In this video I bring you along as I have a look at a customers 2010 Honda Pilot that has an issue with the battery going dead over night. It doesn't take long to find what circuit the drain is on but then I cheat a little by using Identifix to lead me right to the cause of the draw.
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All right folks, we got the High new pilot here. It's the Uh 2011 right? He's got the Big Three Five. This is one that's got the Triple A install battery. Well, fine job there.

Triple A Um, if you haven't seen that short, check it out. I'll put a link there. At any rate, the AAA had to come to this guy's house and put his battery twice because you know they said the first battery's defective and then you know two days later it died again and then you know died again of course. So there's a problem with the vehicle, not the battery so we need to check to see if this battery has to draw.

So I grabbed our meter here and it's been sitting overnight in the shop. but I had a power supply on it so it wouldn't be dead this morning when I came in. At least in theory it shouldn't be dead I put it on a power supply as opposed to a charger. but I say that with a mouthful of metal.

Um, because my charger 's that I have are automatic and they kick off at a certain point. I didn't want to kick off and then you know battery's half dead when we get here. So we're gonna go right to Digital Meter. We're gonna make sure our battery is in good shape for the shape it's in.

Let's get things hooked up the correct way here. Let's see what we have for voltage over the limit right now. Come up to a 20 volt scale and you can see we're at 13.22 so it has a big surface charge on it. Not a big deal.

Uh, we're gonna take and unhook this. We're going to just, uh, go right for the old Ampy plant. Of course the vehicle's been shut off for hours and hours and hours. at this point.

we're gonna pop out of here and we're going to go to Uh Low amps and we'll see if we have any current draw. We are far past the wait time I'm letting modules time out so we're gonna go down here. Oh, you guys can see that. hopefully we can get everything zeroed out here.

Let's see. put on the 20 amp scale. All right. So 2.1 3 milliamps for try to get this thing where it's going to level out.

We're not looking for draw that low anyways. this is just an initial oops. Oh, it's over 500 milliamps. This is a big one.

We got a big one. 556, 557, 500 Over 500 million. So this is a half amp draw. This is the big Honker Um I wonder I bet my thermal imager is better than a door nail because I never use it.

so it's probably something with a dead battery. Uh, plus the first has been blowing on this sink. Uh, so we're looking for a 500 amp draw. That's a big one.

That's like two uh 194 bulbs. Say like two dome lights being on. That's about the equivalent of that. So that's pretty interesting.

Um, well let's come up with our next part of our plan. That was correct. The thermal imager is dead. Of course.

you know it's one of those tools you buy where you're like, oh, it's going to be great. I'm going to use it every day. It's going to be a game changer and then you get it and it just really sits around. the battery goes dead.
Let's be honest. Uh, we just use it to show our buddies like how bad your windows leak. It is useful, don't get me wrong. but um I wish the battery wasn't dead in it.

So what we're going to do is what we would typically do is we're going to measure voltage drop across the fuses that are accessible. If there's current flow through a circuit, there will be a other amount of voltage drop across that fuse. A perfectly good fuse would read zero, zero point, Zero zero or you know, 0.1 millivolts. So it's going to be our Baseline is what we expect to see.

Um so I'm just gonna angle get my glasses so I can see and then we're going to go across all those little guys the ones that we can get to. Um I don't know what these views have run. It's quicker to do a test across them than it is to see if it's even I like these cars. so we'll just Zippy zap across these touching both ends of the fuse.

Probably should get some different probes 0.1 and then just go to the next one and just work our way down the line until we see a reading other than 0.1 if if there is, there may not be here. Hey, look at that. We're lucky and it was actually the last fuse we checked, so that's handy. Let me just double check here.

It's always the last one to check, but this is actually the last one and actually physically the last one here. So we have 3.3 millivolts of voltage drop across this fuse. which happens to be. Let me figure out how this little thing goes here.

Let's go like this and that. this and that and the other thing. It's a 10 amp and I'm here. it says backup.

Let me show you where we're at, Back it up. Uh, let's see, we are right here. Uh, number 23 Backup. So what the heck's that mean? What's that power? So that has uh, 3.3 millivolts now? Uh, On the Power Probe website, they have a handy dandy chart where you can actually look up to see.

Okay, this is a 10 amp fuse and I got 3.3 millivolts. A voltage drop across the fuse. What does that equate to in amps? We can look that up or we can put our amp, clamp back on and pull the fuse and see if it equals oh, you've been without your phone all night. Are you in there like this? Did you make it through the night I Woke up with a nosebleed.

