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A little torchin', heatin' and beatin' the pinion popped right out easy peasy! Now it's time to give it a look and see if anything is salvageable. You might be a surprised as I was to see what we find out.
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What a mess my guy! So there's everything I Took and washed it up because I had to clean up I had to take a break and would you look at that? would you look at that? The pinion doesn't have a freaking mark on it I haven't done anything to it other than wash stuff off. You can still see the machined Edge in it. No kidding. Of course we didn't make it with the torch either, but that sucker was fused so I think we're in good shape in that regards.

Of course this bearing here still looks good. just kind of blows my mind. I do have to both inner and outer pinion bearings but I haven't taken it off yet I've gone through I wanted to check because we noticing with Star for oil. but I mean there's not so much as a mark on any of the thrust washers.

uh, both of the side gears I just kind of left them split out here so we could look in there. I could show you guys because I know you won't believe me. Good 40 cups. You know the carrier bearings are in good shape.

the races are in good shape. we clean those up and then I got after the housing with the parts washer. I'll leave it nice and dark so you can't see anything I Just drank the parts wash over here, you know. cleaned it off the outside, cleaned everything on the inside.

went ahead and looked at the wheel bearings. you can see all the way through there. Uh, wheel bearings are in good shape I Didn't see any scoring on the axle shafts I mean nothing if I didn't know it didn't have any oil in it I wouldn't know any better. So that's how I'm going to treat it because to see everything looks and feels just lovely.

Uh, if you want to clean out the axle tubes, get yourself a piece of pipe, put some napkins on the outside, push them straight through so you push all the junk out. We have an aqueous based Parts washer because it's New York and anything other than washing with water is Criminal I use uh once I get it all cleaned out and then I go through and blow everything out with a you know, half a can of brake clean. Get everything cleaned out cleaned up. but I do not see any any damage I don't see any.

You know the race didn't spin in the housing I see no reason to not proceed. The customers stopped in here about five minutes after I got the bearing cut out that's right over there in that mess I can't show you it's on the floor but uh, you know and I told them what I was thinking I seen a little bit of scoring both on the drive side and the coast side of this gear, but is that a result of you know normal wear and tear and 100 and whatever miles are on it? I'll tell you what I do if and if it were mine. Now this has kind of a funny look to it because our parts washer has a you know rusting inhibitor on it because it is water-based so it leaves it kind of Cloudy looking but you know the wear pattern and the gear looks fine. Yeah if it was mine we'd be doing the same thing I mean you can't see where the side gears you know, gouge up the pin or anything I think we're in good shape folks.

Before we go through the trouble of pressing on the bearings, we do want to take and make sure our race vehicle and the housing just fine which they should. So here's this guy's pole fella. So I look at that. let's say I bought.

oh we have bearings for us I typically do when doing pinion bearings. if I'm not going to reset the rear, try to stick to the same Brands and same everything so it's still a coil USA same same exact bearing ad from the factory but that's what that looked like and it's just kind of kind of nutso of course typically you have to you know, kind of tap these on. They do have a thousands or so interference so I'm not going to tap it on there but usually it's a classic you know, get a soft face Hammer Tippy Tattoo let's get a brass punch and we'll drive these things in. The customer came down and have a little look see he's not, uh, not mechanical so he doesn't really understand the words that were coming out of my mouth when I tell them about the bearing not coming out.

Potentially be catastrophic because that was The Mooring I Gave them is once we. you know once we go, we go here. Foreign. Plus you'll feel it in your wrist once you get your seated all the way.

There is a special tool from Ford to press them both in at the same time. Let's put in a few dozen with a brass punch. Does that make it right? Nope. it just makes it the way I Do it.

The main thing is, no matter how you're putting them in I Recommend the brass puncher. Definitely something soft. I'll use regular steel punch. You're probably just gonna break your opponent or chip off the end of it.

uh. Either way, you do it. The main thing is, it's got to go off. It's got to go all the way.

Foreign. This one can be a little tricky to start because it's way in there, but we get lucky once in a while. so long punch we got going the right way. Yeah, oops.

