A classic story of when a simple pinion bearing change turns into an all day ordeal. Originally this was going to be one video but when I was putting it together it was way longer than I thought so I decided to split it up for you folks. Now let my misery be your entertainment.
Part II: https://youtu.be/1LFM298yopg
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All right folks, Class of 2011. it's the F-150 It's got the big 5-0 and it's got the rear end. just a screaming and by that I mean it sounds like the pinion bearings have gone out the rear end. so under acceleration it makes noise.

Let off it noise goes away so ran out over there on the alignment right after the rear end jacked up. Sounds like a noise off from the penny bearing, which would be pretty classic. Opinion: bearing noise. You're either going to make noise on the throttle or off the throttle depending on which way it loads the bearing.

you know when they're going to be loaded one during driving and wondering coasting. so uh, not too uncommon. So we have to pull the wheels off, take the brakes off, pull the rear diff cover off which looks like it's leaking anyways, and then um, slide their axles out, and then or prior to doing it, we're gonna get some measurements from it. We're gonna check our backlash, see what that is real quick, and then see what our rotational force is to turn the rotating assembly that way.

When we put our new bearings in, uh, we can set it up like it was. We're not going to be changing pinion depth or anything like that. We're going to put in some oh yeah bearings and I'm not going to go through the whole process to change it. You know, thousandths of an inch.

Usually we'll just set them back up exactly as they were. don't have any issues on it, so if you can't handle that, click on something else. if you can, come along all right. Here we go folks.

We're going to remove this noise suppressor. I Don't know from the factory if they have any Flats on them, but I Always just use a pair of connect packs. I Always pronounce the k because if you don't, people yell at you and then if you do, they yell at you. So I can't please anyone.

These things may have Flats on them. If yours is all corroded, just throw it in the trash. It's just a noise reducer. Supposedly it can absorb the harmonics like it resonated from the brakes.

I Guess so. I'm told then we're going to take the upper bolt out which these bolts don't come out all the way because they hit the leaf springs because it has the extra threads on it here. so it should come out and hit the spring. I Imagine it does.

So as far as that goes and then the bottom one, we can just use the air ratchet here to crack that loose. Clearly, it's not 10 anymore. It wasn't supposed to be an eight was it? Nope. Feels like it's kind of maybe a knife which is really weird or my 10 millimeter socket is getting really wore out.

Now she's pretty sloppy. That's very, very loose. Let me go get a 3, 8, and a nine millimeter. see if we get something a little better.

Yeah, three eighths a little better. still a little loose. Nine's gonna be a little too tight, but three eighths of this coach smaller than your ten? There's that one. We'll take the old pry driver, take some pressure off the Piston Get our inner pad to move here.
kind of work it up under these ears. Come on, we're close. Oh, it must be our bolts in too far. There we go.

That makes a lot of sense. If you take the bolt out, make sure you put it in before you put your caliper back on. otherwise you'll be sorry. So we'll stick that right there.

We'll stick our bolt to the side. let it hang my nose. I'm kidding. don't hang it by the hose.

Now we have to put the rear cover off here. Feels like 13. looks pretty wet of course. I Think he gets his truck sprayed with crown pedal.

We've kind of fluid film. it's none of the rest of the truck is this wet so probably has a leak gear somewheres easy there. We'll have to go find that one. It went full send on us.

It's got some wiring, harness, retainers here. Oh, let's see if we can get those off. We're going to be mindful of where they go. Yeah, not water dripping on that hose.

Uh, let's just take a picture of it. Got it? Sometimes that's the easiest thing to do I Imagine that we're going to end up replacing this cover because it's leaking when you're off here. cleaned up here. Foreign.

Otherwise, we would have just made a little scribe Mark here and we would have been in good shape. But I guess we could have done that also. Either way, Whatever. All right, there's that.

It's got like a washer out there, so we'll stick that one back in there very gingerly. So when we crack this loose, it doesn't hit the bucket that's full of gear oil and splash you in the face because that's never any fun. All right, we're gonna start. Let me go get a chisel and a hammer will rip that baby off.

And by chisel I mean straight through handle scraper? a nice stiff one. Oopsie Poopsie! Daisy Not a lot of gear oil coming out of that thing there fella. And this is why the pinion bearing puked. Oh so must be when they're changing oil.

the Jiffy Lube Giving them the 400 point inspection, they forgot to check part 401 because that was, uh, damn near empty. Awesome. Well, hopefully that's the only bearings that chewed up because those are the only bearings I bought. but there must be a pinhole rust hole or something through this cover.

