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Hi guys, real quick uh introduction and or public service announcement slash disclaimer: uh this video is a little bit short and that is because it is just a diagnostic uh, introduction video to this car. There's a lot of complaints on this thing and I had a lot of stuff to go through. Many decisions had to be made. So uh, what? I have done is I have segmented the uh the Diag video as As One video and then the full length repair video is going to be the next segment.

If you don't want to watch the Diag, just skip all the way to the end of this video and you will see a link to the second primary video at the end screen. You will also find a link up at the top of the page, a link down in the video's description, and there will also be another Link in the pinned comments of this video and that will take you forward in time to the actual repair segment opening. Z Hood Hello everybody! Good day to you! Welcome back! Glad you guys are here! I am super glad to be here! This is a 2010 Range Rover Land Rover Sport It has 112 171 miles on the odometer, restarting the engine. All right.

no check engine light, just that, uh, service required and the vehicle lean when cornering? Yeah, yeah. I'm gonna have to research that I have no idea what that's about I guess it leans too much. uh, while cornering? Maybe something like that. So I'm going through my list here.

We've got a front suspension clunking, grinding, noise when braking or going over speed bumps. Okay, we want to do some. Transmission Service Action front and rear differential Services Uh, I Understand that the spare tire holder is broken to something about a door lock. We'll check that out later.

Yeah, we're going to be all over the place with this thing. Let's go out and uh, take her for a test drive real quick like and uh, see how she feels, how she runs all that good stuff. and then we'll uh, we'll create a path of repair moving forward. This thing is supercharged.

It feels fast. It's fast, all right. So I'm a little bit off the beaten path here. This Road's kind of rough.

It's just asphalt and I'm really not hearing that suspension sound anymore. I Heard it in the parking lot back at the shop, but now I do not. It's uh, let's get out of here and flip back around. try to find some, uh, some rougher rub than what I've got so far because I'm not.

uh. I'm not recreating it all of a sudden and that bothers me I Know Warning: Cornering got it? Okay, so when we came through here the first time, I was going like 25 30 miles an hour over those tracks. let's go a little slower this time. let's see if I can't hear the noise.

Yeah, right now I didn't hear it. It's not okay. So since this is an English car, what? uh What? can I use to express frustration? It's it's not crikey because that's not we're not Australian this was a Holden I Could get away with crocky. Uh, what do the British say? What do you guys say? Let's drive around this truck I'm gonna cut him off because he's going right here next.
Yeah, one of the what are the British gonna say to express, uh, frustration and disapproval? Just don't know I mean do we just use English words or do you guys have some slang words hierarchy? So I can't I can't use the the German phrases I need to I need an English phrase for these English built vehicles they build these in England right? Still? Yeah. maybe? Is it Blimey? Is that what it is Blowing me Can I can I call it a wanker? How about that one Winker That one's pretty good I'll call it a wanker. it's just a this Range Rover is a Winker It's beautiful. Anyway, let's pull this thing on into the shop.

Yeah, let's do a little bit of research. see what's going on with it. Supercharged I knew it. Yeah, that's the big motor.

Five liters of V8 power with the supercharger. Love Force conduction. There she is unit. We're making more steam now.

let's see if my scanner tool is going to talk to this thing. See what the suspension modules tell us? Scan tool firing on. Oh, there's our connector. What is this tracking device? Flip that guy in there.

We go. restartings the engine. There we go. I Only had to tell it twice this time.

Okay, scrolling scrolling scrolling: Land Rover Land Rover Range Rover Satellites linking up Automatic ID Entity: come on. Computerizer 2010 Land Rover Range Rover Sport 5-liter V8 Supercharged. Let's go ahead and code scan all of the modules. We'll get a holistic evaluation of what's going on with this truck.

Holy smokes, it's codes everywhere. Look at this air intake temp sensor number one out of range cylinder misfires and one two, three five. Okay, seven and eight. What? Ah that's got all these codes and no check Engine light a list Efficiency: This is.

this is ridiculous. Why are all these codes here? Hang on. I'm just gonna I'm just gonna leave that alone. for now, let's Let It Go Through its list scrolling along.

