Who would have thought a simple tail light video on a Mini Cooper Could have turned into this? I didn't really want to post this because it was kinda of a silly repair but I thought you could at least has a chuckle at my expense 😅 This is what I get for dabbling in the Euro car side of things.
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Oops, Upside down right inside that Mini Cooper Again, we did such a fantastic job. Hopefully that push the second pedal. Now it starts. This guy must be one tall sucker because I can't hardly reach the pedals.

We did such a great job. They said that we need to look at something else again. the uh. they got a light out in the back like a marker later, a turning signal or something.

It's not the ball been told I told them I'm no Euro Car Guy Well have a look and if it's beyond my capability, you'll have to take to the BMW and have them fix it. They're fixed by the experts. Look on the marker lights. We'll hit the hazards.

You got a blinker there? We've got a blinker in our marker right there. That's interesting. I wonder uh that looks like an LED like ring or something there. let's put her in reverse foreign there marker light and turn.

All we have over here is just our blanket. Let's step on the brakes. must be the upper ball. Must be for brakes.

Looks like we have what we need there. And then there the marker lights. blinkers. Come on the brakes.

It's got nothing but I Got brakes marker reverse turn signal. We got everything on this side and that side marker but it appears on this side. We've got no marker, no reverse, no break. All we have is a turn signal.

Yeehaw Hopefully it's not some billion dollar module that's sitting under a foot of water. so I'm just looking at a diagram here. the left tail light. We know the ground's good because one of the lights works.

Um, so I'm curious. I See, it's powered by this footwell module. left side of left footwell ironically enough, has this module which seems to run light. It's powering the right one.

I Guess what we need to do? I I Don't know if these are all individual bulbs or it's a circuit board on that left tail light. Um, perhaps the best thing to do I Don't know if we can plug in a scan tool if you can talk to these things. I'm not sure how that really works like I said I'm not a big big Euro guy. Yeah, it says it's hooked a computer data line so apparently we can probably talk to it and see maybe that's got a whole bunch of circuit codes in it or something.

or if it is in the left foot. Well, the little I do know about Euro Cars it's probably sitting underwater I don't know much about them, but I know anytime there's a problem, it's always a module of sitting underwater. So anyhow, maybe let's try to talk to that thing. See what it takes to get this tail light out? Maybe do some checks there.

The way the customer explained, they put some bulbs in it so nothing works. Everything quit at once I guess so we'll see. we won't give up just yet. So plugged in I selected footwell module, we're gonna go through right hit codes I Didn't do a full system scan absent present and it says football module right Reversing lamp faulty left tail lamp one faulty left Side marker lamp faulty.

It's interesting because the right verse lamp actually worked I wonder what they have for uh, data in these things gonna uncover? Well um, side lamps, side marker lamps active test That looks like they've got a lot of things here. Let me, um, poke around in here and see what we see. It turned on for 15 seconds. Oh I see admission to please gotta hurry Oh yeah, look at that.
it does. It turns on reverse lamp and the marker lights around because we have the key animal that go off with us for 15 seconds and there it goes. It goes off so that's interesting. Okay, so that's something I don't know what it is, but it's something.

I've got the brake pedal depressor on there and it says output to right and left on and it does not show a short so that's interesting. It's almost like the the module is outputting. so perhaps perhaps we should just go back to this tail light. Maybe we just got some green crusty back here, you know? I Popped in the live data for what they call it.

Oh yeah, the turn lamp. Oops. see here live data I Went to turn lamp again. it's checking just for a short.

Must be uses like some fets or something because it perhaps it doesn't have fuse. Let's turn on these little guys. see what it says. Okay, so it's switching from on off obviously.

All right. So the piers that the uh, well I trade. Yeah, because that side was working for left, wasn't it? Okay, so it's kind of interesting. Seems like they're Daedalus They're kind of kind of neat.

so far from what I've learned. foreign reverser on over there. We should be able to go in this reverse lamp data list and it shows both of them as being a I Don't know if it really means anything but I Think this is a good indicator that it can at least detect a short circuit or over current my assumption. So let's go pop that light out.

So this thing pops out easy enough. One screw at the top and then just these little hooks down here and it is like a circuit board thing. Well, not really. not really circuit board, but I guess just metal tabs that carry the current down to the next bulb and so on and so forth.

But I'm wondering. kind of cheese dog. Chrysler used to do things like this. things were kind of junk.

