In this video I bring you along as I address a customer complaint of, "my car won't start after I get gas..... sometimes." It is on their 2016 Ford Escape 1.6 turbo. This is a relativly common complaint. I gave the customer the option to throw a part at or to wait untill it breaks for good. They chose the parts cannon! READY, AIM, FIRE!!
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Viewers welcome back to the self playing on channel that's a 2016 it's's the ford it's the escape. It's got the big one six with turbo and it also has the problem classic problem uh customer complaint is i go get gas and then i can't get my car started uh so that's a pretty common complaint across a lot of different manufacturers not just uh fords. But you'll get it on you know gms chryslers hondus toyotas. Everything that has a purge valve uh more often than not though.

It's accompanied by uh an engine light you know you get chryslers you're gonna start getting you know large evap leaks. Same things with the gms forge. You can start getting. The gas cap message.

And then oftentimes. If it goes unfixed. You'll get uh. Oh gosh you'll get all kinds of different types of evap codes you know unwanted purge flow codes you can get rich codes lean codes all kinds of codes and it all stems back to the cancer purge valve.

Now the one on this car is very intermittent. It's only happened to this guy a few times in the past month. He'll go to get gas fills it up with fuel you know crank crank crank crank. Won't start have to put it in clear flood and boom.

You know starts. But oddly enough no engine light. So ask me about it regular customer and i told them my thoughts uh that the purge valve. Particularly on these cars is very common.

It's quite a conglomerate of hoses and check valves and everything because of the turbo. I told them we can uh two options. I says a we can take a big fat gas and wing a purge valve at it and that's a pretty good. Gas or b.

We can wait for it to fail completely get an engine light 100. Percent diagnosis. And say you know boom here. You go pal.

Here's your problem. But uh he elected for option a gave him a quote on it they're not horribly expensive. They're on a back order from ford since eternity. I haven't been able to get one in years from a ford dealer so this time.

We went with the classic napper. One uh cross our fingers hope it works and let's get after it boys we're going to begin we're at the beginning. But we're going to remove the air intake tube. Here see if we can't get this little fella out of our way.

I think there's there something on the backside of these things i could be wrong. Perhaps not get this little quick connect up here this is one of the hoses that we're going to be replacing give it the classic reach under let's do it with a screwdriver here. There's that so that was just a safety retainer lock on top. There the actual release is underneath you push up on the little green tab.

We'll put the lock back on there if we can figure out how to do so. There. We'll just keep that clip like that these things kind of snake all over the engine. I think you got one that goes down to the air charge cooler here.

Remember correctly. I'm gonna do the little strap here then you gotta do what i call the pp. It's called poland prey. It goes down into some rubber grommets here.
If you hear a harsh clicking a snap well you know you got it they've got one right in there. And there's another one back here on the battery box. I don't know if i'd get our little fingers under it and i did yeehaw. I feel like you got another one there fella remember yes.

Sir right here under the little snout. See if we can't give that little oh come on you're gonna need some good juju to get this one out come on baby. All right let's put a little spray on it i don't want to snap it off on camera you guys think i'm back see if we can't do something a little bit different just to avoid breaking these cars are really easy to break. I'm just going to pull it out of that rubber grommet because it will it will snap the air off.

I'll show you uh once i get this out what you're going to have to to do there. All i'm trying to do is get this stupid clamp that's rolled way the heck down around the back side make some kind of a pain in there you know who ding dongs. Oh come on fella okay. I think i have it loose enough that i can get it just with a socket now or at least be able to drop the socket where we'll never find it negative ghost riding.

There that was easy sneak that right out of there and do the clamps real quick. You know stick that to the side. We're almost out of this little fella now that we can get her up here. We do have one connector harness that's such a part.

We do have a harness that goes to the intake air temp sensor. We need to get to the bottom side of it so we can get it undone hopefully without snapping it off missing anything here nope just the harness. So that is a uh all right you guys can see it probably can't if i'm doing my job right you can't uh. It's a little zip tie christmas tree fastener let me get a hook see if we can break it get right underneath.

It there a little bit of luck it'll come out. But no luck it'll just break off because these things are super brittle. Come on baby. Oh.

I think we're in luck play the old sk. That she does a pretty nice job on these things you gotta be gentle like a baby so there's that if it breaks off you know forget about it just zip tie. It okay not a big deal you're gonna make me swear we're going to unhook the hose that goes to the vacuum pump here that'll give us a little more room there she go oh mouse nest that's fun. So here's on the front that little rubber donger that lives right down.

