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In this video I bring you along as I have a look at a Dodge Nitro that came in with a customer complaint of "my turn signals don't work when my headlights are on." Ummm ok... sounds like your typical bad ground to me. Let's have a look see. -Enjoy!
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There viewers and welcome back to the south spain auto channel that's the 2007 2007 it's the dodge. Nitro i don't know what engine's in it's the big 37. According to the plastic and uh. It's got some messed up lights probably a bad ground because it's a dodge so let's get after it turn that little guy off.

And he writes a dear. Eric lighting issues front right turn signal works unless the headlight switches on left front marker light. Does not work lamps have been put into other sockets and they do work friend mentioned a brake light out recently also seems to be right rear that could be lamp. Don't know question mark appreciate the help thanks a bunch love always be so we've got a right front turn signal works unless.

Headlight switches on and left front marker light. That does not work so let's go verify all of this put the key back in here and let's go see uh that's the left front marker. Oh. The right front marker doesn't work the left front appears to work i don't know if there's supposed to be one up there or not ah there is because that oh i see what he's talking about so this left front upper marker.

I wonder if that's a bulb. I did print this out some diagrams because i assumed we were going to need them and then just for grins and giggles here oops. I didn't turn the key on did i so that is our left turn looks like somebody's been doing some led upgrades. So that one's blinking and then we'll turn off the marker lights.

We'll do the right turning signal. We don't have to walk up there we can see it flickering off the toolbox. Okay and then we'll turn the headlights on there's marker lights on because i assume it goes out then and that is correct. So it was blinking providing the headlights are off so we shut the headlights off and then that blinker starts to blinking correct.

So it's your classic symptoms for no ground. Because currently no pun intended. It is grounding through something else before i went home yesterday or went to the dentist rather. I grabbed us these so this is our diagrams here.

I think it's every diagram. We're going to need uh right front marker. We get our signal. Which we know is good because it lights and then it comes down to this ground where the g can't read it 108.

I believe it is so then we want to know where g108 is so we get out the locator here and 108 is right here. So this is the driver side of the vehicle. This is almost to the front bumper g108 so this is like down under the battery somewheres in that area and then what else runs on g108 that's a good question. So i printed this out a diagram for g107 because that makes sense uh.

Which set park left front park left turn front that's interesting because on here. It shows g107 on here. If i read the correct side left front that's right front. We want right front so all the left stop the left.

I'm confusing myself. Now so it looks like the left stuff works off g107 and the right stuff works off g108. Well that's good news for us. Because even though.

I did print. The incorrect diagram g107 and g108 appear to be double stacked right up on top of each other i suppose we can go get the right diagram for g108 to see if this all makes sense. But it should and i'm curious to know about this marker light. Perhaps that one's a bad ground or perhaps.

It's a bad ball. But he did say he checked the bulbs and we typically don't believe our customers. But this time. We're gonna let's check here g108 is what we wanted wiring diagrams and let's see we want accept export.

So let's see who runs off g108 right because that was right front and that's what we want g108 well we know where that's at you ding dong. I think it's kind of irrelevant isn't it at this point okay here we go so g108. Which is right here. So there's a ton of stuff that runs on that including but not limited to uh right front turn lamp right front park light and whatever.

This is up here. The other uh park turn right front and then a whole bunch of other stuff here um. You can see all comes down to this g108. Even.

Though you can't read it all just trust me. There's a lot of crap. But it all includes everything on the right front. So we're back to where we were which was uh this ground here g107 g108.

I did a little poking under the hood to see if i could see this little sucker. I think it's right behind this cover right up here back in there look at a light and people are why are we going straight for the ground because of pattern failures. Folks uh. The worst mistake you can get caught up in so you're either watching me succeed or watch me burn one or the other but i thought i saw it from up to oh nasty.

I thought i saw her from up top. She looked pretty gross and it looks super gross let me see if i can show you here. It's not looking good. And this is a really bad habit to get into like we've seen and you guys have seen on my channel.

So many bad eyelets on the grounds of dodges with these exact same symptoms should we go to light and test. It absolutely we should um. This is a you know uh do as i say not as i do a video and hence and hence so we can see that eyelet she's looking gross and we know g s. G.

