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Foreign. Good day to you! Welcome back! Glad you guys are here! I'm super glad to be here. We are going to work on one of the side quest uh Jeep projects today. this is Troy's Jeep Uh, it's uh, it does cheap things.

Yes, it's uh, it's very. it's a very jeepable. Jeep How do I get in this thing? This is not made for for old guys like me. Hang on here.

I've been climb in this bed unit. we've uh, we've worked on this. uh Jeep right here. before it.

uh, it has approximately 305 399 miles on the odometer. It's got a four liter. It's four wheel drive with no four wheel drive attached to the front. It's a forever project.

It's loud, it's clunky, but it does the job. Um, it does have one major issue though. on a cold start when going into reverse it. uh, it won't go in reverse.

you just have to have to rev the thing up and rev it up and then then maybe it'll back up. It's been driven twice today, so I think yeah, it has reversed now. but Troy tells me in the mornings, uh, he's got a rev it to the Moon and then the transmission will catch up and it'll slam into reverse gear and then he can back down his driveway. So before we, uh, before we, um, well put a junkyard Transmission in or something like that.

I'm gonna get this on the lift and we're gonna pull the pan down and just, uh, see what's going on inside. I'm wondering if it's just got a bunch of crap and debris and uh, and uh, floating nonsense in the pan. the back. the rent's a lot what's going on and then we'll turn that down and I'm wondering if uh, perhaps there's a restriction in the filter or something along those lines.

So I'm gonna throw it up on the lift real quick and we're going to pull the pan down and just take a look at the inside and see what's going on in there. Am I gonna clear it Am I good. Okay coming in in this Jeep thing I don't understand I hit the trash can but it's okay. All right, let's get down to business real quick.

We're uh, we're a little late in the day I've got all of our work done for the day at least I do he's still working over there on that Monte Carlo but I'm done so we're gonna do something kind of fun. This job will be of no consequence if it doesn't go well. it's no big deal. powering down, we already have another transmission that came out of another Jeep Oh, it's over here on the floor that one.

but I Don't know if we're gonna go through all that just yet. Look at that tiny little thing. There's no bell housing on it, there's no torque converter bolts are still there. But yeah, that's our transmission.

That's actually the transfer case. so that's a tiny little unit. It's not very much transmission to turn these big giant wheels. That gravity that was.

That was all me. That was all my fault. Anyway, let's kick these rack arms in here. We'll get this thing lifted off and we're gonna pull this pan down and see what the dealio is.

Okay, so seeing as how this thing is lifted to the Moon, we're gonna run the rack all the way up just to make contact with frame rails. It's so we can drive over things and do deep stuff. Moving on up all the way up deeper, going deeper, Going all right. Now we can do a lift arm check.
This is good. Uh, that's not straight. A little farther out there we go. let's check the next one.

Yeah, I'm gonna go out a little farther and the other side see left rear. Oh, they're all wrong. I'm terrible. One more over there.

right there we go. Okay, now we can go all the way up. I'm not gonna bother checking fluid condition. I'm sure it's uh, kind of rough.

We're gonna find that out as soon as we pull the pan down moving up deep. So which one is it? Is it rough country? or is it open country? Or is it open enough country? It's rough. Open country. Is that what it is? Yeah, it's It's definitely rough.

and it's definitely country. Okay now. unrelated. Uh, let's just see.

Watch this right here. There's so much wear in that rear axle. Hey, this thing probably isn't safe to drive. Probably just saying I'm I'm tempted to pull this rear cover off and check out the Carnage inside of your uh, your axle too, because that's that's pretty bad.

Look at it. go like that's a that's a lot of wear in those gears. Yeah, we're going to fix that. It's not okay.

is the Uh is the axle on your white? Jeep the same as this axle now. YG has a 35? This is a quarter. What's this? Oh okay. You need a new one.

Remember when I said it's had the two wheel drive conversion? Those are two wheel drive bearings and drive shaft has been removed. Yeah, Another cute little transmission. We appear to have it all leak. That's rust preventative procedures anyway.

