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Foreign. Good day to you! Welcome back! This is a 2011 Lexus RX 350 I think I think it's a 350. uh, customer doesn't State much. They just had it serviced. Uh, preventive maintenance, oil change and whatnot? Uh, no complaints really. They just wanted to get a good look over from yours truly just to see if we're gonna have any upcoming issues or maintenance. Easy engine. What do we got here? 9 602 miles on the clock. No check engine lights, none of that stuff. Oil change looks good according to the sticker. Okay, let's get this thing into the shop. We'll lift it up, take a peek underneath. I Also heard oh what did they say? oh yeah yeah, they said something about a um uh, like a rattle noise on occasion. So we'll make sure to take a look at the heat shields and the splash guards and everything down below while the while this is up in the air. Let's go ahead and pull this in right about here. I'll scooch up in a second I need to mop up some coolant from a Jeep parking Seattle Powering down Okie dokie I Got Parts here for this. Uh Lexus so uh, flip this up with our orange gloves subscribers. People have been uh, getting mad at me wearing gloves this month. so uh now I got some gloves on. We're gonna pick this up. it's gonna be a real easy job. Uh, pull the wheels off, a couple bolts, both sides, slap in our new units and uh, we're gonna be good to go here so let us get through this. Okay, so it is actually the next day I Didn't get this in until late last night, but since we're going to do a full-on inspection, what I'm going to do is I'm going to treat this, uh, like a pre-purchase inspection and we're just gonna operate every feature in the car just to make sure it's all working in hunky-dory-like windows. We'll do the sunroof. I Know that's risky business because operating sunroofs can leave you with a stuck open sunroof. but we're gonna do an inspection and that's how it's done. So we're going to operate all features on the car. Everything works. All the buttons work. Yep, Yep, Yep. good. Let's try the tailgate. All the locks seem to work. We're gonna go by. click all the seat belts, make sure that those actuate I'm sure they do. This is a very good condition, but all right, let's close that. begin closing now please. Oh, you gotta hold it Okay Okay, all right. Interior functions seem to work. Horn? No No No no, no lower speeds I Know the AC works because I can feel it. Seats work because I moved them all right? I Think our interior is good? Let us pop an easy hood and take a look under the bonnet powering down. Let's do a quick light check while we're here. Yes Yes Uh Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes yes. Low beams, low beam marker and high beams. Yes Yes! All right Lights are all functioning as designed. All right next. I Hood There we go. Hey I can't see anything. There's some light bar will help. Hey can't see anything you know I've heard that I have the ability to make a mountain out of a molehill and it appears that our oil change guys failed. You see their caps on upside down? just can't have that. Not really significant, but it is to some people and and I happen to be one of them, so let's just put that on the right way. Washer Solvent empty. Well don't worry. Oil change guys I'll finish your job for you Captain see what's in here popping? he's a lid. How's our coolant looking? red color? probably? Oe That's okay. Let's check out our battery terminals. Those are tight, fairly cleanish. I'll go ahead and test it while it's here. Where's my tester there? It is all right. What do we got here? An Interstate battery? We're looking. It's a Group 24 app. Looks like it is 700 Cold cranking amps. According to the sticker. Let's get our machine attached here. Cold cranking amps. We'll test that at 700 458 Weak battery. Oh, that's not okay. Let's just make sure our connections are good and we'll do a retest. Oh come on, get on there. What are you doing there? We go. 458 Okay, that's recommendable. Uh, look at that. It fired right off there like a cannon. Take a look at this torque. Mount Real quick. These things like to tear. That one's good. Uh, what else can we see from up here? Fluids: What do we got here? How's our brake fluid? Um, looking okay. it's at the full mark. This is good. Let's pull this big cover off and get some access to our Uh Engine air filtration element. Hello air filter? What do we got? Brand new? Right on. It's good. Oh, this thing's mint this taut. This car is totally mint. Oh I dropped the clip. There it is. flip recovered. Not gonna have that. We don't lose Parts here. especially if it makes our car more shinier. See someone already lost those. uh. note to self: I need to get a master clip kit so I can replace missing Clips in the future. Definitely note to self: All right, let's set the rack on this thing. take a look at the undercarriage. Like I said, we're primarily looking for