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Hello everybody, Good day to you! Welcome back! Glad you guys are here I know I'm glad to be here. We are venturing outside of the fence line. We're gonna go fetch a Chevrolet Malibute I Believe it's a 2010 model that, uh, beige one over there. It is here because it has not been serviced in quite some time and it needs some inspection action.

Just make sure this is the right one here. Yep, all right. Climbing on in starting the engine. Wow, how many miles is that? Hang on a second, hang on it went away.

What was that? This car didn't anything I swear that had approximately oh, it's a tire service monitor. We've already got a failure. The button is tell me what my mileage was. You know what? I'll just turn you back off.

How about that? it has approximately it's not gonna tell me I swear I Just saw it there. We go. 64 071 miles on the odometer. That's Wild Sauce I Haven't seen one this low mileage since 2011.

starting Z engine sounds like a 2.4 liter, maybe a 2-2 I don't recall. Anyway, it's here for some checkups, some maintenance that's here to be looked at the Full Monty so to speak. We're going to evaluate everything real quick. I'm gonna take it.

uh I'm gonna take it over the bridge and around the block just to get some Road time on it, see how it feels, we'll see how it shifts, and then now we can do the uh, the full-on vehicular inspection and make recommendations based off of, uh, our evaluation. So stay tuned because this is gonna be a very good video opening. Z Hood And we're gonna go right because there's a Tropicana train blocking the underpass to the left. so we're going to go this way.

Sounds like a good idea. Green Riding along. so far. so good shifting normally.

engine feels good. It's actually a pretty nice car. I Like it. Let's see here.

according to our gauge cluster, none of the tire pressure monitoring system sensors are sensing. none of them. They're probably all full of dead batteries. I'll try to retrain the system when we get back to the shop.

Maybe it just needs a good relearn, but it's probably kind of based on its age. It's probably got dead batteries in the sensors. They only last about six to seven years and then they start to start going out anyway. so far, car feels good coming up to speed.

here. we're at 50 miles per hour I don't know what that is in, uh, Metric? Yep, no vibrations. We've made it through all the gears. the Train's about gone cool.

Now we can make it our way under the bridge. Anyway, let's get it back to the shop. We'll get it on the lift, lift it up, take a peek around, see if it needs anything, and then uh, we'll go from there. The train tracks are still red I Can see them.

Watch out fence guy excuse me. Oh no traffic stopped and I'm sitting on the tracks. Go people before I turn this. uh, this.

Chevrolet into a Jeep because I will drive through that grass not to park on train tracks. lawyer. hang on a second. Troy's over here messing with one of these project.
Jeeps Let's help them out real quick. He's standing out in the sun. That's not gonna be okay. How's it going over there? Dude? Um, we're getting anywhere.

still. Oh no. you can't say that. I Have to censor, You know? Yeah, the latch right here is stuck and we can't get the hood open.

I Mean we can, but that might turn into a disaster if we were to do that. So we're gonna try to get this thing off so we can reach in there with a pick and then unlatch the latch and then we can open the hood again. That's that's the idea. You want to just drive this under the shade so you're not standing in the sun? It's kind of hot out here I Don't think it's gonna drive? Dude? Yeah, it will.

Apparently it'll drive that far. It'll make it okay. Well, I'm gonna go back to my thing. Ah, okay, and he's doing okay.

So anyway, here's what I'm gonna do. We're gonna go ahead and pull this thing in real quick. Uh, get it up in the air to begin inspecting and then I'll jump back out and render some assistance. Once this thing has been Uh has progressed along a little bit.

So while we're here, let's do a light check. Low beams, high beams right turn, no rapid flash, Left turn. No rapid flash. That's good.

Front lights are working. Like I said, we're doing a full-on inspection so we're gonna check everything. That's good. a little bit more.

Okay, we're good to lift. Decent position. Parking Ziato sorry down he's of course if I can find it popping in zoo. Hood All right, let us see what uh rendition of an Ecotec we have in here looks like? Well, it's an Ecotec how many liters of this placement? Uh, how about 2.4 liters of displacement four cylinder cute four-banger Let's see.

rack's gonna set up. That's good. Let me do a shorten the lift a little bit here. Go all the way down.