Got a P300 random multiple misfires The 316 misfire detected on the first thousand revolutions that's on Startup Catalytic Converter Efficiency EVAP System Small League What? This thing's killing me. There's there's There's a lot going on here. Fan Performance: p0483 uh uh, there it is. P0526 Fan speed sensor Circuit: Let's see a U-code lost com with speed control module fuel rail pressure low while cranking.

Hmm ABS codes What? There's so much going on here. Active dampening control Module: Here we go left. Uh. Rear damper solenoid.

that may be our uh, our ride height warning indicator message right there. Body Control module I don't even know what that is Wheel module: okay, uh. front left wheel module sensor transmitter assembly I I think we're talking about uh. tire pressure monitor here.

These cannot all be current codes. This is. this is something special. Like somebody messing with me.

Did you guys like unplug all your modules just to set these codes to screw with me? Is that what's going on here? Lynn Bus fault Power Steering Solenoid control circuit Why? it's the clock really? the clock module Okay, another Network failure I I Don't I don't even know where to start. Let's let's just pretend we didn't do this and we'll look the other way. Let's let's just do that because I don't I don't even know where to start with this. Do we? To go with what we know and start with the engine and do we clear everything and see what comes back? Hmm.
Okay, okay so I've referred back to my list and we've got a Blues Clues here. Uh, something. Oh yeah, yeah. the Leaning uh.

the Leaning message on the dash started. Uh, while they were on a road trip, they drove over something and hit the bottom of the car and that's when the message showed up. So perhaps there's physical damage down there? This is good. Uh, there's another bullet point here.

Door locks The left rear side door. uh, tries to hold people hostage prisoner inside of the car. You can't open it from the inside and outside unless you lock and unlock the entire vehicle. It's embarrassing.

I'm sorry for the in-laws. Okay, so let's verify that. that's that's one. So we've got got power locks going on here.

These ones are working. That one's working. Uh, this one. That one's working.

But it looks like our left rear is not working. See that there's no action coming out of the lock. It's unlocked. It's locked.

and I didn't see it moving when I actuated the locks. Okay, I'm gonna hit the lock button. We're gonna see if that thing tries to move. Oh okay, it did try to move.

That tells me that the two wires that power the actuator in the door are functioning. Uh. I Highly suspect there's a failed actuator a lock solenoid inside the left rear door. so we got a semi-confirmed kill on that one.

Moving on through our list. where's the list? All right. So here's the plan. Here's what I'm gonna do to avoid any kind of information overload we're gonna.

We're gonna stick with the topic it had and that's going to be the suspension warning thing. I'm gonna lift this thing up. We're gonna take a look at the undercarriage and the suspension and see if we can't identify any damage that may have occurred when they hit an object on the interstate. Uh, then after that I think what I'm gonna do is is clear these trouble codes and give this thing a fresh new palette.

To start with these misfires, they could just be a result of the higher mileage and lack of engine maintenance. I Understand there has not been much work done to this car in the past several years. Uh so I who knows how long these codes have been here? I don't So I think I think we're just going to go through this thing one at a time on this list and and just kind of go from there working our working from easiest to hardest. One thing I would like to do though is verify that the pneumatic ride control system does function.
So let's give this. uh, let's give this thing some down and it should let the air ride down. see what it does? Oh, we're going I Felt to go down. Okay, so it did.

Uh, it did adjust its ride height. Let's go check and see if all four corners are synchronized or not. Yeah, it looks good. it's level.

Let's check. this side over here looks good. It's level. okay.

all right. let's see if it will, uh if it'll go back up. raising the auto? Yep I hear the pump I felt it moved. Pump's going okay.

Okay, so I just did a little bit of reading and we need to put this thing in off-road mode at its fullest ride height in order to uh to lift this thing off the ground. If we do not lock it into off-road mode, then uh, what it's going to want to do is it's going to want to compensate for the ride height once the lift starts to take, uh, the weight of the vehicle and we don't want it to do that I Believe Yeah, we went up some. Okay, so we are in ride height or lift mode. I'm gonna go ahead and power this down again.

Let's get it up in the air and give it a visual looky Lou down below Okie Dokes I've got the rack set. let's go ahead and lift it up. black subscribe button we have contact. Let's check our lift points, make sure we're safe.

