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Customer Customer States Mechanic Fails Engine Transmission Gas Diesel off road race 4x4 street car daily driver scam dealership dealer technician how to

Can it be brought back to life? 1994 BMW 530i customer States Uh, intermittently vehicle starts running horribly rough. it likes to stall long cranks. uh, on occasion it does not start, and it has an intermittent lack of power. So we're going to get this thing into the shop with a quickness.

figure out what's going on here. Let's see if she's going to start for us today. It's been parked here for uh, about a week or so, so have not been able to get to it. But we're going to see what we can do with this particular.

BMW at 133,134 Mi on the odometer starting Z engine came back to life. That's cool all right. Let's check under the hood real quick, popping the hood and since it's the BMW it is definitely the hood and look at here. We're already getting into our uh, our misfire.

Condition It's running very rough as we speak. Let's get that hood Bonnet Popped open and take a look at what we have going on down here. Race Car Style Rot R I Have deceived myself I Thought this was the straight six. It appears what we have here is a 3 l V8 Interesting and she's uh, starting to smooth out a little bit.

Let's give it some throttle. Yeah, it's clearing up some and then down at Idle Missfire comes back. okay, something's going down with it. We're not going to take it for a test drive, let's just go ahead back.

roll around, get it into the shop and see what Alss this uh particular Joy chat. So stay tuned because this is going to be a very good video uping. The Hood Look who that guy is. Hey, look at that.

We got the check engine light on. Okay, so the uh primitive ECU in this OBD1 BMW has identified that there is some kind of a problem here. Let's uh, let's spin her around real quick. like get it into the shop, let's get out of the sun.

It's a little warm today, although it has been a little cool outside. the uh, the heat is uh is on today I'm going to go inside by my fans. let's pull her in now. I Understand After a conversation with Eric from the ID do Cars YouTube channel, he loves these types of vehicles right here.

I Understand that this particular engine was, uh, very prone or is very prone to have uh issues with the intake manifold gaskets and considering that we have a rough running engine on cold start, it's intermittent I would say that that's a good possibility. so let's check that first. I'm going to bust out the smoke machine, get everything set up under the hood. We're going to Plum some smoke into the intake system and we're going to see if this thing has any leaks at the gaskets powering down okay, around two opening the hood I Like these types of hood hoods, uh, that give much access to our engine compartments.

Here, let's see if we can mount an underhood light to a vertical. Hood What do you think? Is this going to work? Or or is it not? Question is: do we have the friction here? Uh, negative? We do. not. Okay, that was silly.

Let's try something else. How about that? There we go. Now we've got some illuminators going. Okay, so what? I want to do? Uh, we're going to grab the smoke machine and find a place to tap into this intake manifold, plump some smoke into it, and then see what.
Uh, what's going on here. So let's get this guy unhooked. Uh, basically what this thing is is a big giant vaporizer and we're going to Plum some shop air into it. That's the power supply.

We're going to connect it to a battery. That's the other power supply and it's going to heat up the element inside of this machine. There is a liquid inside of there and is going to produce a rich white smoke that we can then use as an identifier to see if there's any leaks at the gaskets. So we shall need a positive and it looks like that's going to be our ground right there.

We'll just use that one that should be sufficient. Very good. Okay, power and ground. Let's get shop air, hook that up and then we'll start pumping smoke into this unit.

Ah, there it is. Hello Air Nozzle! See, we don't need the nozzle disconnect you. Let's get our hose around the obstructions over here. Come here.

There we go. Let's hook this guy up righta don't scratch the paint, get in there. There we go. Much more better.

Okay, so now the tool is fully powered. Let's hit the on switch red button that will indicate that we are vaporizing. Let's go ahead and check our gauge. that's our flow meter.

so we're going to turn that all the way up maximum flow and we will start to see some smoke cranking out from the business end of our tool. You guys see that that's what we're looking for. So looking around at this intake, I'm not seeing much of a a vacuum Supply or much in the way of vacuum lines rather. Uh, I think with the exception of there's one right back here with a check valve on it that runs to this little canister thing and then that goes over here.

