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Hello everybody, Good day to you! Welcome back! Glad you guys are here I know I'm glad to be here. Uh, however uh, today is not a super happy positive day. uh I've got a I gotta fire a customer has the uh the title as the title says, um a lot of you guys are going to be disappointed. Some of you folks wanted to uh to see this SOB right here brought back to life and I am refusing to touch it at this point I'm gonna loading this thing.

it's leaving I'm not working on this car I'm not going to touch it. It's going outside the other side of my fence with a three-day notice to uh, get the thing out of here or I'm gonna have it impounded. This dude is fired and I'm I'm usually not one for the drama stuff but I'm going to tell you the story after we stopped things the engine yeah I have not uh started this truck in about a month or so so let's see if she fires up beginning engine starting sequence now he lives. that's that.

Cat 3126 Oh yeah, fire up the AC see if this thing still works I recharged like a month ago just gonna lift it here on AC that's the one I don't know how to work the controls. Okay I'm gonna let this thing warm up a little bit. Yeah, check the Saab and see if it's good to unload. So here's the deal.

and uh, you know, like I said earlier, I'm not one for drama, but uh, this is why I'm firing this customer There will be no drama here I Met this guy he uh he came by to deliver some parts one day and he mentioned he had the sub and it was hanging out uh at another shop down the road which had like three times as many cars in their lot as what we have in mind and uh he said you know he didn't have a lot of money to fix it and I said sure I can help you out and he said that the other shop just didn't have the time to fix it and they were declining service on it so they wanted to go ahead and get it out of there and he was under some kind of a time frame to remove this car from there a lot and that was the point which he asked me if I would if I would help him out I said sure, no problem but the caveat's gonna be is I don't get to touch this car probably until the end of summer I explained to him that I'm super duper busy, don't really have any extra time for some long-term projects and he was cool with that. Not a big deal. well what had happened was was yesterday the guy came by and he said hey I know you're not working on the Saab right now. That's no big deal but he's got an issue.

City has two other cars at two other shops and both his cars are getting kicked out and he wanted me to go over there yesterday. Just showed up and said hey, can you run over and pick up these cars, put them in your parking lot and I said no sir, cannot do look around I have zero space for extra cars and I had also explained to him because he'd mentioned these cars to me before I had also explained to him that I can't take in any more of your cars until I get done with this car and I can't work on this car for a couple months so unfortunately I can't help you out, you're gonna have to find somewhere else He said okay, you know, well what do I do and I said I don't know what you do I just can't park the cars here So he asked my buddy next door if he could park it over there and I told him that's not going to work either because there's no space over there. So I said and my dude next door said why don't you try across the way and see if they can help you out over there Well about 20 minutes later one of the other guys from down the road he walks over here and he's wondering what's going on because the guy that I told no to the dude that owns the Saab he went over there and proceeded to just absolutely bash and bad-mouth me for about 20 minutes straight. Now the problem is is you were my friend and you're all agreeable and you're You know you're cool to my face but then behind my back you go run the mouth thing and that is not how we do business.
that's not how we conduct ourselves and that is not how we build successful relationships. So because I have learned that the person with the SOB likes to not tell the truth and then likes to lie when they don't get their way, their car is going outside and that is the end of it. I am firing this customer. dude is fired, not working on it.

End of story. Party over decisions made. So I'm gonna go ahead pull this thing out. We're gonna dump this SOB off outside of the fence and then um, maybe I'll bring in that Monte Carlo that I have out there and work on that instead.

So stay tuned because this is going to be a really cool video end of story time. Side note: my AC is still cold. Yes, foreign. ERS Down.

All right. let's get this thing out of here. Forgot where my gears are I think that's first. Yep, right on out of here.

I'm not staring at you guys I'm looking at the mirror over there so sorry for the weird looks on the facial expressions. All right. Okay, we're parked. time to engage the PTO safety chains removed.

Don't need that one more on the other side. Rolling on back. goodbye. soft end of sob story.

The Leaning Going here. Lean back there. We go right there. There's a chain in the back.