Repeat set procedure times four and we'll get this thing up in the air that's kind of smashed in. Pretty good. You guys see that it's not okay. Lift Arm numeral: Dulce Let's get this one maneuvered.

Yeah, right here. under that pinch weld should be good. That's fine. Um I would like to put a small spacer in there, otherwise the arm is going to hit the plastic and potentially crinkle said plastic.

That would be bad. There we go. That one's too taller than the one that I've had I Don't want that one. We want this one.

There we go. Now we're cooking good on the front here. Shop carpet highly effective at uh, mitigating stains and spillages. There we go.

Okay, let's go ahead and get the rack set on the car. please subscribe button moving on up slightly. we have contact shakes. It's gonna fall.

We want it to fall up here. not down there now. Prudence dictates that uh, you're gonna inspect something. You gotta inspect everything.

not just the things that uh, the technician were to deem profitable. and what I mean by that is the low-hanging fruit filters and whatnot. Can't do a complete inspection without at least checking out your filters because that would be lazy. That's pretty good.
No problem with that one there. Let's just slip you back into your home here. Okay, filter's good. gonna need some Blue Water I'm sure they all need Blue Water Oh, you're trying to.

You gotta got some access to it? Yeah, check this out. Yeah, let's go give it some some hook action tugs here. Anyway, yeah y'all look at that. Yeah, you got I think there's access in there? Can you take this and kind of just scooch it that way and hang on to it? Yeah.

I'll try to go in here and un clasp the uh the thing I think it's right in there I don't know I can't see anything. Hang on I need more lumens? It's not gonna work for me. Yeah, we get some lightsaber action in there you go Grasshopper, make make the uh writing right right in through there, shine it in and try to get to way in the back I kinda. Oh I see the hook.

There's a little hook thing. we're gonna get that hook I don't know if it goes this way towards me. Try it. I should go.

that's why. Well I can push that way too. try again I see the little eyelet thing for the prop or the release rod I don't know if I can. Yeah, you lose Jeep ERS Inner Winner Chicken dinner.

Yeah See? Uh yes? I See what has happened here I Have I found you? Oh, you did that? Yeah, that was you. Did you? Did you? Did we learn? No. If you did, you learn, come on. If you learned, then that's it's worth it.

If you didn't learn and you do it again, then it wasn't worth it. and that's annoying. But if you learn something, no matter what, it's worth it. So don't feel bad.

See, they're gonna love that he's like I'm not a grasshopper. Maybe a Locus no that's worse than grasshoppers. Logan Actually, it's the same thing. Isn't it? locusts and grasshoppers? Honestly? I Have no, What do you guys think? Local rocket scientist.

It's a rocket surgeon rocket surgeon. Sorry, no, don't be sorry. No no no no, we're just so we're expanding our vernacular here. That's what's going on.

I'm gonna go. Nice tool tool cart. look oh that's cool. It's been converted to a cart.

I Like it. That's fantastic. We should do that on all the cars. Yeah, right.

Beautiful. Okay. I'm going back inside. Okay, back inside we were.

We were doing something in here I forgot what it was. but I know we were doing it. Put that there. Oh yeah, we're inspecting the the Malibute.

Moving on up. All right. that's good for now. Down on the lock for some extra safety.

Let's go. and uh, we'll shake down the front wheels. We're gonna shake it left and right, up and down. nothing there.

I'm looking for play in the suspension and the steering. If something's worn out, it'll uh, flop back and forth and you'll feel it in here. it. and that's a negative.
That one's good. Sometimes you find something in the rears, but it's usually just the fronts Bearing's good. No grindy feeling that's good. Shake it down, That's good.

Okay, let's go all the way up. All right. let's head down below to the underneath carriage and we'll give a visual inspection down here. We'll take a look at the axles, suspension.

The brakes look really good. Looking for torn bushings for the control arms which we have none. I Don't expect to find much at 64 000 on this thing. that's a pretty minimal use.

Wiring looks good. motor mounts good. Very clean car. I Think it lives in a garage? Okay, yeah, everything's kind of okay up front.

