In this video I have a look at a young ladies 92 Ram W150 that she bought used for waaayyyyyy to much money and the person that sold it to her took her for a ride. The under hood wiring harness is a huge mess and we have to see if we can straighten it out so she can use the truck.
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Hey there viewers! Welcome back to the South Main on channel. Got the 1992 Ram It's a W150. It's got the four wheel drive. it's a 5-2 and it's doesn't run.

First of all. I Give her a little shot of the old uh, brake, clean down the throttle body. She fires right up. So we have a fuel delivery issue and unfortunately, the thing has left this young lady walking more than it's gotten to where she needs to get.

So I typically don't work on stuff this old or stuff for the wiring in this condition. This is kind of a a special circumstance. Maybe I'll tell you about. uh, maybe I won't but we need to see if we can't fix this up.

I'll show you the wiring under the hood sometimes when she goes out to start it. If she turns the key on and the fuel pump comes on and runs continuously, then she knows it'll run, but it'll ultimately will just quit when she's driving down the road. Lots of black tape I Think the fuel pump relay is just Mia I Think somebody's butt connected it, but let's have a look and see what we can do to kind of put this thing back the way it's supposed to be and get this girl going again. So here's what kind of mess you have under the hood.

It's pretty rough folks. I Think well, all of these relays here are all this kind of hanging out. There probably wasn't really here at some point. might have been one here.

I Think these wires here. they go down to that marker light and I assume they probably feed that visor, but it's just overall I think there's enough stuff here to work with. Somebody's wired this reload and evidently she's had a fuel pump put in it and that didn't uh, didn't fix it. So anyhow, um I don't think the under the dash wearing I did take a peek at that.

that looked okay because he's old school. It's what Chrysler calls. they're Sbec so it's going to be their single board engine controller that lives right there. I Do believe this is the data link connector for uh for that because it is.

It is fuel injected these older three teens and 360s you can get them. Uh, it's one of the first years for it so we gotta try to do what we can do. So so here's my thoughts, folks. just looking at.

you know, looking at this stuff I don't know if this is like AC relay horn relay fuel pump auto shutdown I'm not real sure we need to try to figure that out. We need to figure out which color wires you know which one of these goes to uh the fuel pump I do know when I stopped uh I'll put her mom's house and looked at this key on I went out here and I was touching some wires and I could hear the fuel pump back there kicking on now. I tried to do that to get it inside here today and it wouldn't do anything. So I sprayed some brake clean in there and had Josh drive it while I was hosing it and it you know starts and runs fine until it take away its fuel source.

So I Think what we need to do is we've got to try to get this truck a little bit more reliable. For let's look at a diagram. find the fuel pump relay wiring. Uh, see? perhaps what this relay is that somebody's wired in the southern relay? it's hanging out here I Don't know what it is, but it's You know it's all super green and corroded.
Um, so I Imagine you know it's all down in the wiring here. it's all corroded. So let's see what we need to do. Perhaps somebody bypassed the fuel pump relay because of some other reason I Don't know if she bought this truck used and let's just see what we can do folks and then let's see what we can do.

Yeah, let's do it. let's get out there. I Found this this wiring diagram and service data and it shows fuel pump auto, shutdown, starter, and AC cut relay and then part throttle unlocked I don't strip if I didn't have that but um, you know perhaps one of these two is the is a starter relay. I Guess we could just pull it out and and see, but that is the order of our relays there I think the ones we're concerned about most are auto shutdown and the fuel pump relay.

Let's see if we can find which set of wires and relays are on those and see what the heck's going on here. I Got our starter relay, our fuel pump and our auto shutdown. Super enhanced because on the regular diagram I'll show you the beads are on. it'll look something like this.

Really hard to see what I'm going to do is on these enhanced versions. I'm going to go through and find out what wires what label them right here and then we're going to find them down there. I Think I have what we need. Uh here folks, our dark blue with yellow.

so that's going to be up here on the control side of the relay for both of them. Dark blue with yellow feeds pin two on both of these relays and that is the control wire coming from the PCM So that's what's going to you know, turn on this relay now the dark blue wire I've labeled that as ignition feed and that comes from the PCM and then on the load side of the relay. So this is you know what's going to turn your fuel pump so it's going to be on the high current side our fuel pump and then the high current side of the auto shutdown relay which this on Chrysler that feeds like injectors and oxygen, the heaters and you know all everything that needs 12 volts on the engine. Uh, like probably the ignition coil stuff like that the red wire comes from.

