Little Did I Know… 2000 Nissan Pathfinder 3.3
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Hello everybody! Good day to you! Welcome back! This is part Two of our 2000 Nissan Pathfinder 3.3 liter. This vehicle is here for a timing belt water pump replacement. In the last video, we started the tear down process. We stopped while we were waiting on parts.

The new pump and new Timing System is here and we are going to continue the tear down. replace the water pump, install the belt, and get the front of the engine reassembled so stay tuned. This is going to be a very good Part two: Shameless Self-promotion If you happen to miss part one, just check the link compressor. just check down in this video's description for the link and it'll take you back in time.

Let's get started all right. So I got the crankshaft bolt back out and we're going to put the the big washer back on. We're gonna flip this bolt back in the snow of the crank that way. I Can rotate the crank with the tools a couple clicks here.

Nothing crazy. Okay, so based on the marks that we saw on the cam pulleys I think we're just a little bit too far advanced. So if I go backwards ever so slightly and line up you can't see. We'll line up the dot with the mark on this pulley and I'll check it against the one on the other side and then we'll take a look down below the crank.

So right about here I'm kind of eyeballing it. that looks perfect and then over here on the other side. almost perfect and that puts the mark on the crank. I Don't see that just yet.

Let me look around. let's see what we've got here. The ratchet gravity is what we've got. Where's that? Mark at negative I Don't see it yet.

Let's go ahead and loosen the timing belt tensioner. unclick please. Oh, that was tight. There we go see that.

So now that this is loose, let's just slide the thing off of the tensioner pulley if I can. Okay, now that this is loose, I'm going to pull the spring from the tensioner pulley. So now the pulley is free. It shouldn't spring back, but it is.

Give this a bit of a tug here. come out. Slide the rest of that off and the belt is free from here. I'll go ahead and pull this tensioner out right now because I have a replacement.

that's the nut washer. Gravity got it all come out I Think that thing is also kind of rusted. Let's give it some some penetrating lubricants. Yeah, this little guy should just slide right off, but it's a it's stuck.

Please come off if I can't get this off I can't get this cover off I Don't think yeah because the this little cover sandwiches the water pump to the block. So I have to remove uh, this pulley right here. Um, it's not cool. Please go behind there I'm saying please I have to I'm kind of at this thing's Mercy it's either going to come off or I'm in I'm in trouble.

hmm or even worse I break the screwdriver and then it still doesn't come off. Oh the Horrors Oh man, it's not budging or is it I think it did move a little bit. Hmm. Okay, next I'll use the the miniature pry bar.
Why oh man. foreign is it moving? The tone changed. What happened? Yeah, it moved. Look at that.

All right, we're getting some kind of Something Happening Here pry bar gravity Roy Lube didn't hurt what a soak on in there like that tussle. Yeah boy, let that person get in there. boy yeah boy, let that person get on down to the Bowl was that a Chris Rock skit. Is that what that was? that rope tossing the Robitussin just tossing on there.

but it's still getting nice and deep life. I'm an idiot. All right. Well now we have some more space and more.

Tussing Let's uh I can get behind this of the bigger pry bar. I'll just keep doing what I was doing. Is it moving? Oh why? this is crazy. Yeah, it's moving.

Things got to just be loaded full of rust in there. Somehow this has never been off here. Okay, bigger pry bar? Yeah, we'll just keep escalating the pry bars until it comes out because I have no other option. Look at that.

Here we go. I Don't want to speak too soon, but I'm amazed this is coming out of here without like complete destruction. I'm not ruining the surface of the gear or anything. This is the new one.

Oh, you know what? I have an idea. seems to be moving freely now. but look I didn't There's a bunch of rust here I didn't clean that off I'm just going to drive that back in. so I'm here.

We'll use a little green kitchen scrubby. These work for everything including polishing your snow. There we go. That's better.

Now there's another Woodruff key and we need to make sure that we don't lose it. here. it comes foreign. There it is.

Oh I can't do it I don't have the power more. This is like the most intense gear removal ever. Hmm. come on out of there so close by gravity.

There we go. Look at that. There's still a dry spot in there. See it right here.

Corrosion: We've got a little shim back here. I need to get you I'm out. Oh, hang on Woodruff key in the crank that needs to come out. Don't tell me that's stuck too.

See you right there. A little key and it's stuck. Oh, that's stuck too. That's cute.

Remember that part when I said you can't lose this, it's very stuck. foreign I Can't believe I ended up performing surgery on a crankshaft. Yeah, there's a little bit of damage to this key for my tappy Taps but I can file it here. It is okay now.

I can get this little uh shim thing out. Come here. Oh look at that. I was wrong.

