Part 2: Brakes hung Backwards-Mechanic Trick! Honda Civic 1.3 IMA CVT
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Hello everybody! Good day to you! Welcome back! Glad you guys are here! I Know I'm glad to be here. This is a 2008 Honda Civic Hybrid customer States check for oil leaks. Uh, they just had an oil change done at a local dealership. uh I guess there was a bunch of oil leaking somewhere.

They did a degrease on it and uh, we're gonna finalize recheck that leak at 183 445 miles on the odometer starting Z Engine quiet. it's hybrid. There was a moderate list of recommendations that came from the dealership and uh, we're gonna go out and test drive this particular. Honda We're going to verify some of the concerns and we'll go from there.

The dealership said they needed the, uh, the brake rotors to be replaced. uh, something about, uh, about the oil leak I didn't read through all the paperwork too much. I don't want to make myself biased. So uh, we're gonna go out and drive it and holistically evaluate the situation here.

We'll get it back into the shop, up on the rack. Uh, we'll do a nice visual inspection and then, uh, see what uh what we have to work with from there. So stay tuned because this is gonna be a very good video opening. Z Hood Foreign at least I Hope it is.

We don't get a lot of hybrids uh, and we certainly don't get a lot of Hondas on this channel I don't know what the deal is. maybe my viewers are not Honda people or maybe Hondas don't break very much. All right, we're rolling along. We're gonna approach our first stop and since we're evaluating the brakes, well, we're not going to stop at the green light.

But uh, since we're evaluating the brakes, I'm gonna get it up to a little bit of speed, give it a break event and we're gonna see if I can feel any kind of vibrations or shutters and whatnot Approaching speed Restricted Zone: Begin braking event Now No. I didn't feel any vibration. Let's go out on the bigger Road and get up some more speed and then see what we can see. or would that be, feel what we can feel or see what we can feel.

There we go, let's see what we can feel. Initializing Break Event Number Two School Zone: 28 miles per hour. All right. So uh, while I was cruising at slow speed, I had time to uh to peruse over that work order.

I'm just kidding I wasn't reading while I was driving. but one of the things on the list was uh. the dealership recommended that a wheel alignment be performed and I can concur with that because it appears that this steering wheel is slightly off center. It doesn't look like a huge deal, but I can visually tell from here that that wheel alignment is not correct and should be addressed again.

Not a huge problem, but uh, I will confirm that that was an accurate recommendation from the previous technician. Oddly enough, they also recommended spark plugs and it states on that Ro that, uh, those spark plugs are a 30 000 mile interval replacement which tells me they've got to be a copper cord plug and not like a Iridium or a platinum plug at a hundred and eighty three thousand. I'd Be surprised to learn that they require a 30k interval replacement and these would be the original. So they've either either been replaced before or they are, in fact, not thirty thousand miles spark plugs.
All right. Pulling out into the big road here, let's get her going. Hmm. kind of feels a little misfiery.

Let's go come on. Honda Yeah, you're gonna shift. Uh, it's a CVT or it, uh or it's slipping. might be a CVT I Don't know.

weird drivetraining this thing I Believe this is a CBD trans. That's fine, but I did feel, uh, what felt like some misfires back there. So we're definitely going to check those spark plugs anyway. checking the mirrors, no one's behind us.

Initializing break event now. no vibe I don't feel a Vibe unless this thing has worn out brake pads or something. I Don't think it's going to get a great service. Okay I think I've seen enough to cover all of the initial concerns.

Anything else I can verify visually. So let's get this thing back into the shop and uh, see what else is in store for us. All right? We have returned to the workspace. Let me go ahead and nose this thing in right, here on the little lift in the middle and uh, popping easy hood and see what's going on with those ignition components.

Windows down so we can't get ourselves locked in parking. Ziato powering down our little baby engine and of course pop and Z Hood All right, All right. Honda Bonnet You're coming with me. What do we have in here? An integrated motor assist? IMA that means it's hybrid.

