In this video I have a look at a 2015 Toyota Tundra with the big 4.6 that was towed in as a crank, no start, no fuel pressure. This truck was victim of the parts cannon already so now we have to find the real issue.
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Let's go out here folks. Uh, we got some. Toyota Tundra I Don't know what year it is we're going to take a look. Must be a play.

14 or 15 inch from the looks of the front end. I mean Josh just got her inside 2015 it says Toyota wait for you to see this bad boy surprise me I actually screamed of it, you ready? That's why I do when I open the hood so it doesn't run. Believe it or not, I don't think that has anything to do with it, but we're gonna keep that in mind. It doesn't run because it's not getting fuel.

This was our fuel source. we used to get it in AKA Brake clean so I just took some brake clean. We stuck it in here and it fires right up as long as you're you know, keeping her, you know Full Throttle uh on the can, the truck will start in idle spring break cleaning it so we just oil the inside and basically that's all I know So we're gonna put this back on and this truck evidently has been at multiple shops and nobody can make it run for the guy and they've put some parts on it and it'll work for a day and then it quips oh when I go I know that's all we know. um no I don't know the customer.

it's a you know first time flyer after everybody else has worked out and we get the pile of crap. That's how it usually goes. Uh, it's a little bit cold today as you can tell by the snowy ice so you have to put up with my crappy speech and the furnace. So enjoy.

My guy Josh was his fear. Well she's pretty stripped down model here. Let's just see if we have any indicators on dashing. That's some funk I can't smell Mouse pee.

but it definitely has some funk in here. Okay, it's only got 90k on it. Oops. Shoot back, let me hit the wipers.

that's just residual will break clean. Nothing weird going on there. Okay, all right. well that's what we see in here folks.

Uh, no pointing business. Next thing we're going to do or that we did, uh is scan it and uh, let it go through a system scan. Let's see, let's see what we see here. Granted, we may have set some codes um, rough idling, startability thought and install history Okay So nothing real extravagant there.

I Got four Drive code rear camera disconnected user history code So these are our you know problems. Again, we're spraying brake cleaning it to get it running so let's uh, crack this Now let's get our scan to a lot of the water first. I guess I Suppose One thing that we do know is we know that the engine lacks fuel because it runs with brake parts, cleaner or starting fluid or propane or whatever you want to put in there. it's going to start and run.

So that tells me you know the timing is on and has the ability to run. Um, you know Cam and crank are good because it can control. Spark Uh, can we turn the fuel pump on and off with a scan tool and that's what we want to kind of. Look here and see that Curiosity control fuel pump speed? Oh, there's another one back here.

Wasn't there Control Fuel Pump Duty Foreign. So let me, uh, let me look through the list here and I'll bring you guys right back. It's not a lot really to look at. Uh, make sure you know immobilizer isn't shutting the fuel off.
which it's not. We can turn the pump on and off I don't hear it back there? Uh, naturally. but supposedly this has had a lot of fuel component to replace relays and control units. and I think fuel pumps.

So not saying that that can't be bad. I don't know where it had it. There's quite a few key tags hanging off it, so it's been a lot of different shops. Um I Tell you what, before we even go any further, let's identify the fuel system electrically and then you know I mean we might have some more of this crap underneath.

Who knows? this ain't looking good for this fella when we see that under the hood. Instagram this diagram here. it looks like a pretty simple system. I'll uh let's hope maybe I might pull up on your screen.

We'll see. Um, we have a fuel pump relay. Okay, looks Like the control side is permanently grounded. Control side switched from the ECM Ecm10 power out to turn the relay on.

has a fuse here. Uh, fuel Pump fuse 25 amp comes down around town out of the relay and goes back to this fuel pump control ECU Le my frame rail. then that has a ground and that looks like a power in the ground that come out for the fuel pump. So that leaves us only wire here.

This orange wire that has to come from the ECM There has to be some kind of fuel pump control to it. I'm going to call it a relay because it's pisses people off when I do that and they'll leave it in. The comments like that's not really. that's a Field Effect transistor.

Whatever. Dude, this controls the fuel pump. It gets a little signal from here goes people. people poop and then spits out you know or duty cycle because it's you know, puffed with modulated or whatever.

I Don't get tied up in the technicalities of it. You know how it works. Who cares, right? right? Because I Think on that Dodge Caravan video we did. People got really pissed off when I was calling the fan relay a relay after it.

Let's see, let's playing the fuel Pump fuse fuel Pump fuse right there. 25A What way does this go? This goes like this. I'm thinking yes sir and then we've got one third, a 30, a 10, A five. Yep, so one two, three, four, five, six, that one right there.

Pick up sticks I Took up our test light. Get a good ground here. Our test light works. We're gonna go right on that fuse.

You see it's hot on both sides, so that's good. That tells us our fuel pump fuse is good and then really, there's nothing more that we can do up here. We have to go back and find the fuel pump. What do they call it? Fuel Pump Control ECU slash relay.

Kind of a tight squeeze under here folks. I'm going to try to do this. we can all see. so this is the relay.