It had a slot in it for the key. See that? Oops Okie doke. So we've got a bunch of 10 mil bolts and it looks like a few couple 13s to pull out. and then we get this cover out of here.

All right since we're working farther down. I Moved you guys farther down. Let's start with this 12 mil bolt that's on this power steering pump bracket. or not, there we go.

I'll leave that and I'll just leave that right in there. So I don't forget it unless it's a problem later. it's going to stay right there for now. and I think what's left is 10 mil fasteners.
Hang on. here's another one. See what we've got? There's a bunch of them in here you can still see I hope so. Uh, what else is here? There's one.

I'm sure there's more that I can't see. Yeah, looks like there's two coming vertically. A couple couple more up top. Let's get this one here and uh, what else am I missing? and I'm sure there's another one somewhere maybe not that's a vertical.

Bolt Let's get in there and get that one and it's counterpart over here. On this side or not, foreign 's hard to reach. There's stuff in the way on this side. Uh, got it.

Come out there. it is cut. Oh, there goes. That's what I didn't want to do.

All right Up top here. there's two more Fasteners on this water pump. One down here under there. Sit down here.

under there, down here, under this thermostat housing. There's one of them. Here's the other one. Okay, I think that's all the water pump molds.

Let's see if I can't crack this thing loose. Yeah, that's it. Oh my. drain pan.

Get back in there. Ooh nasty. Yeah, that's one water pump successfully removed. There's a gasket in here.

somewhere. Pieces of it. Wow, that's that's terrible. This is so brittle.

Surprised this wasn't leaking. Okay, let's go back to this timing cover. or this front cover here. I think that's uh, should be ready to come off I think it's moving? Hmm yeah, no no no no.

I'm gonna stop right here. that's not gonna come off. All right. Let's make another attempt to get this thing off.

There was a bolt down there that I missed so let's let's try this again. Kind of coming loose. there's something else but I don't know what it is I think I've got all the bolts out. deal.

There's something holding it up down there. so I go out and I check service data and it turns out that this front crankshaft seal is pressed into the oil pump, not into some kind of a front cover. which is what I thought. Meaning there's still an oil pickup to bolt into this oil pump.

All right? Well I know what the problem is here. the uh oh, the camera's stuck I think I'm going to have to pull the pants off. Moving on up, it looks like I'm gonna have to remove this uh, soil pan as well. Now what I wanted to do, but it is what it is.

All right. Well, let's uh, let's keep going. Let's go ahead and drain the uh, the oil out of this thing and then pull the pan down. Here we go.

I've already got a couple of the 10 mils out for the pan. Let's get this bracket thing off here and we'll get to the bolts. uh, back behind the pan from the back. stuck and now I'm all disheveled and disorganized.

This isn't what I wanted to do. You see the problem is I've got to proceed. As soon as I took those bolts loose, it broke the bond of that gasket and since that gasket was so uh, frail and paper finish soon as that bottle was broken, that was that and it would have cracked the gasket. Oh and if the gasket was cracked, then that means that if it's going to leak and since that's the oil pump, it would have had an internal oil pressure leak which would have uh, ruined this engine and I'm stuck there.
Foreign: There is a 10. here's the 10.. a couple in the back and then the other side and we're good to go. Gotta Pull the starter out next.

Also, okay, we're back on the passenger side. There's a two bolts in there for the starter. That's one of them. the other one.

Uh, I can't get in there. Hang on. I Can't really move that line either. Get in there.

that's not gonna work, but a wobbly socket will fit right in there. All right. That's one. starter.

Bolt number two. Foreign starters. Kind of free. Let me pull this thing out and then, uh, we'll get the bolts behind it.

Come here. Starter: There we go. We'll let that just hang out right there. All right.

Starter is right here. It has a bracket and there's three or four more bolts in that bracket. Foreign. Looks like another one.

Maybe right here. I Can't see it. You guys can probably see it. but I can't think I can feel it.

Not really. Oh, come on. bolt. Seriously, this is what we're gonna do.

Oh wow. All right, that's a Thai squeeze. Foreign. all right.

brackets out. A couple more bolts have been exposed for the for the oil pan right up there. Let's get those guys out. next.

Foreign: We're back over on the driver's side again. Let's get underneath this pan and crack it loose. It's just got a silicone seal for a gasket so we need to get under that. That should be fun.

Maybe right here. Negative: smaller fry driver. It's amazing how much you can get done with a mini. Bridal All right got it.

I broke my screwdriver. it show up the the driver part into the handle. see that it's what I get for using mini screwdrivers as pry hammers. all right, pins loose.

Is it gonna come out? No. I'm sure there's a something else in the way. That's how this job seems to be going. uh-huh oh man, this is.

uh, this is getting better by the second. um, fans loose. but we can see here. this uh, cross member thing is uh in the way and I can't get the pan to come down enough to get it to come out.

