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Hello everybody! Good day to you! Welcome back! Glad you guys are here. We are in the layer of A-Rod This is the power stroke Tech Talk with A-Rod Studio That's right I'm up here in beautiful sunny Michigan I Took a uh, well, not a road trip I Took an airline trip to go visit my Broham Aaron I'm in his garage. we're next to the Tahoe we're in the lirer and we're fixing to head out to go uh to go fix a Chevy Astro van. So stay tuned because although this is going to be a slightly different Uh format on our protocol, it's still going to be a very good video uping the hood.

Yeah, look who that guy is. A-rod's got his gear. say hello. We got the we got a blank football and a choice scan tool.

It's nuclear. We rock and rolling. Banks Let's go now. I'm in Ford Country right now I need to watch out I'm in 67 Land N I'm just kidding.

even the Ford guys know what's up. That's right' 05 Chevrolet Astro Van 4.3 L two wheel drive with the sliding back door. but I get shotgun today Astro Visz Astro Vians Woo cold and I know you got to know it has 191,192 mil on the odometer original. Don't worry about that right there.

So when I said a beautiful sunny day here in snowy Michigan this is kind of what I meant It's uh, it's a little rainy outside. it's kind of cold. It's like in the what is it 50 Yeah, that's a stark departure. 5 That's it's not Florida weather.

that's for sure. No uh-uhh but it's really nice up here. it's super nice. I May need to come back when there is snow to introduce my children's to the snow.

They've never seen snow. Never. Fact: I Don't even think wife units ever seen the snow pulling up to A-rod's auxiliary shop. What? Look at that that old K5 sitting there.

Is that a K5 or just Silvero silver? That's cool barn find I'm going to get in trouble up here. There's all kinds of goodies. Silvero silver R I Like your trailers I Like that truck though. that's a nice truck.

All right. let's get out of here. let's go do some work. Hey, this is a huge no no in Florida land.

These are mosquito. Farms yeah. see the how they hold water? Yeah, one day in Florida and these things would just there would be like clouds of them everywhere. You couldn't even stand here.

They'd kill you. No kid. Yeah coming in. We're closed today so I'm going to lock this behind me.

securing air lock locking secured. ding. Anybody work here? Oh no. You got to hit this one.

Got to hit this one. What is it? Come here. Come here. There's more ding.

No way. Do it again. Wake up I Need to get one of those I'm buying one sir sir. You can't come in here.

It's a dangerous Insurance Powering on. Oh yeah, look, they have heaters here. They have heaters in Michigan that's cute. Where's your AC units? Back it out.

Got to make some space. Hi! This is my new key of Soul This is A-rod's new shop, not the dealership. Yes sir, don't that's not his key of Soul You're a liar. You would never drive that thing.

Yeah, he drives the B though man. Aaron I'm not going to lie dude. I'm kind of jealous cuz you got more lifts than I do and Pay Less in rent. oh they're getting they getting ripped out.

yeah are they? well you still got them I I Would love a for poost like that would be great I'm going have to come up here to use your for poost. Okay I should show you how the locks work. Do they actually work? They work but that's a lie. Oh no.

air back this thing out. Vans Coming in out of the rain we backing in. You're backing it in front row You me to close the door? Yeah, all right. CU it's cold outside you me to guide you up? Yeah, hang on here.

I'll help you out. Uh y y y you're good. You're centered. Come on straight back.

bring it straight back. You got it. Straighten up. Straighten up.

Come on back. Keep coming back. straight back. Keep her going.

You're good. gas on it, a little more, a little more, a little more. Keep it straight. Good job Homie! Keep coming back.

Wood's starting to flex. There you go. straighten back little more, a little more more. Think you got her Parking the auto.

Okay I Hit that hood. man. there we go. 4.3 L V6 that's the 34s 350.

Is that your cart? That's my cart? Let's get a let's get a cart. I Would like to see your cart versus other carts. Well, we got to put a few things. Um, organizized organizized way.

Um, so what we're going to do? Bobbly bits. We're going to throw these away. We don't need garbage up here n um, probably could remove these from up here and put these down here on the socket. The socket level don't have any certain order except you know, half 384, 8 mil Mhm 10, 11, 12, 13, 14.

