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Hello everybody, Good day to you! Welcome back! Glad you guys are here I Know I'm super glad to be here. We are climbing into a 2010 Fur F-150 It's got the 54 that's the big engine and the key doesn't turn which one of my three keys it has approximately starting Z engine. Let's find out what's on the odometer about 193,194 mil before we were really interrupted by some uh, plethora of warnings and a check engine light and a tire pressure light and a seat belt light. Yeah, it's got all kinds of stuff wrong with it.

Uh, however, we're not going to pay any regard to any of that. This is a work truck. It is ragged out, it's beat up, it does work Tru things and the only thing we are interested in is why the climate control does not work because it is now hot again in Florida and we need climate control. So we had like 2 days of cold weather and now it's hot out and uh we want to get this thing back on the road.

This is a work Cruise vehicle. They do work things with it. It spends its time out in the wild, out in the Florida sun in the Florida heat and our driver and workers who ride inside of this particular truck uh would like some creature comfort. So uh, we're going to go ahead and pull this thing in and attempt to diagnose the climate control situation here.

I Just fired up the blower motor. It is blowing uh, hot air as we speak so there is uh appears to be no Cooling the compressor has been turned on. Let's uh, nose this thing up real quick and take a look under the hood and uh, see what's going on here popping you Hood I Can tell you right now it's not sounding that great. I hear some kind of rattle action under the hood.

Tires are worn out, body is in decent shape, but it's not uh, mechanically. It's not living its best life right now. I I Get in this thing. There we go.

Yeah, there we go. That's the 54 Triton 3 valve. That's the big motor. So since we're dealing with the AC situation here, let's take a look.

make sure we've got uh, some refrigerant in the system first. I will do that by connecting the service machine to it. fire this unit up, get our hoses out connected, turned on. Let's see if we have refrigerant or pressure in the system and then we can evaluate from there there our low side connector guys in the field.

Anybody who uh does AC work and Automotive especially when you connect your service lines, do everyone and yourself a favor, do Not Ranch down on these valves right here. All you got to do is turn them till they stop. That's it. You do not have to tighten them once you go to open, just turn and then as soon as it stops you're good.

If you tighten them, you'll start to wear the threads out. Uh, inside that mechanis? ISM And it really serves no purpose except to damage and destroy your fitting. So please don't do that huge pet peeve of mine. Anyway, we've got pressure going on here.

But look what? we have 100 PSI on the high side and5 yeah, 105 on the low side. So yeah, 105 105. That means that this system is equalized so we will not achieve any cooling because we have got to have a pressure differential here. That way our refrigerant can go through its change of State Now taking a peak down there, it appears that compressor is running, but it's not looking that hot.
Let me put you guys down that hole a little bit so you can see better. I'm going to go into the cabin and cycle this compressor on and off. and uh, we're going to see if we can't witness a change of state. Uh, on that compressor face down there.

We want to see if the clutch is engaging or if the clutch is not engaging. Um, there's potential that the clutch just isn't engaging. We have an electrical issue with the system, or the clutch is engaging and the compressor itself is not pumping. So we need to determine, uh, what is the nature of the failure at this point and again, we still have no pressure change here.

Really? Yeah, nothing's going on. Okay, let me sneak you guys down in this hole a little bit and you guys watch that compressor wheel and I'll hit the buttons. Oky Doe! So I set the lift arms while you guys weren't looking. it appears that our machine is nearly done recovering.

Let's go ahead and run this thing up in the air. Black Subscribe button. Moving on up. No.

I'm serious about that subscribe button though. Uh, the algorithm is doing weird algorithm things. I'm I'm actually going to throw out an ask on this one right here. Uh, if this is your first time here and you like this kind of content, consider that subscribe button down below.

if you are a regular viewer, now was the opportunity for that like button. Like I said, the algorithm is being a little finicky lately. Uh, not sure what's going on, but some changes have taken place. So I'm trying to keep up with the times here and we're looking for a little bit of user interaction on this particular video.