Got chickened out. Okay, you can sing yourself a song while you do this. Cameron man living on the edge, let me, uh, let me go grind that off because somebody's already coming and like you're gonna get here and you're probably right. It could hit me in the face now.

we got started. I think we're in all the way. Oh I was wrong I have to go sharpen it again. Oh no I think we're all open now.

she starts chipping off the brass. She sounds solid boys yes sir. kind of reasons all of that thing a little bit. Of course we have to vacuum on our brass and then if you want to know it's all the way, you gotta get back here with the feeler gauge.

And if you can get any feeler gauge with any size in there, you have not gone all the way. You have not gone to home base. We start second or third. I'm gonna get a little vacuum and suck that out.

We'll grab a feeler gauge and we'll give a quick little tickle back here. make sure we're in. We got our thinnest a uh .038 millimeters or point zero zero one five inches and uh, we're just going to come back here on the outer race. try to slip it in, can't slip it in on the bottom and you see up top cannot slip it in on the top.

she's really really flimsy. and then this inner race which I guess I think we just called the other outer race the inner race but this one here we're just going to try to slip it in. it does not fit there I'm pretty sure we're in all the way anyways, but when you can't see, you can't see, that's a really profound statement. Yeah, no sir, she ain't slipping in.

so we're tight ER tight I'm going to show you boys something what's up Memaw Taught Me is not the proper way to do this, but it's the only way. I Have good luck doing this I have terrible luck using a bearing splitter I Get them in here, rips the outer cage off, the inner race is stuck, and I can never get them suckers apart so we go back to our default. Oh Vic Of course we won't be animals. We made this far without ruining anything.

All right. this move's called Nick in the cage or is that I called the Nicholas Cage that's how I got his name. Truth to be told, the dad was an old bearing cutter from way back. oh I was trying to impress you didn't really work neck in the cage.

So now there's usually a shim under this bearing because this is how you're going to set your opinion depth which should have changed for us Brandon I Know there are tolerance differences between bearing manufacturers, but I don't have an entire shim kit here, nor am I going to wait to change this thing a thousandths this way or that how to use set of Gears So now that all the excuses have been said, we're going to try. you know, one two spinner roof where we swirl it around like we do our wheel bearings and see if it just pops off that way. If not, we'll give it the old schlit slit and a crack, but we'll see if we can twirl it and get it to come off. Nicolas Cage Probably my least favorite actor of all times.

I Don't know why I just don't like the guy I mean I like them like this I don't know I'm not like oh a Nicholas Cage movie? Yes I don't really do that with any actor who am I kidding, thank you. Maybe it's got to spin the other way. Go back this way. Yeah, we did it, so that's the easy way to do that in case you're wondering.

So Tada, clean off the smoke. Why she stink. Oh man. clean that lip.

Oh that's hot as a mother man who just heated that thing up with a torch. I'll clean this off and then we're going to give this some time some time to cool. which we've really got nothing else to do because we already cleaned everything I should have done this way back when. but I didn't want to go get the bearings and stuff off until everything was cleaned up.

We knew it was. You know, Well, it's all I almost did there am I right. We wanted to make sure everything was good to go. Now we know.

Now we wait. Well, it's not quite cool, but I'm out of patience. Take your old race. stick it on there.

Don't forget your shimmy! Thank you. Pop this thing up here. Make sure you have your bearing going in the correct direction too. I Guess we could have slid our press blocks up, couldn't we? Well, we can't Now we're almost there.

We're in the holster. So with me. Okay, here we go. Let me get my Jack handle.

Get your jack handle. Reminds me of a joke. I Can't say it because it's inappropriate. Before we go all the way, there's nothing we're doing wrong right? Nope.

Pink. Oh this race. we're going to give that a whack to get that design. There she is.

Brandy New! Yay! So we're gonna slide this baby up in here. Oh baby, we're not gonna slides up in there because you didn't put your crush sleeve on it fella. So slide in. just check see if it fits Crush sleeves only going one way.

Make sure you buy a new one. Thank you! Gingerly guided anymore. This is where the going gets tough. Idiot.

Didn't bring a big enough socket with you. Did you didn't bring a socket with you? Did you? Let me see. Standby is that a redneck word? Would you? Did you? It should be. Oh my goodness.

