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Okay, another hello everybody, Good day to you! Good morning, good afternoon, good evening, and or good night. whichever of those applies to you. At this correct point in time, we return to one of our many Jeep project vehicles, another Cherokee Sport Leader straight six With 226 446 miles on the odometer. It suffers from excessive tailpipe emissions meaning it is smoking on occasion and it also has a little bit of oil consumption.

not too surprising at 226 446 miles. But I'm gonna try to uh, perform a service on this to remedy that. There's going to be two things causing that excessive smoking. We're gonna have worn and dried out valve stem seals so oil is leaving from the Uh: the top of the valve cover, wicking down the valve stems, and then entering the combustion chamber.

The other source of that possible smoking is the Rings The oil control rings around the Pistons themselves may be coked up and clogged with carbon and that is causing those rings to fail to expand, allowing oil to pass the Rings thus entering the combustion chamber and becoming burnt during the ignition cycle. First things first is we're going to pull the valve cover off of this because it has an excessive engine oil leak and we're going to re-gasket that valve cover while it's off. We're going to get a good visual uh with regards to how much uh, corrosion or well carbon buildup actually carbon and sludge buildup, we're going to take note of how much carbon and sludge buildup is in there. We're going to clean it out using a Simbiji cleaner.

This is going to be a rather invasive procedure. What's going to happen here is we're going to drain the engine oil out of this thing. I'm then going to install a gallon of cleaning solution, not the little pint thing. It's going to be an entire gallon.

Now we're going to run the engine at about 3000 RPMs for about 45 minutes after that gallon is installed. Once we, uh, get through that 45 minute period. If there's no fire or anything crazy like that, we're going to drain that out. We're going to add in another gallon of a different cleaner.

I'm going to again run that for another 30 to 45 minutes at 3000. RPM At that point, we're going to drain the oil again or drain the cleaner. Then we're going to drain the filter, remove the filter again, and then install regular engine oil and we're going to determine uh, how much, uh, how much was cleaned out and how much sludge and or coking slash carbon buildup has been removed from the inside of the engine. The idea here is is to free up those rings and get all that nasty stuff out of those piston rings That will allow them to have a better seal.

It might work, it might not, but it's definitely worth a shot. So ah, that rhyme too. So we've already popping Z Hood twice. Uh, let's go ahead and shut this thing down and uh, see exactly what the deal is going to be here.

Now this procedure is going to take a couple hours so Troy's going to help us. We see there's some smoke and stuff coming out from under the hood. Uh, we need to set the rack. ooh Smokey Yep, we need to set the rack.
There we go. and while that's getting set up. I'm gonna go ahead and get started on this leaking valve cover. You see, there's oil everywhere down here.

Now the reason that we're gonna do this in conjunction with this valve cover job is number one. I Want to see if we end up with that kind of smoke underneath? I Also want to see how well this thing cleans everything? Uh, once we're done with the procedure, so we're probably going to pull this valve cover off more than once just so we can take a look at how effective that service was. So stay tuned because this right here is going to be an extremely interesting and good video opening. Z Hood All right now over here.

I've got the Uh the multi-part kit. so we've got one bottle of Dynamic Engine cleaner and then right here we've got a a rinse oil. This is our second stage after we uh do the oil change and run procedure with the rinse oil. That's when we will then install a regular engine oil.

I Had some instructions here in case the medium. All right. Now in the name of science, we're going to conduct this experiment. uh with some evidence here.

We're going to take samples of our engine oil during each phase of uh of this process here. So this is going to be our control. This is our Baseline Oil We're going to take a sample out of what's already in the crank case. This is going to be Cleaner Number one.

We'll take a sample. after that, this is going to be the rinse oil. That one gets a three and that will be our rinse oil. And then after our rinse oil sample, we will then just add engine oil to the engine and that will be that.

So let's go ahead and get this thing up in the air, take our first oil sample, and then go from there. Troy You wanna do the honors sir? it's already set good to go here. You are getting good at raising cars up a little bit at a time sir. So while this thing is, uh, moving on up.