You can see right here a fusible link. But ultimately ends up at the Pcm2. It's also a battery feed for the PCM. So I Think what we need to do.

The only way to identify these two relays apart is going to be on their con or on the load side. One's going to have a dark green with black going to the fuel pump, the other one's going to have a dark green with orange going to everything. So let me find this series of wires. It's going to involve these things.

The wiring diagram is terrible. Um, let's just look at this set of wipers here. So we're looking for a dark blue with yellow which we have here. We got two dark Blues with yellow.
Okay so this is probably the auto shutdown relay because on the auto shutdown relay, let's see you can see here how it has two sets of wires. it Piggies off the one and goes to the fuel pump. So let's see we have two dark blue with yellows. Uh, we've got our dark blue, we've got our red.

and then what else do we have here? We have a green or this is like a black. a dark green and black. I Think yeah. so dark green and black and that would be dark green and black would be the fuel pump.

So that's interesting. Okay, all right. so this is likely the fuel pump one. Then dark green was black, blue with yellow red.

So yeah. so this is fuel pump okay. and then auto shutdown. We're looking.

This is blue with yellow. We've got the Reds and then this is green with orange, green with orange. So this must be the auto shutdown relay here. The one, oddly enough, must still function.

That's interesting. Okay, so that's what those two relays are. just out of curiosity. I Didn't even bother looking at our starter relay because that actually worked.

So let's just see. the starter relay is brown with yellow. and that's this one here that's brown with yellow and then it has a brown. Yep, oh boy.

Brown and a red. Yeah, gosh, how can this be the starter relay here? I Don't know. Frigg does that work. Brown, brown with yellow and red.

Yeah, those are the wires for the starter relay. So let's enter. this truck. cranks over just fine.

Um so I wonder if it has a solenoid on the starter also I Don't think these old Chryslers did. but perhaps it does. and they're just running current through all of this mess. so it looks like this is possibly the starter.

This is the fuel pump. This is the auto shutdown relay. I Have no idea what this is I'm gonna take just for the sake of knowing we should probably cut this open. see what color wires we have going here? Perhaps this is just Irrelevant This may be just like air conditioning or something, so I'll do that off camera.

I Just kind of wanted this little point of Discovery here while you were here. I'll see which see who's who here. Wow. Okay, we got something to go on.

I Just kind of want to see what's happening here. Okay, so they've got a brown and a yellow jumper together because if this is a starter relay, I'm kind of curious how they have it hooked. so it actually works are actually cranks so the only two things hooked together here. All right.

Okay, be careful. this wire is cut right through. So they had this brown and yellow hook together. They had that like that and then all taped up.

Uh, the yellow. Let's see. I'm just gonna look on a diagram here. of course you have to bear with me folks.

Uh, the brown goes right to the starter solenoid and the yellow comes from the ignition switch. Let me just bump the key here. I Want to make sure it still works. You guys might vibrate a little.
so in theory if we are correct, if we unhook this truck, truck should not crank over. This is the starter relay. Okay, what can we learn here about this? Let me go see what wires what here on the starter relay? See if are we missing something? Are we missing a power? Is there a reason that they did what they did or did the relay fall off and nobody knew how to put it back together? I'm not sure. Maybe at some point these things were pigtailed up underneath.

You know, onto these relays. It's really hard to say. but let me see. Uh, who's who here? I Guess we really don't need to look that hard.

The let me just give you guys kind of a picture of our starter relay. there. kind of burn that into your memory. Maybe I'll pull up on the screen if I think about it while I'm doing the editing.

So we know we know a couple things just by the way that they have it hooked together. here. We know that the brown wire. So this wire goes directly to the starter solenoid.

so the starter must have its own solenoid on it that goes there. We know that yellow wire comes from the ignition switch and we know that that's good. It's not being used properly, but it's good. Uh, so that leaves us with just two wires.

Left is a full-time power. Which is this red wire here. So that's good. And then the brown with yellow must be this.

brown with yellow has to be a ground reason. I Say that is because the Bra and the yellow wire. this is the control side of the relay. One of these has to be power.

Which we know this yellow one is from the ignition switch and one of them has to be a ground to make the uh certain like work. So we have power from the ignition. This one needs to be a ground coming from something. uh probably the engine controller.