107. G. 108. That there's going to be a bunch of wires that are going to pull out of that eyelet and i'm thinking we're going to fix the problem by fixing those i don't know if this is going to cooperate with us here.

It's pretty crusty excuse. Me. I've got to actually see what i'm doing oh boy. I think it just went from a 10 to not a 10 pretty quick just trying to knock some of the rust off here definitely not a 10 mm anymore yuck.

I'm not so sure we're gonna get that one out folks. It's got this uh metal plate there right up above it that houses. The abs or yeah. The abs sensor the airbag sensor one of them everything here is pretty rusty.

I wonder if we're going to have to do like a uh g107 g108 relocation. It's a classic move um. All the pros are doing it hmm. Let me go grab something and try.

I think we're meddling with things that i'll not be meddling in i tried getting an 8 mil up there this bolt just keeps disappearing. There's really not much left to the head of it oops those wires all just broke so these i just pulled on those those are four wires. There that just turned to dust. Give these ones a little tug here these might be a little more stout these have a lot more going for them here in this connector.

I'm gonna see if we can't just reach up in there and just chop it up what do you want me to do chop. It off somebody still misses. Oh god. It's got a big old there you go fella.

That's what i'm talking about boys hopefully. That was the right harness. Here let's get this thing down. Where fella can look at it oh man what a nasty mess.

These ones here were nasty. Because these ones. We just touched and they fell apart so super duper common chrysler problem anybody who's watched our channel for long enough. This will cause problems from everything from like o2 sensors to lights to radiator fans to you name it chrysler is infamous for taking all of their grounds and smashing them all into one little place.

And then everything turns green and crusty and they put them in some really obscure spots. Sometimes um. Some way worse than these. So.

It has always been our habit to take and put multiple eyelets on and then stick them somewheres where where it's good and where we can get back on it we're obviously not going to go back in this hole. Because that bolt is rusted right off to nothing i don't know if under the hood. If we can pull this up in that direction and get it to a little easier spot because i'm thinking right here. A isn't a great spot b.

We ain't getting up in that joint again. There is another little nut. Right here that we could always run a tap through and stick a bolt through. But that's still kind of awkward.

I say we fix it right here because it's easy and convenient and then we go up under the hood and see if we can't move it somewheres while right here some of the ends. These wires are pretty crusty. I'm going to take them give them a little trim and i'm going to get some eyelets. I'm going to get after it and that's a pretty simple process.

We do here folks we strip everything back of course. You'd have to go back six seven inches to get the bright shiny copper. So we're not gonna do that just because it's prohibitive and honestly i've done this lots of times and never had any bad repercussions here from it use some non insulated terminals. I'm going to give it the good old crimp maybe a couple of crimps down to the side here and make sure she's holding on tight straighten her up then we're going to come through boop dab.

A solder on each one and i just take and i put as many that will fit in uh. You know like a 10 12 gauge holder. 10. 12.

Gauge eyelet here so usually several of the wires. You know three in each one or so it doesn't matter. Which wires go into which one they're all grounds that way we need to strip back a little more. I know i'm quite enough hanging out of that one i don't worry about heat shrinking.

These because once we put them in we give them a little spritz of the fluid film and it will it'll outlast this vehicle 100. This thing can only have but a couple years left in it and she'll be hitting the crusher. I'm going to take give that a crimp right there and you want to go through after you're done crimping them and make darn sure you give every wire a tug. You know because last thing you want to do is get done.

And then have one fall out of one of your crimps. So come on now. I'm going to use some 60 40 flux core. Let's heat your up a little dab up there you'll watch it suck right down in and then i'm just going to go along these solder and crimp because i like to piss off both people.

The solders and the crimpers plus. This doesn't hurt anything might not help anything either. But this is how i do it we're right back to where we started desperate times desperate measures folks. I took the uh where is it here the cleaning upping tool can't find it now i'd show you a cut off wheel on a stick.

We chopped. The nut off that held where the original one was where it's busted off and i whacked it with the air hammer and then here's what i'm thinking the classic not in a bowl. I just want to make sure it's not going to be too high and then which i think that one might be just wanna make sure once we're up in there we can get up on it not in a bolt put it in there and then essentially. We're gonna have a stud sticking up from the top in which case.