It looks like that's a maybe like an evap purge valve or something like that. I I Don't know all these parts. I'm not to be in W guy. So I'm learning uh, right along with you guys on this particular situation.

But I think that this vacuum line here will be sufficient. So let's get that guy hooked up to our uh, our smoke machine. There we go. Okay, so we're now pumping smoke directly into this intake manifold that is going to fill up and if there is any leaks at the gaskets, it should present itself in a moment here.

So let's give it some time and see what happens a few minutes later. and I Do see some smoke coming out of somewhere, but it's not the intake manifold. Uh, it looks like it's coming out of the airbox or somewhere down below over there. Nothing in the back.

Okay, let's grab. let's start pulling off some of this intake stuff over here. I May need to fetch a screwdriver. We have some clamps going on.

Yeah, there's a bunch of smoke right there. What the deal is with this? Let us pull this, uh, airbox lid off here. It's got two, uh, two of these little Clips stainless steel. Clips Never mind.
got three and another right down y four. Clips We have a mass airflow sensor pins look good and I need we need a screwdriver to get the rest of this off of here? How does our filter look? We have a good air filter. Yes, yes we do. Okay Flaad Screwdriver, You know what we're going to steal? Dave It's right here.

It's close to us. Thanks Dave for the screwdriver. Hope you don't mind. Let's unscrew that unit and there should be a another another screw somewhere.

Maybe it's on this side? Yeah. I See it right down yonder. Let's pull that guy loose. If there's like a hole or a something going on in that tube right there.

I Think that's what's going on. Let's see if we can't get this guy to break free. Oh yeah, there's some smoke. Oh yeah.

I Found the problem. I think I Well I found a problem. Let's power off our smoke machine real quick. Let's pull that lid out.

I Know what's going on here. We have an air metering problem. This engine's ECU does not know how much air is coming into this, uh, vehicle's intake. That's the issue.

If it does not know how much air is coming in, then it does not know how much fuel to provide to the engine. See that did uh, rodent eat that or is that just some dry rot? It looks like a maybe some mouse damage could have been chewed on. Yeah, Okay, so the issue here is is we have this mass airflow sensor. This thing is designed to monitor how much air is coming in through the filter and it does that through resistance changes.

There's a heated element inside of there with a known specified resistance and as that thing is heated up when air cools it off, as the air goes by, it will cool down that element and then change the resistance of that element. That resistance measurement is then monitored by the ECM and then the ECM can use that information to determine how much air is going into the engine. Issue is if there's a hole Downstream between the engine and the sensor. That means that there's potential and probably what's happening is air is coming in through this hole and is not being metered.

If that air is coming in, it's not being metered, then the ECU does not know how much fuel to supply the engine and you will get misfires in uh, rough running conditions. So we need to locate this component right here. That's going to be a challenge. but I think we have we we've got a we have a direction for sure I'm still going to uh I think probably plug this this, uh, this throttle body and this idle air control valve here.

We're going to plug those up later on and reapply the smoke just to give some more pressure to this intake to make sure that we don't have uh, lower gaskets that are also leaking. Okay, so this next part I'm going to show you exactly what not to do. This is not going to be a s repair suitable repair, but I'm going to do it anyway. I'll tell you why in in a little while.
Uh, but do Not do this. This is highly ineffective. This is not the acceptable way to make this repair. Uh, like I said, I'm going to do this uh for Diagnostic purposes for shortterm diagnosis because I need to make sure that there's nothing else going on and I cannot proceed with diagnosing this situation with this giant gaping hole in the intake.

So what I'm going to do is I'm going to use electrical tape and I'm going to try my best to seal that hole up. Now you can see how that's not really viable solution because there are corrugations in this and ridges and it's not a flat surface like if there was a hole right here, you'd probably tape this up or repair it, but this flexible rubber piece that's been chewed up by a mouse. Uh, that cannot be sufficiently repaired. Uh, long term I believe I can tape this thing up enough to be effective.

Uh, just for testing purposes. So I can determine if there's any other issues with this vehicle. but this is not the way to do it. We see this stuff all the time where folks bring in vehicles where this stuff is taped up and it does not solve the problem.