So ooh, look at that one. I like this one. Yeah, that extra long Flex Head to Yep. I like that one.

That's a fine piece. Um, we'll just deal with that later. Um, stay tuned to the channel because uh, we're going to have some special tools. That's the key for uh, the the plug on the radiators.

So like some of the radiators, they have like a what like a butterfly nut so you can just pull the the the plug out and then drain your fluid. But the Oems took away that butterfly and they just put a slot in there in the plug. But there's no tools on the market to uh, engage that slot Somebody has created one. Look at that guy so fits in the slot.

then you put your 12 mil on it, break her loose, and then pull your key out, drain your coolant. It's uh, more efficient than spilling the hose. Oh power prob. we just kind of all scatter I got in trouble for this kind of thing when I was a kid I'd go to folks to shop with like parents or whatever and I'd be in their tools opening their drawers, looking at everything and I didn't know I wasn't supposed to do that but I did it anyway I was like nine years old.

a subscriber. a subscriber made these. uh, if you guys want to get some 3D stuff printed for your 67, uh Urban 3D prints. Uh, stuff for the 67.

When we get new engines and we take the Uh intakes off, we keep these to plug the intake manifold. well, they get all broken and all nasty. This one's I think got a got a hole in it right here so it kind of defeats the purpose. MH So he I sent him some of these and he was able to 3D print a pliable oh cool plug that now I can use just plug your intake right? my 67.

Yeah, it's actually a really, really good idea I like it I almost blew up a 67 once I was doing injectors on it and you know how they've got that. um uh, what you call it that little uh uh copper Crush Washer at the bottom of the injector. well I pulled the thing out and the Crush Washer fell off and landed in the intake and I don't know if you guys know about the Uh intake system on the 67s but the valve cover is part of the intake so you pull the thing out through the hole in the valve cover. Well, the little uh little washer fell off I didn't realize it until I had the whole engine reassembled I put the injectors in, programmed everything the Ia and I'm looking for all my pieces and I'm missing one washer and I'm like I know I didn't drop drop it so I had to go upstairs, tell the boss like hey, um I'm missing one of these and he's like so and I go um, understand, you don't understand if I hit the key on that engine and it's in there.

We just bought another engine so we put a $115,000 fuel system on a 67 I need to find this and I pulled the whole top end back apart and sure enough it was sitting down right on the edge of the runner and I'm looking at the valve and I'm like yeah, it would have instantly ingested that washer. It's funny you're talking about this. Look what? Dep Tech sent us. They sent this this awesome borope but check out what the end does, bro.

you can go around a corner now that's sick. Can you rotate it and go this way or that way? Or is it just like a left? so you just turn your I need to get one of those but it um it records. it's got HD even tells you the temp on it too. So if you guys want to see a video of me doing something, hey, stay tuned in the channel because we're going to show you some stuff.

Check them out. Power Stroke Tech talk with A-Rod I need to get one of those. but I'll wait till you do yours that way. I'm not poaching I don't want to I don't want to rip off your video idea Do you have one of these? uh V is Dos a vacuum tester? yeah little vacuum pump I got a a junko one? Yeah, not.

I don't have a Mighty Vac I guess I don't really need these in here. You keep your ratchet straps in the same location as I do mine? guess I really don't need that gravity I couldn't help it. Do you use these? I haven't used this time I have one Um I have the airlift version of it and I never ever used it. yeah I I didn't care for it I don't use it um 4 67s.

Uh if I have to do a gas um like a B10 or something, then you got to you got to do that one cuz it'll it'll overheat on you charger. Oh it gets the air bubble and vapor locks or whatever. I keep there's a bunch of these in here. What is this? Oh, those are the fuel pump driver modules.

So if a car comes in and it doesn't start and I don't hear the fuel pump, I'll come back in and get my test fuel pump driver modules I'll uh pull the car in instead of Towing it in cool What? I Tell you guys about known good parts. This is why we keep known good parts around. This is why I don't throw nothing out. Pack rats.

