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Hello everybody! Good day to you! Welcome back! Super glad you guys are here I know I'm glad to be here. Theme of the day is asking you shall receive because I asked for something easy to do and I have received something easy to do on this 2014 Cadillac SRX I think it's got a 3.6 liter V6 starting Z engine here. Mileage Mileage mileage. What do we have rolling there? It is 116 661 miles on the odometer.

Oh no, it's the 666. never mind I spoke too soon when I said something easy Let's uh, let's see how this works out. I'm gonna do an inspection on this car. uh real quick.

like we're gonna do a regular service. that's uh, some engine oil and a filter. but don't go anywhere because that's not the topic of the video. My hose is in the way.

Hang on here. Unprepared. Let's try again. See windows down so I don't accidentally lock myself out.

These things happen and this right on. Overkill There we go. Right next to the six seven. Okay, let's try this again.

Moving on in, we're going straight ahead right here. We'll get her up on the rack, take a peek at the undercarriage popping. Z Hood look underneath the Bonnet see what we can see like I said we're doing an inspection and a service and then there's another service that's coming into play here and I say good parking, Ziato, power down and of course pop into Hood community. It was telling me I left the key fob inside of the car.

It knows all right lights work. That light works there we go. 3.6 liters GM V6 power I Would say it's got the big engine in it, the big three six. but uh, then you guys get mad at me for ripping off Erico's catchphrases and what you don't understand is I'm not ripping them off.

You sold them to me. See, we got here a little fifty floppy. All right time to get back to the roots of the channel. We're gonna do some uh, some old school pouring things action here.

See if I still got it? I have not Uh I have not performed this operation Oh I failed in quite a while I'm I'm out of practice. Yeah, look at that. Even the even the follow-through was uh was tainted her new. Anyway, all right, practice makes perfect I'll get back to that kind of activity later.

since we are servicing this. let's go ahead and pull our oil cap off. Back in the day, we used to keep our oil caps right here on the hood latch. That way you would not forget to reinstall the oil cap because you could not close the hood because there's a cap in the way.

We also used to pull the dipsticks out as a reminder that the oil has been drained. Anybody that's new to the business, or if you're just extremely forgetful, those little tips right there can prevent you from making a critical error. Check our air filter here. No, that's in there tight.

Hang on. Ooh, that's nasty. Hang on. we're taking that out here real quick.

We'll pull this. uh, hose clamp thing off Right here. Removed please. Yeah, it's a little nasty.

What do you guys think? Should we put a new one in it? I Think we should? Yeah. I See a bunch of dirt in the pleats? That's a it's a used up filter. It's done its job. It needs to be replaced.
Clean out this air box while we're here because that's extra nasty. Lots of bugs. Begin carcass removal procedure now. Yay! Okay, yeah, that was fun.

Now we're gonna need to dig that air filter. I'm sorry. oil filter. where it's out of, uh, the engine compartment down there.

you see a little blue thing. Let's put some light on the subject. Uh, a lot of times we cannot access those from the bottom because there's a bunch of panels and skid plates and whatnot. But I think I can get to it from up here.

Let me give that guy a reach. Oh no, that's tight. Need a tool? See here. Can I reach? Oh, there's like no space in here at all.

Unfiltered clicks. There we go. Come on, that's good. Okay, that's drain bucket here.

Drain bucket to prevent some spillages. You go down there. Get this guy off of here. Just gonna do this without getting oil on me and drop in the bucket.

There we go. Alrighty new filter coming in There we go. not pre-filled because that would cause spillages and I'll filter click. All right.

Okay, let's get this thing up in the air and continue our inspection. So I've got the rack set. It's been checked and double checked both sides. Let's go ahead and move on around here to our black subscribe button.

Set the button to remind you to subscribe if you have not already. That way you do not miss out on any of my pizza content and that will conclude my moment of Shameless self-promotion Let's go check the lift points, make sure we're safe and stable and it's not going to slip off and kill me, which that looks good. Wow, we're good up front moving all the way up. And Subscribe button Cam Oh yeah coffee.

hey I'm having fun today I had some coffee. Like I said getting back to the roots and the roots are fun I Thought we're gonna do this all right. We're good all the way up and down on the locks. clicked all right.

drain pan you're coming with me Cronin Ronin and I believe we're needing needing a 15 millimeter uh wrench? That's what we're looking like. Yepper hmm. choose this one. actually.

you know what? I have another set here that I haven't used very often. I'm gonna use these ones. Yeah! I'm gonna call these uh turbo wrenches because that weird, uh little shape they've got I guess that's supposed to bite in on the flank of the fastener? Oh, and it works too. Look at that.