It may work for, you know, like a shortterm solution, but in the long run. Uh, this will just leave you right back to where you started from. So do not ever rely on electrical tape to fix intake manifolds that are leaking. And I realize that I'm being a hypocrite right now and I'm doing exactly what I said not to do.

but this is for Diagnostic purposes only. What I'm going to do here is is put some tape over these holes to make an attempt to seal this up and then I'm going to have to order the component to replace this with. It's not a common, uh, a common part you would find in stock. but uh so I had to order it and again for the time being I Think that uh, this will at least serve Sters makes you happy to continue to diagnose.

That's weird. my uh, my speaker over there just started talking to me. sounded like Siri Siri is not hooked up to that telling you guys, Skynet is real Skynet is real. It's out there.

the AI it sees humans as a threat or I'm a crazy person. Yes, Either way, I think that that will be sufficient for testing purposes. Let's bring this unit back over to the Beamer We'll plug her back in, reconnect everything, restocking the engine. We'll see if we get any kind of improvement uh, in running condition.

However, before we do that, I do want to plug up this intake right here and throw some more. throw more smoke into that just to verify and make sure that it does not also have leaking intake manifold gaskets cuz that'll take this from a small job to a really big job really fast. So let me go fetch the Uh the kit for the smoke machine. It contains a a a number of uh, little plastic plugs that I can use to fill those gaps.
We'll fill that business up, remoke it, and then retest if everything looks good. We'll go ahead and throw the intake back on. Then we can finally go out for Uh for our test drive. So let us see which one of my yellow plugs is the correct yellow plug.

I Choose this one. No. this one sure throw that one in there. and then we've got this section right here to plug up as well.

Fire up the smoke machine again and grab some more plugs. I Don't know if I have one small enough for that hole. Maybe I do? Oh sure. I Do look at that.

There's more of them. Ah, Mosquito D File Little Creatures They should not exist. They're like little nanosized vampires and nobody likes vampires. especially Nano vampires.

It's not going to work. Uh, smaller. Still There A teeny tiny one in there. Let's try that one next.

Microbial vampires. All right. that one doesn't fit so that one's too small. the other ones are too big.

I Got an idea there that works. Look at that guy right on it. Okay, let's fetch the uh, illuminators that are thought I left them on the wall. Where's me flashlights? Oh, right in front of me.

Let's see what else we've got going on here. Let's see: I I Do see some smoke, but it seems to be just just to be coming out through here. Maybe a little something coming out from way down below? I Can't see it down there though. it's not the intake gaskets.

it might be a throttle body gasket. Can you guys see that in there? A little bit of smoke coming out like right down here? I Can't tell where it's coming from. Let's go check the other side. let see, see if we can't see it from over here and that is a negatory.

I Do see I think it's just the throttle body gasket. That's what it's looking like to me. Plug that up some more. Yeah, no, I'm not.

I'm not seeing anything else here. Yeah, it's got to be the throttle body gasket. There's a bunch of smoke right here coming through. You guys see all that and okay, well.

I'm going to go see if I cannot. Oh yeah, I see it coming out down there. right down through that little hole. right there is where it's coming from.

I'm going to see if I can't locate a throttle body gasket for that real quick and if I can, we'll pull that off. and if I can't we'll proceed. Put that back on. Go drive it, see how it runs and and then we can.

uh I guess we can order that gasket for later. Smoke machine powering down all righty. Let's get our little uh little blocker seal C things back in their box there. I Was able to locate a throttle body gasket that goes between the throttle body and the uh intake manifold.

So I'm going to go ahead and pull this, uh, all this bracketry and whatnot off of here and we're going to try to get some access uh to the Uh bolts and we're going to remove that throttle body once that Thrott B is removed. Uh, we can pull it back, check the condition of the gasket, and uh, see what we can do about replacing it. So we're going to need to do some disconnecting here on our connect doors that's a idle air control. Let's get that guy out of here.
Oh, all this stuff is super brittle. It's scary I don't want to break things on this car. These parts are hard to get cuz it's a 1995 BMW with a V8 uh, what? what do we need here? Torx 30 Yeah, those are torx bits. Okay, let's bust out the Torx and looks like we need the electron ratchet and then we'll get that thing removed.