a noise check the door handles too. There we go. those are good. Uh, like I said checking everything there. we go right on and we're on this lift. So black subscribe button moving on up. tires look great. Almost brand newish. Michelin Primacies that's a great Tire All right, let's head down below and see if we can't find a rattle noise. Hmm I Can definitely tell that this has been up north before. We've got some, uh, some surface rust action. A bunch over here over here. Nothing terrible, but I Can definitely see a little bit of oxidation. Okay, hey, there's a shock absorber leaking. You see that? that's all from the shock right there. That's got a leak that should be replaced this one. Yeah, it's a little bit. There's a little bit on that. uh, left rear. Okay, see. moving forward. Hmm. no paint. It's okay though. All right, not bad, not bad. Let's look for a noise. What we got: Heat shield noise. I'm thinking exhaust is leaking. That might be it. Just looking for a rattle noise. A little bit of oil left on that, uh, oil filter cap here. I'm gonna need a rattle detector see what we get. Nope. no rattle here. Nope. Nope. Oh, there is a heat shield up there on that converter. Let's give that thing a tab. Yeah. I don't think that's it. Hmm. hunk of rust falls off. I Don't hear a rattle? All right. Yeah, there is a heat shield on this rear converter back here, but it's looking pretty good. Uh I Reached in there and wiggled it around. I Don't think that that's rattling. So I'll check the front one next. and uh, maybe the ones on the manifold up front as well. Back here, we're good. These brakes are looking good too. No rust on them. I'm sure they've been changed. at least those fronts have. Check out these rears real fast. Those look good. Those have been replaced once. Okay there. Yeah, let's uh, let's let her down and check that, uh, that front manifold and see if uh, that's our rattle noise. They said it wasn't uh, very severe and it didn't happen all the time. But I Just want to make sure nothing's tall enough. Okay, uh, let's check this front manifold down here. right up to pull this cover. Yeah, Unclick. Please come here. let's check. This thing says do not touch with a burning hand I'm gonna touch it. Yeah, that's not rattling either. Okay, yeah, it looks pretty decent under here. there's nothing leaking. valve covers don't leak. We don't have a Rat's Nest living inside of this uh cylinder head Valley right here. but I did find those leaky shocks. so I think that's a I think that's going to be our recommendation with a suggestion of a battery. Let me go write this up and we're going to give them a call and see what we're going to do with the with what we have found so far. All right, let's roll the rolly cart on over and we'll go ahead and get started right here. We do have a wheel lock key on clicks. foreign Let's see we got here. Yeah a little crusty. Rusty not too bad. Me thinks we're gonna need some penetrating lubricant in here now. I Don't know if there's a bolt on this side or if this bracket is just threaded so we'll uh, we'll deal with that when we get there. and the bottom one. There we go. and uh, that one's got a nut on it, that's for sure. All right. and I believe we're dealing with fasteners of the 17 millimeter variety. That's not a good sign. Oh no. I had to say it. This is supposed to be an easy job I Said that didn't I Okay, now let's take the bracket off. Foreign Fastener Okay, let's see if it comes off on this side. I'm now a little nervous that uh, that bolt is Rusted to the uh, the inside metal piece on the shock absorber Mount Well, I don't concede defeat and we're not giving up. So see where this road leads us? Wonder what's gonna happen with this one? I bet the nut's gonna come off and the bolt won't come out. I think okay, escalation level three we need, uh, the air gun Next, let's fire up the compressor. So while our compressor is compressing, let's try the bottom bolt. All right. Well, it turned. That's cool all right. The bottom one came out and pleases me see that cool little trick come out. more hammering there. Okay, so the shock's out, but the problem is, the bolt is stuck in there. Uh I guess I've got to get these apart see how this works out. So upon closer inspection. I Think this nut is, uh, welded somewhere in There to the bracket. So what I'm going to do is put this back on and I'm going to pull this back to the chassis and use an extension and try to manually break that thing loose. If that doesn't work, then, uh, maybe I'll start cutting some stuff off. Who knows I don't know. We'll see. All right, So that's now secure again. So I can try to put some more torque on this bolt here to see if I can't get that to come out I Hope it comes out all right. Yeah I I Really, really don't want to have to get a new bracket or cut this off. Let's see what this does. Go ahead, come here. moving. it moved now I hit my Noggin Okay, it's kind of