You'd be surprised. Oh yeah, I mean look, you can see through it. It's so rusted, you can see through it right here. and that's that's just on the edge right there.

So it's got a rock hole straight through it there, so there's certainly must be a pinhole somewheres there if I let all the juice out. Not good. I Didn't see any part numbers fall out in the bucket here, so we're good in that regards. but it is an open carrier so no locking differential in this one.

No limited slip. I'm just going to kind of push out some of this oil. looks like the freaking Tin Man Down in this thing. Surprisingly though, driving it uh, all you hear is bearing noise.

only was it on acceleration I think it was where I told you the first time. That's what I'm going to tell you again. that way you don't think I'm lying. so there's that.
uh I did leave the vehicle in neutral We're not gonna pull the pin out just yet. we can rolling around town. there's our pin or our Bolt wanna get a wrench for that according to the paint marks his virgin I Don't feel any excessive backlash. Uh, we're gonna have to get a measurement of the whole rotating assembly, how much pressure it takes to turn, how many foot pounds of torque it takes to turn it.

So when we set our preload on our opinion, we set it up the same as it was. I mean just make sure to see if there's any up down slapping them carrier bearings here which I don't feel anything, don't see anything and don't hear it. Let me go, change my gloves and we'll get after. it was some stinky steak I Can't take the drive shaft out of it.

There's one. these are 12 millimeter, 12 points spin that around. A lot of times you have to heat them if they've never been out because they'll have some of the Loctite on it. Give her a few I'll get Dugas it will eventually come out but make darn tree.

Got a good fit in 12 point socket boys I like this I don't know what it does but we we'll just do that drive shaft some All right let's go get some heat. This is the gas will get you where you need to be Huh? What? pop pop tell you I Thought it takes just a little bit of heat. He didn't beat it. Get a little crack in there I Thought we're super close.

come on, come on. you're embarrassing me if you feel so inclined to do so. Uh, definitely a pink Mark for it. But I'll tell you right now it's not balances and assembly of the factory so it really doesn't matter.

She turns nice and easy. I Don't feel like playing. Let me get this drive shaft out of my face. Zeros out here.

So we're gonna check just how much how many foot pounds of torque it takes to rotate this which it feels like almost none. But we're going about. let's see this increments of five I think spec is like 16 to 30. I'd have to look it takes about 10 inch pounds.

That's where this bearing is is currently. so you have to use an old style um, you know, dial style or split beam I guess um, inch pound indicator. But yeah, it moves up to about 10 10 to 11 inch tone. So we'll write that spec down.

We'll see where our backlash is at. I Do believe web check service data: A lot of times a rotating Mass is measured or the rotating Yeah. I guess inch pounds of torque it takes to rotate the candy and it's typically done I think with dry bearings, brakes removed I'll double check in service data I measure them essentially pretty much I'm going to put them back together I'm going to lube the bearings I'm not going to put them in and out a bunch of times I did buy us two Crush washers in case I screw up because that happens. Um, so let's check our backlash and then we'll write that down and go from there.
Is that ring here? Let me just get it everywhere. it needs to be. Get this right at Zero. Yeah, we're gonna cheat a little bit and we were not doing math.

Oh, it's fine. Anyways, I think we're let's see here. Five. Oh perfect.

So we got about ten thousands backlash preconsistent. I'm just hold an opinion checking a couple times so we got about ten thousand so that's probably in Spec we can check. Let's just take a second break down our respects before we tear it apart. So let's see.

So our rotating our pinion bearing preload until 16 to 29. this back we had 10. works here 10. inch bounds and then, uh, differential gear with elephants.

Backlash: it's 8 to 12 and we had .010 inches so we're good in that regards. I'm not really worried about any of the other measurements in it I Didn't feel any play in those carrier bearings so this does not have a locking differential. We're not going to measure ring gear run out, so we should be. We should be in good shape for the shape we're in.

We know what we need to know now. So let's take and Pop That carrier out of there. take our dial indicator off. We'll see, keep that out because we're going to need it again anyway.

So we're going to pop these caps off. but prior to doing that, put a few marks on that you can identify. So I'm just going to put a prick there and a prick there. and then there's a prick.

