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All the four three valve haters. All of you who told me that this engine engine wasn't worth saving and it was going to blow up it is back you're not familiar with what i'm referring to about a month and a half maybe two months ago. I put a set of timing chains and timing chain. Tensioners guides and an oil pump in this engine right here and because it was a ford three valve triton.

Everybody said it's not worth repairing and you can't do it. But we did not find damage on the camshaft journals and so we went ahead and fixed this thing right up. And it is smooth as glass no noise. No problem.

It is actually here for a separate issue. And that separate issue is a grinding slash howling noise. While driving and it increases in sound. And in frequency as you increase in speed this 2012 ford expedition has 162 979 miles.

On the odometer if you're curious as to how long it's been since we did the timing work on this truck just check the links in this video's description or at the very end of this video in the in screen box. And it will take you back in time to the first video of the series. When i began the timing chain replacement operation on this particular fort so anyway. Now that all the introduction explanation and self promotion is out of the way.

Let's get our first click in for the day and uh go verify the customer is concerned backing out the auto. All right right out of the gate at uh 19 miles per hour. I can already start to hear a bit of a howling noise from somewhere up front. Let's go a little faster.

Okay. I hear a couple noises kind of a rhythmic humming noise. That actually sounds like a tire sound now. I do hear a change in pitch.

When we turn a little bit that does indicate a potential wheel bearing problem. And it sounds like a bearing right here it sounds like a like a helicopter noise. The trouble is i've got to pick out the helicopter noise amongst. The tire noises but i think a visual inspection will help us out with that i think it's the left front wheel like the customer stated.

So i do believe there is an issue with the left front wheel bearing next up. We'll swing back to the shop. We'll lift it up and uh. We'll shake this wheel down and see if there's actually any play in that bearing and potentially just listen to it to confirm with a stethoscope with a stethoscope with the with the with a stethoscope say that five times fast with a stethoscope you know at lower speeds that tire noise has not come into play yet.

And i definitely hear the sound from the left front. You guys hear that i'll shut up for a second all right back to the shop. We go so i don't know if i mentioned it or not because my brain is still not self aware yet this morning. Okay.

But i'm also going to check the right front bearing just to make sure that that one's also not contributing to this uh noise. Situation here. See there's another one telling you these chevy trucks are stalking me. Which is fine.
I like those trucks. But they're always lurking waiting in the shadows. Ah check this out. Something to be aware of automatic side steps.

I open. The door steps come out you want to avoid having those running into those because they will interfere with each. Other okay. Let's go check up on our little 5 4.

Let me in there she is yep. I remember this dirty noise. I always like to go back and recheck my work given the opportunity post repair you know you check for leaks and make sure you didn't forget something screwdrivers bolts. Who knows after all the grief.

She put me through. I'm glad she's doing well i wish you the best we're at the right front tire. Do you guys remember what i said earlier about that choppy noise that tire noise that i heard feathering on this outside edge. See how rough that is to check the other tires.

Similar chopping that would definitely cause the noise. And it did how's our rears still brand new that's good and that one's okay less choppy all right all righty. I set the rack moving on up that's good safety on the locks. You got something to the effect of shaking down.

These wheels and i'll show you what i mean by that let me get a hold of this wheel at the top and at the bottom. And i'm just gonna shake it back and forth just applying pressure to the bottom and then up to the top and the bottom of the top and i'm feeling for any play that's in that bearing which i do not feel any. I'm also going to go left and right again looking to play in the bearing. If it's playing the steering components like the tie rods or the ball joints.

You'll also feel it doing this operation and at that point you can go around the other side get a visual on what's actually moving in those cases. Nothing. Now you can also have noisy fail bearings that have play in them or have noisy failed bearings that have no play in them and in this case. Let's go play whoa actually.

I thought i felt a little bit of left and right very small it's not bearing it could be a tie rod let's come in here and take a look you shake this. Let's just go left and right just i want to make sure. It's not a tie rod. Very slight inner okay yeah.

We're good thank you sir yeah. The inner tie rod here has a little bit of play. Oh looky here steering gear also has a little bit of a leak not much i would call it seepage. But there is some seepage anyway.

I'm off on a tangent and i don't want to be i've got a stethoscope here and i'm going to put the business in here on the bearing. The bearing is housed right here inside of the knuckle stick that guy right. There turn the wheel in doing so i'm listening for crunching noises or humming noises. You can't hear.