Could be yeah or the Facebook All right, let's see your funny real Miss Though let's see here folks, we're gonna back at it here. Uh, we're gonna go back to the low Amps I'll see if I can remember if I'm editing this video and I hear myself talking I'll put a link to that Power Probe uh chart their fuse voltage drop chart and it depends on fuse type. he holds it, a maxi fuse, a mini fuse A J case fuse What the voltage drop should be or it, what it equates to. this isn't going to be very accurate because my jaws don't clamp on here.

Very good. There we go. So there's that. Let me grab a pair of pliers here and we're going to go over to this backup use.
We're steadied out there about 484. we're gonna pull this little guy out. Do we fix the car? Pretty much? I would say at this point I Don't like the accuracy of of current clamps if we're down below 100 millivolts I Would rather have my meter in line, but clearly we found the big one. The massive draw: These things tend to drift and like I said, once you're down in the uh, low milliamps range, they're not highly accurate, but we can clearly see that this fuse is the offender or the circuit is the offender.

Let's put it back in boom and our draws back and it's not really any higher than it was so it doesn't turn on a module and wake it up and go through a whole rigmarole. Uh, next thing. uh. power distribution diagram.

we'll see. We'll find that backup fuse and see see what we see. We'll see where the powers. Um, we're not looking for a short.

We're not looking for an open. Uh, if we hadn't open, what would happen? Let's think about that for a minute. Wires back there runs off this. it's caught.

It's hanging in outer space. We would see this. We'd see absolutely nothing because it's the same as taking the fuse out. If it was shorted, what would we see for current draw? You'd see this right here.

Absolutely nothing. Why? Because it below the fuse so no shorts, no opens. That's not what we're looking for. we're probably looking for.

You know, a failed component that that thing powers Or a component and it's not turning off for some other reason. But instead of sitting here talking about it, let's get after it boys. She's grinding up in here. What are you doing? I'm gonna use a computer.

see when you're grinding up with your camera, it's a man. Hmm. So here we go folks. Uh.

Fuse 23 in the under hood fuse box comes down. Pink wire goes to the under dash fuse relay box with the MCU and this is not back up like back it up. This is a backup that keeps the power going. Um, and we go some multiple units which stinks.

Uh, Mobilizer Keyless control unit power window master switch power mirror control unit However, if it only has this DPMS which is uh I had to Google search it driving position memory system so it's your memory seats I don't know if it has that. not always familiar with all the acronyms. Uh, this one does not have navigation. I'll double check I don't believe it does.

so it goes to audio HVAC display unit goes to DLC so maybe he's got something plugged into that gauge control module and then to page 1018 number n Let's see what's on page 1018 number M Letter m that comes down here not used without AC Inverter Power Tailgate controller unit Power seat control unit called DPMS Power Tailgate so I don't know if this applies rear controller and screen and then not used. Awesome! So it only feeds like you know a few things. so let's print this out. Uh, before we come out.
I'm going to look for a silver bullet here on the Identifix to see if somebody else has come across this. and if they have, hooray, it might shortcut our process. We'll just check here real quick. We'll type in Fuse 23.

We're always in the market for silver bullets. Whether it's a parasite drawn fuse 23, look at this. This might shortcut our case here. Check that all the door locks work this guy right? It's blah blah blah.

Okay, let's go see what the fix was. Unplug door lock switch draw immediately drops. okay. Driver's door lock switch would stick.

Okay, so this might be a good tip. Um, this guy had a problem. Couple guys had problems with rear hatch glass switches, rear tailgate latches uh, would only drawing Security system was arm. Spent a full day tracking down everything from Fuse 23 ended up being the rear glass release button was inoperative throwing 450 milliamps.

So these are all things that once we've identified our problem on Fuse 23 of a 0.3 amp draw, which is what we have. A lot of people don't like to admit this, but we're going to use this program because sometimes it's really helpful. See you later. So the way that program can become a problem though let me tell you is when you don't do anything when you go up there and you get on the Identifix and you say what's wrong with my car and then you just start fling at Parts at this thing.

So let's just take some of their advice is our door lock switch stuck that appears to function to all the door locks function. They appear to see if this one's working, that one's working. They seem they seem to function and then let's just make sure by fiddling with this stuff that we haven't uh you know, inadvertently repaired it. Anybody who says they have Identifix and doesn't use it for a silver bullet here and there is a liar liar pants on fire so let's just see where we're at here.

Let's get this flick back around. I guess I flicked around too many times. Let's see. so we're still at our 450.

So okay, let's come up with our plan here and see what we can do. Curious. One thing. grab the keys here I got him.