You can tell from the orange cables, the power supply Hood Prop engaged going into Honda Service mode Yeah, this is cool. Honda has regular hood mode right? and then there's another notch on these things. You can run this up higher and go into what I call service mode which puts the hood almost vertical. Kind of cool.

However, the downside on service mode makes it hard to hang a an extra light. There we go. Okay, so there's an engine in here somewhere. It's a tiny one so we don't want to miss it.

probably under that cover. Okay, it looks like we've got a little four-cylinder inside of this thing. According to the sticker, it has 1.3 liters of displacement. So let's go ahead.

We'll pull out a couple of these spark plugs right here. We need a 10 mil and then a spark plug socket. We'll get a couple of these guys out for inspection, Then I'll set the rack up, We'll lift it up and then go from there. Alrighty.

First off, let me pull these coils out. There's two 10 mil Acorn decorative nuts. Actually, there's four, but I'm only taking out two right now. We'll take out cylinders.

uh, two and three. Okay, come out. coil that's warm. Slightly warm? Yeah, okay.

Plugs are in the holes. Okie Dokes, Let's fish these spark plugs out of here and give them a inspection. What do we have? Yeah, that's not okay. those are.
Those are kind of nasty. All right, let's get some zoom in action on these plugs and get a load of what we're looking at. here. those are.

well, they're not copper plugs. so I don't think these are a 30 000 mile replacements. but at 180k, these appear to be the originals. You can see all kinds of wear right here.

Let's check the Gap see what we're getting for a gap here. It was hot. about 49 thou. Okay, that's a little out of spec.

Yep, I Concur: It needs spark plugs. These things are junkish and I did feel some misfires. Let's pull out one more just to make sure that one's uh, similar condition. s hot, not looking good, not looking good at all.

Oh, look at that. That's uh ow. it's hot. It's what it is.

that's some serious erosion. Look at that right there. Not okay. I've seen enough.

Let me pull these other two plugs out. Couldn't hurt we now seem to, uh, have Direction pull that one out. Pull this one out there. we go.

Unclick. Yeah, not as bad as that number two plug. but we're still. We're still in pretty nasty shape here.

Hot. It's got like a stalactites growing on it. And number four. What do we have on number four? Numero Cuatro.

That one is not. Uh, not as bad. Whoa Whoa whoa whoa whoa. Look at that.

Hang on. Hang on a second. I Just learned something new. Look at this thing.

It has eight spark plugs. Look at there. four holes here. four holes in the back.

So this thing is running two spark plugs per cylinder. that's I Did not know Honda did that. That's a whole new one. And while we're back here, looks like we found that oil leak.

See that it's got a valve cover gasket leak. Okay, yep. so we need to pull this valve cover, gasket, or valve cover off, change the gasket, and then put eight spark plugs in this. not Four eight.

Espn8 the old show. All right. I Guess while I'm here standing right in front of it, I'm going to pop this filter out and take a look at that. If we're doing tune-up stuff, you might as well do a comprehensive tune-up instead of a halfway tune-up How's this filter element looking? Yeah, that's fine.

Okay, not worried about that. that's in good shape. Put you back, probably not. I'm actually probably gonna have to pull this apart to get this.

uh, valve cover off. There we go. Okie dokes I've got the go ahead on these plugs and valve cover gasket. Let me pop these Fasteners off and this wiring harness here.

we need a 10 mil Lobby to get back there. I'm going to try to do this without, uh, taking this wiper cowl apart I think I can. if I can't we'll find out soon enough. Yeah, that's disconnected a little bit.

Let me pull off the ignition coil connectors. Four more of those, again. eight total. Found a beard, but this doesn't give me much room to play with here.
Let's pull off some more bracketry, get rid of that. still don't have much room at all to play with what's going on. how do I how do I get more space I don't know. Okay, well since I can't seem to get this thing to come this way, I'll just push it.

