In this video I have a look at a customers 2017 GMC Canyon with the big 3.6. It had a customer complaint of ABS light on. I looked at it for them and determined the magnet on the bearing was M.I.A. and I also suggested replacing the front hose due to rust.
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Oh, it's like summertime out there folks. Maybe 85 degrees today. Good snow like I Don't know. Two and a half weeks ago we got some GMC Canyon here.

I Think it's a 2016 variety. It's got the Big three. Six needs a few things. Oil cooler lines are leaking.

This front wheel bearing is bad. Wow. Kind of kind of bad. Yeah, you heard me.

Kinda bad. So we're gonna pull this caliper off and how can it be kind of bad? The magnet on the back of it must be broke according to my data. Best thing you do with these. Just let them swing by the hose like that.

That'll get people going, won't it? This is also that I'm spiteful when I do stuff like that when we get all the experts going. Uh, don't worry folks. uh, it's getting new brake hoses. So all right, wait this.

Calm down. Let's um, take the axle nut off here and then we'll get the bolt off in the back and knock this thing out of here. Yeah, the brake closes are pretty Rusty So they need to be replaced before they pop apart. Oh hey, dude.

slow down. Looks like whoever did the brake job number cleaned up the wheel hub. Looks like the bolt broke off there on them there. Hey attack guy I'm not a big deal.

Clean this stuff up before we put it back on. Get that a very light massage. Let's see if we can get her in there. There we go now.

I Think we can get to the bolt I Believe if you read service today, you're supposed to remove the entire CV axle. which I don't think we're gonna do I'm not going to take the knuckle off or anything I Think we can wrench the bolts out, can't get the axle to stay in on us? Sometimes you get lucky. Well, let's see, we'll shove around a little bit there and then we'll just kind of pinch it in here with a pair of vice grips now kind of hold it out of our way for us until we rotate it. Let's see if all's right in the world, these will crack loose and we'll spin them out with our fingers.

But I'm kind of doubting it. They stick through the front of the Hub so there's some threads on the end so they're gonna be a little bit nasty and they might even have Loctite on them. Who knows. But we ought to get a ratchet wrench.

but I don't want to get it stuck in there. but let me go grab one and we'll give her a little shot of the WD just in case it has some water on it. you know. I've never seen a penetrating oil or Panther P or anything in a can that pisses people off more than WD-40 which I think is kind of funny, so that's why we use it.

Probably fits into that spiteful thing again, doesn't it? Yeah, these are going to go tight. always. Again, Well, this one's not too bad. Well, that's because the WD-40 had longer time to work on this one something.

Let's see, we don't want to get our wrench stuck. Okay, this one feels like she's loosening up all right. We'll leave that right in there. let's see and so we can do it with our ratchet wrench because that one would have made it just the way the axle is designed.
I Didn't want the bolt to come out and get stuck in there. Beautiful. Now we'll rotate it. Sometimes you can rotate it with the vice grip still in there and the axle pushed in.

sometimes you can't This time we can let WD up this side too because clearly can help the other side come apart easy. Let's see, we'll crack these loose crack. I Don't know if we have to take the speed sensor out I don't think so. I Think we'll be okay.

Well yes, I Looked at this and scanded and it had a clear obvious kitchen. It's giddy up like it's missing. you know, half the magnet. at least sensor work fine, but there was one spot it didn't work in.

What's up? All right, right? Give me just a moment. I Got the rest of the bolts there loosened up, folks. We're gonna knock a stud out of it because we're going to use that to push the bearing off so we don't really have to do any beating I need some lubrication on these threads. so it's a classic nut and bolt trick.

These are the Astro tools. Last Chance slash first try hub removal units. You want to make sure you're pushing and getting something solid here on the you know, the back side of that backing plate. or you know, stick something down there to keep it from digging it up the plate.

So back I got thinking: we don't have to clean this up, you ding dong, it's going to be brand new. What was this guy thinking? huh? He wasn't got her wedged a little too tight though, but it did crack loose and that's half the battle, half the time. Let's see if we can't give her the old rotate. we'll give her a little push on the bottom, see if there's anything solid there, and boy, maybe maybe it just catches the edge here.

