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Going on a road trip again we're going back to Ocala Hi everybody, good day to you! Welcome back! Yeah, we are going back to Ocala Florida we have left early. we're going back to Ocala because I am uh about to uh, acquire a very valuable and useful asset for uh, for the company and uh, it's kind of like a layered expansion. I didn't plan on doing this but I I I'm I'm stealing this thing regarding the price and I couldn't pass it up. So I've got to make the road trip up here to go pick this thing up.

how did you know because I saw you oh you saw me I was gonna get I was gonna get like some some side action. you're not doing anything anyway. yeah she knows I've got I've got the blessing we did that last weekend so she has given me permission uh to purchase said asset. Uh, we're gonna do that.

Uh, maybe this evening. It depends on when we get there. It's like a three and a half hour drive so if we get there before dark, which we probably won't well, I don't know yet. No.

I see I've just changed my mind now. I'm still gonna try to pick the thing up tonight even though it's gonna be dark and then, um, well. I'm not going to tell you what it is, you're just gonna have to wait and see, so stay tuned. This is going to be a very good video.

Oh yeah, check this out before we get there. Lauren Just brought something to my attention. You guys are animals. Look at that she made.

She made a YouTube channel like four or five days ago and 20 000 of you have showed up. You guys are absolute animals. Thank you guys! Yeah, thank you guys for that. That's cool.

She's like she's having time of her life right now. Seriously, hello for cutting me off. They can go in the same speed as the car in front of me. I Guess that Gap was too big.

Maybe he didn't want me to see where I'm going. What was that? Oh that's the don't kill that guy in front of me alarm. Is that what that was? Got it? How was that lane departure when I didn't depart the lane? Oh I think because the guy was too friend of you. Oh it was.

It was the idiot alarm. Got it? You're too close back away see he pulls in front of me. Then my car tells me I did something wrong. This is the problem with Society at large right now someone else does something wrong and then the bystander isn't fault.

it's nonsense. Um so I just noticed that the lane departure is not turned on so that was not the lane departure alarm. So now I don't know what it was. we're like we're almost there and I was gonna get off and get to like get some food.

I realized we were at The Villages and uh I'm not so sure about that. Now if you don't know about the villages. Google The Villages that's all I have to say about that. Okay, a change of plans.

We're gonna go later because it's late and I'm tired and I don't want to go to, uh, pick up said asset just yet. So we're just gonna hang out right here for right now. and uh, power on all systems. three? Oh, and we'll turn that one off.
You can't use switches or breakers for switches. Watch me there There we go. So as I was saying, um, we're not going to go to the place right now to go acquire said asset. We're gonna do that later once.

it's uh, when it's not as cold outside and not as dark outside. So I guess we'll see you guys in the morning and proof a miracle of film editing. it's the next day. Yeah, attitude I have an attitude.

There's the unit there. it is. That's what I found a 2002 Chevrolet 6500 actually I think it's a 7500 and that badge is wrong because the VIN says it's 7 500. either way, it's a big Chevrolet truck.

It's got big wheels, It's got a big bed, It's got a big engine, big fuel tanks. It has big potential. Let's go check it out. Yeah, here she is.

We're gonna do a walk through when we get out of here. Went ahead and uh, did some paperwork and whatnot I have in my possession. the certificate of title right here. This is.

uh, this is now my truck. Let's see where we're gonna put this thing. not in there. Uh, by the way, 177 209 miles on the odometer.

It's got a six-speed Eaton transmission Caterpillar 3126 inline six cylinder. that's 7.2 liters of Caterpillar diesel power. All right. So here's the deal.

We're gonna take a little half a mile road trip down the street. We're gonna go to the grocery store. I'm gonna get some chicken gizzards and corn dogs for breakfast. Then we're gonna go back to the house and do a bit of a walk through on this machine right here.

Sound like a plan and now we're rolling. Oh here we go. I Think it's even got a tilt wheel? Yeah it does. If I can't do second gear starts.

Hurricane? Yeah, we'll just go ahead and slide her in right here behind this trailer. That's perfect. No air brakes, just a parking brake. Uh, what's what? Oh, that's coffee that I spilled already.

Yeah, Corn dogs and gizzards. Hang on. First one powering down. Come here.

Okie Dokes! I've got my corn dogs. Yeah, there's some corn dogs and chicken gizzards and hot sauce. that's gonna be good. Good breakfast.

Let us restarting the engine. I Don't think we need glow plugs for a second time. Nope. Fire right up.

There's an alarm that doesn't shut off and that's a trick to it. Key it off, Keep it back on real quick. Like shuts down the alarm. Let's get out of here.

Break off reverse backing up the big. Auto I Have the biggest pickup truck ever. Awesome. There's our first gear.

the bumpy. whoa. We're gonna have a load on this on the first day because you'll notice that that life unit followed us back there in the van. But when we ride home, we're gonna put the van on top of the truck.

Day one is going to be the first time we we use this as a towing device. Pretty cool. Yeah, a little steam. That's full throttle Five.