Uh, let's push it down that way for now and then I can get to the bolts or the nuts rather that hold these uh, last four coils on and get these guys bust off right there. three still kind of warm in here post test drive repair little game I like to play is can I finish the car before it cools off? How hot? Yeah a little bit of oil on that one look at here that's leaking at the spark plug tube seal inside of the valve cover I wonder if that is also a contributor to the misfire situation? You gonna come out of there or what? Hmm oh uh. I don't know about that. It's getting a little tight.

Perhaps if I turn it some? Yeah, There we go. Got her. Now that last one. That's slightly concerning.

There's stuff in the way, but I think I can get her out. The labor only called for like 1.1 hours on this valve cover. so I shouldn't have to work too hard to get this coil out. I Imagine taking the wiper cowl apart will take up more than 1.1 There we go.

That's cool, Got her? No problem. All right. Well, next up, we've just got a PCB hose right here. Let's get this thing wiggled off and then I can pull the perimeter bolts for this cover out of here and get this thing resealed.

Come out. I Don't want to tear this. It's a weird piece of rubber where it's larger on one side than it is on the other side and you wouldn't be able to replace it with just a regular hose. because of engineering.

The engineers decided that I don't know why, but they did. Anyway, let's go ahead and get these perimeter bolts out. Looks like there's two on the back, three, four on the back, four on the front. Maybe a couple of them on the side.

Perhaps hot. There we go. Taking care to not lose these, they're probably not easily replaceable. Numeral Dose: third one's over here in the corner.

Get that guy out. See here, there's another one right there up to the right. Put it down. it's hanging out hiding behind that wiring harness.

and I've got one more in that back corner which is kind of hiding behind this. uh, I don't even know what that is. A bunch of wiring harnesses all grouped together. Yeah, that's not wanting to move.

So it looks like I am going to have to pull this air box out because I think there's a bolt over there that holds that thing in just uh. let's get a screwdriver and pull the uh, the clamp out here and we'll just baby just pulled the lid off of this to see what happens. We need a wee little screwdriver because that is a wee little clamp. First unclamped, you pop this thing out right here.

There we go. goodbye air box lid and now we can get a much more better view of that filter. which is good. No worries, no need to fret about the filter.
All right. we have a couple more 10 mil bolts that secure the bottom of this air box in. I've got to pull that out there we go. Uh, what are you stuck on rubber? Grommet? Ungrommet.

You come on out. Got it here. Let's move over. I'll show you what's hanging up this piece of wiring harness.

right down. way back here is a bolt right in there. See that bolt right there that's bolted to the side of the cylinder head. that is, uh, that's what's holding us up here.

Let's get that thing disconnected Next, come in a little sideways here with the ratchet. Find that 10 milli come here at 10 mil. We can see a lot of oil over here on this side of the engine too from that cover gasket. almost.

There's another one down here. was hiding hiding amidst the oil sludge or amongst among one of those words rear nut Bolt and I dropped it. It's all right. I see it I see where you went to give it some reach and I dropped it more.

but I heard it hit the ground. So I can get that in a minute. just connect this uh connector here. that's sort of in the way.

Wow, this is. It's taking me longer to get to the one of the bolts than it is to uh, fix the whole car. only smokes actually. I think that's probably going to be enough I can move that back and there's my my last bolt right there.

so we're good now. I Don't have to take this apart any farther. There's that bolt that I dropped I reached under and recovered it when you guys were looking. Let's get our last fastener for this valve cover.

Hot valve cover is hot like the old Toyota song Toyota got it? Okay I think that's all of them. Let's uh, get on there with a trim tool and pop this cover off. See what? Treasures lie beneath? Then we can dig the spark plugs out to my own cover. Pop punch Pop Fun Don't stop.

Got it? It's not horrible in here? Well, this is interesting. We've got four spark plug tube seals and then the other four spark plug tubes are sealed off with a just this piece of gasket. Very odd type of design. Very odd indeed.