Oh look, we already have a problem. This bolt right here is already stripped. See it. See if I can get it to come out? Nope.

Stripped right off. That's fun now. I'm starting to see uh, why this thing doesn't run very well. Okay, wonder if I can get that thing off with a like an easy out extractor or something.

Maybe from the uh outside of it? not so much the inside. So I've got uh, got this little turbo looking fluted, very sharp extractor type of uh, they're for broken bolts or broken studs. I'm going try to hammer one of those onto that bolt on the outside and if it can grip up enough, I might get it to break loose, it going to work or it's going to just slip right off. We're going to find out today.

Ratchet coming in see what she does. Let's give it a push here and it is. Loosey Goosey I Win You lose Bolt, You lose. That thing's on there too.

It's got a good grip on it I should be able to find a suitable replacement for this I think So Okay, we'll just set you down right there proceeding with the removal. Okay, let's go after our uh Fastener number three located down bottom left hand corner. Taking care to not uh, strip anything. it would help if my ratchet was going in the right direction.

Let's get a good purchase on those. uh on that Fastener there cracker loose here unclicks okay I got to fish that guy out without dropping it. All right? That's two of the bolts removed. numeral trace and we've got one more.

Down Over Yonder there? What are you looking for over there darling? I Try to help you find your card. Oh the card? Yeah, she's going through my toolbox right now. Uh, that last Fastener is going to be not fun to reach and I can see it from the back side over here but I can't really can't really get into it. There's like this coolant line in the way right here I think I'll put an extension on the tool here and see if I can't get out it that way.

Okay I got a little wobble extension and I think if I push this hose back enough I can slip this uh this Torx bit in and make engagement with the Fastener down here in the bottom right hand corner and looks like it just spined in so we have a connection. What are you doing? Are you doing the the Dy D you're giving me PTSD with that's what I thought was going to happen. Turn it off, turn it off, get it away. No evil stop? No, Never again.
No. Okay, so we have that uh, we've got that guy on the Fastener right there. Let's get in with the uh the ratcheting mechanism and see if we can't get her to break loose right here. It's a tight squeeze all these hoses I'm probably supposed to take these hoses off, but all I need to do is pull this uh, throttle body back to sneak that gasket out.

Okay, that one's loose but but it's far away and I can't reach it. so I need to get my tool back and then go in there with some needle noses and extract that uh that Fastener You know this actually might be a good time to try out some new pliers that I got from the tool truck the other day. They're Milwaukee with the uh. they're like curvy angular needle noses is what they are.

they're Deep Reach cross handles I I Impulse bought these I saw them on the truck and I have I have a cury needle nose set. Yeah, these guys right here. This has been one of my most invaluable set of pliers I use it very frequently and I figured since this one is so useful, it couldn't hurt to have the Uh, an additional Trifecta of needle noses with the angles. So let's get this thing un, unpackaged, unboxed real quick.

and I think we'll use the teeny tiny one over there. Begin package opening procedure. Now the anti- theft devices there we go. Did I get access? Sure did.

except for the bottom section. Come on people like it doesn't have to be that hard there. See the thing is, they consider this an anti- theft device, but the problem is a thief is not going to open something to steal it. They're just going to take the whole package and walk out of the store with it.

So there's really no need for all this extra. Plastics Okay, now that I'm done ranting about corporate idiocracy, let's go ahead and get that uh, that Fastener out of that hole there. So what I'm going to do is probably stick this in here and realize that this is not the right tool. You get a hold of that bolt down there.

you see it. way down, right down. Back in there. it's probably the wrong tool for this.

it. may be too long now now. I got her. Yeah, Perfect.

That was the right tool. Awesome. Let's put that one right there. No, we won't cuz then it'll get lost I'll put it right there with the other one.

Okay, so that is. I think what? I got four Fasteners out and there's one more right here in the center. Let's get that one disconnected and I should be able to pull this uh, throttle body away from the intake unless there's a hidden Fastener that I did not locate. In which case, I'll be going back in.

