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Hello everybody, good day to you and welcome back! Glad you guys are here! I know I'm super glad to be here. This is a 2013 Audi I Believe it's an A5 That's right. I have a German Auto uh in the midst around here I know I Normally don't work on these guys. it's a 2 L turbocharge Quattro I Normally do not work on uh on Audi uh.

But this is going to be a simple operation. It's kind of going to be a an In-N-Out procedure. So to speak. The AC system is inoperative.

Uh, I Actually took a look at this car uh, off camera about a week ago and we found that the clutch is being commanded on by the system yet. Uh, it does not actuate and does not produce cooling. So we have already ordered an AC compressor. It happens to be over there on top of the swamp cooler.

It's a Denzo unit. uh, not an an Audi unit per se. I Didn't buy the exact Factory replacement, but the Denzo will suffice for the Uh for an appropriate repair component. So we're going to go ahead and swing this thing inside.

I'm going to set it up on the big lift because the two small lifts are occupied. Hopefully it will fit on the big lift, Power that off and we'll go ahead and get this thing uh, discharged, disconnected, removed and then we can unbox that new Denzo unit right there and get her bolted together. Now seeing as how this is the German Auto it is more appropriate than ever that we pop in the hood. Yeah, that was a little bit Overkill out on that one but I thought it was fun so we're going to go with that uping the hood.

Daato is good. Yeah let's kick the rack under here. get this thing set up, lift it up and we will dig out our compressing unit. Let's see what this 2 L German Auto Engine looks like looks like a Volkswagen Yeah, definitely.

Volkswagen See it says so right there. Vol packing Anyways, there is our compressing unit right there. Uh I've already confirmed that it does not run. It has power and ground running to it but thing doesn't make any pressure.

So we're going to go ahead and fetch the AC machine discharge this system. We' got our connecting or service ports right over here. high side and low side. We'll get this thing discharged and while the machine's doing its thing, we can work on taking the front of this engine apart.

Rolling, rolling, rolling. AC machine is rolling. Hey check that out now! I'm a Ford Power stroke shop super shiny I got that at SEMA I didn't get it there I Ordered it there and now it's here. Wall Art: Everybody loves wall art right? I Do Okay let's get this unit disconnected or Recon connector we'll fire it up and Evacuate the systems low side is always the smallest one.

Loud noises over there and then the high side is your larger fitting. There we go, turn the the knob to open, the valve press is coming up and same thing on our low side right here. Turn the knob pressure up. Good to go.

We're going to recover. begin recovering. now. Let's going to remove all the refrigerant in the system.
So first things first. in order to get this compressor out of here, we need to get the belt off. And if we look that pulley right there I believe that's the tensioner pulley. It has like a housing body on it right here.

So we're going to get. we're going to go in there with a long extended Flex head ratcheting wrench and get a hold of the bolt in front of that pulley right there. Go ahead and push that down, relieve the tension, and then slide that belt off of the compressor. We'll let it relax and go back to uh, this resting position here.

which I can't do that because it's going to hit that sensor. so instead I'll just leave it tensioned. We'll just put it like right there. That'll work I Think so.

Next up I Want to pull the hoses off of this so that looks like we're going to need like a Torx 45. See the uh, the torque spit heads on both of those Uh manifold blocks? I Think that's a 45? Maybe a 50. So let's batch the torx bits, an extension, and a ratchet. We can crack those bolts loose.

Start this off with a Torx 45. this one with the extended one they they usually they're a lot shorter than this, but I have an an extended version. Reason: I chose this one is just in case. I have fitment issues right here, which I don't think I do.

but I got the long one out just to hedge against possible fitment fitment issues. Words: Now I'm looking at the gauge on the machine and it tells us that our pressure is discharged or our our, uh, our charge is discharged rather meaning there is no refrigerant in the system. Uh, because of that, I'm confident I can go ahead and disconnect these Fasteners while it is still discharging. meaning I won't take the Fastener off and then the fitting blows off and spews free on everywhere.

so it's fine. Get that one there unclicks there, a nice metallic snap and there goes the flashlight and that guy out good. All right, we're going in. I'm going to go ahead and pull the hose off.

give it some Wiggles that's good. Set that thing aside, pull the Uh, the other hose off, and I'm going to go ahead and stop the vacuum pump on the machine. It is, uh, it's suctioning in vacuum and we don't need it to do that so we can go ahead and pause that operation. Good to go.

Okay, so now we have the hoses disconnected. We have the belt disconnected. Looks like we need to get the Fasteners disconnected. There's one right here.

looks like one far down below it and I don't think we can see it from up here, but I can probably feel it. There's a third one. Oh there it is. I see the third one right there on the backside.