I Realize I don't usually engage in that type of direct, uh, self-promotion but like I said, we're just looking for a little bit of user interaction here. From the viewers there, we go at the top: I'm running out of cable on my machine. Let's roll it over for some more slack. We don't want to pull the cables out of it.

Okay, let's see here what we're looking at. Yeah, that's been replaced before normal. Ford 3volt compressing unit. That clutch is.

Uh, that clutch isn't look looking good. You can still see you see stuff coming out of it from the back side, around the pulley. See that? Taking a look at the front, it appears there's also some damage there. Yeah, that's not.

Uh, not looking good. That whole clutch assembly. It's got something coming out of it there. Oh yeah, look at that.

Yeah, this thing's junk. Okay, we need an AC compressor. All right, let's go ahead. I'm going to go fetch the uh.

the belt removal tool looks like it's just going to be a/2 in. Ratchet Let's pull this belt off, disconnect this compressor, and get the thing pulled out of here. I'm going to go ahead and order a new one. uh, hopefully I can get the new one here by the time I get this one out and we'll slap the unit in and uh, see how the system performs.
All right. Coming in with a 1/2 in drive ratchet, we get that guy set up. give that a tug, do that, and I need to reach in here. pull that belt off the compressor.

I'm going to try to leave the belt alone and just pull it off with a one pulley. We tuck it aside right here and then relieve the ratch it. We'll just leave that alone for now. All right, let's head down below and attempt to get these bolts loose on this compressor unit.

I've got a 3/8 gun with a 10 mm wobble extension here that should let me get a hold of this guy and just get the bolts broken loose. I Do need to take the hoses off. uh, however, that's not going to work. It is sweet anyway.

I do need to get the hoses off, but I can't reach the uh, what's you call them the nuts and the bolts on those hoses up there because there's tight clearances between the compressor and the block. Loud noises. There we go. Got that one.

and I lost the flashing light. Oh no there, this guy. Ah that's Classic Ford syndrome right there. Look at that.

The bolt is interference and it does not come out because it's hitting the frame. guys. see that? the heck fur? Why would you do that? No matters. There goes that flashlight again.

Need more steam I Don't need more steam I need less impact or less extension I Took the extension off. See how the extensions eat up Tor There we go. Pull that guy out. Thing's all oily too.

Might be time to fetch some gloves. Okay AC Machine is shut down. That thing was making a lot of noise I'm going to reach up and disconnect the electrical connector I Don't want the compressor to move or attempt to fall or whatever. and then it puts a unnecessary strain on that wiring harness.

Uh I know you guys can't see. my apologies. It appears that the connector has come off of its bra ET on the compressor. So now I've got just a connector flopping around with two uh with nothing holding the other side.

I'm that's going to be fun to remove now I can't uh, get it disconnected? okay o I don't like this job already. It's gross. Okay, one last attempt at that stupid connector. I I'm going to block y'all's view I'm trying to get I need to push down the tab on the connector which is like right here and then get behind the body or between the two pieces of plastic there and separate them while pressing the tab.

and I can't even see it. So I know y'all can't see. Really sorry. but I really need to get this thing off of here.

It's bothering me so bad that it's stuck and I've got the connector depressed or the tab rather I think it started to separate. Oh come on please. Yeah, it's it moved. I just can't get my hands in there.
there's nowhere to reach. Come on please, please, please come out. Yeah, this is not looking. Super Hot For Me O did I get it? Yep, Yep, there we go.

Got it. Okay, connector's apart now I don't have fear of breaking the thing. So what I need to do is push that uh, that little bolt back in a little bit. we can wiggle this thing loose.

See now we've got some motion out of it and the angle is turned. So now we're going to go back up top and we're going to get to the bolts that, uh, or the nuts rather that hold the Ac lines down to the compressor. Once we get that off, we can just walk the compressor out forward. uh, through the front of the engine.

