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Go WAY back to Part 1: Worst Engine Ever!! Chrysler Destroys Itself on Startup!
Part 2: Testing for BENT VALVES! Teardown Chrysler 2.4 2010 PT Cruiser
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Hello everybody Good day to you! Welcome back! Glad you guys are here. We are returning to this Uh project. Uh PT Cruiser I Ended up buying this car cuz it required an extensive amount of services to uh put the engine back together uh what had happened was was the timing belt uh on this engine broke and uh they were driving when the thing broke and what it had done is the valves were contacted by the Pistons and it bent the valves so we pulled the thing apart actually Dave did I barely did any work on it Dave pulled this thing apart. Um, we sent the cylinder head to the Machine Shop They put a set of valves in it, did a valve job, they decked the head like 12,000 or whatever to make the the head surface flat.

We've got it all put back together and I Went to go and start the vehicle yesterday and this is what it did. beginning engine staring sequence now at 95,3 2017 Mi It doesn't do anything not a zero zip. It did crank earlier a couple times and then it stopped cranking and look what we've got here. we've got the uh the red security Illuminator of death.

So what has happened is this car thinks that it is stolen and it does not want to run I I don't know why I recall when I had this car when we first took it in it used to crank and now it does not crank and I know that used to crank because we were getting uh, we had to take compression on this thing and we were able to get compression numbers by cranking the engine and it's it's no longer doing that now after we put the thing back together. Um when I first went to start this, it turned over a couple times, fired up for like half a second, shut back off, and then never cranked again. So we are going to find out why. We're going to go ahead and pull up Chrysler in our scanning device here and we're going to see what the dealio is with this Uh engine.

Not wanting to come alive? It does. It does nothing. So what we've got is a 2010 Chrysler PT Cruiser We're just going to select automatic ID We have a problem. the year detected the 10th Vin 7 does not match my selected A.

So this thing says 10th Vin should be a seven. Why do we have a VIN mismatch here? Hang on. let's check our sticker. Let's see.

So our sticker is telling us it was manufactured in 12 of 09. So that is a 2010 and then or vin says 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 f is that seventh bin they asked for. that's Vin F and this one is saying oh 10th fin, 10th fin I need number 10 so we're going for f is 78 9 10 that's Vin Alpha that's what we're looking for but on the scanner it's telling me I selected Vin 7 it's whatever I'm just going to hit continue and see what it says. So we've got.

There's some kind of error going on. This thing is not happy. Yeah, it says 2010. Let's try.

Let's try an' 07 Automatic ID Cables connected, linking up, establishing identification. Something's wrong I Don't know what it is. Okay, it's not even wanting to think about communicating with the scanner. All right.

trying it again. Let's pull up I Shut the scanner down, turned it back on. Let's try this one more time. Automatic ID You had better or it's not working.

We're going to ignore you one more time. See what it does? All right, it's going in and it did not autop populate but it's asking me for the fifth Vin and that indicates that this is a PT Cruiser it's a y Vin There we go. 2.4 L Sure, why not 95317 Mi on the odometer That is correct. Uh, VIN Number 3 Alpha 4 FY blah blah blah 0962 Okay, we're going in here.

Let's do engine codes real quick just to see if the ECM has any Dtcs. We'll have to go through all the modules: potentially Invalid Skim Key p0513 Invalid skim key Interesting. Let's hit the what did everyone else do button that's going to pull up the Snap-on Network and that's basically where. Uh, it's got testimony and bulletins and confirmed actual fixes out in the real world that we're able to solve that problem.

Um, this is not going to tell us why that 513 code is there, but it's going to tell us. uh, a little bit of information that could potentially be insightful towards trying to diagnose our own car here waiting, continuing pulling up satellites, linking up and outer space. Wi-Fi Ina Ction come on, still a cloudy day outside. Maybe that's got something to do with the uh, the interwebs not working and it's weird.