Pull that aside I guess I need to remove these uh, throttle cables here H Okay, that's how they go. All right. Let's get those guys pushed through, not breaking anything and I have a missing Fastener somewhere. Yep, there's one in the middle, directly directly in the center.
Let's see if I can just poke at it and find it. Oh, look at that. I got nope, missed it I had it and I lost it now I have it again. Okay, that one's on.

One more. one more shot on that ratchet. I will consider this like the moment of truth because if I drop that bolt, it's all over with. Well, not really.

it's just not going to be okay. So what I'm going to do is maintain pressure in that direction so the bolt cannot fall out. there. It is.

See it. It's here on the back here on the back side. that's the Fastener right there and I dropped my tool. it's down here.

Oh, come here. Come here. Come here. Come here.

Okay, okay, get the tool out. This is not particularly fun to work on. Ah Come Back There we go. Got what I need? Okay, we've now exposed our gasket and I mean visually I can't see anything wrong with it, but I'm uh, pretty certain it was leaking.

So we're going to pluck this gasket out of here, wait for the new one to show off, and then reassemble, and then test drive my crobial screwdriver for the wind. We'll just get, uh, get behind this rubber gasket somehow some way come here. come out embedded nasty gasket, believe the material is hardened and is less pliable and it's stuck. or Once Upon a Time some Super Genius glued it in.

That's also possible. Come out. got it all right. A couple hours later and I have received a replacement gasket.

uh for our uh throttle body here. this one's a little deformed, but it should be okay. It appears to be the correct uh shape whatnot, but something I do would like or I would like to point out look at the uh the thickness difference here. You see how this one is like 3 or 4 mm thicker than this one is.

That tells me that this gasket has compressed and this one is the correct uh, correct thickness. So uh, that definitely confirms a potential leak. Let's go ahead and get this unit uh, put back into that intake and then and uh, we'll see about getting this thing put back together. I'd really like to get this uh Road tested before the end of day which is actually coming up uh, quite rapidly.

I Started this car early afternoon and now it is very late afternoon because I was waiting on the paths to show up here. Let stick that guy right in there, feed it on in to its Groove That's good. Okay, cool beans. we're getting somewhere.

Check that out all right. So now we can take our our throttle body and I think I'm going to want to clean that out a little bit. look at that that's nasty in there. We'll throw some spray in it, clean it out, some wipe it down, get rid of all that varnish and buildup and whatnot, and then uh, we'll put the we'll buol the thing back on.

I Do Not see Throttle Body cleaner Tire shine No no more tire shine, No battery, no H No yeah, whatever. We use some penetrating oil. Penetrating oil cleans everything. It's also really good for cleaning off tool boxes because tool boxes get oil on them and penetrating oil is a great cleaner for other oils.
Let's hose that down some, let it soak for a moment and then, uh, we'll wipe it down. This car is very awkward cuz every time I need need to go to the other side we have to walk all the way around it. It's a slightly difficult no matter, you'll just come in here with a towel, give this a couple wipes on the back side of the throttle plate, and more importantly we're going to open up that throttle plate and clean off the inside of the bore and around the edges of the plate. So what happens is you get that buildup on there and it closes off the plate when the throttles are closed and it should have a slight bit of air to bypass it.

So what will happen is the idle air control motor or valve will have to uh open up slightly to compensate for the air that should have been already squeaking by the throttle plate and I'll reach around the back side and wipe that down on the other side of the plate as well. See that here we go. Okay now let's uh, let's try to get this thing bolted back on what we're going to do. I'm going to take the Uh, the center nut that's the last one that we took off and I'm going to set this up like so pushing it through its hole.

Bear with me here. got to get it all lined up and we'll start with this one cuz that appears to be the hardest one to uh to reach and get a hold of So we'll start off with the the difficult one and then we can work our way around to the the easier ones. So I'm keeping pressure that direction on the tool and I'm kind of poking around looking for the hole. there it is.

Felt it slip in. give it a couple turns good I think we're started. Yep, bur Okay, that guy is in. Let's put in a couple more screws here.