Let's move around to the rear section. We'll do something similar. just kind of give it a visual. make sure everything's in place.

Nothing's broken. Nope. Nope. Nope.

A bunch of little dirt dauberness. Get out of here bugs. Yeah, this car gets parked for a while. It gets parked long enough where the Wasps could come in and move into it.

Do we have a fuel filter? Looks like a negative? Yeah. Not much going on here. Okay, yeah. this car is really clean.

Okay, down below is looking really good. Uh I'm a little ahead of myself I need to let this thing down one more time I need to install. uh, some cleaner. You guys know my protocol.

I I installed some BG cleaner uh before every oil change and I installed a BP uh oil system additive package. after every oil change. it's just what I do not selling it. you don't have to buy it.

but that's the way I do business and that's what I'm gonna do. Okay, all the way downish, that's good enough. Let us return to the Vault of viscosity and I will grab my uh, my BG engine kit and let's see what we got up, right? No, that's the transmission kit. There we go.

Yeah, it comes in a kit they usually packaged together I broke open a couple kits so now I'm using pieces. but it's the same thing. So we have Engine Performance Restoration. That's our cleaner stuff.

uh, some say it's just kerosene. some say it's diesel fuel. some say transmission fluid works the same if not better. I say I'm just going to use this because if I blow something up, they'll back it up.

and if I dump transmission fluid in there. uh, they won't back it up because there is no they and then I have to back it up and that means it's my liability and I don't want that liability I'll let somebody else have that anyway. I digress: Let us pop it in as you can. Yeah, that's right.

I can do one-handed can opening popping procedures because it's fun, personal challenges and whatnot. Pull this guy open here. It's a five winter 30 engine according to the uh, the oil cap. Let's see if I can do this without spillages.

Oh, look at that good boring things moment. Oh yeah yeah. see that's not transmission fluid because it's clear so it can't be the same. It doesn't smell like kerosene, doesn't smell like diesel, so it can't be that.
it must be Epr. All right. Anyway, now that that's in the crank case, let me reach back in this thing. We're going to restart the engine and I'm gonna let it hang out here and idle for about uh, 10-15 minutes and then I'll go ahead and dump that oil out.

It's come up to operating temperature. We can hear the fan are running I filled some water in the reservoir here. let's give it some blue so we know it's good and then uh for that back on Let It Shake around a little bit. very blue water.

Awesome! Now we do not have a transmission dipstick so I can't check fluid condition on that. We can check the brake fluid that's a little discolored, kind of dark. I Can recommend that service later on. I'd Recommend a Coolidge exchange based on age.

cool. It becomes acidic over time as the compound starts to break down. So since this is a what 10 12 year old car, we can reasonably hypothesize that that's the original coolant in the vehicle. And additionally, we can also hypothesize that it has broken down and become acidic.

There are test switch for that I don't have any yet. Yeah, let's see, wipers are kind of. Yeah, those are a little crusty looking. they're not torn yet.

but I can feel that the rubber is starting to deteriorate slightly. I Would recommend some wipers since it is Florida and we do have a lot of rain so we're looking at some fluids. Some wipers? Yeah. small maintenance items.

Really? Okey-dokes I Have submitted my recommendations for some, uh, some fluid exchanges again based on mileage and visual condition and age. of course. let's go ahead and pop that filter out of there. That's nothing's, kind of a bear.

see how that filter housing is down tucked onto the intake. This requires special tools to get That out Yeah, there's our special socket. It's extra wide, super narrow. We have to put it on a universal with an extension.

Who'da thought? we need a 45 socket is 32 millimeters, an extension and a ratchet just to take out an oil filter. Look at that. Not Not awesome I Mean it is what it is. It's an Ecotec thing.

but definitely not awesome at all. See, look at this. now. we're running out of space this way.

you got to have that super shallow all for narrow socket because if you have like a regular socket you'll never clear the intake manifold and go in there with wrenches is almost impossible. I Mean it could be done, but it's gonna be aggravating. Okay, let's pluck this. uh, this little gasket off of here.

Come here. gasket, pull that guy off. It's actually no ring. got a gasket? I Have the replacement over here.

