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Hello everybody! Good day to you! Welcome back you guys are here! I Know I am super glad to be here. Check this out! Oh look what we have there. We have a Mopar remanufactured CBT transmission. This unit belongs to a 2016 Jeep Compass Latitude 4x4.

The vehicle is in dire need of a replacement or a repaired transmission. It barely made it here under its own power. It fell on its face and does not shift. It feels like it goes into neutral.

There is no transmission action, so we have ordered a replacement reman unit and uh, we're gonna go ahead and get the uh the the vehicle on the rack. We're gonna take it apart, pull the trans out, swap it with the new reman unit and get this thing back on the road. So stay tuned because this is going to be a very good long kind of video. It's definitely going to be kind of long because Transmissions do not come in and out easily starting the engine with what do we have here.

105 171 miles on a 2.4 liter four-cylinder G Let's see if it'll uh, back up and get out of its own way here. Yeah, we're moving Okey-dokes Cool swinger around. I think I'm going to back it actually I'm not gonna swing around I'm going to back it into the corner using the large lift in the corner. That way, it's out of the way and I can work on smaller things in the uh.

In the meantime, that's the plan. Backing up, backing up, backing in, swinging the corner into the shop. we go now. I Believe I Need to drop the entire subframe, cradle assembly out of this, get the engine and trans assembly on the ground, and then separate the two units.

Then I can remove the old one, install the new one, and then put the entire assembly back up into the car. I Think that's the way this is going to have to function here. All right. Take a peek under the Bonnet Fiat Jeep 2.4 liters, all right.

The rack is set on passenger side, the rack is set on the driver's side, green subscribe buttons moving on up all the way up. You need to pull the battery, pull the wheels, disassemble a bunch of front suspension, drain the fluids, remove all the Plastics and then we'll go ahead and unbolt the subframe, set it up on jack stands, Then we'll pick the car up off of the subframe, leaving the entire drivetrain down on the ground. so I can work on it All right? So we're up in the air. wheels are off.

What I'm going to do is disconnect the brake calipers and hang those from the body. because we're going to unbolt the struts, We're going to unbolt the subframe. We're going to let the car down, put the subframe on jack stands, finish unbolting it, and then lift the whole assembly, or lift the whole car off the assembly. So uh, we're leaving the brakes here that way.

I Don't have to open up the hydraulic system and that'll save me from having to bleed and Purge Air Pull our slide pins. Save these guys over here for later. Number Two right there. Pull this guy out.

We can hang it right up here on our hanger and that is where it will live. Hang, please. get in there all right. The passenger side has suffered a similar treatment.
Let's run all the way back up some more and we'll go ahead and start draining some fluids out of this thing. Moving back up. Alrighty, we're up top. I've got the battery and battery tray removed.

Let's go ahead disconnect this. Uh ECM Right here. We're gonna unbolt this. We're going to disconnect the air box system.

Oh, look at here a little ground wire. We'll disconnect the air box, pull all this stuff out of the way, remove any components that are going to be an obstruction, and peel away the onions so to speak. See a couple brackets over here, or a couple bolts and the bracket? I should say so. We'll just leave this thing.

We'll leave that bolted in right there so we don't lose it with so many bolts. I'm going to start to put them back where I found them that way. I Don't lose them later on. It's one of the many tactics to, uh, not lose your parseners.

I Think this thing just pops on out of here. It's held in with some grommets and some, uh, some plastic pegs. The PCV Hose release release now. Please Release Okay, I order you to release.

There we go. Airbox Gravity Let's see, there's a evap hose down there. I'm going to disconnect that from the vent solenoid that's held on with just a piece of rubber. We'll pop that guy off without breaking the solenoid.

Please come off started, leverage in action. Let's go wiggle it. Yeah, we'll just give it some Wiggles it'll come out there. We go.

and let's see. there's a fuel line here. I'll disconnect that from up top and then lay that aside one little green clip, pull that guy back. fuel line disconnected.

We'll swing that over to the side and tuck it behind this wire. It'll stay there until we need it later. Very good. Okay, let's slide over to the passenger side and uh, we can remove some of this other equipment.

We've got a coolant overflow surge bottle, some brackets for the power steering. I Don't know if I need to remove the washer fluid bottle or not, but I'm gonna find out. Got one bolt right here. This guy slides off and we'll just set this off to the side.

It looks like a power steering reservoir is going to stay with the engine. Let's take that thing off. Stick that aside. Probably need to suction all that out because there's some hoses running back that are going to stay up here.

