In a previous video ( we removed some broken bolts from the head of this Chevrolet 2500 6.0 using the welder. Unfortunately someone was there before us and made a big ol mess of this head. Now it is time to show you how to (hopefully) recover the hole(s) and use some thread inserts to make the repair.
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Well, here we go folks. I'm gonna do a little shot of penetrating fluid up in each hole. Oh, we're hitting it from way back here. Look at that bad skills.

Hang on. sorry about that everybody. We're going to take our eight by one, two, five thread chaser. very genuinely.

start that in each hole. All right until she hits the bottom back up and then we're just going to keep on keeping on. So now this one I don't know about started nice. That one I believe is crooked.

It looks like it's crooked and that's one of the ones that had the washers stacked up on it. That one's going all the way. I Like that started nice all the way and we got this little fella here all the way. Looks like it has a helic coil in it.

Potentially there's something funky Funk about that one. Yes, that one has a helicoil in it I Can see the bit of the hill of course sticking out. I'm going to leave that one alone because I think it's going to be okay. We did.

You know we were able to put the you know thread chaser through it? Now it's hard to say it's not really set at the right depth. half the coil is sticking out here. Okay, so this is gonna be a bit of a Learning lesson. We have three frigged up holes on one side of the block so whoever did this did an awesome job because this one.

this hole here is caddywampus. Actually, there's actually no threads in the very bottom of it. Oh I See, that hole's been drilled out? Okay, yikes. so this is pretty freaked up here.

This one has a helicoil. This hole has absolutely no threads and this hole here. somebody has drilled out the stud. but they've drilled it super cockeyed.

so I can see. the reason I don't see stud or threads in there is just because they drilled it kind of like on this uphill angle I Can see when you look down inside the hole you can see where the original pilot went in there. The drill um and I can see that this one is a fair amount off. So this leaves us with repairing essentially three holes on this side of the lock, which is quite unusual.

These GMS are usually quite forgiving. so to get the old helico out when they did a poor job like this, it makes it pretty easy because you can pull the part of the coil out, we can grab a hold of it and then pull and there it is. There is well, hopefully you guys can see it. there's your old heel coil.

leaves us in a bit of a pickle because the only thing we can clean that hole up with. Gosh, they really fudge this thing up. I'm being polite using that word. Um, somebody came in here and just did the dirty deed.

I Was gonna make a video here showing you how to heal coil but I think we're going to make a video of how to potentially rescue this head without replacing the head. The truck obviously isn't worth it. it's a you know, older GM so you can see the engine block has almost rotted through so she's pretty well junk. They just wanted to quiet it down but it's a bit of a mess so let's get started enough looking at it.
So how about this? How about we start on the hole that is has not been frigged with yet or at least as much as yellers. This one still appears to have the original markings on it from where it's drilled. So this one is your. It's going to be like your classic Everything goes well.

Today's your birthday type stuff 2164 drill bit because we're putting it back to an 8.125 and the drill bit size is determined by the size of the fuel coil that you're using and I am using a Helicoil brand thread insert. So we're going to put this in first gear. We're just gonna let that self pile it right down the hole. It's aluminum so it drills out super duper easy and we're gonna push just a little bit into the casting and that looks really good.

That's really nice. We're happy with that. Now we're going to take a little bit of the dub d ude a little bit of juice up in there now. let's get a tap.

We'll give her another Flex of the WD just to just be safe. I like to call it. We grab the tap out of our Helicoil kit. look at the right size 10 socket.

I've got a tap socket that somewhat fits and get your lined up here. Hopefully this tap's still sharp. eight millimeter is a pretty popular size for us. still has that aluminum shavings on it from whatever we used it for at last.

So once that started, we're just going to run that home until she hits bottom. If you feel chips binding up on it, you know Runner backwards or break the chip off obviously and use, you know aluminum tap Magic and all that stuff all the precaution here. it is not like she hit bottom I Don't feel like Wheeling that all the way out, but in handy so we're going to use a lot of it. There she is sounded like it was laboring because we're only using a little 12 volts.

