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Just another day in the shop of dealing with BRAND NEW junk right out of the box. Sometimes I wonder if I'd be better off just getting what I need from the junk yard!? I am beginning to think that USED OEM is better than NEW aftermarket.
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It's back baby. The window still works. don't worry, we just need to finish the other stuff on it. He dropped it back off a little bit sicker.

Uh, evidently the blower motor doesn't work. Must be the rear one. I Hear I Don't know how to change the rear? Yeah, we have no front blower motor. Um, like I said I Don't know how to turn the rear on and off, but we have no front so let's fix that.

Step one: I'm getting too old to use this, but we go. let's pop the hood, put a maintainer on it. If we can avoid dead batteries, it's always the best. Never fails you leave the key on, battery goes dead and now the car won't pass inspection, right? Let's get a light here.

there's our blower motor. Let's see what this. Baby's made out of. Okay keys on blowers on high.

Gave it the old Ferelli and that didn't work. This is how we unplug that little. Those are awful little wires that it's not a blower motor, right? No, that's a that's a fresh air door or something. Yeah, those wires are too small for a blow motor here.

Learn from me folks, idiot. We just make stuff off as we go. Obviously, let's have a look. Let me make sure there's no personal things here.

Take that out. let's see. do we have a B M in here? Hey, there we go. We got some bigger wires here.

goes in there. Oh that looks like a real fraking treat. I wonder how that comes down? There's one screw in here from the top. Oh, this might be one we have to do off video cuz something's going to have to break.

Fun Fun! Well let's see. Uh, let's see if we have any power coming out of our resistor here and then uh, we'll take it from there. Let's see. blow motor is still on.

Let's just taking the back probe. This little guy. we're just going over here on a two-prong plug that goes to the motor. This should have power coming out of it and it does not.

Okay, Well, that's good. Now on the resistor here. I Believe we're going to have a power in the ground. It's going to be one of these two big ones.

I Think so let's have a look. Okay So we've got power and ground going to the resistor. Let's just see which one's which. I Think the uh blue is probably the power.

Yeah, the blue is the power cuz on. Chrysler Usually the black with orange is typically a ground, so blue is hooked up and then touching it on the dash here. So the blue is the power. That's a 4 amp light.

So that means our middle wire is going to be our control from from this little fella. So I grabbed our aeswave UT test kit and we can check to see if we have control. Get control contr of yourself. I Imagine it's some kind of Pwi modulated signal of some sort.

We'll fire this little guy up. We'll get us a ground, we'll just hook that under the dashboard. Here under the metal. We'll get us a little back.

Proby Mingo Bango So there's that. Got our little scope here and we'll do some poking and hoping and see what we have got. Nothing there. Maybe it needs to be plugged in? I Don't know if it pulls it down or what it does.

Let's uh, plug that in. get up in this joint should be okay. Here we go. Let me, uh, move my light here folks.

let me just get the time basis set up here on the screen a little bit. oops, wrong way fella and then we'll go up to monitor. Let me just get this set. it's easier to see monitors.

Let me just see something here. All right. we're going to go to duty cycle. Okay here we go.

show and tell time. So I'm back probed. look at this. probably can't set it here.

Let me just. this guy does real good. So there is our duty cycle signal and how what are we? How many volts per division? we're at 2 volts? So it's 0 to 12 volts it looks like and you can see there we're running about 47% duty cycle as we I'm going to change the speed down. let's see that is off I Think it's oh no, it's not off.

it's all the way on low and I'm going to progressively bring it up in speed. You should see our duty cycle shortening there and then that's full beans right there. So that should be the lowest duty cycle. Looks like it's pulling it to ground I Can't really see what you're seeing, but start changing the speeds and that's back to as low as it goes.

That's about medium and that's full beans. So we have control. We have power, We have ground. We have a bad blow resistor, which sometimes results from a bad blower motor.

All right. Usually if a motor is drawing too much current, it'll take out the resistor. or sometimes the resistor just fails. and often times there's not published data on how much current the blower motors supposed to draw, so sometimes that's an unknown variable.

I did take a big fat guess and I ordered a blower motor and I ordered a resistor cuz those are about the only two things that can go wrong besides a control unit. So let's go get our resistor and stick it on here and see what happens. It's your classic BR 303 got it from Napper Uh, not a sponsor, but we can't get OEM because of the UAW or Aw or whatever it's called the Union Strike. So here we are.

there's that little fella kind of looks like a meat tenderizer am I right? let's unplug it. Then this guy just have this thing unplugged. Oh, we didn't have this one unplugged, did we? My hands hurt a little bit too much today. Let's go right for the knife.

see if we can make them really hurt. There we go, that's unplugged. We've got our wear tool kit again. It's got the clip on the back.

you know for the mechanic with the on too lifestyle. Great little bit of Kit Let's see, it looks like an 8 Mil close enough. I'll try to remember to put a link to this kit. People often ask about it I think they did in our other video and I didn't put any links here.

So we take that screw out and take this little screw out. Pretty easy to do. okay. Boom, there's that one.

That one looks like a meat tenderizer too, so kind of. That's kind of fun. Slide this little guy right in. Those are cooling fins in case you're wondering.

I Assume most of you know that your blower resistors are typically in installed in the path of the blower motor. That's what keeps them cool. That's cool man. there's a couple different style blower resistors.