Let's unchain it from our chain a lot. Come here some Unchained now I need to run it back some Okay, hang on. We gotta get this thing in neutral real quick. Let's get the paint supplies off the floor don't need that and where's my key for the Saab down here? power it on neutral and I'll crank the wheel off to the right a little bit because it's kind of at a dangly angle.

It's hot in here. Okay, let's roll her back a little bit more now. I Can get to that chain. No good feed goes unpunished.

You know you try to do somebody a favor. That's a big negatory not doing it goodbye. SOB Get off my truck. It's a big sob story straight in the wheel.

It's a shame too. I Kind of wanted to bring the saw back to life Patrick Failure Bad decisions, bad decisions. Give me the old car repair for you. Very good.
Yeah, that's probably that's back far now. All right. unchaining our sub. Where's uh, when I connect the hooks hooks hooks.

Where's my hooks way back there? Yeah, what? We'll get that one first since I can't really reach that other one. Yeah, we'll just pull the bed out for me. Come here, huh? Oh, it's pinched I Know what? I'll do. Let's pull the bed out.

That'll work. put forward on now. Drop off. Complete climb back in this bad boy clutch.

PTO Disengaged It turns off the winch and the hydraulics. Yeah, we're good to go here. All right. let's swing back around and go fetch that Monte Carlo over there Orc on that one next.

Instead, bad decisions. It's hooked up. We're winched in. We're at a weird angle right here.

So what I'm going to do is uh, is I'm going to pull it forward until we're right up on this rub rail. Then I'll go turn the steering wheel and we can pull it up straight. I Could use the wheel lift, but I have a trailer hitch ball on it and the hitch ball will run into the undercarriage so we're just not gonna. We're Not Gonna use the wheel lift.

It's gonna drag her up on the bed. Hold up. There we go. it's gonna work.

Sure, let's go ahead and cut the wheel. This thing seems to have been in storage for quite some time too. It does not crank the keys stuck in it. I'm sure the batteries are dead, but uh yeah, we'll We'll back her into the shop.

Figure that out. I Can't get the truck any straighter because there's a pole in the way winching on up. Meanwhile, all the tow truck guys out there they're like you're doing it wrong. Oh Ron Pratt would be upset with me.

You guys would not be happy with my tow truck skills because I have none because I'm not a tow truck guy. Maybe I'll develop them in the future as a means of necessity. Pull tight, squeeze. It's going to make it though.

we're gonna make it. That's all that matters is we get that back corner in I Get the back corner in. We're good all the way up. Let's go check it one more time.

Yep, back wheels on. We're good. Hooray! now! we'll get the car straight on the bed. Yeah, a little bit of turning action here.

Straighten that up and then we can back it in. get it in the shop. They also got the frame for that Hyundai in the mail today so we can proceed with that thing later on. Also, loud noises.

All right. I Think we're good here. Let's get this thing up in the air. get the weight on the truck there.

We go forward and down and we have successfully captured the Monte Carlo Dude. Okay, parking brake engaged. Oh there. That way it can't roll away, roll forward and hit the ball cat or something.

That would be bad. All right, let's get this thing out of here. back to the shop. Where's my PTO switch there? it is no idle.
PTO Disengage. Good to go. AC Still is cold and that is good. All right.

All right, we're back into the shop. Let's uh, let's unload this thing here. Oh, that's a goofy little angle we got going on, isn't it? But if I cut the wheel all the way to the left, bring her down and then we can roll it back and it'll be right right where we need to be. right here.

that'll probably work. That's not a good sign. It's leaking everywhere. What is this broken? Okay, it's as far as it's gonna go.

All right. Good to go that's been swimmingly. Hi Idol disengaged Now that was Grand Perfect. PTO Shut down.

All right. Let me go park this thing and let's go. Uh, check out our uh, our red Monty back there. All right.

we're backed in back in our parking space. Let's go ahead and power this thing down. mobile parking space. That's what we got here firing down.

Oh I forgot to engage the air brakes. There we go. Whoa. Whoa.

