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What do we got? What do we got? What do we got? Service Power Steering openings The hood. Oh man, we're getting some stuff done today getting the truck out of the way. We're diagnosing a overheating. PT Cruiser And after over a month I finally have parts for that Ram I Think it's a 2014 Ram 1500 formerly known as a Doge product.

That one is dripping some fluid and it is leaking uh from the electronic power steering assist module which is the uh, the steering gear not serviceable unit must be replaced. It was a bear to locate parts. we had to buy the part for that thing I think out of a dealership in Texas uh. other than that, it was on National backorder for uh, a very long period of time and I forgot my keys I mean they're not my keys but they are the keys I forgot the keys.

see if it's a gonna start. Long waiting periods of no running often. Can uh drain the battery I Hope it's not dead. that's a negative.

Fires right up All Right Moving On In I've gone ahead and closed up the door of death. That way we can assure a smooth transition into the building. Hello project Jeep Oh am I gonna make it? Yep Yep. so far looking good we have cleared the door.

Yeah and uh, we're set up for uh for a good Landing right here on the lift. Good to go and I Think right about there looks good parking. is the auto powering down All right. We're gonna lift this thing up and go on down? below.

we have a new steering gear. It's right over there. Let's go ahead and pull the old unit out. pop our new unit in.

there we go. Okie Dokes The rack is set. green subscribe button engage. Moving on up all the way up.

All right. Let's go down below here and take a look at this. uh, this leak that we're looking for. So here's our.

oil. filter. Looks pretty dry. no leak from the pressure sender.

Oil pan looks good. No leaks there. You guys see that looking good on this side and down below. We were looking for a drip and I Do believe this is a unit in question.

See some fluid dripping right there? It's almost looking kind of red right there. Anyway, we can see clearly it is the steering gear assembly. Lots of fluid. So we're going to remove this unit.

Then we're going to replace this unit so stand by. This is going to be a very good video. Okay, we're going to need a thin wall socket because we have been wall. Wheels There we go.

First things first for pulling the wheels. Then we're going to pull the outer tie rods again. Wrap it on kicks. Foreign.

squeeze in. There is like missing one. Yeah, I took off four I was missing one. Well that's not okay.

Wrong wheel gravity. Seriously, there's a lot of gravity in this wheel and weighs like 80 pounds. Okey-doke So the new steering gear does not come with the outer tie rods. I'm assuming I actually didn't open the box yet to look.

but I'm assuming I'm assuming words that that it does not because they never do. So I'm gonna go ahead and break these gem nuts loose so I can remove these and we're gonna go ahead and unbolt it and get them free of the knuckle. both sides 21 millimeters Super easy. Let's go ahead and get the puller out so I can pop this guy loose.
It's going to pull on what's going to fit on the knuckle and then push on the stud and then press that stud out of a out of the knuckle. so less a violent way of removing these so you don't have to bash them. Oh, look at that. Never mind, it's already loose.

Yeah, try to show off the tool in it. Dodge embarrasses me. Look at that. Okay, let's see.

if we're just as lucky over here on the passenger side, What's the chance? We'll get lucky on both of these. What do you guys think? you gotta come apart? Is it going to be just as easy as the uh, the first one? Sure, that was easy. Oh real quick I can do that I was not hitting the threads. See that red.

Start here I hit it right here so that's that was okay. Completely accept. All right. let's move on in a little bit.

We've got the two big Fasteners that secure the gear to the frame and then I think there's we've got a steering shaft up there somewhere. Yep, there it is. There's our steering shaft bolt right there. Let's go ahead and pull that guy out next.

Okay, my micrometer tells me that's 13 millimeters. It might be a 12, but if it fits, it's gonna work. Yeah, that's turning food. That thing looks like it's uh, rusted on there.

Pretty good. I hope that doesn't end up being a problem. I've got good access to it so I can always try to Chisel it off or get at it with a pry bar or something. Let's get this tool back and go in there with a ratchet.