I wonder if we unplug this I wonder if the other tail light is exactly the same plugin? Oh boy girl, you're crusty. Yeah, she's crusty. Let's see the crust tapping out of it. hopefully dropping out there like snow.

Well I tell you what, then let's see ignored by parts of these cars. Let's see if we have everything here we need. Um Left Right break reverse marker. So one of these gonna be a ground turn marker? Break reverse.

So let me. uh. let's grab that diagram. Let's just turn on all the lights again.

grab a test light and shove it in here. I Assume this brown one's probably gonna be the ground. it's a larger wire. We'll see and see what's going on there.

But yeah, these are pretty pretty gross looking. That's the diagram. We've got everything turned on and it says I need this because I'm 43 and I still haven't gone to the eye doctors but I'm gonna Brown is the ground. All the rest of them do something else so it really doesn't matter at this point.
We just know Brown is ground. Everything is turned on so we should have something. Okay, we got a turn signal, we got something there, nothing there, and something. let's make sure.

Okay, so we got something there. I'm just these are pretty big connectors so kind of easy to back probe. So that terminal which is gray, looks like gray with a red stripe. Maybe Uh, yep, gray with Violet We follow that all the way up that tags into something.

I Don't really know what because it goes into an unlabeled footwell module. but uh. regardless, it works. The reverse light should be blue with gray.

We know that so that one's on, it's in. Reverse This one should be on. but it's not. So that's interesting.

We don't have reverse. Okay, so that's kind of weird, but we have uh. yellow I don't know that yellow one goes through, can we Trace that somewhere? Nope, that goes to an unknown something in the footwell module. and then obviously we have our blinker, which we had before.

So what's interesting is we don't have reverse. We don't There's one wire here that's not working. and is it because we have a crappy connection? Okay, so we appear that we have no reverse light. We have everything but a reverse light.

We have some kind of marker. a break turn. We've got a good ground. We just have no reverse light.

I'm going to make darn true. I'm gonna hold my ground tight. go back and hold. we pierced nothing.

So the reason we don't have stuff is because of a crappy connection here. Chances are, if we plug this thing in and out because that connector there is pretty rough looking, we'll probably we'll probably regain some things here. It's by wiggling this. Yep, we don't have a blinker now.

But yeah, there we go. So we've got blinker, we've got break, We've got marker. We just have no reverse just by plugging it in and out here, seemingly cleaning up the connection, knocking the corrosion out of there. So look at that.

huh? Basically fixed, but no reverse light. So we're almost. We're almost done. I Wonder if we could clear the codes or if the codes go away? All right.

All right. So I'm going to leave that pierced not really pierced, but back probed into the reverse? All right. everything else is working. Let me grab a scan tool, pop back in our live data here for our reversing lamp.

you know, and it shows. It shows that you know it says no short circuit I wonder if we shortened it out if it can even recognize it short? Probably not because we have no power going back here. So here we are inside the vehicle and I Found the footwell module in the footwell as advertised. so pull back some trim footwell modules here.
it's not drowning underwater I got you guys just sitting on the seats. About the best place I can put you for right now, um behind right rear trim I Want to make sure that we have the correct the correct wire here and I want to find it Well I Guess it doesn't matter which it comes out of. Pin number nine, blue with gray and that is in connector 14260 x12460 which I don't I don't know which connector that is. There's three connectors on here.

What we're gonna do, We're gonna do it the old-fashioned way. So we're going to look for a blue with gray. so this has blue with gray right here and I'm going to see what that wire color is actually next to because on this here, it's right next to a white with blue. and that's going to help us figure out who's who, which wires which.

And then we're going to make sure that wire is continuous from here to the back. And if it lights up the reverse light, then we're going to condemn this footwell module. We've got this a T-pin It's that. bottom Row One two, three, one, two, three third one in very lightly.

Just going to stick that in there. Power Probe Okay, we have connection to ground. Okay, let me go unplug the tail light and see. that should go away if if we're right.

I'm at the back unplugging the tail light as we speak. tail light is now unplugged. That falls right in the world. We should have no buzzer now and no connection.

Good thing we didn't just shove power down that huh jerk lay in the right hole. Let's go here from the back side. One Two three. Oh, you know why this guy's an idiot because the other tail lights still plugged in.

Huh? Am I right? Because it probably feeds both of them. Diagram Other tail light: blue, Gray. Oh, it does not unless it's hooked up internally on that wiring diagram that does not show them feed in both. Let me just back probe that one.