Nothing's being crushed. That left arm's not right. redo. scoot that over some.

that's good. Back up. Okay, let's take a look down here. What's going on? They they said they hit something and that's when the uh the warning message came on.

I Don't see any damage back here. You can see, where's our sensor? There's our height sensor right there. It's uh, this little arm and the linkage that connects it to the control arm. That's actually the sensor right way up there.

you see that guy? There should be one on each wheel for ride height. Yep, there's one. Okay, no damage there. Let's go ahead and move on forward here.

Um, ride height sensor I Don't know. Oh, look, oh, that's a brake pad. It's a brake pad wear indicator that's not supposed to be rubbing on the rim. See that everything's just hanging out right there.

That's not supposed to do that. Where's my my front ride height sensors I Don't see you? Well, here's something I Noticed that isn't right. Another brake line that's not routed in the correct position? This is supposed to be on this side of the sway bar. See how it's pinched and bent over? That is.

Uh, that's kind of not okay. So that's where that's routed improperly. So I probably need to just remove this sway bar link to, uh, put it on the other side of that line. That's not okay.

We've got this thing going on over here again. Not okay. It's not the end of the world. Ah, here we go.

Here's a ride height sensor. There's one of them plugged in. Okay, let's check the other side, see if that's there and that one looks connected. Okay Hmm This is going to take a lot of research.
I Don't know if I have the uh, the knowledge and background to service this vehicle in the capacity that they're looking for. You just don't have that much exposure to these things. Let's see, here's our pump. That's for the uh.

the air ride system looks like our control circuits. This is the broken spare tire Crank that they told us about I Guess somebody used an impact gun to run this up and down once upon a time and now it's stuck. so they probably sprung the cable inside that was on the list. Okay, hmm.

all right time to let this down. There's no, uh, no obvious damage. Other than that, uh, doesn't properly stalled Parts no suspension damage I should say coming down. What to do? All right? I'm back inside I Just restarted it and believe it or not, I actually felt kind of a shutter on on restart.

uh I'm wondering if those misfires are a little more valid then I gave them a credit for earlier. we could have uh, we could have some original spark plugs in this thing, but there's There's definitely stuff going on. Here's what I'm gonna do: I'm gonna clear all the codes, we're gonna shut her back down and uh, we're gonna see what repopulates and kind of go from the uh, the first failure codes and just move on through the list. There's there's way too much stuff here to unpack in in one sitting.

So I've got to remove some of these Dtc's and just start over with like a fresh palette here. Fresh canvas vehicle leaning? Yep, Okay, I Moved on to the ride height control module and I've got some measurements here. We've got 42 millimeters for the left front, we've got 58 millimeters for the right front. The rear let's see left rear is at 44 millimeters.

see that right there. and the right rear is 68 millimeters. So I'm pretty sure that that discrepancy is uh, is what our issue is I'm gonna look and see if I can't uh, perform some kind of a relearn on this. Maybe perhaps that is the uh, the issue.

Maybe they hit something and it uh, it jarred one of the sensors I don't know if I have a special function ability to to actually access that to perform that function, but uh, what? I would like I said what I would want to do is do a relearn and see if we can't recalibrate the ride height system. Uh, perhaps that's all that it needs. Here we go. Functional tests that should be special functions it should be in here.

Up Air Suspension Height Calibration This is what we're looking for. All right. I'm going to proceed and just see how far this goes. Okie Doke! So I've gone ahead and backed this thing out.

The ride height reprogramming procedure has failed. It is not. uh, it's not going to initiate the sequence. so I I'm afraid I do not have the capacity to service this complaint.
I'm gonna have to, uh, have to decline service on that. However, there are a few knick-knacky items that I do believe that I I do have the ability to to handle and one of which is going to be the door lock thing I Kind of want to look into that misfire that it's getting that shutter especially on Startup I want to look into that I think that's just some engine performance issues. not a huge problem for me and there's some maintenance items that we wanted to go over as well. Um I Feel very defeated that I'm just not capable of diagnosing this this ride height issue anyway.

I'm gonna go ahead and put all this stuff together I'm going to let my owners know what's going on with it. What? I can do What I can't do and we're going to see what they want to do. So let me go ahead and get this all worked up and then we'll uh, I'll pick this video back up when I have some word on what kind of direction we're going to go in.

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