You're gonna fit. Sure, it's kind of crusty. Okay, let's see if we can't get this thing to come off of here. put a little pry bar on it and just give it some love taps.

It should go You're Gonna Go Yep, it's gonna go Beautiful. Okay, moving down below, this is our steering gear and this whole assembly right here. We've got two connectors for it. one which is I believe the command or the the controller connector and this is the power supply connector which that one's not even tight.

All right, that's cool, that was easy and the clip on this one's broken. See that little red clip broken on uh on this other connector. but I can fish it out with a pick. It's gold so you know it's good.

There we go. Got it. I think I got it? Yep, definitely got it. Okay, all right, back around to the front.

let's get the two big bolts off and this unit should drop free. No problem. Easy peasy. All right.

we need 24 millimeters of impact socket some noises. that's not what I wanted to see that is this what? Okay, I believe this is formerly a New York car, hence the patina. I'm going to spray this on the back side of this bowl at the steering gear. see if it can't uh, encourage those threads to loosen up a little bit.
Manual unkicks. Oh I Feel like I'm gonna pull the truck off the rack. It's not good. It's darn it.

I'm gonna win. haha Yeah, all right. try again. Very good.

Number two. Okay, the unit's free. It's just being held in with the tie rod sitting on top of the steering gear or the steering gear. they sway bar.

The tie rods are on top of the sway bar. Words: All right. So what we're gonna do. I'm gonna pick this up and over and we're gonna get it off of this.

Uh, the sway bar. Okay, it's heavier than it looks I need to pull this tie rod off. It's too long. I Can't get it to fit and since it's too long, we must shorten it.

Is this gonna work now? from this side, moving on over, this one's looser. Oh gravity. That's why we put the nuts back on studs so you can't uh, damage them I'm aware that there's no threads there I already said that. I'm aware.

Yeah, let's uh. let's try this again. We'll move it out. Actually, it's the towards the driver's side.

There we go now. We got our system here. Woohoo! Nasty unit. All right Steering gear.

You're coming with me. Go make sure this thing fits. Here's our new one. Foreign man.

It's the wrong one. Look, the steering shaft is on the wrong side. I Can't believe it. I'm just kidding.

we fixed it all good. Oh what? Look at that I Had to say something. Look, it came without her tie rods. Get out of here all right.

I'll take that cool. All right. let's get this thing unwrapped and uh, we'll double check and just make sure it's an exact fit and then we'll go ahead and get it installed. I Uh I Do not know if this needs to be programmed or not.

I'm sure it needs to be recalibrated I may or may not have to take this to the uh the Dome Theater and get them to do it because I cannot program Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram Products unboxing complete. Let's toss this old one back in. There's a core charge on this, which means this must be a return for remanufacturer new units looking good. Let's go ahead and get her installed.

Oh, Steering Gear cam. It's heavier than it looks because it's aluminum. Lots of metal. okay, memory serves, which it doesn't keep doing it like this and then stuck and then like this.

There we go. That's how she went. Oh heavy. Okay, back on top of the sway bar and I missed that side.

Let's get these connectors out of the way. Don't want to snatch those up up and on top of the sway bar again. Stay. let's get a couple bolts in.

Oh man, that's heavy. It's not terrible, it's just awkward. Okay, that's one. Bolt about that second one, and uh.

two bolts. They're threaded. Good clearance, clean. Its clearance.

This goes over there. That one goes right there. good. Let's go ahead and run those down.

Loud noises. Cool. Unit is secure. All right.

let's see what we can do about this. uh, steering shaft. It's a kind of farther far back, so we've got a flat right here. There's a notch right here.
Can you guys see there's a notch right here and a flat right here? The Notches to accommodate the bolts. and then there's two flats and I zoomed in a little bit for a better look, you can see the notch one flat One Flat Two Flats and then a notch for the bolt. So this needs to turn slightly and we'll push it back in and pull it down. That's going.