Kind of gripped it unclicked, please. There we go. Begin draining procedure now. Glug glug.

All right. let's go walk around and inspect this thing while that oil is draining. See what we have here? Start out back: a little bit of rust, definitely from up North Nothing crazy, just some paint shipping like on the subframe here. A little bit of surface rust here.
this is. this is pretty good. All right. Suspension looks good.

Sway bar looks good. Exhaust looks good. Trailer hitch is good. Tires look good.

Okay, yeah again some of that Northern Rust I Know it's laughable to uh to some people because Northern rust is. well, it often looks like that. but the whole car. this one's in great shape.

Okay, oh, this is all-wheel drive I Failed to notice. check some motor mounts. It's looking good. Nothing torn in there and slight leak at that little hose.

That's inconsequential. That's all from when I spilled when I uh pulled the filter off. In fact, we should clean that right now. Let me back this up.

We need more shinier things. Let's see here there we go. Box of shiny shiny in a can man I Spoiled it completely ruined. Yeah, let's try again.

We don't want oil drips after a service. that's more of a disservice. There we go. Air back away.

All righty. So we're all done with the grunt work here. Let's get out from under this thing all right. So here's the plan.

I'm gonna go ahead and refill the oil on this uh, not through the transmission fill stick or fill cap. So I am going to pop this guy out and we're going to check fluid condition. Looks like it's still kind of red, a little dark in color. and the reason I'm checking that is I Believe we're going to go ahead and service this uh transmission unit right here.

So take my clean funnel and we'll pop it down inside of that fill cap because I've got to put an additive in here. It's actually a cleaner. highly effective to the cabinet of uh fluids we go. that's what we'll call it.

It's actually a crappy name. What should I call this cabinet the cabinet of something? but I don't know. liquids, fluids, boring things? I Don't know. Anyway, what we're going to do is we're gonna pour some fluid liquids into this funnel and we're gonna form the highly effective Positive Displacement Transmission Fluid Exchange Service now.

I Know what you're saying? You guys have seen this plenty of times. blah blah blah. You're not interested in my snake oil sales and that's fine because you don't have to buy it. Just what I do here: Two cans of stuff, we've got an additive package which goes in later, and we've got a cleaning solution which goes in before the service.

So what we do, we'll pop the top that way. The fun. Don't stop. Once you pop the fun, don't stop.

don't sue me. Pringles and we'll pour this guy right on in. all the way down there we go. and I need to switch the funnel over to uh, the oil side.

I've got to put oil in this before we have before we do the trans service. Otherwise I will blow up an engine and that would be bad. Thank you. All right, Funnel in.

let's just throw in our five quarts of fully synthesized engine oil and uh, we'll get this show on the road. I Just took a money shot splashed up onto my face. Not okay. come on funnel.
I'm overflowing my funnel. so whoa. there it goes. Oh, it went out of the hole on the side.

Look at that. see I tried to tempt fate and it went out of the hole I thought it was gonna be slick and bring the meniscus all the way up. uh, to the edge of the funnel. It's the word of the day.

meniscus, not the one in your knee. the meniscus that refers to, uh, the surface tension of fluid. See it there it is. meniscus.

Let's finish it off. We'll get a close-up of our meniscus. It's kind of fun to say here. it comes a little more a little almost Don't Spill The meniscus.

Come on. hurry up. I'm gonna go faster. Funnels out running me and there we are, there's our meniscus.

Oh perfect. Yep. I know silliness, but like I said I'm enjoying myself so we're gonna reach the full potential of the meniscus. Yeah, it doesn't spill over because science.

All right. That's our five quarts. We'll recheck it later, All right. So while this thing continues to uh, refill the crank case, it's taking its sweet time.

We're gonna head off and go prep the transmission machine. So I noticed this machine had been, uh, dripping on the floor a little bit and leaking and I couldn't figure out what was going on with it because it's it's been refurbished. but I I Noticed just now that there's some fluid here at the top of this valve. and then I took a look inside and realized that it's still full from the last time.

I uh was doing a Phil event see I had refilled the machine and this was the excess. so I just left it in the catch can here and I figured I would just add it to the tank later on, but it appears that uh, the fluid had other ideas. No worries I Just got to make sure I don't leave this thing full in the future. Anyway, let's roll this thing on over.

Whoa. Dirt breaks. That was a it was almost trans machine gravity here. Let's park this guy right about about here for now and let's go ahead and refill this unit.

