In this video I have a look at a customers Chevy 2011 Silverado that came with a customer complaint of overheating. Customer also says there is a mysterious fluid leaking a trail on the ground everywhere he goes. Doesn't take long to see the leak in the radiator tub. Let's get this radiator swapped out and get this guy back on the road.
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All right folks, are under the hood of the 2011 Chevrolet It's got the Big Five three that's got a leaky radiator and uh, it's a 1500 in case you're wondering about that. and uh, the guy says get after it so let's get after it. So first thing we're gonna do is pop all these little plastic Clips out one at a time and take this plastic sealed off the top here so we can see what we need to get to. This does have an oil cooler on it and transmission cooler hooked to the radiator so we're gonna have to unhook those.

It's got the Jiffy tight connectors. pull this little guy off I'll set her over here. Well, it doesn't really give us much I Couldn't remember if it was going to help us or not. I Don't think it's going to hinder us, but I Want to get two box here so we've got some room to get the fans out to get the upper radiator hose off so we'll grab a eight millimeter.

A little prying apparatus will be in good shape, foreign, loose. over. on this side there's the uh, a little fresh air for the PCV and then over this way and get it off the air box. This little guy just pops right out of there.

Our radiator hose lives right here. Can't work that baby down. They're pretty long-winded clip. let me take up some space see if we can't get this little clip undone that holds the hose, huh? Let me get another prying apparatus here.

There we go, Daddy! So you gotta reach in and push a little donger down. Push down your dong or there's that little hose out of this clip. There we go. Let's unhook it from the radio.

Now we haven't drained it, but there's not a lot of coolant in this thing. Still get you. Oh, there's a little bit in there I hear it sloshing. We'll keep it pointed up.

Stick it back here. Somewheres gonna unplug the fans here. Oh, it looks like it's missing some of the connector I Can feel you up in there also. Oh there it is I knew there was more of that connector.

Oh, we dropped it. The claw here. we go see if it still works. Oh hopeful I didn't even have to spend a quarter.

I'm trying to think the claw machines are more than a quarter. There's that. Okay, now we'll get this one. Well, this one they'll activate I thought the freaking guts out of this one stayed up in the fan too.

see if I can catch them this time. Oh, this camera picks up everything I Guess foreign. Both of those plugs popped apart. No problem though.

we found all the parts and pieces. Okay, those are back together now. let's get our cooler lines out of the way. then we can take our fan assemblies out here.

We get sick of that. Oh I Was just going to tell the people about you because I was using this thing and it reminded me of you you. love the claw games. Oh I Do play.

Why did you think I was talking about football games but I already loved it I don't know why you like because I feel like it's not like you play any other game in whole world like oh there's a claw machine I'd like to just go loose five or ten dollars. Maybe I should just run your excavator. Maybe I would be like this is this is satisfying. Let me tell you.
I'll put those stuffed animals all over the yard. You bought it back. You paid me a dollar every time you clamp it. I I Pay a dollar and I don't get anything.

Well you can. you can run it okay. did you need me or were you just coming out to harasses? Yeah, how's this going? Pretty good. How come it's not done yet? Because Andy was here and we were talking for a while and now you're here and we're talking for a while.

Just send us away. all right? I Gotta get after it I Sent him into the office to talk to you so I can get after this so we gotta get after it. So thanks for visiting. All right there's O2 and now we need to get these unhooked from the radiator.

That one's wiggly so that's good and this one's Wiggly Pull back a little plastic sleeves that are on there and you'll see what I mean. Get this hose out of our way here. Do that. squeeze All right good, no going.

that one are very little anyways and now we can see our our top. uh Jiffy tight connector there. hopefully you can you get a tool for that? I'm gonna use our Jiffy tight release tool. Uh, fun fact: a Jiffy Tight Lauren right here and People's Republic of New York right up in Buffalo's where these connectors are made.

Well, at least that's where Jiffy Tight has there home. That's where they're from. whether they're made there or not I have no idea. but and then the other one, you can't see it.

So I just wanted to show you the one you can see. So I'm going to reach down here and we're going to use the Jiffy tight release tool. Stick in there, give it a little turn and wiggling. Bob's your uncle uh Fantastical Tools They work great providing.

the Jiffy tight connector isn't Jam full of corrosion and stuff, but if they're like these where they're pretty clean or they're oily, these things are way easier than trying to pick out the the little Eclipse you know, a little packed plastic off these I think they're half inch? We'll grab our half inch tool. Yep it is. So this is a little kit I have these are made by Mac there's a nap a part number for the eclipse in case you sent one of them flying. Looks like a seven, Three zero, Five zero, Three zero.