So let's get out from under here, let the truck down and fish that unit out of there. Okay, up off the locks, lock release, and down we go all the way down. Okay, contact with the ground, let see if we cannot see. Yep, I can see them.

Two 13 mm nuts on both of those hoses right there. There's one right below us in front of the purple sticker, and then one right above that one. So I need to get in there with a 13 on an extension and a swivel, Break those nuts loose and then pull the lines off. Okay, we've got a 13 on a swivel on an extension on a ratchet.

You get down in there Break These Nuts Loose. get the hoses disconnected, and then we can extract un clicks. We'll extract this compressor. Wow, is that like halfway rounded off? that didn't feel that great? That's nice.

Round it off. nuts. That's all we need here. There we go.

She turned. Okay, we do not have rounded nuts. good. so if you have distorted nuts, you might be in trouble.

You don't need that. Okay, that one's loose and try to reach my flanges down in there and uh, get that pull thing pulled out. I Don't know if I can get my hand in that hole. it's a it's a pretty tight, pretty tight squeeze right there.

Um I need pliers? I know? Well, this is nice. I have an opportunity to utilize my Milwaukee curvy needle-nose pliers again. They came in handy yesterday on the BMW and now again today. Awesome! Okay, that's one loose and the other one.

I don't know if you can see, but the nut is like right under the hose right here. I think I'm going to have to remove that first hose. Let me reach around here. I may have to pull this one off first.

No no. I've got to unbolt the the top one first. The top hose is capturing the bottom hose and it won't Uh, it won't move. Okay, that makes this more harder.

Try to sneak this guy back in going. have to reach in there somehow someway. Good thing this engine's not hot. This would be a no-o operation for sure.

I F I Can't reach? Got it? Okay, that's on there. See that it's on now. I just need to break that thing loose. a unclick.
All right. it's loose. Spin it off I'll go back in with the pliers. pluck that uh, that nut out of there if I don't drop it and then we can work on removing those.

uh, two hoses. Once those are gone, the thing should come right out. Okay, here we go and the nut stayed okay. I Was hoping the nut would get stuck in the socket, but it seems to have stayed.

No worries, it's a job for the Milwaukee Flyers Breach that guy down and this is going to be fun putting these back on. I'm not sure how I'm going to manage that. Okay, got it? Excellent. Yeah, these are a real aggressive tip.

I Put a link I think it was an Amazon link I used in the last one and I found uh I found a YouTube link. Also, it should show up somewhere at the bottom of this video at some point. If you guys are interested in those, I'm not selling them to you, it's just some stuff I bought that I like them so far. anyway.

Let's Wiggle these hoses out of here. Get them disconnected from the compressor. Okay, so now need to reach in, grab a hold of these hoses and wiggle them until they come out of that compressor. see how they're kind of stuck in there.

The O-ring is grabbing them. We just keep on giving it Wiggles until that thing comes out. Poof. There's one.

Yeah, there was a slight vacuum on the system from the discharge that wasn't uh, wasn't helping either. So here we'll pull this one up and just kind of stick it out of the way. I think might have to pull it out through the front here and fold it some. come on out of there.

Okay, there's one hose disconnected now that other one reach down in there. same thing just kind of Wile it around till it comes out. they tend to get a little captured by the the O-ring come out or I will pry driver you out. Come on there we go.

Okay, second hose is disconnected I'm going to reach back, grab the uh, that stud that was sticking out of the compressor. remember the one that didn't come out because of the frame rail I pulled it out by that. It's a good little handle. Here she comes.

one compressing unit extracted. add oil here. Yeah, that's definitely a aftermarket unit of some sort. E We're leaking.

We're leaking. the Okay: We have to take note of these pins right here and right here. Those are going to locate this in the block so it doesn't turn all sideways and look at here. that clutch is smoked on this unit she junked I wonder if it locked up? Hard to tell either way.