We'll see if it shouldn't push up too hard, but let's see if we can do it without destroying the backing plate. I'll give it just a little push. Yes, ma'am foreign about it. What could we have done? This guy will tell you we could have pushed out two studs, but we didn't so we're just going to give it a run around here.

It doesn't take much. must fit inside that knuckle a little more precise than others. Yeah, see. now it's now.

It's easy choking up on that hammer like a third grader I Don't even know if that's true I Don't know if third graders choke up on the handle. their hammers let me move you out of the way so I can hit the second left-handed Hammer Action Wow Come On fella. Oh, you don't want to do that, dude. Oh yeah, no.

see what we're hitting. It's really precise in that knuckle. Jeez my wheat. All right.

Well, we got it and I was right. It's missing a fair amount of the magnet, so there's some. There's some rest of It's Mia that's that. Don't forget that little fella.

We will clean the rust and corrosion. We'll leave our bolts right in there. We'll clean out the corrosion in here. careful not to hit your speed sensor and then we'll stick the new bearing in there.
Thank you. Not much corrosion on the top. It's all good up there. All right, this is about it.

Looks pretty good in there. Yeah, a little bit of that up in there. All right. nice.

Amplified Baseball Chevrolet We got it right from the man right out of People's Republic of Korea or the Republic of Korea I Guess that's a little different. that's how we know she's genuine. Chevrolet Ah, smells like apple pie. There she is.

there's our new bearing. She only goes one way. we're guys taking get her greased up here so she doesn't get stuck. Then we'll put the backing plate back on and slip that in torque her to factory spot.

We got a gobble grease from the grease gun. we'll do up our splines do up inside the Hub here, cut down on the corrosion for a little while. anyways. why not fluid film? Well my can is M.I.A Look at these little guys kind of hang out here.

hold our backing plate for us foreign. Get one of them started. wouldn't matter which one, whichever one you can get to, come on baby, get another one started. Then we should be in good shape and keep our axle pushed through.

There we go Chevrolets are made of a Precision man. I'm just going to draw one to bolts in that way we can push our axle in here that while we do the rest of them and once you get all four of those in which is pretty easy to do just like taking them out only different, we will torque them down to 96 foot pounds. We're gonna try to show you straight. Trying to say I'm going to try to say our words today.

Uh, we're gonna try to try to stay straight down as possible when 96 quite a bit on a what is that thing? a 12 millimeter? Bolt Is it 12? Yeah. I Double checked the spec. it did say 96 foot pounds he snog. but we do have to get them slightly offset.

here. You can do the math of the calculation of what the actual torque value is being slightly offset, but an extension does not change your rotational torque value, but being offset from the Fastener it does. But I Don't like this. I'm going to double check that torque spec again.

that's 85 and I don't like how it feels. Let me double check folks. Yeah I double checked it. It is 96 foot-pounds which we've already achieved on this one.

So why am I back up here just making sure we did it there I Don't like it. These aren't very big fasteners for that kind of torque. No. I'm not going to sit here and strip out the Hub on it.

It's 87. check out this site here. It even shows a picture of them. So I know I'm not messing that up.

Let's see front wheel bearing hub assembly bolt. It says quantity too. So there's a typo. uh, 96 pound feet and uh, you know all we're talking about here is the front wheel bearing hub assembly.

and I wonder if they call it a quantity of two because how they show it you know depicted here sometimes this uh, stuff that's translated from a different language into English Sometimes some of the stuff is Lost in Translation Um, Anyhow, just want to show you guys. make it. think of it wasn't crazy to make you think I wasn't crazy have you think I'm not crazy I don't even know what the heck I'm saying at this point. So this one I got to 96.
this one I haven't done yet mother Pro we got that one I'm gonna go double check that one on another bottom side but I know what bolts feel like when things are about to happen. Come back in this little guy. we're ding near straight on. There we go.

We got 96 iron now we all feel good. we're all Factory spect on this thing and we'll get our axle nut here. We'll fast respect that. of course 192 is what this one says.

It's like a little bar in here. if I should get a longer bar, a little more leverage. Anyways, keep it straight Mother Lover There we got her. Went and found my candle animal so give this a little sprit through.