Calm down. Yeah, oh yeah, isn't that fun. That's just fun. Watch out all that Ellie Many of them let me get a bow nozzle on a rag covering this up.

so let's go back in our eyes. there we are, watching the crap we do on this channel. Oh maybe maybe we take away the light. You can see the threads.

Let me block this light a little bit, so maybe maybe that will satisfy you. But we've got threads in there and they're nice and straight and everybody survived an enhanced. So there we are. So hopefully because let's be honest, you know if you're a machinist and you're comment currently you know? Yeah I don't have a mill, neither of my home head or any of that stuff.

So now we have our actual coil or thread insert. Well, we had it, it's gone. now. let's get a different one.

Yeah off the floor. and then there's the inserting tool you wind her up through and it has a little Tang there that the tool grabs a hold of and that allows us to spin it in. Some people elect to do thread locker and all that stuff. I'm electing to just try to get it in is my goal and sometimes these can be tricky to start straight and so we're gonna try.
Sometimes you have to think like positive thoughts we established this morning Vanessa that we don't even know how to send a Vibe maybe the people can tell us maybe I can rub one on you, rub a Vibe on me? Oh yeah yes ma'am I do know how to do that I'm not sure. Wow, you're a little Saucy there miss though. yeah Lunch is ready. Oh are we having something saucy? Oh okay, give me just a moment there miss though.

Okay, so you will add in all the way and perhaps you weren't zoomed in enough. but you'll see when the last thread of the coil goes in and you want that just below the surface because maybe you remember it might have been in a previous video where we yanked out the other Helicoil just because the the end of the coil was actually sticking out which could be a pain in the hoo-hoo but now we have it in all the way. She hit bottom. but we've got to reach in there and break that little Tang up.

Excuse me? I'm burping and uh, get that out of the way I Tried looking up in there with the camera to give you guys an idea what this is going to look like but I can't The easiest way I have found to do these is with a little pocket screwdriver to reach in there. you'll see the thing sticking out punch. just give it a little shove. Okay, and it just broke off and it's still laying up in there I'll see if I can I probably can't get it out to prove it to you, but let me.

um, usually at this point I just hit it with a bow nozzle and I pull that sucker out I can just show you on that on a new one. There it is. I believe these are non-ferrous so we can't just use a magnet. That's a pretty big word.

Instead of just saying, they don't stick to a magnet I have no iron content. Let's see. Oh dang it all the heck. I Just dropped it on the ground we'll never find it now.

We might have to replay that in slow motion I Don't know where it went through Sol Folks s-o-l That means out of luck. Okay, let's go eat lunch. That hole's done and it's happy and hopefully you saw the piece fall out and you're at peace with that. And then we got to fix these other two holes which are just completely chowdered up.

That one and this one here. This one we gotta be careful with. Hey, look at that. That's a piece of the that's you.

see that what just came out of that hole? you probably didn't That was the piece of the inner Tang of the Healer coil. The problem with this hole is we can't uh, we can't do anything else other than to chase our tap through it and hope it's good because this hole has already been drilled out 2164 I assume with the eight millimeter Helicoil So not much we can do on this one, but this one here. Well, that's it. That's a beauty.

Here we go folks. lunch is over. You run, re-run the tank. We're gonna run our tap back, in, which you gotta be a little cautious here.
We want that sucker to bite in to where it was. Clearly we don't want to cut new threads. This hole. We have no choice really to do anything other than what's already been done.

so we just want to clean it up. Run this tap through which looks kind of straight like I say it is. It is what it is. Okay, yes, definitely going in there.

So watch this all right. Close your eyes all right. Yeehaw That one's good. same thing.

pull all the junk out of there. Let's grab our flashlight I Just want to have a little a gander up inside there so that one looks pretty good. I Can see where the original pilot hole is and it's slightly off. just a little bit but so close.

If it was the hand grenade we'd hit our Target um, let's grab another coil I'm going to insert it on our tool, put it right on there, see if we can't get it started very nicely. It seem to start nicely. Sometimes these can be a bit of a pain to start. we're gonna run that all the way in.

