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Hello Viewers! Good day to you! Welcome back! Glad you guys are here! This is a 2009 Infiniti FX35 with a 3.5 liter V6 Nissan Infiniti Motor uh customer states that while driving the vehicle will stall while coming to a stop on occasion. They also State There was a check engine light turned on and they've had some recent work done to it just before 118 603 miles on the odometer. Now we can see here there is, uh, currently no check engine light illuminated. Uh, what we're going to do here.

We're gonna go out thing in a test drive I'm going to attempt to recreate the stalling condition that they had described and then we're going to see if that check engine light pops up and then we'll go from there. stay tuned you can. Very good video opening Z Hood Foreign with me. We're going to take that along in the test drive.

so let's get this unit plugged in and powered on. Beep scan tool powering on. We'll get her connected, then we'll go out and hit the road and uh, see what this thing offers us for some evidence. uh regarding our our symptoms and situations.

Okay, scanner's pulling it up. We've got the Vq35de engine this 3.5 liter V6 Let's go ahead and pull up engine codes I Don't want to do that. Hurry up. Let's pull up our codes and see if any codes are in here without the light turned on and then we'll go out and drive around see if we cannot agitate the uh the system here I Had looked up and saw that there were warning lights on.

Then it occurred to me that the scan tool was triggering those lights to kick on so that no Faults found in the ABS it was just a scanner doing its uh, its system call Okay, engine data pulled up or engine menu pulled up. Rather, let's see if there's any latent trouble codes here for us to docutate mentally. And we do. We've got a P0014 exhaust cam position timing Advance slash Performance Bank One so it looks like the position of the cam on the bank one exhaust is uh is implausible.

The Uh the ECM does not like what's going on here. Okay, all right, I think I've seen enough For the time being, let's get uh, click it or ticket seat belt time we need some Mirror action. they're folded in. How do we get these open flows? There it goes.

That's clever. All right. let's go ahead and get out of here. hit the road, see how this thing uh X behaves, runs and drives and all that good stuff.

So I'm thinking having a fault or an intermittent fall, it's a consistent fault. Whatever kind of fault. Having a fault with the variable valve timing system on this engine would definitely cause a uh, like a stalling or low power or shuttering surging condition uh, similar to the one mentioned in our complaint on our paperwork over there. So I I Do believe we have uh, some kind of issue with the VVT system.

Now this engine has two Banks of cylinders. there's bank one and Bank two. and it's a dual overhead cam. So there are two camshafts per Bank of cylinder.

That's a total of uh, four camshafts overall. So because we have four camshafts, it's going to be two sets of timing. Chains It's going to be four actuators and four sprockets. And those sprockets are the part that allows the camshaft to turn in rotation to its Center Line We just had some stumbling.
It allows the cam to turn in rotation to its Center Line thus adjusting its angle of attack. Yeah! I Just felt it like right when we came up to a stop. So that kind of does confirm the complaint. It uh, it wants to stall and shutter.

Oh, it did it again. I Just gave it throttle and it kind of. it fell on its face for a second. I Mean overall, it's got decent power.

It seems to run well, but we definitely have a drivability issue here. so we have confirmed uh and verified the complaint. Let's go back down to the bottom of the bridge back to the shop. It's right there.

We'll head back to the shop and swing this thing on in and give it a closer look under the hood. Brakes feel good. Suspension feels good. Car feels pretty good.

These are really nice cars I Know people call them just a Nissan but they're They're a much higher trim level than a Nissan Hey look I Found my business card in the cup holder. That's passive advertisement at its finest. that'll in my moment of Shameless self-promotion Oh no. I was turning and the thing stalled on me.

This is not okay. I'm just gonna come over here and drive through the grass. Everybody's looking at me like what's this guy doing Yeah, it just like stalled and died right right when I went through that red light that was not okay restarting Z engine. you better start.

that was not okay. All right, it's running again now. I'm really going back to the shop I'm not getting stranded in uh, in a customer's Infinity No thanks. So yeah, we definitely have an issue here.