The inside of this road are still nice and clean because it's relatively new. Let's put that on there. Hey, it's okay. No I use this hot weather man.

it comes in like a lion boy spitting this round all the way. We're gonna hang our caliper back up but first we're going to put a Loctite on these and like, see we already changing this brake hose but it'll be a whole lot easier with the caliper installed so we'll do that first. we're just like see a little bit of Loctite put that on there and then these need to be angle torqued there tortillo bolts. make sure you place them every time you take them off.

We're going to go 59 I think I wrote down 59 foot-pounds on those. and if you think you're getting these bolts new when you go to the dealer, good luck. Um, because oddly enough, they never have them in stock. but they always have all the brake parts in stock.

Nissan Car is on like a forever now. You're never going to get it clicked backward and then now we need to set our torque wrench down. Let the Cow Break because we're gonna go another 30 to 45 degrees so we'll pick something else. You know what it says, Yeah, 30 to 45.

So we'll go 35. now we'll go 40. we'll go 40. If okay, ready.

One, two, three, Go! We're getting there almost there. There we are and that ends up being 221 pound-feet of torque at 40 degrees on this particular Bowl that one was 230.9 It's hard 48 degrees so there's that. Let's swap out the brake hose. Well we're right here.

We'll probably put a little WD up on there. she's looking a little crusty. It does come with a new banjo bolt we bought OEM hoses and I think it comes with a new bracket too and it does comes a little. Lots of stuff on it here.

Throw that away. country of origin. Oh right here boys. America Chevrolet They make their breakovers here.

Wow, that's something new. Uh, it has a slot here. The ABS wire clicks into it and it looks like we need a 13 millimeter bolt and a certain size wrench and a motor size wrench for that. Let me get all the stuff and we'll swap her out.
Here we go. We're gonna take and pop this. ABS wire out. can? we'll just get it out of its clip first? Maybe it may be out of there.

We'll see if we can't just pull the clip out without breaking it. Might have to wait till we get the bracket off because I've got to come at it from the other angle here. Oh, there we go. There we are.

So we got that clip out. We need to save that. and then I Did spray this with some of the dub d a little bit ago. We need to wiggle our wrench on there to put the rust off.

It's a 13 millimeter variety. We're gonna use a line wrench because it's a line and it only seems appropriate. Cracker right loose that WD I Tell you what, boy, what a great penetrator! I'm kidding. I'm kidding.

They all suck. It would have came loose just as good without it. Some people got under the impression lunchtime I don't know. A few videos ago, maybe 10 or 12 videos ago the WD-40 was our sponsor.

they were a sponsor and I think I stated clearly in the video that they're not a sponsor. no sponsorship from WD Okay, we just use it because it upsets people when I find somebody's trigger I Just can't stop. It is pretty kind of funny. It's pretty kind of funny.

This guy cannot talk today. How easily people get upset over ridiculous things such as whether or not WD-40 is a penetrating oil? I Have no idea I like it because it makes my toolbox shiny if I ever decide to wipe it off and that's about it. We use it on our alignment rack. keeps it from rusting.

you know? So that's our use of the WD But then once I found out that it triggers people like crazy. but then we started using it exclusively for everything only on camera though. We're gonna use an 11 mil on the banjo bolt here. Make sure your bucket's ready on the ground a little.

okay. And then we need to clean out the back side of the caliper here where the banjo goes. Let me show you that's all crusty and then to do that, we don't want to get a ton of junk down in there, so we're going to use an ear plug, an expanding foam earplug. We're going all the way.

We'll stick that right in there, hold it for a second, let it expand. Charles The Humble Mechanic showed me that trick I think I wanted his YouTube videos right? so that's a good trick. That's a good trick. My guy pretty sure it was that one of his videos all over.

Oh wow, push it up. Okay, that looks good. that looks good. He wasn't doing this particular job, but he was plugging a hole on something.

I says I'll be so I'm gonna have to remember that I have to remember to do that too so we'll kind of give that a little douche there. Okay, yeah, I guess we can pull the ear plug out. you don't want to reuse it I wouldn't think you wouldn't want to stick that in your ear. Anyways, come on little guy.
No. I can't get it. Great tip Charles Foreign. There it is today so we didn't get any junk in there.