And that's how the bearings typically will go on there. So let's just get a very light tapping motion. Okay, and then it slides right back off. Um, so this point this gets a little.

This gets a little weird. Um, what I typically like to do is Crush down the crush bearing and have it really really close to being where we want to be or the crush sleeve. We do that without putting in the seal because I want to freak up the seal when I'm trying to do other stuff. Now there's a jig that you can put this thing all together.

Uh, you know if you're doing it the right way, but we're not. We're just doing an A way. so we're going to put our oil sling around there I think that's what they considered the oil Slinger I'd have to look back in service data I'm gonna stick our guilt back on. we're gonna get that started.

Hopefully see if we can't tap it enough to use the old nut. We did and this is where you got to save the old enough. not your new nut. This is your new one.

It's got the shiny white stuff on and I thought this guy saved freaking dropping right on the floor because this is amateur hours today. Very true. I Don't even know why you guys watch this crap anymore. Everybody else has a video on these.

It's 15 minutes long. Nope. I Don't like it just yet. you know Chris fix it when he did done in his driveway.

Hey guys! Chris Fitz Here today we're going to change the rear end using only a crescent wrench and some soapy water. Oh man, didn't that turn out great? Meanwhile over at SMA must be we ain't living right I Don't think living right has anything to do with it. so let's run this in a little bit. Boys, let's start taking the slack out of her.

Don't go too far. let's make sure I was gonna say let's make sure we're not going hard because of you know, frigged up threads. I Do want to lube the threads as we're starting to push things together because once we get done, when we start taking the slack out of it, you're going to turn hard I mean real hard. he's a little Molly grease in here.

my only stupid does anybody named the kids my land my new one Molly actually don't know many mollies. had a fish named Molly once foreign. okay I think we're coming up on the Crush Washer yes ma'am you know I know because it impact is done impacting. this is where the suck Factory really starts to kick in.

There's a special tool that you can use to hold the flange. Let me go get it. Nope. I forgot I don't have one so we're going to do it a little differently.

Possibly we can make ourselves one, but we're going to try a little something something first. Hey now like I said I just want to take up the main slap out of it. Then we're going to pop this back off and then you put the seal and everything and then finish getting our spec with just that little bit of just Boop at the end it makes that noise. It's like a bar up in here.

We don't want to slip and get hit in the face. Everything's stable. Oh, we got a little turn out of it. Another little turn I Don't want to be stripping out the pinion either.

There's a problem, All right. that's an awful lot. We gotta be close. Oh, we're super close.

so we just had that little bit of play right now. Let's give it just a little bit more. Hallelujah! it's crushing. It doesn't take a lot foreign.

Use our new nut and go all the way. so you just need a little Loop Just like so. So we're learning stuff together folks, me and you thank you. These videos that just seem to drag on and on forever.

Foreign lubricated. This is our oil. Slinger I'm going to take and wipe this off. So What? I Greased or what? I What I put grease on another way to say it was the splines and then of course the thread.

So that gives just that little bit extra. And I did look this up. it is the oil. Slinger So perhaps it is supposed to be kind of caved or convex? these depending on what side of the coin you're looking at.

So we're going to stick that like that. We're going to get ourselves a seal, pull our opinion out so it doesn't fall out during normal hammering and beading. We'll just leave that sitting in there. We'll leave that right there.

We'll get our seal and Hammer it in see if we can very gingerly get our seal started. Thank you Beautiful! The seal is already lubricated and now we're ready to go all the way. We've been going all the way a lot today. I'm gonna wipe off our ceiling surface here on our flange which I've already cleaned up in the first washer, but you want to make sure it's clean.

the splines are still lubricated. We're going to get our brand new nut with the white on it and it came. and you have to know. Like I said, you have to know which color these.

Those are folks. It's in service data, but if you're buying a collapsible spacer and a pinion nut, just use the white one I guess. But other than that, you need to know the production dates to know which color nut to get apparently. So if you're reusing your spacer I'm gonna hold that like so I'm gonna get that kind of tapped back around here.