Let's get that guy on. slip it around in. its Groove a little bit of oil on it. It's a good measure.
There we go. Now we can pop in the new filter, click that into place. Like so there's our old unit, new unit I Have no idea what that sound was. Okay dogs, let's get uh, this unit back into that unit over there and then we'll get her uh, raised up into the air now I Have just received confirmation that uh, the maintenance items that have been suggested are we're going to perform those later on we're going to do the brake fluid service, we're gonna do uh, the coolant service and we're gonna do the transmission service.

All of which will be done with my BG products. Uh, not sponsored. That's just what I use. Yeah, Come here now.

This is another one of those uh, oil caps that does not have to be incredibly tight. We just run it down until this little flange right here meets the top of that filter housing and that's because the tightness does not guarantee the seal. The only thing that guarantees the seal okay is that O-ring that we installed. That's the seal.

So let's see. we'll leave this here on our Jeep fuel tank. Now we're good to go. Let's go ahead and lift it up and start spilling some fluids out of it.

Back over here, onto our lift green subscribe button one more time. That's the one that I use to remind you just subscribe to the channel Fine That way you you miss out on any future content and that will in my moment of Shameless self-promotion all the way up there we go. Let's go fetch our oil drain. Wow, that's a lot of AC water.

Okay, we've got a 15 millimeter ratcheting type wrench. Let's go spill the oil real quick. Whoa. I Almost jumped over the oil drain.

It's empty so it's top heavy. So yeah, let's dump all this oil out of here and then we'll go prep the machines for our services on picky juice. There we go. This is the cool thing about these wrenches.

You can, uh, you angle them and then use it as a speed wrench. which is super cool. Come here now. man.

this thing's falling all over there. We go. Got it? He is stinky. All right.

let's get out of here and go prep our machines for our fluid exchanges. Okay I drugged the machines out from their Corners This one is the transmission fluid exchange machine. Many of you have seen this before, some of you have not. I'm charging the machine with a Uh with new fluid.

We're doing 16 quarts and what we'll do is connect this machine to the car, start the engine after we put oil in it. This machine is going to take all the old trans fluid out and it's going to put in new trans fluid at the same time. There's also a cleaner additive and a another conditioner additive that will go in before and after the service. very similarly to the engine oil change procedure.

Spill this thing up all the way up. long range pouring things. High We got one finally. I got a good one going without spilling.
Look at that maximum. Yeah, yeah, my powers are gaining strength. Okay, our machine's full. It's starting to, uh, overflow down below at our uh, our little catch can so we'll close our vent valves.

We'll close our fill valve. That's this one right here. If we don't close that, once we put pressure to the machine, it'll shoot all the fluid out of the top like a volcano and that would be bad. Put the cap on there to keep the intake squeaky clean, and uh, we'll go ahead and get this thing connected to the car.

But first, we need to let this thing down. Uh, Troy has already installed our drain plug and wiped it down. We did that when we weren't looking. so let's roll this over here to our service area.

Park that and we'll let this thing down and get going. malabute coming down all the way down so quick. Disclaimer: I Did not really plan on doing a bunch of fluid exchanges on this particular video I Thought we were going to do like a pre-road trip inspection kind of thing. So I'm gonna move very quickly through these services and we're going to skip over some details.

Uh, if you would like to see any of these procedures in Greater detail, just scroll back through my video library and you'll find a few examples of uh when these Services were performed uh with uh well with more detail. Anyway, that will disclose or complete my disclaimer: What we need to do now is get a hold of one of the transmission lines and I think we're looking for this guy right here. we need to detach that from the radiator because the radiator encompasses the transmission cooler element. We'll detach that and we'll attach the machine to the radiator and to this line.

And that's where we're going to tap into that hydraulic system. But again, we have to refill the engine oil first. First things first: we're going to do the little can of additive package here real fast. see if I can pour this one without spilling it everywhere.

It's a good pouring things kind of day. There we go. Um, it's like art. Okay, five quarts of five Winter twenty coming in.

Oh debris in my funnel. It was. look, there's a speck of dirt. Let's wipe that out of there.

We go now. we're now. we're cleanish. Another Come here you.

Is that it. What is that? it's not coming off? Yeah, that's not coming off. I was deceived. Anyway, five quarts coming in.