Let's get everything lined up real nice. Like so we have two of those bad boys installed. Let's get that one in. uh, this one.

you know what? Hang on we're going to switch this one out. put that one over Yonder and I'm going to take this one. the one that has the Uh turbo socket attached to it. put that one in right there and then this guy I can't reach so we can employ our little needl noses here.

Feed that into its home good and I'm going to try to just reach back. give it a turn I think I got it? Okay, let's run down this uh bottom stud one more time. give it some torque kicks, move on over to that next one. I'll do the bottom ones and then the top ones click is that one's on? Let's go around to the other side and get that really hard to reach when installed and then we'll tighten this one down and then do the top ones.

Yeah, this is the one that was. You can see it's way down at the bottom down there and I can't get, can't really get into it. so I'm going to stick it into it's little Groove there into the hole with a with a needle noses again same way I took it out and then I'll fish the tool around from the front side, line it up, spline it in, and then tighten it. That's the plan on my non-plan plan.
So here's the strategy. Got a hold of it and I'm going to attempt to not be able to do that again. All right, let's flip FP this around this way and try it from this angle. I think this is the way it all pointed when I took it apart I think if I can just get this to slide into the hole for the throttle body then uh I can use the Torx bit to finish it off.

Oh this is scary if I drop it I have to take all this stuff apart again I down front too, can't find the hole, can't find the bolt bear with me folks. This is just as painful for me as it is for you. My knees are locked, starting to sweat, scary and I can't see what's happening oo I dropped it and caught it all right. redo.

Ah got it. Okay, that bolt is now in the hole. I'm going to come in with the Torx push it all the way down and now it is starting to become tight. Threading in.

Yep. I'm aware of visibility is horrendous, you guys can't see, but I'm hoping that my narration will uh, we'll compensate for that threading threading slipping, gravity threading some more, and torquing Clips achieved. Okay. Bottom side is torqued good.

Let's get the uh top Fasteners next sor with the center in I Suppose see how that throttle body was drawn into the intake creating a nice seal? Good. Let's get that next one mix and then I'm going to have to take those back off because I neglected to remember this bracket which goes like that, but that's fine. I'll do that in a minute. I'd rather tighten up this last bolt over here first and then I'll take those other two back off I felt like I knew that I was forgetting something R your feelings.

use the force. Yeah, okay. redo. take those other two Fasteners back out because I love my job I'll do it twice Weir Fastener un clicks Center one is next.

okay bracket action right there. doing it again. Pendy again. There we go.

So now for our cables. These guys. I believe I need to. What do I do? How do I do that? just? uh, go down and snap it in.

This is a alien technology. Okay. throttle cables are in, throttle's bolted down. All that's tight.

This is good. I'd like to put a little bit more torque on that bolt over there. so I'm going to need some slightly more aggressive pliers these work I bet they will. Yep, sure enough there.

and I left some nice knurling on it right there so the next guy can f those right off as well. So let's get the claw hammer out of here that has no business being in a BMW engine bay. We need to take our idle air control motor or valve. I Don't know if this is a motor or a valve or a valve in a motor.

Whatever. Got to put that thing back in. just give us some wiggle action and then this little little rubber business goes into that little bracket thing. I Think again, Alien technology, How do you do that? Oh, that's not fun.
Hang on. Do I need to pry bar the that rubber thing in what is this? Maybe I should hit it with a hammer? You're how about pry bar? pry driver? We'll do that instead of a hammer. It's probably a a better option. I Don't know why I can't get that to go on.

There's some major interference. Let's flip this over. Maybe I've got it. kind of a set up.

Wrong or something. Wrong angles, incorrect. dangles for these angles or some kind of business. Am I about to be defeated by a rubber bracket? Seriously? I Do not accept this redo.

Let us try some lubricant here there that bushing wasn't seating all the way and or grometer seal this thing. This thing that's what I'm talking about a little better. Perhaps it's better work or I'm going to throw it away and use zip ties. I'll do it.

Yeah, it seems to need to come down more, but I can't get it to do that. Whoa. Now I can Got it? Okay, so after almost stabbing myself, that's a success. Let's get our stuff plugged back in.