So I'm almost thinking maybe I can get this, uh, removed from the top side without uh, pulling the bottom panel off? That's cool. Okay, so we have one of these Fasteners that's easy to access right and then two more that are not as easy to access. So rather than taking this one off, first the easy one and then having to struggle with taking the weight of the unit while I remove the other less than easy. Fasteners we're going to do the hardest ones first and then we can get to the super easy one.
So I'm going to neutral drop this thing since I don't have much working room. Basically I'm going to run the thing up to speed and slam it onto the Fastener call that a neutral drop and a see that? Who said electric ratches can't deliver impacts? because I think they can And yeah, I'll probably break the ratchet doing that so there's always consequences to high performance. Uh, right down here. I'm fiddling with the connector on the back of this compressor trying to get it disconnected.

It has this red uh, locking clip on it and I'm having a hard time manipulating that clip. Get it with a screwdriver. There we go. I don't think y all can see what I'm doing down there with that connector.

sorry terrible cameraman. Now you really can't see cuz my my hands in the way. Oh there we go. Okay, I've got it disconnected.

So that's one bolt. one connector, two lines. Let me get a hold of those last two. Fasteners it's going to be another neutral drop on this one.

I Pulled the battery out. See that. Oopsie. Anyway, that's number two.

Slide that one out. It should just be three bolts on this unit. Here or not, it should have moved. Maybe there's another hidden one? Nope, No, we're good.

It's Loosey Goosey So what? I'll do. come back in. I'm going to hang on to the weight with one hand, pull the uh, that bolt out with the other. Wiggle this guy out there.

We go. now. The key is is, can I squeeze this thing through this little hole here I'm going to have to move my tensioning wrench, let that come loose, and then we're just going to pull this guy up and out and through. and kind of not happening.

It does not fit. This very large boost pipe is in the way. Let's just try pushing it over. Come out, come out.

look. it's getting caught in the fan shroud. See that right there at the bottom? Look right here. Oh come on, that's a connector too.

Let's try to turn it There we go. Got her? Okay, so that is the old compressing unit. Let's take it over to a bench surface, pull the new one out, and we will compare the true components here. Okay, so looking at our mounting surfaces, one tab, one, two more, two more.

this is all accurate looking. Let's check our connector and that all appears to be the same. The pulley diameter appears to be the same, the rib count on the pulley appears to be the same. Let's say this is a suitable replacement.

Good to go. Let's go ahead and drop this guy down into its home. We'll get her bolted in and fired up and connected, recharged and we'll see if this thing is going to make cold air. okay.

coming back down into the hole and I am keeping an eye on that connector. make Mak sure I Don't hit anything. Why did this go down so smoothly that uh, did not compute that's beard dropped it. No worries.
Recover I Think it's going to mount up. It's got some dowel pins sticking out of the block and they are going to meet these holes right here and that's supposed to, uh, locate the part and align it. Just make sure I'm not pinching stuff behind it here. H Okay, Oh, found it I found the dowel.

It just slipped in. good. There's one of the bolts, let's get that started and then this thing can't uh, can't fall out good. Bottom bolt coming in next.

this is the bolt hole that has the dowel in it. that one's in. Then there's the one in the back now before. I Tighten this down.

I'm going to put my eyeballs on the connector which is right here and then the hoses that way. I Know that they're not not routed improperly or smashed or something like that. and I can't seem to find the other hose. Where is it? Oh, it's hiding there.

it is. Okay, so all of my critical components are no longer or not in danger of being smashed. Let's tighten this thing down. I'll do the side with the dowel in it.

First fix that was tight. full sand on the click, little more tight and I'll get some extra on that bottom. Fastener out Neutral drop tightening sequin. There we go.

Got it that's fully engaged? Let's connect the connector, Snap that on. Okay, where are we at now? I Suppose I can slide the belt on the pulley at this point I See no reason not to. Yeah, Go for it. You're good.

There we go, there's our belt that's installed. This is going quite swimmingly. I may have to switch my uh, my business model over to working on Audi AC Systems only. That's tell you what.

This has been the the smoothest job I've had all week here. Let's pull our these little caps out. those prevent contamination and keep the oil in. They come with a pre-installed oil charge and it's under vacuum it appears cuz I can't get that plug to come out there.

We go drop the little rubber thing. Got it! Now this is going to make you guys go re re re Ra Ra Rah I Don't have new O-rings for this and these ones are not flat so I'm reusing them. Can't do that. It's going to blow up.

I mean I can It's it's okay. I can do that. It is no problem. Okay, let's tighten down our manifold slash suction hose.

Cck. hey, give me back my socket. this is mine. Let's go ahead and pull the other plug out.

That should be the discharge hose. the smaller one. Spin that guy loose, get our bolts, pull the plug, inspect the O-ring that is good. Looks good, smells good.

I Think it's good. Yeah, that's good. Snap that one on. drop in the Fastener Always start your Fasteners by hand most of the time and then we'll apply some torque here.