Uh Something's wrong with the variable valve timing system I Have expected a check engine light to show up on that that stalling event and it did not. Oh what are we doing here? Nothing. We're towing cars with non-trucks that was a Honda Ridgeline that's a it's a non-truck sorry Honda guys. Anyway, we're back to the shop going another.

Bridge Let's get uh, let's get this thing nosed in and see what uh, what we have to work with here. Well, it almost stalled again. Okay, well we're back. We're back to safety at the shop so let us knows her in right here.

Pop the Bonnet take a look under the hood, see what's going on in our engine compartment. Parking Ziato! We'll leave it on for right now. Hop on out. Oh real quick.

We're gonna turn this wheel all the way to the right. I Was just taking a look at my paper over here and uh, it says that the they were advised that the left front axle is slinging grease everywhere and uh, they want that rechecked also. So let's just go down below real fast and recheck uh, that axle before proceeding. I will need my flashing light for that.
And while I'm here, bear with me here. Let me, uh, let me just put the charge in this. F-150 for the AC We're gonna do this in ounces and it was two point. It was two pounds one ounce at 16 32 33 ounces.

There we go math. The math is mapping, purging air. Okay now back to the test at hand. Get some lumens fired up here.

Let's take a look at that axle. They said left Front Climbing around and oh yeah, I See it. Look up there. It's the inner axle boot.

Check it out. Look at all that grease. See how that grease slung up? That means that boot? Yeah there she is. That one right there.

Okay confirmed. Does need left front CV axle. Copy that all right. now.

check that off the list that is popping easy Hood See what we've got down here in Nissan Land 3.5 meters. That's the big engine. Okay, we will not be seeing much of anything with this cover on here. so let's go ahead and Buzz these nuts off and we'll get rid of uh, this upper engine cover and we can see what's going on here.

Snippage. Oh, it's got five, not four. I Stand corrected. Pick that guy up too much.

Okay So we've got our our intake manifold here. This is a dual throttle body engine. See, there's one right there. one right there, two intake tubes, two air filters, two mass airflow sensors.

It's got the works right there. We've got one camshaft position sensor that's another sensor on the other side I Think those are for the intake cams, the exhaust cams. I Don't know if there's a sensor around here somewhere, but I can't identify the solenoid that right there. That's solenoids that supplies oil pressure to the phaser gears under the cover.

Likewise, there's another one right there has already replaced. uh, those solenoids. perhaps in an attempt to uh to solve this particular code. So that's the external components.

It also looks like they've replaced the sensors as well. So if someone's had their hand in this trying to fix it, they've put uh, sensors and solenoids in it and that did not seem to fix the problem. So uh, I Think what this will require is a some more in-depth diagnosis. All right.

Well, seeing as how there's been attempts already made to resolve this issue, let's head back into the cabin. We're gonna go ahead and shut this thing down. and uh, time to do a little bit of digging to figure out what's going on with this valve timing system. Alrighty, so this is about to turn into an invasive inspection I was incorrect in my assumption with Uh one thing regarding this particular Vbt system, you see the uh, the intake Cam that one's oil actuated but the exhaust cam which I think is actually yeah, that one that one should be the exhaust.

The exhaust cam is actually actuated with a magnetic friction clutch and I understand that I uh I should be able to disconnect or remove this cover right here in front of the engine and we can inspect the inside of that magnetic clutch. So what I'm going to do is we're going to pop these perimeter bolts out of this cover and pull this cover unit off of here once the cover is off. I can take a look at the camshaft sprocket and I can take a look at the magnetic clutch side to see if there's any like scarring or damage or things of that nature that would prevent that system from working. So it looks like I'm gonna need a just like a I think a 10 millimeter I should.
yeah, 10 millimeter, maybe a little pry bar. Okay, so since this is unplugged, Let's uh, let's get down and start getting some of these bolts out of the perimeter of this unit. See if we can't pop this cover off for a closer inspection. Get rid of that guy.