Let's uh, let's go ahead and pull this pan down. We'll drain the fluid out, see what it's looking like in there. and I guess we'll go from there. So stay tuned because this is going to be a very good video.

I think I hope I don't know. All right coming down with the drain pan. That's pretty good right there. Let's go ahead and get a 10 mil on all these.

Fasteners Drop this thing down. I might even drain this. So I don't make a mess. It's got a drain plug All right.

Let's see about getting that uh, that drain plug out of there looks like a 14 and it is. Oh, come on out. Whoa. Okay, yeah, that's uh.

it's pretty gross looking. All right. let's let this drain and then we'll drop the pan down see what happens. Okey-dokes So this is pretty nasty and got a lot of build up.

So I threw some gloves on. let's get in here. and, uh, start pulling these 10 mils out. Yeah, not even very tight.

How are they Interesting? Okay, it is, uh, mostly free except for that drain tube. And then I've got one other bolt. sorry, a dipstick tube I have one bolt still hanging into it. Let me swing around here to the other side.
We'll pull that last one out and then the, uh, the pan should suck it. The pan should start to fall down. Here it comes. Oh more leakage.

Whoa whoa whoa whoa. Don't spill nasty on me. please. We don't want to do that.

like to avoid the nasty if at all possible. Wow, that's hot too. All right. Pan is free.

Let's see if we can sneak it out of here without pulling the exhaust off or something. rotate it kind of sideways. This little uh, bracket thing right here is kind of in the way. this aftermarket lift kit business.

Okay, that's our filter. I'm gonna go ahead and pull that off. We, uh, we do have another filter kit here. came with the gasket, so let's uh, disconnect this filter unit, get this thing out of here, and then take a look at it.

This thing might just be, uh, burnt up to death and uh, fluid in a filter will not help it at all. But since we have parts, figure it out, let's take this apart and take a look at it. The attempt to service it before, uh, pulling the unit out? Wow. Yeah.

Splashing in my face? Gross. Nasty. Oh, it's hot too. It's slightly warm.

Okie Dokes. Let's go ahead and roll this drain pan out of here. We'll bring the filter with it and then we can, uh, kind of take a look at what's going on inside of that unit. Let's see what's happening here.

Backing out, squeezing out, let us take a peek at what kind of Carnage we're we're looking at here. I did that? That's one of my bolts for the filter. Let's see what's in here. We've got some, uh, metallic looking stuff.

It's not a paste, there's There's definitely some chunks in there. It's not horrible. Yeah, yeah it is. It is horrible.

but nothing super major. Yeah, let's I'm gonna go and throw that filter in this. throw a new gasket on it, and we'll put new fluid in there and see what it does. It might be okay.

It might. It might do the same thing I Don't know, We won't know until Troy drives it tomorrow morning, right? Yeah, it's cold start only. So if uh I can't do a cold time, it's hot right now. but we can figure that out later.

All right, let's go ahead and rinse all this garbage out of here. Some fine sediment. Nasty. Oh I forgot there I'm Gonna Keep the brake clean to a minimum running out.

oh my. God Oh, supplies are depleted I'm all out of red cans I've moved on to the green it down. Oh that's where we left off in the tube magnets. those off goodbye junk.

Yeah, it has seen better days. No denying that. Oh stinky. there you go.

Goodbye debris. Yeah, this thing's full of crushed material. There's no metal chunks. it's just a lot of clutch material.

Okie Dokes new transmission filter. There's our gasket. Oh, does this other one have a gasket on it? I didn't see one things that make me go. Hmm yeah there it is.

It's made out of cork. It's a Jeep thing that could have been an issue. see how hard this is? It's very brittle I wonder if it was, uh, compressed and leaking causing, uh, air to be sucked up into the pump? It's quite possible there's a bunch of debris in there. Okay, well, regardless of whether it's gonna change anything or if this is going to work for a little bit longer, we're at a point of no return.
So I'm gonna go ahead and put this new filter back on and then we'll put this pan back up and see what happens. Okay, so the new filter element has a new gasket here. new one right there. I've got my bolts in hand.