We have all this technology now and it only works partially. Kind of like Back to the Future too. You know where we? We've got all these cool advancements designed to make life easy, but uh, it doesn't work I Don't get it. Environmental data.

Why do we have environmental data in a PT Cruiser uh, skim key invalid. I Don't think it's going to pull up shore track with that uh, that trouble code downloading? All right? Too much time has passed. So we've got a skim key issue: the skim system. and I forget the acronym for Chryslers but that is their security issue.

so that confirms my original suspected uh situation where I believed that security was keeping us out. Uh, let's try to get into the skim module and see if we can't see any other data here now. I Know this thing used to crank cuz I saw it crank too stocking the engine. Okay I don't know.

This thing doesn't sound that healthy. Sounds like it has no compression on I'm little stumped on this occupation class classified module. It doesn't even have a skim module. Okay, so let's do this.

We're going back into ECM We need to figure out what's going on here. I I I Can't believe that a dead battery shut this thing down. Oh there it is. Let's go into generic functions: I Want to see some identifications here? I Need to? We need to verify that we have the right stuff here.

Uh, let's go into Oh VIN number. There we go. Let's let's verify the VIN key on engine off. Yep, Obviously all right.

So our scan tool is giv us a VIN of 3 Alpha 4, FY 48, Bravo 17, Tango 62 0962. Okay, that is the VIN number according to the scanner. Let's compare this with our VIN on the vehicle and uh, we have an issue here. Look at that.

This one says the last four 0962 and right here we've got a 2339 so that is a VIN mismatch. That's not okay. Let's check the VIN right here under the dash 2339. Again, you guys see that.

Yep, 2339. So the VIN on the car and the VIN on the dash are not matching the VIN on the ECM. This is a this is a problem that is our ECM right there. Let's pull that thing out and see if it's got the correct bin printed on it or not.

There should be a sticker I called uh Eric at I do cars because he's the programming Wizard and he tells me there should be an ID sticker on this ECM That uh should tell us or confirm for us. Rather, it should confirm for us whether or not that's the right. ECM We we may have the incorrect unit here here. Let's go ahead and dig this.

ECM out I Need to disconnect the battery. that's not the right one for the car. temporary battery. that's our control module right there.

We need to get this plate off of the front of it and verify that VIN there should be a sticker I Think it's that little white one back there. It's what Eric tells me. but uh, I don't know. So let's peel these connectors apart.

Yeah! I Remember when this car came in, the customer thought that they had a uh, a bad computer and they said they ordered a new one or bought one or put one in or something. Never got around to uh, figuring that part out yet and let's see, it's got a part number on it. hunts bills, another part number that's not what I'm looking for. Yeah, let's take this little plate off here.

Unclick I Meant to do that. It's fine. Ah, thank you sir. I was going to grab it multiple hands I got it.

watch this big hands the other one fumble I Heard it hit the ground so at least it hit the ground. It's it's down there. We get that last one out at the bottom. Ah, tight.

squeeze in there. Got it. See? Oh, that's the whole bracket for the ECM Okay, oh wow, that comes out nice. Let's see what we got.

Okay here we go. That's what I'm looking for. that's our sticker. VIN number says so right there Vin 629 62 So 6209 62 is not a matching number that is the wrong ECM for this car.

Um, let's look around and see if uh I don't remember if they gave me another one or not or let's see if the original. So what has happened here is this car has blown up and broken down. Customer put a new ECM in it. It cranked sort of started, didn't run, found the leaking Valves and we've got flow here and if we take a look, we've got smoke coming out from the intake side on cylinder 4.

Let's blow that out and it's going to fill back up again. See that. So we have one of these two valves, either this one or this one or both of them. That one's leaking into the intake on cylinder 4.

