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Full Speed Ahead Full load temperatures climbing 300 approaches. Oh yeah, look at that 300 degrees Fahrenheit Hey you guys check this out. Uh, not the trailer. something with the truck.

Ah, you guys saw a few weeks ago A-Rod from Powerstroke Tech Talk was here and we installed uh, my bank's pedal monster and this eye Dash right here and I really really really really like the eye Dash Oh I forgot starting the engine with 220 496 miles there's that check engine light EGR code again. Anyway, back to what I was saying: I Really, really, really like the side Dash So I ended up getting another eye Dash because this eye Dash was consumed mostly with um with my pedal monster readings. That's the Uh the interface that allows me to adjust the the pedal monster changes my throttle gain really cool. like watch this.

watch the Uh the red versus the white. The white is my actual throttle and then the red is the pedal monster throttle. See that? see how it ramps it up a little bit. Really cool stuff.

Anyway, that's not what this is about I've beaten that horse to death already so you all know about that. but I did like I said get another one because I took up all the gauge space with uh, just that control. It did leave me room for three other gauges. um, but uh I wanted more info so I ended up getting a second eye Dash and that gives me boost pressure and I can look at things in real time like engine coolant temp volts RPM engine speed anything where there's a PID through the ECM the eye Dash will read that and I wanted to have some extra data going on so I I got a second one with the second one.

I Also bought this little device. it's called an air mouse and it's basically like an ambient air temperature probe. It gives me ambient temp ambient air temp that's straight from the air mouse that's outside. It gives me dew point and it also gives me relative humidity now in Florida land I like having a humidity meter that way I can tell just how wet I'm going to be that day and I'll show you where I mounted that air mouse device.

it's down here in a uh what I consider to be a non-turbulent Zone away from hot things. There it is right there. that's a little probe I ran that outside. Now the reason that I ran that is because I when I got that other eye Dash I also got What's called the the four Channel module and that allows me to actually Connect Four sensors to that data line and then install Those sensors where I see fit on the engine and I've done that with two so far.

I've got a turbine Outlet pressure which is not exactly the same as boost. this is the hot air coming out of the compressor if I can give it some RPMs Yeah, it's very accurate and it gives me the charge air temperature. Now this is before the charge air cooler. let me pop the hood I'll show you popping in Z Hood Now there's no performance gain or anything like that out of this.

It's just something that I like because I like to tow a lot and I like to have the extra information. So yeah, there's the uh, there's the four Channel module right there. I've got that secured to the firewall. this one runs down to that air mouse and then this one runs inside the cabin up to the gauge cluster.
Now it's kind of a mess. I have not tidied all these wires up yet but four. Channel meaning I can run four different sensors I've already got two of them hooked up. These are temporary.

There's no bungs or bosses welded into this yet because I'm not going to keep this charge air cooler pipe I'm going to get an upgraded one but I stuck these guys in here just to uh to see how they worked out I believe that's my pressure sensor and that's my temperature probe now. I've got room for two more of those sensors and what I want to do is put those on the downstream side of the charge air cooler. Which means they're going to end up being like inside of this intake horn right here. That way, I can get a measurement at the compressor outlet and at the intake manifold and that will tell me how efficient my charge air cooler is operating.

Basically I wanted to get those gauges and set up this data collection. so uh, as I improve repair and and or possibly modify this truck for More Steam I can get some actual data that shows just how effective those modifications are. For example, I can take that air mouse down there and I can put that in front of and or behind my air filter and I can collect data on just how much pressure and or vacuum and temperature that's coming into the air intake. Then I could replace my stock air intake with like an upgraded air intake and then I can take the exact same data measurements and it'll tell me just how much of a performance or or an improvement an upgraded part can bring as opposed to a factory original component.

It's science. it's kind of boring, but I think it's fun. Plus it looks really cool and again, the cool thing about this is you can add to it. For example, I've got four channels of data here which I'm not using I'm only using two channels but I can uh once I add those two other sensors, I can then connect another module and then Plumb the sensors for that module into different components.