moving. see if I can, uh, impact it out now. more lubricant. Is it gonna work cool and did something? I bet that's super hot. Okay did I win? I don't know. Still stuck. Yes. Victory. Okay. new units ready. it's going in. I've unboxed it. It is a Monroe OE equivalent. Nothing fancy. Please go in. We're not gonna fight all day on this I'm not interested in that. Not at all. I'm not going to hit the case of it. That would be bad I need up. there's some. there's some boring yeah. I'll try driver there smarter, not harder. All right. we're back down below again. On the bottom side Let's uh, turn that and get the shock in its little bracket. A little bit of encouragement here and again. I'll pry driver that to pick up on it some to get the bolt started. Yeah, because the bolt comes in from the front side. over here there we go just a little bit should be all I need I don't know. All right bolt coming in. Hope you guys can see I think I'm blocking all your light. Cut that through lightly that you know if it's hung up you don't want to tear up those threads but a couple Taps it won't hurt anything. Thank you. Let's see what was that. A 17? I forgot. Yeah, that was 17. there's my impact. Let's get this guy tight and uh, one more up top right here and we've got one side. Good to go. It had me a little nervous. Not gonna lie. Click this again. Got it? Okay, One is done. Let's go get the uh, passenger side. Okay, on the passenger side here. I have the uh, the wheel removed already and this one looks a little less, uh, crustified than the driver's side. So maybe, um, maybe I'll look out here. Let's find out. Yes, that was cool. Hey, now we're getting somewhere Okay, we're here at the bottom bolts again. Let's see if this one comes out with the same amount of ease, rust and I spoke too soon that one's not coming out. Let's try the manual uninjected method. No. um. longer wrench you see? I Just had to open my big mouth and engage some optimism. Let's try the longer wrench I Cannot fit a uh impact on that side on the nut because the lower control arm is in the way. Oh, we'll pull this off a rack right? That would suck. There we go. That was a violent on click. Got it? No. I know it is stuck to the shop I got the nut loose but the bolt is Rusted to the uh metal inside of that shock absorber. Try this way. turn, turn. Oh no, if this doesn't come unstuck, we're in worse shape than we were on the other side. Okay, let's try the ratchet. I'll just uh, stand on it. Yeah, you're gonna turn I think I got it? I Hope yeah Well, we'll see. I'm not uh, jumping for joy just yet. I Had a battery. not yet. My gun's not happy. Stop doing that impact gun. Yeah, yep and the screwing around stops. now. bigger guns make smaller problems. American What liar out of me? Yeah, it's making a liar out of me. Foreign bar. so you're gonna come out of there. Why foreign do you think? Yeah, it's getting hung up on the metal insert inside of that bushing. Just got to keep forcing it around. Uh, and the bushing is now turning. That's not okay. Now what do we do? Just keep working it. foreign it back and forth till you get there. That's all I can do. Okay escalation. Uh. level three. So I'm starting to give up on asking it. It's uh, nearly time to force it. foreign. Yeah, there's a bunch of rust in here and when it meets this threaded section I think it's getting hung up. There's nothing to, uh, help it come out. So I'll do that. externally impacting pry bar. Check it out. Long chisel on an air gun? an air hammer. Foreign. I Spoke too soon. shot myself in the foot. Yeah, see how it's turning that inside? Which doesn't make sense because I know it's not to it. See that. bend the bracket? That's okay. We have hammers for that kind of thing. No, it's free. It's got to be free. I Don't understand unless that inside collar in that bushing really is Rusted to the uh, the shaft and I just can't see it. kind of possible, but not exactly probable. foreign. It turns independently. Why won't it come out? This is nonsense. Everything I get is covered in Rust and what foreign bolt is still in its stuck position and I can't push it out that way. I'm wondering if I can just push it in again I've got some space here and perhaps it will. uh, it'll break free of whatever's got it bound up in its position and then uh I can try to get it out that way. Uh, forgive me for blocking the view and this is actually a ball joint pulling device. but I think it'll give me a a good way to press on that uh, on that bolt again. I'm just trying to break it free of whatever it's hung up on inside of the shock mount here. This is a little unorthodox, but it might be a complete failure. but I'm gonna try it anyway. Maybe it'll work. Maybe it won't. It's not really lined up. Did that do anything? Not really loud noises again. Aha, you see that it moved. let's try it again. I saw it moved. Yeah, you're gonna come out now. You are hot down here. I Need a point in my fan