I Think it says one of it goes the engine control. We have to find out where the other, where the other half of it goes and then we have our load side. We have our power and our solenoid wire. This should crank the engine right here.

Okay so that cranks the engine. I Had the key on as reason it started. Still adds a little bit of Cosby sauce in the old intake layer. So let's the only wire we need to know what works and what doesn't is this one here.

Brown with yellow. Let me find exactly where this goes and perhaps this is why they didn't They did what they did all right. so that's pretty easy. The brown with yellow.

Oops. lost my page here. Uh, one pin of it. One of this brown and yellow splits off some place here ghosts.

One goes to the single board engine controller and the other one goes through the neutral. Uh, the neutral safety switch. Now this truck currently is an automatic I Don't know if at some point it would stick, but technically with the vehicle in park as it is right now, we should have a ground on that if our neutral safety switch is good in all of its related wiring. and see, we don't we don't have a ground.
so this. oops, no, we don't have it. Our test light is no good. Let's see here.

let me get a better bite on our Tesla I'm on battery positive with the test light. Here we go. So anything that's a ground should light up. Oh look at that.

Let me get uh Mrs o out here to move the shifter for us and see this ground should go away if she puts it in driver reverse. And if that's the case, we've got everything we need here to make the ding starter, relay work. Why on Earth did somebody take it out? Perhaps because they didn't understand how it works? I'm guessing. So let's go get the very lovely Mrs Elf Oh, we're hot on the trail out here.

Oh yeah, we need you. Oh, you know that one thing you do? Yeah, well there's several things that you do I need to put on the brake pedal almost I Gotta put it in gear. in and out of gear. That other thing, it's even got the purple tint I Haven't seen that in a lot of years.

Yeah. I Just need you to put it in and out of gear. For me, it's going to be in park and then you Gotta Go reverse and then neutral and we're gonna see if our little test light lights up. Oh just a minute.

Oh no, we're storing it. She's old school. She's old school. You gotta reaches the window.

so just turn the key on. Don't crank it. just on. it won't crank any time.

Oh, there you go and then it's in park apparently. Oh man down. Okay. put it in reverse neutral.

Oh, drive back in park. There it is. Old son. We don't know why they bypass this reason though.

The starter relay. They had it. They had it all rigged up and everything's there to work. You look good in a single cab.

regular. Srbc, whatever they call them on the internet now. Uh, I bet this is just great to drive. They're not bad.

Somebody's already converted the uh steering shaft on it. So anybody that's on the diet she knows about that piece of junk I rebuilt a lot of them when I was a kid. You know, somebody put a U-joint Style on here. so it's probably not terrible.

It's not a minivan, but it's not terrible. So here's what I say folks. let's take what we know. Um, now that we know we have everything that we need and nothing that we don't Did you shut the key off? Anyway, Okay, um.

let's wire up a relay, get this portion of it fixed, kind of set to the side. Oh, you have to worry about that myself. and then we're gonna move on to the fuel pump. I do have some relays here and some wiring pigtails that we can use.

Ultimately, we're going to go back in here and do some of this. Well, we got to cut this all the way down here to where it's in a bad place trying to help this girl out. Are you fixing all of it? I'm fixing all of this all of that stuff there I'm just fixing what I know is or that we can see is wrong with it. but I'll be honest.
I'm struggling a little bit because just because that doesn't it? Oh, this whole deal is tough for me. Well just do what you've been asked I know it's not there. it's the whole situation with this young lady. I Know, but that's not your business I Know we're not just that I tried to explain to people oh I know this girl well.

we know her family and It's just tough because Jesse's gonna be doing it. Um, well, he'd be happier helping her I know I gotta go away. you can I'm a tough guy. No, you're not.

We all cry I know it's okay to cry. you can cry. So we've got a regular uh, five pin relay. uh I think these ones are capable of 40 amps I think I'll get them from Napa I Keep a couple of these around with uh pigtails and we'll be able to.

You know we'll be able to mount this wherever we need to mount it and label it and all that stuff. Uh, before you put in the comment section I know there's you know, a million different better choices You could use blah blah blah so on and so forth. but this is what we're using. We're going to put some fluid film on it to keep it from getting crusty.

Rusty we'll Mount her up and I'm going to label what wires which here get these kind of situated and we'll get this one all uh we're gonna use crimp and seal connectors so if you get triggered by that, look away. Let's get after all right here we go folks. I've got us the wiring diagram. I Wrote down the colors on the truck side and the colors on the relay side.