I Don't know what's going on, but my camera's freaking out. That's not cool. Hang on. Hang on.

Hang on. Let me fix this. I need to fix this. Stay right there.

Don't go anywhere. Okay I think I got it. We're fixed now. Let's go ahead and acclimate ourselves with this particular Super Sport Monte Carlo Don't know what year it is I know nothing about it except here it is: It doesn't run, doesn't move, doesn't start, it doesn't do anything.

and I think it's been laid up for a long time sitting around. so let us pop it in. zoohoid See yeah, no key action. There's nothing going on there.

Uh, what year is this? Monty no door sticker? What day is it? What year we'll check under the hood? I'm sure it will tell us. The question is is this V8 powered or is this uh, V6 powered I Think this is a V8 survey says sure is 5.3 liter V8 in our year 2007 model year Monte Carlo Super Sport 5-3 That's actually pretty cool. Oh, let's not. Then go there zip tie to use block.

There's a horrendous leak of some sort. Serpentine belt is covered in, uh, some kind of oil substance. Pull our engine cover off and see what Treasures lie beneath. We've got some.

uh, some erodings that used to be here. Get rid of them. Yeah, that's the big engine. that's the Monstrous engine, a V8 and a front-wheel drive application.

What do you think about that? There we go. Hey, look. seashells or snails. Or sea snails.

We'll just put that like let's put that right there. Okay, first things first. let's see if it has oil in it. And yeah, there's oil on the dipping stick.

Let's go grab the battery charger, throw some electrons into this and see if the engine is going to start. Who knows. the shadow nose. Come here.

Jump starter, Roll this guy on out. Thank you. Well we can see it definitely needs some tires. Pretty sure the wow these are so bad that they're dry rotted on the Treads Look at that.
Wow. Okay, Red to Red that's the plus. Black to Black that's the minus or negative. Let's see here.

Let's just go ahead and send it full. Shoot here. 50 amps I'm not gonna hit engine start just yet. Well, it came alive.

I've heard some things making noise. Blend doors in the dash. Let's go key it on and see if we have a, uh, any activity inside. Yeah, blend door actuators are going off key.

Oh man, yeah, this thing's is bad. Let's see what we've got for mileage here. Service battery charging system zero percent oil life and service, brakes and 103 332 miles on the odometer. It's not really a lot of miles stockings The engine.

Is it gonna work? Not a chance. Nope. We need more electrons. 220 amps there we go.

I'll just surface of the Sun Okay, the alarms went off. Chimes are going starting's the engine? Nope. It's like a little party in here. Okay, I'll tell you what.

I'm just gonna let this thing charge for a few minutes and then uh, we'll come back and see if the thing's gonna start. Let's just back this off a little bit. Yeah, trouble is that battery's so junk it probably won't. Uh, it won't take any kind of a charge here.

I Know I will add a battery to the circuit. That's what we'll do. We'll add more electrons. Actually, these are going to be Reserve electrons.

We'll add some Reserve to it. Let's see. let's click you on. right down there Another and the negatory.

Let's put it right here. Connection made 12.7 volts. Let's see what happens if I turn this off your voltage fall. Nope.

Okay, back to full send stockings the engine so you're gonna run. Nope, not even close here. I move the uh the cable in so the jump box is on the battery and then I put the uh the jump starter on that little uh ground wire right there. Maybe that will give me some some power flow here to start the sting.

Hey, it cranked a little bit. Oh, let's just move that over here. All right now. I'm hearing a lot of power steering noise in there.

Okay, oh, it's running. Let's check our Dash Let's Dash say no Lights, washer, fluid, hood open All right? yeah I believe I Well I know we have a problem with power steering. That's probably all that stuff that was dripping out on the tow truck. Let's get rid of the battery charger for now.

Powered down, just connected. This is alive now. I Can maybe try to move it and get it on the rack a little bit better. We'll lift it up in the air until it looks down below.

Wow. I've got kind of hopes for this car. I might be able to bring this thing back from the dead Maybe see if it moves and survey says it does move. Power steering noise is horrendous though.