That's our throttle body idle air control and it's looking like we are rede to get the Uh intake pipe reinstalled and then we can continue to test and make sure that uh, well, there's no more intake leaks. Then we can possibly go test drive the car. Okay now I Reiterate this is not a permanent solution. This car is not going to leave with uh that as a solution because that's not right and that's not a repair, but it will be sufficient to determine whether or not additional diagnostic is required.

So with all that being said, let's get our air filter back in its little home right here there we go. Line that stuff up, snap it in. always do the harder snaps to reach first. That way you've got space for extra flanges on your, uh, easier to access snaps cuz sometimes the last two are much more difficult than the first two.

Slide that boy on there. Let's get the Uh Mass Airf flow sensor reconnected. This is where that's where all the magic happens right there. Okay, let's run around back to the other side.

get some clamps tight after. I Fail to uh clamp this clamp. We'll get this one first. Run that unit down and two more clamps and it we'll restart the engine.

Oh, this is fun. Point that the right way. Try again. Oh there.

See this kind of stuff? That or this is the kind of stuff that folks don't like about these things. All this interference of components like. look at that. There's a a clamp that runs into another clamp.

If you pull this out too hard, it pulls that back out and undoes everything that you were just doing. It's frustrating. I Suppose it's fine when you're used to these things, but when you're not uh proficient at them, it's a challenge. Like I said alien technology.
So real quick before we pull the rest of the stuff apart. I'm going to fire up the Uh Smoke machine Again, We're going to pump some more smoke into this unit and just verify that in fact, uh, yeah, we're smoking. Make sure that those leaks are sealed up. I Hate who have misdiagnosed that uh, throttle body leak? It's possible here.

Get on there. get all the way on there there. Okay, that's good. We're remoking the intake.

Let's give it a couple seconds. and uh, we should see something leaking or we shouldn't see. but hopefully we don't see. but we will see probably some smoke coming out over here.

maybe over there again. This is, uh, just temporary. That is not repair I Mean it could be it could be if you were doing hack job repair work. But what I'm mainly interested in is the throttle body gaset that we just installed.

So let's give that a minute or two. That'll give me time to pick up my goodies and clear the stuff out from under the hood. Oh by the way, if anybody who has ever worked on this specific car uh is missing a set of channel locks I found them. So if you own some channel locks that go to a Uh to a BMW um I got your channel locks I'm not going to give them back though, those are mine.

Now those are the rules. Returning: it's been a couple minutes, we're still Plumbing Bunches of smoke into this intake and I do not see any leaks occurring around this area where we saw them earlier. So I'm going to go ahead and disconnect our smoke machine. There we go, going to plug this guy back into the check valve and uh, let's get out of here and hit the road.

Go drive this thing around, see how she runs powering down, power that off and let me have my power lines back. You can snap that thing back into place good, and get our goodies out of here. Oh no I'm stuck. My hose was stuck on other hoses stay okay looking.

good looking, good looking good. Bolts are tight, tight tight tight tight. Clamps are tight. That's on.

We're looking good around here. Very nice Linator powering down. Let's get rid of this guy. Hang you up right here.

Okay, now we don't slam these hoods. you just kind of roll them back. There we go. So look, did you notice how a second ago when I closed the hood, my hands were filthy and now they're not editing I Washed my hands anyway.

restarting the engine. Let's see if this thing's going to run well or not? Okay, it's alive RPM's way up. Look at that, see if she's going to calm down? Yeah, so far let's give some throttle here. firing down little better.

Okay, check engine light's still on. but we also did not attempt to clear any trouble codes yet. I Imagine that the ECM needs to recalibrate its fuel maing because it was used to seeing less air coming in and now that we have fixed temporarily fixed leak, it's seeing the appropriate amount of air come in. Or at least it's measuring the appropriate amount of air and it's going to have to adjust its fuel curves for that.
And that is why we test drive. So let's back this thing out. Honks for safety. Go for a quick spin around the block, over the bridge, around and through and whatnot, and then uh, that's broken? see that and then we'll swing her back in, see what? uh, see how she runs and then I think we can call this one good for the day if it's going to, uh, not misfire, which it is not doing such things as we speak right now.

so it is running much more smoothly. but I Going to take it for a test drive, let it come up to operating temperature, give it a few more key cycles, and then uh, we'll park it until I receive replacement components CU I Had to order them from the online world of eBay re Oh, just in time, we're getting out of here as the concrete guys start up. That's cool. Bunch of noises which are not fun.