Anyway, there's our old gasket. don't need that. Okay, let's get the last remaining for spark plugs out of the cylinder cylinder head. So weird.

This has eight plugs. Okay I can't even handle that. Oh, look at these. These are horrible.

That is so bad. You guys see that can give it some Zoom action here. Look at that. Yeah, those are gnarly.

All right. that's five down, three to go. it's kind of crusty. I bet there's build up on the threads.

Send it. That one made me nervous. You see that? it was a little scared. Also, exceptionally nasty.

Yep, junk. that was the one with the leak on clickage. That one's loose. Yeah, that's what I want to do I want to hit the bottom of this and then send all the bolts down into the engine? Great idea, right? Great idea.
Additionally, this one is also extremely nasty. All right, that's seven numeral. Ultra Show and to no one's surprise, Nasty. Alrighty waiting on parts.

plugs are out, valve covers off I Need to grab a towel, clean off all the silicone and the dirt, all that other good stuff, and prep this for reassembly. Well, you know what? I don't have uh, my parts yet and I'm getting a little more waiting. So I'm gonna go ahead and be proactive. I'm gonna run this over to the bench and knock out the four spark plug tube seals.

Okay, let's get this out of the way and put this in the way. Flip her over and knock those out with a little Mallet and a pry bar. We have little pry bar and a little mounted Let's Get Behind These Guys Pop them out or poke a hole in it and not pop it out. Attempt number two.

Try again. Yep, it's coming out. Or or no, it's not coming out. it's stubborn.

I Guess we'll try to go after it from the back side with some curvy angular gear. Edge Pry bar: These are adjustable really cool for stuff like this. Push a little button and it can be adjusted to whatever position you like to gain optimal leverage on the situation at hand. If I can't just pull them out or not, no, that's a things are in there.

Yeah, come on, please come out tearing the rubber out of it. Okay, that's not gonna work. I'm just gonna go back to driving it out with a hammer here. Let's slap down a couple of blocks of wood.

This thing from bouncing around all willy-nilly like try it again instead. What? that thing's in there? I Didn't want to budge. Seriously? I will defeat you know that one. And it moved some Now let's try to finish it off with the pry bar.

There we go. He's out mangled and the naysayers out there, the bore has not been damaged with the pry bar. See that either. one of the pry bars.

No, we may wrench and repeat a lot easier. Yes, that one came out number three. You're evicted. Cool.

Okay and again, there's no no spark plug tubes on the just on the front side. Let's get this cleaned up and get the oil out of the seal. Groove That way it doesn't encourage the seal to come out when I try to put this down on top of cylinder head here. We can just toss that guy right there.

That's good time to make it shiny. Let's give it a good rinse down real quick to get all the loose debris off of it. I'm not gonna go crazy on it because it's it. lives under an engine cover.

There's really no need to spend a gallon of cleaner on something that we may never see again. I Mean it really isn't that bad to tell you the truth and they're nice deep, black, foreign out of that. Groove for the gasket does not fall out I mean yes, I can silicone the gasket in, but that rather just clean it off and allow Christian to do his thing. Here We go.

All right. let's let this thing dry up. okay. valve cover coming in I've got Parts here.
Let us get this thing reassembled. First things first: Spark plug tube seals. Let's get these guys unpackaged. Throw them across the shop.

That's not okay. There's the fourth one. Here's our gasket. It's blue, so you know it's good.

All right. So first things first. let's get the tube seals in. They have to go in with the tapered end pointed at the spark plug tubes themselves.

If you put them in backwards, you won't be able to get the tube in past the ceiling surface and uh, well, it won't go on and that would not be okay. So I'm about to put it in backwards myself. Oops, let's get it kind of pressed in. This is kind of going to be a bit of a bear I think it didn't come out easily and I speculate.

they're not going to go in easily either here. Let's uh, let's get this supported properly. so I can uh I can drive these in I'm gonna put a socket over top of it. The socket seems to fit perfectly around the outside diameter or the seal and try to tap it in with a dead blow.