Get a little bucket full of clips. If you don't have one of these tools, just pick the clip off and then you can get it. We probably should unhook the hose or unhook these from down below before we get too far here. but let's just see if we can't pop this one out.

Yeah, let's get them. uh, loosened up down here I Guess first, just a little plastic retainer down there I Don't know if you guys could see it. so I did it off camera. Looks like it needs some cooler hoses anyways and training cooler lines.

there's that one. and I'll come down here and get the other one. you probably can't see this one. Yeah.
Oil cooler. Lanes Look prettier off. Thank you in train lines. We've gotten him and on about the radiator.

so I think we'll probably do a little bit differently. I Would guess as long as it's before the day that they decide to cut loose, you'll be okay. Let's peel the fans out a couple of them and the magnet tray that should be. It should be just sitting on there.

Yes sir! Now we're going to open the drain. AKA Remove the lower hose. see if we can't do this clamp to cooperate with us, make sure you have a bucket ready. You're probably gonna want four or five buckets because it's going to go everywhere.

Oh yeah, that's where we can at least pretend to be somewhat environmentally responsible. Are we hitting any of them now? I Get a fuel. What else do we have here? We've got another hose. look at that clamp back.

well, that hose off and that's it. Let's take the radiator out, we'll get the new one in, and we'll hook things back up. Oh foreign yeah. Make sure you have the rubber feet on the bottom of the radiator I Want to make sure they went in the right hole.

lower hose upkeeper from PPN All right, let's get the little rubber insulators in there and finish putting this pig together. Pretty easy job man. If they kind of left that middle piece of that one, smoosh them through there foreign, stick the metal insert back in there and then we can. you know, move them wherever we need to.

Kind of gives you a little wiggle room if you will. I Was going to buy this radiator OEM I kind of like OEM radiators better than I do aftermarket because aftermarket 90 of the time don't fit great all day. I've used everything from Denzos to Spectras to Napas and advanced autos and Four Seasons you name it, they're all junk typically. But I can do this whole job labored.

Hey, you're welcome. Let's see it girl! I was saying we can do this whole job. install an aftermarket radiator, installed packs. you know, everything.

Cheaper than I can buy just the radiator from GM So I gotta want to save a few bucks so that's what we're gonna do. We're gonna save a few bucks. I'm gonna stick this in on the other side, All right. I Like that that smushes down way more than the factory, but foreign versus OEM So the OEM one's longer so it's going to bottom out before that one.

All right. You know what I mean it doesn't really matter that I had it in opposite away. the OEM was I mean the metal sleeve is going to go hit no matter what. but I'm going to take and pull the metal sleeve out of the factory one the other Factory one here.

This way when we tighten it down like I say it'll bottom out. They're probably almost a quarter inch difference in height, so that's some of those little nuances that are like yeah, we could have slammed that baby down. it probably wouldn't have caused any problems, but oh, we got to sleep at night, you know? So let's see. let's see if this looks a little better for us.
way nicer. You see that you heard the hit bottom looks beautiful just like the OEM only different. Make sure you put your clamp back where it was if you're reusing these spring clamps and the hoses. They got a little impression where it was I Have no idea if it makes a difference.

in my mind, it does. I don't want somebody to know that I was there. you know we were never there man. I'll take all the little yellow things off yellow.

Oh there's all them all right. He has the Jiffy tights in there. Probably not Jiffy tape brand. but let's see what would be easy to do right now.

Anything? probably nothing. Hook up that one little hose. show my hoes at this one goes up here. This one goes down here.

We'll hook up the little sometimes I get a little too involved in fixing the car and not paying attention to my camera. Foreign. We're gonna slip this baby right down in here. hopefully she'll line up.

This is where aftermarkets sometimes don't shine real well because when it comes to lining stuff up, that one went down. that one went down on I Just clicked that shot. Okay, well, this one fits like a glove. Good job Nap Radiator or whoever makes your radiators Modine that's another brand of use.

No idea who who Nappy uses I'd have to look. we will install our lower Jiffy tape possibly Push push push Oh mother Pearl Let me get something here. Freaking junk aftermarket crap I Don't know if our plastic caps our retainers will fit. Let's try this one up here where we can all see it so we can see that struggle is real.

Let's get it lined up. Push push, push you. Freckle Are you loose in there too? I Probably should check to make sure they're tight. Ah, there we go.

