In this video I bring you along as I replace the rear wheel bearing on a 2012 Ford Fusion FWD 2.5 I also noticed when the lady was in the it had a cracked wheel! Time to throw some parts at this little guy. -Enjoy!
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There viewers welcome back to the south main auto channel. That's a 2012 ford ford fusion. It's got the bek25. It's got a bad wheel bearing.

And it has a broken wheel. So the lady brought it in to check out her noise. And i noticed that her wheel was cracked on the inside beat. So we got our new used wheel probably smacked the pothole with it and broke that uh.

But this bearing here. I don't know if you can hear or not. But it's pretty loud really loud driving down the road uh. So we're gonna get after that and then we gotta see where her exhaust leak is we get our pull pretty easy bearing to change.

Um. Let's see where are we here folks. We have to pull the caliper bracket off and you've got going through this little hole up here with your 14 mil. That's where one of the caliper bracket bolts resides try to do it without looking hopefully.

I've got the right size here. I've got to look uh. I think i grabbed the wrong side it feels a little loose. I think it might be a 13.

What did i grab what a ding dong try this again with the correct size hopefully. There we go that feels a little better oh bring this little fella and she's a screamer. The other one here you just kind of give that one the old fashioned that one comes in right from the top nothing real fancy there trying to give her the one handed handy. While i hold on to you there we go so there's that so once you crack that baby loose.

We can get back up in here with the air ratchet and zippy zap. It right out of there that's a little snugger than i hoped it would be make sure the parking brake cables off all the way here just be on the safe side that might have been just tension from everything holding over so it's got screwy pistons in it so you can't just grab the caliper and you know tweak it back down in this style anyways. Make sure the pads are all wiggly here. Okay.

The brake job doesn't look that old i just want to make sure the pads aren't seized in the bracket because if they are then well you know now you've got to tear the whole thing apart and service the rear brakes uh may have come off a little difficult because of a little bit of a rust ridge. There so now we need to grab a t. Something t25 probably or t30 maybe a t35 or a 40. What do you think they are boom.

First try t40 just like my first it's like my first guess whoa hey hey hey hey that one slid right out jerk oh that's all you want to be huh. I'll beat you i've seen a turn. Oh batman plays a little crusty. Oh piece of the batman plate just hit the floor.

There we go little pop pop get you out of there there's that impact driver classic move. We're gonna slip the rotor off oh it wasn't it was just a chunk of rust off the backing plate. She still sounded like a rock gotta get a little cap off there. There's that you can use a screwdriver chisel chainsaw.

Whatever you got we gotta take that nut off. Oh yeah. First try. It is the ever popular 35 mm.
Giddy up there. It is why can't they all be this easy gonna blow the dust off it we're gonna give it just a little spritz up fluid film. We just want to keep the bearing race from getting stuck on the shaft in the future. If your shaft's real rusty.

The old rusty shaft uh you're going to want to take like a little scotch brite brillo. Pad. Scotch brite pad. There and take and shine that up and then slip that baby on and that's pretty much all you have to do always install a new lock nut.

We'll go get the dugga specs for it and see what they are snug it up crimp it down don't just take and ram it back to where it was even though it may go back to the dimpled spot. Always you know torque it to manufacturers spec. Because you can see right now. We're at the dimpled spot.

But we may move past it just slightly. We'll go look it up it is 2 280 inch pounds. There it is 2280 inch pounds 490 foot pounds for you folks to do things and foot bouncing. See.

Where i dimplined it up here. So be warned get your dimple making device. Give her a whackeroo. So it doesn't want to back itself off get.

This slow guy uh. No real need to you know take and jam. This whole full of grease now. This is an open bearing design.

But hold on so you know just be cautious. If you're putting you know packing that thing full of grease you'll make sure. It's compatible with the bearing grease that's in there so now we're going to take and whack that baby on there boom. Shiny looks good now before you go slapping your rotor on make sure you know that it's clean on this on this portion of it get all that dust and dirt junk.

There because you don't want the rotor to have the going on a row like this give you the wobbles so if there's rust and crap in there you have to clean it out good of course blow on it in case. It's asbestos you can get it up in the air for what it's worth we give it a little shot of the fluid film. We realign our rotor put these screws in as tight as you can possibly get them. Especially if you're taking it to a shop to have work done on it just kidding just kidding finger tight's really all they need uh and if you've lost them don't you know forget about it because the uh.

The wheel. Believe it or not will hold the rotor on so we very gingerly put them in for the next fella and then we've got to get the caliper back. Oh you stink feels like it started then we'll take and run those two bolts down of course. We'll uh torque them to factory.

Specs also wheezy all better. What's up miss. Though. Oh you know making bacon yeah.

Getting the bacon actually those are cute little potatoes. What are you making for us. What are you making for us. This is for dinner oh i'm still getting leftovers from lunch still leftovers.

Yeah. I'm gonna be all pulled pork out afterwards work so now you're eating that you got broccoli. What's this thing uh that is a mango that your son wanted. And he's not gonna eat it i don't know if it's like that not a big mango guy myself they're good they're they're really sweet like you yeah well.
Thanks thanks for everything you do for us. Let us. Know. When lunch is ready almost forgot to say hi to luna.

Hi. Luna. Hi. How are you doing kitty huh.

There's a little girl is here now we have to go address this the dreaded crack uh no i'm not gonna weld. It the rim's bent too so there food so um not a sponsor. So so oh do i foreign uh well that was easy one more bent wheel broken wheel. Now we gotta see if we can find that exhaust leak and let's say you're gonna torque that wheel sounds like it's up here there it is baby you got your classic resonator.

So i have to put a resonator on it at least. It's not the flex pipe. These things can get be a little bit of a pain to change. It's kind of a few of these like this bracket up on these things will rot out you gotta get that right from the board.

But probably not gonna be long for the world. I see it's looking a little rough there not leaking yet that sucker's all rusted out won't be long for the world will it folks how's it going. It's done am i hungry. It's i 1205 answer.

The question. Oh not really i've been meaning to ask. You oh. Dear you're from tennessee huh.

Really. Only two people in this room. You can't really say that okay no you can't yeah. I can't go i'm the only person you can see girl you're the only ten.

I see you've ruined my whole thing have i used that one on you before oh you think yeah really so i'll come with something new. Okay okay 168k on yo girl and no lights on the dash. That's pretty good back up a little bit here. So that's it for this one folks uh.

Easy peasy a lemon squeezy uh. If you're working on the wheel bearing on these it won't come off the shaft. Just you know tap on it a little bit. They'll typically you know come right off.

I can't say in my experience. Doing these uh personally. I've had the wheel bearings get stuck to uh the spindle at least on these styles on the fords. They usually always come right off the only thing is i have had people not to mention any names.

Josh uh. Try to tap those wheel bearings back in when they're not going precisely on and they do fit pretty precise with just a few you know maybe a thousands of clearance so make sure you you clean and lube the shaft before you go slipping around and if it doesn't go on nice and easy don't don't tap it just calm down okay and uh. I think that's all i had to tell you oh no i don't weld wheels. I don't straighten wheels.

I don't do anything like that wheels are pretty cheap um. So we just get them from the salvage yard and the car this old the wheels aren't pristine so if you get one that has a few nicks on it you know not a big deal and uh gotta get rid of the crack. So don't you do crack. And don't be cracked out go in that comment section.
The questions the comments the insti the facebook we're on patreon teespring all that stuff we're everywheres we're like your mother we know everything and we're everywhere and just remember viewers. If i can do it you can do it thanks for watching.

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