These are not Amazon courts. It's just a Amazon container. I'm recycling, saving the environment, but not purchasing new containers and saving some money too. see I'm Thrifty Come on oil.

I could cut the bottom of this funnel off to make it flow faster, but um, but I'm not because I need the the small tip not always, but sometimes refill nearly complete. Whoa. Whoa. Whoa.

My phone slipped. That could have been moderately disastrous with a quart and a half oil up here dangling. Oops. and we'll just let that drain for a minute.
goodbye. Oil. Okay, it appears that our oil is done draining down our funnel. Let's get this thing out of here.

Oh look, that's why it was draining so slow. I found an obstruction. There's a plastic cap in there. Hmm.

I did not notice that earlier. That's not okay. Anyway, cap back on. Let's get down into the guts over here and get this.

uh, transmission line disconnected I'm just gonna get behind the little clip that Clips it in and we'll pop that clip out and that will allow us to remove. uh, remove this line right here. It's not as easy as I thought it was going to be. Maybe if I change my angle here I can get behind it.

It's a three contact Point clip. If I can get behind one of the center pieces here, it'll pop out nicely. Hang on I need a different screwdriver that's not going to work now I'm fully well aware that there are release tools uh for these little Clips but I just prefer to remove the clip and then just reinstall it later. Sometimes it's harder, sometimes it's easier.

It's just my way. and that's the way that I like I like to do it a lot because it's difficult to uh, get the lines in sometimes with the clip installed in the fitting. So I will, uh I'll pull the retainers out, put the line back, and then I'll put the retainer back, on. That's just kind of my way.

Everybody's different. All right. let's pop this guy out. Come here.

There we go. Okay, that's loose now. I need to get the fittings in the radiator and the one on the line and those are going to be found here in the drawer that's our radiator fitting. Stick that thing right inside.

and then the female side is I think this one I believe it's that one. Yeah, Okay, let's go ahead and put a 90 on it. Like so that way the hose has a place to connect. pull this guy back.

Come here. snap that in there we go. That snapped in very good and now I can connect my lines and hoses and all that good stuff. It does not matter which direction these hoses, uh, are connected, the machine will handle the fluid flow all by itself.

With some creative and clever valving action. This one over here is next. We'll connect this one to our our 90 if I can. Space is, uh, getting kind of limited.

Gonna be a two-handed operation in here. There we go. Connected. Okay, so we have oil in it.

We have our lines attached with the exception of this line right here if you remember. I Removed the little clip thing and there's nothing there to hold that thing from popping out once the line pressure comes up. So I'm gonna whoa I'm gonna fall down on at me. So I'm gonna stick a paper clip in there and that it's going to retain that fitting while where, uh, our service is underway.

you know a wife unit keeps wondering where all the paper clips go and I don't tell her that they're all mine. There's one to stay down for later. it's under there in case you need it. Danger over there we go I know you can say it.
You can say it. I know what you're thinking no, no, it's like nope, nope, you're writing my paycheck I'm not saying a word. Yeah, All right. So I'm just gonna stick this little clip down in that little slot there and uh, that will be sufficient to hang on to the the uh the fitting.

so I can get my uh a little pause in that hole there. it's not gonna fit I think my clip's too big. So the other day dude I was talking about you and I said you know we should name him and a couple people got mad at me because of the idea of assigning like a like a code name and they said we should just use your actual name I mean it, It doesn't matter to me I'll call you whatever you want but we I think we should get a code name I don't think you should give me that privilege uh I know if you could pick your own code name, what would it be I don't think I could say that on. YouTube Oh yeah, you know.

Well I mean I can bleep you out. You can say whatever you can say, whatever you want I'll bleep you out and then it's like it never happened there. Okay, so I got that paper clip. Uh very Loosely shoved in that hole.

That'll be sufficient to hang on to this for the time being. Let us stopping's the engine. Would you care to do the honors, sir? Sure. Begin engine starting sequence Now please.

Wipies gotcha! Let's go ahead. Okay, we're not dumping fluid everywhere. That's good. We've got where's my line pressure at? Come on.

line pressure. come on up. We got some fluid flow happening. That's the old fluid.

no leak. Still, lime fresh is pretty low. it's coming up here we go. We're probably purging out all the air.

