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PT 1 Customer States: Everything Leaking! Subaru Legacy Outback 2.5 AWD
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Hello Everybody! Good day to you! Welcome back! In this episode, we return to our 2000 Subaru Legacy Outback limited all-wheel drive and 2.5 liter flat opposing boxer style four-cylinder engine. It is here primarily to have a Uh, a plethora of oil leaks cleaned up on it. It had a leak at the transmission pan, a leak at the engine oil pan. It had a leak at the two valve covers on both sides.

It had another leak of engine coolant down here at the water pump. and since we had to pull the timing cover off to change the water pump, I Went ahead and got a water pump and timing kit. So we're going to replace the timing belt, the water pump, timing, chain, tensioner, words and I think there might be some, uh, some pulleys in that kit as well. Regardless, I have all the components here I've been waiting a few days for the kit to show up.

Uh, I did not get a Gates kit and I also did not get an Asian kit. I got the import direct kit because that was the only one available and this one still took me nearly a week to acquire. So I've used these before. This is what we're going to use I find it to be an acceptable replacement component.

So let's get this. uh, this stuff unboxed here. We have some Loctite We've got a belt, we have a water pump, we have some gaskets, we have some idler pulleys, we've got a crank gear, and yep, there's our tensioner with our grenade pin. Looks like everything that I need to complete this under or this engine timing job is present now.

I've already referenced the uh, the timing mark chart you can see here. We've got all the marks and everything lined up over here on the vehicle. The corresponding marks are also lined up. two Marks here on the cams.

one Mark right here on the crank. Two more marks down here on the cam so it is ready for me to continue to disassemble. So let's go ahead and pull this timing. uh, timing belt tensioner off and we'll pull the belt.

Once the belt's off, we'll pull the pulleys. Once pulleys are off, we'll go ahead and pull the water pumps and then we'll go from there. So stay tuned because this is going to be a very good video. All right.

we're down below. here. there's our tensioner. There's our tensioner bolt that holds it to the block.

I'm going to go ahead and crack this thing loose and we're gonna back this uh, tensioner out and as I do that, it will untension and then come free and then we can pull the belt. All right, that's loose. Let's get the Electron ratchet more speed. Get my hand on that tennis here so it'll be falling out and we are now loosey-goosey and I heard a washer fall I See it? I'll retrieve it.

Gonna need that for the back side of the new tensioner. Come here washer I need you I'll put this with the old tensioner for now and I'll recover that later. Okay, let's go ahead and we will pull our belt out of here. I'm taking care of not putting any load on the cams I Don't want them to, uh, spring out of position.

This is an interference engine I believe and I don't want to hurt anything. So we've got. oh, the belt's off. Let's go ahead and start pulling the pulleys.

We've got one rib pulley, two smooth base pulleys. Let's get in there and get these guys removed real quick with some unclick action. Come on now again. I'm keeping everything together for reference for later on.

This one out, come on and one more way way down there. I Know it's kind of dark in here. sorry I've got lights everywhere, but it's hard to get them to go down into these. Uh, no.

these. Deep Dark Places Okay, that's both. uh, those smooth face pulleys and the one rib pulley. Very good.

All right. Going back in, we've got some 10 mil bolts for this water pump. Start breaking these loose. We'll get the top ones from up here first and then we'll uh, we'll go down below and pull the hose.

Pluck these guys out. there's one next. They appear to all be the same length. That's good.

Next one, sneak you. come on. that one doesn't want to come out. What is this? It's not turning very very well.

Hmm, that doesn't feel very good. So I've got two choices. Hit that with a bigger impact gun or try to try to work it out. I Imagine there's some corrosion in there and uh yeah, yeah, this doesn't feel very good.

I'm now I'm nervous I'm gonna keep working this back and forth I believe there's some corrosion in there I need to just let it break up. So I'll keep back and forth and back and forth on this bolt until it starts to get free and comes out. go too hard. it'll break off in the block.

Yeah. I can feel the Fastener flexing. We need some lubricants in there. That's this is not okay.

This is actually an emergency bad emergency. Let's try some lubricating lubricant here. Close that down some. hopefully some will soak in enough to uh to get that loose.