Oh come on. Oh big enough hammer. We're not in the seal yet, so don't worry. Oh, you guys are just let you come over here.

that for you All right? I'm gonna take your new nut which I've conveniently misplaced already on my cart. There it is. I Don't like how that feels. Oh, there we go.

Okay, be careful about that one in the seal now. good Thor Okay, here we are folks. so there's that Now you're saying but there cool you're putting those bearings in Drive Service data was pretty specific about putting the bearings in dry, so we're not quite. We don't have quite to play out of it yet, but this is where you have to be pretty damn careful.

Uh, if you're going all the way because you can if you go too much, guess what? you're starting over Dude So we're gonna give it just the Smith we're going to pick just getting the play out of it. Thank you. So just those little tiny baby turns still has play in it. It's kind of a grueling process, but you don't want to go too far.

Once you've come this far, you don't want to go too far. All right now you're just let's go a little bit. All right. Took a chip off the concrete.

don't worry. ignore yeah, what a stupid video. Foreign. Oh, we're getting close.

It's still here. Just a tiny bit of Chuck a half a foul, half a thou in there. That's gonna be it. Let me tell you.

Yep. All right. so we're still spinning easy I Don't feel any Chuck in it. So at this point we're gonna continue setting the preload using our inch pound torque wrench.

but we need the rest of the rotating mass in there to measure that. So I think we had 10 inch pounds of rotating Force before lubricated of course. Um, service data says that the pre or the oil that they pack the bearings in is enough for setting preload so we're going to want to I'll double check. but I believe our preload spec is with the whole rotating.

Mass No breaks. Our bearing race is the same foreign, getting a little bit weaker, shaky, dehydrated to take a break, harass the help. Okay, be careful tapping in these ships. they these things break so easy.

Okay, if we can get it just right. I'm tired. but I'm tired I don't care. Okay, I'm tired.

we'll stay there for a minute. Okay, there's some stuff here. Oops, sorry I had to get my hose out of the way down all the way. On this side, we got off of little Kelly Wampus We got this side in a little too deep.

initially. Sounds pretty solid now boys. Some manufacturers have or used an axle housing spreader when they open this. tweak it just a little bit where they're welded in here in the plugs.

So we're probably back to our ten thousands or whatever we had. Um, put your caps on the way. they belong the way that you mark them. Well, we'll get Torx spec on those.

And then as far as you know, our preload on the carrier. None of that changed because we reused the Saint Bering Saint shins in the same position. Oh, this thing get zeroed out and we're gonna go 77. It tells us pound feet of torque.

we can get to the right setting here. Seven, 77. there's one, so it's not very tight, so probably not as tight as you think they should be. 78 and a half.

We'll just double check them off. They're all good. They're all somewhere between 77 and 80.. no sense in checking our backlash until we know what our rotating foot pounds are.

So let's finish that up. Let's see where we're at. And then we know that we've taken all the play out of the bearings. You know the sleeve is crushing, so we take it at that place.

So now we just need to set the preload. You know the pressure. Um, which that jumps up very quickly. So as you're tightening it now that we've hit zero zero lash.

once you eat a little baby tugs, it doesn't take much. Our spec was 16 to something 29 I think. But we're going to aim for say 20. adapter should be out here.

We use the sink clear like this. We'll stick our adapter in here, stick this in here and we'll see what our rotating torque is. Right now we're at. we're Zero, Five ten, we're just about 50.

Oh no. 5, 10, 15, 20, 25. Oh okay, you want to make sure it's cutting increments right here. So we are at right between 10 and 15.

So let's say 12 and a half. So let's give it just a little snug. We'll put a little more on it. Now if you're reusing bearings and your your measurement prior to taking it apart was higher than the spec.

I Believe you're supposed to go back to that value or if it was lower, you're supposed to tighten it to go to at least a minimum spec. Don't believe me though? read Service data. So we just tightened it. just a red one there.

so let's see where we're at. Not much change still. 12.5 if you want to put just a little bit of preload on it just because. that's a word we like to use.

A lot of people don't understand it, but we talk about it a lot. But bro, it's a pretty little band we got for preload. Bro it's like cam specs. you know, like I don't know.