We are hoarders. You got like three of them in here. Three or four of them. That's great.

Well check it out. There's two different ones so see, we have two over here and two over here. Yeah, they changed the plug design. Why? so I'll grab both this one and this one cuz I don't know what the car will have I'll just walk out with and then just plug it in then hit the key.

If it starts, you charge $200 for that. Hey look, he's got a holster for his gun. That's nice. You have the same gun as me I like the stub the stubby one.

Yep, electrics are weird. um you know I was explaining this to DS trucks and he was laughing at me. but like it's hard to explain when you're using electric and you're trying to bust something loose and it's sitting there. That is when you have to stop because the tool is never going to break loose.

What you're trying to break loose, it is either. Now time to go get air. You need more power! More Steam So I'm noticing this high voltage little Placer thing right here. I'm going to steal this and mount it to the back of my toolbox.

You know the one with that uh the uh, the inverters and that big D4 battery inside of it? Yeah, I'm going to mount that on my toolbox. That's going to be great. This is mine now keeping this and it makes a cool sound on concrete watch. Okay, we're in the corner.

You and I share a very similar taste in tool sir. I have uh I have one of these I need to bring it back to the shop I Took it home for the last hurricane and it's still in my trailer. We're going to need some lumens here FL it up. This is why I like the hood props and I do not rely on the the vehicle hoods that have the shocks or whatever.

CU you hang anything off of it and the weight cannot collapse the hood shocks and then the hood falls on your Noggin when you're not looking I'm going to check your air filter. you been here. been in here yet? Words: I have not checked. Uh, it looks new.

Yeah, you got a brand new filter. Look at that. That's nice. Cool Air filter is good.

What are we doing to this thing today? We got to do oil change and uh over I got somewhat maybe steering. Le We'll do the Tire Kingdom thing. We'll set it right there. that way you break it when you forget about it.

Shut your hood. What are we doing? Oh, we're doing a high elf to por a close close. So close. All right.

Well Aaron's taking too long. We got work to do. Let's hit the green subscribe button. Yeah, See what? I did there? Moving on up.

Run this four post up all the way up. All right we're we're about there. top of the rack. These locks are in sync.

mostly. one, two, three. they're kind of in sync. Where's our down lever? There it is.

that's our down. Let's set her down on the locks and this one's not catching. Yeah, that side caught back side's not catching. Okay, need to figure that out.

I'm still wandering around trying to find the lock release. It appears it's going to be hydraulic to hit the lock. There little cylinders in there somewhere we need to release. Yeah, there's one we need to release them.

Set them down one notch here because they're not even. It's like tilted. Yeah. So right now we're not on the locks, it's not safe.

Hang on. I See how we're doing this? We need some pneumatic action, so that's our lock release. Okay, got to turn the air on. Yeah, so now they're disengaged, right? Okay, let's set her down some.

That one hooked up in the corner I Just heard it release. No, no bang on it with a hammer. Yeah, that one's hooking up in the corner there. Let's go see what's going on here.

Hit it again. Lego Ah, the linkage is a little loose. That's the deal. I Think it's released? should be in there.

Oh, come here. Lock. Hey hit it now. Try to go down.

take her down. All right. You're free. now.

it's it's released. Okay, that's good. What do I do? Just unhook it. All right.

Loud noises. Whoa. It almost got me in. The goods.

Not okay. Danger. It's not safe. All right.

What do we got going on down here this? I was telling you about the other day. Look at how much linkage. scoot. over.

Let me in. Let me in. Let me in. Look at how much linkage you have on your front end on this thing.

Oh wow. yeah. got a drag link. There's a drag link center link Inn Outer tire rods, adjuster sleeve, idler with a bracket.

Yeah, there's so many pieces. Is it? is it? That isn't that a trans line? Let me see your light. Let me see. uh, that one there.

Yeah, that's Trans cooler. I Think if we run it back back, no, that's oil cooler. It's engine oil. see right here.

Oh, it goes to that. You got a little block little breakout block on your cooler or on your oil. So that's engine oil cooling. Uh, up to your radiator, something's leaking so it looks like it's just leaking at the crimps.

