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Time to run a Bobcat T590, I wish I got a John Deere 323 Chevy Silverado has a check engine light. 6.6 Duramax LBZ P0401 EGR flow insufficient.

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Oh no, it happens to all of us. Look at that check engine light my 2007 Chevrolet Silverado I've never had one had this truck for almost exactly 100 000 miles I got 217. you know what is that? 562 on the clock and I bought it at like 1 to 18. I think first check engine light ever and it happened to just come on during a trailer towing day. See that I got the the dump trailer back there. Okay I just pulled out onto the big road and the light came on. So I don't know what this video is going to be about yet. Is it going to be about a check engine light? or uh, what I'm doing with this dunk trailer? or both. Find out in a minute. Okie Dokes I've arrived across town I'm picking up some heavy equipment. That's why the dump trailer's back there. Let's get this thing loaded up. I'm gonna need it this weekend. Oh the headlights are on. That's not cool killing my batteries I'm ruining my truck. Check engine lights on, leaving lights on in front of me. Uh, that. let's get this thing out of here. It's that other bit of debris in there. What do we got? Come here. Yeah. okay. I need to get these doors open and then deploy the ramps. Door chains, door chains. There it is here. Another secure ramps. We unpin them times two. Come out there we go. I've never used these before there. Now that's kind of a nasty approach angle. So I'm going to pick this bed up some just to change our angle. of our dangle here. It'll help with the lifting moving on up. Not with that junk battery. Yeah. I Knew that battery was garbage. It's been on a charger since last time I touched this. That's okay. Auxiliary electrons here. all right. now. you're gonna work. Yeah, there we go. That should be a better approach angle a little more. Yeah, Check it out. Bobcat T590 Let's go Go Go. Oh, starting, it's the engine. All right. Let's go full speed. We need to move my ramps. Thank you. Foreign, right? she's in. Let's lower it down and uh, get it strapped in. We're good to go. Nice coming down. Beautiful. All right. We don't need these anymore for now. Stick you guys over there. Okay, back in. I'm gonna run this thing all the way forward. The weight balance proper. That's it. We're on the ground. We're all the way forward powering down. Good to go. Okay, I Got one chain around the bucket and secure it with a snap binder. Got a ratchet binder for the back and then we'll winch it back, keeping all the chains super tight. Safety: Oh, come on team here. Loop The D-ring right through the other side and then put it with the binder. Foreign. Foreign. Foreign. There we go. Now the machine is secure. Let's get out of here. do a recheck real quick. We're secured. We're pinned. We're pinned. We're connected machines. Park Ramps are up, chains tight. Let's check this one. That one's good and tight. I Know that back one's tight and doors are shut. We're good to go. Let's roll all right back in the truck, restocking as the other engine. So now I'm towing this across town. then I'm gonna go to the shop. uh, the excavator thing back there is for at home but I need it for the next couple days. So I swung out here. uh, rode out to Sarasota and picked that thing up because uh, my guys with the rental joint American Pride Equipment rentals and sales shout out to you guys Vince is awesome here if you guys ever need anything. uh regarding equipment diggers Steamrollers generators, lights, dump trailers. whatever. these are the guys right here Vince Takes care of everybody not sponsored or rolling. Is it a light? check? Good. Let's do a brake check on the trailers. Good. Yep. All right guys. I'm out. See you guys in uh when? I Get back to the shop. Oh, this thing's heavy I'm guessing that's about a 9 000 pound machine. Let's just go ahead and turn on Tow Haul. Right now there we go. Tow Haul mode. Uh, extends my shift points a little bit. That way the engine can spend more time in one gear to use up uh RPM range before making it shift. feeling Pretty nice, you know. I Gotta say, if you tow a lot, your hitch actually makes a a difference in how it feels. I I used to have like just a cheapo drop down hitch on this thing and it would bang around and beat me up and it just didn't seem to ride smooth I I changed out that Cheapo the I think it was a curd pencil hitch, not a cheap one. I think it was like 350 bucks and it rides and toes so much better with that uh that higher end hitch I don't know what it is. uh maybe maybe the other one flexed a lot and it just kind of gave me some jostly Maneuvers or something. but this newer hitch toes much better than the older hitch and why am I rolling with the heat on warm? There we go. All right, let's start the day pull good morning. oh you can do it, she's learned it. Nice! Thanks darling! Okie Dokes So back at the shop I Did work today. it is a holiday Eve but I had some stuff to do I'm gonna go ahead and check on that trouble code uh in my truck real quick before we do any more towing with it and uh, make sure that that thing's okay and I'll address that later. I uh I'm a little nervous. never had a check engine light in my with. Silverado before you have wondered what it's going to be. Well first things first, starting the engine and how about our light? Yep still on scan tool powering on me. What do we got? What do we got? What do we got here? Let's see. Uh uh I Don't want an upgrade right now to my scan tool I Haven't turned this thing on like a month? you guys! It just occurred to me Chevrolet 2007 Come on down. 97 too far. Oh seven loading data satellites are linking up in outer space Automatic: ID does not support automatic ID yes it does. Liars scrolling down Silverado Four-wheel drive that's a K VIN number with a six six diesel and that is the LBZ not the Lmm. next next engine EGR Code: Just tell me it's EGR something I don't care about codes menu display DTC Display: Come on. Ah, p0401 EGR Flow insufficient. Well that's better than uh, like lost boost performance or something like that. So I'm I'll take that Network unavailable. Oh yeah, I'm not on my Wi-Fi I'm still on the other jobs Wi-Fi Let me connect that real quick