And while Troy is preparing together our oral sample, I'm gonna go get some 10 millimeters on the wobbly, maybe a 13 and we're gonna pull this valve cover off. Okie doke. So what? I want you to do? Take that cup, get a sample of your engine oil. just like, maybe like a quarter of that cup.

So pull your plug, get a sample of that, put your plug back in, and then let it back down. Okay, all right, almost. Or like this threads look kind of chowdery. Can you turn that by hand yet? Let me see.

let me get in there. Not a chance. Okay, continue. There We go.

We got a tool upgrade going here. Just don't let that drop. We want to because I'm actually gonna run some Epr in there too. I'm adding a step to the uh the process.

Okay, because I have some cans of the Epr. The Epr is what we'd use. like if we normally we're gonna do it all flush. So let me.
uh. like if we were just doing an oil change and I wanted to put some cleaner in there I would use some Epr. Yeah, this is fuel diluted. Uh, okay, that's good.

That's good. That's good. Okay, tighten that up and then oh, it's burning. but I can't let it go.

Ha Hot. There you go. You see our sample? All right. that's uh oh.

just our base oil sample. We'll set this one aside. that's sample. Numero Uno All right, let's let this down now.

Uh, we're gonna put some Epr in the crank case and let that run for 5-10 minutes. and then, uh, we'll start on the valve cover and then after we do the valve cover, we can. uh, we can go ahead and start the uh, the actual flush cleaning process. So again, this uh, this particular can is not part of the kit.

this is one we would use normally if we were just gonna do an oil change and then add cleaner. But I figure it couldn't hurt to include it. We'll do like a pre-clean before we, uh, get everything super clean. The idea: Toss that guy back on and restocking Z Engine beginning engine stocking sequence now Thank you So Baseline Visual, but okay.

so while our cleaners going I'm kind of going to start disassembly just the same as we have to remove all these cables, cables for trans throttle cable and the cruise control cable which I'm sure is not functional. Cut that off the bracket. it's hard to do. it's all hot in here.

We're going to here with a trim tool with a press that tip one over there and then we've got to cut this little zip tie off right here. Okay, let's get this last cable off of here. I've got to cut the zip tie. Just a little connector thing's broken.

No worries. Decide my good man, will you reach in and shut this down? It's been 10-15 minutes I Think G Powering down. Okay so what we need to do: Hot: Get this kind of out of the way because all the perimeter bolts for this valve cover are around the perimeter of the valve cover. Imagine that a little hot hot hot Hots Here bungee that select your fender well or something.

There we go. Okay I'm gonna go with these tens. Pull all this off and we're gonna see what's going on underneath this cover. I Bet it's Total Net Carnage That's good.

Can you grab the Snap-on overhead? also? Okay, now since this thing is hot and oily and I don't want to be hot or oily I'm going to use the gloves to keep my my pretty fingers pretty cool. So uh, let's go ahead and get these bolts out of this thing and pop this cover and see how nasty it is underneath. That's not tight. It's kind of not tight.

That's not tight. That's kind of not tight. None of these are tight. I Wonder if the gasket in here is corked and it has compressed over time causing the valve cover to be loose? Quite possible.

All right. Hey, that one was tight. kinda. It's pointing at another.

Oh hi, it's hot in there. It's gonna be super hot after we run this to. Uh, get that cleaner to go through. Would you fetch me a quarter inch? Drive Extension sir.
about uh, eight inches or so. Uh, the 3 8 drive. Remember, your job is to become proficient in quarter inch Drive First and then we will escalate to larger calipers. Calipers I said caliber and caliber at the same time.

There, there's one right there. and I think there's one more hiding out back behind this. Yeah, Would you also be a deer and fetch, uh, a magnet on a stick? Are you risky doc? He's learning to speak. If the Russians invade we can talk to them before.

We never mind. Can't say that here. No no. all we need to know the Russians show up.

All we need to learn is Dasvidania. It will be good if anybody here is Russian sorry I'm not picking on you guys. Yes sir, this thing's hot I need to uh like a rag or something something to heat insulate myself from the Heat There's too many BTUs that have soaked into this to make it. uh comfortable to the touch? come out.