This is the one for the automatic HVAC option. That's why it only has three wires on it. You know your power, your ground in, your control or a lot of your other blower motors. Well, I Guess it depends on how the control unit works, but most of the three-wire ones are all pulse with modulated controlled like this thing.

duty cycle controlled and it's tiger tight, tiger tight. plug in the motor and come on little guy. There we go. Hit the power button and nothing.

We don't want to burn up anything so let's go like this. We know we had no output but we're going to unplug it. I'm going to get a couple jumpers because if this motor's seized up well, we don't want to be sitting here nuking our other controller. Now this one, we know we had no power coming out of.

We could prove that now cuz we can have it right out here in the open. We'll test it with the blower motor unplugged. Let me hit the power button. I've got the front blower all the way up on the high.

Go across the two terminals here and got nothing but we have power and ground going in right? We do power power in nothing on the way out and we know we have control because we checked that now. instead of getting up and going to get a jumper lead to get in there, let's just go like this. let's just pull it out and plug it in and just check it with our test light out here. All right, we're going to take and plug it in first.

still cranked up on high. We should have power and ground coming out to light up a 4 amp test light. So maybe we've got two problems here or Nappa Just sold this a completely part which is what it looks like. they did go Nappa until you get the Nappa know how? right there? Well that sucks.

Brand new parts, junk, power and ground. We know we have control Duty Cycle control cuz we've already tested it. We tested that with it plugged in. We just have a part that's junk.

What we should do is go down to Wilbertz and just get the other freaking used one because we know that's going to be better than a new one obviously. Frig, you know what new stands for never ever worked. So let's go like this: These are these are how I usually drive Chevy trucks inside when they show up with their fuel pump modules roted out. so we're going to steal these jumper wires very gingerly slip it in there ground to ground.

We're going full danger mode here. No fuse. Oh yeah, all right, we got a blower. Um, I'm curious I wonder what the current draw is on it I do have a new blower that we could compare it to.

Uh, but you got to use your noodle a little bit here. So this blower is in the Box pushing air. It's going to draw more current than if we just fire up the motor here in outer space because if we fire up in outer space with the wheel spinning on it, it's not moving air like it's moving in the Box Uh, contrary to popular belief, Freaking Junk Man. And it was all in here in a sealed up little bag.

So it's brand new. junk. Story of my life. We're going to do a little something.

I Got the new blower motor here I Just want to see we've got our amp clamp here. I'm going to plug this one in. We're going to see what our current draw is. just how that's full.

beans. Our scale is 100 molts per amp and we're drawing uh, 2.25 volts. Okay, so uh, so two move the decimal. Yeah, so that's what.

20. That's 22 amps, right? Yeah, 22 amps full speed. So 22 amps at full speed? Let's see. this one's the power.

I Just don't want to. Now this one should be less because it's it's going to be like I say it's going to be hanging here in outer space. Uh, see if we can do this without getting chowed up? Woo! We got a blower. All right.

This one's drawn 20 amps. So uh, 2.02 volts or 2 volts. So that's 20 amps? All right? Ow got me, mother lover, She got me boys. I'm here.

Okay, we're safe now. W Who crimped this freaking crimp connector on? Look, this guy. You can learn stuff from me. Don't be like this guy.

man. we'll fix that some other day. 20 amps, 22 amps. We're pretty close if this one was pushing air in a closed box.

I'm sure she'd jump up a little bit. Not too worried about it. Who's ready for round two? Same brand part, different box this one's from Fast Freddy Standard Motor Products There's your part numbers on there if you're interested, but uh, same same thing it's in the Napper box. Smpp different color box, same stuff.

Oh, this one doesn't look like a uh meat grinder though or a meat tenderizer. It's got the flat fins on this one. Shing shing got some Shing to it. We're not going to bother putting it in right right away.

Just hit the power button. let's grab our test light. I Could be doing it all wrong too. Nope, there we go.

This one works. All right. All right. this one works.

Look at that. pays not to second guess yourself, right? He You got to follow the facts folks. That's all you got to do. Got to trust yourself? Got to tell yourself.

trust me, it's cranker up on full speed here. Oh yeah, we got a blower. Well actually let's oh. this ain't got change.

We never change anything. What am I doing well? Because this isn't going to be. This isn't going to be full Bean So this is restricted here a little bit. Um, let me see.

yeah, no, that should be the full 12 volts Who am I kidding? Yeah, So yeah. so we're still at now. average uh about 21 amps. Okay, all right, so we're still.

We're still good volts average here. Let me get this down here for you guys so you can see I think we already did this. Been waiting a little while on the motor or on the resistor here. So yeah, so we're still.

you know, 2.1 whatever volts. 100 molts per amp. so we're at 2,140 Uh, milliamps or Mill volts? Sorry, we're at 2,000 MTS Divide that by 100 so we're 20 amps. Your current clamps have the scale right on them.

see here: 100 molts, 100 molts per amp 12 amp scale. All right. let's turn that off. I'm going put screws back in that thing I Think we're pretty well done here, but this just goes to show you the dayto day.

Just because it's new, doesn't mean it's good new. Never ever. Works Uh, but like I say it's a standard Motor Products one in that Nappa box too. It's all the same stuff.

all the same stuff from China We probably been better off going and getting a used one Anyhow, folks. thanks for watching.

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