See what happens? it's going. Got it? That one's in. Beautiful. We will just repeat with the other three that one's looking good.

Next two, down, two to go. That one took a piece of my glove with it. oops, cutting it close. Another Uno Mas very good.

God Don't see what we got here. Three sets ever so slightly in the bore. nice and even. same thing on number three.

that one's a little uneven. I'm gonna give that one more tap and this one is also a little uneven towards the bottom side. Here, we'll just do a couple more Taps on these. Uh, these first two here.

Come on. Okay, you could go there. Let's get the perimeter gasket installed. See, we are backwards.

Ooh, there's some sealant right here. Let's get that off of there we go and we'll just press it in all the way around the perimeter. Get in there all the way in. Please stay there.

Good. Alrighty, We're prepping this area to get the Uh cover back on the head and I Want to focus your attention right here at the area where the timing cover meets the cylinder head. There's a small space right here between the two pieces of metal and likewise, there's another one on the back of the head right here. Tough to see, but there's a little groove right in there.

See if we can't zoom in and see it, see a little groove right there. We have to install a very small amount of sealant in that Groove around that area. Otherwise, oil will Wick through there and it will leak out of the front and the back. The timing cover.

We don't want to do that. so I've got some black RTV here. I'll dab right there and then another one right here just to ensure that that area is about to develop a leak because that would be bad looking good so far. Let's get the valve cover back into position here.

slide it in, set it over the spark plug tubes. That's what I'm looking at right in here. Let's spray a little bit of silicone lubricant on those uh, spark plug tube seals just to make sure they don't get hung up. kind of Overkill but couldn't hurt slide that right over.
you see them going in. give that one a push. Oh, slipped out. We'll put it back.

Get in there. almost. almost. Kind of glad the back side does not have tube seals does? That might make this a little hard.

That's probably why they don't see this one. didn't go in. Look, you're right here. That one is still off ever so slightly.

See if I can't push that one into position. just rock this side There we go. Put right in. Okay, the gasket's in place, tube seals are all in place.

Let's go ahead and get the bolts ready. You know these guys dropped in? Then we can go through and tighten them down and secure the head for the valve cover to the Head seal it off and then we'll let that that sealant dry up and Harden next that one had a leaf stuck to it. I Don't want that one and that one way out back? Come here. That's the hard one.

There we go. Okay, let's run these down a little bit and start to initiate some clamping for us here. Foreign. and now for that one in the back.

Now it should be noted that the tightness of these bolts does not dictate how tight the valve cover is to the head because the bolts are only threaded so far. Then they have a stop and they can only clamp down so hard. Next up, let's unpacks the uh spark plugs and get those guys installed next. I'll do the rear ones first because those are the harder ones and then we can move on to the nice super easy ones here up front.

but first and as always, I'm ahead of myself kind of guarding the order of operations. So this uh PCV hose back on that's easy to forget. We'll get her clamped here. put the clamp right back where it goes when installing clamps.

Watch this here. You see the witness marks on the hose. I Like to install the whoa, it got me I Like to install these clamps exactly where they go. That way you can't tell someone was here.

For example, you see that little Mark right there. It proved that somebody touched this and they never put it back. but I like to take them and put them exactly where they came from. Play: It does not look like anyone is in there.

Alrighty, here's our old one. These were denzos I Got a hold of some ngks for a replacement I figured that was suitable I Believe these are also Iridiums. They appear to be similar size and shape and all that good stuff. Thread pitch, length.

Overall, these are good to go. Oh not Iridiums. They're Platinums. These are G Power Platinums.

Woo, Not sponsored. That's uh. that's just what I'm using here. So drop these guys down, get them threaded, and then we will apply torque.