Oh look at hose clamps in the way. That's nice. Oh, come out there. don't touch that.

it's hot. There we go. I got it. I got it and behold the Carnage that's nasty.

Look at that. This is a cork gasket. Yes, it is 100 core gasket. Take a look here.

you can see how that gasket material is all flattened out and squished because it's made of pork. Same thing that uh they plugged the wine bottles with so that's pretty gross. We should clean that out. Okay so what Troy's gonna do is take this thing over to like one of the oil drains and he's going to clean this cork off of here and go in there with like a wire brush and try to clean all this out.

The the experiment regarding the cleaner is going to be how well does it clean out. all of this crusty, nasty build up. The stuff that's on top of the Rockers all this grossness around here, all that grossness down there, some of that in the back. So what we're going to do.

we're gonna clean all that up. We're gonna clean this surface up that way the new gasket doesn't, uh, have to try to seal on top of dirt. We'll clean that off and then we'll go ahead and proceed and perform the cleaning procedures with the the chemicals that are in the jugs over there on the floor. That's the plan.

Wipe it down, clean it off, get rid of all the nasty, and there's a lot of it. It's gross. 300, 000 miles of Jeep abuse. Okay, so that gasket sealing surface is, uh, fairly cleaned.

It's been wiped down again Once we pull this cover off for the second time. we're going to be looking for a reduction in build up like on these push rods, a reduction and build up on all these rockers, everything on top of the cylinder head, and we're going to end up looking for a cleaner overall surface inside of this valve cover. right here. But first, we got to get the gasket and whatnot off.
Troy's working on that. See, this is why I Hate Court gaskets. You see that they just get stuck little pieces and they don't come off affordable. Okay, so I'm all done up here until that valve covers prepped.

So in the meantime, I'm gonna go ahead and drain that oil out of this thing. It's gonna take a little while to get that thing cleaned up. It's pretty nasty. Not fun is it? No, you don't like it.

All right. See, we're not having just another oil change video. This is like a super oil change. This is like a oil change cubed.

It's like even past the square power of an oil change. we're cubically changing. engine oil changing, engine oil cleaner. All kinds of stuff.

all right. now. don't forget, this is the uh, the first spill out of three. This is one out of three.

Get this guy off of here. Oh, that's gross. It all looks less dark. Weird.

You know we're going to take a sample. Uh 1.5 This will be the sample with the Epr cleaner only in it. Alrighty, we're done draining. Let's go ahead and get our plug back in.

Then we'll let this down, change the filter out with our first filter of three, and then, uh, once that is complete, I should be able to get that valve cover back on and then we can install the first, uh, first jug of cleaner. Why do corporations no longer fear the consumers? Okay now I've kind of shot myself in the foot having these things bungee cord far away. loud noises I need to unbungie the heater hoses. Then I can reach down and get a hold of that oil filter down there.

These are nearly impossible to remove from the top. I'm sorry. From the bottom, you've got to reach at them. From the top.

there's a starter in the way. Come on all that tight. Okay I Need flyers going in. fill tires all right.

Squeeze on that thing I wonder if I should have uh, broken it Loose from the bottom click. oh that's on there too Troy's still back there. uh, polishing off that cork material. There we go.

that's coming free. I'm gonna make sure that our temporary filters do not go on this tight. that's on there sir. Or if the compressor is off there, we go.

There's one. it's extra two. Come on. Filter unit Hot.

Seriously, the Jeep thing. Okay, that is filter number one. We'll keep that right there with oil sample number one. Go ahead and get filter number two installed.

Okay, Filter two coming in. We'll screw that guy on. it's only going to be here for about an hour and then we take this thing back off and it'll get changed out with another filter for the second stage of cleaning product. There we go.