But i can hear there's there's a little bit going on there you're gonna you'll take my word for it i hear it okay let's check. The other side. You know i hear some very faint noises on this one as well it's not as loud as the other side. But i do hear it over here okay okay so here's the plan i'm gonna recommend replacing the driver's front that's the left side wheel bearing that's going to solve the majority of the noise.
I'm going to suggest we replace the right side wheel bearing because i do hear some crunchy crinkling noises going on there too that's going to solve a portion of their noise. Then we can either replace these tires. That are chopped or move them into the rear of the vehicle and that will solve some more of the noise. But until those tires are replaced all these weird humming and grinding noises and helicopter sounds are not going to completely go away so.

There's a little kind of more than one thing going on here we're going to address those in order of severity so i'm gonna go write it up we're gonna let the guy know what's going on with it and uh. We'll go from there so stay tuned okie dokes. Really cool development. We're going to do both of the front bearings uh.

We're going to replace that uh power steering rack and uh. What we're not going to do is replace these tires. We're just going to move those out to the back side over there hopefully that will arrest the noise. A little bit and make it shut up some and uh that will also fix the other noises that we heard up in the front.

So that's our plan. However that will not be completed today parts are not available surprise surprise 2022. So we have to order them they will be here tomorrow afternoon. Which probably means next week.

So uh. I'm gonna go ahead and roll the dice on it i'm gonna get started on this and start taking everything apart uh. We'll start with the bearing on that side. And i'll see what i feel like doing after that maybe i'll do this bearing maybe i'll pull the steering gear out what i can check that for you okie dokes.

So because i just made a plan and verbalized it i instantly feel compelled to deviate from said plan so first i'm just going to start on the right front. I'm going to pull both the tie rods off and then we'll uh. We'll kind of do everything all at once we'll have a disassembly phase. And then a reassembly phase.

So i'm just going to start taking everything apart. Breaking this down brakes are going to come off calipers rotors etc. Tie rods and then i'll start pulling bearings out that's a that's my new plan on my non plan plan. Oh check this out perfect opportunity.

So i. Am. Paul spa. A very nice uh snappy snap on a hammer.

So i'm going to use this one to get this tie rod out i feel like a lumberjack. Oh. That was that was impactful nice okay let's get this caliper and bracket off. I think i can give this a little air go style reach around action nope missed the hole oh i missed it twice.

I had redemption and i failed let me stick my head in there and see what's going on there. Oh there it is flashlight gravity. Oh. Now i'm stuck okay.
We'll put our lumens back. Okay. Where was i about to hit it there's one you know i just realized i haven't done something break related and in weeks. Get in there.

I'll just hang this guy from a control arm or something like right up here get it in there okay. We're good let's lose our rotor no damage because we're going to reuse it shiny okey dokes. Now we can see right here. There's a wheel speed sensor.

What we need to do is pull this sensor out of there reverse pick nope okay. So the catch here is going to be can i get this sensor out with this backing plate in the way i uh. I think i can i hope i can we're gonna see yes. Victory.

What is that is that dielectric grease. I approve okay and we can see here there's two bolts coming through from the back side of the spindle down below. There's two more coming through from the back side of the spindle. So we need to give this another reach around and get those four bolts out and then the hub assembly will break free from the steering knuckle.

I keep calling it a spindle that was like the first version of these units. That i learned and it stuck with me. It's the proper terminology. Is steering knuckle.

You can try the 3 8. Tool to uh remove. These bolts just because it's smaller. And it'll fit back here.

Maybe a little bit easier question is does it have the stones to pull this bolt out yes. It does yes it does twice all right other side. See if we can squeeze this in between bolts and this caliper yeah kinda foreign's double hitting that says no negative ghost rider. That's not gonna i'm not gonna do it manual reverse clicks so real quick.

I thought this would be fun. I've done this demonstration before but i want to do it again so i've got this uh laser thermal meter. That you can't see because the light's wrong. There we go and look at how hot that socket gets just from those impacts.

We got here a hundred and 22 degrees. When ambient temp is 93 put a lot of heat via friction into that socket. Okay science lesson over need manual reverse clicks all right see how tight this bolt really is wow. It is kind of tight.

I had to make the noise to get it to come loose ah we find ourselves with another opportunity to deviate from the plan. I neglected to remember that this is a four wheel drive so the cv axle in there is actually bolted to this hub. We need to unbolt it we will find the nut under this little cap right here. Ding cap is done all right.

What do we got there 12 millimeter. Looks like it feels like it smells. Like it must be a 12 millimeter. Okay.

I want to break this axle free from the inner race to the bearing. So we're gonna just slide that nut back on and little nuts and little studs get little impacts. We just want to break it free. I'm reaching around on the other side and giving it a pull and it moved.
We're good it has achieved freedom at this point. There should be nothing holding this bearing on except for rust and friction. So yeah. There she is one wheel bearing.

See if we can hear the grindiness no i can feel it. But i don't hear it okay one down one to go let's swing around over to the right side. We'll bang out that other bearing. So here we go all right let's go into super high speed lightning fast motion.