There's one bolt right there. Okay, next one reaching down and back and under this coolant hose. I'm getting the farthest away hot ones first because uh, why not? Oh, it's stuck I can't get it magnet. Need a magnet? How about a magnet on a screwdriver? Let's get in there and grab that guy There we go.

Got it? Okay, that's two of them. or is that next one at down even farther I presume? Yeah, yeah. one way down. Even farther than that, that guy buzzed out.

We had three Fasteners still can't see them all. Another one down there that I can't see. but I can feel it. You guys can't see either.

It's okay. We all know we're here for the audio, right? All right. So that's what. Five Six: I Think that's all the Fasteners that kind of hang on to that thing.

Put a pry bar in here and work this cover away from the actual timing. cover. cry driver, Get right in behind something here. There's a little lip right here, a little Tang sticking out rather.

maybe I can pry off of that. Nope. might have to hammer this thing off. It's got uh oh I missed one look at that I missed the bolt.

It's hiding behind this. uh, ground wire right here. That could have been bad for the Integrity of the aluminum. Very bad.

There we go. And while I'm here I need to pluck this uh wire connector out of that aluminum housing. There we go I think I got her crack loose. it's being held up with this dowel pin.

There's a little dowel and I don't want to break it because I don't know if this part is bad or not and breaking it would be not okay because then I gotta buy it. Break it, You buy it. Those are the rules. at least those are my rules.

Some people's rules. if you break it, you just make them buy it. but uh I don't think that that's okay. So when I break it I buy it.

Wiggle Wiggle please come off. it's moving. it's gonna come out. Just keep doing this.

Yeah I don't know if you can see it. but right here is where that little dowel pin thing is. So I'm gonna try to get behind this with this punch and we're just gonna linear impact driver that cover away from that dowel pin. There it goes.
Tapping action come out came out some. Let's wiggle it some more with our pry bar here. All right I feel like something else is holding that up down at the bottom like did I miss a bolt I don't think I did and now there's no no missing Fasteners here. Maybe there's another pin down there somewhere.

okay maybe. pocket driver pry action. A little bit of that it's thing moved I don't maybe I missed a bolt I think I missed one. Yeah, there's got to be one more farther down.

Okay, more disassembly required to get this component off. All right. Well, judging from what I can't see and what I was feeling down here, I think that there is one more bolt that happens to be behind this, uh, serpentine belt tensioner right here. So I am going to come on in and pull this belt off.

This is actually a little bit more, uh, more invasive than I thought it was going to be. I mean we are just diagnosing this after all I didn't plan on doing a timing job on this today, but I'm gonna at least try to come up with some answers in this thing so we know what we need to do moving forward. so the belt's coming off. Now let's get my ratchet back.

It's a little warm in here and then I can pull off this uh, tensioner right here. See that actually I think it's more than just the tensioner I Believe it's going to be the plate that that tensioner bolts too. I Think that is what is capturing my final bolt here. Unclick you come on out.

Belt Tensioning unit: Oh hi, that's a little warm. Okay, there's a pulley on there I can't see past that pulley. so I'm just gonna disconnect that pulley as well. Take that guy off.

Holy gravity, Come back pulley. I Don't want to lose you and your Hardwares Oh I'm dropping stuff and it's hot. There we go. So we got.

There's a 14 right there on that little plate and there should be one or two below it. Those guys out of there? Yeah! I See one? I See one back there hiding out right right down there. Let's try it with an extension and a little bit more light. I I Had to move one of my lights I couldn't see I saw nothing down here.

Let's get that guy loose. That one's tight. Maybe we'll try this one over here first. unclickage.

Wow. those are all super tight. Okay, not for the electron ratchet so I did not quite expect that, but there appears to be, uh, quite a bit of torque on on these 14 mil bolts here that hold this, uh, this bracket on. so we had to.