I've got a new one in rout. It is not here yet but when she shows up, we'll we'll uh we'll compare the two, swap the studs if need be, charge it with some uh oil and then slip it into position down in our engine. There you nasty green nasty x amount of moments later and I have a replacement. AC Compressing unit.

Let's see what we've got in here. This one's a motocraft, not an aftermarket. Uh Remman, this is a new unit. New, newly manufactured says FCO right on the sticker.
That's how you know it's good. Let's do some compare action here. So we're looking at two do pins to locate the compressor in the block. We've got the correct number of ribs in the pulley.

that's good. two studs Inlet and Outlet excuse me Inlet and Outlet that's the bigger one. Those in the same place. the connector that looks to be the same good yeah, this that goes in in like right here.

That's what was giving me all that grief earlier that's supposed to stay there. Anyway, this appears to be the correct unit. Yeah, see how we've got this rubber insert here? Same thing here, but this one has disintegrated and come apart. Probably because it got dropped once and that was bent.

See that. Look at that little Bend right there. That would be a excellent place for a failure point right there. Okay, well, this is the unit.

Let's go ahead and get this thing prepped up, drop into position, bolted back in. We cannot neglect the single bolt that has to be in the unit before we go to drop it in. Once that's got, once this guy is in the hole, we will, uh, get the hoses back on it, pull it down into a vacuum, and then see fingers crossed. If this system is going to turn on and begin cooling, we need a 13 wrench.

We'll get the nuts off of that compressor, the new one hold the plugs, depressurize it, and then we can, uh, put the plugs back in so the oil doesn't spill out and we'll drop her down in the hole. Come on the wrong 13 here. I Want this 13 not the uh, smaller 13? Silly. Ray Unclicks Time two.

Okay, okay, no pressure in the system system. That's good. Just make sure these plugs do not get stuck and they do. Not good.

Okay, let's drop this thing down into its new home and get her hooked up. All right. Motel Craft Compressor Let's go ahead and lower this thing down. get it oriented properly.

Uh-oh my hoses are in the way. I Ah oh stay. oh that was not cool. Almost see that failure.

My hoses are blocking me I set them back down in the hole there after I stuck some new O-rings on them and now they're interfering with what I'm trying to do here. Hang on, let me stick these up high again. Attempt numeral. Do just keep on trying until we're done trying start to run this guy down in there I Spilled some oil out of this when I dropped it, the little plug came off.

No matter. I'll give it a/4 ounce or so when we're done. We'll shoot it, in through the low side with the uh injector tool. So what we need to do is get this, uh, this unit into its location without dropping that bolt out of it so close.

I'm going have to do this in the bottom. think that's about right? Okay, let's get these hoses kind of back in their position here. That's good. and I need to rotate the compressor body counterclockwise from our.

Vantage Point Here that should line up the uh, the ports on the compressor with the angles that are on the hoses here. Let get you guys down in there. Can youall see? hope? so I can't but we're trying here. So here's one hose.
Let's try to get this guy all right over that stud. same thing here with the second hose. Let's get that out of the way. How's the? how's the view folks.

You guys good? I think you're good I'm actually looking through the camera to see what I'm trying to see here seems to be working now. I Need to wiggle those connectors onto the hoses or onto the compressor? Rather, not easy. come here. How hot that was the harness connector? Let's just kind of move that out of the way some.

for now, there's a huge gap here. I Got to get this oriented properly. All right. That one fell in.

so this guy is on. wiggle that one in. that one's on Okay, and I'm feeling the bottom of these little manifold blocks for space between the compressor and the manifold block. I need to make sure that it's seated completely because if I put the nut on and it's not straight I go to tighten it down.

it'll actually damage the line and potentially ruin it. and that would be bad. We don't want to ruin the lines. Coming back in with some new nuts.

We got one. Put one on the bottom right there. NOP can't reach that one yet. We do this one here.