We got there ear plug out. let's find our hose, it's over here. We can just get this started right now because we still have our socket on a torque wrench here. Okay, we'll leave that we'll come back.

Torque that three specs and we'll get this little guy lined up on the quick line fitting up here. There's that. So we got that started. You want to make sure it's easier to get it started when it's just kind of hanging here and outer space? Make sure it started.

Yes Ma'am the whistling flew about a minute ago. We don't know where you were waiting for you. Oh, is that how it works? Huh? I Would I will remember that woman? Yeah, Yeah, yeah. All right.

let's grab our other torque wrench here. Whoa. Whoa. Everything's getting slippery.

Brake fluids. pretty slippery stuff. That one is. torqued the spec and tighten up the brake line nut here.

Give this this. Torx Factory Stuck of course. All right. give that just a light snug a dug of there.

Why does this nice snug? It's just a plain old snug. At this point. let's stick our clip back in here so we're gonna stick it in opposite of the way it was just to be. Rebels Put that in.

gonna get out the old break clean, remove all of our evidence of being here in the brake fluid. We'll cram this thing down to 25 pound-feet of torque if it ever. Oops. We got there.

well, we went 26.8 too much. We need to finish cleaning off the control arm and around this area and then now we just need to bleed the brakes after lunch again. Doesn't really have turbo jet on it like they normally do. Maybe it's a straw.

Okay, everything looks good. Look at this. Relic O2 Rapid Ranger with the cap. Would you be so kind to help us please? Ah, so appreciate you.

Yeah, yeah. 70 000 miles on. This little guy had a parasitic draw all fixed. gotta put these on that.

Uh Canyon when we're working out or cooler lines my weekend. I Don't know what kind of job that is. So these calipers? uh, they're fixed. Um, but I mean there's no side pins or anything like that.

similar to what Toyota does. Okay, go ahead and push down. Okay up. Just go ahead and start pumping them up there bro.

So using a loop of Hose like this doesn't allow air to get back into the caliper so she can just kind of push the fluid through for us. Okay, that's good. Then we can close off this side. Shouldn't be much much air in the system anyways.

We'll double check both sides. Okay, go ahead. push down. Okay, let up.

Okay, now go ahead and pump them. Okay, that's good. All right. So those ones there are good.

and then I've just got to go ahead and do the same thing on the other side. But before we, uh, stick these bleeder caps back on as you pull the brake fluid off it, give it a little good luck there. I Usually put a little fluid film around them, put the Caps back on, it's done. I Can't believe how freaking nice the weather is or should I say hot? That's like the was this the second week of April 84 degrees outside sunshine.
Pretty amazing feel our Breakers wore back up. Not afraid to fill her up to the max line because the brake pads on this thing are pretty much brand new all the way around. the hose over here on the passenger side. Essentially the same exact thing just just on the other side.

You know what I mean Instagram That's it folks. So the front wheel bearing and the brake hoses and your Chevy or your GMC Canyon or Colorado wherever these things are, uh with the big three six, so that's a pretty easy job that Hub fits in that knuckle pretty precisely. Usually those you know jacking bolts that we'll use to kind of crack the wheel bearing loose. Usually you can just crack loose and get a couple whacks.

Uh, but half the battle most of the time is just getting it to crack loose out of the knuckle. at least here in the Northeast uh where everything gets Rusty and crusty and corroded. and that aluminum corrosion in those Knuckles you'd be surprised how tight that can hold in a uh, you know wheel bearing. Granted, we should have popped out two of them and used two bolts.

Uh, but as I say, typically you just get it to break loose and you know you're good to go. So I've got to finish all cooler lines I'm running out of time cars are getting stacked up so we're not going to record that part, but we recorded what we could start and I couldn't take you for a drive because I don't want to warm it up before I do the cooler lines. but um, anyhow, you guys say cool cool in that kind of section. questions Comments: NC the Facebook where on both of those things Patron and everywhere we're everywhere.

It's man and just remember viewers. I can do it. You can do it. Thanks for watching foreign, foreign.

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