Oh man, that's tight. Loud on clicks. There we go. Yeah, those guys are.

They're in there. pretty good. So that's one loose. Let's find the next one.

Ow, that was hot right there. Uh, there's one right there. Let me get that guy out. All right.

Bye darling. Check you later. Say bye to the Internet. she's going to pick up the children's on.

Come on there we go. That's a tight one too. They're all tight. Everything's tight on this car.
Yeah, that's too loose. I'll buzz them out with the electron ratchet in a moment. I Just want to get them all broken loose with my big ratchet here. There's one more down there.

Down low yellow. Let's see here. let's give this a tug upwards. I'm turned without a click.

but it did turn. This is good. Okay, now let's switch it out. Switch our socket and extension out to the electric ratchet and then spin those out with some speed.

Flashlight down. Troy What you're banging on over there. you're trying to break it. Is that the stud that's broken on that exhaust? Hit it harder? Yeah, so you're You're afraid to hit something broken here.

Hang on. Let me show you intermission about that. Yeah here. Okay.

Switch me. Hold this. Okay, you hold this. Let me hold the hammer.

Oh yeah, that's in there. like a lot. Seriously. Seriously? Yeah, yeah, that's in there.

Let's get the pneumatic one out. Next, we need more aggressive impacts I Choose this one. and uh, the pointy one. This pointy one that's more pointier.

Okay, let's try this again. More aggression. Seriously. Um I am not amused.

All right I don't I Don't appreciate this. All right. New strategy. Okay, so clearly you guys can see I've buggered this up.

Uh, pretty hardcore and the the stud won't come out. so I need to just drill the stud out. Uh first. what I'm gonna do is hit this uh with a little polishing wheel and grind this flat and then we're gonna drill it out.

Loud noises. sorry, do it. drill bit coming in right there. smoking.

Yep, we're getting through it now. All right. So maybe that drilling action there was enough to loosen the grip that that stud has on the flange. Perhaps I can knock it out.

Now with the lamp pack, let's see what she does, Not even close. Come on. Nothing welded to the bottom. It's not right.

Okay, more. Drilling Uh oh. hang on. One more distraction: I Got a customer picking up a Mazda and uh, it's been parked for a wild battery's dead.

so I need to go and jump start that. So out to the lot we go I need to move I need to move this Duramax Silverado it's a big Duramax Silverado look at here. it's got Bank stuff inside of it stocking. It's easy to fire this unit up I need to get my truck out so I can get my uh, my jumper cables out.

This is a constant distraction kind of day. Okay, good here. Park in the Silverado power down AC and this thing's louder than the Duramax is for now. Yeah I know what you're saying.

Just get a jumper box. but my jumper box junk. So I'm not using it starting. it's the Duramax Again, we're gonna use the battery pack out back plus my super long extended jumper cables to get this Mazda restarted.

All right. We're good here. Park that popping out back. Let's get down to our giant electron containment unit.
I Need some cables? Not those these ones right there? Oh those are the big boys and you guys said these big cables were stupid. They're wrong. Plug that guy in right there. right there.

red. Positive Black Negatory dude. That one here. Let's do this right.

So I don't Uh, don't park some stuff. There's positive. Okay, let's turn on the alternators too. While we're here.

there we go. now. This battery is connected to the alternators up front. Click that guy.

Gravity that one goes on. This is. I Can't reach. There we go.

Are the keys in there? Yep. we're good. Looks good. Everybody's looking good.

Nice foreign here. and this side quest is complete. Shut down our our solenoid. There we go.

That's temporary by the way. All right. that was a success. Operations complete.

Let's get this thing backed out of the way so they can pull their their car out. That was one of my first cars here when I opened the shop. Long-term project Turbocharged Mazda I Think we're good right about here. Yep.

Parking Seattle Powering down. there it goes. Goodbye little Mazda Okay, now back to our first distraction since we just got finished with the last distraction. That's how it is.