Filter clip: Troy has got this as clean as I think he can get it. It's been scraped out, it's been wire brushed out, it's been air gunned out, it's been dried out. I Know it's not pretty, but it's cleaner than it was. So all we need to do.
We've got our new gasket here. It's a Phillip Pro Blue. As you know, it's good. I'm gonna stick this thing in, set that down on top of the head just like so.

then we'll bring in the valve cover, set that down in place, and then get that thing bolted down. Actually going to get around to cleaning out this engine, Just not right. now. let's slide this thing into place.

Come on, get in there. don't be difficult. try not to fight me. I will pry bar you into place.

Oh here it is I had to squeeze it past the uh, the thermostat housing. Yeah, that's that's about right where it goes. Okay, so seeing as how we're going to remove this, uh, apparently soon, All I'm gonna do here is, uh, just run a couple bolts into it, four or five, or six and uh, that'll just be enough to hold the thing down. Then we'll be able to start it and run it and run that cleaner through there.

Uh. Mr Troy Will you grab that gallon of cleaner behind us sir? Go ahead and so open that up there We go grab a funneling device and begin the pour please. Okay, that's four bolts. That should be funny to secure this cover for the time being.

You know what? Maybe five? Let's do one back here. another there cleaner's coming in. It looks like oil. smells kind of not like oil at all.

That is the stage one. Dynamic Engine Cleaner DG products not sponsored. That's just what I use. Okay, so this next phase we can go and pull that out.

This next phase is going to take about 45 minutes. Take note of the condition of the crusties on this cap sir. Would you go ahead and restocking the engine? please? Here? No, No. All right.

so what we need to do. Check oil pressure real quick. Make sure we still have it. We have oil pressure.

Yeah, right over there. 35 ish something pounds. What we're gonna do. We're gonna run this from cup number two.

After that, we use some cards and car effective RPM we're at 2 000. yeah, we can step it up, just a little bit more throttle and 22 2300 I think we're I think I'll just leave it right there. That's probably good. oil pressure's up.

One more piece of paper and then we'll go from there. All right. 20 minute recheck. See what we've got here: Coolant temps: Good oil pressures.

kind of falling a little bit, but that stuff's also very hot so as long as it doesn't fall, uh, any lower than 20 pounds I think we're okay. So we're halfway through I've got a fan in the front to help keep it cool? No. alrighty, it has been 44 minutes. Double pressure's still good, temp is still good.

Let's bring this back down to an idle and then we can shut her down. We go. All right. Well, we're still kind of still kind of smoking poop on the stage two.

Let's reach in here. We're gonna shut her down. Razor up, Pull the plug, take a sample refill again with the second bottle of the rent solution, and then we'll do the same procedure. 45 more minutes.
At that point, we can collect our next sample. All right. Moving back up all the way up. Caster Troy That's what we're going to call them.

Caster Troy Remember that movie Face off? Yeah. Castor Troy Where is will you fetch my cup? number two? Let Me see those things I'll pull the plug out. you grab cup number two. Let's take a sample.

Number two. One click. Oh, this is hot, so use Extreme Caution It's kind of warm. Very warm.

It's kind of warm. Yeah, it's a little warm in there running 45 minutes at uh, 2000 RPM in a stationary position that'll put some heat into anything. it's got some meat into it. Come on.

This is like the endless threaded drain plug right here. He doesn't know we're looking at him. Ah, gotcha. Hang on.

Hang on. Hang on. No no, no, no. take it easy.

We got plenty of time to cool. Ow, it's hot All right now. You can go ahead. I Got plenty of time, right? Yeah, we have plenty of time warm.

I Know what you Got in there? A fourth of a cup? See? yeah, a little bit more. Yeah, get like half a cup and put that next to the, uh, the other cups. Over Yonder I Know how to get this out with a magnet? Whoa. Here Comes Let it ride.

I'm gonna stand back over here. This is like medieval torture. Oh look at that. It's no oil change that I've ever seen before, but all that stuff is probably shouldn't breed it.

Let's get out of here backing up. All right. it's Troy's turn to burn himself. So we're putting this drain plug back in, trying to use the extractor device so we don't.

uh, get the lubricating cleaner on us and that's all you get. Yeah, yeah, it's not going to turn now. I Gotta use the wrench. Uh what? I'll do it.