Okay, so that's interesting. I Know that's the right wire because it is black with gray right next to a white with blue, black with gray right next to a white with blue and the other side I Do not see any other black with Grays or I'm sorry blue with gray next to white with Blues I see other Blues with grays but not next to white with blue. So this is interesting. Our diagram may be wrong.

There's a number one and number two. What's that mean? Let me just try to find the legend on here. Right tail light, left Tail light. Oh you idiot.

That's because I'm probing in the one for the freaking right tail light. You guys can't even take me anywhere. It's left tail light Here we go: foreign. blue with gray next to a blue with brown blue with gray Number 47 Let's try to find blue with gray.

Let me let me look and find the correct side because the right side we know works. It's probably in the other connector because that's the only blue with gray that I see right here. Let me find it standby. We're gonna guess because I can see It says right there it says 51, that's 20.
that's 19. So let's just count back because it says here: if this is right, that is in pin Uh 47 which should be technically open circuited. So 51 50 49 48 47 Let's just try this little guy. we're very likely going to probe.

It doesn't feel like there's anything there. 51. 50 49 48 47 doesn't even look like there's anything in that hole. No sir, there's nothing in that hole.

Of course it's going to be open. Okay, let me. uh, keep calm and carry on because this one only goes up to number 51. And I can see Pin 47.

That's 20. Idiot. Wow. Those Germans are freaking smart.

man. Look how these connectors come apart turn into a Euro shop at the end of this unless all these damn wires fall out. Which kind of suck. Oh yeah, it looks like this whole thing comes apart.

so we're going to be careful. Um, what's interesting is the rest of the wire numbers. So the numbers for this one were correct. Pin Number nine was the one for the right side.

So Pin 47, which fell empty which was that says it's 20. So it's supposed to be right up here. Pin 47 is empty. Pin 51.

is blue with gray. but what does that say that is here? It's not even labeled because just because it's not, this isn't a complete diagram Pin 50 is supposed to be. Let me just see if this color matches. Pin 50 is supposed to be black with green.

and it is. So Pin 50s black with green. So all the other pins match. Is this thing just not wired for a freaking left reverse light? Because the pin's empty.

It's completely empty. So now what? It's just gone. All the other PIN numbers match. You know any any other color I Look up matches here.

So let's just see. let's see Pin 40. Um see Pin 44 is supposed to be blue with yellow Pin 44. Blue with yellow.

Yeah, it's blue with yellow. Right next to pin 45 which is brown 44 Green with violet. That's crazy. All the rest of them match.

It's like the wire's just gone. So I tell you what. Um, according to this which we always stick with a grain of salt. left Tail light.

The blue wire with a gray stripe which we know is reverse light which we don't have is supposed to come out of pin 47. out of this connector which is blank. it's empty. The only blue with gray I see is Pin 51.

which is this guy here? I Threw our test light across the reverse wires back there. Oops, we'll go to feed test. you know I don't want feed test. We want Volts DC sorry we're going to turn our beeper back on I'm going to lightly touch that.

Let me go pull the light bulb out of the back, see if that's the right way. Look at that jerks. It's in Pin 51. is that right? or is that thing in the wrong? PIN Who would have moved that in a pin? I've got to assume that's correct because look at that.
we take it out. That's our reverse light circuit. Pin 51. Let me do some more poking.

Maybe I got the wrong dented out a diagram for 12 Cooper Clubman Not convertible. This is not a convertible. Let me look at the diagram for the convertible and see if Pin 51 is supposed to be the reverse lights. Maybe maybe that thing got freaking moved it someday.

I Don't know I Gotta try to figure this out all right. So I looked and when you look at just the reversing circuit reverse light circuit on the wiring diagram, it doesn't matter if it's convertible, not, it just has Pin 9 and Pin 47. So I don't know what to do I don't know maybe we could plug if we plug this in I Don't think we can get to it? Do we just move the dang wire and see what happens I don't want to send it Up in Smoke Um I mean according to my information that I have, that's what it is. it's supposed to be in 47.

Um, let me see I guess before I move the wire, it's easy enough to move. These connectors are freaking genius. This makes me want to be a BMW mechanic. Whoever invented this thing needs a hug.

uh in the Rays because after working on domestic crap, this is freaking genius. Um I don't know if I want to move it. It's odd that 47 is blank. Let me see if I can find an Oem diagram.