So what we need to do? Open up the uh, the vents and then we'll open up our valve. Now that fluid right there is traveling down into the machine, it's filling up the bladder tank. Inside this is a tank with a bladder. There's actually two Chambers here.

one side's clean, one side will be dirty. What we're gonna do is hook this machine with those hoses up to that car, start that car, and the pump inside of this transmission is going to pump all the old fluid out into the chamber in that tank. and it's going to pressurize the new fluid which will already be in the tank and then pump that back in. hence the term positive displacement.

Let us begin. First things first, need to refill the unit and I will do that by heading back to the cabinet of we have not named it yet. Let's see. this is a partial Uh 3124.
Where's my 3125 31.54 All right, that's the low viscosity. So yeah, we'll use. We'll use a 3124 Talking to myself. You guys have no idea what I'm talking about, but that's okay.

it's just fluid type pull. These Are Back In The Box It's like a it's like wine, but different and more expensive. Don't drink it. It's not actually wine.

Give her a wish clear I'm twisting my bag. We don't want to twist up our bag. Yeah, what's that? I'm honing my one-handed skills on click. Come here.

Come on. Well came out halfway. Yeah, that's fine. Whatevers all right.

So we need to dump this bag in a box side of that funnel to fill that tank. Like I said we are. Uh, we're pouring some things in this video Back to Basics begin pouring things. Now we're gonna go for the record of transmission pouring things.

altitude. see how high up we can get if we get as high as I can reach. Oh, it's getting unstable. Must not spill.

see I Gotta juggle the issue with the funnel because just like the oil, I can fill faster than the machine can accept it. We're good. We got some decent altitude here. about 18 inches.

Oh, we're reaching the meniscus. Let's go for it. Let's go for meniscus gold. I don't know if I can do it without spilling.

the box is running low. they're kind of I need to speed it up. Come on meniscus. come on.

Oh I failed look. oh that was. that was a horrible spectacular fail I was so close I tried guys like I said I'm out of practice but we're gonna. we're gonna get back at it.

No worries more. that's about 13 quarts a couple more left in the Box So again, this is all the new fluid. It's some BG product. It is a very premium transmission fluid.

excessively premium. It's the best of the best of the best, uh in my opinion of course there's always differing opinions amongst uh individuals, but in my opinion this is the good stuff. And it looks like our funnel is gonna leak for a while, not all the way full. We're gonna let it ride until uh I Guess what's gonna happen is some of it's going to drain out of the drain right here.

All right looking good. Now let's close that, close this valve and that one. These two valves are remarkably important and that one actually because if you do not have these valves closed and You Begin the service. It will pump transmission fluid all over the floor and make a huge mess.

and that's just not good. It's not good at all. So next task at hand is we need to get this machine connected to that car and we're going to do that through the transmission cooler lines. So we're gonna wander around over here and I've already located them.

There's one. there's one. however I do not have fittings to attach here I need to break into the system over here at the radiator which has the transmission cooler integrated into the end tank. Okay so here's my battle plan.
What I'm going to do is we're going to reach back in here and I'm going to disconnect probably this upper line I Think you guys really can't see? Let me let me move you down some. How about that? Is that a better view? Can you see what's going on? So we've got the uh, the line going into the trans now I Can barely see this, but there's a clip that uh that hangs onto that line and I need to get behind that clip and unclip it. In fact I can't see it at all I can barely hang on That's not going to work for me. Well I know what I'll do.

We're just gonna switch to the that bottom lying down there I can see that one a little bit better. so if we move down to that one I should be able to get this apart. Shoot, let's take that little safety plastic thing off. that's the retainer for the clip.

That way, the clip cannot become unclipped and cause the line to, uh, disconnect because that would result in a destroyed transmission which is the antithesis of what our goals are here. Let me just pull that guy out. I prefer to pull these out I Know that there are tools to remove them and I have some I just like to, uh, just remove them completely. It's easier and that's our E-clip for the trans.

We'll set that aside and pop this line off right here because this is where we're gonna enter the system. Come in and we've got this plastic Mount right here. Tough to see. There's a plastic Mount that connects these lines uh, to the fan shroud.

We're just gonna disconnect that mount from the lines. that way. I can pull the lines away from the the connections on the radiator here. if I can get behind it, this is a very tight squeeze here.