You scared? you're scared. You're scared. it's okay to be scared. It's only a drain plug.

It's not a skirt. all right. Grab a grab the green pan and move the green oil drain pan down here so we can swap that filter out again. And then we'll move on to phase two, which is the oil rinsed canister.

Yeah, yeah, right there. Go ahead and let her down, sir. Thank you. Deep gravity coming down all the way down all right funnel.

Coming back in, let's add our second gallon of clean your business. There you go. There you go, you do the honors of pouring things. Stop Girlfriend day.

Dude, that one's different. That one's clear and it tells us to run this same jug at 45 minutes. Uh, just the same way as we did the first jump. jug.

number two complete. It's not. Ketchup was not. It's not original.

It's not ketchup. It's not. We're gonna throw. Uh Here We Go There It Is Not sure if that's any better or any worse.

I'll have to take a look. let's take a look at it. Uh, how hot. After we, uh, run the second gallon through here? Okay sir, please reach.

We skipped the stuff. You gotta change filter. We're gonna change the scalding hot, evil filter of death. Let's uh.
let's get our bungee cord off. Put that back. yeah. we completely neglected to remember that filter.

Oopsie here. Put that over there warm. Oh, we forgot our Fender cover. Hang on here.

Let's get our Fender cover on it so we don't scratch the paint. This is like Ray Are you a troll? Are you trolling the trolls on click filter I think I got a towel in here? This might be. uh, somewhat warm. Spin that thing off.

Come on. all right, and we gotta reach back in there. get a hold of it with the towel. This is the shortest duration oil filter ever.

45 minutes. Okay, that's uh. that's filter number two that came with sample number two. Hot.

And here's another filter this is going to be for the cleaner, the second stage of the cleaner, the rinsing solution, and then the final filter will be uh installed with the actual engine oil. Come here one-handed filter installations because why not? There we go. Let's move that guy in my own filter. This is why I'm not pre-filling it because it it's sideways.

Get rich to this. Okay sir, please. Uh, feel free to restock these engine at your leisure. You have engine oil pressure, sir.

Yes good. Any leaks. Negative Raise: Uh, raise our Uh RPM one more time. we'll wait 45 more 2000 RPM Very good.

I'll check back in with you guys in another 45 minutes. Back again. 45 minutes later, You can see just like the first time, oil pressure started to fall a little bit. Cool attempts a little high, but it's still within range.

This is good. Now that oil pressure. That's going to be one of two things. uh, thing number one is the fluid's just getting hot and it's causing pressure to fall down.

Or thing number two is that it's actually breaking up. uh, deposits. you know, chunks to sludge and whatnot. and that's starting to clog the filter.

Also a possibility. Uh, what we can do I think is maybe cut these filters open later on. But regardless, we are done with the high RPM action. Go ahead and shut this down again and let her cool off.

Whoa. Got some smoke coming out back here too. What's that about? Anyway, we're gonna go ahead and shot this thing down. Let her cool off some.

We're gonna drain that oil. Let's go ahead and run this up and start the drain right now. That way, it's all gone and then, uh, as it cools down, we'll just let it keep on draining so we'll have an extended drain interval. Okay, let's get our hose bungee cord back in place right here.

Going in for that, uh, scalding hot filter replacement one last time. Give it some reach. Filter unclick. Wow.

that's tight. Seriously. Oh I can't get it off. How'd that happen? Did not need to.

Didn't think I'd need the filter pliers on the second for the second time, but is where it is unclick. Oh, come on. Filter pliers engage because I didn't put new on on the surface. Come off.
It's because everything's hot and expanded. That's what the deal is. There we go. it's coming loose.

Let's get these guys out of here. Come here. Come outside. It's so hot.

All right going in that one's tight. Spin that thing off. let it fall. Spillage action.

I Hear it. I've got to get my hand out of here and cool off every couple seconds because the heat Hot. It's like one of those crabs that's running through the desert, but only one foot touches the ground. For spiders or spider crabs? Whatever those are.