I'm not really good at reading track diagrams, but let me see if I can find it. and if everything says pin 47 removing it baby, we're going for it boys. I can't see any reason to not to. I Think something happened here at some point so we're gonna push.

it. Looks like a release tab. Let me hold up on that wire I think that's a release tab there if I should get my glasses on. Oh there we go.

It released so that's in 1051. We're taking that all the way out. We're going to jump over here to 47. we're going to slide that right in there so you clicked in if we're wrong.

If we're wrong, we're wrong. But according to everything I read I Looked on the OEM diagram which was fantastic and that showed Pin 47 and pin 9. this is not a the only one that was different was an S supercharged model something but this is just a club man and I'll be honest with you when I got down here to take this thing apart, it didn't look like anybody was here unless they were good because I didn't see anything broken. Usually if somebody's been into anything on a car that I work on that, the stuff is broken.

So let's you know there's no broken Clips on any of the plastic. but who knows, maybe someday at some point somebody was down here. but this would be a no parts required fix. It's this.

Ultimately fixes it. Okay, so everything's plugged in. Let me get the key. I'll get the key back in and we'll turn down.

We'll put it in reverse and we'll see if anything works. Oh Key's on. It's in reverse marker light. Actually let me stick this up.
What the frig? It's lit up red. That one's lit up right. Let me, uh. set you down.

the correct light is on. But did somebody put a red bulb in it? No, You know what. You know what this is. that's a rear fog light.

That's what that is. This one got a red tinted lens. This must have a rear fog light switch because now because that's our correct wire. but I bet this is some kind of European thing.

So now we need to move that back into pin 51. Yeah, because look, because now we've got our reverse. Oh that, that's a reverse. That's A that's a rear fog light.

This thing only has one reverse light. I bet that's what it is. Boys, let's go move that pin back because we frigged up. But it's good to know the football module in 1047 does work correctly, but only one reversely.

Wow. We had it fixed but we kept going. idiots. I'm such a freaking idiot.

It's kind of funny. What are you gonna do? You gotta laugh at it because I don't know I don't work on these damn things And then who was seeing the car with one reverse light? Are you kidding me? Hello anybody? I Didn't even look to see if that thing was clear just looking at the diagram. Man, we learned some things we learned. even though this car was wired correctly I would have thunk.

uh. Pin 47 in the footwell module still turns on to reverse light. If you wanna get yourself a different tail light for your Clubman maybe they make one with a reverse light. hack, move it from 51 to 47.

we're gonna come in here. No. I should really have my glasses on. I'm gonna see if we can't pop that.

oops I Just heard click back in I'm gonna pull that back out. put that back in pin 51 because Pin 51 obviously controls the rear fog light. however in the heck you turn it on. but this car only has one reverse light.

Oh my gosh. I Don't want to post this video. but I'm gonna because somebody else might make the same mistake I Doubt it. but I don't know where I'm gonna title it? Did you know Minnie only has one of their slate at least on this model, but there's that.

Now we should have everything functioning. uh, regardless of whatever codes we have. But let's see if we can turn on the reverse fog light. Okay, so we have all of our lights, including that reverse light.

Let's turn on the headlights. The headlights. are on. Okay, we got a fog light signal up there.

Let them back off on. Flick it up. What's it do? Okay, so if you just flick it, it turns them on and off. Do the front ones turn on? Okay, there's the front fog light.

front fog light. Do we have a reverser fog light or best fog light now? No, we don't I have no idea how to turn that thing on. So throughout all this, I learned something. Hey, look at the lens.

Uh, B The cars in America don't have the rear fog light option apparently. or at least this one doesn't. If it did, it would have a double symbol here. for fog lights.
You'd flick it up, turn on the front. You'd flick it down to turn on the rear and this doesn't have that option. Uh, unless I'm an idiot. but at this point it's kind of irrelevant.

But from what I've looked in service data and from what I've looked on, just the YouTubes and Googling The ones that have the rear fog light option have a double picture of a fog light here. and this one does have the indicator in there. so there's a green indicator. Then there's the Amber one.

when I shine a light in there, I can see it. but when I push this down, it turns this front fog lights on. Push it down, turns them off. Same thing if I push it up on off, on off.

It doesn't do anything except turn the front fog lights on and off. So I can only assume maybe that's a European option. Awesome! We pissed away a lot of time here folks. or at least I did I think we're all squared away now folks.