In the meantime, I'm gonna get the other bolts loose if they will come loose and uh, maybe I can separate this water pump from the Block a little bit and let some of that uh, penetrating oil soak back behind it into the threads. Um, why won't I get a hold of that bolt? What's the deal here? There's another bolt right there and I can't get a get my socket onto it. They're different size? Sure. Yeah.

I'll come back to that one later. Let's get the one there. It is one below it. got it.

Yeah, you can see see that corrosion on the end here. That's what's going on on this bolt over here. It makes me, uh, nervous thing. I can't reach that one.

The fangies are too fat. There we go. Yeah, look at that. more corrosion on the end of this.

Uh, this bolts as well. Is it Loose yet? I Think that's all of them. That one got that one? Got that one? Yeah, that's all of them. Okay I'm gonna go in there with some fry bar.

We're gonna try to break this loose from the surface. That way I can attempt to, uh, get, uh. get some penetrating oil behind. There we go.

Bolts fell out. Oh, that was from up top right here. That was me anyway. so it's now broken loose.

Throw some more oil back there. Maybe those threads will soak it up. going in again. Dangerous moment.

Tighten that. Bolt Yeah, it's turning, it turns, but it likes to get locked up. It's loose in the bolt. Come on out of there.

You see it turned a little bit, then it got stuck. Actually, get some more spray in there. Now we'll tighten it again and hopefully tightening it will carry some of that lube into those threads. Help break them loose or break up some of that corrosion that's in there.

Okay, come on, come on out of there you. I am so up a creek if this thing breaks off, it will not be okay. See everything in the sky? side of me screams you know, just send it But that is the way to ruin an engine block. We don't want to do that.

That would be bad. Well, it's coming farther than it had before. Come on out baby. Come on.

Oh God no God please No no no no, no foreign broke it off. That's it. I'm I'm in trouble now. Oh no, don't make fun of me.

I'm in trouble. Bolt broke off in the engine block for a water pump. It's not funny. It's not funny.

No I'm not laughing I Just bought an engine. Yeah, there it is right there. That's the bolt. Well okay, so there happens to be some of that stud still sticking out.

So what I'm going to do is I'm gonna put a nut over it and see if I can't weld that nut on. That's all I can do right now is try to get that thing to weld on. Maybe I can work it Loose again. perhaps the heat will break up some of that corrosion.

I've got. uh, we got the other side of the bolt here. see it broke off I've got about a quarter of an inch sticking out of the head or out of the block. So I've only got like an eighth of an inch left to go to get this to walk out.

I'm hoping that the heat will help us out, but let me get a buzz or a weld bust onto that. I Guess we'll go from there fingers crossed guys. I'm not happy. Very very not happy right now.

This is bad. So here what I'm going to do is put another bolt into this and I'll use this bolt to connect my ground to to the welder and I can try to buzz uh, well as a bead onto that nut right there and maybe it'll come out I Don't know guys. I'm scared like a lot. I'm not a welder.

this is the car that defeats me. I Hope not begin welding now. Oh, power outage. Too many amps overloaded my power strips.

There we go. Sorry on No. I blew up the breaker with my welder Bluetooth Mode Okay, let's see what happens. Pull that guy off some.

I'll try to tighten it this time since it was coming out loosening which is not gonna work I'm so screwed. Where is it and it's gonna break off and it broke off? That's great. We're breaking off even closer to the Uh, closer to the block. This is fantastic.

All right. I've got another nut kind of buzzed. On to whatever's left of that stud and see if it's going to do anything. It turned.

What? I Don't know is if the stud is turning or if the Weld and the nut is just turning off, it appears maybe the stud's turning and it's going to break. See? that's a good turn out of it? See that? Oh, it is. It is kind of loose. okay and then a meat resistance.

like right here again. maybe more. Lube I'll keep going back and forth with it. let the lubrication Wick into the threads.

That's all I can do is go back and forth. a free, then it. then it stops again. Ah please come out.

I Don't want to buy a Subaru engine. especially after having made an attempt to fix all the stuff on this this particular engine. Is it coming out? Get out of here. What? No, it's not.

It broke off. okay. try it again. More Lube It's a disaster.

Okay, another nut coming in. I'm gonna start running out of spare nuts here in a minute. Oh by the way, I am letting this cool down between attempts I just am editing that part out just so you guys know every time. I weld you're like let it cool off and I'm like I know.

but I have to edit that out because you guys don't want to stare at a bolt. or you know, 15 minutes. So yeah, so there. So huh? Okay welding again.

see if this is gonna work or not. Um, some heat into it? Okay, Bolt number five or six welded on and kind of cooled off. it's gonna break right off. Oh man, we've been here before, but not on the front of an engine block.