This is one of my least favorite services to perform on this particular car. I Think the Chevy traverses are the same platform and they're not easy to get to either. Oh, come on there. sorry y'all couldn't see I got the line disconnected now I need to plug into it with my adapters and that is the easy part about uh, the line that I just removed will plug in right here.

and then I can connect my hoses to it. And likewise, there's another fitting that plugs into the radiator going in two hands with this one. Guys: I know you can't see I can't even reach. Click that guy in.

Come on. now. come on. there's not a lot of space.

This is not service friendly by any means. Okay, that one's in. Give it a push back to make sure it's not going to come off unexpectedly and we're good. and then this one is going to plug into the radiator.

This is the reason that I take those clips out because I can secure this with just a paper clip. Makes it easier. Okay, beginning Paper Clip Automotive Repair now: I'm basically just going to insert this paper clip through that fitting and it's going to secure that fitting to the radiator so it can't come out. See that you can't see that because my huge hands in the way.
Oh, there we go. Like so. so now that we've got the fittings attached I can hook the lines up to it and we can start the service. Okay, transmission lines are coming in.

We've got two lines here. I'm going to connect those to those fittings that we installed I Know you guys can't see I'm so sorry. this is the the low visibility portion. Okay So we've got both lines connected.

Let's get out of this dungeon. It's the dungeon of no visibility. Let's get out of there. Okay, all cap is back on.

We've got oil in there I'll do a final check after we do the restart because this filter is still empty. We've got cleaner in the transmission. let's put our dip and stick back in just so dirt can't go in there and the Machine is connected. Now, what we're going to do.

We're going to start this engine that's going to turn on the pump and the transmission because that humps driven from the engine and it's going to start circulating all that fluid, the old fluid and that cleaner through the trans. Yes, it is also going to circulate through the machine, but that's fairly inconsequential. so as that circulates through, we're gonna let it come up to Temp give it five or ten minutes. maybe 15, maybe 20 if I feel like it and it's just going to clean.

Clean clean clean clean clean. And then when it's done, we will actuate the valving in the machine and it's going to again, remove the old fluid and displace it with new fluid. That's our plan. So it's a very fancy transmission oil change.

Now this is the uh, the critical moment. the moment where it's either going to leak or it's not. So what we need to do. Let's hop in here, start it up.

keep up Still here. Powering on and we immediately go out and check for a giant puddle of trans fluid. With that's not it, we're good, We're good, not leaking. Everything's looking good here.

Let's check our sight glass our Dusty sight glass and this is the color of the uh, the fluid that is in the transmission right now. Let's clean this off some. We've got good line pressure and like I said, we're gonna let this thing come up the temp. I'm gonna hang out for 10-15 minutes.

This is probably going to get darker as that cleaner makes its way through the system again. It's designed to just remove varnish and build up from certain places. So uh, when this thing is warm and we're done done with our cleaner, we'll come back and we'll initiate the process. Stand by.

Don't go anywhere All right. So far, so good we've come up to Temp I've got warm hoses. we're uh, we're getting a little darker. I Don't know if you guys can tell on camera, but we are pretty dark here.

So let's go ahead and begin the process by selecting the selector level to lever to process. Purge Once that's switched over, Oh yeah, look at that. That is our clean fluid going in. And of course that's our dirty food coming out.
and when this is done, we should Seafood on both sides. All right. Looky here. we've got a clean fluid clean fluid.

We've got a pressure differential amongst the gauges. We're at about 48 pounds here and we're 33 34 right here. The pressure differential indicates to us that the tank is now full and the pop-off valve has engaged and it is now bypassing so the tank is out of the equation. The system has been exchanged powering down, so all we need to do is just disconnect the machine and it keys left in it.

We'll disconnect our machine and that will conclude the transmission service. Now this right here is the part that's Mission critical. We've got to make sure we get that, uh, that line connected properly man. I can't even reach these things so far away.

One click if we do not get that line connected properly, it could come off later and again. Uh, destroy our transmission and that would not be good because then I Gotta buy a transmission and I don't want to do that. Let's pull these guys out. Set them down over here.

Very good. Yeah, we are spilling some fluid here, but I can wash that out later. I'm gonna pull my my paper clip out. We don't need that anymore.

Pull out our fitting adapter, toss that back on the machine, and then the other fitting that is on the line. We'll pop that guy out next on kicks. Oh it's spilling on me. Okay, our little E-clip is coming back in.

I'm gonna do this without uh without error and it's not going to fly off and get lost because that would be bad. Problem is I can't get my fingers anywhere in there. there's like no space I know you guys can't see. sorry.

