In this video I bring you along as I start the process of replacing the customers rotted out engine cradle on their 2014 Subaru Outback with the big 2.5. It's not a bad job just a little time consuming.
Part I :
Part II:
Part III:
Was it really rotted?!
How much did the job cost?
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Yeah, viewers and welcome back to the self man! Auto Channel You guys are 2014. that's the Subaru Let's see how bad it's got the Big Two five and it's time to start Project Subaru because we're gonna name it. subframe, gerotted oil pans rotted I think both lower ball joints are loose. It's got a bunch of other little things he wants done, but main big project is replacing the subframe or the engine cradle because it's got big rock wolf through it and it failed inspection for it.

So let's get started. Oh if I should have done this before we put out a lift, we need to make sure the steering wheel it's not going to twirl around on us so we'll shove the seat Mount through any. Subarus You gotta drop the steering rack with the frame. So yeah, keep the steering wheel from going crazy.

We're gonna pull the air intake tube off here. We need to be able to stick a engine support across these struts here and hold the engine up because we need to suspend the engine while we remove the Cradle I Think we can hook onto it back here at the back of the transmission. Let's see, we've got a hose down on this side. foreign, hook it and then we've got a clip right here.

It costs extra. That's what you do with those pretend no one's looking and go like that. All right, we'll just set this to the side see. So they had this little holder right here I Was hoping.

looks like it's strong enough that we can just get a chain through it. Yeah, except bold to the training. Yeah I didn't go anywhere. Um I Don't think I worry about lows if it's too close to the throttle body.

Maybe just to be on the safe side. Safety first. we will, uh, set the throttle body to the side I just don't want to. you know, chain.

Come hit it and then break the plastic intake here so we'll get a 10 mil. It's got a couple coolant hoses, one hook the connector and then we'll just kind of set that over foreign there now. I Think we're okay. We'll be able to hook a chain or a strap, whatever we're going to hook.

There's another hook here too. but I think this is pretty centralized I think before we do that though, our engine mount I guess I Guess you would call them training mounts or there's one there and then there's one over here. So I think we'll zip those off. then we'll stick our engine support here.

hold it there. might have to pick this. Uh, let's take this plastic up front so we have a spot to put our Mount up there. The engine support we have has a fire that comes forward that you need to set up here on the core support, but we can't set it on the plastic so we need to include some stuff.

Yeah, we can set it on this plant. of course the portrait directly underneath it don't I Don't think it'll cause any damage just setting it on that. Just gotta be careful if we don't have to kick back. hit the radiator passenger side engine mount there right there and then there should be one hiding over here.

I'm gonna have to sneak down through this hose. That should be perfect. Dropped it where we can't find it. I'm kidding I'm kidding I found it sticks stuff in a magnet tree.
Oh let's see. so let's rear mount. There's a front mount here. There's not a lot really that holds these babies in.

Um I Don't know if I'm this front mount if we just take the bolt out of it or if we just unbolt it from the subframe. the whole Mount Not real sure. So I took a vote I Think we're gonna just take the nut off that bolt here. We can get down in here and this front mount and see if that bolt comes loose just a little bit.

Come on baby! I Need a bit of an extension about an inch Story of My Life See if this works fans right? Smack them away all right so we'll do that on just a little. We'll give it the old reach around here. I Don't know how much weight is on the front of this I wouldn't suspect a whole lot. Let me see if I can hit it from this side.

Oh easy, easy. Give that bolt a little twirl. It goes through aluminum and rubber bushing so it might be bad. Okay, it's got a little bit of weight on it.

You see how the engine just drops slightly. The good news is the bolt is loose. It's not frozen in the bracket. can't be pulled by hand.

So what do we know? What do you know? What do you say? I Say we put a little bit of weight, taking a little bit of weight off from it. Let's install our engine support. If we can lift that up where that's kind of neutralized, then we can pull the bolt out and we should be able to go underneath and unhook all the rusty jiggly bits. and Drop It On The Ground I Guess Okay, let's see.

I think it's kind of universal. see it's not a official Subaru engine support. It works pretty well on most things. We've got our stud on there I Think the best we could.

we're going to put a little bit of tension on it. Let's see what happens here. See, if anything snaps a bunch or breaks I've got it setting up on some two by fours to give it some clearance where it sticks out over the fender. There we've got our hook directly into the other hook.

the side jump on the core support. It's not really being utilized at this point. Something should be moving here. Indoor bending all right.