Real common. My Trans lines are doing the same thing. But what this is. This is corrosion preventative like that's built in.

You see how? we got no rust over here. but then there's rust over here where it's not leaking. That's what that is. It's like it's designed.

uh for long lasting rust prevention. Your motor mounts look good. A I Just bought this van not long ago. How's your uh, your rear end? Let's see you got got new brakes back here.

New calibers. Yep. I had to rotate the tires. Now the shock absorbers need some TLC I Can feel it when we were riding last night there was there a little little wandery and bouncy is it's not bad.

Hey this is something. I Just noticed you're rocking out the snow tires. Yeah, yeah, see the let me see that light real quick. Put that light over here.

See the Cyes how many cypes are in there All those little grooves are called SES Those are designed to collect snow like it'll pack in all those Sipes and on all these grooves and whatnot here, all that stuff will pack in snow and then the snow can grip the other snow and uh maintains Traction in a low traction environment. Snow tires. Studless snow tires. Yeah, they come with metal studs embedded in the Treads Also, it's for the Winter Wonderland Look here.

We got the spray foam installation. That's awesome. A little bit more over here too. The right stuff.

Oh no. uh. great stuff. Is it great stuff? That's the instulation.

Great stuff. Right on. Yeah. Look at this dinosaur right here.

The old oil drain designed to not knock over like look at this oil drain and then look at the modern oil drains and you can see the difference. Hold on. let me check the dipstick on the oil drain. No way how much was in there.

She's pretty light. Oh yeah, that's cool. This drain plug off here. Is it suffering Chevrolet Syndrome No, it's somebody.

Made it. no longer grabbable. H Do you have some parrot jaw pliers like these vice grips? Try it. I Don't know what these people were thinking they were using.

Uh Harbor Freight Wrenches Please squeeze a little bit more. You got a welder in here, don't you? We do. I Don't know. Yeah, it's in there good these here.

Let's find something. Did you try the spline Drrive 15s? No. but give me a hammer and the down and might be able to. Yeah.

Try see if that's going to slide on there and then you can tap it on with a mallet or something. Yeah, give me the hammer in the fourth drawer. down fourth drawer. Numero Quro This one.

Warning: Taking hammers to your ratchet wrenches could be detrimental to their health. You going to do it? Let me give it a shot here. I'm at the right, uh, right angle here. Hang on.

Oh terrible cameraman. Booah got it. It's super stuck. Do you have a new one? You do have a new one, don't you? Yus man I Had to I Had an oil change take me about an hour last week because I pulled the plug off and the uh what you call it little rubber thing inside it flew away and we could not find it.

Come on. I had to order one I Was waiting for the part store to deliver one drain plug for a Chevy Suburban was awesome. Okay, what's the splash the Splash Zone I'm going to try to make a quick Escape Let It Ride Watch nothing come out. You need the magnet thing you you lose.

False start penalty just like Mario Kart Go Go. Go for it. You're good. Let it ride.

that doesn't look too bad. Yeah, it's kind of brown and it was at this moment that they knew they just got trolled into an oil change. video. Got you again.

No way. Son of a beast thing. Seriously. Oh so you know what you do, You put that new plug in and since it's larger, right, you start it with the hammer and then send it with the impact.

and then what you do is you put some of that blue stuff on it that tamper seal. Yep, that's all you need to do. We'll be good and then have somebody sign off on the paperwork saying that they witnessed you torque it. Yep, that's what we do.

Hey, the plot thickens. Look, it has a Healy coil In it is the hey coil. Where's uh, let me get in there with your stick light. I Think there's less flare on the stick.

You guys see that right there. There's a Healy coil in it. Okay, the compressor's off, so now we can kind of focus on what we're focusing on somebody. You see the two steps in the threads in there, the Deep part that's all rounded off and ruined, and then that new cut thread.

Somebody put a helic coil or an insert in that they've already stripped the aluminum out. I Think that'll be yep. So guess we're using that old plug. Well, you're going to have to use the old plug.

