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Motor Repair

I've been requested to take over on this car. It's a 2017 hyundai. Hyundai. I think.

It's a sonata sport. Edition. Check engine. Light.

Is turned on's got a bunch of codes. Uh 455. Something about an evap system leak. And there's some other codes.

In there having to do with the intake manifold variable runner system. Some of these intakes have a like a vacuum or a solenoid actuated uh. Loud noises solenoid actuated like flapper valves inside of the intake. And those are dual uh manifold or dual runners on those intakes.

Where there are shorter ones and longer ones. Those are utilized for more torque or more higher up rpms and as the engine moves through its rpm range. The ecm decides if it wants short runners or long runners. And it will actuate those runners and change the length of the manifold tubes that being said this one appears to have a fault with its variable length intake runner system.

So we're going to move this over to my stall and go check it out. And it appears the ecm is already alerting me to an issue. We have a flashing check engine light that's telling us that it's got a current misfire. And it also currently has 67 879 miles on the odometer backing up the auto.

So now you guys are up to speed. You know what i know so uh let us go do some investigating to the scan tool. Let's see let's see right there's good powering down. Here.

Let's just pull this thing down. While i go fetch the scanner okay we need our obd2 port beginning communication protocol procedures now hey hyundai automatic id please wait satellites linking up in outer space beginning procedure now looks like we got a 24. Liter. Gdi.

Yes and engine codes please. Show. Me what has failed its check procedures. Now okay.

We've got a p0455 evap emission system leak detection detected. Largely p 2006 intake manifold runner control stuck closed bank. One so the bank one runner flappers are stuck in the closed position. According to the ecm.

We've got a p200a intake manifold runner performance bank. One that means. It's just not working and a p 1326 knock signal range slash performance now. I already heard some business about a gas cap not being here.

So let's uh. Let's just address this p0455 right now opening the fuel door and survey says. There is no fuel cap. So we need to put a fuel cap on that before i can do anything all right so like i said that flashing light is usually an indicator of a current misfire so i've backed out of that uh code menu and went into the misfire counts and i do not see any current misfires that are occurring with this car.

So i feel a little better about taking it out on a road test. So let us go do that right now before we actually get started the reason that i stopped to scan it before driving it is i just wanted to make sure. It was safe and operating the engine would not have caused any uh potential damage. It's unlikely but you don't want to put yourself in a position of liability or maybe.

I should say i don't want to put myself into a position of liability. So my primary reason for this test drive is i just want to get a feel for how this thing runs and drives just to see if the engine is experiencing um. Any actual operational issues or if it's just giving us. These trouble codes for a failed uh failed system check.

So i was pulling out here yesterday and a guy that's stopped in this turning lane to let me out. But i had my truck and i can't make a single turn right hand right hand turn right here whoa whoa whoa whoa. The car doesn't go anywhere. It just fell on his face yep all right.

She's barely going anywhere. We're turning around it has no power and i'm also hearing like a high pitch noise coming from under the hood oh. It went away. Here.

Let's go. See what that was maybe just maybe you can hear it again. It was like a high pitched uh squeaking noise. Now not right now let's go drive it some more and see okay let's go uh try this again even though this thing's running like really slow and doesn't seem to have any power.

I'm just going to do my normal test drive route. I just don't want to dart out and try to make a left in traffic. So anyway as i was saying. I was trying to make a right in my truck and i could not uh.

I couldn't make a single lane right turn it i don't use turning lanes to get up to speed. Yeah. This thing's falling right on his face this is bad. I can't finish.

My story. Yep and it's telling me the hood is open oh okay. That high pitched noise was an alarm in here. It's telling me the hood's open.

But it's not cause i just closed. It and now it's done okay so to finish the story out it's probably boring now uh. A guy stopped in that turning lane to uh to let me out. But the traffic on his other side was just like flying by and he wouldn't go he was trying to get me to pull out and i wouldn't do it.

And he was getting mad at me. Because i wouldn't pull out in front of him. But i knew i couldn't pull out and make that turn in one lane. So it was it was just an odd traffic experience.

And i just wanted to share that with you i kind of got distracted with my story from this foot. Alarm noise. Thing. No power situation uh.

Yeah. Let's get out of here off the road. How did they even get this car here. And why no mention of this hood alarm.

This was not on my list of things they complained about okay back to safety let's uh. Let's get to work on this thing. Let's see what the deal is let's get to work on this thing. And see what the deal is right about there is probably good free.

Popping. Z hood wow. All right engine cover come off of there. We need to see what uh treasures.

Live beneath warm stay. Okay. Here's our intake. Manifold right.

Here air comes into the air filter runs down the tube down through the throttle body into the intake. And then up through these runners and into the portion of the cylinder head. This little actuator motor right here is probably what controls the variable flaps inside of this runner. It appears they're running in 10.

And there's one length here and then another length on the other side and our system. That is faulty is this guy right here. And it's saying that it is stuck those now. I've just noticed this actuator over here.