Um, while we're up here. I Can go ahead and take the strut bolts off as well. Those are going to be 15 millimeter nuts. see if the quarter inch is going to take them off.

Kinda barely. kind of lubricant. All right. That helped a little bit.

So that quarter inch driver didn't have the Kahunas, so we're doing a Driveline socket with the half inch. There we go. those are loose. We'll leave that alone and back over here to the driver's side.
Three more nuts. Let's get that one in the back. That's the hard one. Come here.

let's not strip it there. We go. Hot. It's not working.

My socket is too shallow. it's not working out okay. The big guns too much. The little gun's not enough.

Let's try the medium gun. Perfect. Leave that there for safety. Okay, I've got the vacuum tank out and I'm pulling the coolant out of the Overflow surge bottle.

Then I'm going to move on. pull the power steering fluid out and it'll start to disconnect this stuff once. Uh, once there's no fluid because I don't want to make a mess construction all that out of there. we go.

I'm gonna run this tube all the way down that upper radiator hose. It's going to go as far down as I can get it. We're going to suck out as much cooling as possible and we can start to disconnect all these hoses and whatnot. And I think I'm going to disconnect the power steering right here with this hose and then suction all this out as well as this line right here.

That way it's all completely dry. I Don't want to spill a bunch of stuff everywhere because my floor is cleaning I Want to keep it that way? Come here. A power steering line. you're coming with me.

Give her a Twist and a tug and a tug and a Twist it's oh I made a mess. That's not what I wanted to do. See that? fail. Let's uh.

let's unring this Bell right now. get rid of all that I don't want spilly dripping juice everywhere. Negative: goodbye. Okay, trying again.

We've uh, evacuated all the coolant that I can through this upper hose. pull this thing back off. ooh it's cold production. All this, uh, remaining power steering fluid out of here.

There we go. Good and mess prevention detected now seeing as how I have to remove the engine I've also got to disconnect the AC compressor. so I'm going to go ahead and evacuate this system real quick. That way when we have to go down below and disconnect the lines from the compressor, there's no refrigerant.

This is the type of job where we're doing uh, like 10 things at once because the coordination is required. So let's roll this Machinery over here. get the system evacuated once that's done I think I can go back up in the air. We'll pull the drive shaft out.

It's got a rear drive shaft because this is in fact a four-wheel drive. Then we'll work on the big bolts to hold everything together. It's a high side line plug. that guy in all right, low sideline.

Coming in, we'll clip that guy on and begin the evacuation process. Come here, open the valve. We don't have to make those tight. Don't crank them down, just turn them till they stop waiting.

loading waiting. I'll be back to you later. Oh, there we go. There we go.

Recover. Yep, don't save blah blah. not electric compressor. Begin recovering now.

Yes. Okay. okie dokes. Way out back.
We need to disconnect our heater core hoses. There's a bunch of coolant in there. We need to remove these guys from the firewall and evacuate all of that coolant as well. See if I can't wiggle this guy off.

No, it's not not happening. Let's try it with the curvy, angular needled nose pliers. Let's give that a Twist without poking a hole through the through the hose. We don't want to do that, man.

that's on there. There we go. Got her broken loose? Come on, become removed There we are. More suction good.

Keep it going. We'll get this other clamp removed while that thing is, uh, suctioning. So I've got two machines suctioning on this. Jeep I'm bleeding it dry, no fluids left.

Take that guy out there. we go. Let's move. Oh, we need mole suction.

There we go. That's all of it. So I'm trying to see how this thing starts to settle once. I disa or loosen some of the mounts I Pulled these three bolts loose that's on the passenger side mount.

It fell down a little bit. Um I have not disconnected them all the way. I Wanted to come over here to this side and detach this Mount from the transmission. So let's hit those big 18 mils in that see if this thing's gonna drop down I'm hoping it stays stable on that rear mount and on the front mount on the cross member.

So there's four mounts total. We need to remove at least two of them, so let's kind of back these off. Get this one does here. Okay, it's coming down some.

Okay, what? I'm gonna put that one back in a little bit. We'll put this one back in a little bit. That one's not gonna go all right. So that's three of the big bolts are loose.

Let's get these pulled. that one's still in. Let's get that one pulled. See how far this thing wants to go down? Okay, those other two mounts have taken up all the weight.