All right. At least go 65 miles per hour so we can drive it on the interstate if we want to. Kind of neat the new Dash This Dash is a little bit broken. We need to fix it I Need to fix a lot of things on this truck For a 2002 commercial vehicle I Think it's a it's in okay condition I Guess we're gonna find out.
Foreign need to put some belts in this thing. Why is my wife driving her van off the road back there? Serious? I Look back in the mirror and she's off in the grass somewhere. Let's do it. She's supposed to be following me and when you follow, you're not supposed to be a quarter mile behind.

She knows that. Look out. Yeah, look how far behind she is following. All right.

Stay here. Dash Don't Don't fall out I need you I don't really know about that? Uh, that shift lever might have to fix that I wonder if I can fit this big thing through our gate? right here? Kind of a small gate? Maybe Yeah, talk squeeze. Yeah, we're good. We're in.

Made it through the gate. All right, All right guys. we're parked. Let's go ahead and uh, hop on down and popping in the hood let's see this monster of an engine.

Yeah, come down hello girl dog right up here. Give it a tug. There we go. uh other side.

Yeah there she is. Caterpillar 3126 six cylinder diesel. bye we're okay. there's a lot of engine in here.

Full Steam Let's go try out the PTO I Haven't figured out how to run the throttle up on it yet. You're supposed to run the throttle up when you engage your PTO There's supposed to be a switch right here, but it's not here on this truck. Uh, the fella that I bought it from said he was using a piece of wood to prop on the gas pedal. but I want to, uh, figure out a different way with PTO engaged to the transmission? We let the clutch out and we're pumping now.

I should have controls back here at the bed. See what we have? All right. That's our wheel lift. Extend in and out.

That's our bed tilt. That's the winch. There we go. that's the one that runs the bed back.

I Think this one's tilt. Nope. There we go. That's tilt.

Give it a tilt back contact and then we'll run the bed back. There we go. Yeah! I Definitely need to figure out how to get. uh, how to get that PTO or how to get that fast idle to come in? Uh oh I Already found a problem.

Look at that. it's axle seal leak I Think that's what that is. Let's keep the bed going back. get some space.

We'll go in there and take a look man. I Drove five miles and it's already broken I Checked for that the other day I Didn't see anything that was fast. All right. See what we got going on with the seal? Is that leaking? or is that just a bunch of schmoo inside of the wheel? Uh.

I Can't tell. Let's go around the other side. Yeah, the driver's side looks good. See, we've got some massive disc brakes on this thing.

It's all hydraulic. no air brakes which is cool. I Mean it's kind of not cool I Like air brakes, but I'm fine not having them. now.
How about that fluid? What do we got here? Yeah, it must be a hub or something I See it on the inside? Uh, there it is. All right. Let's see. fuel tank says quarter tank.

Let's go ahead and check and see what we've actually got in the tanks here. Yeah, that's about right. Looks like quarter tank. We're gonna have to refill this.

No worries. All right, let's go ahead and shut this down again. for now. Yeah, it's loud.

Let's go ahead and shut this thing down. I'll mess around with this later. Dog's ready to go. All right, it is time to hit the road.

We got about three hours of travel to do so. I'm gonna get the van loaded. stopping's the engine. Then we're gonna go ahead and get out of here.

This ought to be fun. Foreign. foreign here here. and we are off.

There's a van behind us. Hello, we can see you. Yeah, there's a band behind this first load. We're ready to roll.

We're leaving. It's gonna be an interesting trip with that. Dog went right over there. That's gonna be fun, but she had to come with us.

We couldn't leave her home by herself overnight. He's an anxiety dog. Go figure right? that first gear is deep. I Don't even need it.

That's a real diesel. A very real diesel. Oh, this is weird. Your fans on the truck I Know that's so weird.

No dog get away from my shifter. more speed. Okay, that's 50 bucks in one of the tanks. 10 gallons and we're about halfway.

But this fuel is expensive here so we're gonna leave. I'll try to find cheaper fuel somewhere else. Get that back. Click.

All right. let's get out of here. You ready to go? I'm ready. Are you ready? I Have food in my mouth? Oh yeah.

Oh embarrassing. putting that putting that man following me. we are approaching maximum speed so I tried to fire up the AC The guy said it worked but the other day it didn't. Come on.

And yeah, we're not getting anything out of this thing. Blower motors down here on the floor. Come on. please turn on.

Hey darling trying to hey, do me a favor, hit that thing real quick. Try to hit it from that side like Ram it I can't reach it from here. No Ram it like a battery Ram no no like jab it, jab it. keep doing that.

You gonna come on. please come on. Ah, there we go. It's on.

Okay, we have airflow in here at least. All right. cool. Let me have that light back.

Thank you Dear Everything's a hammer ready. Let's break off cool. no traffic ride right out. More Steam I Was looking on the interwebs and they've got this same engine for marine applications that make 475 horsepower.

I Want one? This is only like a 270 horsepower. They got them in almost 500 horsepower. That might be fun transmission. Destroyer We could work by work.