I Just heard something move. I'm gonna grab a light. just bolt loose now. No sir, not easily loose.

Anyways, everything seems kind of Wiggly give her a few more what floors it's like it's loose on those mounts I believe. So let's see what happens up here. Let me see if I can just knock that through if I could. Uh, actually let me just stick the impact back on it.

Just gotta get her to go. We get a wrench I don't really want to stick my hands down there because if it I don't know what it's going to do when it cuts loose, it would be a surprise surprise. it didn't do anything I think it did pop up a little bit though. tightening up some more I just want to know that it's being suspended.
You're gonna get flying lessons light. It looks like I can see the transmission coming up. We got to be good. Actually, we're up off that stud.

Yeah, the front one's completely out in the rear or this mount on this side. oh she's Wiggly stuff looks tight and under tension baby. just keep it coming. Engine's loose.

we're up out of both mounts. we're up out of the front mount completely. I would like to have it out of this Mount completely. Also, just because that's going to make putting a subframe in easier.

that way we don't have to line up that stud. Anyhow, that thread there is bending pretty good. Looks sketchy. What could go wrong, huh? We're almost out of that stud.

We're almost out of that stud. We're completely out of the front. I Say we're good. he's got some Bend to it and I'm wondering.

Hardly has any pressure on the front so it's not not rock and it's not doing any funny business. Um Let's uh. one little bit of precaution. I was going to use some precaution, but I think we'll live life.

Take chances, let me get a pair of pliers. Worst case scenario: engine transmission falls out on your head. It's the worst that can happen. I need to unhook our core steering lines so that in there.

if we don't make too much of a mess, look at that baby up off there. well. Oh I wasn't ready for that dude. Come on man.

come on man. had my diaper ready. put that to the side. Oh and then a pressure line comes up here to pump.

It's another 14. Now from down there is a banjo type fitting. I Don't want to get it out of the belt I Don't know if it's gonna peep me or not. Nope.

Thank you. Take the bolt, take the washers. We're going to put that right back on there. We're going to stick that right back on the pump.

Go get a bunch of junk in that. I Think we're going to be up here with junk flying around and then our power steering hoses are loose. so our whole rack can come out all of One big jumbo piece or now it's peeing all over the Cadillac converter. Just want to kind of stuff them down there so we can get them from underneath I Don't want a mess dude.

Oh this guy's a hack. Oh well, you're gonna have to get past it and then you know like it's gonna smoke I think that should be it for up here folks. Um I don't think I'd seen anything else that we had to unhook engines unhooked, power steering lines are unhooked. Everything else should say.

we got to go down and get the steering shaft. and then the worst part of the whole job. We got to try to get the exhaust off without snapping that in half. The good news is we need to remove the exhaust anyways because we got to do the oil pan because the oil pan is all rotted out.

they're soon to be riding through to reveal its inside contents. We'll take the whole shebang off here if we can spray the little Panther p on them to make sure the nut comes off perfectly. Usually this guns come out in these which I don't care like oh they come off as long as they come off the nut came off that one. That's because WD-40 works.
uh right in the eye. Let's see what happened to this one. Whole stud came out dropped right in my shirt. So there's three.

Three out of six. see what happens over here. One nut, one's done. One left.

Somebody's always got to be that mother lover. Towards the last one, it's the nicest looking one too. Why don't we put a little heat on that so we don't get stupid with it. Foreign.

Yeah. boy. raped my freaking pocket. One man.

Fire. I'm on fire. Oh, there we go. That wasn't that bad.

It wasn't really hot, folks. just didn't take me long to look at it. Whoa. hey, hey, hey.

All right. So that's uh. I'll show you the rest of the problem. The problem is, everything's alive.

That's the problem. Especially this joint. We don't want to do a lot of flexing. Um, oh.

we gotta take one bolt out up here on this hanger. The hangers already broke off the rear. It's gonna be like a three-man job. Let's get this one undone.

And now we'll get three men out here. two men and a women. or one man and a woman and a girl and see what we can do to drop this down without breaking it in half. Oh, you're crusty.