I'm just using the electric to run them down. I'm not impact torquing spark plugs. There we go. That went down kind of far.
Oh no, come back. Extension: Okay, get it there All right I have the solution I Just put a universal on it and I gave me some extra space and I can articulate the tool so it's easier to put in the hole. There we go. That's better.

Yeah, it's two. two out of Ocho Careful there we go next. harness out of the way, foreign. There we go.

Let's apply some final torquages to those uh spark plugs. Then we'll do the front side after the rear coils. Yes, that's right. Actual clicks will commence crushing our Crush Washer There it is.

It wasn't a very loud or pronounced actual click. It's kind of the soft one. There we go. next.

Three down, five to go. Come on here it comes. Oh I Ran out of space. Do over there we go all right.

Rear spark plugs are torqued. Let's get the coils back in place. All right. Let's get some lube into this thing and we're good to go here.

Oh, too much too much. Ah, hang on here. we're gonna do small dab inside of the coil boots. that's going to prevent uh, moisture from getting in there.

It will help contain the spark. There we go and I'll squeeze these guys in just the same way. They came out kind of sideways. Come on, get in there.

switch sides here. I'm in the wrong position now I know you came out so I know you go back. Come on. I'll just wiggle it till it goes in.

There we go. Got it. Push that down? Get it? Seated on the plug and I'll start the nut. Okay, that was the hard one.

Let's do the less difficult one. Next artist one first. Yep, that was much easier. Good.

Now we can pick up some speed and turn the right way. Excellent. Let's get all four of the bolts in three. I already have one mirror Bolt Nut can't get it out.

My gloves are slippery. Oh no. Come here. Silliness.

Tight. Tight. tight. times more tight.

All right. All right. Okay, let's get all these wiring harnesses back in order here. Connected and bolted in on the back side.

I'll get the connectors connected First there we go. Two of them get on there and last one on the back right there. that will set this harness bracket in its position here and get that guy bolted in. Come here.

bolts. They're stuck. Ew. Put my hand in a glob of a lubricant.

That's not what I wanted to do. Gross. Okay, let's get this harness secured. Come on.

no more. thank you Good. All right, let's go ahead and move on and get our uh, you know for Loop we get our front spark plugs installed and torqued. I'm gonna do this a little bit differently because there is more space.

Get that back that fell. Oh, that's right. this is the extension that doesn't uh lock very well. It's like a bajillion years old bound to have a little bit of wear.

right? falling man? There we go. All right. let's get these guys tight and we'll throw the coils in. And I have not forgotten that wiring harness that I still need to bolt to the Head fix.
Do that when we go over there for the air box stuff. Come on yo, that one's tight. Hey, you know. by the way.

Speaking of tight, somebody said again the other day in the comments: I was ripping off Erico from South Main Auto because I said toy it like a tiger The guy got really mad at me about it. He said I shouldn't be uh, plagiarizing from the great ones and and I will profess Eric is one of the great ones but I did not steal that attack from the tiger business or whatever from Erico I stole it from Austin Powers I throw it like a tiger just like everybody else did was Goldmember Oh, that's why you guys keep posting pineapples in the comment section. Anyway, click that one's on. Let's get the coils in next.

Okay, four coils Four Little Squirts of lubricant right there. Good to go. Let's drop these guys in. get them bolted down and plugged in.

Move harness the other way. that one and this one right there. Beautiful. Let's get the little castle or uh, acorn nuts.

Castle nuts. Let's get the acorn nuts in three of them. Number four. There we go.

Nice. Almost there. cool cause I'm ready to go. It's getting late and it's hot.

It's hot and humid. We had a boatload of rain here in sunny Florida the other day and uh, now all that rain's evaporating. I Guess there's like some hurricanes or whatever out in the Gulf of Mexico or somewhere they're out there. they're always out there.

it's Florida Okay, let's get these harness brackets and stuff back in position here and bolt it on. That one slid in there and goes like so then I've got the two bolts on the outside over here. they're inside or on both side somewhere around there. You gotta tell you what.

we'll start with. uh, what? we know and I know one goes right inside of there so we'll get that one in. First there we go pickage and then the next one. plug this in I unplugged it for clearance purposes.