Full parking lot today. Yeah guys. look right here. This is that Chinese car thing I was telling you about.

Look at this thing. Look at that stupid little thing it's actually made out of Chinesium. is it called an Activa Activa 001 I Don't know what that means, but yeah, we legitimately have a Chinese car in the parking lot I didn't even know you could import those into the Us, but we got one. It's really cool actually.

it's kind of like a uh I don't know, like a what do they call them like those Barbie cars Power Wheels There we go. It's like a Power Wheels with a gas engine I Bet two dudes can flip that thing over. That would be fun I should import those and then sell them. I Can be a Chinese car dealership? How cool would that be? But we're good.

Let's get out of here. so it's running. it's shifting. it's not misfiring.

Power Band Feels smooth. okay I can I can get down with that. Let's give it some brakes. This car is kind of squishy though.

I imagine that's a a symptom of its age. Everything just feels squishy. The suspension feels kind of squishy. brakes feel a little squishy.

I'm M Hur All right guys. So what we're going to do, we're going to make it right up here. at the light. head over the bridge.

give it a little bit of Full Throttle When we Crest the top of the bridge, we will decelerate. Oh no, the window is now stuck down. cool. Love when that happens.

Anyway, we're going to decelerate when we crush the bridge and uh, if all is well, we'll swing back to the shop and it looks like I have to deal with this window thing next. That's fun. Hey look check engine light turned off. That's cool.

yeah. Windows not going anywhere. Beginning Full Throttle Now seems to be pretty good. Run is strong, very nice.

Let's give it some brake action while we're here. Sorry for the wind noise. Brakes feel good, nice and smooth. like constant Dell when we reach the stop light up here.
If there's anything up with the engine misfires or running rough, it will, uh, immediately present itself. okay, coming down to a stop idle and we are smooth. Yeah I Broke the window regulator. We'll see if the other ones are broken.

Nope, they're all not okay. How about that one? That one's broken. That one's still trying to go back up Though we can do that. We can get that one manually there.

Straighten it out, raise it up. Oh, this is horrible. Okay. I'll fix that stuff later.

All right guys. I Think this thing is in good shape? Oh, the check engine light came back on. Fail. All right.

well, it's running better than it was. Uh. I'm going to get back to the shop. We're going to go ahead and park this thing.

It's in to day. it's 4:57 p.m. I'm going home in approximately 3 minutes I have things to do this evening. It happens to be my day of birth.

uh when I recorded this video. So I'm going to go have my day of birth party. Um, so that being said, we are going to be on a hold until I Get that air intake ducting. Um, that light may have come back on just because the ducting is not completely sealed.

I Don't know, but we're going to get that ducting. it's already been ordered when that thing shows up. Um, we're going to swap that part back out when we do that. I'll go ahead and finally bust out the scan tool and see what those uh Dtc's tell us and then we can continue our diagnostic from that point forward.

But as of right now, uh, we have found two faults in the air intake system. Found the leak. Uh, we found the hole that the rats are. The mice chewed it could have been a chip monk.

but we found the hole in that intake tube lights out again and that was incredibly. Uh, it's critical. Yeah, he's making a lot of noise somebody is. it's that hood music.

So anyway, you guys, uh, thank you guys for watching this video. I'm going to go ahead and close this one out. uh I think I am definitely going to make a part two on this since the check engine light just came back on again. it appears only do that at idle.

so uh, stay tuned for the second uh edition of this. uh BMW with the 3 l V8 As always, hope you enjoyed this video. If you did enjoy this video, please feel free to let me know about that in the comment section down below. Do not forget to tap that like button while you're down there.

and most importantly, have yourselves a fantastic day. See you guys later in the video. End the day end BMW End of transmission and end of check engine light again. get up there! I Win window.

goodbye for now BMW.

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