at me? Come out foreign? If I could get a tool on the other side I could maybe try to push it through. What are we so stuck on? Maybe if I turn this a bunch I can squeeze a tool in here to try to press that through. Try that, All right. So on the front of this control arm here, there's this little aerodynamic deflector thing. it's just pointing on the front edge designed for a fuel economy. I'm going to pull this off and get a little bit more space here because I need to figure out how to get some kind of press tool or something on that bolt to uh to get that extracted from the shocks? Yeah I spoke too soon. didn't I need to learn to keep the big mouth shut but I won't They've been telling me that my whole life and I still don't do it I Guess that's what makes me kind of. Me No filter. Okay, that one's not gonna fit. Okay, one last attempt I have a tie rod press here. this is the Harbor Freight one and I'm again I'm just trying to push this bolt through the shock I don't get it because it it moves a little bit and then it hangs up and then it's done. So I don't know why why we can't get it to come out but I uh I suppose at this point the why doesn't really matter. This works. It's either gonna work or it's not sketchy. Did it work? I don't think it did. No I don't think it did at all I think it slipped. Let's try it again. Yeah, it's flipping off now. Change our angle of our dangle here. Nope. Okay. Escalation level. Whatever. I'm on five one of my five six. Let's jump straight to nine initiating escalation protocol level nine Lauren Fire Come here. Come here. Come here. Run. No. I'm good I I'm sorry I shouldn't be the boy who cried. Well I'll never do that to you again. Amount of blades need more blade Okay, new blade I got a new one. Wow, that was hot. Whatever hit me. Stop it. Woohoo! There we go. That's real easy, right? Look at that pry bar right out. Yeah, super super easy. All good now. I Gotta go. Uh, get a new bolt. but uh, it's out of here. All right guys, we're getting somewhere now. Look at what I Got here. Check it out. It's not metric threads, but this will work. This will work just fine. Get better. I Drove all the way across town to the bolt store to get a hold of these and if this, uh, this does not work I will be not not very happy at all. You stay. you see if this thing fits and it does okay, we're good to go here. Let's just get this thing up a little bit. I Know it's home. Come here. Yeah. turn up. I Don't have the flangy strength in my thumb there. that's not gonna work. Fry Driver, Where are you actually? let's try the actual pry bar. see if that's gonna work. Yep, a little bit more. Oh I Lost my washer. Hang on guys. I'm I need to organize my life one-handed here because the right hand just holding something up Booyah And the takeaway from this is keep your big mouth shut. Right there we go. Click. Sweet. All right, one more bolt up top and then, uh. this repairs. Well actually, no, it's not because I still have to put that little little uh wind deflector Shield thing back on that goes there. It's important. Last bolt going in thick. it's secure. All right. Wind Deflector: Let's get this thing in and it Clips on on the bottom. Then up top it's got a couple bolts that bolts in. There's one back around here giving it the little reach around treatment. Get in there please. Yeah, things like this: little deflector. they, uh, they don't come on the the lower trim models, but you get into the upper echelons of the build. and uh, they give you these little bonus features like wind deflectors on your control arms. Again, it's all a a fuel economy effort. If you reduce wind drags, then uh, that's less fuel you need to use to push through the air. That's the theory. Anyway, I don't know how effective it is, but the engineers seem to think so so we'll go with that. not bashing the engineers, not this time. I'll save that for uh, whenever. I get a Dodge manual tickets. All right. That one's good and it's stuck. rust. give it some twists. There we go. and I've got the one other one on the inside and that's enough for our nuts and bolts with the exception of uh, of our wheels. So uh I'm gonna go ahead and call this one good guys. I'm trying to get out of here. Got some turkey to eat? maybe some ham and some corn bread. So all that being said before I Start rambling. It's always like to thank you for watching this video. Clear, Hope you enjoyed this video I Didn't enjoy this video. It was rather stressful and suspenseful. but I hope you enjoyed it And again, if you did enjoy this, please feel free to let me know about that by tapping that like button down below. If you did not enjoy this video, uh, then go back and watch something else and maybe you'll enjoy that one. So again and as always, thank you for watching and most importantly, don't forget to have yourselves a great day! See you guys later! End of: Nexus.

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