It's also connected to some linkage uh. I may be mistaken and it might not be that unit there this could be the actuator for the runner system. I'm gonna go do a little bit of research. I'm gonna pull this up on all data and see what i cannot learn about what's going on here.

But if it is this actuator. I can verify that it's plugged in and same thing over here with this assembly. If this happens to be the actuator in question again. I can verify that it's at least plugged in and the wires are not damaged so uh that leads me to believe we actually may have a internal fault with the runner system on this perhaps.

They're all clogged up with oil or carbon. And that the actual flaps cannot move that is a possibility okay so i've got the scan tool out here. And i'm going to try to actuate that system just so i can see if one of these motors is trying to function. I'm just trying to identify.

Which one of these units is the one in question also while i'm here i'd like to make note that i'm gonna spray this out and clean it up there's a there's a micro switch in there. That's supposed to detect when this is in the locked position. And it appears as we saw from our test drive that it is not detecting and it thinks that the uh. The hood is open when it is actually not so i'm going to try to rectify that it's kind of a not the issue that we're here for it's really annoying and i would like to fix that anyway like i was saying here we are variable intake solenoid.

This is the only menu that's close that's might let me know which one of these units. It is before i've got to break into the all data and start to start learning about the system. And let's go ahead and start that it's going. It's telling me.

It's going oh there it went see that so it's moving that tells me that the ecm is able to actuate it it tells me that the connectors are good and the actuator is good so it's possible that the runners are broken off inside or the linkage is broken that thing does appear to be torquing up a little bit as it tries to move so uh. I i think our option here or our only option here is to remove this intake and go and inspect the internals for any actual kind of clogging before i do that i'm gonna go double check the diag tree real fast to make sure i'm not missing something and then we'll go from there okay. So i've pulled up the uh. The flow chart for that p200a code.

It's basically verifying that the system is either functioning or not and it's telling you to either go to the ecm or go to the manifold or check the wiring out it's giving us a list of possible causes here vcma is stuck by carbon or foreign objects in the intake. So back to what we were saying the the intake runners are carboned up and stuck and not moving back connection at the harness uh. We already checked that and i took a look at the uh. The wiring harness and i don't see any defects and of course you got a vcm failure now.

According to our documents uh. This device right here is the vcm. I do not know why that was actuating when i commanded it perhaps i was just in the wrong feature but according to the codes. This is the unit that we should be focusing on and the flaps that are in question are inside so what i would think we should do is disconnect this unit.

If i can looks like it's one two three four volts perhaps disconnect it then try to actuate. It and see if the unit actually works uh once it's disconnected. I can actually probably get my hands on the lever or the mechanism that operates the valves and just verify that the valves are working or not that being said. I gotta go let people know um.

We need to get into a disassembly diagnostic at this point. There's nothing else i can do without actually taking things apart. So i've got to get approval for that so uh stay tuned. And i'll be right back.

Light powering down saving battery well dang this did not go as i planned. So uh. The deal is this is a two hour job to go ahead and pull this intake out and uh. We gave her worst case scenario.

Um. Now this car is here under the guise of they've got to have it back today so pulling this apart. Today really is not reasonable uh at this current point in time. So.

What we're gonna do here is uh basically put this thing back together. We have ordered the fuel cap because that's readily available and uh inexpensive they're like eight bucks. So we're gonna throw a fuel cap on there um. I am not going to clear out the trouble codes uh one or two reasons number one.

If somebody else gets a hold of this car before i see it again they're gonna need that information and number two. I don't want to create the illusion that the car is fixed. Because turning off the light can be received as oh no more light no more problem. And i don't want to set the situation up where it leaves here with the light off and then the light turns back on and and we just end up in one of those negative places.

So i'm going to leave the light on i'm going to leave all the code stored. We're going to put a gas cap on it and put the cover back on and uh in a way she goes and um. I do believe i will see this car again next week. So uh.

This is going to be continued later on when uh when this thing returns. Having said all that as always like to thank you for watching my video. I hope you enjoyed this video. If you did enjoy this video.

You know the drill let me know about that in the comment section down below. So again and as always thank you for watching. And most importantly do not forget to have yourselves a great day. See you guys later okay time for a hail mary.

Let's see if we cannot get this switch to work with some electrical parts cleaner. I'm just going to send it blow it out and see what happens stinky that stuff really stinks did it work let's find out stop things the engine. I don't see the warning. I'll drive it to confirm.

But wow maybe that actually worked you know what i've got time let's go uh let's go spin through the parking. Lot real quick. We're still waiting on that gas cap. I recall earlier that warning didn't go off until.

We were riding a little bit so let's uh let's find out what the deal is here. Yeah. I can still smell that spray nicely hey. It still doesn't run it doesn't go go go go okay i fixed the warning.

Okay yeah. This thing totally just falls on its face. I'm giving it full throttle right now. And it just won't go it tried to go wouldn't do it all right now.

We are about to embark. Okay now we are about to embark on the highly technical procedure of installing the fuel tank containment cap.

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