We're going to sink past that first one. We're going to go a little bit further on this because the edge of this hole is kind of egged out a little bit or at least corroded away. so there's that. Now we're going to get up in here with our Tang Buster A quick shove.

Okay, she broke off. So if you go in and you try, you kind of I don't know what to say. You get in there. you start footing around with this thing I Think that's an appropriate word to use.

What will happen is you'll start to unwind the coil or you potentially could and then it becomes kind of a a bit of a problem. Oh, maybe these are magnetic I didn't think they were I'm gonna try to catch this one for you. Gosh dang it. that thing's harder to catch that a Seeker on Harry Potter I Just dropped it on the ground.

but you have to believe me. I did get it out and we almost caught it. uh and then let me go grab some eight one, two, five bolts that we're going to be using. Here's our new manifold Bolts is that threads in there? We're going all the way and don't think that you can run that bolt in and break that Tang off.

If you do that, you will screw up the end of that Bolt Well, it ain't nothing you've never seen. Help get there all messed up. And there's this one here, which obviously this one looks good too. So they both were good.

Now we've got the Dilemma Oh the bad hole. The naughty hole over here. We've got to try to straighten this mess up. As I mentioned, the problem with this hole is it goes in and it's It's on an uphill angle.

Okay, like my finger, it goes up a little bit quite a bit. It goes up a lot a bit from where it should be. Probably despite my better judgment, what we should do? The hole in the exhaust manifold is is quite a bit larger. Let's say it's 10 millimeters versus eight millimeters so there's a lot of slop in it, so we could literally just drill this bolt where it is.
But the problem is, it's not quite a bit of an angle. It's pretty frigged up. What I want to do is you know if we just stick a drill bit in there, we're just going to follow the same crappy hole. What we need to do is see if we can't enlarge it in favor of where it should be and then try to run our 2164 drill bit through it, which we don't have a lot of room we don't have where they've got the top of that hole.

I'm gonna I'm gonna try to just bring her down around town here. we're going to use a Just a Carbide Burr which plugs up pretty quick on aluminum and see if we can't while they're out the bottom of this, just so we can hopefully get our drill to Pilot a little bit more where it should be. It's probably not your best bet, but I'm just gonna use it on a grill instead of a set of something that I should be using that. whoa whoa dude.

a net an enhance and we're just going to try to work it down a little bit. I can see the original threads on the bottom and no threads on the top if you've done frigged up a lot of holes in your life, you know what? I'm looking at right now. There's this guy and sometimes people ask like, how are you so good at repairing bolt holes Well, it's because I freaked a lot of them up in the past so you'll learn. Yes, it's a problem with aluminum is she plugs up tight? We've whittled through the threads I'm going to keep working that down the best I can go from there I might have to stick this on a die grinder though.

Thank you. Blow that out. That seemed to just chowder right down through there real nice. I Think it might have straighten this up? Oh yeah, look at that.

Yeah now. I can see all the threads all the way to the back on the bottom. That's kind of interesting. that wasn't blowing any Sparks Like there was still a piece of broken bold in there.

but I can clearly see that we're I don't know where we should be right there. When it jammed up on me, it's just going to twirl around just enough to peel all the threads out of there. all the rest of them she goes. Let me poke at that a little bit.

I'm wondering if what they did is just a really crap job and left I can't tell if that's metal, that's an aluminum. Yes, that's what they did. Classic move, classic, classic hackery. That's why it looks so damn crooked.

Let me show you I should pick up my light book I'm too excited. Hence, so they did your classic crap job. This is probably a piece of the original bolt, that's why that happened. So there it is.

They drilled it out, tapped it, but left half of the original bolt in there. So that's what I was seeing. That's why I was seeing. so you can see how it has threads where some idiot ran a tap through it even though they didn't have the rest of the bowl out.

So that's why it looks so dang crooked. and I could only see half of the piloted hole. so that's part of the factory. Bolt So some some great hackery there.
good job. Uh let's see now. good thing we I thought it thought it felt a little funny I'm not dogging haha funny but I was like wait a minute. All of a sudden did did some threads appear.