The next one is where were you way back there it was under that connector and behind it. Yeah. I cannot see if I can feel it clickage that one's in and then of course there's that little one. It went up top on that metal bracket.

thread in there. Oh no no no no no no no no I dropped it. Oh no. okay, not okay.

okay. All Is Lost here. I'll get it. Where'd it? Go see you I feel you I Have you now? Oh I don't have you now I Do have you now there it is.

Got it, It's recovered. Crisis averted. Try this again without dropping my Arsen in here. Get on there red there click.

All right. We're in the home stretch. rounding third. Let's get the base for this air box in, plug, the snorkel tube back in down here.

get that guy on and bolts lined up. There's a grommet in the back. Snap that down. There we go.
Let's get this thing bolted in the hose. came out again. See it there it is. Get in there hose.

There's no clamp on that hose. It just slips over like so bolts for this, uh, air box thing. There we go. Nice.

Okay Engine Air filtration element goes in next along with its lid. Come here connector. Don't go in there. Look at that.

Let's get our clamp straight right there. Slide that on the lids on. Snap her down. Come on.

Snap There we go. Two on the left. oh that one's hard. Got it? Plug in the mass airflow sensor and let's get our tools and stuff clear.

Get all the goodies out of the way. and I forgot to clamp that clamp even had my hand on it. Here we go all right and clamp pick. There we go.

Okay, this up some. get cover back on. it's got four little pegs and four grommets. Two of them lined up.

a little bit of pressure. Snap it down. Beautiful. Gotta get rid of my lube.

Finish that off. Yeah, all right. let's get this thing closed up and hit the road and we'll check on those misfires and see how this thing feels. All right Little Honda Motor See you later, let's hop in and hit the road.

Moment of Truth restartings to silence Little engine feels pretty good. so far it's gonna get out of here. Horn for safety. All right.

Coast is clear, ready to hit the road now. I Felt that jerky shaking Behavior almost immediately while we were driving and so far 36 miles per hour I have not felt it. Yeah, our owner mentioned that it felt like sometimes it shifted. funny, but being a CBT it wasn't too concerning.

but I don't think it was shifting at all. it was just kind of misfiring and losing a little bit of power. Let's see if we can't squeeze by here. Sure we can.

We got a little car. we squeeze through here no problem. Moving on through, let's make a right, hit the big road, get it up to speed and I'll do like a Full Throttle pull if I can and that'll kind of be the uh, the ultimate test and whether this thing uh has that jerky but in a bit of business or not moving along. So far so good though.

I like it. let's head up over the bridge. we'll just do that oh no green light I'm stuck here I'll wait. yielding.

that scared me sitting here at the light. we're at the yield sign and things shut off. but then I saw the auto stop I was like okay, save in a few. All right, we're going for it full speed.

Hey no misfires. man, this thing's slow but it works. a hybrid CVT look at that. that's crazy with Auto Stop They jammed all the technology into this one.

I Imagine now with the misfire is gone, it's actually going to get some really good fuel economy. I Like that. All right everybody at this point. I Think uh, this operation is complete as I mentioned in the beginning of this video, there are a couple other items they wanted to have checked on this.
Uh, but I'm not gonna do that today I'm running out of time, it's getting late in the afternoon. I'm ready to go home. This operation is done highly successful. Uh, so we can move on to uh, future repairs in this particular Honda later on.

So that being said, as always, like to thank you guys for watching this video. Certainly hope you enjoyed this video. If you did enjoy this video, please feel free to let me know about that by tapping that like button down below. Drop me a comment or two while you're down there.

And most importantly, do not forget to have yourselves a great day! See you guys later in! Honda in the video in a transmission shop, parking ziato and powering down pew.

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