Yep, that's our old flu condition. now. before we get started. like I said, I've got to throw some cleaner in this trans.

It does not have a dipstick, but it does have this little fill hole right here or vent or something like that. Anyway, there's a place where I can fill and add through it. So what I will do is find our can of Trans Tune the cleaner stuff and uh, we'll go ahead and get that. uh, get that stuff for you Okie dokes the funnel's been cleaned out.

Give it a good wipe down. we're gonna get that into the trans and then we've got our can of a quick, clean solution for transmissions. We'll dump that in there and let this thing sit here and run and idle for another five to ten minutes. That way that cleaner can make its way through the transmission, it can do its job and then we can come by later on, we'll activate the machine and begin the exchange.

Now, while all that is happening, screw that guy back in while all that's going on, I'm gonna run over to another machine for the brake fluid and we're gonna get that one prepped and ready to go because as this thing is finishing up, we should be able to start the uh, the fluid purging process on the brake hydraulic system. Okay, let's fetch our brake fluid exchange machine next. Similar principle to the other machines, we fill up the reservoir, be connected to the system, put some pressure to it in some form or another, and uh, let the exchange begin. So I'm going to roll this one over, We'll fill it up with a about a quart, maybe a quart, and a quarter of a Fuji brake fluid connected to the master cylinder will pressurize the vessel, and then there's a vacuum in this machine, and that vacuum will attach with a hose to each one of the brake calipers and it will suction the old fluid out while simultaneously pressurizing new fluid in again, completing a complete fluid exchange.
I Said complete twice which is not proper English Okay So this machine is pneumatically powered with air pressure. got the airline connected to it and the vacuum for right now. What I'm going to do is go in with the vacuum hose and suction out. It's much of that old brake fluid as I can and then I'll refill that fluid with a fresh, clean fluid.

That way, as we draw fluid through the system, it's not displaced with dirty fluid first since we've got clean fluid right here in the reservoir to begin with and it just makes the Uh, the process a little bit more efficient and uh, usually a little bit faster so we'll just get we'll get down there as far as we can. What I like to do is use uh, use glue that's already been opened that fell on the floor. I'll use glue that's already been opened. it's not my premium BG fluid and I'll just use that for the initial fluid displacement.

There we go, almost empty-ish Good enough powering down little bottle wasn't quite enough so we'll refill this just a little bit more right? almost to its MAX Line There we go and the rest of this bottle goes into our pressure vessel. Now we have to disconnect the uh, the airline and jump the pressure in order to open up this vessel. If we open it, then all the pressure screws out and that's not okay. Spin that thing off, fill this unit up, then we attach the machine to the top of the brake reservoir brake fluid reservoir, and actually, you know what? enough time has gone by while we're doing this.

Let's go ahead and start the process on uh, on our transits on our transmission exchange. So all we need to do here is just turn the little valve and the process has to be done. We'll check back in on that in a moment. Efficiency is good because it scared me.

It was folks on the other side of the wall making noise and they did that as soon as I touched the little valve. but I thought something was wrong. so a little disturbing. Anyway, just like the Trans machine, we've got some adapters here.

I think this is our guy I think survey says uh, negative, that was too big. maybe this one. Screw that guy on uh yepper that's our unit. Check our vacuum hose, get that thing back over here, take our pressure hose, connect it to our master.
Let's re, uh, reapply our air pressure here and in there. Please thank you. Close that lock it up. Pressure is good.

Let's turn it up to about 12.. There we are and we're gonna open up the valve. Check the leaks right here. This is a good or a major spot for leak action.

We don't want all the brake fluid dumping out all over the car. That would be bad here. Let's revisit the trans machine real quick. Yeah, we've got our new fluid and that's our old fluid.

Now we're going to know that this exchange is complete because we're going to see a pressure differential amongst the two sides. Our one side is going to get a spike and pressure on the other side. Sometimes it drops, sometimes it rises a little bit and we'll see a big difference in the two pressures once this unit is done. As soon as the tank inside is empty and all the old fluid has been exchanged out, then a valve will open up inside to bypass the Uh The Exchange system and it'll just flow in a closed loop until we, uh, until we come by and disconnect it and remove the machine.

fluid's starting to get a little lighter. This is good. The process is effective. Okay, it's been about 10 more minutes.