And we'll pull this other one down got. It foreign victory all right we still have some time left today. And i still don't have any parts. So let's move on and go ahead and pull this steering gear out of here moving back up all right so.

This steering gear is a pretty easy install. We've got these two big 24 millimeter bolts that run through the frame. Those bolt onto the gear on the back side. No big deal so we've got two bolts and then we venture our way up here into her oil filter nether regions and we find the bolt in the mount for both of the lines and then a little higher up and farther back.

You can see the collar. There it is that's the color that attaches the steering shaft to the steering gear. And we have to get to that bolt over there first i always start with that and i do it with a known centered steering wheel that way the steering column is centered so when we get our new rack. If it's not straight.

We'll be able to kind of gauge. Where it's supposed to be so i can't really get a tool on that due to the way that it's pointed that nut is uh pointed away to our left. So i'm actually going to reach in here and rotate the shaft. So i can get that nut facing outwards towards me.

Then i can put a tool on it i just have to remember that i changed the center position later on all right guys. I sure hope you can see because i can't so i'm going in and i'm about to attack that bolt with a um. A little electric ratchet here. We're going to pull that guy out.

And then the shaft will be separated from the steering here if i can get uh. My dangly angles proper on this one. I don't know i need more extension. Here i shoved some more lights in this little hole.

Here. Maybe that'll uh let us see what i'm trying to do so. I've got the extension on can't keep that angle proper let's try it over here. I'm probably supposed to remove the coolant line right here in this filter to get this out.

But i'm cheating all right i moved the camera back a little bit. And i'm now going to get the bolt out that holds down the little plate that secures both of the hydraulic lines to the steering gear itself. Let's see if i can't get some more light on that subject that's not good let's try again there we go reverse clickage stop. Doing that all right all right.

I need a drain pan. Be right back drain buckets in place. Let's get this uh. These hydraulic hose is disconnected and then we can unbolt our steering gear and get her out of here.
Thank you i got one there's that other one it's still a little stuck. I'll bring this uh hose in a little closer you can see the plate. I was talking about come here. See how it just slips over the fittings and then when you bolt it down it clamps the fittings down that's what she is okay let's reach up and get the steering gear disconnected from the shaft.

I may need pry bar for that modern pry bar. Yeah. It's moving there we go freedom. All right.

The shaft is free just take the bolts out and drop. This unit all right moving down moving left moving up moving out. I got one bolt right here. We need more lumens.

It's an illumination deficit. What there we go i have noises. Yeah man. I should have put that on quiet mode.

Let's see what we got there we go no who's the breaker that one i bet. I i bet. This will break before this okay. New plan manual unpicks.

The electronic assist is not working. Yeah. I have an idea. Let's break.

A breaker bar by putting a breaker bar on a breaker. Bar. There we go. These are uh.

These are a little tight breaker bar. Gravity oops okay more loud noises. Yeah. We're done thank you big rod all right one down one to go right here that one seeing as how we've got a system here that's functioning.

Let's not deviate too far away from it so frank no not that i don't want the ratchet. That's the breaker. Bar. Round.

Two fights socket breaker. Bar. And breaker. Bar for the breaker.

Bar. Here. We go all right. This is that kind of a breakaway torque required.

Where you need to put your tongue between your teeth. If you don't create your teeth danger at least. That's what i do some people may bite through their tongue practicing that up. But don't do what i do do what i say don't do what i do all right on clips do your thing.

That's a negative. Oh come on killing my battery. See it's not that the gun doesn't have torque to remove it it's i think the bolts is actually flexing with the impacts and they're being absorbed because uh it does have a very mighty shaft and can handle many many impacts. I think it's all being wasted in a door before it actually reaches the threads.

There it is it's blue. So you know it's good okay let's uh re remove that balls over there and uh. This unit should be uh dangling free. Oh.

That's hot. I just touched my leg s. Okay. Let's move over here and extract our unit.

All right unit. You're gonna come quietly probably not remove control arm front differential. It's not a joke lift big gear. Too it's a huge stair gear.

Ah foreign come on almost halfway done freedom. It has here we go. It's a big unit. Yeah we can see here there's some leaks going on at the top saw the one from the bottom earlier.
Which was around this side somewhere. Yeah okay. Well like i said no parts until at least tomorrow afternoon. So i think we're done at this point.

There's nothing more i can do here with the exception of thank you guys for watching this video as always hope you like this video. If you did let me know about that by tap that like button down below. If you didn't like that video. I don't care that's your problem not mine so again as always thank you for watching most importantly don't forget to have yourselves.

A great day. See you guys later. Oh. Wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait don't forget to look out for part two.

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