Hallelujah I Don't think they're gonna. they're probably not gonna fit because they only fit the original foreign I am gonna grab a wrench so we're gonna make dings tooting darn. Rudy tooting that those are tight I'm gonna put a little plastic clip on exactly as it was down here. Now, these aren't super duper important, they're kind of for some redundancy.

so I mean kind of keeps the clip from failing if it were to fail. I've never seen one of them fail without being fiddled with if you know what I'm saying. So let's grab a wrench first before I forget. Oh good thing we double checked those son.

so that'd be a lesson to you. And uh, same thing. when you get a you know a new uh oil pan, you know you go bolt that sucker on. You better be cracking that drain plug loose and re-tightening that just to be sure, no better than this.

There it is. There's one plug both your fans back in trying to put the lower uh Tray Line in. It won't go in but you can see when the little guy over in China put this thing together, he stuck the E-clip in on the inside of the sucker. So what? We need to do our job.
So we need to pull this E-clip up and out of that Groove and see there we go. We just had to stick it past so the three little ears aren't sticking in so far. Okay, and just for the record, these are super loose too. So let me screw this back in the bottom of the rad and hook that lower train line back up the upper one.

I've already tightened. That one's good. Now these ones. the black clips at least on the bottom one fit on.

Yep. so these ones the black Clips fit on. I'm gonna give you a free tip. You're going to want to write this one down if you're working on something that has Jiffy tights and it has that black retainer and it was on there when you took it off, but you're trying to put it back on the same connector, but that sucker won't go on about a 95 chance that your E-clip isn't It's not seated all the way.

your hose isn't in all the way, so usually that's a big clue for you. like hey, I can't get the little black retainer on there? Well, guess what fella, You're probably not clicked in all the way. You gotta go all the way. So let's get the bolts back in these hoses and snug them up.

but over on the other side with the oil cooler. We can't get those in just because it's crappy aftermarket. You have to be able to decipher. Tight tight tight.

Everything's tight. Let's get this back. He's not gonna pee pee on us anymore. Bring that over here.

Let's put this little guy right back in there where it belongs that's clicked back in. that hose is back in. This hose is back in. All we need to do is hook up our hose, clamp, put on that thing and then the piece that we unnecessarily removed don't be in good shape.

Back in, back in, that's back in the PCV is back in that hose is back in. How to tighten this up You think you're so stupid? There it is. back on Vortex. Well, all right.

So now we're going to fill it up. We got some of the ducks cool 50 50 pre-mixed on sale at Napa. Oh, we should probably get a funnel. Not too bad, not too bad.

there's one down. Now before we get lots of comments, which I love, the comments, the concerns, the criticisms you leave. Uh yes. I do own an airlift system matter of fact I have three different brands.

The way the bypass systems worked on these Chevys is fantastic and these rarely if ever airlock. I've never seen one trap air in them. Um so I'm not going to waste time to get it out because I'm gonna have it filled up, warmed up, and out the door before even got it out and had a vacuum on the system. do I like the airlift system I do uh in certain situations and on certain Vehicles especially some that are very Troublesome are very prone to getting air or some that I don't want to freak around with the bleeder with.

um yeah. I'll definitely break that sucker out and we'll get right after it. but these here don't usually have an issue. All right, so you can't Usually, they don't.
Let's fire it up. So they put these nice graduations on the side with no freaking clear things. Gosh idiots, let's learn to listen from Pennzoil in there. But you see that graduations are nice when you can see through it.

Oh look at that people are Chrysler they don't even screw it up. Oh look a little clear thing. Wow. dude.

go figure. huh? Hey Bucky Come here One More Time Come on, come here. How are you Kitty? yeah, how are you doing? What's he? Mommy There you go, All right folks. We got the Chevrolet all fixed up, cleaned up, filled up, warmed up, fan cycled.

Everything is wonderful. We've got good heat out of the dash, everything out of the Hood's all hosed off and then um, guys come and get it. So that's it. That's how you put a radiator and your Chevrolet we're gonna leave it to that folks.

uh Radiator in your Chevrolet couple little snags along the way. uh, just those metal sleeves that went in the top of the rubber mounting. you know, not too big a deal. I'm happy that the fan fit I'm happy that the radiator fit because aftermarket radiators are garbage.

Ninety percent of them. Um, and that's it. Oh, and there's the little black covers that went on the cooler lines. But it's going to get new cooler lines anyways.

It needs new ones. It should have new ones, new oil cooler lines, and training cooler lines because they're both leaking. But when the customer can budget it in there, we'll We'll do them then. So anyways, we're waiting for that.

Don't make me wait any longer for you to go in. that comment section. questions, comments, concerns, and see the Facebook the bell ringing. I'm done saying it.

and just for my reviewers, if I can do it, you can do it. Thanks for watching foreign.

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