I'm trying to stand back so the drips don't drip on me. I'm long ranging this one so to speak. Who keeps honking the horn out there on the radio? Or essentially honking a horn? Dude, there's two bolts. It's only got four bolts that hold it in.

There's number three Numero Trace Not threading that very well. Come on. Now there you go. and number four right over here on the left side corner we started.

let's run these down. some clicks. All right, that's good. I'll give uh the bottom of the transmission a little bit of a wipe down and get rid of any dirt that's on there.

We don't want it to contaminate the gasket. Oh and there's fluid in my armpit. It like went right into my shirt that stop dripping on me. Stop it.

Well, that's a problem. Look at that and it's leaking more. That should not have been as Loose as it was. Wonder if that's the issue.

Try to put this back. Things should not have been doing that. It's not seeding all the way either. We're gonna hit that with a hammer.

Yeah, this thing right here. That's kind of a major issue for me because if fluid needs to flow through that, it can't it's not even in all the way. what I'm going to do I'm going to put this in the Vise and just bend it ever so slightly so it's got uh, just a little bit of side pressure on it and maybe maybe that'll help to secure it like in that little ball right there. Actually I've instantly changed my mind because if I bend this, I won't be able to get it to go back in.

so maybe I'll just kind of there there. it's going to hammer those in all the way and I'll hammer them more. So they abandons the pan here. the gasket is on.

Okay, back down below. I Have the pan here cleaned out, the gasket is in place. I've got a couple bolts in it just to kind of capture that gasket. Let's uh, maneuver this thing back where it goes if I recall I had to kind of slide it sideways.

Let's see how that works. That works just fine. I Think let me get the dipstick tube in the hole or dipstick in the dipstick too. Rather terrible with words and we can go ahead and get, uh, get these bolts started to hold onto this pan here.

Come on. now. begin threading. It's not working I can't turn it because the gasket.

hang on. I'll just use my tool and not cross thread these things. That'll be my plan. Trigger control.
There we go. Okay, that's it. Okay, same thing on the other side here. Let's get that guy started.

One on the front I'm sorry, rear one on the rear I cannot speak and uh, the one on the front you guys can't see. There we go. Okay, so the Pan's in place. Let me speed this up.

the super high speed lightning fast motion. We'll get the rest of the bolts in drain plug in and then we'll fill this thing up and see what it does. multi-click Okay, that's the that's the last of the perimeter bolts. Let's get the drain plug in next.

Uh I Don't know if you can see this but the threads on this are pretty tore up so it's going to come out or go in just as rough as it came out and I'm just gonna end up sending it click and uh, when I said tore up threads I mean tore up threads they uh, they had one thread on the outside and then one at the bottom and then uh, there was no threads in the middle because they've been over tightened like a lot. Anyway, pan is on, the filter's on Jeep coming down. if the hood opens, we can go ahead and refill the transmission and then, uh, we'll go drive this thing and see if it's gonna work. Not going to do that if it's gonna cost me a hammer, no smashing of the Hammers it's fiberglass.

it'll break coming down. all right. Next challenge: let's get the hood open popping. Z Hood Hey, it popped all right.

You gonna open? Knock? knock? hey? Is there a trick to opening your hood? How do I open it? Do we need it? Do we need a pry bar? Oh yeah, you're good at that. You're good at opening opening this. Jeep Hood How do I make it stay open? Oh, there's a there's a prop Rod Okay, come here. Rod like you did last time.

I Like using pry bars for prop rods, it's good. Okay, there's our dip and Stick Over Yonder I'm opening the hood. Oh I think we're gonna add probably four. It'll be four or five quarts that go into this thing to the Vault of viscosity.

I hope I have an empty case and serving says sure. Do that. even feels like four or five quarts all right now since this thing is skyjackered to the Moon I'm gonna have to climb up here a little bit. Yeah, got it.

Nice view from up here anyway. now. I can now I can pour in. uh, our transmission oil.

See what this thing's gonna do getting pouring things from elevation? Now there we go. I'm just gonna send the entire box. Oh don't don't do that. Go in.

It's not taking it there. It goes here. I Need to pull the bag out of the box here. It's hard to angle this box, but it may be easier to pull the bag.