You can't change the angle here. so uh I think next I need to unbolt the motor mounts and Jack the engine up some uh, maybe I can get some clearance that way to get this pen to come out. So yeah, we're uh, we're suffering through the domino effect of um, well, getting screwed. That's what's happening Yeah I did uh, did not see this coming.

Not at all. Didn't think this is how this job was gonna go I thought I was gonna throw a timing chain in it, timing belt, toss the water pump in and uh, hammer in a crankshaft seal and that was going to be that I was wrong a lot. Okay, jack stands coming in all right. Jack stand coming in.
I'm gonna get this thing set up under this motor mount. It should work. What I'm going to do is crank this up and attempt to, uh, lift the motor mount off of the subframe and create some space between the well between the subframe and the engine. And then maybe I can drop this pan out.

After that, see the pan moving right to the right right over there. watch this. See that Gap starting to uh to open up. Moving on up.

Nope. More space. Yeah, we're getting somewhere now. It came down a little bit.

Yeah, I'm bolted, both sides, lifted the engine up with Jack stand. It's down farther than it's ever been. but uh, it's still not wanting to come out of there now. What do we hung up on? The pickup tube is definitely in the way.

Maybe if I spin it this way, there's so much space, yet there's no room. Why? All right, hang on. So about 45 minutes later, in haven't got very far. I'm still kind of just moving the engine around, maneuvering a little bit.

We're super duper close getting this pan to move, but it's kind of caught up just ever so slightly up front on the pickup tube. I Don't want to go up any higher because I'm afraid I'm going to break something. These uh, these little jack stands are about as high as they're going to go any higher and I'm gonna start to pick the car up off the rack and well, that would be bad, but we're so close. I'm talking like nanometers away.

a little bit more on the screw. Jack I'm turning and you can't see it. There's a jack over here to the right, just going a little higher. With that, this is gonna be close or it's not gonna happen and I'm in major trouble.

Wow, well uh, as much of a pain as that was for me. I'm I'm glad we ended up going this route because taking a closer look at these, uh, these seals. the crankshaft seals this is super brittle had already broke away just from disconnecting it. and that's what that front seal.

dude. When I unbolted the uh, the oil pump from the block, it just it just broke away I saw all the plastic just fall out. So uh, we're getting somewhere. Let's go ahead and get that oil pump off next.

it is time. Yeah, this one. uh, this escalated remarkably quickly. You can't see there's a hose in your way.

Put you guys over there. Yeah, this got out of control real fast didn't it? No worries. Why? Why am I dumb? Here's what I forgot. Look, it wasn't It was never going to come out The oil pickup tubes are right here.

What was I thinking man. I'm embarrassed I cannot believe that that did not occur to me. So I had to get the pickup tube off. What was I thinking I wasn't thinking.

that's what happened I failed to use my my cranium. Foreign. Okay, let's get number two. We're not I'll break it Loose Manually should have pulled the motor out all right.
I think there's two more fasteners for this pickup tube. They're out towards the back. there's one. there's the other.

Well, that was easy. How about now is this pump gonna come out? Do it. A lot of work for a crankshaft seal. Thank you.

Okay, there it is. Got it. The oil pump is uh, is now free. All right pump.

come out of there, don't leak all over my leg there There she is. That's the. that's the oil pump right here. This is the gasket that I mentioned I didn't realize I didn't have to take that loose.

but once this. uh, once these bolts were loosened, just separated from the gasket and that would have allowed that cracking gasket to come apart. So uh, unit had to come off and we need to figure out. actually no.

I'm gonna order another pump since this is off and I'm not going to change this seal because the new one should have a new ceiling so we're in limbo mode again. I'll just put that pile of parts. um filthy yeah this. uh, this escalated way out of control much much faster than I thought it was going to.

I Did not expect that to go this far. um at first I didn't even realize that was the oil pump. I just thought it was a like some kind of a cover. just another cover.

and it turns out after I had taken that loose that was the actual pump which has seals and gaskets so it had to come off. Um, that being said, I'm gonna get a new one. they're fairly cheap, it's on the way. I guess I'm I'm dead in the water on this one until I get my new unit.

so I'm gonna go ahead and just close this video out. Didn't realize this is going to be a three-part series. didn't realize it was going to be a two-part series. I thought I was just going to hammer that belt out and uh in one video but um, looks like I'm wrong.

so uh, looks like you guys are gonna have to stay tuned for part three eventually. I'm gonna get around to reassembling this. uh but until then as always like thank you guys for watching and I also need to remind you to not forget to have yourselves a better day than what I've just had. See you guys later have a great day! End of me saying Datsun.

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