I Want to see what the what did everybody else do button or what it says. Just a little curious to see what the collective wisdom. Let me set this up real fast and I'll be right back. Don't go anywhere. Stand right there. Hooray! We're connected to the internet. It was very easy. It took like seven different attempts but I got it. So now we're gonna go back into that scan menu and just uh uh. codes menu We're gonna see what the collective wisdom says that it potentially could be. They're going to say it's clogged EGR uh failed valve, blah blah blah. all that good stuff. but just take a look just for the sake of what. No, you're going to connect to my Wi-Fi telling you it's it's connected. Uh, here we go. My thing has not expired. it's not expired I Just paid for a whole year. Okay I gotta call Snap a guy We're not gonna do that. We're gonna skip that part. Moving on. Uh I'm going home now and uh, we're gonna go ahead and uh, shut down the shop again. Put this thing away. I'm gonna go clear some hurricane Ian trees with that giant skid steer that's back there in my trailer row row we break checked over here I see some blue lights up ahead? ding text message let me let this dude over looks like that. Lane's closed. Come on over there buddy. There you go. Yeah that Wayne's definitely closed. There's a cop car in it. um okay, he just left never mind. Lane's open again event over false alarm. So I was thinking about that EGR code and I'm kind of glad I've got 14 000 pounds behind the truck because if I can get this thing really, really hot or or hot enough, uh, maybe there's a chance it'll start burning off any carbon that might be plugging up that EGR and himself. I think I'll try that. Let's put some heat into this thing. Oh stew Torque Yeah, I'll just drive like a Mustang the whole way home and uh, see if see if I can't get that EGR to start to uh to flow again. let's try that first. Otherwise, I'm gonna have to add an EGR cleaning uh to uh, my injector job when I pull the cab off of this because it does need injectors and it's gonna go cab off because I'm going to redo the up pipes and maybe a turbo maybe, but we'll see one step at a time. Hey, it's working. The fan is on, can hear it. Temp gauge crept up a little bit. Yeah, all these red lights. uh, these might actually fix my problem I mean probably not. but I can I Can have wishful thinking, right? Always an optimist. There we go. Alrighty back at the Homestead, let's get this thing unloaded. I Got a about an hour and a half of daylight left and I would like to use it. See here, get a little loose in transit. Yeah, we did just a wee bit. Reverse click edges, small, free thank you ramps. Oh my trailer's not nice and shiny anymore. That is the way. All right, let's undo this front chain. Get this thing backed off the trailer release Here We Go and chain can stay and I will leave All right here we go restocking. it's the engine. Eep Okay, t590 552.9 hours on the clock. Foreign. What if I can haul this thing I can haul? Uh well. I can all anything smaller than this thing? This is about as big as it was going to get. I Think this is about a 9 000 pound machine. unlike the John Deere controls. a little better foreign foreign down there. You better get on there, buddy. Go! Frogger Go. Oh there's two of them here we go. That thing's about that one over there I Still think I'd like to save this tree. It is. uh, it has not died yet. I'm gonna try to pick it up again. Either gonna work or it's not. I Don't want the dirt trees out of there. There's another one there it is. Trolls are different than the John Deere's I'm relearning these all over again. I Don't like these controls. Think I'm a better operator than this than this. It's called ISO and then there's another name for the other type of controls. I Think these are the Isos. Don't quote me on that. I'm not A anyway. I got that next stump out of the ground. Let's go find another one. Yeah, that was saw palmetto. That one, you know. Hey, get this one guys. this is a big boy. There we go. All right we need Leverage back and try to kill me technology together. There we go. I got it out of there. Thank you. Okay, the truck can finish the rest later. Yep, that tree's out foreign. A mile foreign. Thank you. Really need to get couch in there in there now. We got a fire from the front of a real big pine tree here. I want to try to get under it and push it up onto the top that way when we light this over here track sounds like crap right here on top. There we go. Thank you. Okay so I moved on around to the front of the yard. Like I said earlier, we're having some new fencing redone. The old stuff was starting to come apart and I had to clear a lot of these trees and stuff. out of thought. he's a bunch of strawberry but uh, this is where the fence is gonna go. We're gonna move it out to the property line. There was like 30 feet. it was set in like 30 feet and we lost a bunch of space. so we're gonna kick it out all the way as far as we can. So I need to go down this line and clear a clear the rest of these little trees and all this brush out of here. Let me turn this down. Hang on there we go. Not enough yell but it's starting to get a little late. I've already got the headlights on. the sunset is upon me. So I think I'm done for the day. So that being said, I'm going to close this video out right about now I hope you guys like this video. Uh, if you do like this kind of stuff, let me know down in the comments and I'll make more of these as this little project goes on. I've got like a several like I I what is it like 1800 feet or something? Ridiculous. a fence that uh, that I'm putting up. um it's gonna be that this whole side, the front hole side and then the back. Also, my back side's not fenced at the moment. Actually none of it's fenced because it's all taken down. but uh, but yeah, let me know if you uh, if you want to see me do more of these like excavator and uh Farm Improvement type videos and I'll be sure to make those for you. So again, and as always, thank you for watching this video. And most importantly, don't forget to have yourselves a great day! See you guys later! Bobcat Powering up Boy Destroy foliage. Remember what I said about leveling the driveway? Yeah, that's what I'm talking about her.

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