You guys know what I'm talking about Troy knows what I'm talking about, right? Yeah, yeah. from the Discovery Channel Okay, you don't know what the Discovery Channel is. Yeah, you youngins, why didn't you let it cool off? Because I'm impatient. That's why.

Okay, let's put this one over here. That's our cup for sample number three. New filter. Any filter going in behind the oil pressure sensor on the threads we go.

This is like four oil changes in one. It's like a whole month's worth of oil change videos. There we go. That filter's on by now.

All right. Let's go ahead. we'll get it. Let's go ahead and raise this thing up.

See what our oil sample looks like? All right? Caster Troy Whoo. Go ahead and grab the uh, the cup. He didn't get the joke. did you guys get the Caster Troy joke? He didn't get it.

You knew who Castor Troy was? Nope. Security face off with John Travolta and uh, Nicholas Cage You know who John Travolta Nicholas Cage are I know who? Nicholas Cage is all right. You don't know who John Travolt is Greece Nope. really.

He reminds me of me 20 years ago and that's kind of scary. What have I done? Oil? Niagara You're good. You got plenty. Go Go.

there, you go. So now we're back to a waiting game again. until this thing is done. Dripped drying.

We're dripped raining or drip drizzling one or all of those above. It's uh, there's a lot in there and it's all very hot so it's going to take some time for all that to Wick out of the engine and then find its way down into the pan. So uh, we're just again. we're on standby for a little bit until this is done draining.

but we'll be right back. Okay, we've had a boatload of drain engine oil drain time starting to cool off some. Let's get back to that valve cover. So drain plug back in.

This is going to be the finalized drain plug removal for this particular procedure. So let's get this thing tight and we're pretty much done down here. Come on. Become tight.

The threads don't miss her. Not okay. There we go. It's backing all right.

Drain plug leakage. 32 foot pounds of torque. That's good. Let's roll our oil drain caddy out.

Jeep Coming down there, we go all the way down all right. See, it's on the ground. Let's get back. after that valve cover, gasket, or valve cover.
Again, there's our tray. pull these bolts back out and, uh, take a look under this cover and see if we can see a difference. I Don't know if we will. Maybe we will.

maybe we won't I Guess it doesn't matter. What ultimately matters is, can we reduce the amount of, uh, tailpipe smoke? If this engine was making? don't laugh at me. There's one more in the back I Put that one in. it was leaking.

That's hot here. I'm Gonna Get Smart magnet on a stick. There we go. Genius maneuver.

There we go. All right? Okay, that thing's uh, loose Again, don't touch it. It's hot. If he touches it, you are like a mini me.

So yeah, you don't burn yourself on that. Okay, all right, what do we have here? What do we have? What do we have? We have stinky action is what we have. that's not too shabby in there. Okay, so my first impression is I think this was somewhat effective.

if we look at the coking and the build up on these push rods. they do appear to be a little bit cleaner. I Don't see as much nasty hanging out in top on top of the rocker arms I Can actually see the bottom of them through the oil now. and it does appear that this valve cover is much cleaner than it was.

So since it's off, I'm going to give this thing back to Troy and I want you to clean this out with some some brake cleaning and a couple towels just to get the get as much of that off there as we can. and then we'll go ahead and get this thing put back together and then resealed. and then we'll uh, we'll refill the engine oil. Buying nasty valve cover? Yeah, just a can.

Maybe four or five cans of brake clean. Maybe a whole case if that's what it takes. Just I bet there is a whole case somewhere. Yeah, just spray it down, then wipe it down just to get rid of whatever else is in there.

I mean it's not much? I I Can definitely see a bunch of that was broken up and if that's the case, then this, uh, this amount of sludge is also present in those rings and that's going to start to break up as well. So I'm pretty sure this did something that carbon is like melting away. This is good bye Nest buildup and let it soak in the bottom of that pan. So top of the cover.

same difference. top of the bottom. whatever. Same thing.

you know what. I mean don't breathe it. let's kill you. sparking.

Hey, this is the new brake clean can? We haven't done this yet? Check it out. Highly effective. Oh no, it's running out. Another: yeah, that's getting there.