You got to think on your feet. You got to be agile mobile, versatile, and sometimes hostile. But right now I'm gonna be hostile. Come on now.

Is it drilled enough to punch through? Maybe bad noises there. Got it? It's out. Beautiful. Well, that was silly, but necessary.

So now I can return this thing uh, back to Troy and his S10 and we get this thing back together also. And then I can go back to my Nissan Infinity Yay! All right, moving back in to the infinity. Let's get this bracket thing off of here. That's the bottom bolt for the bracket and already got the top one out.

I Guess it's been so long I Already forgot what I was doing here. There's two out, one more at the bottom I Think there's just the three I hope it's just three. I mean well, that's whatever. If it's uh, if it's four, then I'll just take the other one out too.

Let's see. No, Yes, no. maybe I don't think I got the wrong one. Yeah, there's one more I think that's one? Yeah, okay, let's get that last one disconnected.

Maybe that's not the the one. Come on bracket. What's the deal here? Let me guess. I gotta take the crankshaft pulley off next to get this bracket off.

Yeah, yeah about that. No. maybe I seem to pry bar it? Oh yeah, there we go. It's got a dowel hanging on to it or something or something.

Oh, why is. Oh, that's because there's a power steering pump next that's hanging on to it. All right. So let's take that off.

You know, for such a simple, easy diagnostic. I'm getting in pretty deep now is not what I had to been anticipating. I think there's a bracket bolt back here through the power steering pump. Power steering, pump, pulley.
There's that bolt and then there should be one more up top, a little higher up the smaller one. Yeah, that one there. Let's get that one loose and then maybe I can swing that pump over and get that out of there. Yeah, that's power steering bracket at the top.

Oh, don't fall out there. We go now. Do I have enough stuff taken off? No, that's a flashlight. Let's Wiggle this pump back might need some pry bar for that.

Also, to get it off of its bracket, get back pump, Get back. I Say okay, the pump is off of that bracket that was capturing it and I'm still that bracket is still capturing this other bracket. so that didn't not do me much good. Okay I skipped ahead through the intake box.

uh. removal procedure: I'm trying to get, uh, get that bracket right there removed and I found it's got two more bolts on it way down there in that hole that bolted to the block. So I can't get this bracket off unless I get this bracket off and I can't get this bracket off because there's an exhaust in the way and the whole time I'm just trying to get this cover off so I can inspect the magnetic clutch for the solenoid. This is not fun I wish it was just on that side.

If it was that side, we would have been done already. So we're doing this the remarkably hard way. Okay, we're coming in and going all the way down. way back there with the uh Flex head red it's here.

Let's see. Oh, it's going to take some Force here there we go. That one turned okay, that one's loose. The question is is can I get my my flanges way back in there to get that that bolt out.

And even worse, how do I get the new one back in later? It's still kind of hot too. Okay, got a extension on it. a quarter inch Drive extension with a wobble socket and that's enabling me to reach around behind that bracket gravity and get a hold of uh, that Fastener back there. see that that's going to be a fun one to get back in.

it was. It's a challenge enough just to get the thing out. Okay, let me get my socket back and then I'll go back in there with my magnet and fish that bolts out of the hole. There is like rocket surgery.

The highest quality. I'll drop my magnet. Come on out there, try again. Go in from the top.

Come on Okay, I've got the bolts. There's one of them. One more to go. Now this one.

I Have to get from the front side of that bracket. so we're just gonna go at it with a straight socket and extension right there. Yeah, we'll come on down with the ratchet. Get that ratchet on the extension.

There we go. If I can't get this guy to crack loose and oh, there's one click free ratcheting kick. Number two, There we go. Okay, that's gonna come out good so we can switch back out to our 14 flexi on the quarter inch.