News and everything I don't let me put the brake lights on I guess Okay, now we have everything. We got blinkers, we got markers, we got the one reverse light and no fog like gosh. I Feel stupid. So ultimately what was the fix? Now let me tell you.

clean the crap out of the connector, put a little no Ox conductive grease in there, fix the wire that we poked and our head in shame, All parts back on it and go try to recoup all the time you just lost. Take it for granted being familiar with most of the brands that I work on. not a hundred percent familiar, but familiar enough to know to actually stop and look to see if the car has two reverse lights. And this is personally my fault.

No, this is all my fault, not partial. This is my fault because I took this out and I turned it over and we went right to the wires. We went to ground and then we went bang bang bang bang. Oh, we got one that doesn't work.

What is it? Oh, according diagram, it's a reverse circuit and not one time did we flip this over. I Don't think to look to see if this bottom one was clear. Who would have thunk? First time I Ever seen a car with one reverse light? These things are pretty interesting. I'll tell you that.

I guess that's it. So let's be a lesson to you folks. sometimes you got to slow down to go fast and some cars only have one reverse sight and a non-functioning rear fog light. Who would have known? We know.

Now you know I know. And we also know if you want to reverse light on simply d-pin pin 51, move it to pin 47, Go back there, cut the wire, mount a big reverse light on it, and Robert's your mother's brother. I Guess you could do that. So I don't know we could have this thing fixing out the door in 10 minutes.

but did we? No, we didn't because we went on a wild goose chase. but uh, this is one that's going to go into memory bank that I won't forget and I hope you don't forget and I hope you get a little chuckle at my expense because I'm going to put the video up still don't know when I'm going to label it. probably some clickbaity title to get all you guys to click on it I don't know. Whatever.
what I do know is I want you to go in. That comment and uh, leave me some kind of comment that cheers me up. You don't need to do that. Tell me if you've made a similar mistake where you've just wet this whole roundabout way only to find out that everything's working as it should.

I Enjoy reading those stories and I try to read as many of them as I can when you guys leave those in the comment section. So do that for me. When you're down there, find us on the NC the Facebook Remember that's not us on Tick Tock And if you find a guy, bring them to me. ten thousand dollar reward in one.

We'll do what we got to do. And just remember viewers. If I can do it, you can do it. Thanks for watching.

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    PMSL about 5 mins into this I was wondering if it was the same as my Jaguar XKR that only has 1 reverse light also.

    I thought mine was broken & lokked into it as it's an LED board not bulbs & being Jaguar would be expensive, when I got on the Jaguar Forums I found out it was working as it's supposed to LOL

  22. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars nschaad1982 says:

    Years ago I worked on a euro car that had symmetrical lights across the rear and one was out. When I removed the trim panels there was no wiring, socket, or anything. Just a dummy lens on the trunk on one side. That’s when I stopped liking euro cars…

  23. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Alaskan Wolf says:

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  24. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Timothy Higdon says:

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    If your not making any mistakes… your not trying hard enough

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    Rear foglights are a euro thing, very smart. But yes, that's what that light would appear to be. Kind of surprises to see the US model has it, but with a bulb even, but it has not switch. xD

  28. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars MARWAN A says:

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  30. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars John Marshall says:

    Living in UK I had to laugh as most cars only have 1 reversing light and a Fog Light at the opposite side … I think your video's are great and love to watch them i'm in the retired class and being an old Taxi driver I did all my own repairs …

  31. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Ellis Preston says:

    inpa for factory BMW diagnostics and control, ista for module tree to quickly determine bad k, d or bsd line. best part, software is all free from bimmergeeks. highly recommend a icom clone over a cheap k&d cable because then you can do fiber optic loop to the current g series enet

  32. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars James Caron says:

    Original defenders have one reverse light and one rear fog light. The fog light works though

  33. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars kaferere says:

    The dashboard symbol for a front vs rear Foglight is different. The symbol for the FRONT foglights is a picture of a Vintage Headlight facing left with three DIAGONAL light rays (stripes) piercing a wavy line (the Fog).
    The symbol for REAR fog light(s) is a picture of a Vintage Headlight facing RIGHT with three HORIZONTAL light rays (stripes) piercing a wavy line (the Fog).
    If your car doesn't have the dashboard symbol for front Foglights, your car doesn't usually have them.

    Front Foglights are usually an option in the UK and Europe, but can be standard fitment on some cars. They are not required by law. At least one Rear Foglight is legally mandatory, two rear Foglights are optional on some cars, and standard fitment on others.
    It even confuses some MOT testers in the UK. Two reverse lights and two rear foglights isn't much to ask for given the price of these cars.

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