You're a crusty one. Oh, get the Rhythm ah freaking power chance. we'll just dripping my face I Want to snap it off? Let's see what it's doing. Not doing anything because it's round.

what's smaller than 14. 13. I Don't want to break that off? it's on that. get an extension, reduce our power, and then we're gonna get a flame to increase our power.

And then we're going to get a cape. Now let's see. we'll blindly go up in here. Foreign.

Let's get this out all the way. The bracket here. It's got a hook on it's going to catch it. don't catch the nut but or the bolt I will.

That's how we remove this hanger I Like to hold that back on for a minute. There's one here on the back and that's there. That's the only thing holding this whole show together and when we let it down I Just don't want it to go like that I Want to give it one of those you know, look at her, stand up under the muffler right about. There should work and then we'll pull this rear hanger off here.

I Can't see there we go. No I gotta try seeing they're closed. Okay, we're free. freedom.

Lay it down just a little bit just to verify. Yes Ma'am all right. She's going to want to break right in the middle. Pray for me, you got it done.

This job. What do you think you're Geo voice. that's why I'm asking no now you're close I Was thinking about coming in for some tea and maybe a piece of cake. Yeah, possibly you know where the kitchen is I Do Okay, what are you doing working? What's she doing? Looks like you guys are watching something to me.
What? no we're doing stuff. Oh me too We love you. Might be in for some cake and tea it might be. you're so weird.

Look amazing. Today this guy forgot to unlock the oxygen sensors. Round two folks. uh.

front action centers. Two of them. passenger side had to take the plastic guard down on the front. unhook those.

Now we're gonna try again. Feels pretty separate. The Airboat Actually good. All right.

All right. thank you. It's a great time. Oh did you make that for me, huh? Did you make this for me? My request? Bye what? Okay, the goodness of your heart.

Oh well. the only reason I said yes was because the goodness of my heart. Oh, you could be a role model for women. You know that if only I could make cake and tea at home instead of at work every day? Well well it is at least I get to be with you again.

Forget about time for new hope she's getting ready to boil. We need to peel the wheels because we just unhooked the ball joints and tie rod in. so I'll show you how to do one side. We'll do the same thing on the other side.

Here we go. So spray everything down. Feel good? Oh okay. smash that Cotter pin over there so we can beat our socket up on there.

Actually moved. It's unusual. Need a socket on wrong way? Dude. Take that off so you can give her a couple whacks of the air hammer.

Get that busted loose and it did. You can hear the change in tone. Now we have to unhook the sway bar link not to take the subframe out, but once we get subframe down, we need to have it to transfer. So I'm just going to unhook it here.

If we can, grab the inside of it with a pair of bike scripts, there's no Flats on it for a wrench. try to give it a good squeeze. Best we can keep that I Don't know I Didn't feel like a good grip. felt like the Jaws kind of tweaked on this thing.

Yeah, you can. time to replace. these vice grips are getting a little loose. All right.

we'll give it the old College try. We're gonna put a little heat on that first and foremost so hopefully we can get her in one shot. I Don't know. we have to hook tie rod in for something.

Get in here or not, you know, let's get swivel socket. Foreign. No sir, it's a different pair of white stripes. All right.

Round two: Clear there she is. baby. All right. now.

we need to take off the tie rod end. I Don't have my readers, let's just beat a 19 on there right off of that I Hope it's obvious to some folks that when you're doing the ball joint, you know, don't Smack on the threads if you intend to reuse it. we don't. But and that Thunder's going on here spending the whole dang stud I ain't never seen that before.

Use these things. Peel off all the zippies at I think it's spinning the stud it would uh or wound up a little quicker like that. Cutter pins all broke, sheared off I Mean that's usually not a factor. Just be honest with you.
All right, let's put some tension on it folks. and usually they zip right off there folks. Josh is just going to pry up on it with a pry bar. Oh sure thing about it.

don't wear the nut one if I Send it quiet. Maybe this will work. Smashed it with the air hammer too. Yeah, it's probably not gonna work.

Can you reach in further? Josh all the way to the inner part of the control room. There you go. and if you don't catch me in the face, well. I Guess Okay, ready there you go.

That's good. Perfect. A lot of tie Rod's already loose so that's good. Um, we're gonna take.

We don't even try to get the copper pins out because you just be here forever. Um, we're just going to center punch it and drill it real quick. Hopefully that usually works well. I'm gonna punch right now Center it up in that hole and we just run the drill through it.