Oh nice, nice, nice, nice. This shaft is always in my opinion the hardest part. Sometimes they just don't like to go together. Oh, and since this one was rusted I felt it was going to be a situation like that.

Let's reach back in there again. Need additional clicks? Yeah, that's already pretty tight. A little bit more clickage? Okay, good to go. let's get out of here.

It's hot down here. All right. New tie rod going in I Took a rough measurement of how long the stud was at the nut on the old unit and I'm just matching that up with the new one. It's a kind of a way to get them close since I don't have an alignment machine and this will have to be wheel aligned.

Go get our nut nutted. Click Okay. off to the passenger side and we shall repeat real quick. like oh I didn't measure those, You know it was.

There was two of those fingers to the nut that looks actually pretty close. I'll take that. it's getting aligned anyway. but I like to make it close.

Hmm I See people walking outside to see you I ride gravity there. It's just beautimous right there like you're whistling. Get in there nice click. All right.

this is getting uh well. it's coming to conclusion real quick. Or if we wishing it's coming to something, we've got two connectors left to connect. Can't lock that one in because the Lock's broken.

Yeah, that's locked in. Good to go. Let's lift this down a little bit. We'll throw the wheels on, restocking the engine.

uh, we'll see if this needs recalibrated or programmed and then we'll go from there and real quick. So I don't forget I want to tighten down and snug up those Jam nuts because I I will forget I Remember getting alignments into the store with loose Jam nuts and it always upset me because I knew that they drove the thing there. Which means they drove it. uh, unsafe.

That displeases me. Okay, let's just. uh, double check these threads again. We've got one little finger of threads left over on that side and this side's got oh, one little finger of threads left over, so that's fairly even-ish That's even enough.

Let's get out of here. Ram Coming down all the way down, all right back into the cabin. Let's go restocking the engine. We'll check for codes, warning messages Etc and if that's all good and we don't need to do any programming, we'll send this off to the dealer or uh, to the alignment shop, the dealer, and uh, and then we're all set.
Good to go. Mission complete restocking Z Engine foreign cycle. What do we got? Oh, is it my lucky day? I May just have to relearn the yaw sensor and we're good. It's not throwing codes.

perhaps it does not need to be programmed? Let's go take this out on the road and drive it. See how straight? I Got the steering wheel just by eyeballing it and then uh, we'll go from there. we're clearing the door of death. Looking good looking good over here on the Jeep side looking good on the compressor side.

Yeah, this, this is an art. Getting in and out of this big stall with a long truck is a that's an art. Farm But I'm getting good at it. There we go.

Smash. Knock the Jeep off the rack. oh what a disaster that would be and we are clear of the trash pile. All right back now.

Uh oh, what do I find here? Look at that Defeating Safety Devices test test. You know better than that. Click it or ticket and uh, and this doesn't count I mean that's clever I can appreciate it, but uh, I'm not supposed to do that. Cool beans.

Still, no warning light. Let's get it out on the road. This is the worst spot to make a right in a truck because you end up in the grass. All right.

I'm a little off on my wheel alignment, no worries, but we appear to be pretty good with the warning light. I Need to definitely make some adjustments out of this one. Maybe I'll let the alignment guys do that. So I'm going to go ahead and close this video out and I will do that by thanking each and every one of you for watching this video.

As always, hope you enjoyed this video. If you did enjoy this video, please feel free to let me know about that by tapping that like button down below. If you did not enjoy this video, then let me know about that constructively in the comments section also down below. And then I can use your feedback to do a better job.

So again, and as always, thank you for watching. And most importantly, do not forget to have yourselves a great day! See you guys later! End of: Doge Ram Steering gear. Hey you guys, What's that Tower thing right? there? Is that like a a gunshot detector or something? It appears to be just a pole. It's got a power meter on it, some kind of box and then it looks like speakers or microphones up at the top.

It doesn't look like a cell phone tower because it would. You'd think it would be taller. Is that one of those gunshot detectors? Let me know. Also in the comment section below,.

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