For example, I can have one for exhaust gas temperature. you could have one for transmission temp, but I already have that. Again, you can have one for coolant temp, but we already have that and I don't have one for rear differential tip I'm wondering if the bank's differential covers have a bung in them where I can screw in a temperature probe because if I can get a rear differential temperature reading I will definitely set up that extra module because I would I would love to have temperatures of the drivetrain that would just be really cool. So yeah, I've kind of gone down the Gale Banks Rabbit Hole of Beta Junkie Collection but uh, it's something that I've uh I've found interesting and I like doing it.
So I'm going to keep adding to this little system right here as time goes on. Oh real quick. let's get rid of that EGR code Check this out! We go to diagnosis and vehicle check trouble codes. It's checking scanning.

It's like a built-in scan tool. kind of. Come on there it is. What do we got? p04 Oh yeah, there it is.

p0401 Exhaust Gas Recirculation flow insufficient I Have a clogged EGR Okay, let's just get rid of that right now. Clearing and survey says: oh, check engine lights off Yeah, take a look right here. This is the charge Air temperature sensor that I installed outside of the compressor. That right there is manifold air temperature So this can show us just how efficient the intercooling system can be.

It also shows how at idle we get some heatsink going on and the intake manifold is actually hotter than the charge air that's coming out of the compressor. Now watch I'm going to give it some throttle. We're going to throttle it up a little bit and we're going to start to see these switch around. Charge air is going to go up because the turbo is heating up and manifold temp is going to go down because all the air flowing through it is cooling off the manifold.

See that! Now you'll notice we've got some boost being built outside of the compressor. but the ECM is not calculating any boost at the intake. So I'm actually wondering if my factory sensor is uh is lazy or biased. It does work, but it doesn't work down on this low of a range.

or do I feel it's that accurate and I always seem to find a discrepancy between what I'm measuring at the compressor and what I'm measuring measuring at the intake manifold. Now, theoretically, that number should go down after the charge air has passed through the intercooler because it's cooling off and it's becoming less dense. and if it's less dense, then it should have less pressure error. I Should have said it's becoming more dense, but that's also the reason why I Want to install another identical sensor at the intake manifold so I can have both of these measurements temperature and pressure stacked on top of each other, one before the intercooler at the compressor and then one at the actual engine intake manifold.

All right, we're headed out of here. Let's go ahead and put this in tow haul mode because I am Towing I Do have the trailer with me. It's not loaded, but it does weigh 4 200 pounds which is kind of yeah. I mean it tows it just fine without tall tow haul being engaged.

but I like the longer shifts with a load? Yeah, see, we're coming up on booze, but notice the discrepancy. Five pounds at the compressor, but it's only reading two pounds at uh, the intake. It seems like it's quite a bit of a difference. What do you guys think? it even does that like at the top of the uh, the throttle input or RPM range.

I'll show you when we get out on the road I'll I'll put a load on it and we'll go wide open throttle and we'll see like you know, 18 20 22 pounds at the compressor. but we're only going to see like 15 or 16 here at the actual calculator boost gauge. You gonna make it? Yeah, he's gonna make it. Good job driver.
Don't hit my truck. We're on our fourth cycle at this red night. we're gonna need more. Steam Please Go Go Go Go! Oh or yellow we're riding out.

Oh and now we can see intercooling in action. Check that out. 150 degrees at the compressor Outlet 102. I think manifold huge temperature drop and again look at the boost pressure.

It's 5.4 Six pounds at the compressor Outlet Three pounds, 2.6 pounds. uh at the manifold throttle here I Know there should be a pressure drop there, but I Don't know if that's too much or not. Let's watch this. We're stopped and we're going to see the manifold temperature start to rise.

Yeah, see that. And then once we throttle up and move on Top's gonna fall again I Went up fast didn't it temperature increases I Think the temperature increases at the compressor Outlet because we are compressing the air so it's making it more dense. that creates heat. and that compressor is also absorbing some heat from the turbine side on the exhaust.

so you've got heat transfer into the compressor side that's warming it up and it's also warming it up. It's just based on compression science I Think we get to go full huge on this one. Yep, watch those temps. Look at that 300 degrees at the compressor.

Outlet It's pretty crazy. Yeah, and that's just from building pressure. Hey, check this out. This truck has been wrecked and stuck in the ditch for days I Guess they don't want to come and get it and from what I've seen, the sheriff hasn't even been out to put the little orange sticker on the window so we so it's there in the ditch.

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