We can see we've got a pressure differential. We're at 22 and 8 pounds or so. We're clear on our used side, we're good on our new side so we can turn that back to bypass. Now we can go ahead and shut this thing down.

The transmission fluid exchange service is nearly complete, with the exception Phew of the additive package. Okay, systems powered down. it's now depressurized. Let's uh, let's get our hoses and whatnot out of here and reconnect that line.

And then we'll lift this thing up and then do the uh, the brake fluid exchange as well. So there's one hose there. This one. Ah, pull that guy out and get this thing out of the way.

You go over there. We're done with you. for now. let's see.

let's unclip this one and on paper, clip that one right there. There we go. Set that stuff aside. Come here.

Come off there that one. And now we need to install our E-clip and get the line back together here. Let's see if we can do this and see what's going on at the same time. So push that line in all the way.

flip it into its little, uh, little bracket down there, pull the plastic retainer back up as well. You got to put these plastic things back on. Those are important because they secure the clip that secures the line. and if you omit it, there's a chance that the line can become disconnected while driving, which would result in the loss of power, steering fluid, transmission fluid.

words, and uh, that would be very bad. I've experienced it once and it cost me a transmission and my own stuff. Come on, snap, crackle, pop, that's in place. Good for a little clip back on there we go.
all set and so I Don't forget, let's go ahead and dump that additive in real quick. funnel going back in and automatic transmission additive going in. Jordan Kobe Kobe Okay, additive has been additive Let's get that thing out of the way. put our cap back in and that will conclude the service portion of the transmission.

Now what we need to do. Run this thing up in the air and we'll run around Each corner and uh, exchange the brake fluid moving back up. All right now. Okay now I think I'm gonna be slick and try to do this without taking the wheels off.

So what we're going to do is we're gonna power on our suction, the pump is already or the pressure side is already pressurized. New fluid up there. New fluid down here. I'm going to start farthest away from the master cylinder and then work our way to the wheel that is closest to the master cylinder.

So all I need to do? Get in here with a wrench. We're gonna crack this bleeder valve open so we've got some fluid flow already. We'll get our suction on there like so and I'll open it up just a little bit more. That way we get good flow which we have.

gonna let that thing hang out and we're gonna observe over a little bit of time. just fluid level right here. once it drops down to, let's say right about there, we'll go ahead and close that valve and then we'll switch to that wheel, the left rear and then the right front. and then we'll finish off closest to the master cylinder at the left front at that point, all of the fluid within the hydraulic brake system will have been exchanged.

This includes everything in the lines, everything inside of the ABS pump, master cylinder, and all the brake calipers. So while that is underway, we'll come through and we'll pull the remaining caps off. We'll set them right there on the wheels. That way they don't get lost.

Just checks this front side and see if that has caps on it. This one over here does. Sometimes you'll find these where they don't always have a cap. That one's got the cap? This one.

No cat. We can see our levels starting to drop. This is good. The old fluid goes in the storage tank down here and then we'll dump that out once the thing fills up some.

Okay, we've had some time for the fluid to displace, connect this guy real quick and check the condition of the new fluid that's being pumped through the system here. Uh, it's still a little yellowish. We'll give that a little bit more time. We'll pump some more through there.

I'll crack this guy open just a wee bit more. There we go see the bubbles traveling. Okay, Recheck number two. Let's close our valve.

Remove the Line, open the valve and we've got clear fluid. This no longer has that Hue to it. Let's close this guy up. Move on to the next one, you fetch my wrench.

Now we can see here. there's a little bit of spillage. No worries, we can remedy that. Sure, some brake clean.
Spray it down, brake fluid is gone. Moving on over. Bring our light with us so we can see what we're doing here. The Cap's been removed already, so we're just going to sneak in here with the wrench.