Let's see if the horn blows when we unlock it because it's going to tell us how the door switches work. Okay, so that likely means all of the door switches function as they should. Uh, if it was missing an input saying hey, I'm closed typically it won't blow the horn. The other thing I got to look is I never checked I don't think I don't think these kind of dudes have a hood switch I'd swim make sure I'm not burning myself here no I don't see wires coming out of the latch and uh I don't see any you know push down doggies say hey, I'm the hood I'm open um one guy commented on there that his rear glass did not function.

Let's make sure our doors are locked and they are gate is unlocked. Let's see if our Glass Works ew no no functioning and I believe he stated that he unplugged the rear switch and his draw went away. Oh what do we do folks? We chased that down I Think it only takes a second to pull these panels off. It might save us a lot of time or it might waste us some time I Believe that's it I Believe through the magic modern television.
Ew let me get in here. You got some nasty nasty spray over there. Uh, let's see I don't know who's who but all these wires they all go out to that little guy. So let's just unplug everything and then uh, let's see here.

unplug that one little fingers ain't working. No good this morning. I'm gonna plug that one in. That's everything that goes out there.

so that's probably the backup camera too. Let's go have a look see if anything changed. Uh, let's just send our stuff here and close the gate and wait a minute. So I shut it off and then I hit the door lock button just to make sure that it you know what we unplugged wasn't any anything to do with that circuit and it's only been like 45 seconds.

but we'll see if uh boom we fixed it. We don't even have to trace it. Huh? Look at that. How's that for a silver bullet for you? Let's see.

so we are zero it out and at this point we would check it with going in line but it looks like about 50 milliamps. we can make sure our meter is accurate by just turn it on some marker lights. Boom! Yep! so our meter is accurate and anytime you put a big draw on your current probe, always take it off or reset it because it'll always make it drift a certain amount. It's probably not the correct terminology, but when you're dealing with low current draws, they're not very accurate.

However, what is accurate is the fact that we're missing our you know, half an after all that we had. Hooray! Let's find out which one of those wires actually goes to the glass button and see if we can just disable that single wire. So not gonna lie I Feel cheap I Feel dirty I Feel like I've sinned because we just took a silver bullet. We didn't use our brain at all.

uh-oh yeah, just kind of feel cheap. Not gonna lie. Wow yeah no no I just feel like this I gotta go rinse my mouth out or something. Looks like there's a couple components to this system so there look appears to be a hatch glass latch switch.

So this is going to be a confirmation switch in my opener, my clothes hatch glass opener switch. So I assume that's going to be our push button and that comes back up here to the MCU under the dash. So this is the the brain box and then it looks like driver's door hatch glass opener switch. so there might be a switch there.

Also, let me call a customer first see if he wants any of this functioning or if he just wants it disabled. Yeah unfortunately folks. the guy uh doesn't want us going further. just watch the draw fixed and that's it.

So we're going to plug this one back in which is for the backup camera which I don't think worked anyways I think it says and then this one here with two black wires. they're green and light blue. That's for the hatch switch button and then for the hatch latch confirmation which is going to come from. You know this up here.
so so I guess shows over folks. Gosh I Feel dirty. It's a really great platform, but boy it it's probably the most abused platform. We're going to give this a little bit of time here.

Um, there it goes. It just went down. I'm gonna switch over to our regular leads and then we're gonna fix. Or yeah, we're gonna fix.

We're going to measure where our battery current draw is. I'm not going to try to sit here and make excuses for myself, but when you have a parking lot full of cars and you just want to kind of get on with your day sometimes, it's pretty helpful that once you've identified your problem to have somebody posts a fix, especially in a case like this working. yeah, it can take some time. We're going to go to Amps Internal.

Let's grab a 10 mil. it's 10. I'm gonna loosen that little fella up without disconnecting it. We're going to try to weasel it up here a little bit.

We're gonna hook our negative lead to the battery post and then we're gonna hook our other negatively or our positive lead here to the battery cable and we're gonna see how much current is going through it. So now this is a perfectly accurate measurement. So 60 milliamps I'm going to give this some time, make sure everything uh Powers off and everybody's happy inside the car. and then we'll check and see what it is here in about 20 minutes, half hour.

It's been a while, folks look at that pattern coming across the screen. Kind of neat, huh? Oh, we're averaging out about 33 millivolts, but you'll watch that pattern with a high current draw another one and it's going to start separated into a high current draw on a low current. But I say hi I mean I'm just using that phrase loosely. but what you have there is you have a couple LED lights coming on inside the vehicle that are not perfectly in sync.