Here's a double prick. all right. So we know who goes where and what side goes up. These are line board as an assembly.

You know when they're new so you don't want to go mixing up your caps, that's for sure. Well, you'll have to have it re-line board and who does that? nobody? What do we need? We put it on the right size. Nope. Let's go get a right size socket and get it ripped down.

Oh damn it. Oh yeah. First track: grab the big foreign, take the axles out. Good thing these videos are for entertainment purposes only.

so you're gonna have a heck of a time getting that carrier out with your axle still and you're going to pry your little heart out. But don't worry, we're gonna stick these bolts in that one. Don't even go back in. Ah, let's see this.

10 mil. Oh, it smells so awful. It smells so well. There we go.

Now we're cooking on fire. These do a little lactate on we gotta careful. You don't want to break off one of these crossbows. trust me.

I've had to fix them for people. if it's not coming out real easy, a little bit of Heat spray it with some mapped gas acetylene. Anything you've got. Break the lactate loose here because we've got a drill.

a little sucker out there painting the Hulu You can do it because if I can do it, you can do it. Now we go about getting the pin out there fella. Oh, we should try it like a tiger. Oh, this ain't good, not good dude mother.
Pearl Well, let's uh, spin it this way, see if we can give it a little Tippy tap I Need something to tap right here? Let's use our center punch because that's handy All right now. we're hitting the pinion so we'll bring it around again. See if we can't get a hold of that little guy I should just tighten it. That's all we're gonna have to go wash all these parts in the parts washer and have a little close examination.

Looks good for my house. What? I can see. Roll it around, push in your axle, and then reach up in here. grab your clip.

there's one you guys probably can't see crap around here, pushing the axle, pushing up the other clip on that other clip. Come join the party. It's a little clip party and this and that, the other thing. and then we're gonna slide your axles out if you want.

Just leave them right in the rear diff for the type in. so slide that out leaving this kind of hanging you guys can't see, but they're out here in outer space. just kind of hanging out. Now we can take our caps off.

Make sure you mark them, you'll be having a life full of regret if you don't Regrets be awful awful Life To Live You don't have to guess unless somebody else already marked them. who knows from the factory I Don't even know. Now there may be shims I Think there probably is the lease on the drive side of the gear or the carrier, so let's see if we can. Very gingerly.

Oh no petting here. Let's go get a bigger prying apparatus. Oh, usually you can get her to just pop a little bit. You're in good shape this one.

It's not like the pipe. I don't have a giant pipe bar I'm just pushing in here on the spider gears but usually rag hole. Wow, she's gonna be one of those yeah, tough guy huh? All right, let me get a bigger bar. Well it feels good.

bigger bar. we're gonna see if we can't get it to just you want to be right here with it because once it goes there, she goes all right. So we do have spacers on both sides I have something to be mindful of hey, which side to go on and B don't drop these on the ground. These are cast iron.

As soon as they hit the ground, they shatter. So be warned. and if you do it, don't say I didn't tell you so if I was there and you did it, I'd be like I told you so. and now if I do it I'm gonna feel like a real tool and we'll have to delete this entire video.

Be careful how you're prying on too because you can also break them. How do I know that? Well, let's just say I know I've seen a guy I might even know if he's done it before. This one's not coming up and out. Don't mix these up either boy.

So this is the left. I'm gonna set it on the left. so I can mark it. This one is the right side so that's what they look like.

I'm gonna set that on the right side until I Mark Yeah, I'm gonna go set this down as heavy as a mother. you're not all Heavy Mother's Day you ever picked up a mother Abby What doesn't sound real terrible now? Does it mister? So far so good. Besides everything being Gray I Haven't seen any damage yet. of course we're really going to have to give it the examination a fro full colonoscopy.
This thing's getting. It's done to Stern because when they run out of lubricating juice. not good, not good at all. Chrome Socket impact.

You've seen it here, folks. Now here's the other thing. What color is that nut? It's white. Why does that matter? Erica Because it does.

According to the surface data, what color is your nut depends on if you're reusing the crush sleeve or not, which we aren't we'll get a bigger hammer. I'll use this baby. She should work. What are the odds of that? The Jaws are actually what we needed.

We didn't have to move anything, just flipping around the toolbox. get rid of the beans. We don't have a protective sleeve over our opinion, which might be silly, but let's just give it a little push. It shouldn't come off too hard.