Just go chop chop chop when it runs and we don't really know much more than that. Let's see and closer to 15 there so we're gonna have to give it some more. Okay you ready mother, You're gonna get to that point where you just went too much still at 15. I Quit.

Quit. We don't have it this time, we're quitting. Oh now we're talking boys. We are at just about 25.

Okay, let me show you now I can show you I was going to show you. let me move in. Show you. Oh if you can see it or not but a red needle there up at the top up where it hits the lake.

Packing this thing Cool. Super cool. She's old school. We're at zero and as we rotate a rotating foot, pounds of torque.

It's about middle scale so we're about 25 foot-pounds High spec is 29 low is 16. we spin steady. We're right about 25. Hallelujah We don't have our axles in yet, but that shouldn't make a ton of difference for us.

We can double check it with our axles in, but we're at 25. All right. Hallelujah So before we slide it in the wheel bearings I'm I'm going to pre-lube those. It takes a little while to get some gear lube out to the axles sometimes so I'm going to be error on the side of caution if you will and we're going to insert some gear lube, come out here.

I did put in brand new OEM seals and we're going to just make sure we've got axle grease in the tube here because we did push out all of the grease out of the tubes. I'm gonna do the same thing on the other side. slip the axles in thank you. A little stick on our C-clips like so.

I'll pull out that axle, pull out that axle. Let's find our hole around town. I Gotta get my axle pushed apart all the way. hey Eric yes ma'am I'm a little bit spring-loaded there I bet I do uh you and Josh can play carriers? put it in Josh's Bay Oh yeah, um, we've got to pull our axles out just so they're the wavy washers behind the let's go like this.

Let me show you. I'll show you a little trick you can do because we're hitting a flat parts. we're hitting the flat Parts here. Um, we'll find another bolt I haven't seen that bolt.

That kind of gives me some concern I haven't seen the cross. Oh okay. seven left. See if we can rotate this good past the flat spots and then push it in.

There you go. that's a little trip you tipped Friday for you. Hooray! Hooray! I Didn't clean this off I might go clean this off wire wheel Loctite off it. put some fresh stuff on and get her in.

We got it cleaned up. I've got the blue Loctite on there. Uh, what was that? 3 8 I believe. Yep, we got 3 8 right.

Should be wrench right here. I Did double check our rotating uh, torque value. It went up just about two inch pounds were about. uh, what was it about 22 inch pounds? Something like that.

22 25. So somewhere is in there. It hardly changed it all. It was insignificant.

Okay, there's that. Uh, we can check the back glass just for checking it. It should not have changed much. See if we can.

Where did we have our dial indicator on here before? It must have been right around here. Okay, we're at 10 right on the money and get to an even number. here. There we go.

Forty Five Thousand Fifty Five Forty Five Fifty Five Forty Five Fifty five. Sorry. 10 dial backlash. Uh, so exactly as we were, we could throw a little marking Compound on it if we felt we'd like to do so.

However, if our pinion depth had changed, our backlash would have changed, right? Yeah, But yeah, we could throw some marking Compound on it. Look at it. But I Don't think it's really going to be an issue. Um, your opinion depth wouldn't change, right? Yeah, Oh, I say we're We're happy.

we're good to go. Um, it is the end of the day. Let's get the covered glued on. A Prior to doing that, we will get these side bearings a little love if we can.

I Don't think we can hit the uh, see if we can hit the pinion bearing up in the drain up there. Put that back one a little love until we get it going here. Oh yeah, that's quite a job. All right.

Yeah, okay. let's go get it covered and get it glued on. Oh man, sounds like it's got the AK-47 tune. Um, we could get everything OEM except the cover, which kind of sucked.

we had to get that aftermarket. it's a doorman. Can't say if I had any real issues with them, but uh, their covers anyways. Let me be clear on that.

So we've got OEM sealant even this Motorcraft uh RTV some pretty great stuff. Let's see what I did there I Don't think it's actually made by great stuff. It works really, really well so we're just gonna put a thin layer over this baby. We'll spread it around with our finger just in case there's any imperfections in that cover.