So when both lights turn on simultaneously, which they will here shortly, you start getting a you know, big spike per se. you'll see here when they all come together and I'll go inside and show you kind of what's happening. So there you go there they are combined together. This is a very typical normal pattern as you'll see, but as we look inside the vehicle we're gonna see an LED light flashing there and then we have also I have one over here on the radio and if we sit back we can watch them you know as a synchronizer as they're out of sync, blinking away there and then just those LEDs turning on is also reflected.

you know, in our scope here. but being that we're you know, sitting around 30 milliamps I'm totally fine with it. Um, usually anything under 50. I'm pretty happy with most cars sit in the low 20s but without having a known good.
I'm happy with this thing sitting in a 30 milliamp range I don't know what they Reserve capacity. our Reserve capacity is 120 on this battery. So this thing's gonna go for an awful long time with a 30 milliamp draw. I Feel like I have to explain myself again.

You caught me. We cheated, but it worked. However, we had a little different process other than just going in there to load up silver bullets into our parts Cannon and start unloading. We identified a draw and then we identified the exact branch that the draw was on.

Then we looked for somebody else who has already paved the way for us and somebody else did. They took the paving machine, they loaded it up with yellow bricks and they made us a path right back to the answer. which was great because it saved us a bunch of time. Had that Network we would have lost 10 minutes of time and we would have just had gone back to our roots and start breaking that system down.

We would have probably got a scan tool. We would have looked at door switch inputs, gate inputs. you know is anybody that we can see quick and easy staying on. If all that looks okay, we're going on to the next module.

You know what's going on with the mirrors? Is there anything we can unplug? You know if we start disabling things and that's the approach we would have had until we got to the answer, which eventually we would have, but we might have had several hours into it depending on at what point we came across the problem. So use those programs sparingly. use them wisely. I Guess I would say we work for a host of other shops.

As you guys see, they bring us cars all the time and several little shops have Identifix and you can always tell because the car comes in with. you know X Symptom you know, fill in the blank you know runs are off whatever parasitic draw. And here's their list of parts: A B C D E they just, you know they got checklist. Here's everything we changed.

this car still broke 95 time. You can take that checklist, you hold it up next to Identifix under their symptom. Part One, Part Two, Part three, Part four. And then they got to the part where this guy down here Parts you know, five.

He replaced the computer so they brought it to us to put a computer in it. We see it day after day after day. It's just super super common. Lots of time, lots of money wasted just guessing based off somebody else's repairs.

So look at it. Use it wisely. It can be a very valuable tool. I'll leave it at that and don't you be a tool and you go in.

That comment section Questions, comments, concerns insta Facebook And just for my viewers, if I can do it, you can do it. Thanks for watching. Thank you.

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    Theory has 2 definitions today.
    1) a solid scientific study
    2) it’s just a theory
    (Well, I’ll be a monkey’s uncle)

  41. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Chris Hajjar says:

    They do have a hood switch. Very common for causing issues with alarm randomly going off.

  42. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Stationary Engines World wide says:

    Good one Eric !….time is money and using a logical approach and some research the work is complete.who can argue with that .

  43. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars steve auston says:

    i hope you added a post to identifix . helping each other. thats what its all about . your videos help me(thanks for that). maybe you could post a link to your video in your repair post in identifix?cheers for your videos..

  44. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Kenneth D says:

    It's always cool that you share electrical diagnostics.. very cool

  45. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars frank andricciola says:

    Nothing wrong with sourcing out some possible causes. Nice to see that the respondents were truthful.
    Ever ask a question on the internet, and 2 posts later it’s way off topic on when grandma used to raise pigs .. lol

  46. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Doug Kubash says:

    I'm guilty too! I don't like those battery clamps with the two bolts that clamp on the cables. i know battery cables on modern vehicles can be a bitch to replace though. Just another place to corrode! Good job cheating or not! haha!

  47. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars eastunder55 says:

    My neighbor asked me to troubleshoot her clothes washer as it wouldn't run. My son was at home so I had him accompany me so he could learn how to troubleshoot controls. We opened the washer lid and I was connecting the leads to my voltmeter when I heard the washer relays clicking and saw the operating panel was lit up. I asked my son what he did and he said he googled the washer model number and "won't run" and google told him to hold down two buttons on the control panel. The moral to this story is – don't call an old guy with a voltmeter to fix your washing machine when a young guy with a smart phone is available.

  48. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars John Reese says:

    Great advice and entertaining as well!! Great video!

  49. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars J Colt says:

    You showed us MS O a few times so we'll forgive you this time 😉 I repair computers and cheat sheets help when you have time restraints.

  50. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars mark Roper says:

    Those werewolf killers are fine!!! I work in IT…….reboot and check for/install patches fixes an amazing amount of things!!