Here just slip it out of the bracket instead of trying to pull it up out of its nipple like these just slip it out otherwise like i said you're going to snap it off once it's out now you can work on trying to get it out of the hole. If you want it's up to you a high probability that you'll break it where it looks on the intake manifold here. There's that and that's just your typical squeeze tab you give those a little pinch a pinch and a squeeze and then we're going to come down hopefully the light's not gonna be too much in your way. We're gonna unplug the purge valve with a simple connector.
There now it has a little rubber holder that holds it on that metal bracket. We'll just slip that baby off that'll slip right off. Nice and easy for you should we have to use a screwdriver and force it a little bit. But it will come off just like that nice and easy okay.

There's a little clampy doodad right here it comes from the battery cable. Just hooks onto the plastic hose. Just a little u shaped clamp. Nice and easy take that off everything's pretty easy and then this hole is right here from the purge valve that runs all the way to the back all the way back to the purge line that goes underneath the car.

Now you have it's the same style clip as this you're going to have to take the little green clip off the top give it a little push on the opposite side pushing a pull remove the clip. Pushing the pull. I can't show you where it's at because it's too hard to get back here with the camera. But i'm gonna give her the little one handed handy back here.

I just pulled the green tab back. I'll show you settle down. So it's way back. There.

It's the green tab. Let me show you from out. Here. You ready there it is way back there.

And i did that and then i don't know if you can see it you probably can't. But i give it a push and a pull okay. And that makes that loose goes right on the pipe. There it goes right back to the purge line.

All the way back into the car. So that's everything that's all of our hoses except for the one that goes way down to our air intake tube. Which is way down there in the corner. You see the green tab and heads and hands.

I'm gonna have to reach down. There with the one handed handy and get that one undone. Which i'm not going to show you i'm just going to reach down and do it all right we're going in boys. I'm going to give it a left handed jobby here.

I think maybe i won't i just don't want to put the car in the lift. If we can avoid it i don't know why i don't know why his mechanics. We avoid having to put the car in the lift. Okay i can push the little tab.

But i'm gonna need a long pry driver to flick it off bring it in the dough. See if that's gonna give us enough that should give me enough if i want to reach down. I'm gonna push the tab. The tabs on the bottom side of course give it a push and hopefully.

I'm pushing it far enough give it a little flick here. I don't think i am getting around here. When i could really get after it i need something different here. Folks.

Give it a push push push push and then just flick it with the pry. I didn't need like a giant bar. But i needed to go in and give it another one of those give her a little what's up and now that that's released. We are fully released now we can snake this whole little mess out of here.
Now. There is a coolant hose right here and something else feels like we're hooked up on something else let's sneak it out around the coolant hose. What you should do is take a little picture of this with your cell phone. So you know how it goes as far as getting snaked under stuff.

If you don't have a photographic memory. Like i don't another little clip. You do that there oh boy down around through the harness. Oh.

This is never going back the way. It was that's the drill mostly just remember twist. It around everything. Shimon.

Baby. Oh. Yeah. Push push push oh baby is born there.

It is there's your canister. Purge valve. On your ford. Okay now we got the new one from napper uh not a sponsor.

We need to the nathan one's cool because if ever goes bad in the future. What boop bippity boppity. Well you get the idea quick connects change this purge valve. Who would have thunk.

However uh. These are also equipped with a couple check valves the check valves do go bad on these so be warned that they do go bad. If you if you're changing. It out you're probably better served to change the whole thing just for the record.

We got this little guy we need to stick on there so we need to unhook this side of it hook. This rubber up on here because this is what holds it to the bracket. Okay and this goes back to the purge line way up underneath. Now so we're going to come up underneath here twist.

It all back through the whole harness everywhere in which it went before you remember there's a little wiring harness back there it goes kind of wrapping around we're going to hook. It back on this metal bracket. Okay okay children and then we're going to hook it right back up underneath here where we were with just a click click nope let's give it a little squeeze click okay and you'll see back here the wiring harness that you went around the wrong way like this guy did backed by the fuel pressure sensor and you're gonna unplug that and move the harness around to the side it needs to be on and plug the fuel pressure sensor back in that's actually right in service date. It tells you to do that it tells you to do it wrong.

And then flip the harness around where it needs to be i'll show you in a minute here. So that's right that's right okay so far so good fellas so far so good we're going to plug the canister purge back in not with this wire because this is for the intake air temp but with the canister purge wire. Which is right here. I was just testing you this is going to go.

Here. A little clippy doo dad. There. And that's going to go.

There. We're almost done fellas uh. Now we need to remember where this goes does anybody remember well you know what they say fake until you make it so we're going to bring this around totally. Don't remember which way that went under there that's what's figuring it out that's going to run down there that around there plug that into the other side of our purge keep our wire up here.
We're going to come right to the front of our intake manifold clip that one i like so and then we're gonna reach way down yonder way down below let's see if we can't click this guy in you gotta be careful down here because it just clicks onto this plastic nipple so if you're if you're down here and you're really horsing on it you're going to want to be careful no horsing around. I guess is what i'm getting at you just kind of got to line it up i wish i could show you but it's in quite a restricted area that's it you're making me mad. Now wow. I anger easily that was easy okay.