Share your fingers somewhat clean. give it the old twirl job I Like to just make sure we cover the whole surface. Probably unnecessary, but it's what we do. It's our signature move Let's Get It On Make sure everything is clean I don't see any I didn't wizzy wheel but I hit it with a carbide scraper and get yourself a couple of bolts.

Oh, make sure you don't wipe off your Silicone bring her home. This is the nine Point whatever we're at 975 93 quarter I Think she might be somewhere around there. It's not the 8.8 it's next one up. Not a big rude differential guy I Already build them if we have to, but as a general I don't There's shops that specialize in it.

The shop is not one of them. I do have some Universal pinion depth gauges and stuff like that for setting up new ring and pinions. They're just a little time consuming as well and more often than not I can get a used rear diff uh, cheaper than we can rebuild them. or in some cases, if we're putting in a new rear diff with a three-year 100 000 mile warranty like from Jasper I can't I can't rebuild it for that price I can rebuild it, but it's going to be about the same price.

but I can't give it a three-year 100 000 mile warranty I'm only human man. All right, there's that. So now we need a ugly dug a gun right here. I think we had a 13 of them still and didn't take care of anything.

So it's gonna be out. Maybe it's this one. we're gonna put it on. Torque setting one.

Let's see where were we? There's the torque spec on this? Uh, we're gonna use cabinet sets. Let me go grab a ratchet. All right. Beautiful.

That's all done. Just use your noodle, not your actual noodle. but you know what I mean. So the hard part's done at this point, folks.

I've got to throw the rear brake rotors in. We're going to put the drive shaft in I'm going to clean up that flange, clean up the flange on the dryer shaft. Like that, put it and throw the rotors on. put the calipers back on, taking all that crap up.

Put the silicone solidifier for a little while. Anyways, at least before we. Pump It Full of oil and then that's it. Now we're gonna Pump It Full oil and we're going to take it for a little Shakedown to see if this thing's still screaming.

Uh, because it was hollering. Pretty good. Uh, it was quite noticeable. you didn't really have to get about 30 miles an hour and it was saying not today.

Uh, the guy claimed when I spoke with him earlier that as soon as it started making noise was the same day that he called me. He actually called me the moment started making noise. It was this noise and I told him swing by, told what it was and then you know here we are next day. So maybe that was the Saving Grace for this whole deal is the fact that as soon as it made noise, he quit driving it.

But by the time they start making noise, bad things have happened. I've never ran across that before. perhaps you guys have. Perhaps it's really common and I've just never seen it.

but I've never had to torch off a bearing off a pinion that was just so stuck that we couldn't drive it off, even by heating it. And then it didn't seem to ruin anything. So that was kind of weird. I half expected to say.

you know, once we had to cut it apart I was thinking, well, the pinion shaft is going to be junk. There's no way it's going to hold a new bearing or it's going to be all scarred up in there. or we're going to hit it with a torch or you know something bad is going to happen. But really, it didn't Other than getting that bearing off, it was a pretty easy job.

Wheels are on, the brakes are on. We filled it up with fluid and push it back. Put it back in park and hook the battery up. I'll come over here.

toolbox here. get the eight mil. Come over here, move the rag for the Sparks that baby up I Think this truck was a little bit too late getting the crown treatment guy bought it used and it's pretty rusty already. Open Sesame 103 388.

no point. tough it says yeah. bump our brakes I Didn't hear a big explosion back there so that's good There We have it folks. but dumpster I Just got to bring it inside tomorrow.

We gotta put the ladder rack back on it. um I had to take that off so I could rinse it up. Yeehaw. Well that's it folks.

Uh, opinion bearings in your Ford F-150 when it got run out of oil I Always risque. Um, should we have quit and just you know, put a whole different differential in it? probably? I don't know. Anyhow, we got her done and uh, that's it. Why don't you guys get her done In that comment section questions, Comments: explain it on the NC the Facebook You guys know what to do and just remember viewers.

If I can do it, you can do it. Thanks for watching foreign.

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    When he hit the gas, what's left of the fluid surged to the back of the diff, starved the pinion, and moved outward towards the wheels. And since he stopped driving it at the first sign of an issue, it saved the wheel bearings and everything else.

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