Foreign everything here. so you're just doing a pinion seal. You would mark this in relationship to the pinion in case it's not machined. you know perfectly across the back and we put it back, ideally in the same spot.

Keep that in your mind. Also, a lot of stuff to keep in your mind. Go borrow a French screwdriver. or is it crusty girl? Crusty? There we go.

Foreign. Get right after it. Everything on this truck is crusty. Rusty Yeah, the look of this thing's just disappearing.

Let me get up in here. Give her one of those. there's that spacer. Come on out.

Pay attention what way it goes. It's convex or concaved. depends on how you look at it. This bearing is blue boys.

She's toasty. This washer shouldn't be convex or concaved. I Guess it depends on how you look at it, doesn't it mister? Well I'll double check I Don't believe that it really is, but this bearing. You can tell she got roasty toasty up in this joint.

Wait till you see this boys. you may or may not be able to see it. but these are a couple shades of blue. here.

It looks like it's been colored case hardened if you know what I mean looks like one of them. They're fancy lever guns. so I think that's our culprit. Uh, let's do this.

Let's put a nut up on this joint. Thread that little guy on CE The clutch move right there. If I ever saw one, there's that thing freaking fused. That bearing might refuse straight to this pinion because that feels mother loving solid like as a rock and we've given this thing no backlash whatsoever.

Not cool, my guy. Not cool at all. I Tell you what, let's do this. I Don't know how to handle this situation.

Never been down this road before. been down a lot of Roads All right I Wanted to run her all the way home. Let me go see if I've got a junk inch and eight socket. I don't got this one and another one so let's try this.
We're gonna do a little bit again. What just made noise? dude. I Don't think we have any backlash. Oh, it's one of the breakups.

oh mother, that was my head. Um, Craft Biscuit. What do you do fella? We try to bite the snake that bit us. we try to give it a little.

Heat I'm guessing I mean it's the only thing we can do. We'll heat up this inner race and then try whacking on it because we've literally we haven't moved this opinion at all. No. I don't feel any backlash or any you know run out of it.

whatever. In and outies all right. Unless you guys got a better suggestion. light this candle.

Handler Oh Brooks you have America right here We got that America heat up. Just the bearing rights there. No idea if it's gonna help down, please. We've got an absolutely nowhere that's freaking nutso is it warm and it's pulling the heat out of it pretty quick? I'm about ready to go take my sweatshirt off.

That's when he knows it's about to get real good. Ness Oh, he's a smoking. We're not joking. Foreign.

Oh sweet baby, there ain't a liquor plan. We ain't budge that thing one iota of an inch. What? The Offspring Oh new books I don't know what to do I know what I want to do I want to push the little lever on Vic it makes some Sparks Fly Boys, the inner bearing can't be holding us. obviously it's just this outer one oh coil USA it says what do you do, what do you do Erica what do you do? Kind of difficult to cut well I'm gonna keep trying this method a little bit longer and then I'm going to have to call the customer the dreaded call from the mechanic and tell them ain't got no oil on it I might have to get destructive, but it might be catastrophic.

You're pretty crusty anyways. but I try to make excuses for myself. Just when life gives you alignment, make lemon meringue. That's what they say.

All right dudes. I'm giving up at this point I've literally had this thing blood red I mean we're putting off too much heat here right now. Um, it is time to make the call because we haven't even loosened this coach and you know how small Scotch is. She's pretty hot right now as you can see I'm curious.

bearing races break pretty easy. You know? can we come at it with an air chisel? obviously? face shield, blush, protection shield, air chiseling and crack it to release the tension? Perhaps that's a try at this point? I Need to call the customer and say do you want me to stick a seal in it and park it outside for you or we got a cute are we going all the way Folks At this point folks are going to want a blast Shield You're going to want to cover up your juggler. Trust me, we're gonna give this a go. No idea if it's gonna work.

We got everything on well, kind of. Well, these ain't really working. Let's use these ones All right. Cover up your jugglers so you got a fresh Edge Say a little prayer folks.
thank you. Foreign. Not a metal or just or a machinist or anything. All I know is they're hard AF and they usually usually will crack.