I Told you earlier, it was going to be difficult to get these nuts on here, didn't I that uh, that statement appears to be true I'm going to thread this down as far as I can by hand again, trying to ensure that this manifold block right here does not come off of the compressor if it comes off. When I'm Not Looking I may inadvertently tighten it and cause damage to the line. Cuz there, our clearance is rather limited. Okay, nut number two: I think that's my stud that I'm looking for.

Yep, I can't see it. but I can feel it tightening that guy down. That feels good. Get tight again.

There's no space here and no space on this one. Let's climb out a little bit and we can fetch our extension in our socket. Get those guys tight. Where is my extension in socket? Oh, extension in socket.

Reaching in. We'll get that first one. Okay, that's on. Ratchet Oh, you know what? Now that uh, we have the lines on.

We can also go ahead and start vacuuming the system down with the machine. We have to pull it into a vacuum before we install the charge. Uh, reason being all the uh, air and moisture needs to be recovered from the system because air and moisture do not serve as a good refrigerant. Propane does.

Propane is a fantastic refrigerant. That one? tight. Oh, click. All right.

Power the machine back on while that thing's warming back up. Uh, we need to raise this thing up in the air and start to line up all those bolts. We've got the center bolt that's still sticking out the top one and then the two bottom ones so we can do all that. I Think from the bottom side here.
Ah, probably best there we go that's still waiting. Going back around back to our black subscribe button here. Oh see why? I Put on gloves. That thing is nasty.

All right. I think that's good. down on the locks for some safety. Whoa.

That thing's got some Jitters to it. That scared me. It's fine. Anyway, this thing's warmed up.

Let's start our vacuum. 10 minutes should be just fine. beginning vacuum. Let's go back down below and get that thing bolted in so our top bolt is right there.

That's the loose one that's hanging out. What we need to do here is get this thing pushed up and against the engine block. Oh no, the belt's in the way. Pull the belt out of the way and that wire harness right there.

dirt in my face. Now push this guy up against the block. Looks good there and I'll put in the two bolts that'll get the thing located and in position. Sorry for the very much lack of light down here.

It's a it's a cramped engine space. Okay, three bolts are started. She's hanging beautiful 10 mil coming in on the impact. that one's on that one.

I need to get at it with the angle or the swivel rather and then the one way up top. Good to go. All right. we are done down on the bottom side.

let's uh, let her back down one more time, get that belt tensioned and then, uh, we'll fire this unit up and see if uh, if it's going to run or if it's not. um I'm assuming that there is not a restriction in the system because somebody has replaced the uh condenser already. but I do not know. we're going to have to find out and I won't really know until we fire it up.

but we can't turn it on because the clutch was junk. This is why you've got to do open-ended diagnostic. sometimes. What you don't want to do: smash your stool, but you also don't want to tell a customer you know.

Hey, it only only needs this when you see like a blown up compressor cuz you don't know if there's something else wrong with the system that has caused that compressor to blow up. It could have just been a piece of junk that didn't last a month, but it also, uh, could have a very high pressure situation going on and it just fatigue that compressor to the point of failure. We just don't know. You know here.

let's get our belt on. Now that's a that's enough '90s R over the alternator and I need to get it. Uhoh, it came off the power steering over here. This is what I didn't want to do.

Come on, no worries. came off some more, didn't It sure did. Came off the compressor down below. Okay, that's straight now it's off again.

Ah, the belt's going to be the hardest part guys. It's the hardest part off the power steering that. Okay, now we're back on track. We're going to run this under the idler and I need to push down on.

uh, the tensioner with the ratchet. There we go. Slip that on. Hope you guys saw all that.
Nope, we're on right here. Now that's where I slipped it on relieving the ratchet and the belt is now installed. Give me back my ratchet. There we go.