All right. I'm backing up. This thing must have been laid up for like a year. It looks like it and it acts like it and the gas smells like it, that's for sure.
I'm just gonna let it run. Oh, you know what? I better check uh engine coolant real quick. It's just because it's dump and power steering doesn't mean it's not clearance in there. Oh I Smell like dirt? That's negative.

There's nothing in there. This is appropriate. Let's throw some decks cool in it. That's funny to me because this is actually what the what this car came with.

Hello, there we go. Take A Look Down Below make sure we're not leaking and I don't see coolant pouring out everywhere. This is good. Okay, all righty got the coolant refilled.

the rack is set. Let's get this thing up in the air. take a look at the undercarriage. We're gonna get a holistic view on kind of what we've got to work with here.

Come up with the major problems and then work our way down our list to the the minor problems and we'll see what, uh, what needs to be done to get this thing back on the road. Can you answer? There's a lot. Yep, Oh, we're leaking. Yeah, that's where our coolant went.

It's leaking everywhere. Let's see what the deal is here. Uh I can't see I don't know. I might have to pull this panel off right here.

Yeah, yeah, yeah. well. I Guess we can start with that leak that looks like, uh, oil or power steering? It's probably power steering coming from the steering gear. Yep, you can see the grip like you see a drip right up there.

So it's going to need a steering rack. That's that leak. All right right here. So you need a steering rack that's a leaker and we need to figure out what the deal is with the Cool Whip steering pump.

whatever that is, that's the link in that line right there. That's getting worse there. Pull off this little panel right here. Panel bolts more.

All right. So I've got the Elite kind of well dialed into kind of just general area right here. It's pouring off of that hose and that hose goes up, uh, to the front of the engine. I Think there's like a thermostat housing or some kind of a some kind of a coolant passage thing over there.

Um I need my Cutters but I can't see exactly where it's coming from. but I know it's coming off the front side of that engine. Yeah, let's pop this little green. uh, zip tie out of here.

let's get rid of that and stay. And maybe a water pump? Yeah, all right. I Can't see there's a mist of cooling everywhere. Let's let this thing down and shut it off.

And then, uh, we'll go back and recheck. Perhaps we can see it from the top side. All right, that's down about far enough. Let's go ahead and power this thing down before it blows up here.

Engine shut down complete. Wow. I Can't see throwing the fan up? Well, all that steam out of there. I'm not breathing that crap.

There we go. Yeah, See this entire aluminum assembly right here? I Think that houses the water pump? Yeah, it's got a blown up water pump. That's what that is. See the the pulley right here? That's the water pump pulley.
Okay, so we need to. Uh, we need to put a water pump in it. Probably a power steering pump. It's gonna need a belt.

Gonna need a battery? Uh, you're gonna need a steering gear. It's gonna need a power steering hoses? probably. Definitely an oil change. Probably new fuel.

It needs a lot of stuff, All right. I'm gonna go ahead and get started on the paperwork on this thing. I'll write it up I'll estimate kind of what I see so far. set of tires.

Yeah, it's it's gonna need some TLC that's for sure. But uh, well. let's uh. let's proceed with the normular protocol.

let my guy know what's going on with it and uh, we'll go from there. Uh well. That being said, no, that's gonna happen in this video today. It's getting a little late in the day.

we kick some people out fired a customer, checked out a car that really really needs us to help it and it took a load of junk to the dump today too. It's been a productive day so I'm gonna go ahead and close this video out As always. like thank you guys for watching this video. Hope you enjoyed this video.

If you did enjoy this video, please feel free to let me know about that by tapping that like button down below if you'd like to see me. Uh, go ahead and uh and get all the work done on this thing and bring this thing back to life. Don't forget to consider tapping that subscribe button down below That way you do not miss out on notifications when I post a new video and that will end my moment of Shameless self-promotion So again and as always, thank you for watching. And most importantly, don't forget to have yourselves a great day! See you guys later! End of Stop Story.

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