Found the broken timing belt and now we've got the wrong ECM So let's uh, let's get into the back of the car somewhere. I don't see it on the floor I know I've seen it before but I I Always wonder if the if the uh previous owner took it with them to return. I Don't know uh unlock I can't I took the battery apart and give it the reach around for the door handle situation here and ECM in here? No nope, let's check the trunk. Nope, not getting in there.

Let's go back in to the cabin. Maybe I can get in through the seat somewhere. Yeah ECM ECM Where are you? Hey, there is one in here I got one. Look there's a computer and a Samsung I don't need the Samsung but I do need that computer I wonder if this is the correct unit or not? I'm going to say probably let's go check our our Vin ID see if this is the right one or not then 142 339 that looks a lot better.

142 339 Okay, so this thing has the wrong Vin in it or wrong ECM Currently let's swap these units out. We'll hit the key again and see if it's going to start or not here. Let's de bracket this uh old unit here. The issue is I've got a a piece of harness attached to it.

Let wiggle that guy off of there or not. Okay there, we're going to need some pry action here to get that out properly. stick it in there with the little split and twist and then we're good. Now we can work on what we're trying to work on.

So we've got the ECM that is Not right. We've got the bracket that is right. two more, three more, fasteners. Let's top this unit out.

It's the trouble about buying vehicles that, uh, don't run. You never know what you're going to find out that looks good. Let's screw this thing back together and we'll plug her in. see what happens.

A lot of dust in those pins. See all that dust in there? I'm going to, uh, blow that out with some compressed atmosphere. Thought: I Had three bolts in this nice short bolt. Grab this upside down.

Yeah. I Do That would have been fun to sort out later. I Put my bracket on Bass Awards Yeah, we're going to blow this out with a uh, highly specialized compressed mixture of nitrogen, oxygen, argon, carbon dioxide, and some other inert metals and some other inert gases like helium. That's the fancy way of saying air picks.

Okay, let's go over to our air and blow this this thing out. We have a supply, so you guys almost just died. You fell off the little bracket. That was cool.

Anyway, air all right. ECM Coming in, let's get it set up in its little bracket here. It's got little hangers at the top, and bom that makes it a little easier. We'll bolt this guy back in, plug it in, power it all back up, and then see what it's Uh, what it's about to do.

It's either going to work or it's not. I Guess Oh, look, this one's color coded. They tell us where the connectors go, that's fancy and one more right here. That's four fasteners.

Come here all right. So we're bolted in. Let's get our connectors connected. Put that guy back.

orange, one, green one I did that wrong. Love my job so much. I'll do it again. We need the white one first cuz that rides behind the harness for the orange and the green plug that in I'm not too thrilled about these uh connector locks here.

They've been manipulated many times. There we go. Okay, New ECM new, old, original ECM is now installed. All righty.

Let's put the airbox back on just so I can connect the intake air temperature sensor that one right there. It probably doesn't need to be attached, but couldn't hurt Ah Sha I didn't install the battery. Let's connect that thing again too. ding powered on jumper box Le Coming back in all right now we're all connected.

Let's fire this thing back up. Do 25 50 amps. Sure, why not. Okay, so we're all installed tools out of the way door.

Now that thing fell off again. Now let's uh, get back into this. ECU We're going to shut her down, power that unit off, and we'll restart it. Okay, powering back on key on, let see if it'll do the automatic identification.

Actually, you know what? Skip all that starting is the engine. Aha it is alive. First start in. Mons A little bit of smoke at the tail pipe, but that should clear up.

It's a like I said newish cylinder head or a remanufactured cylinder head. rather. see, we've got a brake warning indicator that's illuminated. That's no problem.

Just turn off our parking brake, see if that goes away. Cool beans. We're good and according to our scanner, we've got the 2339 VIN number. That is correct.

Let's pull this thing back up. check for codes and whatnot and then hey, maybe we'll go drive the car. Let's see engine codes. it's feeling good.

No misfires, codes, menu. let's see what's in there. No codes present. All right.

let's turn on the air conditioner, see if that works. Circulating cold AC Good windows work. The lights work. sweet.