So that way we don't have to think we can just do if you can, avoid thinking and just do do it. So this wire is hot so we gotta be careful with this little guy because we're not going to unhook the battery, we're just going to pull out. kind of. Get this around.

we got to find that crappy spot in it because we want to make sure we at least cut that far down. Now we have lots of wire on this so let's just chop all these guys, chop that one there and we'll chop them off pretty well the same. I Think we just got to be mindful that we're going to end up taping this all back up so we'll kind of get them where I Think we need them this weekend kind of half make it somewhat decent here once the show's over. Okay, pick up little pigtails that we dropped down here and I will strip these back I hear This Hood over here like bouncing slightly my camera I can just barely hear something over here.

Wiggly Making noise, but it probably sounds horrendous on the camera, but that thing picks up everything these back. So the reason there's some personal investment into this fixing this young lady's truck is a long time ago. A long long time ago. I Used to work with her dad at my dad shop and I was friends with them in school and everything growing up in his family.

they're A they're a good family, they're farming family lives up the road here but connectors for our butts and in 2008 this girl's dad got killed in a logging accident. He uh, worked on trucks, worked on big trucks, worked on all kinds of things. big dodge guy loved his dodges and he was cutting down a tree because he uh sold firewood and he didn't see a snag that was in the top of this tree when he cut it and that was it. Five pound branch hit him in the head and that was it.
He died the next day so that was in 2008. August Actually it was just few days ago from today in 2008 and this young lady was a very little girl at that point. we just started our family and so Vanessa and I went and stayed at their house and watched their three kids she have three kids or two kids I think yeah because she just had to be there was a young baby. but anyhow we went and watched their their kids well she was at the hospital while her husband died so let's see, we'll leave these wires kind of long.

So anyhow, I know if her dad was here today that I would probably be fixing this anyways because he didn't really like electrical stuff but it just kind of something you think about while you're doing stuff like this. I Guess let's see I've got red to red is what I have labeled here on my sheet so we're gonna do that. and the other sad part was is these kids are all homeschooled and I went to her graduation her homeschool graduation on the farm and it was just sad. I mean it was a happy day but a sad day just because I know her dad never doesn't get to see it, just didn't seem fair foreign.

Oh no we're good. Brown To me wires the same color. but anyhow, life isn't fair folks. let's see blue.

Well we don't want to get that Twister on there. This one is brown with yellow and that goes to Blue Foreign, Yes, yes ma'am Okay, before we heat shrink these down folks, this is pin 87a which we don't need which should be the center pin. And technically we turned the key on and we hit the button. It should crank.

It shouldn't run, but it's going to crank so let's try it there standby. Okay, so we did that right. At least we did something right. Dooby Doo I'm gonna heat shrink these down.

Uh, not gonna show all that because there's gonna be a lot of going on. I'm gonna use a little mini torch triggers a lot of people I'm gonna do it right next to the battery. that'll trigger more people. So we're gonna do this off camera.

We're gonna heat shrink those babies down. They do have the adhesive in them and then the other thing we need to do. is there any? Chop it off? Yeah, we do. Chop It Off There's that.

and ding dong here we are. Anyhow, so that's that folks personal friend sad story. So it's going like that: heat shrink this little fella. No burn marks on it.

Perfect picture. Shut. I'll let that solidify and we're just going to take this in the harness. It's not we could de-pin it, but this will work.
Just lovely. That'll Harden right up. And now we don't have to worry about that shortening anything. and then we're going to figure out what's going on.

Fuel pump really be awesome if we fix that and everything runs. Everybody's happy. but I'm thinking that's not gonna. but we need to at least get it figured out before we move on here.

We're going to bust out the Scotch 33. and we're just gonna lightly tape this. We're not going to tape up the entire harness yet, but I just kind of want to keep these wires bundled up here. I'm going to put a few spots of tape on it now that the shrink or the shrink connectors have all solidified that.

Goos Out of them all, they have a really good shrink ratio, so even when you're using them on smaller gauge wires, they shrink down really nice. So I'm super happy with these. So there's that. I'll just put another spot of tape on it up here.

