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Wants to see their luxury car. Looking like. This this is not very luxurious hi. Hi.

Everybody good day to you welcome back this is that 2008 jaguar with a sunroof. I have not touched it in well over a week. Because i've been out of town. I am back now and it's time to troubleshoot.

What's going on you know you have no power um jumper area battery jump box. Where are you it's got to be in the trunk. We have enough power for the trunk. No he's getting serious now all right well.

I'm not exactly sure why this uh car has run out of electrons. But uh. I have an auxiliary supply got one of those portable jumper box things let's hook this thing up if the tires are bad don't do rotation. Okay.

Let's try again do we have enough power. How about that all that just so i can move this over one stall gotta pull the headliner out of this to figure out what the deal is with the leak and i'm not going to do that on my lift. So we're going to go over to the flat stall. The ac is still blowing super cold.

That's good we got to do a 10 day leak down test on this this car has been hanging out in the shop. While i've been out of town earlier. I recharged the ac and we're still holding nice and cold here this is good dude. Okay.

So i'm going to start with this back right corner. I want to get uh kind of get my eyes on the drain. That runs down through the c. Pillar.

Right here. I want to just make sure that that drain isn't clogged and it's just uh holding water and causing an overflow because there is naturally going to be some seepage around uh around that seal. I do think it's excessive. But i i do want to just verify that drain first and uh and doo doo doo doo doo never miss a chance for a good dooley dude.

Each door has one of these handles here. So i'll have to pull all these handles down. I'm gonna have to pull the trim off the pillars. The a pillar the b pillar and the c pillar.

Let's get this guy out of here come. Here my little guy there we go let's go ahead and unplug. This unit. We'll set that aside pull our trim out of there next and all that's gotta go.

Okay. The door trim is removed one down three to go. Oh. I think i need to remove the back seat too maybe phone.

There we go now we're getting somewhere. Yeah. This is the drain tube right here. I believe there should be another one on the driver's side.

Well let's keep it moving. This is the third brake light cover pop this guy off and disconnect that unconnect. Please what is this all right. I'm moving right along this is the handle on the passenger rear door i'm just gonna go ahead and loud noise gonna pull all these out of i'm not gonna be able to do anything with this headliner in the way.

I've i've resigned myself to removing it completely. I got it ah okay. Handle number three and then passenger front door is gonna be number. Four let's go ahead and speed this up a little bit before this video gets boring and drawn out people leave that's just not how we have a good time here.
Oh cool no connectors okay now this particular center console. Happens to be my enemy. I uh. I put a lot of effort into attaching this once and i'm kind of sad because i have to take it apart again and it was a it was a bear to clip in if i recall and i don't remember if there's any screws or not that's the worst part and i don't want to break it because that would uh well that's not what we're trying to do here.

I don't think there's any screws in it i guess we're gonna find out watch. I'm gonna find like one there's gonna be one screw in it somewhere sketchy no no screw. It's like clips. Though up in the front.

What is this and how do you connect i think this white piece was supposed to stay with the unit uh. What is going on here. I'm so afraid i'm okay. There's just clips.

There all right oh man that was that was scary. I didn't want to break it yeah. These guys were hanging me up that one and that one right there i was very afraid of breaking those clips. But it's coming apart that's good yeah.

There's our sunroof motor right there. And there is the motor right there i don't think that's our problem. Though i think it's got a a bad gear or something something's broken in the tracking system. We'll figure it out sun visor's coming down.

That's one screw and uh looks like a wire. Oh yeah. Yeah. There's a light inside of here.

Let's see how okay. While we're here let's get this a pillar removed. If i can get my fingers on it wiggle. It on out of there come here okay all right okeydokes looks like we've got one visor and one handle left and uh one more pillar cover.

And i think i can get this headliner loose. It's almost all the way out of here clicks. All these little secret compartments. This car is full of them lots of plasticky bits to lose all right got this and then this little clip over here.

And i do believe this headliner's free hmm. Why is there electrical tape or duct tape. Here that doesn't go there i wonder what else i'm gonna find in here. You don't find duct tape under headliners that's a new one.

What we have here is a job for the razor blade. A little bit of rocket surgery in here first we'll get rid of the sticky bits. Yeah. I can't even why who did this why did you do this the wrong tape.

It's not the worst thing. I've seen i saw a guy make an intake duct once out of a dryer tubing. You know the dryer vent exhaust that flexi stuff it didn't work i mean this worked it actually worked really well excessively well why there i bet the connector's broken can't see it too much tape yep. Okay.

I got all the tape off. I found. It. The connector is indeed broken that's why mystery solved.

Oh. One clip. I forgot to forgot that one silly me come out okay headliner's coming down. I just pulled.
These last clips over here. So everything that is uh holding it up in suspension has now been disconnected. I've just got a couple little wires here and there to sort out and then i can work on maneuvering. This assembly out of the car.

And i found someone has been here before look at this so you can see here not much contrast with the black. But there's a bunch of a bunch of glue or some kind of silicone that was gluing this headliner up to the pillow. So i'm gonna have to figure out how to either replace these clips or find some kind of glue. Where i could glue that back together once uh once i complete the repair.

But that's gonna be further down the road one more connector up here behind the rear view mirror. Let's get that guy out of there. I think maybe it's two connectors. Oh.

I don't know there's more wires. That's what i meant to say come here. I can't and i can't get two hands in there. We're gonna have to just try this with two hands.