Yeah, Yep, let's see how she I was wondering why I was feeling so long. Maybe I shouldn't have said that. Yeah, that that that's not going to age. Well, all about that filter unit.

you guys. This is really cool. He's doing all the work and I'm just hanging out like this is the best. You got it? Drink, See, you just can't beat the strap wrenches Sometimes it's perfect tool.

I Don't have my JM 3s are in my M my main tool box on a different location. Yeah, our boy's got his stuff kind of scattered amongst the the winds right now. There's one tool box here and then one at the house and then one at his other shop. It'll be Consolidated one day soon.

one of these days. Huge filter on it. Yes, you can interchange this one with a taller one. uh I think the it's a 1522 I think yeah I think the 1040 is interchanged with a 1522 and don't get me wrong or quote me on that one.

but yeah, you can change that one with a deeper filter and it you get like a quarter quart more oil capacity and it theoretically they have larger pleats in them. However, if you remember uh I think Ford Boss me. Rich One time when he was cutting open filters, he cut open the tall GM and the short GM Oh and they have the same filter element inside. You have to say click Okay huh? You have to say click when you put it on.

Those are the rules here. I Need to get a new battery out of the van. Hang on here. Climbing and my travel bag in a world of Oosha violations come with me.

Well thank you dear here. Hold this. this. is what I need in my life.

Real torches, not the Chinesium ones that caught fire inside of the torch head and tried to kill me. These bad boys welcome to Michigan Yeah, that's how it's done. I I I've spent some time up here I know hey, what do you guys know about this? This is the good brand. Is it chlorinated or non-chlorinated It is nonchlorinated I'm you reminded me of the was hey, evacuate That stinks I'm out.

run, run. take the oil drain with you front row. We have more uh rack difficulty. Don't don't hit me with it.

That's the uh. pneumatic Jacks to pick up uh vehicles but it swung down. Here we go. You got it.

Check out that mechanism. Have you greased these fittings? No, no, no, don't let it hit your noodle. I'm running. let me out.

Spray job. What are we spraying more? Le Oh, you're going to spray down those oil lines? Yeah, just a wait bit just to confirm that they do leak later on. I'm going to spray this gear. Oh yeah, it's leaking.

Hey 05 with 200 some change on it, almost just rebuild it all. Okay, do do all right. let's get serious lock releases engaged. Oh hold on.

hold on. it's the brake clean that got me. What is it we forgot? Okay, you coming for a oil change? We forgot the grease job. duh.

Get the gun. Duh! What's Grease We don't use grease Cs on this channel. Come look what you got. come look down into the B down into the balls.

Oo that's cool. that's super cool. Jack All right. Oh yeah, you got to do it like the Kool-Aid man.

oh yeah oh yeah. all right we got one back here. Every one of those joints should have y every one of them. Let me get the side.

we get ins. side action nasty. oh yeah. squ there's let's go for that.

BJ you got one right here. you got one. I think there's one right there in front of us? Nope n that was just spillage from somewhere else. Oh it's check on the top.

look on the top of it. Can you guys see up there? I don't see it on the top. You have to feel it here. We can feel it.

Not there. Let's get this. BJ Go with what you know. it's the reading.

Be careful. This is a family channel. You got to watch out with the innuendos. Hey read careful those.

Reading Rainbow is good. Yes that I wasn't referring to Reading Rainbow I Remember that show when I was a kid I only used to watch it until the cartoon inro was over and then I would change and then I would I change it to something else I can fly twice as high hi Okay I'll stick to my day job. Copyright: You're fired. No, it's not Copyright: When I sing it in my beautiful voice, you're actually correct I've been tall I've been called The Sound Bird of my generation I Think you have a very good singing voice H That one.

This is start guys. This is called Lube Oil Filter. this is why they call us Grease Monkeys Cuz we're working with the grease and we sit around in the shop acting like monkeys. not like goofball monkeys.

like Barrel of Monkeys. you know? Uh, you've got one one right there right above my head I can see it? You can't but there's one on the top on the other side. Roger that Echo one welcome. Turn your steering wheel to get it.