This is. uh, it's not okay. I'm gonna have to try to build this stud up some and put another bolt on it. Get it welded? Yeah.

fail foreign. just Build It Up What's up? Oh yeah, go ahead good. You're all right. Keep building it up and building it up.

and maybe I can, uh, get that nut welded on. forget one welded on. it's gonna stay I don't know that was horrible for me I am so stress peaked right now. It's not even funny because if I can't get this out, this engine is over with and that is not okay.

not okay at all. I wanted to fix this engine, not blow it up. Come on. All right.

Well, there's a good glob of a bead on the front of that stud. Maybe just maybe not a welder and it shows right? Come on. I know I know I'm ruining the engine I have no other choice. Get the thing out or remove engine.

Not what I wanted to do. Not at all okay going in with another nut Lagoon my nut sizes have gotten larger. Come on. Strike work.

Thank you. Let's get in there real deep black. All right. let's let this one cool and try it again.

Okay, going in another socket. Let's go ahead and break this one off next. I Give up. They're all just going to break right off.

There's there's yeah. broke that one off too. but hey, look, at least it took the uh, the gasket with it. That's fun.

We're so screwed guys. This engine's uh I don't think it's gonna make it I can't get uh I just can't get the thing to come out. hmm what do I do? What do I do guys do you know is that uh, this is not looking okay Hey on the bright side, I got the gasket off that was actually protecting the block. So now that we've lost that I mean can I put it together without the bolt? That's horrible.

Probably not going to work because I'm pretty sure that bolt needs to be there for something probably to seal the water pump. I don't think that, uh, pulling that out it's gonna or leaving it out, it's gonna help. This is not really one of those optional bolts that I can just omit. not even close man.

Well I do see a nice looking flat spot on a on that bolt. Maybe I can drill this thing out some so you owe me. That's all. I got left is to try to just drill it out.

see if I can't get it close enough to the threads where they want to release kind of flat. Begin the hackery now yo. Oh you can set that. just set it down right there.

That's fine. Thank you sir. Appreciate it. Unbelievable.

Rinse it off you know I Wanted to make this video about finishing this job not making it. harder. This is not how I wanted this to to work out at all right guys. Um, the party's over for this one.

I had I hammered out an easy out in there and I was trying to back the easy out off out and off where it's I was trying to back it out with the easy out in there and the easy out snapped off inside of my hole. Now it's not even possible to drill I am I'm so I'm in trouble. This is. uh, this is not okay.

I I don't know what to do I'm not sure how to, uh, how to undo this. Uh, my only option here is to either leave the bolt out and hope it doesn't leak which it will or pull the engine and try to drill this out or just get a go find another block. uh I I'm at a loss right now I don't even know I'll be back in a minute I need to clear my head I don't know what to do I'm I'm not having a good day. This is bad.

This is remarkably bad. Okay, well we uh we know the bad news. um I do have good news I have uh I have been in contact with Eric from I do Cars YouTube channel and as you guys know if you guys watch his channel he uh he operates a very successful uh Salvage operation in Missouri and uh I I got a hold of him. He's reaching out to his Network and he's gonna find us a replacement unit.

So this this job is definitely escalated. So we're gonna pull this unit out of the car. We're gonna take off all the parts that we just put on this one. Uh, we're gonna slap those in the new unit.

That's gonna be the valve covers. Uh, it's going to be the new water pump, the timing kit. So everything from that we have purchased here today for this car is going to go into another engine. This engine's coming out.

That means we're gonna do the oil pan reseal on the new one. We're gonna do a rare crankshaft seal on the new one. We're probably gonna do intake gaskets. It is what it is.

So I've I've ordered another motor, we're going to replace this one. I have admitted defeat I Like I said I tried to drill this out again in order to install a Time cert. but since I broke that easy out off inside, my drill bit's walking sideways and I'm starting to cut away into uh into the metal on this engine block. I'm I'm all out of the a lot of possibilities to uh to reclaim this failure right here.

and uh I've conceded defeat. So we're buying a new motor. Hooray! It's not what I wanted to do today or this week, but it is what it is. So uh, since I appear to be at a stopping point at this point I guess um the only thing left for me to do is go ahead and close this video out.