While that's happening, we can go ahead and start. FX We can go ahead and start the vacuum process so we're going to vacuum you. We're going to do it for what 10 minutes? That's industry standard. What that's going to do is place this AC system into a complete vacuum.
Need put of suction out? That fell down? No, my ratchet did not slide off the front of the car. it was sitting on that handle that's on the light. See the red thing in the upper left hand corner? It's going to suction out. Uh, any air that migrated its way into the system.

So going to remove that and prep the system for charge. So we're going to do that 10 minutes beginning vacuuming now, pulling down, pulling down. Um No. I'm not going to change those valves I already changed them when I diagnosed this like what we talked about earlier at the beginning of the video.

so those were just replaced last week. So I don't need to put new valves in it. and I'm not going to do it all again just to fake it to, uh, make a fully completed type of video. So it it is what it is.

We just have to live with it this time. Sorry. All right, let's take a look at our specified refrigerant amount here and it looks like we're using R134a That's the pretty most commonest stuff and we're looking for 550 g of refrigerant plus or minus 15. G The Uh machine is done vacuuming.

That's the end of our 10-minute We are holding a vacuum at 299 in Mercury or negative 299 Ines Mercury Rather, let's go ahead and set up the charge here and we're looking for. we got to switch this, change our units to G Why are we changing here? We go ounces, kilog and We were looking. What did I say? 550 550 G got it? So we're going 0 550 kg so that's .55 kg. That's 550 G see Americans Can utilize the Metric system if we want to anyway.

purging air out of the machine according to whatever the machine wants to do. do Let Me Clear My Goodies off of our Hood When that thing's done, we can go ahead, head inside, fire it up, start the system, thermal, meter it and see how cold it actually gets. All right. Machine beeped at us.

Let's fire up this unit and we're going to see if our AC system comes to life or not. Beginning engine starting sequence: Now put on the brake, push the button there we go AC On recirculate, let's get our our meter going in there thermal metering device. Caution: Turn car off before leaving car discharging battery. Why is it beeping at me? The door.

Yeah, it was the door. Okay I don't comprend these Audi devices. There's our thermometer. We're hanging out at 60 right now.

Let's hop on out. We'll check our belt. We'll check the pressures on the machine, make sure everything's cop pathetic and looking good. We can call it a day here.

See what we got? Compressor is running, See the front of the clutch right down there. belts running straight and through making some cold I feel cold right here. Pressures: 30 PSI a little bit low on this side. 100 something in some change, but we are.
We do have a pressure differential so that compressor is compressing. Let's go ahead and hose equalize. Disconnect high side hose, connect low side hose. So what this is going to do is it is going to install additional refrigerant into the vehicle and that is designed to compensate for what is inside of the hoses.

Uh, you get about3 to4 lb of refrigerant Within those hoses. and since the scale is in the machine, once it takes that out of the storage tank and puts it into the hoses, through the manifold and then into the car. it does not account for what's in the hoses so we have to tell it to do that right now. So what I've done is disconnected the high side and it's now going to evacuate everything from this hose and then pump it through into this hose plus a wee bit of extra and that's going to send uh, this system off with the exact correct uh, charge level.

All right. Hopping back in once's our thermal meter, tell us just below 50 and still falling. Let's turn this all the way down to the lowest of the lows. Turn up some fan speed I Don't know how this car Works How do I turn up fan speed? Oh that's fancy.

You turn the little knob and then it digitally tells you where we out with fan speed. Okay, so we're sub 50 right now. Feels good, looks good. It's making cold very nice.

We hop out, we'll disconnect our machine, get the hoses off, close the hood and this thing is good to go. all right. Turn off vehicle. What happened to it said they're T plastic.

Oh I know yeah it's cuz it's German The German Autos is made of plastic yah with fiberglass inside of it. Disconnect you that goes there. Put our cat back on. We're all good under the hood here.

Goodbye Audi 2 L Vol Tracking engine all right. Hopping in. we're still sub 50 de I bet we can get a lower temp if we start driving. Turn the fan speed down some too.

We had no AC operation in this car from the get-go From the beginning there was no pressure differential at the gauges I was watching behind me just then cuz I saw him walking by. Anyway, we had a dead compressor. We now have a live compressor. the AC is making cold I Don't do much work on these audies.

They're not my uh, my forte so to speak. I Don't speak their language I'm not fluent in their design strategies and things of that nature, but on occasion I can handle something. So anyway guys, we're all good to go here. I'm parking this thing.

we're backing it in this car. car is complete. The repair is Finito. we're all done here.

I'm going to go ahead and turn that down before I get a copyright strike and I will close this video out with a big thank you to each and every one of you guys who have watched this video. I Certainly hope you enjoyed this video. If in fact, you did enjoy this video, please feel free to let me know about that in the comment section down below. Do not forget to tap that like button while you're down there and most importantly, have yourselves a fantastic day! See you guys later in a video in of audio with 93310 Mi on the odometer in of AC repair in of compressor and of Transmission Charman Auto powering down goodbye Audi A5.

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