That's what we're going to call it. This is the fuel pump control unit, so that's first of all. visual inspection. It does look new.
It looks brand new. Of course you can't unplug it. There we go. Yeah, baby.

Connector looks good. Okay, so a couple tests we can do first. let's plan it out. Let's find out what we can do first.

Um, we have what do we have back here. We can check. We can check the power coming into it which is going to be white and black. Okay, um the black wire is going to be I'm sorry if the black wire is going to be power from the relay I need to like.

uh yep, the black wire would be power from the relay. Let's just find one and then the white with black is going to be around. so we have black and then this larger white with black. It's going to be the ground so the first and fourth pin there.

so we're going to very lightly front probe it there and very lightly front probe it right there. which I'm quite surprised to see it has power currently because the relay I didn't think would turn on until you told it to. but evidently the relay is on so that is supposed to have power on it. Unplug that before we get smoked.

Okay, so there's that. and I Guess what we can do now if we can see. is this thing even working? Maybe it works fine. Maybe our fuel pump is crap.

so we're gonna back probe if we can without damaging the connector here. Let me see red. We're gonna back. Pro red back probe blue.

Make sure I Get in there all the way. Okay, we're back from red and blue. Okay, now we're gonna plug it back in here. we can.

Okay, so we're back probed into the red. Get into the blue. Let's go grab a skin to them. Let's turn this thing on and see if it lights up.

We've got the scan tool. I'm going to turn it on. Oh I Just threw the fuel pump kick on. Hear that the fuel pump's running? Uh all we did touch this thing.

Let's unplug the ass because we don't want. Well, that wouldn't increase the current weight because it's not in series. Let's turn it on. now.

Hear that the pump's running waves of pump running. What did we do? All we did is touch this thing. Let's get a little tug on the connectors here. Boy, the inside of this connector is really nice and clean.

Let's get a pin. let's check pin fitment. Yeah, the harness and zip tied right here so we can't really wiggle anything per se. Let me just look to be on the safe side that make sure that we didn't touch something that we were exposed to.

I Don't see anything immediate I Pulled this harness back open up a little bit. Everything looks pretty Factory I Want to see what the pin tension feels like I Can't be in the right hole? Let's try this one. Oh there we go. This one feels really good as you can tell that pulls out pretty stout.

That one's somewhat okay. I Mean these ones. These ones aren't great. Yeah, this one.

this one's really loose. That one won't even hold the PIN Yeah, that one won't even hold the PIN This one is also very very loose. This one is great. This one's not bad so that's kind of interesting.
Why would they be all jacked up? you know? And is that the problem? Um, it's obvious when I look inside of these the little tab that presses up against the male half of the PIN is definitely pushed down. but is that actually is that actually this guy's problem? Um, I don't know I find it kind of peculiar that the only thing we did was come back here and touch this connector. You know we didn't really do anything else. Let's pull out a t-pin pull that out of your hat, and let's see if we can't disconnect.

Let me get another light back here for you folks. So here I can try to make it not so terrible. Does that help at all? I've got to be able to see myself. so I have to have this light pretty close.

Let's see if we can't figure out how to pull out pin here. I'm gonna keep pinning in there. try to hit the release tab. Oops, almost at it.

Okay, there's one. we got her relief. let's pull out have a look-see and it is the tang in here I mean just barely. This wasn't even really the bad one, but it barely has any tension on it.

However, you can take these I think we can get into there and push that tab up again if you were doing this. I can't really see any of my glasses I'm gonna go get my glasses. Dang, it sucks getting old I'm not old but I'm getting older so we're gonna see if we can't flip that little Tang up in there with our t-pin That way we can make darn cute ones. We got a good connection.

bend that tab up a little bit. Okay, there's that. Let's see what it feels like now. Oh, he's tight like a tiger.

so now it's nice and tight. Okay I'm gonna go through and do that on the rest of them. I think which one was really loose? was it the white one or the red one? That one there is really loose. the red one which is the power or in or the ground.

it doesn't label it. it's one and the two wires going to the fuel pump. So without that you got nothing. And that makes sense because when we back probe we back probed the blue and red and that would have tightened up the connection there by making the pump work.

So let me go ahead and pull that one out. we'll take a look I don't know if I can do it for you guys can see it because I can't see you when I look back here. um try to kind of want to get this for you guys can see it. Let me take my hat off so my brim's not getting in your way.

but here's the red one. I just pulled out. Okay, let's get our pink checker and look at this. you ready.

It's gonna fall out so that has no tension at all. Let me see if I can't I mean this. one's more straight down to nothing I'm gonna bend that inner Tang up there a little bit. Well that looks good.

that looks good in this area. looks like I did a nice job. Now we'll see whole sheep tiger tight now. look at that huh? to make any guy happy Right there you met? Okay I'm gonna give her a little extra a little bit.
make sure she's good and tight ER tight and we will slip it back in there. Come here, put that apart a little bit. Wow, let's give her a little kiss. maybe here.