The side is loose. I've also gone into the cabin and disconnected the steering gear from the steering shaft. Inside it was one bolt and I pulled the carpet back uh, something very easily skipped. Anyway, so this Mount is pretty loose.

I'm gonna go ahead and pull these two bolts too, just to remove this whole assembly. Why not? Yeah, since that's no longer supporting anything, no need to leave it there on this foreign look. There's another one way down there. I'm not even going to mess with that so there is an easy to leave it there.

The convenience should have known that two bolts wasn't enough. silly. Ray I Could pull this piece of the mount out, but again, really, no need of it. so it's whatever.

Okay, quick walk through. Recap: Coolant lines are disconnected AC is discharged I'll disconnect those lines down to the compressor. The trans lines are still here, but I need to lower this unit some. I'm just going to unbolt them from the side of the transmission right here the coolant lines.

The lower hose is disconnected, the upper hose is disconnected. Everything up front is disconnected. Power steering's disconnected so this thing is nearly free to come on down. Let's get it up in the air and start pulling drivetrain components out next.
I know I've said that more than once and I kept getting distracted by uh, other smaller things, but we're really going to do it this time. All right, let's get this thing up in the air and uh, we'll attack it from the underside next. look at that. All my efforts to not spill and I'm spilling.

still spilling. could have been worse though. I Tried all the way up and all the way on the locks. Safety.

Okay, so right here are the two trans lines I need to disconnect. Uh, we'll drop this down ever so slightly in order to do that, that mount stays there, that mount gets disconnected to one of the back stays. and let's go ahead and disconnect some Ac lines while we're down here. We'll do that next.

This is going to be fun. Gotta go up and around and down and onto those Uh 13 mil bolts up there. Nuts, We're gonna unclick that one. There's just two of them.

two lines I'll disconnect the lines and let them kind of hang it slash dangle down I Said angle. It's a new word and once those are loose, we'll move out back and start. Uh, start with the other Uh components again. Rear Drive shaft: I Think the CV axles are going to stay in for now because the whole suspension system is coming out with this drivetrain.

We're actually removing the car. Yeah, I'm not removing the drivetrain. I'm removing the car from the drivetrain. so it's a conceptually different of course.

Let's get that one off the dirt falling here. that one there. That's good. Give this some.

Wiggles Come on there we go. That was the vacuum put into the system by the machine. I'm gonna hang that guy right there and that other hard line. just kind of stick that off to the side.

I'll just stuff it in the fan or something. There we go. Good, let's go ahead and jump around again to confuse everybody and go ahead and pull the uh, the drain plug for the trans here and get all this uh, nasty fluid out. I Wonder if there's chunks of metal in it? See what it's got here? Come on.

fluid. This is a CVT so the fluid will be dark or a slightly off color. Oh, there's all kinds of stuff on the magnet that's not okay. not horrible, but there's a there's some metal in there.

All right. Let's let this thing drain for a while and we'll go ahead and disassemble the rear drive shaft. All right. Moving around back we have here's our drive shaft.

Got a shield thing here? We've got a bracket here because it's a two-piece shaft. Let's go ahead and pull this Shield off because there's some bolts? Come on. Ah, it's not gonna work I Needed an extension I was running out of angle. There we go next.

wrong. I Needed to lose the extension I was running out of torque. There we go. Okay, that's our little heat shield removed.
Let's get that guy out and that's the other bolt that we're looking for for this carrier bearing. Okay, we're here at the rear differential. Here's the drive shaft. We've got four I think those are 13 or 14 millimeter nuts.

Let's get our nuts off and then drop the shaft out. not gravity. I See it rotate this thing around. Grab those other two.

Get rid of those. There we go. Come on. So you needed encouragement? Epic fail.

But that's fine. I'll just get a bigger gun. You lose. Drive shaft.

You lose. There we go. All right, let's flip back around. We'll get these uh bolts here at the carrier bearing.

Pull this guy down two 16 mil bolts. My shaft is flopping. Danger. Floppy Shaft: Okay, let's get that other carrier bolt.

I'm holding up the shaft with my uh, my other arm here. Bear with me. We're gonna let this guy out, down, down, and out, and we just pull it out of that uh, transport case unit. There we go.

she's out, and we'll just shut this guy right here. Perfect. Okay, drive shaft is out. Let's go ahead.

uh, disconnect the exhaust right here. and then we're We're ready to let this down, support the uh, the bottom of the drivetrain, and then we'll pick the car up off of it. But the question is, do these exhaust bolts come out? or do they not? We're gonna find out right about now. I Hope they come out.

