I am getting exhausted with the flex puns on this one but it's time to flex some creativity and save this lady some money on replacing the front pipe. At any rate come along as I swap out a broken flex pipe on a 2019 Ford Flex.
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Our forecast in 2019. Ford Flex It's got the Big Three five and I assume I could be wrong on that, but I know it's loud and lady says it's too loud for it. I Think it sounds pretty cool, but the flex pipes broke and uh, the only way to buy that from Ford is buy the whole front pipe assembly. We're going to see if we can't just weld in a new flex fueling.

Really odd thing is here is this front pipe. it isn't round it was at some point, but it's kind of like they do on the Nissan's where which I don't understand because there's a lot of clearance under here. but they flatten this thing right out and it still remains kind of flat as it comes up in here. So we're going to cut it off and see what we have to play with.

I mean it's already broke? We really can't make it any worse. Kind of. Technically we could. Let's be honest.

Well, here we go. we're gonna cut probably just behind this weld. I Guess probably see if I have a blade that's a little bit duller than this one. foreign.

So we're going to grind that up a little bit because it's kind of seamed up the side here. Well, let's chop it off right tight here before we get all the comments. I Do understand that this will cut better for right against the tool rest. However, I also understand that the blade hours this portion is way sharper.

so if I hold it back anyways for you, put that in there I get it I Get what you're saying? See what we have here to fill in the gap. So this is a two and a quarter inch pipe release on this on this end I Don't know what they started with originally and then deformed it. I got us a two and a half inch flex which it doesn't quite fit over here yet. but if we deform it, it will.

However, it's going to be a little big on this end. So I think what we might do is is expand I Guess yeah! I Guess one thing we could do is we could replace this pipe where it goes in Muffler but if you don't feel it, we won't I think we'll expand this out a little bit. we'll we'll deform this a little bit with a hammer or just stick it in the Vise and squish it a little and then I think that'll fit over there. We'll be able to weld that all the way around and then we'll expand this a little bit to you know, fit in here and it will be good.

And then the thing is, if this ever rots out again by the time this does, it's a 2019. Probably the rest of the exhaust will be routed off so it won't really matter because then you can replace the front pipe which only goes into here into the muffler so it's not a big deal. Let me go deform this end a little bit. So I flatten the pipe out a little bit, but we left this big booger of weld on there that we cut through to the sawdust.

Let's just take them. can't get that off? I'm going to make some shiny spots for the welder and you can see. or maybe you can't see, but um, you know, deformed that end a little bit I think it might be too much, but oh nope, it's perfect. and then if we stick that over there, boom and then like I say we can fatten up this end just slightly I mean with the MIG welder, you could easily fill that Gap but and there's going to be a little Gap up here at the front, but that's what I See, we do.
I'm going to cut a little bit of this nub off here, one side of the other I'll probably cut I'll probably cut this end off a little bit to be honest with you, and then we may not. Um, we may not clear that I've got a cone that we can stick on there that we can slightly reduce it I think a little bit more. There we go because how long is this baby? How long is it baby? Yeah, I'm gonna chop a half inch off. that gets a little bit closer.

Okay, stop I put a little pressure on it. they could get a bigger Hammer Dude, let's see. there we go. Okay, yeah, we probably can be cool about it and flare this up a little bit.

Let me get a pipe expander. We'll clear that up just a little just to take up that space. I Don't feel like cutting the mount and all that stuff off and it's getting to the stupid level at that point. So I might cut just a little bit off this side too.

and that'll That'll give us that little extra room back here. We'll get around the edge probably down there with the welder and I think we'll be good. Well, I get too carried away there. Okay, we'll go a little bit more foreign.

There we go. that's close enough. Um, we can easily weld that we could go a little bit more. I Don't want to risk.

Uh, sometimes most of these old rusty pipes, you'll risk splitting the pipe. We could probably take it a little bit more. Let's live Dangerously Good. foreign, a little deeper.

We didn't get it any wider. All right, that's where it's staying. whether it's right or wrong. Oh you mother lover, you didn't go too big did you? Nope, No sir.

uh. before you stick it on there. I'm Gonna Shine it up a little bit so it's a little easier to weld and uh, do what we do there. We're not sending it to the moon, so let me get a little more of this sticker off here.

I Got a little bit about but oh baby. oh like a glove. look at that like I have a gold half Philly and we've got a place here for our ground wire to clamp on with the welder. These vice grips usually work really well.

Give that a little squeeze and let's go get a Miller time. We'll uh, give it a little tap uh before we get started. As you know, I'm not a professional welder I'm not going to make one continuous 360 degree bead. this is not the gas line pipeline I don't work for the local union and it's not structural and we're not sending it to the moon.

so I should clarify everything. But anyways, leave your professional comments in the comment section. Foreign, foreign, foreign foreign foreign foreign foreign. Oh I missed some.

A good thing. it's not the space shuttle because you would all just died. You got a bird turd in there now boys. Yes sir, we're going to the moon now baby.
That's it. We're done shows over folks. We just got to make sure it sounds cool of course. I Don't have fun cooling about it then.

let's see if it sounds cool now, so be quiet. there she is I think it's pushing that pipe down works pretty good. You can see it kind of undercut some of the welds there, but I think this like I say I think this will last as long as the rest of the pipe does. You know I mean this is a work of art but eventually this will rust out right here in the middle.

That crotch will Rust Out of these like they always do not on these cars like in particular but anytime an auto manufacturer has this design uh GM or cord it will always rot out right here. right in that right in the crack it gets a little crotch. Rod I call it and then in that case then yeah then you buy this pipe from Ford and you know it comes all the way up to here so us expanding that it doesn't matter the end of the day this is way cheaper than you know this whole deal and chances are when that front Rod tell it'll probably rot out right back here too. it's already got a whole Factory defect in that weld so that'll get all rotted out and then of course it'll rot out.

You know where it goes in the back of the Mufflers or the seam of the muffler there will rot out. So 19. So yeah, a couple couple more years it'll be junk. There you go folks, let's fix a new flexi.

There you have it folks, putting a flex on your Flex How ironic, right? Uh, pretty disappointing to see the exhaust on these. It's pretty well crap. Most Oems, most not all have you know much better pipe than than what this car seems to have. on it.

I mean the pipe that's on this car looks like it's aftermarket. It looks like it's you know Walker you know last couple years and throw it in the trash. Uh, which is kind of weird, but it's not. it's all OEM it's just, you know, cheap quality.

So I guess that's it. These things are super handy you have around. Uh, if you go on Walker's website they have a PDF file of all their different lengths and sizes and dimensions and with or without you know Well Done ends and they're handy to have around, but they're nothing like the quality of a decent OEM not this one in particular. These will last a couple of years and then they're junk.

pretty much like all the rest of their exhaust systems. So which is kind of disappointing because we don't have a lot of choices as far as what we can get in exhaust parts we can get OEM if it's available but it is 2023 so everything is still unprecedented. Back order: you know you just can't get it so it's kind of a pain you can get Walker or some other stuff that we've seen like on RockAuto some other no-name brands you've never heard of and there's not a lot of like you know, stainless options or high quality options for you know, daily driver type Passenger cars so we just do what we do. We do the best we can with what we have and why don't you to do the best you can leave in a comment in that comment section questions comments since the Facebook just my viewers.
If I can do it you can do it. Thanks for watching foreign.

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