Ah yes Ma'am So that one's in now so that one's good and tight. Yeah, this one here ready. same thing and that's our white with black and that's our other power. So what are we dealing with here folks? Is this the problem? Is this a problem? Who is back here? Because this doesn't happen on its own.

You know, with somebody back here? uh, doing some testing and that's what happened very much. No tension I got more attention on my teeth right now than this thing has. Let's see so we'll give her a little flick. give that a little flick or check it.

I'll pin test it here much better. I'm gonna give her just a little extra. There we go I like it I like it a lot. wrong way.

they're going the wrong way. click One of one of these was good, which I think it was this one. Yeah, that one feels really good. I like that one.

that's the control wire. that's the white, the little skinny white one and then this black one over here is not bad. But being that we're right here, you know what? I'm wondering because he's been having the fuel issue that you know he's had bombs around the shops and this random quitting at times. Oh I just dropped my needle I got another one.

Um I wonder if being that the two wires that were the worst are the ones that run to the fuel pump? I Wonder If Somebody got back here and get rid of the one two Jumperoo some big old honky jumper wires or you know, big probes and spread that right apart. Fix whatever his first problem was but created a second problem with the same symptom can see. There we go. Oh 90 difference baby.

I Like these things, we're going to spread this one up here a little bit. There There we go. that should be nice. Now this is our power.

We want to show this one out. Oh yeah, Tiger tight I like it? Yes ma'am that's good. So we're gonna plug this thing back in I bet you we got it better than that. Look at this connector.

it's freaking weird. Got some dirt in it or something? I don't know what the I'll tell you what. let's blow some of the dirt here just to be on the safe side and get it plugged back in there. How you like my glasses I Mean that module looks pretty clean I think you have selection on this thing's kind of funny business.

There she goes. straight voice: oh, it kind of came off up there I See, oh it's it's popped off. Oh I See Okay, the little nipple up here that retains the top of the latch is busted and the sad part is it's actually broke down into the housing. Therefore, therefore, eventually this ain't gonna turn green.
It's going to need a new connector housing. Well, in the meantime, let's put a little fluid film in there. We'll put a little fluid film in there keep her from getting it all crowded out. but it will need the new housing because that hole is going to allow moisture.

That's why we had a hard time unhooking it. Okay, so I'm not gonna get silly and spray the whole thing just yet. Let's turn on the fuel pump like a glove baby. Okay, that's the best we can do for right now.

We found our evidence. So let's go for a rip there buddy. Technically it should start and run now, but instantly if I be on with them. Cozier Set in there.

Oh, let's see. can we reach the key? I'm turning the wheel. Oh hey, it's that guy. good.

It runs. Oh hey, it's it guy, huh? I Guess before we go for a rep I Gotta remove this. We don't catch on fire, but let's put one of these things on. Hopefully nobody is home.

if there is. Prepare to hear you scream anybody. it must be a squirrel. This is way too big to be a mouse.

If it was a mouse, he's pretty ambitious. Maybe there's a snake I hope not, it doesn't Well I should say it doesn't stink I can't really smell my mouth or whatever after the Rona got me oh Rona uh for whatever reason I lost my smell for mouth sharing which I Guess it's kind of a blessing because a lot of the cards I get into throughout the day smell like mouse piss. It's really wonderful it is now because now it doesn't matter. Car that smell like mouse piss I would light it on fire.

that's no guilt I would burn that thing to the ground. foreign, you know, just some loose debris of grass under here. I Think we're good. We'll blow the rest of this off a little bit and take it for two.

All right. I Don't think it's going to cook on fire anymore. All right window up here. I Brought my phone in case it leaves us stranded.

but I don't think it will I think we're on something here. Hopefully it's the real problem and not just a problem. That's the only thing I worry about. It's like driving a Chevy with a 4.8 and completely worthless V8 foreign thank you.

Well that's it folks. Um I Guess it just goes to show you can't jump to conclusions when you see a big old mouse. Nest Not always a chewed up wire. Perhaps this thing's been sitting because he can't get it running and then they'll squirrel.

might I think a squirrel more than a mouse I am getting a little essence of some kind of funky Funk going on in here I don't know what it is, but it ain't right so he's probably gonna have some more problems in the future. But I'm very confident at our repair back there and what we found simply because you know we were turning the fuel pump on and off from up here. You know we didn't hear. We clearly could have heard that or at least I could have because I can hear better than I can speak and see at this point at least for now until it's Tinnitus gets you.
So when we went back there you know we all we did is unplug it with a little visual inspector on the harness. It doesn't look like anybody's touched the harness. so I don't think that we're gonna find a problem there. But we back probed the red and the blue which were the power of wires coming out through the fuel pump and we you know disconnected the connector.

However, I think you guys clearly saw the same thing I saw where you know you put the the male pin in there and you know everything's hot dog down the hallway routine. You know it wasn't even touching the sides but now it is. It's actually tight so we fixed that I think we're good I'm gonna give it back to him. Damn you have a nice day and let me know if it quits on you again.

Foreign concerns NC Facebook Back Wrong order. You know what to do. Just remember viewers, If I can do it, you can do it. Thanks for watching.

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