I Don't want to do torching exhaust work. Fling: Yeah, that one came out. Ah, one more. uh over here on the other side.

you guys can't see. you can hear it. I can see it. It's coming out all the way.

Please Thank you. Got it. Bolt number two? All right. So now this exhaust is completely free from the drivetrain.

We have a limited and minimal obstructions. I Think at this point let's go ahead and clear out from under the car and we'll let this thing down. Bust out the stands and we'll start to support this drivetrain assembly. A bit of an inspection: I've got got the Uh jack stands in position, two of them in the rear on the primary section of the subframe, one up front on that uh front member and I've got another one hanging out by the engine oil pan that I'll stick some blocks of wood on top of to shim it up just so the thing can't uh like rock left or right.

So what I need to do is let this thing down until it contacts and we'll start to pull the bolts out. Jeep Come contest. All right. Coming in, we got our first couple bolts here.

Really? all right. Suprem bolts hold stagnant water. That's a that's a new one. Money shot like that one.

I'm covered in it. Okay, that's uh oh, that one's got a nut I see I Also see that I don't need to disconnect that one. that's actually the control arm bolt. Tighten that back up.

there we go. Okay, well that means the next bolt we need is gonna be right right up in front of us. and I need to go through the uh, lower control arm to get access to it. So let's run this extension up through there.
that's gonna reach our Fastener right here and then I can unbolt it. That's all starting to move. There you go and we've got two more on the rear on the other side and then a couple of them up front right here. So let's go ahead and move over to the other side.

Pull those guys out next. Let's see here. let's get. Uh, get that one first.

stinks. one more subframe Fastener right here. Loud. Ah, you didn't get me this time.

you leaky bolt. Look at that. That's gross. Okay, so these, uh, these last two right here.

These are on that front facing cross member and this thing should lower down about an inch. When I take these little unclicks, You hear me? Yep, the unit's coming down and it is now contacting the stand and we're leaking some fluid. Oh no, here's throw a towel on it. There we go.

Another towel there. All right. So that thing is mostly free. Let's hit the up button and uh, see what this thing does.

So what we're not going to do is just full, send it and go on up. We need to, uh, move up just a little bit and then observe. Yep. I need to disconnect.

Uh, the struts again. Remember those one bolts that I left in those have to come out next. Struck fell out. It's going to be the same thing over here on this side.

Coming down there, we go. Okay, we are up a couple inches here. Everything appears to be disconnected and it's coming apart. uh, smoothly.

I Think we're ready to go ahead and initiate the lift and remove the car from the drivetrain. We've got this motor mount disconnected. There's some clearance for that to slip out. We have actually.

you know what? I'm gonna pull this Mount out real quick because that one's that's a little too close for comfort. Everything up front is disconnected. Ac lines. the transmission lines uh, right here are disconnected and those are set aside.

so there's nothing on the front side holding it together. nothing on the driver's side holding it together. and everything on the rear side including the ship cable has been disconnected. So there's nothing connecting this drivetrain to this.

Jeep So we are. We're ready to go up with the exception of that one little motor mount. Yeah, we've got there's one. Bolt Should I think it's just two on this side.

The other side was multiples. but I think this one is just the two. It better be just the two because I don't want to take out more than just the two. and I think it is.

Why come out Motor Mount: where's the other one at? Oh, it's it's hiding back here. it's underneath of the washer fluid reservoir. Hang on. how's this thing come off? I thought I might have to remove that Reservoir isn't that something? I guess I was right here real quick 13 Action Pop that thing off, you go up there where you belong.
Yeah, there it is. There's that hidden bolt. I See you. come here rapidly and I'm losing it in more ways than one.

Okay, there, that's a little bit more space. That's better. Put that down here. Get the tools out of here.

now. we're going to go up a couple inches and we will go back and reinspect again again. We don't want to make sure anything is connected or if it gets hooked on because that's how we tear things that are hard to replace like ground cables. Right here is a perfect example.

See that. Oops starting to get caught on this struts so we need to make sure that that's free and I'll just do a walk around again taking a look for things that are stuck which I See none, nothing's in the way. Check this strut here, we're looking good. Let us continue the lift a couple more inches.

Please Subscribe Button yeah, what was that? sounded like plastic and I think it was this cross member escaping right here. All right, so we're still good again. I See nothing dangling. All the ground wires have been pulled.