I've got a running, driving, functioning car. I I Like it? Yeah, let's shut down. Is that. shut down our battery charger? Pull our connectors out of here.

clamps, clamp, connectors. whatever. Check some fluids real fast. We do have coolant.

probably a little low, but maybe deal for now. Yeah, let's go out, pull this thing out and go for a ride lift coming down. I Had not had a car on this lift besides this for a couple weeks. I Mean my truck was here but that doesn't count Oh Wrong way.

This lift is not like the others. Pull that one back. how's the AC hey hey, it's making cold sweet. Take that LIF arm back I Need to move that Honda and uh, we're going to go for a ride.

Oh these brakes are going to sound great when we drive. Look at all that rust in there. It's been parked for so long. all the shiny exposed surfaces are now customatic rust surfaces going.

Have to fix that up too. It needs more work, but at least maybe it'll move. Power steering is not doing so well. Wonder if for out of fluid? Yeah I Hear the pump screaming.

It's not okay. Let's check. Power steering real F fast REO Pingy hood Here we go. Do it again.

Yeah I Hear some some feedback here. we're low on fluid. let's dump something in there. Oh I hear the noise power steering noise coming in.

there. we go and it's overfilled. but I'll deal with that later. Okay, let's get out of here.

try again. All right. Climbing in again. Yeah the horn blows.

the AC's cold. It's actually very cold. See if the radio works. We have sound that's A we have AM radio.

Okay, we have radio. Good good. no owner manual looking good so far. Reverse sow trouble codes.

Do we have washer spray? Not a chance. Okay, how about Headlights Do we have headlights? We have high beams? Yer Okay. Lights are good. Turn signal sure.

Turn signal sure. All righty. I Can hear those brakes just grinding away down there with all that rust. It will come off, but it probably will make a bunch of noise and afterwards it will probably vibrate to no end.

Oh hey, we have power steering now. Sweet. All right here we go. We're riding.

ding ABS light came on. That is problem. How's these wipers? Ah that's so bad I Can't see. Oh no and we're not going to go too far.

just a maybe a mile or so. Don't pull out for on me I can't see I Was kind of riding around just wanting to put some time on the engine checking for leaks when we get back. All that good stuff. Plus since I can't see anything I don't want to drive very far I'm looking at the camera and it does look better on cam, but in real life this is all smeared and distorted.

It's not looking very good. Got here so I've got the scanner with me. We're going to pull it over right up here and check on uh ABS codes things of that nature. We'll utilize this parking lot right here.

Good Okay. pull it on up. Getting it parked. parking is the auto.

See what our scanner tells us about that uh ABS brake warning light indicator that is illuminated down into ABS There we go codes Menu: There we go codes. Pull them up, Show me what we're working with Uh, let's see: right front speed sensor not working left, rear, right, rear an original Vin mismatch missing so it tells us we're still mismatched on the VIN What is this? Maybe that code was stored from the Keon Cycles originally cuz we no longer have a mismatch. So I'm going to clear all the codes in all the modules so we're key on. Uh oh I Don't know how good this battery is.

Tell you what, this battery is not the greatest key it off key it on. Continue Clear Everybody Clear Clear clear. we do not have all day here. I Will not be happy if it does not restart and that battery is not good.

It was just a temporary battery. It's raining out so I'll have to walk back in the rain if we're stuck and that would not be okay. and I didn't bring my phone. All right, everybody's cleared out.

Cool beans, power down. Oh yes. okay. good to go.

All right, let's go drive it around some more and see if we get that uh that. DTC that shows back up I Hope not last time it happened immediately after moving forward and there it is. Okay, so we have some uh ABS problems for sure. All right, pulling codes back up.

We just have uh, both rear and then the right front wheel speed sensor saying that uh they're not seeing what's going on. Maybe there's a bunch of rust and stuff built up in there. Let's pull up data and see if ABS data can give us a PID for the wheel speed sensor Stop beeping at me I Don't appreciate you so we're looking. it's not going to stop stop.