Let's try something different about ready to hit the fighter flight button here. What do you do when you're backed into a corner like this folks? Um, but it's super risky torching it in here I was a part of the race that's going to be hitting just the race. It sucks because it's all apart. Let's find out the housing junk.

anyways. Well, we have no choice I know there is a million suggestions floating on the comment section, but mine do. at this point we're past this point. I Still like reading them though because I mean if we have, you know, throw a chain around it and a bottle jack up here to put pressure on it.

That's a possibility. Boy that could get stupid real quick too, you know? I've made the executive decision Nick's got me out a lot of jams here in my life. I'm a lot better with torch than almost any other thing so we're gonna just chip away at it a little bit see how things work. see how bearing races are tricky? they're real sparkly and then we're just in the race so we've got cool off the race because we don't want to get everything smolder and hot.

it's just the bearing race that I've got hot there and then we're gonna take and chip out our slag so we can keep seeing down the same hole. Does that make sense to you? Let me get my blast. Shield Back on and then we're going to chip out this slag right here. A little bit of slag I mean most of it should fall out.

see if I got a screwdriver out here still. I'm gonna take you guys through the Journey the journey. you don't make me swear. All right.

So that's part of the outer bearing. We got a cage I Just want to make sure that I can see good. We want to get rid of parts of the outer bearing because I want to see just the inner because I don't that you know. obviously what you don't want to do is Nick the pinion because it may still be good.

We don't know, you don't know I don't know. Yeah, we're too deep in the whole minute. So what? I was just burning up right? there is the part of the bearing itself, the ball bearing, the actual marriage, the roller part of the bearing in case we're all not clear on that, wants to get out of the way so I could get enough room in there to, um, concentrate more on the inner race. but with that rate, my waves affecting my torch.

get rid of some of the slag here. If we get this out, we'd make my poppers proud. My dad was a big torch guy. Okay, maybe that's where I get foreign.

all right, good looking, what you got cooking and just periodically throughout our process here, see if we get lucky. that's a big fat. no problem is, man, we're getting close to that opinion. She pulls the heat away from the torch and when it's deep in a hole like that, it's very difficult to cut.
This is good chance. Thank you. My dad lost screaming at me if I was using his torch and it was popping and snapping I wore two hearing aids but you'd hear you a cop on a torch tip all the way across the shop, you know? I Had to refill my safety extinguisher here. We'll come back.

You stand by and back boys. Frick I Got this wet. There we go. Foreign here is besides everything, what potentially could be the problem.

So anybody who's anybody who runs a torch who's caught a nut off a bolt, let's say you're cutting a nut. Awesome threads. Not a big deal. You can cut a nut right off the threads.

You never. You never touch the threads. easy. You learned that in week one of quartz.

cut one on one. However, the risk we have here is if the pinion is indeed bonded to the bearing. There's no air space there whatsoever. so that's the trick.

That's how you can cut a nut off a bowl is there's air space and the heat doesn't transfer rapidly. this may transfer heat. so I'm being very Ginger every time I get near that pinion because it'll suck a line right down that sucker. So I'm Gonna Keep Kind of just babying it here.

So I see an airspace which I'm not seeing that which I'm pretty sure I probably should have because if you're looking through dark glasses, man, you'll see it boy. As soon as those two pieces of metal, as soon as you cut through the one and start to get in the other, you got about a half a second to lay off the trigger. You guys know what I'm saying. The guys that know him know the guys that don't wish they did.

But if you haven't spent any time behind a torch I'm just might as well be speaking Greek to you unless you speak Greek then you're like that's not Greek Okay, this is the outer part of the cage and getting to where I can see more of what I want to see should be another bearing piece coming out here, there's another bearing piece. we're getting to where we can see what we need to the meat and the potatoes. Slag out of here. there's another roller here I'd like to get out there.

it is now pop pop can see I think we've got us a big enough hole? Yeah, I'm thinking opinion's probably going to be screwed. not from us nicking it. which we may do which. a Nick is fine.

but if that bearings, you know if that thing's spun inside the bearing or something or the outer race spun in the housing. Everything's junk anyways, but we're committed. Thank you Foreign I think I saw the cut over I think I solved the Gap but just barely one little tiny spot. at this point we're going to cool her down.

So like I Say it once. both pieces of the teeth the same temperature forget about, you're gonna cut right through both of them. This is like Torching Extreme 201 boys Welcome To Hell Oh you fat pig. Oh is she going? Yes sir.

see. So all you gotta do is just tap your bearing off. Okay, easy. Oh, you mother love it.
Freaking son. Foreign same way I Think it's a cockeyed. That's a problem. But now we have airspace now.

we will prevail. Some accident wasn't opened all the way. Now it's boys. got it.