As always: like thank you for watching this video Breaking the gravity I hope you enjoyed this video I know I did not enjoy this video well I mean I enjoyed making the video but I didn't enjoy how it happened that's for sure. Let me know what you think about it in the comment section down below. Drop me a like or a dislike while you're down there. and most importantly, do not forget to have yourselves a better day than what I'm having.

Have a great day! See you later in the video in the transmission into Subaru 2.5 liter dual cam 4 cylinder if I only knew old.

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    PS I just noticed that someone already commented on welding a stud onto the broken bolt. There's nothing to be ashamed of if you keep the customer in the loop.

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    Kudo's to you, your honesty, work ethic and professionalism. Old machines are risky to work on and you can't always anticipate what can break in the process of repairing it. If I were the customer I would be open to sharing some of the cost of engine replacement. After all the owner has gotten his/her money's worth on the car a few times over. Spending extra for an engine is still cheaper than buying a new car. Just sayin.

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    Bummer dude. I was I was rooting for you man.
    I watch this video cuz I just had all this work done to my car. Then 2 days into it mechanic calls it's going to be another day or so had to order something a belt or something, he never did tell me what it was. So I suspect they ran into an issue with one of the bolts.
    Now I have all these issues a high and rough idle, hard start, engine knock especially around 2k rpms. It's been back once for leaks & going back again. I had to tell them to replace the VVT seal now they will check PCV valve. They also did not replace the tensioners or idler. At the beginning I told him I wanted a new serpentine belt and thermostat. All I got was the serpentine belt. Apparently now I need a power steering hose and bracket never had any power steering leaks. Whatever ! They put my new spark plugs in & charged labor even though valve gasket replacement required removals of plugs.

    Just for Giggles if you have a moment how much would it cost if you did this job on 09 Ody?
    Thanks for all the great videos. Have a better day.

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  35. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars neil.s can't b arsed👽 says:

    Could of either tried to unwind the bolt before letting it cool down get an induction heater around what was left of the stud so it heats up all the way down the stud into the block to loosen it or even as i have just once or twice…… welded a long enough stud/bolt onto the broken end and leave it as is (making sure its clean/ straight etc) refitting the pump use a nut to fasten down that one and the remainder with the original bolts 😁
    You live and learn 😂

  36. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Matthew Jenkins says:

    Ray, Matco makes a set of left handed drill bits with correlating extractors. I did maintenance in the Goodyear tire plant in Lawton oklahoma, that makes tires, for years and i never broke an extractor. In fact, all the other maintenance technicians would come borrow my set from me and they never broke them either. I highly recommend you get that Matco set. I don't know that it will help you here if you can't get the broken extractor out but it will help for another sticky bolt in the future. I noticed the drill bits you were using are right hand bits, switch to left hand bits in the future for this kind of stuff if you don't buy the Matco set.

  37. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Veritas Aequitas says:

    I would give it a go without that bolt.
    If it doesn't work out then ok.
    I did this with an exhaust manifold once with long term success.
    Those bolts only need to be tightened to 8.7 ft ilbs. That practically hand tight.
    I would not reuse those bolts.
    Instead I would replace them with studs, nuts and lock washers. Cut to size of course.
    That way you don't have to worry about them seizing up again.
    I would also make an additional gasket out of 1 mm oil impregnated gasket paper
    to supplement the stock one. You can buy it online.
    Then see how that goes after a few heat cycles.
    The other thing is metal epoxy. This is what it is used for. It's really good stuff.
    I would drill that hole out as much as I could, fill it with metal epoxy, insert a stud, clean up the face and
    temporarilly mount the pump to line up the stud and nut properly. Just let it dry over 24 hours.
    Degrease it of course. Get rid of all that penetrating oil
    Like I said, 8.7 ft lbs isn't a lot and in my experience it would hold it easily.
    Go with the paper gasket also for good measure.
    I reckon it's worth a try before go swapping out the motor.
    That seems more of a last resort than a first to me.

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  39. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Simon Glozier says:

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  40. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars 99 says:

    I had the same thing happened to me on a boat Stern Drive I welded a nut on and managed to get it out

  41. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Raymond Anderson says:

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