We can stick a nut and you know the eyelets and stuff on may we may end up just trimming this back. We're just gonna try we ain't going to win no car show folks going to get a couple points off for this if we uh if we do go anyway. So because we want to make sure when we stack them up. They're going to be able to you know lay on top of each other nicely.

I've got a washer here. We're going to stick right on top of that stud. I tightened the snot out of that thing cleaned up the paint. Where the stud went up through left.

So much stud sticking up that it no one's ever gonna get the nut back off it. But i figure if we had a short one in this confined area. We're gonna be fiddling trying to get everything to stay on it so we'll go like that with one and two and three and number four. There we go i just used an eight millimeter.

Your classic eight one two five stud and then we'll put a worser on it and then if i can get the nut on here. I looked all around under the hood. There was no place more convenient than the place. We already had so i should have just done this in the beginning.

And this is probably an easier diy home hack. If you don't have a cut off wheel or any means to get the old rusty crappy. One off just drill. A new hole just drill it right next to it there's plenty of space down here you could probably drill it closer to the edge of this hole to make it even easier let me get a 13 ratchet wrench.

We'll snug her up all right make sure the bolts tight through there we're going to spray on the bottom of the bolt. Too we don't want to get all rusty oh like a tiger so it looks good. I don't know if you guys be able to see it and hence maybe. But you get the just uh simple nut bolt uh not much to see we can stick this back through there we'll turn the lights on of course.

They're not gonna work real well without a battery. We're gonna give this the old spreader reel get that baby back opened up take our light back and see let's grab the battery here and stick that there's that like a zoo hey i don't think that this was down on the negative terminal. All the way i think that's why he had to shove the screw in there the classic screw in the battery terminal trick. So let's see if this tightens up nice and tight.

Oh here come. The comments. You did the negative first well just don't touch anything with your wrench. There you dig down you'll be okay and that one's tight uh of course the battery's not tight because there's no holders m.

I a okay keys on folks marker lights are on let's see hey look at that that one's fixed those are all on so that's good fixed it so he was right the bomb was oh gosh the bulb was all good and then let's do left turn. We got some flashing up there right turn we got flashing. So let's do headlights. We've got the led upgrade high beams low beams.

Let's turn on the four ways and everything works as it should just like that hollywood your lucky guess huh turn signal there turn signal there we just gotta check. The brake lights. He is correct no brake light pop these little tabs out here. I think that's how these things come out get behind it.

There's some ding dong stuck this one in wait there we go so they're just giant you know push retainers uh. So we'll stick them inside. I think these just pull out hey well you know what do you say uh and then of course. You've got your classic looks like t20.

We may not have a bad ball. We could have a bad circuit board. But we gotta pull this out doesn't look like he's done the led upgrade here in the back. And i don't even know can you call it an led upgrade because i spend more time taking them out of people's cars and throwing them in the trash than i do admiring like wow.

That actually worked well you know i've got some uh vehicles. You know that'll be shoot. They'll be 200 000. Miles.

Before you put the first brake light bulb in them just regular incandescent bulb. But seeing sure it's like if somebody puts all these led garbage in their car. They're always issues that's probably just because they're the cheap. The el cheapos from you know flea bay or amazon or whatever i've changed my reverse light bulbs in my pickup truck to led because they're nice and bright.

But so i've i'm a victim of that too so this one here's the brake light so let's plug it in and i'll be the first submit i just bought mine off the amazon i get about a year or so out of them. And that's it then they're junk let's see which one's the reverse late that's the bottom one. I think they all take dual elements boom look at that so let's go uh stick that back in the reverse light and get us probably a 3157 that's probably what this is can't seek the normal readers on something like that and just like that folks. I leave you hanging yeah.

Again the dodge nitro did get fixed. I have no idea where the end of the footage has gone uh. Perhaps it's a screw up on my. End that's about a 9969 chance that that is true uh.

But rest assured. I did put a brake light bulb in it and uh put it back together the guy was happy. I was happy you were gonna be happy. But you didn't get a happy ending so this is the best i can do for you the questions.

The comments. The criticisms don't just go chasing the ground without testing. That's a stupid move it only works 50 of the time every time. So don't do that don't be like me be like you and remember folks if i can do it you can do it thanks for watching.

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