So that's how quick you want to do it. How cool your jets fella. So it's an easy job. You can do this one in your driveway with this.

Mavericks Basic DIY Tools Okay, oh, anybody tell you any different? Can we all just, uh, turn the camera off here for a minute so we can flip this thing the bird. Go ahead everybody. just do that. your screen right now for me.

Grab it on the inside. Foreign. We can drive our bearing race out. We gotta get both in and we'll get a punch.

Why does every job in my life turn into a freaking four hour ordeal? Huh? This one's not even rust related. You know what? I mean This might well be a Florida car. Bingo was his name. Oh there's that one.

Well, we need a longer punch in the airsoft. Everybody's happy I Didn't take a break I Gotta pick up my tools. So I freaking mess. This place is like seriously big freaking mess.

I'll match my guy So there's everything I took and worst it up because I had to clean up I had to take him.

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  15. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars james haliday says:

    hammer too small ,cant gat torch in side diff housing ,very easilly nast bussiness c new gear pinion oh yeah @ trouble .cromwell

  16. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars james haliday says:

    heat housing ,cool shaft ,co2 ive seeen ecsevive heat fail on bearin weld tha race too shaft ,cut off with torch/grinder.yeeha have ya driven a Ford lately .

  17. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars james haliday says:

    its a Ford keep that in mind ,…..Im just sayin……….ahhhhhh put in a old 9 inch and weld on new back plate for brake ,to hell with those ford 8.5 or whatever chinesium their sellin now I got one yay.

  18. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Colton Kruse says:

    Laughed so hard at the end. "All you gotta do is gently tap your bearing out." After an hours of heating, torching, cutting, beating, smacking, cussing.

  19. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Adlibrium says:

    I dare say you made your Poppy proud, although you probably do that nearly every day

  20. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Jeff Kosiba says:

    Always mark the prop shaft to axle flange. It may not be balanced as an assembly but it could be “match mounted”.

  21. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars joe costU says:

    People neglect their vehicle and then why is this so expensive

  22. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars jimmy1life says:


  23. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Nigel Nevison says:

    You really know why it was a swine to get off???
    There was no blood just sweat an tears .

  24. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Dom's coins says:

    Time for big nasty hammer time!

  25. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars dave chesna says:

    Rolling resistance is the namo. I get uneasy at that point. Nice.

  26. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Supreme Dictator says:

    IMO, you'd have had an easier time with it using a "tool" to hold the socket on the pinion gear, instead of your hand, and then taking a full-swing 10lb 3' sledge to the thing after heating the pinion gear prodigiously with the torch to try to expand the bearing a bit. There are few things in the world that will put up with a 10 lb sledge hammer.

  27. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Syd Syd says:

    Those sound suppression devices double as ear buds!

  28. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Kenneth White says:

    Dude where’s the safety glasses?

  29. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Kenneth White says:

    Break out the ole smoke wrench!

  30. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Larry F says:

    Co2 fire extinguisher. Cool pinion. If that doesn’t work, off to your favorite down the road in the ford f150 isle.

  31. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Awesome Life says:

    Torch is mandatory on those.

  32. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Susan Henderson says:

    Did literally hundreds of these over the years, never had a pinion hang like that, normally a nice easy job

  33. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Ben Kanobe says:

    Cold quench it by cooling the pinon with ice water while the bearing is orange.

  34. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars jeffery warburton says:

    what rhymes with Wilber?

  35. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Dave Reeves says:

    It's always a good time when the gas axe has to come out.

  36. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars nelson glass says:

    Could you could have drill it enough to break it?

  37. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars web bs says:

    Jewelry torches

  38. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars web bs says:

    Need a point

  39. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Andy Gotting says:

    Oxy is always good, things can’t be tight if they are a liquid

  40. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Beast says:

    That came apart with no trouble at all.

  41. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Thierry Dubuc says:

    Solution to jammed pinion bearing : Heat followed by Big Nasty !!

  42. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Tracy Ogden says:

    Better replace all Bearing

  43. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Tracy Ogden says:

    This is why every time i work on my Ford it looks like my tool Box spitup every tool