Yeah. I don't think you have access to it. Maybe you do. Oh look at that.

Yeah, keep going. Keep going. You're sending some water out of it. See right there.

Oh yeah, yeah, that's a nasty one. This is crazy. 2005's got more Zer fittings than a brand new Ford Last one. yeah, this one that's your Pitman joint isn't it? That's the tricky yeah, let me get around you over here.

Tricky Tricky Tricky Do I need to turn the wheel for you? Yeah, we might have to do that on the ground. Dang, look at them lines. just nasty BR I Want to tell you guys something? We have to lower the Hoist This is not how you're supposed to do it I'm excited to get a new one. Yeah, this rack is going to go away, right? it's going to go bye-bye We'll get a new one.

Big two post. All right. you hit your lever. I Will check the locks on this side for you.

Teamwork: Clear coming down, clear coming down slowly. Uh, you're free up here. She's coming down. Why don't you adjust our wood ramp catcher thingy thing catching the wood ramp.

Got it. Ramp's good. My two corners are good. Front's good.

Come down. Ah I Missed the ramp. Dude I failed at my job. It's pushing the pushing the cardboard back.

Um I think I can just lift it up. Hang on stop. You're good. I Got it.

Yeah. I fixed it. Good. My bad.

you have one job. one job. Oh you can't see nothing. You can see nothing from up top.

What are you looking for? Those power steering? That's what it was. Okay I Want to see where those came from? Oh I See yeah, dude. this. uh.

this line right here. This is the one that's leaking down there. those oil lines. Is that what it is? That's the oil cooler line and then its counterpart is at the bottom that there's a cooler inside of the radiator tank.

so they have one cooler functioning. It's taking the oil from the oil filter housing and then coming back through here. get cool. It's basically just running it right into the radiator and then the radiator coolant can cool it down sends it right back into the oil filter.

Back to the off here you go. that's why thing here. That's why when you have catastrophic failures, you have to change the coolers because metal will end up in the cooler and then you'll change a transmission. or you put an engine in it in a oil cooler.

Example: Then you put your new one in there and then it pumps the rest of that metal right back into the system and then ruins your brand new unit. which is why you do not get warranty 5 Winter 30 I Expected that to say 10:30 Not going to lie. What'd you get? That's what I'm running. You can't do that I am.

Now you can't put diesel oil in a gaser. We got 5 quarts of AMS oil. 10w30 full synthetic heavy duty diesel motor oil. We're going to bring this girl back to life.

Oh we got Port Slow Real slow. It's got that 20 dipstick taking it. Sweet Time to go in. yeah it is.

Glo Glo Glo Yeah I Can't keep a straight face cut. Okay, fast forwarding through time. This thing is now full. Cap is on five quarts installed I Said that with a weird accent quartz.

I Wonder if the uh, the northern airs affect ing me? Anyway, let us restarting Z Engine and oil pressure. Oh it came up on oil pressure super fast. Look at that or The gaug is broke. Okay, we got oil pressure Let's uh, do a quick visual for leak action I see nothing spraying out power down.

Right on the money. You're right. You're like right there freaking a beautiful that's clean too. look at that I could dump the rest of it in there I was being a little shy with it being a little shy cuz I didn't have the exact measurement but that makes me feel good cuz I did have the exact sweet all right guys.

the uh, the first ever annual maintenance on this van is now complete. We're calling it a day, we're done, we're leaving the shop I'm going to go gravity I'm going to go back back to Uh, not working activities. So having said all that, we have nothing more to offer you on this particular video except for thank you for watching this video. Certainly appreciate you being here all the way to the end.

I Really hope you guys enjoyed this video I Realized this is a stark departure uh, from my normal style of content. but I'm doing something interesting and unique this weekend. So uh, that's why we're here. and uh, why I'm making this particular video.

Let me know what you think about it in the comment section down below. Let me know what you think about this. Uh, 2005 GMC Savannah Van Miniature People Hauler again. Thank you guys for watching.

See you guys in the next one and most importantly, have yourselves a fantastic day! See you guys later in the video Bye Aaron Say bye we're looking at you bye See you in a transmission.

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