it's gonna work I don't think the evaporator is clogged I believe Oh Oh I Just messed up. Major hang on.

Hang on. Hang on I Completely forgot I Did not put a new orifice inside of uh, that tube right there. That's that's an oversight that would have made me have to, uh, recover the system all over again. Hang on.
Pausing vacuuming I Got to get a new orifice for this thing I Knew there was something like something was bugging me here I knew it I knew there was something I forgot. Yeah, without that orifice, we can't go from the high pressure liquid to the low pressure gas and we will not be able to make cold. It will not make anything cool if. uh, without that orifice in there, there's nothing to meter the flow of the refrigerator here.

Set that aside Let me Go Fetch a new orifice on the box. All right I Got one I had one in my box. There spec says that the OE orifice is the red color. The color indicates the diameter of the Uh orifice inside of the assembly.

so there's uh, there's black ones and white ones. and yeah, I think uh, maroon ones. get in there tube. press that all the way down there we go.

Now we can get this guy back in I'll use the evaporator to push it in the rest of the way. There we are and I did Lube those uh O-rings so no worries. Okay, let's get the bolt back in. Tighten down that I can re-vacuum this.

sorry I can't see clicks. Okay, now it's got an orifice. The system will definitely work. It will not cool without that tube in there.

Won't do it. Not possible. Not gonna happen. Continuing Vacuum.

especially need to start over I was almost done. Yeah, it's only got three minutes left restarting blah blah blah. Vacuum again. Love my job so much.

Do it twice. Two guys dos slide. Okay, all right. I'll be right back when this thing's done.

Don't go anywhere Okay. Vacuum test complete. We are holding a vacuum meaning there's no abnormally large leaks. Uh, the vacuum test will not find small leaks, but it will find big leaks.

Like let's say I've got a gasket on this thing that uh, didn't seal or I forgot to put one in the leak down test will find that, but it will not find a itty bitty microscopic leaks like let's say uh, evaporator's leaking or there's a pinhole in something. It won't find those. but we have an Elite so that is of no matter. Again, charging now.

Uh, not a Poe system blah blah blah. Do not save again And I think 1.5 pounds is what we're looking for. So Zero One five, zero pounds charging on the high side. Here we go.

Charge is going in By the way. I did add the necessary amount of oil. There was three ounces in the compressor, but there was no oil in the condenser, no oil in the evaporator, and no oil in the lines because we flushed it out. So I did add some oil with my oil injection device earlier.

Two charge in progress. We're looking Good charging thing sure is taking its sweet time. Okay Sue wheat it is done. Let's host compensate it.

That's going to add the amount of refrigerant that is, uh, calculated to be contained within the hoses which is like 0.32 pounds. So while that's doing that, let's reach on in here, but restockings the engine and systems already on. Let's go witness that compressor fire up. The Press is running.
see the clutch turning? no noise. it's getting super quiet. I Feel cold I Feel more cold over here. Excellent.

Let's go fetch the thermal meter and check the vent temps. See what we've got there. Let's see where is my thermal meters. Oh, have I lost them all? Um I found one.

We're good. Check our pressures here. 250 38 Episode 38's okay I Can live with that, especially on a 90 something degree day. Yeah, it's 90 degrees inside.

It was 97 earlier today, 90 and not inside. It was 97 out there. That was a hot one and it tends to be a little hotter feeling in here because there's less airflow. Let's turn that all the way down.

All right. Let's give this guy a minute. Windows up all the way up. Come on, other window.

get up there. All right. I'm gonna hop out. close this door.

let this thing. uh, settle up. We'll get the machine disconnected and then we'll come back and check those temperatures. So still looking good.

Okay, let's disconnect our hoses. get this stuff out of the way. Oh nice condensation making cold now and there is some dye in that oil that I put in there I Don't understand why folks think that dye will clog an AC system I See that in the comments all the time? Um, no it won't. They put dye the UV reactive dye.

they put that stuff in there A Lot of times from the factory. So I don't understand why an oil slash dye mixture would uh, would clog the system. There are some dye packages that have like a stop leak in them. Those are not okay.

don't use anything to stop me. Stop leak is not good. That's a Band-Aid and it will often cause a larger problem than the one you're trying to solve. So don't use stop leak with the dive.

Perhaps that is where the misconception comes from. Let's get our caps back on high side cap and low side Cap All right, we've got a we've got a nice cool cold operating, functioning, quiet, not rattling AC System success. All right. Coming back in, let's check our Center vent temperature.

Let's see what we've got. It's been about 10-15 minutes and look at that 42 degrees on the Fahrenheit scale. How about that? Beautiful! That's nice and super cold. I Like it.

Good to go Operation Success I'm gonna get this thing out of the building I'm gonna hose it off real quick. Get all the uh, residual dirts and sweat drippings and all that good stuff out of here and this project is complete. So that being said, I'm going to go ahead and close this video out right now and I will do that as always by thanking each and every one of you guys for watching this video. Hope you enjoyed this video.

If you did enjoy this video, let me know about that comment section down below. Do not forget that like button while you're down there and most importantly, have yourselves a great day! See you guys later in. Firebird Into AC end of exploded grenaded destroyed compressor in the video and a transmission. Nice and shiny.
You know all my fingerprints out of here foreign.

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