Is that gonna work? No, it won't come out there now. We got a built-in spout funnel thing now. Can I get the rest of the bag out. Come on bag, come out of the box.

It's not wine so don't drink it petroleum. There we go. That's good. All right.

Okay, let's get down off this mountain of the vehicle, start things the engine and then we will, uh, we can recheck Food level once it's running there. Yeah, that can go in the parts washer for now, you stay there. beginning Jeep Engine starting Sequence: Now here they'll reach around there starting the engine, see what we have here. We get a baseline measurement, then we'll go cycle it through the gears, full mark in the cabinet cabinet, put it in reverse, we'll put it in Drive Let's see if it goes through the gears and then uh, we can go from there.
Seems hard to get into. All right. Break reverse all right. it went in Reverse I felt it Drive I went in the drive back to reverse.

All right. one more in Drive Okay, parking is the auto. let's hop back out, recheck fluid level, see where it's at the top of the bar, back all the way down and then uh I'm gonna drive it through the parking lot. maybe down the road, maybe I will drive down the road.

we get a feel for things good coming down. Goodbye Four Liter Ally There we go. All right, let's get this thing out of here and uh, see how it rides and shifts and drives and stuff? I've actually never driven this truck on the road even though I've worked on it a couple times backing up. Come on.

reverse. There we go. Kind of took it a second. Thank you sir.

Packing up some hard work. Yeah, it's got a cute little horn all right. I need to make sure to hit the tire on the trash can on the way out. there we go.

What? I know I was outside am I clear on your Fender there? Yeah, you're good. Sure you're away. clear it's still good. Yep, foreign there.

got it? Oh I think it's rubbing on the fender well over there. We'll fix that too. Transmissions in the way, no worries. I'll get out.

I almost ran over a transmission. That would be a new one. Okay, well, it still has reverse. Ah, there's that wheel.

well Tire scrubbing thing again. project Jeeps there's our forward. Okay, it's moving. This thing is cool all right.

It stops. bark, get the gate real quick. There we go coming through. Oh all right piece of.

Jeep why that just happened. did I do that? I don't know. Wiper blades are wiping so you get the mud off because we go off-road forward. Safety belt is fastened for my safety Here we go last time I went over last time I went over the bridge I got stranded but uh well.

they know they know I'm out here somewhere I shouldn't be stranded long. Okay, it moves. Oh this thing's kind of swirly. needs more work.

We're off. We have first gear. Hmm I wonder if this is starting out in the second gear and it has no first gear. A little odd with the ratio.

the gears see what it does. I may have literally just put lipstick on a pig. No way. foreign third or fourth or something I don't know.

Steering is pretty squirrely. Yeah, this thing's missing first gear. yeah, it's got ruined clutches or something like that. Oh, this thing's hard to steer.
Wow. All right. Well at least it moves. We now know that there are more problems with this transmission.

I mean I Guess that's to be expected at 305 400 miles on the odometer. Uh, we're gonna head back to the shop I'm gonna let Troy know we need to put a trans in this. Um, it's as good as it's gonna get. We tried to save it, tried to help it out.

I Don't know if it's going to have reverse yet or not. but I do know that it does not have first gear, which is enough for me to contend this unit. So that being said, I'm gonna go ahead and close this video out right now. I'll do such things as always by thanking each and every one of you for watching this video.

Hope you enjoyed this video if you did enjoy this video, please feel free to let me know about that by tapping that like button down below. Drop me a comment or two while you're down there. But most importantly, do not forget to have yourselves a great day! See you guys later in video in transmission in a jeep. Oh by the way, by the way, real quick before you go.

I'll pull that axle cover off later I I don't want to do that today. it's like 4 30. we're going home but uh, but tomorrow or uh, or maybe the day after, we'll get that cover popped off and see how much destruction is in there. I Already know it's junk I Think you know it's junk I Know it's junk.

You know we all know Troy even knows. but uh, that doesn't mean we don't want a fair witness to the Carnage industry. I'm really gonna go this time. See you guys later! Goodbye.

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