Yep looking good here. There's an AC line that just uh, oops I think is caught up. Let's pull this guy out real quick. leave that on top.

Yep, looking good. Let's go ahead and lift it some more. removing Jeep one Lauren's like what are you doing Hey, what do you think about this? That's some stuff you've never seen before. See, this is the easy part.

The hard part is putting all these pieces back together. What do you think about that? you're like huh? I don't know anything about that. Okay, I don't know what I'm doing either. So that makes two of us.

Ah, all right now that was the easy part. The hard part is going to be pulling the starter motor off of this unit. We'll get the torque converter bolts out and I think the starters. Oh, it's over here.

Yeah! so I've got to pull the intake manifold off. uh, intake off, starter out, torque converter bolts out. Then I can pull the bell housing bolts out of the transmission. We'll hook the transmission and or engine up to the engine lift.

We'll pick the thing up off of the subframe, switch it out with the new unit which is over there in the Box After removing this uh, four-wheel drive unit right here, bolting this onto the new unit, then we can get it all prepped and prepared for reassembly. I'm going to save all that action for another video because I'm a little worn out This uh, took a very large amount of time I think I've done with this particular project for the day. So that being said, as always, I'd like to thank you for watching this video. Hope you enjoyed this video I Hope I've showed you something you've never seen before.

If you did enjoy this video or have not seen such an operation, please feel free to let me know about that by tapping that like button down below. Drop me a comment or two while you're down there and before you go, please do not forget to have yourselves a great day! See you guys later! End of: Jeep Chrysler Fiat Transmission Ah, that was a literal one too because this really is the end of the transmission. See what? I did there funny dad jokes.

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  33. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Rich B. says:

    What a nightmare to fix. I know the modern vehicles have great technology and are better in many ways to the old school cars…but for simplicity and ease to work on, the old school vehicles can't be beat. You didn't have to take the entire vehicle apart to replace a bad trans back in the day, yikes.

  34. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Graham Millar says:

    OMG, 7yo and the trannie is toast, What a bloody nightmare to get the thing out. Kudos to you Ray, just shows what you need to do this, all the equipment and know how. I actually wonder if this is an economic venture.

  35. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Jim Hall says:

    1/4" gun doesn't have the kahunas😊. I believe it is cajones. Kahunas is Hawaiian for medicine man.
    Being from Hawaii, it struck me 🤣.

  36. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Paul Gaerisch says:

    You are the man Ray!

  37. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Kathleen Kelly-Simpson says:

    This is one reason why I refuse to buy an automatic transmission equipped vehicle until I cant lift my leg to work a clutch. I really wanted one of those new Rangers… But they cannot even be ORDERED with a manual transmission, and by renting, and driving it 2500 miles, I have that I HATE the Ford 10 spd Auto.
    I also think all CVTs are total junk. I despise the way they work/feel like the ICE is gonna blow up before it "shifts", which it apparently doesn't actually do….
    I might be driving a car that is "fussy"… But I have 288,000 miles on my car, and am STILL using a perfectly good FACTORY clutch/5 spd transmission/ engine. The biggest $$ repair I had to do here in NY, was replace the exhaust from the manifold back.

  38. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Diesel tech Farm. says:

    those are one of the easiest transmissions to pull, you do NOT need to remove engine, i work in a transmission shop, those units can be swapped in less than 4 hours.remove battery and tray and air box. remove all top bell bolts and harness and shifter cables etc from transmission.install engine support bar, struts stay in the car too, unbolt rack and sway bar from subframe. disconnect ball joints from steering knuckle. bungee cord the rack and sway bar up. pull subframe. now you can pull axles ans cooler and anything else hindering removal. pull tork converter nuts. rear driveshaft etc. support trans with trans jack. pull rest of bell bolts and wiggle the unit out and down..

  39. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Stan Washighski says:

    You can't see, I can't see, the only thing that matters is can the socket see😁

  40. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars DOUGLAS BURFORD says:

    A FIAT in disguise.

  41. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Hvy Chvy G20 says:

    I bet the fluid was never changed.

  42. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Michel Swerissen says:

    Video approved, click.

  43. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Kevin Yancey says:

    Not a fan of CVT's being used for anything more than a Toyota Prius. You can't tow with them, 4 wheeling is terrible, and any extreme driving is a disaster. Chrysler (aka Fiat) has taken on the reliability of it's parent company from the '80s. Fix It Again, Tony!