Use this driver to spin that nut bolt Fastener out of the block and that should release the bracket that's capturing the bracket. It's capturing the bracket. Oh, that didn't work. No more loose there.
Uh oh, it came off Oh no way. I Broke my piece of crap extension. That was a not a Snap-On extension and now there's pieces of it stuck in my socket. Okay.

Side Project extraction: I'm out. Yeah, that's in there pretty good. We're gonna need a like a curvy angular pick. Fortunately, there's a there's a hole in the front side of this.

Push that guy out there. we go. Okay, back in. Action New extension.

Let's try this again. Re-entering the dungeon, let's get that guy on there. One more bolt. Oh God The bracket's coming through.

Yeah, what we need I Need to achieve freedom on this bracket? Fetch that. Fastener So it doesn't get lost when you go up there. power steering, you just sit right there. That's fine there.

Okay, there's the bracket that was capturing this right there on this bracket. Okay, now. uh. I'm assuming there's one more.

Fastener Yep, Sure enough, there it is. There's the last bolt for the front of, uh, this little cover right here. That's that's what I needed. That's all I needed.

right? There was that. Just the one bolt and nothing more. That was so easy. Oh, and it's on the ground or on the panel.

I I See it? I Think got it there. She is okay. that goes back up on the air filter now. I Would like this thing to come out.

anything else. Holding on to it. Negative: It has achieved freedom and see what we have here. We've got our big gasket.

Set that aside. This is the magnetic induction coil. This thing. It's kind of like a clutch where this is supposed to grip onto this friction plate right here.

Now understand that if, uh, if you find a regular wear on that friction plate, you have to replace the actuator and it appears that, uh, there's no irregular wear on that. can't get a look at those timing chains. At least get a finger on them. We'll see if any of them are loose.

It's a negative on that one. that one feels good. Can't reach the go in the back. What? I'm seeing here is this intake cam.

That's this one. The top of the chain is right there, then the other side of the chain running down is over here. So what that tells me is that this exhaust cam is being run off of the intake can because there is no additional chain that runs down to the crankshaft. and if we look right there, we can see smaller exhaust cam or exhaust cam chain.

Rather, that's the top side of it, then the bottom side. Uh, let's try to get down in here a little bit. see the bottom side of it. Oh I See it right here.

Yep, there is the bottom side so see the link right there. So this cam simply runs off of this cam. So that tells me that that Cam being out of phase cannot be caused by a sloppy chain. I Mean it could be.
but the chain that runs this cam is not sloppy or loose and it is in time. So I don't speculate that this, uh, the primary chain for the intake cam is faulty. Otherwise, we would have a camshaft position codes or or issues regarding the intake side of it. Which leaves me to believe that the uh, the only possible cause is either going to be this actuator right here on the exhaust side or the magnetic actuator that is integrated into the cover over here.

So I believe that the problem with this trouble code this p0014 has something to do with this magnetic actuator that's housed inside of this cover. I Do understand that there is a way to get this actuator out. There's some kind of like kit that comes with like little paper shims or something and you're supposed to like shim this uh, this area right here here and here in order to get the thing to release I've never done that before I don't know how to do it, but I understand it is possible. um, if, uh, if the replacement it just comes with this I guess I'll have to figure it out anyway to kind of rule out uh, anything obvious I'm taking a look at the wires here and I don't see any frays or breaks in the actual wiring.

Which leads me to believe that the the fault is somewhere inside of this coil. Or perhaps it's even this friction material here that is supposed to clutch onto the face of uh, of that exhaust camshaft actuator. Either way, I cannot do anything without any parts. But I do believe that this is our affected component causing the trouble code.

so let me see what I can do about finding one of these and getting it ordered and then we'll go from there. Alrighty, so returning to the scene of the crime here, we're giving this uh, front friction plate one more inspection and it's looking really good here. There's almost no marks, uh, indicating where or a regular wear rather on the front of this plate. uh, seeing as how we do not have an intake camshaft uh, failure, uh, trouble code in the system we have a full engine oil level and we've already had somebody change out gravity I already had somebody change the solenoid that actuates our intake Cam That does lead me to believe, uh, that our issue again lies with our magnetic retarder on the cover itself.