That's all clicked on i might better use this thing. And then the coolant hose has a little clip on it swing that back around clip that onto that hose. This is for our intake air temp of course. This is going to go up on our air duct and i think that we have it all the way that it needs to be let's make sure we've got all the little clips on it and we do we did a great job.

Nothing's rubbing. All the little harnesses are all clipped back on their little clippy doodads. This guy's down there and clicked on make sure. It's just not twisted or doing any kind of funny business on any any wiring.

Harnesses or anything. We'll leave this out of the way of course. We're going to leave our our brake booster vacuum unhooked until we get stuff free situated here so so that's it that was easy that was mostly easy. We're going to start stuffing all this stuff back in now.

Unfortunately uh. The way these are engineered this is where the clamps have to be you know so it's not from the ding dong mechanic that put the clamp here that you physically can't get to okay you can you know finagle some stuff back here to get behind the box to get it. But as it sits you know it's in a really stupid spot. So.

Thank your local engineer for that i'm not sure why we couldn't just make it out here and make this one out here but instead you know anywho. I elected to keep the rubber piece right in the car and not fiddle with it the other two nipples here on the bottom of the air box. We're going to give them a little spritz where they click in down here. On the battery tray.

And then we're just going to put it back together. Now we fluid them down. Here. So we're gonna give her some super lube nothing makes it slide in easier than super lube.

That's what their slogan says okay. She's all lubed. We're coming in baby bring her down here we're going to slide it into this well. We don't want to do that quite just yet fella.

Putting the card ahead of the horse here come on baby slip that little rubber back in there stick this fella back in this is not the proper way to do this folks just fyi. But this is how you do it when you don't want to break stuff. We're gonna get this slip back in ever so gingerly come on baby. I don't want to break you but we will if we have to come on fill it we won't jk so there's that and then we need to line it up with those two and that slips right in and put our little rubber flap right back there we all remember this guy he clicks.
There and there that's all rigid again we're gonna bring our brake booster hose around this will get to our clamp we can so we're gonna click that back in very nicely and then we're going to run this little fella. Fortunately they put the clamp on this one where we can get to it so we're running this one. All the way around bring her in there it really what's up it's in there like that we'll stick this in there like so and then before we tighten it up there we'll reach back here. We're probably gonna get an eight millimeter short this time and uh tighten that up and then we should have our one our last remaining purge hose here to click on there boom.

Done a lot of thunder's going on oh. That's right the engineer made one seven millimeter and one eight millimeter right makes sense so on your air filter you got to make sure when you put it in that the groove of the air filter actually goes in the groove of the air box. It's uh. It's an interesting little setup here we'll pop it out of here.

We'll stick it in here first be the best bet because hitting that bottom groove well. It's your first time. It's kind of a pain in the hoo hoo. But we'll uh we'll get it get her lined up in there right now look at that first try same thing with top of the air box.

Just make sure that the air box is sitting down. Very nicely. Before you try to put the screws to it you just kind of line it up over the air filter. There and you'll know when you've got it it's like that and then we can tighten her down.

And again with the really easy to break plastic make sure you know i mean you can see here like just turning this by the shaft. These screws are already stripped out. She's already been to the jiffy lube. So i was gonna say if you're uh.

If the screws on these aren't stripped out all the way just be careful like right there where that screw stop just stop. But more often than not when these cars come in the screws are already smoked if they're not snapped off. They're usually wallowed out okay. This one's only got one bad one this one here.

So that's not too bad three out of four ain't bad. I think is what they say and then on your little top here again the next guy will thank you if you do this take your super lube and this stuff's good up to 3000 degrees. Oh. No it's not that's the other stuff.

That's food grade. You can eat this stuff. That's what that's what it is give it a little wipe around in there with your finger and the next mechanic will thank you usually these come in and they're all busted where a guy just grabs a hold of a corner and pulls. So don't be that guy try to be nice to your customers and see now when it comes off it'll be just like that piece of cake okay.
Get your light before you shove it under the hood now there's the oem ford purge veil uh if you can get it from ford you're better off than going you know aftermarket and like i said. The only advantage to the aftermarket one is if it goes bad you technically can change just the purge valve. If you wanted to but however. The check valves on these ford doesn't make a great check valve.

Anybody owns a f 150 with the four wheel drive and the ecoboost knows this because they got their hubs exploded. Because a little check valve on the vacuum reservoir goes bad if you want to get one from napford. They don't sponsor us. But that's their number give them a call they usually have them in stock or can order them.

And that's all you need to know we'll find out here in a month or so if we've made the right guess educated guess if we loaded our parts cannon with the right ammunition. So i hope we did and the other thing. I hope is i hope that you go into that comment section to give me the comments. The questions find us on the nc.

The facebook and just from our viewers. If i can do it you can do it thanks for watching you.

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