This is not exactly a camera friendly operation. Okay, that's clicked on. Push the line back in, give it a good tug, make sure it doesn't come out, wiggle it a bunch, and then we can put our little plastic retainer back over that fitting. If the retainer doesn't fit, then the clip is not in properly.

The retainer's got to click into place. There we go, brackets back on and uh. I need to, uh, delubricate all my spillage here. Get rid of all that we don't want trans fluids dripping from the car.

Do we? Some professional, Spray it down, make it shiny? All right. Good to go up running out I Don't know. All right. let's get back out of here again.

Back to the cabin we go. let us restocking Z engine one more time and then we can check transmission fluid level creeping on in here. Yeah, breaks, restocked and again real quick. We check with utmost haste to make sure we're not spilling and we're good.

Lines are still attached, no no leaks. Yeah. Go and stick back out. Check the fluid level.

Where are we right? It's on the little on the low side. no worries coming back in with the funnel and we can add our conditioner package to the trans. No meniscus here. we're all out of meniscus funnel.
We're done with that. Let's give. uh, let's give this trans one more recheck. coming down, twist it in, lock it down, unlock it, pull it out and our fluid level came up.

Yeah, we're right about here at the top of the line. Good to go I'm happy with that. Fluid level's full, just need to check the oil. I Did order an air filter over there.

it's not here yet so uh so. other than that, we're all good to go here. Service is complete. We did what they wanted us to do, check some things out and I upsold an air filter haha Evil technician.

So uh, all that being said, I'm gonna go ahead and close this video out right now and as always I will do that by thanking you for watching this video. I Sincerely appreciate you being here, especially since you are in fact here all the way to the end since you are here all the way to the end. I'm going to assume that you like this video and if my assumption is correct, please feel free to communicate that to me effectively by tapping that like button down below. Drop me a comment or two while you're down there and please once again reconsider tapping that subscribe button.

That way you do not miss out on an opportunity on future content such as this. So again, and as always, thank you guys for watching and most importantly, do not forget to have yourselves a great day! See you guys later in! Cadillac SRX 3.6 Tran Service time for the after party. Let's go empty the machine special to empty it out after every single service. That way you know that it's empty.

Bring this guy over here to my waste oil drums. We'll move the cooling package from a Miata out of the way. You just stare right there on top of that trash can. Okay, so what we need to do.

Grab one of the lines, grab one of the fittings, connect set line to set fitting. Do this one-handed now. I'm just showing off down the hole, keep all our valves closed and then we'll Supply Air to this nozzle here that's going to pressurize the tank inside and it's going to send all of the spent use fluid out through that hose. Now all my valves are closed again.

Like I said earlier, if you were to try to do this or uh or perform it on the car and these valves are not closed, this thing will erupt like a geyser and oil will spew and spill out everywhere. Kind of like the time that we blew up the oil drain over here. Let it ride like this. High speed pouring things.

Oh I Made an error. big error. Select this over to bypass. now we're going.

It's all the spent fluid from inside of the can. see how it got darker, pressure boring things also fail. Enough of that. Living on edge, we'll let that ride till it's done.

See you guys later. End of the after party.

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  26. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Randy Fitz says:

    No new O-ring at A/T cooler/radiator?

  27. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars William Wise says:

    The cabinet of mystical potions😂

  28. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Stephen Gray says:

    Don't forget the oil cap 😢

  29. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Brett Emerich says:

    Ray,that Caddie got you is ,that just residual fluid or a leak . You are honest person you show everything.

  30. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars rollendewielen says:

    call it the funnel-bar ;))

  31. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Steve Hayward says:

    Meniscus – magazine

  32. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Steve Hayward says:


  33. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars JamesNunya says:

    The Lube Locker

  34. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Rony Hasan says:

    Call of the cabinet of revival

  35. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Robert -NE says:

    I would call the fluids cabinet the “Cabinet of Requirement”.

  36. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Doug Stock says:

    The cabinet of misfit chemicals!👍🏻

  37. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars John Shumake says:

    Tell us what happened to that mess the Cadillac made!

  38. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars TulllTott says:

    CC. Chemicals Cabinet

  39. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Casey Balvert says:

    Love your videos but quit screwing around and spilling stuff all over.

  40. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Andrew Harmath-Farkas says:

    ChemicalCabinet 😀

  41. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars William D says:

    Ray cabinet suggestion: Center of Fluidpihilia.

  42. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Chris Patrick says:

    The land of the liquids. Or liquid gold

  43. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars N6DL says:

    Flammable locker.

  44. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Ken Carlson says:

    Name the new cabinet "George" just to be different.