Now that being said, I don't have one of these covers and these covers are not easily, uh, obtainable. I've got to get this thing up from. Nissan They do make some of them, um, in the aftermarket variety, but I'm not really interested in putting an aftermarket component on there. Having said that, these, uh, these covers with this magnetic retarder inside tend to be a fairly pricey component and because of that, the owner wants to kind of sleep on it and let me know tomorrow what they would like to do with this car.

So at this point, I have no more to offer you guys regarding our diagnosis and regarding this uh, particular video other than a thank you for watching this video As always I Hope you enjoyed this video. If you did enjoy this video, let me know what you think about it in the comment section down below. Don't forget to tap that like button while you're down there. And most importantly, every cell is a fantastic day.
See you guys later into this particular video. Hopefully it's going to be a part two. Uh, actually there will be a part two because even if they decline this, we're going to put it back together and uh, we'll talk about it a little bit more in detail. So again, and as always, thank you guys for watching! Most importantly, have yourselves a fantastic day! See you guys later in! Nissan in 3.5 liter V6 into variable camshaft recharge code in the video.

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    Small fun fact, the FX35 is the smallest engine we got in the states. The number in those times denoted engine size, so FX35 is a 3.5L V6, there was an FX45 that had a 4.5L V8, and in the next gen, it went FX35 with the same (or newer) 3.5L V6, or a FX50 with a 5.0L V8. The EU had a FX30d (3.0 diesel) and an FX37 (3.7L V6).

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  3. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Michael Knorr says:

    In Some situations, the easiest repair is to remove the radiator cap, install new car, drive home and replace the cap. If parts have been replaced, the light may need to be reset.

  4. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Richard One says:

    Yes and if that doesn't work take a hammer and try that and if that doesn't work the recycling center would be the best choice 😉

  5. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars vidioboy2008 says:

    Snap-On's knock off brand is Snap-Off 🤣

  6. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars sniperlif3 says:

    I do love Infinity due to my dad owning a G35 and Fx35(?) while growing up. Both went over 150k without major maintenance and the sound the VQ with Infinity exhaust is nice for a stock car. He misses his Inifinity cars soo much. His replacement was a Range Rover (wife wanted it) and he states that the power, features, and comfort are trash (I also agree), and at 50k he already needed much more invasive repairs.

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  8. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars ZACARIAS BC says:

    By Wife Unit ¡¡¡¡-

  9. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Kevin G says:

    Did you ohm test it ? or actuate it with a scan tool ?

  10. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Derek Kimball says:

    I had a VQ35DE engine

    Always sensors, sensors……..

    The wife’s Acura with the KA24, no CEL in 130k miles.

    Older Honda motors. Hang on to them.

  11. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Rb 99 says:

    Once again, design engineers do not fix their product

  12. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Mick D says:

    That vice needs to be mounted on something MUCH more solid. much of your
    hammer blow impact energy is being wasted just flexing your bench!
    Weld something strong and heavy up from metal lying around 🙂

    What a pain in the…. that engine design is!!!

  13. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars bill smith says:

    Aggressive impact? You need a solid workbench!

  14. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Terance Boren says:

    "That was not a Snap-on extension", it was a snap-off extension!

  15. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Daddyoh says:

    isn't that end threaded into the flange on the exhaust pipe?

  16. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars W W says:

    Hey Ray, we call constant interruptions, an ADHD Day. Don't worry bro, we all have them.

  17. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars REALDriverJim81 says:

    Step one, remove engine.

    Step two, sell it all to junkyard.

    Step three… well, buy a bicycle maybe?

  18. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars The Third Rail839 says:

    if you would keep driving that car, you would get stuck so many times it would be considered INFINITY and Beyond …….