We'll send that to the side we'll get after that fuel pump. So what we need to do here is we need to see how how does this thing run or what. You know why? why does it run sometimes? So we have this wire. So our dark blue with yellow.

this was our control. Our dark blue I Don't know what. Certainly I pull the tape off there. That one's red.

our dark blue here. We'll get my glasses on that straight dark blue. It looks like that supposedly Fuel Pump dark blue is the ignition feed from the PCM And when that turns on, let's see our dark blue or our dark green with black. This wire right here.

dark green with black that is supposedly the one that goes to the fuel pump and this red wire. The battery feed supposedly comes from a fusible link. There's a couple red ones there, so that's a little bit confusing. Um, and we already determined that this is the auto shutdown right away, so that's interesting.

Um I say we chop it apart. It's interesting. I Don't know what this extra smaller red wire here is then these two. What's interesting is the way they have this hook together.

Technically, it should run this like I say this dark blue I'd have to follow it back. uh, ignition feed. Let me go see because it's the ignition feed. but it's the ignition feed for the control side, so that's kind of interesting.

Let me see where that comes from. Again, just on the diagram just to be sure. Okay, so this is the wires that they've had. Let's take our two blue with yellows groundside switch from the TCM Let's just kind of strip those back Let's Twist them together because we're going to be testing them together, so just temporarily twist those together.

Let's strip back. This is a green with black that should be straight to our fuel pump. We should be able to jumper power to this, which we can do. Let me go get a jump wire if we jump our power to that, we should hear the fuel pump.

uh and then this is going to tell us hey, if our fuel pumps good, see if the wiring is good back there because we don't know what's going on at the back Safety First We're going to use a fused jump wire maybe a first time ever on SMA We're doing something the safe way I Don't hear a fuel pump Negative: Ghost Rider Is our fuse any good? If I use this for some other safety thing appears to be so I thinking I'm thinking we've got more than just that problem. Let's grab a test light. Let's make sure our jump wire is good here. Always gotta test your test equipment.
folks. Rule number one: Okay, that's good. I Do not hear a fuel pump running on this car. so that's why it doesn't run.

So we have more problems than just the Rigmarole here, which we figured so we're gonna have to look underneath it. it's got a new fuel pump in it I Was told this young lady put a fuel pump in it or had somebody help her put a fuel pump in it. Somehow a fuel pump got inside of the tank. What we need to do is we need to make sure that the rest of these wires are good or carry out their specified function.

So we're going to strip this one back. We're just going to get a wire Exposed on each of these. Okay, we'll go get the very lovely misses. Oh, but before we do that, we are still hooked to battery negative.

Anything we touch that is positive will it light up and according to my calculations, the red should be the hot one and it isn't I Don't believe I had to have the key on but I will turn it on. keys on. Does anybody have power down here? The blue one does. the red one doesn't so the blue one does.

and I have that listed as ignition feed and it should feed control side. Interesting: What about this wire with the tape on it? Let's get the tape off of it. The other problem is is we're using some really old wiring diagrams. so let's strip this one back.

Do they show two red? Oh, they do show two red wires coming into this. Ah Ding Dong. That one does not have power either. which supposedly these red wires.

One of these red wires comes from a fusible link which may be what some of this mess is back here. It says a white fusible link. Here's a white one. I'm going to do some more searching on wiring diagram.

but beyond this let's see if we have our control wire which is the blue with yellow. We're going to switch our test light to battery positive. I'm gonna clamp this on here. Anything we touch that's browned should light up.

I'm going to have Mrso come out here and shut the key off and turn it on and then possibly bump the key and we'll see if the PCM has control or the ability to turn this on. I Assume it does, because that control wire is the same control wire that turns on the auto shutdown relay. So I assume I'm assuming a lot here. I'm assuming that that's going to work.

So let's go get misses out. All right, you're in. Miss though. turn the key on, bump the starter a little bit.
Okay, shut the key off. That's interesting. Turn the key on. Bump it.

This is very interesting here. Oh okay, so this is probably where what's that? Hun Yeah, you can shut it off. You can go ahead and hop out. all right folks.

So this this is probably where this whole problem has begun. I'm gonna do some more checking some more verifying here. see who's who? I Don't want to accidentally put Power to something that we that we shouldn't I believe these two Reds are supposed to go together I'm going to look at some wiring diagrams I Want to make darn sheer who's who, who's supposed to have power? who isn't and find out why. Where did this problem ultimately start? I know where it started back at the beginning.

but let me figure this out, folks. Foreign. Foreign.

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