That was easy come on one more there it is all right all connections have been disconnected okay folks uh sorry to skip it but i did uh it was 20 minutes of carefully nudging and wiggling and maneuvering this headliner out of the back seat after i got it turned at an angle. So i didn't record that part just for the sake of our time uh fairly uneventful. I just very meticulously slowly uh nudged it out of here um anyway that being said we got access to the sunroof and everything now so now we can see if we cannot figure out what is breaking or binding on this unit. And then we can figure out what we need to order and then we will order it then we will fix it and then it will work again that's the plan beautiful look at that okay so i've been poking and prodding around this uh sunroof.

And it's track for a while now i'm not seeing too much broken on it with the exception of some of this plastic is starting to flake off um. Just the webbing on it it's not so much the piece is actually broken. But there's still there's a lot of play in this and everything just moves way more than it should sell that flippity floppity. Now that's taking place somewhere in this hinge.

Mechanism. And the other side over here suffers from a similar condition. There's just too much motion in it i think what i'm gonna do is i'm gonna go ahead and pull the glass off of it and uh. We're gonna get a closer look on the inner workings inside of there.

I don't see anything wrong off track back. Here that all looks pretty good and the uh for some reason. The noise seems to have stopped watch. This now that the headliner's out of it that crinkly noise is gone.

So i'm wondering if that was uh actually the cover perhaps the the moon shade or sunshade that could have been binding up and moving around or i mean. There's some clips removed back there. It's really hard to say you know what that noise was at this point. But the noise is gone either way i'm going to pull the glass out next and we're going to see what the rest of that linkage looks like i think.
That's what i'm going to have to replace because uh something's just uh. It's not allowing this window to align. Properly. And it's not making a seal at all with the headliner removed and i held a flashlight up at the top and you can actually see light coming through in this entire area over here.

So that does indeed confirm that the leak was that and there's there's really nothing else involved with it so um. We've just got to figure out what's up with this alignment problem now. I know what you're saying. Three you probably didn't have to take the headliner out you know what maybe i did maybe i didn't if i didn't i'll put it back.

And if i did then uh the job's halfway done oh drop that one oh come back. I know you're in there. I got you got it all right glass you're coming with me so upon closer inspection. I found a bunch of little cracks.

Where the plastic on this uh mount right here is uh is starting to separate and come apart. There's a little piece. I hope you guys can see a little crack down inside of there right in here. There's another one here same thing on the other side over there that is a problem.

I don't know if that is the problem. But sunroofs also tend to be a little sensitive to things like that as well. But what i have here is my issue is is this amount of play right. Here.

This is what is causing the alignment problem and not allowing that to seal and that is play in the cable. Where the cable is attaching to this uh. This bracket right here after a very close and careful scientific analysis and observation. I think i've figured out how this mechanism is working here.

So if uh. If we look down right right. There you see the little trolley running back and forth. There she goes here.

She comes. There's another one on the other side that trolley both of them are connected to the cable. Which runs forward and connects to the motor up here so the motor turns and it lengthens and shortens the cable. So in doing so it actuates that trolley that trolley watch it we're gonna run it back into the down position it collapses the arm brings the arm down.

Which then allows these notches to fit inside of those grooves. There and now it unlocks. And it's able to slide backwards. See how it locks in at the up position.

So we're down. We're in the grooves and now it can pull the window back and open. The glass. The issue is when we go forward.

It doesn't seal and line up on that side over there now if you see these pegs right here. These pegs are connected to the rest of the frame assembly. And that's what the trolley pushes on when we go back forward. See how we collapse.

I'm going to move the trolley forward. And it's pushing on this arm. Which is pushing on this arm. Which is pushing or pulling on this arm right here which runs the whole assembly.
Forward. The issue is is there is play in this frame. Assembly. As it relates to the track assembly on both sides so long story short.

There's a bunch of wear or something going on with this frame. And this frame is not pushing the glass up at the appropriate proportions and that's causing the alignment issue thus causing the leak uh. So unfortunately. I think we're actually going to need a uh a frame assembly for this because i don't see how the this frame and track is serviceable aside from what i've already done here.

Yeah. We may have to replace this unit. I'm going to get on the hormone jag and see if uh if something like this is available or not okay guys uh. Just a quick uh recap on what's going on here um.

I am not going to be able to do much with this car for a little. While we are still trying to find uh one of these sunroof tracks uh. We did find that the jaguar dealership network. Does have the assembly available.

However it is an ungodly amount of money i think like multiple thousands of dollars. I think it's like 2 200. Bucks like our cost we're trying to find an alternative besides that because you know we're we're in a spot. Here.

Now where we're kind of deep into this car and everybody would really hate to have to put this back together. As it is and not not get a fix out of it so um. We're looking for like a sunroof track rebuild kit or a cable kit or the whole assembly. But um.

It's kind of in limbo right now maybe we can get it maybe we can't maybe luck will be on our side and somebody's got one in a warehouse somewhere um. But we've got all hands on deck uh trying to find the uh the components to actually fix this thing right here so that being said. We're gonna have to park. This uh this video in this series for a while until we come up with something other than not available not available not available.

So i'm gonna go ahead and sign this video out right now as always like thank you for watching appreciate you being here hope you enjoyed this video. If you did enjoy this video. You know the drill let me know about that by tap tapping that like button down below. If you did not enjoy this video.

I don't care so again and as always thank you for watching. And most importantly don't forget to have yourselves a great day. See you guys later nobody wants to see their luxury car. Looking like this this is not very luxurious.

Oh. By the way for everybody who was wondering yes all of these drains are clear. I have blown them out and cleared them in the past and while the headliner was removed i disconnected them blew them out again. And i actually injected water through them.

Which it does drain at the appropriate areas by the wheel well so and the front ones as well so everybody's doing what it's supposed to be doing. It's not a drain issue the drains do work. It's just when water is coming in here. It's coming in too fast.
And it just cannot make its way out of that drain in time it's just overwhelming that drain.

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