Foreign. there it is. Then you can pop it out. Usually we do that before we crack the tie rod loose, but in this case the tie rod spun loose which is kind of unusual.

Now we'll pop the lower control arm off here. he's popping off the ball joint, just kind of stick it to the side. And like I said, we took the sway bar link loose because it's a lot easier to do here at eye level than it is. You know, rolling around on the ground.

The best view you're going to get folks. We're going to try to get the steering shaft off now that we're done fiddling with all that. See if we can't get up in here with the 12 mil giving it another Duggar Get on there. look at that.

now. you guys couldn't see crap. Gosh, that'd do a good job laying in. Hollywood So the bolt.

This bolt is out of the steering shaft little guy. Now let's see if you can use the air hammer. It gives that steering tip a couple others very gingerly. We don't wanna destroy it.

Uh, nope. gate. Getting in there with that fellas, get a longer one. Let's try this one.

Where can we come from? Maybe right through this hole. It's not getting anywhere. Oh man, so look it, it's getting so close. I Just can't touch it I don't want to break anything on the rack? let's try it.

Oh man, it's so stinking close. Um, we're about I'm gonna come here from the front I Think this. Baby's long. It's long and it's strong.

We're about to get the friction on well before I pop that off I Don't see a unique keyway on it so that means we can put it on not any old way, but we can. Every little cafe we are going to realign the carpet I'm gonna put a little paint mark on it. Let's see about getting these bolts loose. There's one another one.

there's that one. so there's those two two. just like it on the other side right there. Ellie mini amount that is hooks over to the Uh transmission mount if you will.

Yeah, what are these 19? Maybe 19 there? Let's see if those bolts come loose right? Some of the stuff we should have checked before we started the project. Subaru Ah, that's good. We'll leave that and do something to do the one on the other side, so that's good. Let's see.
this one's for the control arm. We don't care about that. That's the one we care about. Foreign That just lovely must be living right Boys, we're living right or Wd-40's Greatest Thing on Earth one or the other foreign I just don't want to fall on our heads.

All right, let's see if we can't get this guy a little bit loose. You know, all right Bar: Wheels Can't be. Let's go get a pry bar. Thank you.

That side is loose. What's going on here little fella, loosey-goosey We've got all the bolts up here, right? Yeah, our engine mounts loose. There's just two bolts up here, right? These two bolts up there. Our front one's quite loose so we're stuck here on the rear.

It's not gonna be over here. Maybe we didn't spray it? Man, we need to put a Wd up in there. That stuff sucks. We'll get rid of two to that.

Give me some in there. just kind of make a mess all over everything. Let's go get some ear muffs and give it a rattle in the air hammer and see if that loosens her up. Foreign a little bit stuck I think we're in good shape? um I don't know if me and my boy Josh are just gonna drop this thing down.

probably can sit the transmission jack right here under the middle and then one of a cold dealer in and then I think we'll be good. All right, the front's loose, thank you. Foreign shaft's still kind of hanging a little bit there. gotta get a little bit of a massage.

Foreign, foreign, and there's what it looks like. And if our little support up there goes, the whole thing goes. So let's hope that doesn't happen. Send good Juju Uh, after that I guess we just put it on the ground.

We transfer all the stuff over to the new one and there's gonna be a lot of folks asking You know, are you doing a new rack? Are you doing new bushings? new bolts? new everything? The answer is no, it's not my car and I'm restricted by a budget. We have to try to stay within the means of the fellow's budget. and that's we're going to do our best to do that in, respect those wishes there, and just keep on keeping on. So that's it folks.

In an effort to not make these videos run on for miles and miles, we're gonna call it quits after the removal project Subaru of subframe removal. Will call part one. Come back for part two. We're gonna do the transfer and then get that baby back up in so stick around.

Thanks for watching.

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  40. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Thomas says:

    the idea you got this job done in 8hrs. is a mind blow!!! The world at large needs more dudes like you doing serious repairs to keep this world turning!!!

  41. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars police_state says:

    So satisfying watching you get all these rusted bolts off like its nothing! I've had major issues snapping the heads off in the past that I've become afraid of them. I'm a noob though 😋

  42. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Centurion Home Inspections, Inc. says:

    Gotta hit it with PB Blaster when it’s cherry red. It’ll break free real nice!