Isn't it? All right? Yeah. Dump that out. Go and dump it out. We should break clean the whole engine.

Tell you what, Let's take this over there on the floor and just spray it out with some air. What do you say? Check it out too. I Have my hose reel hooked up after six months now. all the way outside, outside.
put it outside. Yeah. I don't want to spray all that crap on the floor We Just cleaned it. kinda goodbye nasty.

Okay Chumps are removed back to the truck. All right. Enough screwing around here. Valve cover coming in.

Just the finalized installation. We're gonna get this thing bolted down and seated, then refill the engine oil and then, uh, maybe we'll check for, uh, smoke tailpipe once this thing's back together. Here we go: seems to be in the correct position. Okay, all the bolts have been started and put down in position.

Let's begin forking them without stripping them. That would be bad. Give it back next and the one in the back. That one's the one that burns.

Here we go. another one to turn another one. That one there hot. My good man.

Will you go fetch your funnel and uh, prepare the engine oil for installation because this, uh, this phase is nearly completed I Want to see if this is going to smoke? Very curious, Extremely curious I Need to know? Do you want to use all of this? Yep. appetite that one that one. Let's do a quick recheck. Don't worry, my micrometer tells me this is a these are torqued to the right specified amount.

It's a superpower foreign. This is looking good. Begin Engine installation oil procedure. Now that didn't come out the right way.

You guys know what I meant right? Troy Does he knows what I meant? Yeah, Yeah, All right. pour all that stuff in there. We've got. uh I got a bunch of extra 540.

we're going to use that. Couldn't hurt not in this thing. It's not going to care. We need some hose that is not garden hose for this.

PCV Business right here. I Swear I Do I'm going back to the junction. Good, Very good. This thing reeks.

It's smelly. it smells so bad. But anyway, while you're doing that, I'm gonna get my magnet tray out of here and I'll uh, get that bungee cord off of there and then try to get these cables put back where they belong. That's our throttle cable.

We'll do that one first. Just flip that one into its bracket. Kick It In Snap it on okay. Oil cap back on.

We put in roughly five ish something ports. Nobody really counted. We'll figure that out in a minute. Let's get.

uh, let's get our trans kick down cable snapped back into its position here. It's gonna go. Hope I Got this in the right spot? Begin snapping in. Now there we go.

That was going to loop on there and then we need to zip, tie, attach it and that last cable. That one's gonna go right here and then snap that one on. Click. Okay, there's three cables, three installed back on their bracket.

valve covers installed. We don't have any of these vacuum lines left because they were all taped and nonsense. So I Got rid of those oils installed. Pull your dipstick real quick.

let's see what's in there. preliminarily. give her a wipe down here. Okay I Think this is the six port engine.
Where are we at? Uh, we're up here right above the safe, so that's probably enough right there to fill the filter. Put that back in. Let us restocking Z engine. I Would like to do the honors this time beginning engine starting sequence.

Now here we go. Oil Pressure. There we go. We have oil pressure your tailpipe smoke.

Hey Troy give me some RPM action up there. Yeah, we're gonna check this for some smoke. see what happens. Not bad.

No, not A. That may have been a success. Oh yeah, that's really cool here. Tell you what, Toss in a can of MOA and then drive it and we'll check it again tomorrow see if it's still smoking.

So that's pretty good for now. I Think we achieved some level of success. I'm gonna do maybe one quick video later on about those oil samples that we took I'll put them in something clear so we can put some light behind it and see just how, uh, how opaque or how obstructed or how contaminated it is with uh, with debris. But now we're gonna have to save that one.

but we're gonna have to save that one for another video. This one's running a little long, so that being said, we're gonna go ahead and close this video out right now as always. I'd like to thank you guys for watching this video. Hope you enjoyed this video If you did enjoy this video, please feel free to let me know about that by tapping that like button down below.

Drop me a comment or two while you're down there. And most importantly, do not forget to have yourselves a great day! See you guys later in the transmission in a jeep into video in the day! Adios Sayonara! Alfredo Saying and goodbye Aloha Goodbye Jeep again.

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