  19. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Jay Partington says:

    I'm wanting to purchase a set of extension wobble sockets that I see you use all the time in your video's. What brand are they and what are the sizes they come in? Thanks. I did find a set by gear wrench but only go from 10mm to 15mm. Would prefer a more complete set 8mm to 19 or as high as 21mm. Thanks. Keep up the good work.

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    It was a snap-off extention…

  21. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Danny Neal says:

    That's one thing I hate about Nissans. They like to stack unrelated components, which occasionally requires you to destroy a perfectly good part just to get to what you need to replace. The next step beyond planned obsolescence?

  22. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Mike R says:

    No mileage report on the Silverado you moved?

  23. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Mike Cabral says:

    Good luck Ray looks like you have some good advice here. I have no idea what their talking about but it sounds helpful.

  24. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Da Phatdaddy says:

    Man the addition of u in the DeLorean in the intro cheesing, makes me laugh every time. I can see the 80s kid in that clip lol

  25. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars JT Jones says:

    All of this is why I hate working on Nissan and Infinity, the Chrysler of Japanese cars.

  26. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Artillerest 43rd VA says:

    yes, I first hand know pricing of dealer parts, drive shaft bearings {with shaft} after market $1100,
    dealer $3000 , after market on line parts store $ 300! do not know if there is a quality difference.
    talk about “ snow ball factor” take apart 4 items for a single bolt ! great video, have a great day!

  27. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Taylor Innovations says:

    Your vise is not mounted on a solid enough surface. The bench is flexing when you pound on things in the vise, absorbing some of the force. You'll have easier success in the future if you can mount your vise on something more rigid.

  28. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Michael Stoliker says:

    Dyslexus! Assembled backwards and sideways.

  29. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Warren Martin says:

    I need those drill bits 👀😂

  30. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Dreux Lescell says:

    If that axle wasn't making noise, just change the boot after repacking it.
    You'll still get the labor out of without upselling an axle.
    You can take the technician out of retail, but you need to take the retail out of the technician! LOL!!!

  31. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Donald Huffman says:

    Man that was crazy Ray I was like ok he’s gonna need one hinni for that then it was like three for that and by the end it was like ok it’s a twelve’r for sure lol have a great day awesome video patience like no one I’ve seen😅

  32. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Norman Garrand says:

    I can see YOU'RE deathly afraid of torches most of all the stuck bolts that you try to remove and break off would easily come out if you used some heat !! Oh by the way save your money on all that wd 40 and other crap it doesnt work !

  33. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Bill Graff says:

    Ray, honest mechanic and good entertainer. Continuing success to your business and your YouTube empire!

  34. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Ghett SUMM says:

    I don't imagine cars that you work on ever fully cool off in FLA., unless they sit overnight. Keep it up Ray. 👍

  35. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Sid Walker says:

    And beyond?

  36. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars FriPilot says:

    Given the condition of the left side boot, would you also replace the right side as
    a matter of course? It seems like boots, like some other things, are often replaced
    as pairs.

  37. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Charles Curran says:

    Good old Nissan engineers, designing engines to make all repair shops miserable or rich….maybe both.

  38. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Chris Langstaff says:

    My 07 FX35 has been pretty solid mechanically, no issues with drivetrain. Just lots of rust, some electrical switch stuff, bubbled dash. Has been a good purchase for a used luxury car 7-8 years ago. I wanted to dump it because it take premium gas and that is crazy $$$ especially now that my kids drive the car as well, but new car prices are still ridiculous!

  39. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Kai Syversen says:

    Suggestion: put up a PayPal fund pool for pay it forward repairs to help people in a unfortunate situation an not able to pay for needed repairs?

  40. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars James DeArman says:

    what a pain in the neck. what kenore4003 says.

  41. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Michael O'Neill says:

    When in doubt, drill it out.😂

  42. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars dantes inferno purgatory says:

    Infiniti – perfect description of the cost to purchase and maintain… infinity