All righty. The machine just beeped at us. vacuum's complete time for a charge and it's looking like we're at 1.5 lb of refrigerant 1.5 lb. Okay, Sho Vacuum test is good Next Step Performed.

It is holding vacuum. That doesn't mean it doesn't have leaks. That just means that, uh, it doesn't have leaks under a vacuum. Do Not save data 10 minutes.

No, we're going to skip that. We just did that fail charge. That's the one I want checking pressures? Do Not save Yep. One 1.50 lb refrigerant 0150 lb on the high side.

Sure begin charging now. High Sides coming in low side coming up half a pound 68 Almost one lb 1.1 Yeah, it's taking the charge very quickly. This is good. 1.3 Good Good good.

Keep her going. Oh, she slowed down no worries. Okay, we have completed the charge. Let's select hose compensate so we hit abort for hose hose compensate.

That's the Red X abort and what that's going to do is it's going to install approximately. 3 lb refrigerant extra from what the scale had weighs and that is there in order to compensate for how much refrigerant is contained in the lines. Because as far as the scale knows, the lines are part of the system and it can only meter at the scale in the machine. So it installed 1.5 lb.

but some of that was taken up in the service valve hoses so we're just giving it a little bit of extra in order to compensate for that. Hence the term hose compensate. This thing is nearly done. Let's go back around.

We'll go ahead and fire up the engine, start the AC system and and then see if it performs. Uh, while we're at it, we should grab the thermometer on the dash. There we go, or put it in the dash rather and uh, we can check our vent temperatures. climbing back in.

O Tight squeeze through that door right there. beginning engine starting sequence. Now it's got an exhaust leak thermometer installed. System powered on: Where's the fan speed? Fire up the fan speed.

Very good. Now let's climb back out, head over to the machine and check all of the pressures. Okay, we're back at the machine. Look at here.

We have 165 lb and 30 lb. So we have a pressure differential so we're not sitting at 100 and 100. That tells me that the compressor is suctioning in some refrigerant running it through. It's compressing it and the cycle is maintaining because we have a massive pressure drop at the metering device or/ orice device.

I Don't know if this has an orice tube or a TXV Uh oh There it is. Looks like it's got a thermal expansion valve, not an Orphus. So TXV is creating the pressure differential. That's where we get our cold from machine is done, it says close the valves and disconnect everybody.
Good to go. By the way, I did change service valves and you guys weren't looking I do that every time on an AC system. They always get new valves and we can recover the refrigerant in the lines because if you don't it'll leak through over time and you'll just lose that refrigerant and that would be bad. Let's see: I need my cat for my valve.

Let those up up. Slap those guys back in. Clicks: Get on there cat please. There we go.

Had to stay pleas Let's go around the front and recheck the temps. Now the system is running. see how she goes. So far we're down to 50.

that's 5. Not bad. I'll take 50. Pressures look good.

Temperatures are looking good. Uh, we don't have to worry about the clutch fan because this is equipped with the electric fans. Let's check fan operation real fast. that one's going.

this one's going I think we're good to go here I'm going to put my wires back where I got them, need to recover our flashing lights and get this off the rack. This operation is complete and a success. AC has now been repaired so guys having said all that I do not believe I have anything more to offer you on this particular for F150 King Ranch 54 AC system is working I do need to give this compressor back to the guy because I guess he's going to try to get the uh, that thing warrantied. It was changed not long ago by somebody else.

It wasn't a a motocraft though I think they used a cheapo compressor. The cheapos I Don't think last very long Anyway, guys, as I was saying, I've got nothing more to offer you except for a thank you for watching this video As always I Hope you enjoyed this video. Hope you found it uh, moderately informing and somewhat entertaining If you did find it to be either of those things. please again, feel free to let me know about that in the comment section down below.

Again, we're looking for user interaction. Do not forget that like button while you're down there. and most importantly, have yourselves a fantastic day! Thanks again for watching! See you guys in the next one in the video in Ford F-150 and transmission.

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