So we've got left front wheel speed, left rear wheel speed, right front, and right rear wheel speed. So we're looking at all of these zeros right here. Let's try to graph these. Maybe that'll be easier.

Got right front and right rear. shut up left front and left rear. So let's go ahead and pull her back out. under the row ad here and we're looking at wheel speed sensors and I can see left front is showing something, the left rear is zero, the right front is zero, and the right rear is zero.

So all those trouble codes that we just looked at are all telling us according to these flat lines that the ABS module is not reading any of the wheel speeds. Maybe With some mileage driving it around that'll go away or we're going to have to look into that. It's probably got something wrong with it like corrosion or whatever. Anyway, guys, I'm going to head back to the shop, we're going to pull this unit in and give it a another look over and then it's going to get parked and I'm going to move on to something else.

So I still have to put a battery in it, figure out the ABS, etc, etc and I still hear some grinding when I come to a stop all speed. Too bad it doesn't have a turbo. trying to do some hard stops here just to get that rust off the rotor faces Yer it's got to be corrosion built up somewhere or something crazy is going on because I shouldn't have lost three wheel speeds. That doesn't make sense.

Uhoh, the tow truck is sleeping now I can make a leftand turn without consequence. Yay! All right guys, we're headed back to the shop I'm going to get this thing parked I'm all done with this thing for today. Uh, it's obviously going to need some more diag work before I do anything with this car because I can't sell or give away or get rid of a car with a warning indicators so we're going to have to look into that later. I still need to put a battery in this uh, and probably a bunch of other little nickk knacky items as well.

But for the most part we have a running, driving, moving operating vehicle so that's uh, better than it was uh when we first got a hold of it and when I first acquired said unit. Having said all of that, I Do not believe I have anything more to offer you on this particular video other than a thank you for watching this video about this, uh, resurrection of our PT Cruiser Uh, you may ask yourself, why would somebody want to bring a PT Cruiser back to life and the answer is is usually they wouldn't Um I didn't want to And the customer that owned this vehicle certainly didn't want to. which is why they elected to not invest any Capital uh into this particular vehicle. Uh, However, since I can do my own work and uh I don't have to pay labor charge I was able to pull this off without spending an exuberant amount of money I mean I I've already spent a couple thousand bucks on it and I'm sure I can I can maybe probably break even if I sell it.

um I might just give it away uh I could donate it I'm not certain yet. Uh, last time I asked that question a lot of you guys uh, had many, many Um ideas that came up in the comment section and I am considering all of said ideas on what to do uh with this PT Cruiser But like I said, first things first, I want to get it into a decent and safe operating condition and then we can make judgments. Uh, from that point forward. Oh, real quick, something just caught my eye.

Look now they're building these trucks with the Bluetooth squat. It's got Bluetooth wheels and tires and it's riding out of squat. You guys see that thing that little S10 right there. Unbelievable.

Anyway, I'm off on a tangent: I'm going to go ahead and get this thing parked under my awning. we're popping out I'm nearly done for the day, the rain is not letting up and I have accomplished all of my tasks. plus uh, plus some some bonus task. so we're going to pull her in real quick.

I'm going to see what's going on all that smoke chooching out from under the hood and then I'm going to go ahead and uh, close this one out. So as always like to thank you guys for watching this video. Certainly hope you enjoyed this video. If You Did In Fact: Enjoy this video.

Please feel free to let me know about that in the comment section down below. Do not forget to tap that like Buton button wire down there And most importantly, have yourselves a fantastic day in video in a cry. PT Cruiser In a transmission powering down. Yeah, that's normal.

It's either power steering fluid coming out and burning off the exhaust or just grease on the cylinder head and the exhaust that's burning off from when we touched it. Yeah, it's fine. That's.

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