Crack it, loose, crack it Loose Again, there we go. That's nasty food. Dark, yellowish and brownish looking. that guy in.

we'll open it up a little bit more. Maybe Kinda Right about there now progressively, we'll end up with cleaner fluid faster as we move forward and get closer to the Master because there's less fluid displaced in the lines or less fluid in the lines to displace. So as we move closer, it will clear up much faster than the right rear. did.

We were back here for about three or four minutes? Yeah, See, there's not much action here, so it's pretty much all commentary we hear. Uh, we're about halfway through the reservoir, which is good because we're about halfway through the system. Let's go check. Uh, check the condition of the fluid on the right rear caliper.

I'm going to close the valve I Just don't want fluids spewing out everywhere that's still a little dark. A little bit more. plug you back in. Okay, Finalized Recheck: Closing it up, vacuum, disconnect, open it again and we've got clear fluid.

This is good, so we'll close that guy up, tighten it. just a little bit, nothing crazy, and re-applying cleaning solution. Look at that. I'm cleaning brakes with brake clean.

That's a new one I Guess there's a first time for everything. Put our cap back on and now we may move uh to the right front wheel and we'll repeat said procedure here on the right front. and then of course we'll move over to the left front and once that was done and uh, we should be good to go. Let's get in here.

you stay the valve open, vacuum applied and then valve all the way open with some Shadows There we go and we've got flow. okay, x amount of time has passed. Let's close it up, open it up, open it up more full inspection and we have clean, clear fluid that's beautiful. I even saw some bubbles come out.

tighten that guy moving over to our last remaining wheel cracker open. Whoa. It's Villages. No worries, we have brake clean for such things and this is going to be our last one right here.

Beautiful! Let's get the get this wheel clean. Oh my. God you sprayed spray clean on a tire. Oh no or no, no no no no okay.

judging by our Reservoir, we're getting pretty low. I'm gonna go ahead and seal this off and finish up the service. We do not want to let that Reservoir run out because uh, in theory it could suction in or introduce air into the uh, the master cylinder side of the system, thus contaminating the system with air and you'd have to repeat the entire procedure all over again. And uh, that would just be very unfortunate.
Powering down. Double powering down and let's dump our pressure by air pressure. Now we can let this thing down and uh, disconnect the machine. Come on.

That's just AC water on the floor from the driftages. The big deal, That's what. The cardboard? Oh yeah, no. by the way.

I didn't forget. shiny, All right. Malibu Coming down all the way down. well, almost all the way down.

That's that's close enough. that'll do. Shoot, What we need to do next. Come on over here.

We're going to close our valve. We're gonna double check our pressure to make sure there is no residual pressure in the system. disconnect. There we go.

Set that thing aside. We will take our adapter back. Now we can see here that we're slightly overfilled, right? So all we need to do is reconnect our Air Supply Here Take the vacuum feature, power it back on I Know it's loud and kind of annoying and we'll just suction out some of that fluid. Yep, right below the max line.

I Think is should be good? There we go. That is one complete brake fluid exchange guy there shutting down again. Now we may put our cap back in position here. Gotta make sure it points the right way.

Otherwise, run a world of hurt. and uh, that will conclude the services that will be included in this video. I Do have some wiper blades to put on this and I'm gonna do a cooling exchange also. but I think we're getting a little long so I'm going to go ahead and close this video right now.

I'll do such things as always by thanking each and every one of you for watching this video. Hope you enjoyed this video, hope you found it moderately entertaining and uh, possibly somewhat educational if you found it to be either one of those things. Please feel free to let me know about that in the comment section down below. Tap me a like while you're down there.

And most importantly, do not forget to have yourselves a great day! See you guys later! End of: Chevrolet Malibute sorry sorry I know this is bothering somebody. We'll make that nice and shiny too while we're at it. Why is my brake clean backfiring? So it's not supposed to do that? Goodbye Dirt Food: I'm just kidding. we're not done yet.

We gotta make it shiny. Get rid of all the dust and dirts and debris and fingerprints and smudges and drips and drains and rat boots and whatever else might be in here. Hose it down and I'm still waiting on the wiper blades to show up. Dude, that's more prettier.

All right guys. I'm really gonna go this time. See you guys later in the transmission. Thanks for watching! Have a great day.

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