Hey uh, Navigator that sign said Turnpike Is there a turnpike coming up or I don't want to pay any tolls with a commercial vehicle? I Don't they get expensive? Cow, you know that fan belt business in there that's squeaking is absolutely driving me out of my mind right now. Oh I couldn't help myself Hey Soul Man, you got your ears on. Come back, it breaks again. All right.
So this is what Lauren was talking about earlier. She was uh well, actually she was recording for her Channel She was saying something about how she's developed a new respect for uh, the truck drivers and the guys that drive big equipment and we got a case in point right here. So we're we're going 56 in a 50 Zone motorcycle in front of us and this car back here behind. They're over there breaking their neck trying to get around me and they're not going to go anywhere.

but they're still upset that they're back there behind me and I can see in the late in the late body language she's hitting her hand and swerving and looking left and trying to see what's in the way and blah blah blah and you know again we're already speeding and there's there's cars in front of me. Yeah, what can I do but but they're mad at me I guess this is uh this is the downside of having a larger sized vehicle I mean it's bad in my Silverado especially with a trailer but this thing it like it attracts angry ingredients and I'm not gonna lie I think that's kind of funny I know Google Snacks Pedestrian warning: Ah, another pedestrian. They're everywhere. Danger, Danger.

Oh, something's going on I Need to change lanes, move over car, put on your signal and they speed up. Yeah. acceleration. Yeah, they smashed a bunch of stuff up here.

That's not good. It's hard holding this steady because it's uh, so bumpy. Oh dang, they they broke a bunch of stuff. Did someone else come up here and cut me off? Yeah, that car on the right's trying it.

they're trying to go. Sorry I have no space for you. Oh, they're gonna do it anyways. you can drive up there, cut me off later.

It's okay to record accidents. Um yeah. I think so I Mean if it's if it's like your gruesome accident, then I'll just delete it. Yeah, that's good.

I'm not as close to that van as it appears to be. he's going to have room to get over I'm not locking this guy. man. So this guy right here I came around I Saw him pulling up to the spot right here.

There's still only two diesel pumps and this whole gas station. The bus has one of them and this dude went over there and he's over there hanging out that food truck like there's parking spaces everywhere and he decides to park at the fuel. Island That is bad protocol. If you'd like to be a better human being, don't park at the Fuel.

Island Those are the rules. We figured it out here. We go Fuel here, we go. Okay, this has absolutely nothing to do with the video, but this guy and the guy behind the building.
They were just fist fighting a second ago so we figured we'd record that too. We didn't catch the actual fight. it was pretty quick, but uh. now they're kind of wandering around trying to figure out what to do with each other.

Let them fight. They're not fighting over here. Central Florida These things happen. Which guys? uh, the guy with the blue shirt long sleeve and then, okay, let's get out of here.

disconnecting air brakes. Check that thing out. It's a land dredge that's for dredging. uh, the surface of the ground.

It's one of the sulfur mines. I think it's a mosaic equipment. Yeah, there's a sulfur mine over here. This is all mine territory for minerals.

All right. Home sweet home. Let's get the van off the truck. Hey I think I figured out my uh, my idol up real quick on the PTO Watch this hang on clutch in we're all the way.

PTO Up here we go PTO is engaged there it is. Hook it up. So what? I'm gonna do I Found this little piece of metal right here. focus and it fits perfectly right there in the throttle or not.

I'm gonna try again. Get in there you there we go. Ah one more time I Know this is gonna work There we go. let's see what we're gonna do here and slide this bed back.

Oh, we need stabilization there. we go wrong back. Do the other back. Uh-huh Bring that all the way back.

We'll tilt her a little bit. Tilt's a little slow. Oh, hang on. it's because my wheel lift is picking it up There we go.

More tilt, more tilt, less wheel lift. Yeah, that's what we want that on the ground I was doing it wrong. Okay, now more till all the way up and the rest of the way back. We don't need these chains anymore.

I'm out chain number two disconnected man, you stay there and I like controls on both sides. That's cool. we're down. Uh, winch.

Which that's my winch. Okay, it's in. uh, it's in park. Let me pull my hooks out here.

All right. one more on the other side that one that's a little farther in there. Hang on. Now Where's those keys? Keys, keys keys got him.

Let's get the fan again, off of the truck, climb, restarting the engine, reverse backing off slowly and safely. So far so good. I Think no, no, we're good. All right.

Sweet. That was a success. Nice all right guys. Well I'm home and I'm done and that's the end of the road trip.

It was a long day today. uh, probably more on that thing to come because it's got a bunch of stuff that needs fixed. but uh, I'm not gonna do that right now because I'm tired and it's Saturday and I'm not working anymore today. So uh, that being said, it's always like thank you for watching this video.

Hope you enjoyed this video, Hope you enjoyed the truck. Hope you enjoy the future appearances and cameos of said truck. Let me know what you think about that thing in the comments section down below. And most importantly, do not forget to have yourselves a great day! See you guys later powering down Shiny.

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