All of a sudden all of a sudden a good idea. Cover your eyes. Okay, well what'd you have a look at that? What'd you look at that now? Hopefully it's not too eggy. Um, let's get our 2164, spit her down our first gear and just let her Cube her way in.

Oh boy this is getting great. Oh must ever run slip clutch mode Let's put her in drill mode. Oh man, you guys are always over enhanced. Not good folks.

Nope. So we're dead centered now which is great. We're all the way at the bottom. Oh yeah, yeah, but the big uh, the big deal is.

Let me tell you what the big deal is. The big deal is is that they kind of half drilled it through the bolt. so now once that bolts out now, she's really watered. You don't want to save this though with some WD-40 Isn't that a fun sound like a little machine on? Willy Wonka Let's keep it nice and straight.

This is not an ideal situation right here. We're going to work with what we have. This is lighting. Though the hole is not perfectly round.

we'll see what it looks like when we take the cap back out. All right. Oh I Just felt a hit bottom running in reverse. Good with the no Mercy reversi this little guy right here.

oh cringe-worthy Wow, look at that. Oh yeah, look at that. Actually it looks nice and round actually. the tap cut the cut the remaining portion that I thought might have been slightly out around.

Hooray! Hooray! Let's get another killer coilover kit back up. I'm gonna order another kit of these you can buy. If you buy a helicoil kit, you can get just the thread inserts on their own. but this 8125 kit I've had so long I've got two TAPS in there and they're both pretty well dull at this point.

So I just got to order a new kit to get a new tap and put the little bags falling apart. again. with this one, we're going to go in past the flush surface of the head just because of that. Outside here is a little bit eroded away and then what we're going to do is come in with this this time.

I'm going to catch this thing I swear it just literally flicked out and hit my finger and fell on the floor. You're freaking kidding me. All I want to do is show you what it looks like and it's gone I felt it hit my finger. Uh, so that's it folks.

this head is now been salvaged. We just need to go through and finish cleaning up. But long story short, that's how you go through and fix a crappy hole. There you have it folks.

she's all fixed up all Fancy cleaned off all the junk on it. not with a grinder. use one of the green bristles around the wysiwheel but you can see somebody got right in there too dead up there. Probably just having a bad day.
They probably tried drilling so well we know they tried drilling stuff because we got we got the rest of the pulled out for him, but you know things can go south pretty quick. but everything turned out really nice. All the holes turned out nice and unfortunately you know we have three helicoils in it which are fine. it'll it'll Outlast the rest of this truck.

trust me, she's already held together with tape and wire and such. so I don't have much left in it, but at least for the next couple years, the guy can live at peace and quiet without hearing a tick every morning. Of course we have to do the other side, which looks ten times worse than this side, so hopefully we've got enough field of coils and patience to recover that. So anyhow, that's it folks.

So yeah folks, hope you enjoyed this little mini series. On A the first part of the video, removing the broken bolt with the welder one twin is protruding. Let's be honest, those are the easy ones and be in this video where we had one hole that was stripped out but still stock. so that's the easiest one.

It's the easiest one to fix, uh, helicoid wise. And then we had removing of a helicoil and reinserting a new one. So that's a scenario you could possibly come across. and then B C because it goes ABC or one two, three three is the hole that's kind of really freaked up that's drilled crooked.

there's still a piece of a bolt in there. what are you gonna do? So we got to see that scenario too. Kind of just take your time reassess. Each hole has its own set of Assessments you need to come up with there's that and I want to go down there and assess your comments in that comment section Questions, comments, concerns, spiders on the end see the Facebook Tell me how you guys fix stuff like this and that's it.

I'll be looking for those comments and just remember viewers. If I can do it, you can do it. Thanks for watching foreign.

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    Did you make a Tiktok?

  41. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Johnny Blue says:

    This comes at the right time, but how would you go about fixing the thread on a motorcycle fork pinch bolt hole? It's like a clamp, threaded in one side and there's not much thickness to drill into it. I'm not sure the helicoil will work. Maybe installed with red Loctite, it won't spean.